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Whitewater Junction Match Activity! Beat the heat with us at Whitewater Junction on Sunday, July 8th from 6-8 pm! Enjoy a wonderful summer evening at the pool with your Little! Light snacks will be provided. RSVP to your match coach!

Upcoming Match Activities Join us for the third and last Art Workshop, Saturday, July 14th from 9:30-11:00 am. There are more things to draw with than pencils and crayons! Learn techniques with oil pastels, chalk, blending stomps, watercolor pencils, and different types of paper. Bring an old shirt in case things get messy! Workshop will take place at the BBBS office. RSVP to your match coach!

Save the Date for our Annual Summer Picnic. Plan on spending Sunday afternoon, August 5th with us at Scott County Park. You won’t want to miss the food, games, and of course the water fight! More details soon!

Did you know that BBBSMV has accounts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? Connect with us: @BBBSMV on Twitter, search for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley on Facebook or BBBSMV1 on YouTube!

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of the Mississippi Valley

Coaches Corner

JULY 201 2

Augustana Visit Days—Great for High School Matches! English, French, German, History, Multimedia Journalism, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Political Science, Students and parents (and Pre-Law, Psychology, Religion, Scandinavian Studies, Sociology, Spanish, Women and Gender StudBigs!) are invited to attend Augustana College’s summer ies, Choosing a Major. visit days on July 18, 19 July 20: Computer Science, Math, Natural Sciand 20. ences, and pre-Health fields These events offer a terrific opportunity to get an over- Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering view of collegiate education. Physics, Environmental Studies, Geography, GeolThe day includes a campus ogy, Mathematics, Physics, Pre-Dentistry, Pretour, in-depth presentations Medicine, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Occupational Therapy, from academic departments, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical Therinformation about campus apy, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Veterinary Mediactivities, and basic admis- cine, Choosing a Major. sions, scholarship, and financial aid information. The day runs from 10:00am- Please visit 2:00pm. to register and to find out how to earn a scholarship of up to $1000 by attending one of these visits, or Each day offers specific academic departmental call admissions at 309-794-7341 for more informapresentations and also a general academic session tion. for students of any major or those not yet certain of their field of study. Rachel Gustafson, Augustana College

July 18: Business, Education, Fine and Performing Arts Accounting, Art, Art History, Business Administration, Economics, Elementary Education, Graphic Design, International Business, Music, Secondary Education, Theatre, Choosing a Major. July 19: Humanities, Languages, Literature, and Social Sciences Africana Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Chinese, Classics, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Communication Studies, Creative Writing,

Encourage your co-workers to become MENTORS! We’d be happy to set up an employee volunteer presentation at your place of work. Please contact Emily Jepsen at 563-323-8006 or today!

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of the Mississippi Valley

Coaches Corner JULY


Healthy Eating! Courtney Tinoco, BBBSMV Summer is a great time for kids to relax, unwind, and chow down. Between the swimming, bike riding, and rollerblading there is no wonder why kids are famished after a hard day at play. However, when kids think of summer treats they often think of ice cream, hot dogs, funnel cakes, and snow cones. Now, we’re not saying that kids shouldn’t have any of these treats; I mean, what fun would that be? But what we are asking you to do is consider some healthy alternatives; not to mention extremely fun and creative ideas.

WHITESIDE COUNTY Twin City Market, 106 Ave. A, Sterling; 8 a.m.-noon Saturdays, year-round. (815) 626-8610 or Morrison Farmers’ Market, 202 E. Lincolnway (Route 30) behind the Heritage Museum, Morrison; 8-11 a.m. Saturdays, June 2 - Sept 29. (815) 772-2018, Start a garden with your Little. Creating a salsa garden is an easy and fun way to plant all of the ingredients to a delicious and healthy treat ; to get started you will need tomato seeds, pepper seeds, and onion bulbs.

To help you and your Little become excited about food and most importantly healthy eating, we have Instead of ordering a pizza, try making your own! Using wheat English Muffins, topped with low-fat mozzarella and your favorite tomato sauce you are able to make a delicious and healthy alternative. Feel free to add color to your pizza by sprinkling some pineapple, onion, spinach, or cooked turkey sausage! Cook your individual sized pizza at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and wham, you’re a chef! Try making a combo fruit and cheese kabob! Pick your favorite fruits and cheeses, cube them and put them on a skewer. These kabobs are easy, colorful, and very healthy!

listed a few ideas: Take a field trip to a local farmers market. HENRY COUNTY Geneseo Farmers’ Market, City Park and Pearl Street; 8 a.m.-noon Saturdays, June 16-late October or early November. (309) 269-7409 ROCK ISLAND COUNTY East Moline Farmers’ Market, Skate City parking lot, 1112 42nd Ave.; 8 a.m.-noon Wednesdays and Saturdays, May 2-Oct. 31. (309) 936-7792 or (309) 944-7980 SCOTT COUNTY Bettendorf Farmers’ Market, parking lot at 2117 State St.; 2-6 p.m. Thursdays, through Oct. 27. (563) 332-5529 Davenport Farmers’ Market, parking lot of NorthPark Mall, Davenport; 8 a.m.-noon Wednesdays and Saturdays, through Oct. 29. (563) 332-5529

Create a taste test. Have a taste test using fruits and vegetables that you or your Little may have never tried before. Create a score card for each fruit and vegetable; calculate your totals and see where your Little’s and your taste buds fall! Some uncommon fruits and veggies would be: Papaya, Pomegranate, Eggplant, Kumquat, Radish, Star fruit, and Edamame. You won’t know if you like it until you try it!

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of the Mississippi Valley

Coaches Corner JULY

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Dear Match Coach Kelly Anthony, BBBSMV

 Write your Little a letter or send them a post card. You or your Little might be out of town at Dear Match Coach, some point during the summer. A short letter or postcard to your Little will show that you are still I am so busy over the reaching out to them while out of town. summer with sports, parties and vacation. I  Set up a visiting schedule in advance. Find a am having trouble day once a week or every other week that you finding ways to keep and your Little have a free time. It does not have in contact with my to be a whole day; it could be an hour or two to Little in the commu- get lunch and catch up. This will show your Little nity based program that you are consistent even when you do not when I am not able to have a lot of time to offer. visit as often as usual. Do you have any  Involve your Little in your family activities. If ideas on how I can you have developed a strong relationship with keep in contact over your Little or you feel comfortable including them, the busy summer invite them to your family gatherings. This is a months? great way to balance being with your own family and spending time with your Little. Many children The warm summer weather always brings lots of in our program are not exposed to positive family activities. We understand that you and your Litinteractions so this is a great opportunity to once tle’s schedule can be packed during the summer again be a role model while having fun at the months. If you are finding it difficult to schedule same time! You can teach them your family tradivisits, there are a few easy ways to keep in contions and inside jokes while they also learn about tact or make visits easier: healthy family dynamics.  Call your Little on the phone. A few minutes on the phone catching up allows them to know that you are still thinking about your match relationship even when both of you are busy.

We hope this helps with making visits more convenient during a busy time of year. If you need more suggestions your match coach is a great resource.


Little’s First Name

Big’s First Name

Big’s Last Name

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Mia Sandra Clarrissa Dannyelle

Carol Candice Alice Felicia

Wilkinson Shamsie Novak Bialobreski





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Chasity Madison Cierra Shauntrice Brittney Marissa Jodie Shaniah Alexandria Dayshia

Christine Therese Chelsey Linaka Heather Susan Molly Lindsey Dawn Kelly

Walker Dockery-Jackson McKee Kain Schildwachter Denecke Price Rives Marner Quick

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of the Mississippi Valley

Coaches Corner JULY


Getting Your Little Ready for School an opportunity to let out all of their loose energy. After listening to teachers and having to wait paIt’s never too early to start preparing your child or tiently in lines, sports give kids a chance to scream Little for the start of a new school semester. Going and yell to their hearts content. back to school can be exciting and at the same time disconcerting. In particular, after a long and relaxing Participating in Clubs -School lets children particisummer the concept of hitting the books and being pate in activities or clubs that focus on their educaput in front of a teacher can be simply jarring. Here tional interests. If a Little has a passion for writing, are some great ways that Bigs and parents can help maybe they should join the newspaper. Or if the kids make the most out of school and make an easy Little loves being outside, they could join the envitransition from summer to fall. Here are some of the ronmental club. It really depends on their passions things that kids can really get excited about! and their educational pursuits. Meredith Price, BBBSMV

Making Friends - Going back to school lets children see the friends that they largely haven't seen for the whole summer! Also, new classes with new faces also provides a great opportunity for kids to start new friendships. Creating healthy, long-lasting friendships are great for an ultimately rewarding

While there are some things to really get excited about when it comes to school, there can also be some concerns.

Bullying - Bullying can be a problem for many kids. A good way to help your Little if they are being bullied is to let them know that they can come to you or a parent at any time to discuss the problems their having at school. Let the Little know that if they feel more comfortable talking to a teacher, they can do that as well. New School - Sometimes going to a new school can be really scary. The best way to handle this fear is to get a tour of the school with your Little so that they have an idea of when and where their classes are. By touring the school before school starts, Littles won't face that moment of panic when the bell rings and have no idea where to go.

school experience.

With these helpful guidelines and tips, your Little will be ready to get into the swing of school and get off Joining Sports - After school programs like school on the right start to having a wonderful school year! sports (or just intramural sports) provide kids with

Non-Profit Offers Free Instruments to Qualified Applicants ment, this may be the perfect resource to get them started on the path to a musical future! If you have Music education helps children learn better reading any questions, please contact the organization at comprehension, coordination and general learning skills that will help them in other academic areas, such as math and science. Music is also a great, lifelong way to safely express one’s emotions and creativity. Unfortunately, instruments are an expensive and often out of reach commodity for many children in our community. Shannon Riley Farley, BBBSMV

Scott Rubins, a former BBBSMV board member, has started a non-profit organization called Let’s Band Together that provides used instruments to students in need. An application can be found at http:// If you know of a student who could benefit from instrumental music education but cannot afford their own instru-

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of the Mississippi Valley

Coaches Corner J U LY


Match Highlight: Julie and Kristina Becca Leathers, BBBSMV

sometimes Kristina would enjoy a story so much, she would even read past what Julie asked her to. At the end of the year, Julie was able to reward Kristina, but better than the reward, she was able to give Kristina a gift that will keep on giving, the enjoyment of reading!

Big Sister, Julie and Little Sister, Kristina have been matched together since 2010. Kristina started out as a very shy Little Sister and was hard to get to know, but through Julie’s consistency, creativity, and kindness, the two of them have become quite close. Julie not only has made a strong connection We just checked in with Julie again, and found out with Kristina, but she has also gone above and be- she is continuing to reach out to Kristina this summer. She shared that she and Kristina have been yond to help her in other ways as well. exchanging letters throughout the summer, and She knows that Kristina has struggled with her that she has been sending a few items along with school work quite a bit, as well as with a low self her letters as well. She had some books she came esteem. Therefore Julie has tried hard to help her in across while cleaning and clearing out, and decided those areas. At the beginning of their match, Kris- to send one to Kristina each week. She also sends tina was completely against any reading activity and stickers, silly bands, math problems, etc. Julie only wanted to play games. Julie really wanted to knows that Kristina is getting tutored this summer change her opinion of reading and therefore came and encouraged her to work hard with her math up with an enticing deal for Kristina. She asked tutor, so she could feel great about improving in her Kristina to read just a little each time they met, and multiplication and division when she returned to in return Julie would present her with a new Justin school. Beiber t-shirt at the end of the school year. Because Julie had taken the time to get to know Kristina, she Julie is genuinely involved with Kristina and cares knew that the bribe of a Justin Beieber t-shirt would greatly about her well being, which is what being a seal the deal. Kristina accepted the deal and each great Big Brother/Big Sister is all about. Thank you week Julie encouraged and complemented Kristina Julie for going to such great lengths! Bigs like you on how great she was doing. Julie reported that are the reason BBBS is such a successful program!

We Need More Raves! Have you seen your Little overcome a challenge, try something new, or accomplish something really special? We want to hear about it! Please email your match coach with a great “rave about your Little” story that can be shared in our monthly newsletter!

THANKS TO THESE GREAT SPONSORS These area business sponsors have provided a high level of support for the Big Brother Big Sister programs. Without their support it would be very difficult to provide the programming we do in our region.

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of the Mississippi Valley

Coaches Corner JULY


Take Your Little to Work Day! July 25, 2012 9:00am-1:00pm Spend the morning at your workplace, sharing your career with your Little. Teach them about the work you do, how you interact with your peers and boss, how you dress for work, good interview tips, or how your job helps others. Afterwards, meet with other matches to discuss and share you and your Little’s experiences over lunch. RSVP to Jodi Buresh at

What is an Impact Circle? Impact Circles are Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley's (BBBSMV) newest fundraiser. Thanks to your fundraising efforts, more Bigs and Littles can be paired up, more friendships can be created and improved outlooks on life can be started. Impact Circles will harness the power of individual groups in order to raise funds to help support BBBSMV's programs. You already participate in activities alone or in a group, so why not use one of your favorite activities as a way to help raise money and awareness for children in your community?

member being responsible for getting sponsorships from their friends and family for each milestone the Circle reaches. For example, if your Circle plans to run 10 miles and you get pledges from 10 people for $1 per mile that you run, each sponsor will pay $10 - leaving you with a total donation of $100 for a Circle of one, or $1,000 for a Circle of ten! Impact Circles are a fun and easy way to positively impact the lives of children in your community!

Still not sure how this all works or need some ideas Your Circle will decide on an activity to participate in for potential Circles? For more information, please (the possibilities are endless!), with each individual visit!

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS of the Mississippi Valley

Coaches Corner V O L U M E





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3 Red, White & Boom








Independence Day

8 Whitewater Junction activity

9 John Deere Classic begins





14 Art Workshop




18 19 Augustana Visit Days begin






25 Take Your Little to Work Day

27 Davenport Street Fest

28 Davenport Street Fest



31 Mississippi Valley Fair begins


July Community Activities Red, White, and Boom: Rock Island/Davenport annual celebration on July 3rd- Mississippi Riverfront; Call 309-788-6311 for more information. Bettendorf 4th of July Celebration kicks off with a parade in downtown Bettendorf at 10:00 am on Wednesday, July 4 and continues at Cumberland Square with many family activities throughout the day. Fireworks and parachute team at night! Call 563-344-4033 to learn more. Backwater Gamblers Waterski Show on Wednesday, July 4 from 6:30-7:30 pm. For de-

tails, call 309-732-7275. John Deere Classic PGA Tour Event, at TPC Deere Run, July 9-12. Visit or call 1-800-336-4655. Downtown Davenport Street Fest, July 27-28 in conjunction with the Bix 7 Run. Call 563-3221706 to learn more. The Great Mississippi Valley Fair begins July 31 at the Fairgrounds. Call 563-326-5338 for information on what to expect this year at the fair!

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