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Published by the Undergraduate Office, CUHK Business School

September 2012

A new electronic-waste initiative

How CUHK nurtures socially responsible business leaders We are dedicated to developing a new generation of leaders who understand the importance of making a positive impact on their local community - that’s our commitment to making CSR an integral part of the University’s development. (Page 06)

Go on exchange - The world is your campus Octopus All in one; one for all

Also in This Issue 01 Vice-Chancellor’s Challenges 08 Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates 11 Orientation Trips for GBS and IBCE students 15 Column - Matt Ng 16 Two career planning workshops were held Click to download the full issue

From the Editor Business School Oct 3 BCG HK Campus Presentation



Undergraduate Mentorship Program Kick-off Cocktail Oct 9 P&G Recruitment Talk General Oct 12 Workshop - Grooming for Smart Job-hunters Oct 17 P&G Recruitment Talk - Product Supply and Finance & Accounting Session Oct 18 IBM Global Business Services - Workshop on Consultancy Career Oct 26 Dining Etiquette Workshop



4-5 I‧CARE Community Market Fair Oct 8-18 Homecoming Book Festival - Salon I: Coming Home - Salon II: Setting Sail - Closing ceremony: Reading Moment Oct 25 Online application open for Outgoing Exchange Programs (Regular termtime 2013-14 / Summer 2013)


Message from the editor Thank you for reading the latest issue! Following the revamp starting from June 2012 issue, we now have a new name, CU iBUS. The name stands out from the 62 entries submitted by students and staff members during last month’s “Click to Add Title” campaign. I would like to thank all of the participants for your creative suggestions! We hope that CU iBUS, as its name suggests, will take you to your destination (page 02).

PAGE 06 In this issue, we look at the E-waste initiative, which CUHK co-organized with AIA to nurture a generation of socially responsible business leaders (page 06). Also, please meet Matt Ng, a 2012 Quantitative Finance graduate who had visited five continents and forty-two countries by the time he graduated. Starting from this issue, we will present you with his column, in which he will share with us where he has been, what he has come across and what he has learnt during his backpacking trips (page 17).

27 Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admission

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Prof. Dennis Fan Editor-in-chief, CU iBUS

cu iBUS September 2012 EDITORIAL


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Feature Story 01

Vice-Chancellor’s Challenges 1 Read a book every month.

Read anything, in any language. Our libraries are open If you follow my instructions, take my advice, you will read thirty, maybe forty, books before you graduate. 24 hours a day starting this year. Make use of them.

2 Make at least one friend from a different country (or region) every year. Ask them to share with you their culture, their history, their pride and their problems. Try to speak their languages, and teach them Cantonese.

3 Find your comrades in College.

Learn to work together as a team, a team of people from different walks of life, a team in which man and woman have no conflicts of interest and are not competitors to each other.

The Monthly Announcement has gotten its new name. See who has won the HK$200 book coupon. Page 02

If you follow my instructions, take my advice, you will know three to four different cultures, speak a few languages and start to understand some global issues. Going on overseas exchange is a life changing experience, isn’t it? Page 04

If you follow my instructions, take my advice, you will be able to appreciate cooperation instead of competition. See how a team of comrades can make a difference. Page 03

In the next few years on campus, I challenge you to do a few things. ”

Click here for Vice-Chancellor’s full speech at University’s Inauguration of Academic Year 2012-13 Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung giving speech at the Inauguration Ceremony Credit: Information Services Office

CU iBUS UGO Monthly Announcement gets a new name T

he Monthly Announcement has received a new layout, brought you new stories, and covered more angles. Now, we have a new name! During the past month, a total of 62 entries were submitted by CUHK Business School students and staff members. The proposed name, CU iBUS impressed our team of judges, Prof. Dennis Fan, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), Dr. Susanna Kwok and Prof. Andrew Yuen, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies) for its diverse meanings. “The name conveys energy and movement.” explained Dr. Kwok. Let’s invite the author of the new name, Tracy Lee Ki Chui, Professional Accountancy Year 1, to share with us what the new name stands for.


Entries were received

Thank you all participants and readers!

The other five lucky folks winning HK$50 cash coupons are as follows: - GUO Renju - Maggie KAM Mei Ki - Louisa KWONG - LING Chi Tung - TSOI Chun Sing Congratulations!

To me, I believe the newsletter ‘transports’ a lot of important information for business students. Taking the iBUS, our next stop is a brighter future! Q: What does the name stand for? A: “CU” refers to CUHK. How could we forget to mention that this newsletter is made by CUHK, and make clear that it’s not by HKU, UST or some other university? “i” stands for Internet, which is the unique proposition of this newsletter since it is distributed on the web. “BUS” is for the Business School, emphasizing that this is specially published for business students. In addition, it is just like a bus, which shoulders a very important responsibility to transport people somewhere important within a short period of time. To me, I believe the newsletter ‘transports’ a lot of important information for business students. Taking the iBUS, our next stop is a brighter future! Q: How did you come up with a name with “bus”? A: As for buses, apart from the MTR, buses are indeed important transportation carriers in Hong Kong. In this way, the new name embodies my expectation that inspiring and meaningful articles would be “transported” by this newsletter. Q: With the award of HK$200 book coupon, which book are you going to buy? A: Recently, I have become more interested in books about strategies or strategic planning issues such as game theory. And the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is another one I have always wanted to read.

Feature Story 03

Get well prepared; get the chance to steal the limelight “C

hances are for those who have good preparation.” This is what a team of four Quantitative Finance students learnt from an international case competition held in Thailand. Having won the second runner-up spot in the Academic Cup 2011, the team, Ideas R Us, comprised of YAN Kai, LO Kwan Wun, CHAN Ka Hoo and YUNG Yi Tak (all Quantitative Finance Year 3) represented CUHK Business School in the Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge 2012 hosted by Thammasat University, Thailand, in August. Sixteen teams from a number of high ranking universities were invited to join the Challenge; the teams were divided into four divisions through a draw. The best team from each division would compete in the final round for the championship. Knowing that only forty hours was allowed for each team to devise a solution for the case, the team had already started preparing prior to departing for the Challenge. “Our team read a lot of latest news about Thailand and the South-east Asian countries. We also collected and analyzed a great deal of economic data on Thailand including inflation rate and unemployment rate. We also decided on how we would design our Power Point slides and how we would present our solution,” said CHAN Ka Hoo. Yet, their efforts could not bring them past the preliminary round as the winning teams did an even better job preparing. In particular the quality of the presentations by the winning teams left deep impressions on our four rookies in case competition. “To explain their analysis the winning teams made a lot of supporting slides which strongly reinforced their argument,” Chan explained.

From left: YUNG Yi Tak, CHAN Ka Hoo, LO Kwan Wun, and YAN Kai (all Quantitative Finance Year 3)

less important parts of the cases in the Q&A section,” Chan further remarked.

As the case used in this competition must be related to a Thai company, Ideas R Us has suggested that The winning teams also underwent a multitude of the team participating in this competition next year practice presentations which better shaped their should make a thorough research study on the presentation structure. “They focused on the most demographics, infrastructure and business important questions and spent most of their time on environment of Thailand, and that a lot of practice describing (the corresponding) solutions. They left the presenting before the event is needed.

The World Is Your Campus W

ould you believe that there are more than 200 of your Business School classmates who are currently studying at our partner universities and schools around the world? Looking around, any fellow classmates of you are missing? They must have departed for exchange! Let’s not interrupt them from happily enjoying their time away from us. In the meantime there are students who participated in overseas exchange and have returned. The Undergraduate Office invited three such returned students to share with us on something they have learned during their time away from CU. Together with Ms. Claire Li, Executive Officer (Exchange Affairs), they will share with us their experiences and maybe some secret stories of overseas exchange.


13 85

Your world will be much bigger than just the two sides of Victoria Harbour. ” - Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, SBS

44 12


DID YOU KNOW? The first student exchange program was launched in 1965 and established in partnership with the University of California System.

University-wide Programs

4 9 2

Faculty and Departmental Programs

Open to students from all Colleges and Faculties, offering courses in a wide range of disciplines.

CUHK Business School offers additional exchange opportunities exclusively to our business students. Apply through the Currently, 31 business Office of Academic Links schools (with over 110 places) around the world have established partnership with us. Consult with Ms. Claire Li

College Programs

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Colleges provide exchange programs exclusively for their affiliated College students.

A life-changing overseas experience does not necessarily cost you a great deal. Various scholarship and financial aid schemes are available Consult with your College to help defray part of the General Office cost (click for more).

Go on


Feature Story 05

“Making new friends is not easy at the beginning as we have different views and different ways of socialization. You have to be proactive and open for communication. Once you know each other well enough, the door will be open to you and you will benefit a lot from your new friends.”

“To me, British universities emphasize class activities, debates and projects focusing on development of critical thinking, communication and team spirit. Furthermore, I took a number of sociology modules in addition to those on my study curriculum such as courses looking at policies across different jurisdictions within the EU and social development tendencies on different social systems in the world. Needless to say, I found them all inspiring and interesting.” David Chan Chon Meng, Quantitative Finance Year 4, Exchange for the full year of 2011-12 to Aston University, Great Britain

Welton Chan Wang Leong, Professional Accountancy Year 3, Exchange in 2nd semester of 2011-12 academic year to Miami University, U.S.

“Without going on exchange, I would never have learned that I could design a fruitful and memorable trip with a Singaporean girl in New York. Without taking classes in Canada, I would have never known that I was quite a passive student before. Without doing projects with local students, I would not have discovered that overseas students were really creative and hardworking. I believe that going on exchange has been a turning point in my life.” Victoria Chan Mei Yan, Integrated BBA Year 3, Exchange in 2nd semester of 2011-12 academic year to York University, Canada

Student Lounge, 3/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building



Deadline for online application for Outgoing Exchange Programs (Regular term-time 2013-14 / Summer 2013)

“Want to be among the group of students who get to enjoy overseas exchange? Your timing is perfect, applications will be accepted starting on October 25! Ineligible for the application? Don’t worry. 576 incoming exchange students from our partner universities are currently residing on the CUHK campus, let make friends with them!” Ms. Claire Li Executive Officer (Exchange Affairs)

A new electronic-waste initiative How CUHK nurtures socially responsible business leaders



The amount of E-waste (in tons) that is produced in Hong Kong each year

The E-device survey results, as well as a series of E-waste initiatives on campus were announced during the press conference held on August 22 (Wednesday). From left: Prof. Dennis Fan, Prof. Joseph Sung, and Mr. John Chu

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is

dedicated to developing a new generation of leaders who understand the importance of making a positive impact on their local community - that is why we collaborate with AIA Group Limited (AIA), a company which shares our vision on corporate social responsibility (CSR) to initiate a series of efforts to raise public awareness on the electronic-waste issue (E-waste). As part of the initiative, an E-device survey was conducted over April and May 2012 among 1,200 adults in Hong Kong by TNS. At the same time, another 1,000 CUHK students were surveyed. Click here for the survey results. “This Survey confirms that E-waste is becoming a growing challenge for established and emerging markets - young people are buying more and more E-devices, but few are disposing of them properly.” said Mr. John Chu, Group Chief Investment Officer of AIA and CUHK alumnus. As shown in the survey results, adults in Hong Kong own an average of 3.5 mobile devices. Using mobile phones as one example, Hongkongers uses a mobile phone for just over 21 months before replacing it with a newer or more advanced model. However, their old, castoff phones usually end up nowhere near a recycling depot - only 1% was recycled properly.

Revealing the survey result has stirred some action on this issue. Prof. Dennis Fan, Associate Dean, CUHK Business School, and Mr. John Chu planned to call for more action about E-waste reduction among campus members. For example, the Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability at CUHK (IEES) will develop posters providing useful information about recycling options, and will be organizing recycling activities to be held later this year on the CUHK campus in partnership with Caritas Hong Kong. What’s more, under IEES, the Centre for Responsible Business (CRB, click for more) will be established to nurture our upcoming generations into conscientious community leaders. The Centre will also develop courses with CSR elements. Currently, CUHK Business School offers the course MGNT2610 Introduction to CSR. Starting next semester, one more choice, IBBA3020 CSR Distinguished Speaker Series will be introduced to broaden the scope of sustainable development issues covered by our business curriculum. Through these different CSR initiatives, we have high hopes that our future business leaders will, as responsible citizens, contribute to society.

Cover Story 07



Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates Cum Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter Honoree Award Presentation Ceremony

Lightbox 09


Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates cum Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter Honoree Award Presentation Ceremony Date: Monday, September 10, 2012


rganized by the Undergraduate Office, the Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates and Faculty Tea Reception was held at LT1, Cheng Yu Tung Building on the morning of September 10. This year, we are introducing the four-year curriculum, and we welcomes the largest number of new students with two cohorts of freshmen from both the HKALE and HKDSE. Prof. T.J. Wong, Dean of CUHK Business School, was invited to address the new students at his opening speech: “As you start your life with the CUHK Business School, look for opportunities, look for growth, look for impact Prof. T.J. Wong, Dean of CUHK Business School, was invited and look for mission. And most importantly, build your to address the new students. knowledge and skills, not your resume. Last but not least, I would like to wish you three things: First, make every effort to speak and seek the truth. Second, you remain true to and open about your authentic self. And, always find your purpose and do what you love.” During the second half of the Ceremony, Prof. Wong presented the Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter Honoree Award to Mrs. Bethy Tam, Head of Governance & Strategic Initiatives of Standard Chartered Bank, for her remarkable achievements to the business world and contribution to the community. As this year’s guest speaker, Mrs. Tam shared her experience as a business leader and encouraged students to get prepared for future opportunities. Click here to download her speech, “Success belongs to people who are prepared”.

Mrs. Bethy Tam was this year’s guest speaker.

Freshmen enjoying light refreshments at the Faculty Tea Reception after the Inauguration Ceremony

Lightbox 11



Osaka, Japan

Orientation Trips for GBS and IBCE students T

o understand the management philosophies and business practices of companies from different Asian cities, a total of twenty-five GBS students and thirtythree IBCE students from the 2012 cohort (fifteen from CUHK and eighteen from the University of South Carolina) travelled to Osaka and Shanghai respectively for study trips at these locations. The visits also fostered a deeper understanding of the Chinese and Japanese cultures. The companies and organizations visited included (in alphabetical order):

Bottom-left: GBS students visiting Cathay Pacific Osaka Bottom-right: IBCE students visiting Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation


Cathay Pacific Osaka | Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Osaka Office) | Japan External Trade Organization | Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau | Universal Studios Japan


Amway Shanghai | Citibank (China) Co. Ltd. | Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai | Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai | Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation

Hong Kong Brand Series #02

Octopus - all in one; one for all Brought to you by the Department of Marketing, CUHK Business School CU: Prof. Leo Sin, Dr. Susanna Kwok, Department of Marketing O: Mr. Sunny Cheung, Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Holdings Limited

Back in 1979, the Mass Transit Railway Corporation

(renamed MTR Corporation Limited in 2000) entered into service, making Hong Kong one of the first cities in Asia to develop and operate a subway system. In 1993, MTR initiated investigation into the next generation of fare collection systems; the contactless smart card payment technology was soon recognized as the most appropriate platform for convenient fare collection. In the subsequent year, Hong Kong’s five major public transport operators - the MTR, KCRC, KMB, Citybus and the Hongkong and Yaumatei Ferry – jointly formed a joint venture called Creative Star Limited (renamed Octopus Cards Limited in 2002) to oversee the development and implementation of contactless smart card payment technology. The Octopus fare collection system was officially launched in September 1997. Three years later, Octopus successfully obtained “Deposit-taking Company” authorization from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority in April 2000. This allowed Octopus to expand into a wider range of different applications, in particular into the retail sector. Today, Octopus cards are part of everyday life for all Hongkongers, making daily life much easier. Mr. Sunny Cheung, Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Holdings Limited was asked to explain how Octopus has managed to become a synonym for “small-value payment” and “electronic payment” within a short fifteen year period.

Clients do not come to Octopus for the card; they come for the Clearing & Settlement System behind the card.

A card with unlimited potential CU: Would you talk about what the Octopus brand identity stands for? O: I have to say that we have had a perfect design in our Brand Identification System. Our Chinese name - 「八達通」, translates literally as “reaching everywhere”. The English name - Octopus, coincides with the number eight featured in the Chinese name, since an octopus has eight tentacles. The logo is a non-orientable Möbius strip, which resembles the Arabic number eight as well as the symbol of infinity. It stands for Octopus cards’ unlimited potential.

Small in value; huge in volume CU: What is Octopus’ vision, mission and core values? O: Our mission is to “make everyday life easier by applying innovative ideas through secure and robust technology”. And our vision is that one day Octopus will become synonymous with electronic payment systems. To achieve such a vision, Octopus will always focus on “small-value payments” which can be conveniently utilized by customers from 3 to 100-years-old. Facing such a wide range of target customers, we need to keep our brand promise and core values simple and clear. To me, that’s the key to successful mass marketing. Thus, our core values are clearly defined as efficiency, trust, speed, reliability and simplicity. Users simply hold their Octopus cards over a reader, and the correct amount will be automatically deducted from their cards without the hassles of cash. Even a little boy or a little girl can get used to it quickly. What’s more, each transaction can be processed in as little as 0.3 seconds. In this way, Octopus cards offer value to our customers through efficiency, speed and simplicity. These match exactly with our core values.

Front Row 13


25 million

Number of cards and products in circulation

12 million

Number of “doo� (transactions) taking place in Hong Kong in a single day, valued at over HK$120 million in total


Percentage of Hong Kong people (aged 16-65) who have an Octopus card


The average dollar amount of a single retail transaction; transportation transactions average $7


The maximum operating range of the reader / writer


Seconds required to finish a single transaction


The manufacturer of Octopus cards; the Contactless IC Card Technology was named FeliCa

Mr. Sunny Cheung, CEO of Octopus Holdings Limited

Front Row CU: Who are Octopus’ competitors?

Part of Hong Kong; part of the world

O: To be frank, we don’t just face competition from our own product category but from other payment methods as well.

CU: Has Octopus expanded its business outside of Hong Kong?

First of all, cash, a payment medium that will always be preferred by certain groups of people. People are used to using cash.

O: That’s part of our consultancy services. Since 2003, Octopus has assisted The Netherlands and Dubai to develop and implement smart card systems. This year, Octopus is also helping Auckland launch a multimodal ticketing system for public transportation.

Secondly, credit cards. We observed an increasing threat from credit card companies, especially those who have recently launched a new type of card which is embedded with contactless technology, for instance Visa payWave. The transaction process could be further shortened by not requiring the card holder’s signature when the transaction is less than a specific dollar amount. Besides, credit card companies offer higher rewards to card holders, since they typically charge a significantly higher transaction fee to the tenants than we do. We admit that we are not financially able to compensate our users with such a high level of cash-back reimbursements. Last not but least, virtual payment platforms. Some online platforms even vertically penetrate to the real world by launching physical products that are another threat to us.

Clients do not come to Octopus for the card; they come for the Clearing & Settlement System behind the card. This unique system guarantees our dual success in public transport and retail sectors. Public transport and retail are actually two different areas. For example, you have to gain practical experiences before you can even begin to set and calculate different fare charges for different routes. And if you bring in discounts for switching from Line A to Line B, that adds quite a few complexities to the system. Octopus is one of the very few companies in the world that has really succeeded in these two sectors, and possesses these two sets of experiences.

As for the Mainland market, launching into the Pearl River Delta region is our first priority since other parts of the world, say, Singapore and Japan are maturing electronic payment markets as well. Connecting with However, Octopus is not that vulnerable. On the one the Chinese Mainland is our unique proposition which hand, we will reinforce the efficiency and simplicity will put us in a stronger position compared to the that our 0.3-second transaction features. On the other foreign players in this competitive dynamic. In this hand, we take advantage of users’ psychological September, we just launched “Hu Tong Xing (「互通 stickiness. That’s why we promote our products to 行」)” with Shenzhentong Company Limited. It allows schools, residential and commercial buildings, even for card holders to use the HKD e-purse in Hong Kong and free. People soon get used to clocking in by Octopus, the RMB e-purse in Shenzhen. accessing their buildings by Octopus, and parking their cars and paying the parking fees by Octopus… No matter what we plan for the future, we will always Octopus has thus become an indispensable part of bear in mind that our mission is to make everyday life everyday life. You cannot afford not to have an easier and to focus only on small-value payment. Octopus card. (Click here for the full version, Chinese version only)

Brand Identification System Brand name - words or numbers which can be pronounced - and brand mark (or trade mark) visuals, figures, or colors which cannot be pronounced - constitute the Brand Identification System. A successful Brand Identification System raises brand awareness as well as enhances brand association. Next issue: Sky 100

Column 15

Matt Ng

Alumnus, Quantitative Finance, Class of 2012

The best time of my life L

ooking back at the past five years, it’s like a split second, it’s like a thousand years. It flashed in front of my eyes so fast that I didn’t even realize it’s already gone, yet every single moment during these five years is so memorable. Without the slightest doubt, I would call it the best time of my life. Nonetheless, without the help from angels around me all the way along, I couldn’t have achieved so much as a student, as an intern, as an athlete, as a wanderer. And therefore I have to extend my most sincere gratitude towards all the angels around me, especially Professor Dennis Fan, who brought me into CUHK and invited me to share my stories with all of you here. It’s a story about me trying to catch my childhood dream, the great souls I met along the way, and the beautiful world they showed me.

me to visit. For sure anxiety kicked in right away. Fear, too. I knew nothing about Nepal and I had never left Hong Kong on my own before. But I knew that this was something I wanted to do, and it would be now or never. So I decided to throw myself into the flame of uncertainty. One said, twenty years from now, you will be more regretful about the things that you didn’t do than those you did. Back then I haven’t heard about this saying, but I guess I was kind of thinking similarly. You may wonder what my family thought of my decision. It was pretty straightforward though. I told them I was going with a volunteer group of CUHK classmates, with proper guide, insurance, accommodation… etc. So they didn’t really stop me.

In the upcoming monthly issue of this newsletter, I would like to share with all my fellow students, just a little bit, the world I have I have a very ordinary life pattern, seen, the great souls I have met which I bet most of you will find and the inspiring stories I learnt to be much like yours. Public or was lucky enough to get estate, Christian schools around the neighborhood. I involved in. And I hope one day, you can share your wasn’t brought up in a wealthy family but I had exactly adventure in this wild world, with me, and our fellows. what I needed to live just as a happy kid. Traveling, nonetheless, is still an unaffordable luxury. Gazing upon the sky above, I always wondered, what does the other side of the world look like? I wish I could ABOUT THE AUTHOR grow wings from my back, take my feet off the ground and glide with the wind. And I eventually did spread Matt Ng started his first backpacking trip in Nepal for a month during the summer of 2009. The same backpack my wings. By the time I graduated, I made my way took him through Europe where he experienced all the through five continents and forty-two countries. Before my first backpacking trip in Nepal, naturally it took some time before I decided to go. I can still recall the night I was sitting in McDonald’s with my best friend, preparing for exams when I received a response from the founder of a charity telling me it was okay for

bitter and sweet moments of being a hitchhiker and even homeless during his one-year exchange studies in Switzerland. Recently, he has just finished a 5-month adventure in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. He will share with us about his journeys and international volunteer experiences in this column.

Two career planning workshops were held in late September

BBA-JD stream offered a talk on Hong Kong’s Basic Law

Date: Thursday, September 20, and Friday, September 21, 2012 Date: Saturday, September 22, 2012


o further strengthen BBA-JD students’ knowledge on various legal topics, Dr. Anthony Law, the new Program Director of the BBA-JD stream is offering a series of law lectures starting this academic year. The first lecture was offered on the morning of September 22 (Saturday) at LT6, Cheng Yu Tung Building, discussing Hong Kong’s Basic Law - a form of constitutional law.

First admission talk of the 2012-13 academic year held Date: Friday, September 28, 2012


alden Lam, a consultant at OC&C Strategy Consultants shared his professional views on effective resume writing in a CV workshop held on September 20. In addition the attendees’ resumes were also assessed. Four BBA alumni, Samantha Fan, Associate Marketing Director, Weslie Tsang, Brand Manager, together with Deep Yim and Ken Chan, Assistant Brand Managers at P&G, joined a brand building workshop on September 21. They addressed their daily lives as brand builders and shared their inside secrets for a successful job hunt in marketing and brand management.

Mr. John Lai delivered an interesting yet inspiring speech to a class of S6 students.


he Undergraduate Office delivered its first admission talk of the academic year 2012-13 at P.L.K. Vicwood K. T. Chong Sixth Form College to introduce Looking ahead, two social etiquette workshops on grooming and dining etiquette will be held in October. its Integrated BBA Program to the college’s S6 students. We would like to thank Mr. John Lai of the Do take note of the upcoming email announcement Department of Management and Mr. C. W. Chau, and sign up at the student database (click for more). Project Coordinator (Admissions Exercise), for their devotion to the talk.

Newsroom 17

Tea Gathering with IBCE students

Asian Business Studies students arrive at CUHK

Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Date: Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nearly 50 students of the International Business and The Asian Business Studies stream (ABS) is offered in

Chinese Enterprise (IBCE, click for more) stream got together for a casual Tea Gathering on September 12, 2012 to welcome Dr. Harris Pastides, President of the University of South Carolina (USC). Following the welcoming remarks by Prof. Denis Wang, Program Director of IBCE, Dr. Pastides shared with our students his expectations regarding the program and to wish all students a rewarding semester ahead. Other representatives from USC included Ms. Margaret Dawson, Executive Director, Darla Moore School of Business and Dr. David Hudgens, Regional Director Asia Pacific, Office of International Activities of USC. The event saw fruitful exchanges between students and USC representatives and was enjoyed by all who attended.

partnership with Fudan University (China) and Waseda University (Japan). The first cohort of students has spent a semester in Fudan University and another semester in Waseda University last year. This semester, students from all three universities gather at CUHK. To extend a warm welcome to the ABS students, Prof. Fu Ping-ping, Program Director of ABS, invited them as well as Prof. Dennis Fan, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) to a welcome dinner held on the evening of September 5 (Wednesday). ABS accepts transfer-in applications starting from January 2013 (click for more).

IBM Global Business Services Workshop on Consultancy Career IBM Global Business Services will be holding a workshop on Consultancy Career with us on October 18, 2012. You will have the opportunity to meet and speak to the executives and senior practitioners of IBM Global Business Services and to explore opportunities in consultancy career during the event.

In addition, an IBM Global Business Consulting Course will be launched in term 2, subject to Faculty Board approval. For details and registration of the event and the course, please take note on upcoming emails from the Undergraduate Office.

The typography selected, Myriad Pro, is modern and confident. It will be used consistently across all programs and departments.

CU iBUS (September 2012), CUHK Business School  

CU iBUS | The monthly newsletter published by the Undergraduate Office, CUHK Business School