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The new fried chicken menu hits the spot at Shawarma Matic By bazaar staff

Shawarma Matic are well-known for their wide variety of shawarmas. Be it wrapped chicken or beef shawarma, with a vast selection of savory sandwiches and vegetarian, such as their grilled halloumi wrap, crunchy shrimp sandwich, chicken fajita sandwich, and much more to choose from. But, Shawarma Matic are also expanding their menu into a new dimension, beyond the grilled chicken and meat options, there comes the world of fried chicken. Perfectly in line with the fried chicken trend in Kuwait that is surely showing no signs of slowing down, Shawarma Matic’s new Chicken Chicken menu introduces their first ever fried chicken burger. It’s served in three forms, each owning its flavors perfectly. All of the burgers come in a potato bun and are fried chicken, but not all of them have the same sauce or ingredients. Intrigued by these new arrivals, we chose a beautiful day to head out to Shawarma Matic’s Mahboula location to sample the different fried chicken sandwiches, and we didn’t regret it! Always remember, that you can order Shawarma Matic for delivery, you can even visit their Salmiya location on Baghdad street, or other locations at Bneid El Gar and Ardhiya. When we came to choose which crispy chicken burger to try first, we didn’t know where to begin. With three burger offerings, the Dynamite, Buffalo, and Classic, all burgers serve one fullfilling purpose: perfect crunchy chicken with distinct toppings and delicious sauces. For example, what makes the Dynamite burger different, is its explosive dynamite sauce. With a spicy texture unlike any other the addition of turkey bacon gives the Dynamite an extra protein-kick to indulge in with this fried chicken burger. On top of the perfectly, golden, crispy chicken is a red coleslaw salad, tomato and a slice of cheddar cheese to complete the burger at hand. For lovers of piquant sauces, the Shawarma Matic’s Buffalo burger provides a beautiful mixture of buffalo and blue cheese sauce. Completing the combination of these two is, of course, the shining star of it all, a crispy chicken fillet in a brown potato bun. With the blue cheese to tone down the spice level of the buffalo sauce, a great balance is achieved with this burger. The third and final burger on the Chicken Chicken menu is the Classic chicken burger, with truffle aioli sauce. This offering is a classic choice for tuning down the heat of the last two rich and flavorful burgers. Plus, as much as we’d like to turn the heat with the two previous burgers, sometimes we got to chill it down to a classic burger. 128