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Latest News from Baumann Sideloaders

Eco Warrier


Big Time


Based in the small town of Kortrijk, the company is one of Europe’s largest timber importers and has 19 Baumann sideloaders, over 1,000 aisles of timber across a 63 hectare site.

The company makes use of a host of Baumann add ons, including tilting carriages, single lifting forks and sideshift to allow the precise storage and loading of timber, as well as adding front-mounted cages to assist with transporting workers across the site.

In 1883 Louis Vandecasteele started his business with a vision to promote wood as the most solid and ecological material for the making of wagons. Vandecasteele is one of Baumann’s oldest customers, having run sideloaders at their Belgian HQ for over 40 years.
With long aisles and a huge site, the accuracy and durability of the equipment is paramount.
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Time for a raise?

INNOVATION We are very proud of the small chassis and footprint of the ELX with X-Plus, our smallest, most efficient electric sideloader, including its low deck. Low decks usually mean improved storage density, however certain customers

may use it as part of their picking operations where a higher deck is preferable. We’re therefore delighted to offer the option of a 100mm raised deck, seamlessly integrated and just as tough!

Williams get hands on training

TRAINING Williams Machinery in British Columbia, Canada, are one of our newest partners, so a little technical training on a Baumann ELX has proved a great way of getting hands on.

First show in Australia

EXHIBITION You’ll often find us supporting our dealer activities at trade shows. This year we’ve certainly racked up the miles, including our first ever show in Australia, at CeMAT Melbourne.

Battery handling attachment


Complementing our unique one-piece battery, this crane attachment is now available to assist with battery changeover. Perfectly weighted, it makes single-person battery exchange quick and easy.

Raising the deck can make it easier for those working directly from it.
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Sideloaders Vs Forklifts

The sideloader concept

Pallet perfect

Forklifts are perfect for pallet handling, but costly, slow and potentially dangerous for long loads. To avoid obstacles long loads are inevitably raised on forklifts. The consequences can be disasterous.

Despite the additional costs and inherent dangers, many long loads are still moved with forklift trucks. Here’s what makes the sideloader the right tool for the job...

Risky business

Carrying raised long loads on a forklift may be the only way to see where you are going, but it also greatly increases the risk of tipping the truck over.

Improved storage density Reduced damage

COST-SAVING Due to the necessary aisle widths, storage density is always in the sideloader’s favour for loads above 2m in length. At 4m, the increased capacity for most warehouses is over 120%, whilst 4.8m loads means almost 140%.

DAMAGE It is said that for each £1 of damage to a forklift, another £7 will also have been incurred from damage to products or building infrastructure. Doorways and racking are particularly vulnerable from carrying long loads this way.

Faster & safer Greater comfort

SPEED Handling long loads with forklifts is dangerous, but can also be very slow, particularly on uneven ground. Block stacking also wastes time when loads need ‘digging out’ from the back of a row.

OPERATOR With a raised and front-facing position, sideloader operators are in a natural driving position with a clearer view. A long load makes visibility poor on forklifts, meaning lots of twisting from travelling backwards.

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The performance of the electrics is outstanding... it provides a lot of confidence. The durability and reliability of the Baumann machines is a key driver.

Dutch delight

Heuvelman is one of the leading softwood timber suppliers in the Netherlands. Going all electric means they’re able to run for long hours inside and out.

Cranes are convenient for delivering timber straight to site, but having your own port facilities creates its own challenges for Heuvelman. “We have our own unloading facility,” says head of logistics, Henri van der Pot, “but we go as close to the water’s edge as possible to maximise the available space. We have nowhere to grow.” With space at a premium, Baumann sideloaders are the best option

for handling and storing these long loads. Cantilever racking provides much needed storage density, made easier by the handling accuracy provided by the trucks. Being able to reduce aisle widths and turn in tight spaces makes a lot of sense.

The 14 ELX Series 120v electric sideloaders feed the two processing lines, making them an integral part of the system. “The performance of the electrics is outstanding it

The fleet runs from 7am to 11pm. Up to 30 loads a day is typical.


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provides a lot of confidence. The durability and reliability of the Baumannn machines is a key driver, ” says Mabo Lifting’s, Ard van der Maten. Runtimes are also critical, as work is split into two shifts, starting at 7am and ending at 11pm. As Henri points out, however, battery durability has never been a problem: “With a new battery, the trucks last the entire day.”

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Top Performers

Top of the tree

It’s been another recordbreaking performance by UK dealer of the year, Windsor Materials Handling

With 13,000 employees globally across 20 countries, Metsä Wood (formerly Finn Forest) is a giant of the forestry and timber sector.

Following a six month tender process, involving

the MHE fleet. “We are able to offer flexibility where other companies cannot,” says senior national accounts manager, Jason Jordan, “and we hold dearly the ability to listen to our customers - that’s why we don’t operate 0800 numbers or from call centres.”

The Metsä fleet featured several sideloaders at multiple sites, complete with GPS tracking and safety systems, and signalled a step change in Baumann’s marketshare. As other sideloader manufacturers disappeared, Baumann strengthened its UK base and saw a trend back to sideloaders as customers re-discovered ‘the art of working sideways’.

Taking Note

a nationwide contract for the supply and maintenance of equipment, to Windsor, becoming the UK’s largest Baumann user in the process.

“We are delighted to be partners with Windsor and this year has been an amazing performance,” says Baumann UK’s, Mark Bann. “We have strong belief in our equipment and are always looking to innovate and improve.”

In The Know

That means a partner that understands the need of the machines, both in terms of its capabilities and its servicing requirements, adds Mark.

seven different potential suppliers and 10 equipment manufacturers, Windsor Materials Handling was awarded a long-term nationwide contract for the supply and maintenance of

Other major wood businesses took note. One, the UK’s largest integrated forestry business, BSW Group, awarded

“There’s also an element of being able to pick up the phone and have a conversation with someone that understands something that is not your typical forklift truck. Windsor has shown for many years that is has that from top to bottom.”

BSW Group, the UK’s largest sawmill group utilises a fleet of GX Series Baumann sideloaders, supplied and maintained by Windsor Senior national accounts manager, Jason Jordan, leads Windsor’s team of sideloader specialists
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Weld Done Boys!

RECORD It may be noisy work, but the welding department is home to our quiet heroes. Their work is fundamental to our quality ethos and bespoke processes. They are also working in one of the most rapidly developing environments, thanks to new investments and changes to the way we handle heavy components.

Even so, the team are still managing to produce load protectors, spreaders, pantographs and masts in record numbers. Well done and a big thank you

The single life


Sitting Pretty

OPTIONS Our raised operator position and panoramic cabins provide unrestricted views, meaning the forks are always in clear view and that it’s far easier to judge where the load is. Even so, we now have more camera options than ever before, on the chassis and mast, to provide additional reassurance. For special applications, cabins can be raised, widened or even specified to rotate through 180 degrees.

Moving a long load is not only safer with a Baumann sideloader, it’s also more efficient.

Because the truck faces forwards, the function performed by sideshift on a forklift is simply achieved by moving the truck forwards or back.

If this movement is restricted, or the centres of gravity of your loads vary, fork positioners allow you

to move the position of the forks relative to the truck (but always a fixed distance from one another) via hydraulic rams mounted in the carriage.

Occasionally a load is stored on a slope or cannot be raised with level forks. A hydraulic lifting and lowering fork raises a single fork by a few inches to provide the ideal approach.

Team leader, Ennio Rinaldi, co-ordinates the activities of our hard-working welding department.
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single lifting fork can be the best way to achieve long load handling freedom

Good In Wood

Leading Dutch timber merchant, Van Drimmelen, has added three new four tonnes capacity 120v Baumann ELX electric sideloaders to its fleet, supplied and serviced by Mabo Lifting. ⚡

One of the Netherlands’ largest timber merchants, Van Drimmelen has a variety of production and retail facilities in Zwijndrecht, near Rotterdam, and has chosen the electrics for their manoeuvrability and handling capabilities both inside and out. The company, founded by Piet Van Drimmelen in 1923, also has a store which directly supplies local trades people with a variety of hardware products.

Van Drimmelen operations manager, Jorg Boomaars, says the smooth running of the equipment helps the company to delivery an overall better service.

Ridgeons Forest Products

“We take our responsibilities to sustainability and the environment very seriously, says Forest Products oper ations manager, Eddie Hart. “We rely on our equipment to keep us fully operational, and that’s why we look for good support and the right kit for the job.” Paul Brierley of dealer Eastern said: “The EGX trucks are excellent and not many would have thought a 5 or 7 tonnes capacity electric sideloader would work a 10 hour shift. It shows what a brilliant machine the new Baumann is.”

CUSTOMER Two 120v volt EGX 70s and a compact ELX 50, supplied by Eastern Forklifts, are now in full time operation at the purpose-built 12 acre site at Herringswell, Suffolk.
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Timber Success

Merronbrook’s operators get the benefits of quieter, smoother and more efficient working.

Run by brothers Alex and Phil Duff, the business was started by their father, Keith Duff, who spotted a market for prefabricated timber frame house kits.

By the end of the 70s, the business was firmly established with Merronbrook were even supplying holiday chalet kits back to Denmark.

The five-acre site, close to the village of Hartley Wintney in the Northeast corner of Hampshire, has an industrial heritage spanning back four hundred years.

“The location is important to our heritage,” says Phil, “it’s near to where our father was born and where his interest in the carpentry trade began.”

Greenbelt land

The countryside setting brings with it a few restrictions, as Mark Bann explains: “There are a few challenges. They are in the middle of greenbelt land, they are at the limit with land usage, they need to maximise their storage space which they do with the cantilever

Eco-friendly approach

racking, and the aisles need to be as small as they can be, hence the use of sideloaders.” After buying their first electric Baumann, Merronbrook’s operators and owners, were very impressed with the performance, leading to their second purchase less than two years later.

The benefits of using the trucks to move raw materials from the cantilever racking and floor level to their manufacturing facility were clear. “There is no other

machinery on the market that can operate as comfortably on this flooring,” says Mark. “it’s a good floor but there are slopes and some uneven parts. The Baumann will compensate with its self-levelling deck for uneven ground by keeping the deck as level as it can using the tilt rams. The Baumann lends itself to this kind of yard and this kind of application.”

Surging demand for electrics

The ability to tilt the whole of the machine horizontally improves load picking and security, much like a tilting mast on a forklift truck. In the past few years, the sideloader business has been dominated by a surge in demand for electric machines.

In 2021, Merronbrook went carbon neutral using offsetting, moving on to tackling things like energy consumption and transportation, but the electric sideloaders also makes commercial sense. “It’s a lot better for the environment, it’s a lot better for the operator to be sat without the drone of an engine behind him,” adds Mark. “Merronbrook ran diesel trucks until about 18 months ago. With the cost of white diesel now so high, the cost of running the electric truck is significantly lower. It’s also cheaper to service the truck, the service intervals are a lot less frequent than they are on the diesel truck.”

For Merronbrook, a timber business with a proud history of manufacturing roof trusses, timber frames and floor joists, efficiency is key.
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Luca Notches Up 25 Years

ITALY From working on the pre-assembly line, to welding, finishing, dispatch and now as a key member managing daily stock levels for our assemblers, Luca Semprebon has done it all! No surprise then that he recently notched up 25 years at the company. “The only way to do a great job is to love what you do,” says Luca. Congratulations to a great Baumanner on reaching a fantastic milestone!

Electrifying Sales By DGP Thinking outside the box

UK The DGP team recently gathered in Cavaion, Italy to receive the special award in recognition for outstanding electric sales. DGP were praised for their help in helping to establish the brand as the machine of choice, particularly in Scottish sawmills and timber merchants. DGP’s Brian Docherty thanked the company for the award and hospitality, and praised the long-term approach taken by the business.

CROATIA Another new delivery means even more productivity for Croatian pre-fabricated buildings and construction business Jedinstvo Krapina. Technical shelters, immigration centres and schools are just some of the uses for the Jedinstvo modular units, with the company ably supported by our friends at VAR d.o.o. who are once again making great strides in establishing the Baumann brand in the Balkans.

Never too hot to handle

INNOVATION The surface of the baumann deck is usually made of a specially reinforced composite deck board, but for handling steel it may be checker plate (a.k.a. diamond plate or steel tread plate) for protection purposes.

For hot metal, you have another great option, the heat dispersing deck, with a special grill to ensure even hot loads are never too hot to handle.

Demo down under

AUSTRALIA A nice sunny day in Dandenong South, Australia for our sideloader demo at metal fabricator, Aus Iron Industries. Running a 7.5 tonnes capacity GX means they are used to our renowned quality and reliability, and this HX 5 tonner is more compact and a little more nimble, ideal for carrying long loads in tight areas.

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Power Costs

A Boost of Positive Energy

Many people ask if how electric side loaders can do the job whilst being energy efficient.

Doing the job means the machine can last a whole shift, leaving enough time to recharge for the next shift.

For the past few years, our highly efficient ELX and EGX machines have done a fantastic job at meeting shift life expectation.

One of the reasons customers are surprised is because operators have a tendency to over-estimate the time equipment is actually working. Engines can idle whilst trucks are stood and hour metres do not give the complete picture.

What makes the Baumann electric range unique is a combination of three important design features related to the battery, the motor and the lift pump. Each is designed to reduce unnecessary battery use

We’ve been making award-winning electric vehicles since the 1980s and continue to push the technology forward to improve results.

and maximise energy efficiency. All new Baumann electrics are now powered by a 120v, single piece battery.

Thanks to built-in fork pockets it can be exchanged if need ed ensuring we can satisfy a true multi-shift application, or charged in situ, but it’s the higher voltage that means greater efficiency throughout the wiring schematics and elec tronics system.

Greater efficiency means less energy is lost due to heat, and ultimately longer running times, making electric sideloaders surprisingly energy efficient.

For the ELX range, we employ a single drive motor on the rear axle. It’s possible because the entire machine was carefully designed to be lightweight, with stiffening in the chassis where needed.

Capacitive sensors detect when a hand is present on the joy stick, whilst turning the steering wheel or pressing a pedal will also trigger a response. With no hand present, or no movements made, the motor powers off.

Of course, each application is different and the braking force, the top speed, lifting and out reach speeds and acceleration can all be adjusted via a pleth ora of settings, and turning up the dials will naturally impact on overall battery life.

Together though, these design elements extend battery life beyond, eight, nine and even 10 hours of regular use. Enough to get most operations through their shift and give even the most anxious of users, a boost of positive energy.

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