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both the applicant pool and the first-year class. The study also finds that college students who did not submit test scores posted lower grades initially, “but they ended up highly successful, graduating at equivalent rates or – at some institutions – slightly higher rates than did those who submitted test scores,” according to Inside Higher Ed.... Max Steinheimer, a trial lawyer with Downey Brand in Stockton, Calif., was recognized as a 2018 Top Lawyer by Sacramento Magazine. He was also recognized as a 2018 Northern California Super Lawyer.

1967 Reunion 2022, June 10–12 class secretary Alexandra Baker Lyman class co-presidents Keith C. Harvie Pamela Johnson Reynolds We’re sad to learn that Linda Bartlett Burrowes passed away on Sept. 25. She and Mel ’66 were able to take a 12-day, 50th-anniversary road trip from their Maine cabin to the Maritimes, enjoying great sights: wild ocean, rocks and red earth, green fields, fishing villages, a Celtic ceiligh, the Bay of Fundy, and terrific seafood.... Marty Braman Duckenfield and Kathy Butler Carlson enjoyed a nine-day adventure to Costa Rica. Exploits included whitewater rafting, and Kathy added a zip line to check off on her bucket list....Glenn Carlson and Kathy had what turned out to be a nearly yearlong celebration of their 50th anniversary in 2017. They were joined at one restaurant outside D.C. by Ed and Stephanie Young Abbott, the same restaurant where both couples celebrated their 25th anniversaries in 1992....Bryan Carlson, Tim Hall, Kevin Murphy, and Dick Reynolds played in the annual Goddard Memorial Football Golf Outing at Wentworth by the Sea in Rye, N.H. Keith Harvie relates that Tim flies up for the fundraiser for the camaraderie and to debate who is the best golfer. No word on who won that title this year.... Joanne Hayes Healy spends half of her year in California, where she is close to Carolyn Thomas. Joanne also met Lucille Howell Sansing for lunch. Lucille, whose career in academia progressed from academic dean to provost to president, continues her work in retirement. She joined the board of the American Univ. of Phnom Penh....From her home in the U.K., Suzanne Johnson Nixon reports the joyful reuniting of Suzanne and Bruce’s family. Both their son and daughter have returned from New York to live in the U.K., giving the grandparents the chance to enjoy Otto (2). Suzanne and Bruce spent a day with Martin Flashman while he was visiting London, and also greatly enjoyed meeting Bates President Clayton Spencer at a London gathering....A craft beer aficionado,

John Ladik made tasting trips to the Catskills. He had lunch with classmates and a visit to the Manchester, N.H., mills, hosted by Judy Lanouette Nicholson....Newly minted Texans Wyland and Barbara Hoadley Leadbetter moved to San Antonio to be near daughter Liz and her children. Barb reports she and Wy are enjoying their evening walks with the grandkids.... Sarah Myers McGinty finished the 40 hours of training (and the certification exam) for SHIP, also called SHINE in Mass., becoming a Medicare adviser. Sally says it’s a great volunteer opportunity, “and, of course, it’s a great resource if you’re still trying to figure out whether you yourself have Part C or not!”... In Naples, Fla., Carol Renaud Gaffney stays active with family visiting, golf, tennis, biking, some writing, and volunteering for the Blue Zones Project in southwest Florida....Rocky Stone and wife Leanne enjoyed a trip to Spain and Portugal....Our noble alumni co-president, Keith Harvie, and his equally faithful cohort, Pam Johnson Reynolds, have done an incredible job of stitching us into a new whole before, throughout, and after the 50th Reunion. Keith received the Helen A. Papaioanou ’49 Distinguished Alumni Service Award this fall. To borrow shamelessly from the Bates News about retiring Senior Lecturer Rob Farnsworth, Keith “opened a door of joyful [remembrance] and allowed us all to walk freely through it.”

1968 Reunion 2023, June 9–11 class secretary Rick Melpignano class president Richard J. Gelles

Jane Whitney ’68 attended her first Bates Reunion, which “felt like falling down a hole into Wonderland and discovering the true value of all the young people I remember from Bates.” Gretchen Hess Daly and Karen Konecki Goober write: “Our fabulous 50th Reunion was attended by 91 classmates, 34 adult guests, and one granddaughter – the best turnout ever at a Class of ’68 Reunion. Truly ‘the event of a lifetime,’ it was a magical time of reconnecting with good friends and getting to know classmates we did not know well during our years at Bates. While we spent only four years together, we still seem to have a strong connection in our hearts. We had a formative impact on each other during our student years and beyond. Thank you to

all of you who made the effort to attend the Reunion. So many of you have emailed your reactions to us: One classmate wrote to say that she enjoyed exploring the campus and seeing the new buildings. She was glad that the Bates campus still has the feeling of a small college. Many others have written to say how much they enjoyed just talking with classmates – remembering humorous events from the past, talking about professors and classes, comparing life on the women’s and men’s sides of campus while we were at Bates, and sharing what we have done in the past 50 years and what we are doing now. We loved spending the weekend with you and hope that each one of you attends our 55th Reunion and brings along friends who did not make it to the 50th. Please keep us apprised of events in your lives over the next five years!”...Nancy Hohmann received a Bates’ Best award at Reunion. Her citation reads in part: “Nancy, as chair of your 50th Reunion yearbook committee, you have played an integral role in helping your classmates reconnect with the college. You recognized their desire to better understand today’s Bates students, and incorporated a ‘then and now’ section featuring the perspectives of current students juxtaposed with your classmates’ memories from the 1960s. You recruited and collected over 130 submissions for the yearbook, and helped with Reunion planning and fundraising. You have already taken the initiative to connect with volunteers in the Class of 1969 to share your experiences so that they, too, can be successful in their efforts. You bring a spirit of generosity to everything you do. We are grateful for your energy, drive, and passion for Bates.”...After 33 years in Bellingham, Mass., Rick Melpignano purchased a house in Enfield, Conn., last January. After enduring several months of renovations and improvements, he has made the house his own and is rebuilding his woodworking workshop in the basement....Jane Whitney writes, “A highlight in 2018 was going to my first Bates Reunion. Attending our 50th felt like falling down a hole into Wonderland and discovering the true value of all the young people I remember from Bates. I’m so happy to have reconnected with so many of you there, and missed seeing those of you who could not make it.”

1969 Reunion 2019, June 7–9 class secretary Bonnie Groves class president Richard Brogadir One month before he’d planned to retire, Peter Bates was laid off. He received unemployment benefits his first year in Sun City Center, Fla., where he still lives the good life with wife Cheryl Levin. Twice a year he teaches photography at the local community college. He also writes music

reviews for Audiophile Audition and maintains two blogs, the Bodega Project and Stylus. In 2017, his photographs were featured at the St. Petersburg Museum of History in an exhibit entitled “Florida Bodegas and the Immigrant Experience.”...Kitty Earle Bird “already booked flights across the Pond for 50th Reunion next June! So really hoping to catch up with many class members from ’68 as well as ’69.”...Peter Martocchio taught a watercolor course as part of the Acadia Univ. Lifelong Learning program. It was quite successful and will be offered again in February. Last summer, for the third year in a row, he participated in a plein-air painting group that visits different sites in Nova Scotia to paint the landscape....George and Janice Moniz Peters are happily retired and living at Kettle Point, a condo community on the Providence River in East Providence, R.I. They spend winters in Fort Myers, Fla. Jan has been an active member of the Providence Singers for 34 years and has begun singing with the Fort Myers Master Singers. George continues on several boards and serves as president of the association in their Fort Myers condo community. Both enjoy being able to travel freely.

1970 Reunion 2020, June 11–14 class co-secretaries Stephanie Leonard Bennett Betsey Brown class president Steve Andrick The 50th Reunion Committee (Steve Andrick, Stephanie Leonard Bennett, Betsey Brown, Mary Davis, Barbara Hampel, and Ellen Yeaton Perry – so far) has begun to plan for the big weekend: June 11–14, 2020. Bates will help us design and produce an impressive 50th Reunion book, but we need help collecting news and pictures from all of our classmates. We also need to solicit Reunion gifts, and plan four days of activities. If you’re willing to help either as an active committee member, or with suggestions, please email Steve, Stephanie, or Betsey. Most important: Please put the Reunion dates on your 2020 calendar now, and ask all the classmates you know to join us for this very special Reunion!... Dismayed by gun violence in the U.S., Tom and Ann Nagel Stone helped organize a “Gun Buyback” event for Falmouth, Mass. “We needed to learn how others had done this, get the cooperation of the local police (very easy) and district attorney, raise money to buy food gift cards to exchange for any guns brought in, learn how to scrap guns brought in, and reach out to the gun owner community. The result: On a morning in June we had about 90 guns turned in, along with two large boxes of ammunition

Fall 2018


Profile for Bates College

Bates Magazine, Fall 2018  

The issue's cover story looks at Bates alumni and their cool Antarctic doings. The photo, by Billy Collins ’14, shows an equipment operator...

Bates Magazine, Fall 2018  

The issue's cover story looks at Bates alumni and their cool Antarctic doings. The photo, by Billy Collins ’14, shows an equipment operator...