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A goal of the First Year Seminar is to help students cultivate a “scholarly mindset.”

Faculty meetings are on the first Monday of each month at 4:I5 p.m.

Nancy Koven is the inaugural holder of the John E. Kelsey Professorship in Neuroscience.

Scholars Say Six young professors joined Bates as tenure-track faculty in the fall.

THIS JUST IN A sampling of recent faculty-authored articles.

Carrie Diaz Eaton

Incorporating Carbohydrates into Laboratory Curricula

Inclusiveness is intrinsic to Diaz Eaton’s calling. “Thinking about all the different kinds of people at the table, valuing everybody’s contribution, and looking at those differences is something that should be done in a really intentional way.”

Publication: Chemical Reviews • Authors: Jennifer Koviach-Côté (chemistry and biochemistry) and coauthor • What It Explains: Carbohydrates have long gotten less attention in college chemistry than proteins and nucleic acids. That’s changing, as it should: Carbohydrates increasingly provide real-world relevance — e.g., in food science — to students.

Jiyoung Ko


Initially interested in diplomacy, “I realized that I have a passion for research” after taking courses on international relations. “I was able to read between the lines in current affairs and understand them from my own perspective.” Marcelle Medford


“I encourage students to come in, engage, and not expect me to tell them what they need to know. That’s boring, and it’s dangerous.”

Colleen O’Loughlin

Chemistry and Biochemistry “The college is excited about having people at the intersection of fields. People are studying interesting questions, and being able to utilize whatever tools you need is really important. Bates lets me do that.” Anelise Shrout

Digital and Computational Studies “How can we build a DCS program that is antisexist and antiracist, and working against the more troubling trends in the tech world more broadly? We have the opportunity to be attentive to those problems.”

Does Marital Status Affect How Firms Interpret Job Applicants’ Un/Employment Histories?

Publication: International Journal of Manpower • Authors: Margaret Maurer-Fazio (economics) and Sili Wang ’13 • What It Explains: In China, a woman with an employment gap who applies for a job online is more likely to get an interview if she’s single than if she’s married. Distributive Outcomes in Contested Maritime Areas: The Role of Inside Options in Settling Competing Claims

Publication: Journal of Conflict Resolution • Authors: Áslaug Ásgeirsdóttir (politics) and coauthor • What It Explains: When offshore resources like oil and gas are present, the need for legal certainty means countries are more likely to cooperate to successfully negotiate maritime boundaries. Analysis of the Size, Shape, and Modeled Age of Common Limpets from Late-Norse Middens

Publication: The Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology • Authors: Carolynn Harris ’11, Will Ambrose (biology), Gerald Bigelow (history), William L. Locke ’08, Sarah Silverberg ’15 • What It Explains: Mollusk shells in an ancient Shetland Islands garbage dump got smaller over a century, probably because the Norse who lived there harvested bigger shellfish first.


Digital and Computational Studies

The Norse liked their limpets large.

Justine Wiesinger


“I love the idea of a small student body that I can get to know, so that I can pay individual attention to learners and give them some of the tips and tricks that I wish I had known when I was their age.” Fall 2018


Profile for Bates College

Bates Magazine, Fall 2018  

The issue's cover story looks at Bates alumni and their cool Antarctic doings. The photo, by Billy Collins ’14, shows an equipment operator...

Bates Magazine, Fall 2018  

The issue's cover story looks at Bates alumni and their cool Antarctic doings. The photo, by Billy Collins ’14, shows an equipment operator...