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From 3rd October to 2nd November 2013

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Olives Et Al

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01258 474 300

Welcome to the 2013 festival– New films – new venues – new food! Welcome to Screen Bites 2013 – our ninth festival, five weeks with some new venues, new films, new producers, new Festival Feasts and new sponsors, and lots of our favourites. We also have a spicy touch of Bollywood and a thoroughly nostalgic finale. And thanks as ever to Olives Et Al, our principal sponsors since Screen Bites started. This year for the first time we visit West Coker west of Yeovil, and Winterborne Whitechurch, and return to Frampton after four years. We are also delighted to return to Wootton Fitzpaine, where our film, English Vinglish, celebrates India’s famous traditional Ladoos (try Pashma sweets on the night) and the luminous Sridevi’s return to the screen. The festival begins with another sumptuous Indian feast, Jadoo, the story of two warring restaurateur brothers in Leicester. Pashma’s will be there as will Wimborne’s Red Fort restaurant, offering tastings of their traditional Indian cuisine – made using Dorset ingredients where possible! Our new sponsors include the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which this year has launched the Dorset Food and Drink producers brand. Our new Festival Feasts include Sienna, Dorset’s only Michelin-starred restaurant, and the award-winning Highcliff Grill at Bournemouth’s Marriott Hotel, as well as Matt Follas’s new Wild Garlic at Iwerne Minster and the Lord Poulett at Hinton St George. Olives Et Al has a new logo and a new look, as does Fudges, with a new name (Thomas J

Fudge’s) and new packaging. And it’s Purbeck Ice Cream’s 25th anniversary. All have special features in this programme. Next year’s celebrations include the centenary of Leakers Bakery, the 21st anniversary of Olives Et Al, and our own tenth anniversary. Screen Bites has already been invited to food festivals and events, and we want to know our audiences wishes for our tenth year. Please complete a survey form at a Screen Bites evening and tell us your ideas for our anniversary festival. Listen out for the new BBC Dorset breakfast show – during Screen Bites there will be a daily interview with one of our producers, hall partners or sponsors. So come along – taste and buy from our farm shops and producers, treat yourself to a Purbeck Ice Cream and sit back and enjoy a good film! Fanny, Alan, Caroline, Debbie, Gay, Jane, Janet, Joanna, Joy, Louise – and Joanna in New Zealand (and Dave and Clive, the projection team)

INDEX The Films ............................................. 4-25 The Food Producers ........................ 26-46 Festival Feasts .................................... 47-50 What happens at a SB evening............... 57 Thanks ...................................................... 59 Map key .................................................... 60 For full list of dates, venues and films, and for location map, fold out the back cover.



A message from our sponsor OLIVES ET AL and SCREEN BITES since the beginning…

Ever since the very first germ of the spark of the thought of the idea of bringing food themed films to the far flung (and some near flung) corners of Dorset was first mentioned Olives Et Al has been delighted to be the main sponsors and see this wonderful initiative take shape and grab hold of imaginations across the county. It would be impossible to assess the effect it has had or try and guess how many people have been inspired by the nine years of films and tastings that have taken place in village and town halls across Dorset (and in some cases beyond!). All we know is that we love being a part of it and seeing it grow and develop year on year and we’re proud to have been the major sponsors since the very first day. Now, we could bang on about what makes the whole thing special and wax lyrical about the benefits to local food but we think it’s better that you’re holding this programme either already sitting and waiting for the film to start or you’ve just picked it up and are wondering whether to make the effort. Well, if you’re in the hall then great! Hope you’ve had lots of fun tasting all the wonderful things the various producers have brought and hope you’ve caught up with some friends and are comfortably settling down for a great evening. If you’ve just picked this up and have read this far then don’t hesitate a moment longer – chose a film or two and get yourself off to them – you won’t be disappointed!


Long live Screen Bites and a huge thank you to all the stalwart volunteers and organisers who make it all happen – Dorset just wouldn’t be the same without you and all of us here at Olives Et Al are delighted to be involved and doing our bit to help make it all happen. If you fancy an olive or two then make your way over and say hello – we won’t be at every one of the events in person but we’ll be there in both spirit and product. Feel free to call us up or come and see us in Sturminster or Poundbury. The kettle really is always on and we love to see people… Lastly (and incredibly) – 2014 will be the 10th Anniversary of Screen Bites and the 21st Birthday for Olives Et Al so do expect some celebrations. We hope to see you again and do stay in touch so we can all celebrate these rather fine milestones in a suitably auspicious manner. Enjoy the film…

Giles Henschel Co Founder & CEO D: 0044 (0) 1258 474 309 M: 0044 (0) 7970 163 558


Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty celebrating Dorset’s landscape and food and drink This year, for the first time, the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty partnership is sponsoring Screen Bites. The AONB is sponsoring three events – one in each of the three districts, West Dorset, North Dorset and Purbeck – Frampton, Winterborne Whitechurch and Winfrith Newburgh. We are delighted to welcome the AONB team to our festival. We have a shared commitment to supporting Dorset’s food and drink producers and farmers who have helped, over the centuries, to create the Dorset landscape that we all love and value. The Dorset AONB Partnership is an independent body that brings together the area’s various agencies, under the chairmanship of farmer Andy Foot, working together to protect this special landscape. From the high chalk escarpments to the spectacular cliffs and coast, the AONB is blessed with panoramic views and striking and beautiful countryside. The landscape includes hilltop earthworks, monuments and tree clumps, and supports a rich range of habitats and wildlife. The AONB has a sense of tranquillity and remoteness with dark night skies, unspoiled rural character and the coastline, renowned for geological and ecological interest.

Above: Contact the AONB if you would like to adopt a Dorset fingerpost:

Dorset Food & Drink This year, Dorset AONB has launched Dorset Food and Drink, a new organisation for everyone who is proud to be growing, making, selling, serving, supporting and buying Dorset food and drink. The new brand was launched by Julian Fellowes at the Dorset 2013 Festival of food and music at Poundbury in July. From artisan producers to world class brands, from heritage breed farmers to leading food innovators, from tea shops to Michelin-starred restaurants, Dorset’s food and drink culture has much to celebrate. Explore the county for great things to eat, drink and cook on the Dorset Food and Drink section of the AONB website over the coming months. If you make or sell Dorset food and drink, learn more about trade membership at Screen Bites this year – there’s a special discount for producers who join during the festival. Follow Dorset Food and Drink on Facebook and Twitter @dorsetfooddrink and for more information please contact Katharine Wright at Dorset Food & Drink:



Doors open at 7pm



Sponsored by The Guild of Fine Food

Jadoo Director Amit Gupta 2013, 84 minutes, English Showing at Durweston Village Hall, DT11 0QA on Thursday 3rd October Talk by Chris Tory

Writer and director Amit Gupta based this delightful film on his memories of early life. He lived above the family restaurant, The Chaat House, on the Golden Mile in Leicester’s Little India. His mother and his aunts still run the restaurant. This is the story of two brothers who, on their mother’s death, quarrel over who should keep her famous recipe book, and end up splitting it in half. Establishing competing restaurants at opposite sides of the road, they don’t speak and each becomes increasingly paranoid about the other. Then the daughter of one of the men announces she’s getting married and she wants father AND uncle to cook together for her wedding to an English surgeon. Look out for a cameo from Madhur Jaffrey, and a wonderful performance by Harish Patel. Farmer Chris Tory runs The Dorset Larder and The Dorset Game Larder. Tastings tonight from: Goldhill Organic Farm, Ajar Of, Boozy Bakes, Christine’s Puddings, Dorset Game Larder, EDeli, From Dorset with Love, Hotch Potch Eggs, James’s Cheese, Mere Fish Farm, Miss Marshmellow, Nether Cerne Herbs, Oxfords, Red Fort Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50



The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio

Doors open at 7pm


Sponsored by Dorset AONB

The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio 2005, Cert PG-13 Director Jane Anderson 99 minutes, English Showing at Winfrith Newburgh Village Hall, DT2 8LR on Friday 4th October Talk by Claire Burnet

Screen Bites might have the UK premiere of this film starring Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson, and based on a true story (written by daughter Terry) of a remarkable woman who fought adversity and poverty to bring up her ten children with love and fun. Kelly Ryan loved his job as a band singer, but when an accident meant he couldn’t sing any more, he was forced into a dead-end, poorly-paid job, and took his frustrations out on his wife Evelyn and their children, drinking the little money he had and raging against the world. Evelyn was a dab hand at composing advertising jingles, and managed to make ends meet by winning hundreds of magazine prizes – one of them a grocery store dash. Claire Burnet founded Chococo in Swanage with her husband Andy ... and the rest is history. Tastings tonight from: Clavells Farm Shop, Ajar Of, Dorset Charcuterie, Heartizans, Long Crichel Organic Bakery, Strawberry Fields, Dorset AONB Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50



Doors open at 7pm

Hyde Park on Hudson


Sponsored by Dorset Charcuterie

Hyde Park on Hudson 2012, Cert 12A Director Roger Michell 94 minutes, English Showing at Holdenhurst Village Hall, BH8 8EE on Saturday 5th October Talk by Lee Moreton

This is a film of two parts, with the romance of Franklin D Roosevelt (Bill Murray) and his cousin Daisy (Laura Linney) running in tandem with the story of a visit to FDR’s upstate New York house by the new King and Queen of England, Bertie and Elizabeth (Sam West and Olivia Coleman). Apprehensive that a planned picnic with “hot dogs” has been organised to show them up, the stiffly proper English royals wonder at life in Hyde Park, where the American president holds court over his female staff, and strange things go bump in the night. Butcher, forager and charcutier Lee Moreton will be talking about sausage making and in particular, his new Dorset hotdog.

Tastings tonight from: Dorset Charcuterie, Heartizans, Long Crichel Organic Bakery, Strawberry Fields Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50



Doors open at 7pm

A Private Function


Sponsored by Mere Fish Farm

A Private Function 1984, Cert 15 Director Malcolm Mowbray 94 minutes, English Showing at Mere Lecture Hall, Salisbury Street, BA12 6HA on Thursday 10th October Talk by Giles Henschel Handmade Films / The Kobal Collection / Farrell, David

The late lamented Richard Griffiths stars in this film, set in the rationed days of 1947. He is the corrupt accountant, with Michael Palin as the chiropodist and Maggie Smith as his social climbing wife, held back by a determinedly working class mother (Liz Smith.) Perhaps the real star is the pig that the town council is secretly (and illegally) fattening up for a banquet to celebrate the wedding of Princess Elizabeth. During the filming, the director had to use three porkers to play the pig, and one of them took a particular dislike to Maggie Smith, pinioning her to a kitchen fitment during the filming and testing her talent at vaulting. Giles Henschel is preparing for Olives Et Al’s 21st anniversary next year re-living the time he and wife Annie spent travelling around Europe and beyond in search of the perfect olicve. Hear about it. Tastings tonight from: Stourhead Farm Shop, Ajar Of, Comins Tea House, Deersleap Chilli, EDeli, Fussells, Hotch Potch Eggs, James’s Cheese, Lavender Blue, Mere Fish Farm, Oxfords, Sprout and Flower Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50



Doors open at 7pm

No Reservations


Sponsored by Dorset AONB

No Reservations 2007, Cert PG Director Scott Hicks 104 minutes, English Showing at Frampton Village Hall, DT2 9NF on Friday 11th October Talk by Karen Richards Warner Bros/Castle Rock / The Kobal Collection / Lee, David

Abigail Breslin came to public notice in Little Miss Sunshine, made before her tenth birthday. A year later she was playing Zoe in No Reservations, a bereaved child whose mother has left her in the care of her workaholic chef aunt Kate (Catherine Zeta Jones). She hasn’t got a clue how do deal with the unhappy girl, and relies on the charisma and natural empathy of Nick (Aaron Eckhart) a new chef whose approach to his job is an athema to the obsessively correct Kate. The film is all about the enjoyment of food and its ability to heal pain and nourish friendship. Karen Richards runs the award-winning Capreolus Fine Food with her husband David.

Tastings tonight from: Capreolus, Comins Tea House, Four Seasons Preserves, Leakers, Nether Cerne Herbs, Pinks, Primrose’s Kitchen, Wobbly Cottage, Woolsery Cheese, Dorset AONB Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50



Doors open at 7pm



Sponsored by Dorset Coffee Company

Waitress 2007, Cert 12-A Director Adrienne Shelly 107 mins, English Showing at Bradford Abbas Village Hall, DT9 6RF on Saturday 12th October Talk by David Mason Night and Day Pictures / The Kobal Collection

Waitress is a film about love ... and pies. Jenna learned to cook from her mother and her genius is to envisage a new pie, and then to create it. Every day there’s a new Jenna pie in the diner where she works, and the customers love it. But her culinary skills mask the misery of her marriage, and when she finds she’s pregnant she is surprised by the gentleness and empathy shown by the locum doctor at the surgery. It’s a rapid progression from an I Don’t Want Earl’s Baby Pie to a Falling In Love Chocolate Mousse Pie. You get the picture. Director Adrienne Shelly, who also plays workmate Dawn, was murdered in her New York apartment just before Waitress was released. David Mason hit the culinary headlines with his dill and fennel pollens. Now his quince and fig jellies – Dorset membrillo – are his most popular lines. Tastings tonight from: Alweston Jam and Chutney Empire, The Bakery Cafe, Comins Tea House, Global Harvest, Mere Fish Farm, Nether Cerne Herbs, Woolsery Cheese Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50



Doors open at 7pm


Jiro Dreams of Sushi Screen Bites and the Purbeck Film Festival

Corner Stone Entertainment / Preferred Content / Sundial Pictures / The Kobal Collection

Many of our region’s finest chefs bemoan the fact that they can’t attract trainees and staff, even though the pay and perks are good. Student cooks who behave like showbiz divas might benefit from a look at David Gelb’s wonderful documentary about octogenarian Jiro Ono, Tokyo’s legendary sushi chef. He was thrown out of his family home to fend for himself, and ever since has been trying to perfect the art of making the best sushi in the world. Michelin thought he had succeeded, awarding three stars, but he tries harder every day. His sons follow respectfully in his footsteps, and the film shows them at market, in the kitchen and serving the customers in the tiny ten-seat restaurant where bookings must be made a month in advance, and people from all around the world

Jiro Dreams of Sushi Director David Gelb, 2012 81 minutes, Japanese (sub-titled) West Bank Story Director Ari Sandel, 2006 21 minutes English with Arabic and Israeli Showing at Rex Cinema Wareham, BH20 4JX on Sunday 13th October

clamour for a chance to eat.

West Bank Story This Oscar-winning short, with nods to Shakespeare and the Bernstein classic, is set on the Arab-Israeli border, where the Kosher Kabin and the Hummus Hut compete for business. When Israeli soldier David falls in love with Palestinian cashier Fatima, the fat hits the frying pan – literally – in this colourful and energetic musical comedy that has had its first UK showings at Screen Bites, thanks to Ari Sandel who made the film in California for his graduate show! Tastings tonight from: Holme for Gardens, The Watercress Company, Olives Et Al, Thomas J Fudge’s, Honeybuns, Chococo, Purbeck Ice Cream

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 11

Doors open at 7pm

Today’s Special


Sponsored by Thomas J Fudge’s

Today’s Special 2010, Cert USA-R Director David Kaplan 99 minutes, English Showing at Milborne Port Village Hall, DT9 5RE on Thursday 17th October Talk by Sue Fudge

Set in New York, the film starts when Samir (Aasif Mandvi) storms out of the fashionable restaurant where he works as a sous chef. He can’t persuade his boss that he’s worth promoting so he huffily announces he will go to Paris for better culinary experience. When he goes to tell his parents of his plans, his father, deep in debt and lacking customers at his run-down Indian restaurant, has a heart attack. Grudgingly, Samir agrees to run the Tandoori Palace for a few weeks, and discovers revolting conditions in the kitchen and appalling staff morale. Then he remembers a taxi driver who says he is also a brilliant chef and invites him to help. Everything changes, including mother Madhur Jaffrey’s quest to find him a bride. The language is strong at times. Sue Fudge talks about the stylish new branding for her family’s famous biscuit company. Tastings tonight from: Red Barn Farm Shop, Kimbers Farm Shop, Ajar Of, Alweston Jam and Chutney Empire, The Bakery Cafe, Christine’s Puddings, Comins Tea House, Dorset Blue, Hotch Potch Eggs, James’s Cheese, Mere Fish Farm, Pinks, Primrose’s Kitchen, Seafoods of Stalbridge/Something Else Fishy Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50

12 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

Doors open at 7pm



Sponsored by The Dorset Larder

Sideways 2004, Cert 15 Director Alexander Payne 126 minutes, English Showing at Horton and Chalbury Village Hall, BH21 7JA on Friday 18th October Talk by Mark Woodhouse Fox Searchlight Pictures / The Kobal Collection / Wallace, Merie W.

Set in California’s wine-making Santa Barbara inland area around the “German” towns of Solvang and Cambria, it is the sometimes hilarious story of buddies Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church) on a “stag week” wine-crawl before Jack, a C-list TV celeb, ties the knot. Wine snob Miles may know his Pinot Noir from his Merlot, but he’s a disaster with the opposite sex. His plan is to taste a lot of wine. Jack wants to get laid. This very popular film takes a sharp look at a pair of hopeless males in full-on mid-life crisis, and also stars Sandra Oh and Virginia Madsen. Hall & Woodhouse chairman Mark Woodhouse is always a popular speaker as he suggests matching his beers with the various local foods. Tastings tonight from: The Dorset Larder, Ajar Of, Chalke Valley Cheese, Comins Tea House, From Dorset with Love, La Fosse, Long Crichel Organic Bakery, Miss Marshmellow, Melbury Vale Vineyard & Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 13

Doors open at 7pm

Bagdad Cafe


Sponsored by Coker Rope and Sail

Bagdad Cafe, 1987, Cert PG Director Percy Adlon 95 minutes, English with occasional German Showing at West Coker Village Hall, BA22 9JJ on Saturday 19th October Talk by Ross Aitken

The cafe is in the no-mans-land south west of Death Valley in south eastern California and the film starts with two German tourists having an argument on a dry and dusty roadside. Angry, the man drives off, leaving his Bavarian wife Jasmin Münchgstettner (Marianne Sägebrecht) to hobble to the nearest civilisation. She has a Thermos of precious coffee, but it gets stolen. The next time she sees it is at the motel where she checks in. The truck-stop motel is grim. Its ferocious owner Brenda (CCH Pounder) has just had the latest of many rows with her husband, and he’s about to leave. The two women strike up an uneasy friendship, and Jasmin decides to brighten the place up, with extraordinary results. Quirky and atmospheric, Jack Palance adds a bit of local colour. Ross Aitken is an avid Screen Biter and is delighted to welcome the festival to his home village and talk about the unique rope and sail trust he runs. Tastings tonight from: Alweston Jam and Chutney Empire, Chirpy Cottage, Cider from Ross, Dorset Coffee Company, Mere Fish Farm, Nether Cerne Herbs, Oxfords, S Saunders Butchers & Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50

14 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

Doors open at 7pm

English Vinglish


Sponsored by Felicity’s Farm Shop

English Vinglish 2012, Cert PG, 134 minutes Director Gauri Shinde Hindi/English/French (sub-titled) Showing at Wootton Fitzpaine Village Hall, DT6 6NE on Thursday 24th October Talk by Giles Henschel

This lovely new film is set in India and New York, and tells a story that any parent will recognise. The luminous Sridevi returns to the screen as Shashi Godbole, a devoted wife and mother whose talent at making laddoos (Indian sweets) for her family and friends is in direct contrast with her ability to learn English. Her successful husband conducts his business in English, and their spoiled children can already speak excellent English, adding to her feelings of inadequacy. Then she is invited to New York where her sister’s daughter is about to be married .... with husband and children to follow on later. Screen Bites’ principal sponsor Giles Henschel will talk about the motorcycle journey around the Mediterranean that led to the setting up of Olives Et Al.

Felicity’s Farm Shop

Tastings tonight from: Felicity’s Farm Shop, Fivepenny Farm, Dorset Honey and Cider, EDeli, Four Seasons Preserves, Wylde Meadow Lamb Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 15

Spanglish Sponsored by Dorset AONB

Spanglish, 2004, Cert 12A Director James L Brooks 131 minutes, English

Showing at Winterborne Whitechurch Village Hall DT11 0AW on Friday 25th October

Talk by Lisa Osman

Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni star in this story of Flor, a Mexican mother who takes her daughter across the US border to a better life, only to discover that it’s different in Los Angeles. She takes a job as a maid for a newlygarlanded chef (Sandler) and his insecure wife, who is more interested in “me” than in her family’s wellbeing. The contrast of Mexican and American cultures is vividly portrayed, as the children make friends and Flor realises the perils of a consumerist society. Chef Lisa Osman has catered in castles and tiny village halls, for banquets, small family parties – and for the Screen Bites committee. Thanks Lisa! Tastings tonight from: Ajar Of, The Ansty Herd, Christine’s Puddings, Comins Tea House, The Dorset Game Larder, From Dorset with Love, Hotch Potch Eggs, Oxfords, Provisio Olives Et Al, Dorset Cereals, Chococo, Clipper, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50

16 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

Doors open at 7pm


Gracie Films/Columbia / The Kobal Collection / Marshak, Bob

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 17

Doors open at 7pm

Woman on Top


Sponsored by Easy Bean

Woman on Top 2000, Cert 15 Director Fina Torres 92 mins, English and Portuguese Showing at North Cadbury Village Hall, BA22 7QX on Saturday 26th October Talk by Christina Baskerville

Penelope Cruz plays Isabella, a talented chef in a Brazilian coastal town and married to lazy fisherman and musician Toninho. He is keen on love, but she’s more interested in cooking, so she heads north to San Francisco. Pitching up with her old friend, who left Brazil as a man but is now elaborately be-frocked and known as Monica, Isabella starts to carve a new life, and before long is a TV chef on a daytime cookery channel. Back home, Toninho finds that without his wife he can neither fish nor sing, so he gathers up some friends and goes in pursuit. This magic realist film is full of colourful, scrumptious looking food, bright shirts and samba music. Christina Baskerville is always looking for new products for her award-winning Easy Bean company. Hear how she does it and find out about her newest creations. Tastings tonight from: Kimbers, Red Barn Farm Shop, Ajar Of, Comins Tea House, Easy Bean, Lavender Blue, Mere Fish Farm, Oxfords, Montgomery’s Cheddar Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50

18 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

Doors open at 7pm

A Good Year


Sponsored by Dorset Blue Vinny

A Good Year, 2006, Cert PG13 Director Ridley Scott 118 mins, English with occasional French Showing at Stourton Caundle Village Hall, DT10 2JN on Sunday 27th October Talk by Andy Fussell Fox 2000 Pictures / The Kobal Collection / Torres, Rico

This might be the best performance Russell Crowe has ever given as the obnoxious Max, who schemes and bullies his way on the bond markets and seems irretrievably unpleasant. But that’s before he gets the news that his beloved uncle Henry has died at his French vineyard, leaving Max to run the show. It’s told in flashback, with young Max (Freddie Highmore) and uncle Henry (Albert Finney) delighting in each other’s company over wine, chess, tennis and swimming. Max the Man returns hard-boiled and arrogant, but he can’t escape his memories. When Fanny Chenal (Marion Cottilard) and a surprise relative from America appear, he discovers that the old Max is still deeply buried in his city persona. Set in Provence, it is a warm delight. Andy Fussell produces award-winning rapeseed oil and a range of delicious sauces and dressings at his farm near Frome. Tastings tonight from: Ansty Herd, The Bakery Cafe, Christine’s Puddings, Comins Tea House, Dike and Sons, Dorset Blue Vinny, From Dorset with Love, Hotch Potch Eggs, Melbury Vale Vineyard, Seafoods of Stalbridge/Something Else Fishy, Quiet Corner Farm Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 19

Doors open at 2pm

A Spoooky matinee special!

Nanny McPhee


Sponsored by Blackacre Farm Eggs

Nanny McPhee 2005, Cert PG Director Kirk Jones 97 minutes, English Showing at Tarrant Keyneston Village Hall, DT11 9JE on Thursday 31st October Universal/Working Title / The Kobal Collection / Daniel, Liam

In the afternoon there’s a spooky special, with a screening of the popular family film Nanny McPhee, carved pumpkins, painting contests, fancy dress and a tea with a phantom flavour and a ghostly garnish. Widower Mr Brown (Colin Firth) doesn’t know how to deal with his seven grieving and out-of-control children, until the arrival of the peculiar Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson), with her snaggle teeth, straggly hair and warts. But there’s more to her than meets the eye, and the “original super-nanny” gets life back in order. Look out for a legendary food fight as the children discover the hard way that food is for eating, not throwing. BOBOF FOR HALLOW’EEN Tickets only £5 but for children aged 3 to 12 – Buy one bring one free!

Tea this afternoon from: Blackacre Farms, Candy Shack Mill, From Dorset with Love, Provisio & Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a Chococo chocolate workshop and more!

20 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

Far From The Madding Crowd

Doors open at 6.30pm


Far from the Madding Crowd 1967, Cert PG Director John Schlesinger 168 minutes, English Showing at Tarrant Keyneston Village Hall, DT11 9JE on Thursday 31st October

By special request we show this Dorset-set film of Thomas Hardy’s famous novel. Will the headstrong Bathsheba Everdene (Julie Christie) marry faithful shepherd Gabriel Oak (Alan Bates), the wealthy Farmer Boldwood (Peter Finch) or the dashing and glamorous Sgt Troy (Terence Stamp)? There is feasting at the manor, heartbreak on Gold Hill and Punch and Judy on Weymouth Beach as the story of passion reaches its dramatic climax. Tastings tonight from: Home Farm Shop, Ajar Of, Chalke Valley Cheese, Comins Tea House, The Dorset Game Larder, EDeli, Hotch Potch Eggs, Long Crichel Organic Bakery, Mere Fish Farm, Miss Marshmellow, Provisio Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 21

Doors open at 7pm

Big Night


Sponsored by Denhay

Showing at Broadwindsor Comrades Hall, DT8 3QP on Friday 1st November

Set in the 1950s in a Jersey Shore restaurant called Paradise, run by two Italian immigrant brothers from Abruzzo, it’s a story of ambition, adultery and duplicity. Primo is a brilliant chef who can’t be doing with the locals’ demand for Americanised food. His brother Secondo (Tucci) wants to compromise, but the restaurant is failing. Secondo won’t commit to his girlfriend (Minnie Driver) and starts an affair with the wife of a mediocre competitor Pascal (played by Ian Holm.) Pascal offers to invite singer, trumpeter and actor Louis Prima to visit Paradise, a celebrity endorsement that would ensure its success, and Secondo is taken in, persuading Primo that they must spend all their money on ingredients to ensure a “big night” for them and their friends.

Tastings tonight from: Washingpool Farm Shop, Baking Birds, Barley Sugar Cakes, Capreolus, Denhay, Dorset Honey and Cider, Elwell Fruit Farm, Four Seasons Preserves, Leakers, Wobbly Cottage Olives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudge’s, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy

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Timpano Productions / The Kobal Collection / Clifford, John

Big Night 1996, Cert 15 Directors Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci 108 minutes, English

Brief Encounter This film is one of the all-time classics of British cinema, and its claim to foodie relevance is of course the railway fare served up in the station buffet where the married Laura (Celia Johnson) meets Dr Alec (Trevor Howard) as their assignations grow more intense. Over tea from the ubiquitous urn, curled-edge sandwiches and dry fruit cake, their guilty passion increases. But this was 1945, when the moral compass was very different from that of the 21st century, and people put honour over selfish gratification. Bring hankies.

Brief Encounter 1945, Cert PG Director David Lean 86 minutes, English Showing at The Exchange, Sturminster Newton DT10 1QU on Saturday 2nd November

A special guest may be coming to the Exchange. Dorset’s History Girls will be baking wartime recipe cakes and making bloater paste sandwiches for our audience, who will also enjoy ‘wartime beer’ and wartime bread (involving water and sawdust, we hear). It’s all part of the 40’s theme at the Exchange for the Screen Bites finale. Dress up in period outfits and you might win a prize. With help from members of the Blandford Railway Arches Preservation Group and Spetisbury Railway Preservation Trust. Food producers tonight including: Olives Et Al, Ajar Of, Alweston Jam and Chutney Empire, Angel Cottage Organics, Ansty Herd, Boozy Bakes, Chococo, Christine’s Puddings, Clipper, Comins Tea House, Dorset Cereals, Dorset Coffee Company, EDeli, From Dorset with Love, Thomas J Fudge’s, Goldhill Organic Farm, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Hotch Potch Eggs, James’s Cheese, Kimbers Farm Shop, Lavender Blue, Long Crichel Organic Bakery, Mere Fish Farm, Miss Marshmellow, Nether Cerne Herbs, Purbeck Ice Cream, Strawberry Fields, Woodlands Dairy

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Doors open at 7pm


Sponsored by Dorset Coffee Company

ITV Global / The Kobal Collection

Win a meal for two at one of our Festival Feasts, see pages 46-50

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Food Producers Details of food producers were correct when we went to press. They may change on the night. Please check the website for the latest information.

AJAR OF Tracey Collins is passionate about preserve-making – jams, chutneys, marmalades, sauces and mustards. She believes that local produce, using locally sourced ingredients, tastes better and is more sustainable than food from distant parts. She is a member of the new Swans Larder cooperative in Swans Yard, Shaftesbury. She makes her preserves in small batches, without preservatives or artificial colourings. She sources her ingredients from farms, farm shops, pick your owns or foraged from the hedgerows. Her aim is “to bring the best of local produce to you in a jar or bottle.”

ANGEL COTTAGE ORGANICS, Haddon Copse Farm DT10 2AQ Tom Mettyear and Mark Sparrow have won a 2013 Great Taste Award for their organic chicken. After four years in Wiltshire, Tom and Mark moved last year to a new organic farm at Fifehead Neville near Sturminster Newton. They are dedicated to producing locally-reared organic chicken and lamb, using the highest standards of environmental farming and animal husbandry. They take pride in the well-being of their animals, as well as the taste and quality of the meat they produce. Find them at local farmers’ markets.

ALWESTON JAM AND CHUTNEY EMPIRE Susan Young’s empire building has seen her win a prestigious two gold stars in the 2013 Great Taste Awards for her Passionfruit and Raspberry preserve, and a single star for her Rhubarb, Strawberry and Vanilla jam. Susan started her empire with a “large preserving pan in a little kitchen” and has developed a delicious range of unusual preserves, chutneys and fruit curds, including High Dumpsie Dearie and Golden Cap Chutney. She was named Jampion in the first year of the national preserving competition two years ago.

ANSTY HERD OF OXFORD SANDY & BLACKS, Broad Close, Ansty, Dorchester 01258 880143 : David and Jenny Norman are two of the breeders who have helped to save one of the country’s finest traditional pig breeds. Once known as the Plum Pudding Pig, the Oxford Sandy and Black was close to extinction in the mid 1990s and is famous for its flavour and quality. It is an appealing and attractive pig and the Normans often take some of their animals – particularly piglets – to food festivals and country fairs. Products developed by the Normans from their Ansty Herd include a delicious marmalade sausage.

Alweston Jam & Chutney Empire

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THE BAKERY CAFÉ AT SHERBORNE The Green, Sherborne, DT9 3HY : 01935 813264 Whether it is bread or brioche, traditional cakes and biscuits or gluten free baking, Barry Smith has something for all tastes at the Bakery Cafe. In the upstairs cafe, locals and visitors can enjoy imaginative and original soups, salads and sandwiches, while the ground floor shop at the top of Cheap Street has a steady stream of customers for Barry’s artisan breads and sourdoughs, patisserie, brownies and cakes – try the chocolate and orange gluten free cake for a real treat even if you don’t suffer from gluten intolerance!

The Bakery Cafe at Sherborne

THE BAKING BIRDS 01305 816378 Love Christmas cake but haven’t got time to make your own? The Baking Birds have the solution with their Mother’s Ruin Christmas Cake which won two gold stars in the 2013 Great Taste Awards. Lizzie Crow and Bekki Bemrose prepare their classic and specialist breads, cakes, pastries and other delicious sweet and savoury grub at Windsbatch Bakery at Upwey. Lizzie and Bekki make everything, from the preserves in the Bakewell to the bread for the bruschetta and the pastry for the Danish, braising the beef in red wine for the pasties … and more. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays 9.30 – 1.30pm and you will come across them at Dorset Farmers’ Markets and food festivals, fairs and other events.

THE BARLEY SUGAR BAKEHOUSE, 4 Oxon Road, Crewkerne, TA18 7HN 01460 271687 : The Barley Sugar Bakehouse is a small artisan patisserie company run by Sarah Hunter and Nigel Trebble, based in Crewkerne. Sarah and Nigel use use good quality local ingredients where possible and their range includes customer favourites Raspberry Creme Brûlée Tart, Zingy Lemon Curd Tart, Ginger, Orange & Treacle Tart and Apple Tarte Tartin. You can find Barley Sugar Bakehouse at local Farmers’ Markets, festivals and food events. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

BLACKACRE FARM EGGS North Cheriton near Wincanton Founded in the early 80s by Tim and Judy Wood, Blackacre Farm is now run by their son Dan and his wife Briony. Dan, Briony and the farmers they work with pour a great deal of time, care and love into their hens, to produce what they believe to be the best free-range eggs in the business. They were delighted to receive a gold star for their free range eggs in the 2013 Great Taste Awards. The Woods work with Michelin starred chef Russell Brown of Sienna to create some delicious seasonal recipes for their eggs. Thanks to Blackacre Farm Eggs for sponsoring Screen Bites at Tarrant Keyneston

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BOOZY BAKES 07837 240128 Keta Hunt is possibly Dorset’s newest food producer – and she is coming to Screen Bites’ first and last nights with her unique “cuptails,” homemade cupcakes infused with alcohol and inspired by cocktails. Keta uses high quality ingredients, local where possible, and no artificial flavourings or preservatives in her cakes and cupcakes. She is developing a special 40s-style cuptail to complement the period theme of Screen Bites’ finale at The Exchange. THE CANDY SHACK MILL Twitter @somersetchef or @candyshackmill Chef Jean Paul de Ronne has “the only 4D candy floss making, time travelling, interactive steampunk Victorian handcart in the world” and he is bringing his Candy Shack Mill to Screen Bites for the first time. Flavour triggers memories, says JP. “The best thing about spun sugar is the way it takes us back to warm summers, fun fairs, seaside trips, donkey rides, carnivals and fetes.” The flavours include the aroma and warmth of Cindered Toffee, and the zesty hint of Lemony Bubble Gum with added “Coal Dust” – look out for a special new spooky flavour for Screen Bites’ children’s Hallowe’en tea party event.

Buy your tickets early! It helps our SB food producers and last year lots of venues were sold out!

CAPREOLUS FINE FOODS Rampisham David and Karen Richards have been filming for television programmes with Paul Hollywood of Great British Bake-Off fame for Puddings and Pies, due to be screened in November, and with Valentine Warner and Nathan Outlaw for a new series on Sky. At their artisan smokehouse in Rampisham, they produce cured, smoked and air dried meats and other charcuterie, sourcing locally wherever possible. The meat is cured before smoking over woods such as alder, applewood and oak. The Capreolus range includes cold-smoked wild venison, smoked duck, chicken, partridge and pheasant, pancetta, confit of duck and pork, black pudding, boudin blanc, chorizo and wild boar and pistachio terrine. CHALKE VALLEY CHEESE 01725 551181 Cheesemaker Alison French and businesswoman Sue James founded Chalke Valley Cheese in the winter of 2011. Working in an old calf shed on the Cranborne Estate, they produce handmade artisan cheeses using the unpasteurised milk of a single, local herd of Holstein-Friesian cows, in the heart of rural Dorset. Their range consists of two soft ‘Camembert’-style cheeses (Cranborne and Dorset White), a semi-soft with a natural rind (Tilly Whim), traditional cheddar (Old Harry) and the latest, Aged Caerphilly (yet to have an actual name).

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CHIRPY COTTAGE 07762 735071 Debbie Collins specialises in “free from” foods - gluten free, dairy free, meat free, and vegetarian and vegan products, including pies and cakes. Debbie says: “All our products are hand-made in our Somerset kitchen. We prepare our products using only the finest ingredients and organic wherever possible. We also strive to use only local ingredients in order to reduce the airmiles used in bringing our products to you.” Try Chirpy Cottage products at local markets and food festivals, and for the first time, Screen Bites. CHOCOCO, Cocoa Central, Commercial Road, Swanage, BH19 1DF : 01929 421777 Open Monday to Saturday 10 to 5 (& Sundays in summer holidays) A lifelong passion for chocolate led Claire Burnet and her husband Andy to establish Chococo in 2002 and they have gone on to develop their Swanage-based business into one of the country’s leading chocolatiers, winning countless awards. This year they were awarded Great Taste Awards single gold stars for their Blackcurrant Chocolate and Rose Chocolate. Claire and Andy work with fine origin chocolate from South America and the Caribbean and use Dorset produce, including fresh cream, wherever possible. As well as their chocolate shop and cafe, they also run workshops and children’s parties.

CHRISTINE’S PUDDINGS Bramleys, Bath Road, Sturminster Newton, DT10 1EB : 01258 472010 Christine Willis started with luxury Christmas Puddings and the range has grown to include Hot Toddy Cake, biscuits and sweet and savoury tarts, and the delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding and Frangipane Tart, both of which won stars in the 2013 Great Taste Awards. Christine makes delicious puddings and tarts in her Pudding Room, now based at Gold Hill Organic Farm, Child Okeford in the shadow of Hambledon Hill. You can try some of her products at Gold Hill’s cafe, and meet her at food fairs, markets and festivals. CLAVELLS FARM SHOP, Kimmeridge 01929 480701 daily 9am to 5.30pm, closed Monday in winter. The Hole family have a farm shop and cafe close to famous Kimmeridge bay, with its reefs and fossils. The cafe won the 2013 Taste of Dorset Best Cafe and Tearoom Award, a tribute to Gillian Hole and her team who source meat from the family farm, and preserves and produce from local suppliers including Dragon’s Bakery at Corfe Castle, Fields Farm honey from Swanage, vegetables, smoked salmon and gravlax from Church Knowle, Purbeck Ice Cream, Lyme Bay wines and liquors and local cider and apple juice.

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CLIPPER Beaminster Business Park, Broadwindsor Road, Beaminster DT8 3PR : 01308 863344 Founded in 1984, Clipper, one of the UK’s leading organic and Fairtrade tea and coffee companies, have supported Screen Bites from the start. The quality of their products is recognised by many awards, including this year six single Great Taste Award stars and two stars for the Shine Organic Mate and Lemongrass Tea. The range includes everyday teas with and without caffeine, green and speciality teas, fruit and herbal infusions, enveloped and loose leaf teas, coffees and chocolates. COMINS TEA HOUSE, The Quarterjack, Bridge St, Sturminster Newton, DT10 1BZ 01258 475389 Tea experts Rob and Michelle Comins have turned their passion for tea into Comins Tea House, which opened in Sturminster Newton this year. You can enjoy loose leaf tea, from a choice of 17 teas, served in stylish contemporary tea ware which they designed themselves. Their menu for coffee, light lunches and afternoon tea is made using local ingredients from suppliers including the Uncommon Pig and Oxfords Bakery. You will have a chance to try Comins tea at several Screen Bites events this year.

DEERS LEAP CHILLIES, 0793524 1902 Based near Longleat, Deers Leap Chillies makes small batches of sauces, pickles and relishes, without the addition of starch or artificial emulsifiers. Ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible, with an emphasis on using products from other farmers’ markets members. Deers Leap Chillies’ range includes Hot Chilli Jam, Belizian Habanero Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce and a hot sauce made with Caribbean red chillies. They are supplied by mail order and available at local farmers markets. DENHAY FARMS, Broadoak, Bridport, DT6 5NP 01308 458963 Top award in this year’s Taste of Dorset Awards, for the Outstanding Contribution to Food in Dorset, went to George and Amanda Streatfeild. Denhay announced earlier this year that it was ceasing production of its famous Cheddar cheese. Denhay Traditional West Country Farmhouse Cheddar received the three gold stars in the 2013 Great Taste Award. There were two stars for the Dorset Drum cheddar, and single stars for the spoiltpig dry cured smoked back bacon and the dry cured unsmoked back bacon. Thanks to Denhay for sponsoring our Broadwindsor evening.

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DIKE & SON SUPERSTORE Ring Street, Stalbridge, DT10 2NB 01963 362204 : A multi-award-winning independent supermarket, Dike & Son is committed to sourcing as many good quality local products as possible – fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, bakery goods, cheese and more. Dikes Own Cooked Ham was awarded a gold star in the 2013 Great Taste Awards. Family-owned since 1851, the business continues to develop under managing director Andy Dike, including a catering service and pioneering plans for an online shopping and delivery service. DORSET BLUE VINNY AND THE DORSET BLUE SOUP COMPANY, Woodbridge Farm, Stock Gaylard, Sturminster Newton DT10 2BD, 01963 23133 : Farm sales when the sign is displayed. In 1984 Mike Davies brought Dorset Blue Vinny cheese back from the realms of legend, available only if you knew the right Purbeck pub, and the right time on the right day, when he revived the art of making this famous cheese. Just over 10 years ago his daughter Emily began making soup with what was left over when the cheese was cut to sell. Soups are seasonal, and you can get them at independent food shops around the south west, and Waitrose. Thanks to Emily for supporting our Stourton Caundle event.

DORSET CEREALS It’s all about breakfast at Dorset Cereals, the Poundbury-based maker of muesli, granola, porridge and cereals in individual pots and this year saw the publication of their first book, appropriately called The Breakfast Book. Dorset Cereals’ chef Cheryl Bouchier has created a mouth-watering range of dishes, from breakfast bars to fry-ups, smoothies to smoked mackerel kedgeree, to help you to get the day off to a good start. Dorset Cereals have some new granolas which Screen Bites audiences will be able to sample this year. THE DORSET CHARCUTERIE COMPANY Bere Farm, Wareham Road, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6ER : 01202 625 688 Hen parties, foraging expeditions ... or fine charcuterie from The Salt Pig at Wareham – Dorset Charcuterie Co products are in demand! Young butchers Lee Moreton and Ben Sugden founded the business in 2009, with support from the Prince’s Trust. Products include Pancetta, Bresaola, Coppa, air-dried hams, green and smoked bacon, hot and cold-smoked fish, handmade pates and terrines, gammon ham and Dorset Saucisson. Try the Dorset hot dog at Holdenhurst! Thanks to Dorset Charcuterie Co for sponsoring the Holdenhurst evening.

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DORSET COFFEE COMPANY 01305 848414 Nigel Green’s iced coffees were one of the hits of this summer’s Dorset 2013 Festival of food and music at Poundbury. The smell of his delicious coffees is a magnet at food festivals and markets across Dorset. Nigel is passionate and knowledgeable about his coffees – growing, production and roasting the beans. “My Fair Trade licence is most important to me, as ethical business practice is paramount,” he says. Thanks to Nigel for sponsoring Screen Bites at Bradford Abbas and the finale at Exchange

DORSET GAME LARDER Crab Farm, Shapwick, nr Wimborne DT11 9JL 01258 857206 : It is three years since Chris Tory and his brother Martyn set up their Dorset Game Larder, and just over a year since Chris opened The Dorset Larder in Blandford Marketplace. Chris and Martyn have run a shoot on their family farm since the early 1990s, and Chris launched the game larder to offer a wide range of ovenready game to encourage more people to enjoy wonderful, healthy venison, partridge, pheasant, duck and other game, in season. Available at local farm shops, and pubs and restaurants. Thanks to Chris and The Dorset Larder for sponsoring Screen Bites’ Horton and Chalbury evening.

DORSET HONEY & CIDER CO, Crabbs Bluntshay Farm, Whitchurch Canonicorum, DT6 6RN : 01297 489064 Malcolm and Sylvia Creed-Castle produce a range of honey, cider, preserves, vegetables, fruit and flowers at Crabbs Bluntshay Farm. Malcolm is the cider maker, producing his ciders the traditional way. Sylvia is the bee-keeper. As well as selling from the farm (please call first) they also sell their produce at farmers markets in Bridport and Dorchester. DORSET HONEY & CIDER

EASY BEAN Easy Bean, founded by Christina Baskerville, makes tasty, healthy food that champions the bean; from Fairtrade one-pot meals to gluten-free chickpea crispbread. Viva la bean! The new Seeded Chickpea Crispbread and Mung and Chive Crispbread, both awarded stars in this year’s Great Taste Awards, are crisp, crumbly and irresistibly moreish. They are handmade in Easy Bean’s Somerset bakery, with nutty-tasting chickpea flour and buttermilk from the farm down the road, topped with toasted seeds for extra crunch. The beanie range of six one-pot meals offers a culinary trek around the world - lunch on the go or supper in a mo! Thanks to Easy Bean for sponsoring Screen Bites at North Cadbury.

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EDELI 0845 0035483 : Nick Hayward’s delicious paella, cooked in the hall kitchen and served in generous portions to the audience, was one of the highlights of Screen Bites at Durweston last year. Nick and Tracy have now moved from North Dorset to an old manor house near Taunton, where they will be able to host weddings, as well as continue their business importing Spanish olive oils, vinegars, saffron and pimenton, as well as many other Mediterranean foods. We are delighted that they are joining Screen Bites again this year. ELWELL FRUIT FARM Broadwindsor 01308 488283 07980 285754 Established in 1948, Caroline and William Jackson’s Elwell Fruit Farm is a family run business growing top fruits on about 21 hectares of land at Waytown, north of Bridport. More than 30 varieties of apple and pears are grown on the farm. William says: “Our customers like being able to buy varieties from us that are not available from most supermarkets or greengrocers. In order to satisfy these customers we have planted an area of the farm with unusual, often old-fashioned varieties which are being well received.”

FELICITY’S FARM SHOP Morcombelake, DT6 6DJ 01297 480930 Felicity’s Farm Shop and country store on the A35 Dorset coast road is really a family affair – Felicity Perkin, her sister Penny Leins, who is in charge of the cafe, and her son Tom, who produces Bellair Haye rare breed pork at a family farm in Whitchurch Canicorum. They stock a vast array of local products, from Mighty Hop beers to Wyld Meadow lamb, Bunny’s Love preserves and Capreolus charcuterie, plus flowers and plants, gifts, and everything for locals and visitors.

Felicity’s Farm Shop

Thanks to Felicity for sponsoring Screen Bites at Wootton Fitzpaine.

FIVEPENNY FARM Spence Lane, Wootton Fitzpaine : 01297 560755 Fivepenny Farm is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Jyoti and Dai, Kerry and Oli started their organic smallholding in 2004, growing heritage and traditional local varieties of fruit and vegetables, making preserves and selling free-range eggs. Next came fruit juice and cheese. Their self-built traditional cruck-frame thatched barn provides a meat cutting room, juicing room, processing kitchen and small dairy for the local food producers’ co-operative. They run a stall at Bridport’s Saturday Market. Jyoti and her family are dedicated to promoting the rights and products of small-holders and artisan producers. FIVEPENNY FARM

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LA FOSSE AT CRANBORNE London House, The Square, Cranborne BH21 5PR 01725 517604 Local ingredients are a passion for Mark Hartstone, the chef-proprietor of La Fosse in Cranborne. He is an advocate of sustainably caught seafood, makes imaginative use of game and wild food in season, and is a cheese expert. He has twice won the Dorset’s Best Cheeseboard competition at the Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival. Mark is in demand as a demonstrator at food festivals, where his skills range from DIY smoked pigeon breast on a basic four-ring hob to creating the perfect cheeseboard.. FOUR SEASONS PRESERVES Maya Pieris is one of Dorset’s History Girls, re-creating historic recipes from Roman times to the 20th century. She was recently runner-up in a Lyme Regis cook-off celebrating mackerel, judged by Mark Hix, with a trencher of three historically inspired dishes – a Roman one using her date sauce, a take on a Kenelm Digby recipe using mackerel, raisins and currants, and a potted mackerel with anchovies and mace, served with a gooseberry cheese/butter. Maya’s preserves include a range called A Taste of History.

FROM DORSET WITH LOVE Karl and Chrissy Regler started From Dorset With Love back in 2010 at their home in Blandford Forum. In 2013, due to the demand for their artisan jams and chutneys, they have now moved production to a professional kitchen. This year they have launched their most exciting product yet – Dorsetshire Sauce, a unique blend of herbs, spices and vinegars. Splash it on cheese on toast, glug into your cottage pie or add a dash to liven up your tomato juice (or Bloody Mary!). There is a real excitement around Dorsetshire Sauce which is being stocked at Fortnum & Mason. FURLEIGH ESTATE WINES Salway Ash, Bridport, DT6 5JF : 01308 488991 : Rebecca Hansford and Ian Edwards produce award-winning wines – red, white, rose and sparkling – on their vineyard a few miles north of Bridport. As part of this year’s Festival Feasts, there will be a chance to win tickets for a wine tour at Furleigh Estate. There is a 90 minute tour of the vineyard and winery, followed by wine tasting – and of course a chance to buy some wine to take home with you.

Book your tickets early! It helps our SB food producers and last year lots of venues were sold out!

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FUSSELS FINE FOODS, BA11 6PW : 01373 831286 Andy Fussel is a hands-on farmer who believes in the value of good food and that the proof of the pudding is the quality of his products. His family has been farming at Rode for generations, and a few years ago he diversified by growing rape for Fussels Fine Foods company – everything about his rapeseed oil, from sowing to cold pressing and bottling, happens on the farm. Andy’s “real English alternative to olive oil” can be used in mayonnaises and dressings, and has various health benefits. The range includes Chilli Oil, Sunflower Oil, Peppered Watercress Dressing and Quince and Cider Vinegar Dressing. GLOBAL HARVEST Gillingham SP8 4PX 01747 834447 : 07894 206720 A lifelong interest in food, from his childhood in South Africa, led David Mason to develop his award-winning business creating unusual and delicious membrillos. It began with a little quince tree in the garden. He developed a recipe for a tasty quince jelly and as demand grew he moved Global Harvest first into a converted cow shed and this year into a new warehouse, offices and purpose-built product and development kitchen. After the Quince Membrillo came the two-star Great Taste award-winning Fig, followed by two stars for the Damson Plum, and this year another two for the Pear Membrillo. Plans include exploring Liquorice, Blood Orange, Artichoke, Lime, Seaweed and Wasabi, Pink Champagne and Gold Leaf, Rhubarb and Custard ... the list goes on!

GOLD HILL ORGANIC FARM, Child Okeford, Dorset DT11 8HB 01258 861916 : Sara and Andrew Cross have introduced a veg box scheme – full details are on the website. They grow a wide range of salads and vegetables in the shadow of Hambledon Hill. The farm shop sells their produce, other Fairtrade and fresh organic food, bread, meat, cheese, yoghurts, ice creams, etc. The cafe serves delicious soups, salads, pastries and cakes. The shop is open from Wednesday to Sunday. GOOSE SLADE FARM, East Coker, Somerset BA22 9QJ : 01935 863735 The Dunning family opened their farm shop in 2003 and have built up a reputation not only for their geese but for lamb, beef and free range eggs. The website has information about the wide range of other products – many are locally produced – stocked in the shop. A firm favourite is the delicious smoked goose breast. The goose flock provides goslings in the spring and ovenready geese and goose products available from Michaelmas (29th September) until Christmas. Tuesday to Saturday. THE GUILD OF FINE FOOD Kingsmead Business Park, Gillingham SP8 5FB The Guild of Fine Food, now based at Gillingham, runs The Great Taste Awards, The World Cheese Awards and a number of speciality and fine food fairs.

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HALL & WOODHOUSE The Brewery, Blandford St Mary, DT11 9LS 01258 452141 : Visitor centre and shop One of Britain’s leading and oldest established independent breweries, Hall & Woodhouse was founded in 1777 at Ansty on Bulbarrow. It is still family-owned, and still producing a range of traditional beers, but is also at the forefront of modern development with the state of the art brewery opened last year. Hall & Woodhouse has supported Screen Bites from the start, and we are delighted to offer our audiences the opportunity to sample the range of regular and seasonal beers brewed in Dorset, and to hear about the history and craft of brewing from chairman Mark Woodhouse, who will be speaking this year at Horton and Chalbury. HEARTIZANS DELI, 58 High St, Christchurch BH23 1BN : 01202 484757 Heartizans Family Deli and Cafe from Christchurch makes its Screen Bites debut this year. Linda Cook aims to provide exquisite food, fine wines, coffee and tea at the same time as maintaining wholesome values. “We make our food in our own kitchen using local produce from Christchurch, Dorset and Hamp;shire, where available. We stock regional foods produced by local artisan operators.” The cafe menu is based on local ingredients, with loose leaf teas and freshly roasted coffee. Heartizans also supplies picnic and gift hampers and caters for dinner parties.

HOLME FOR GARDENS, West Holme, BH20 6AQ 01929 554716 Summer 9am to 5.30. Liz Goldsack runs the farm shop at West Holme near Wareham as part of the family’s long established horticultural and farming business. You can find some of the outstanding food produced in the Purbecks – cheeses, meats, bread, fish and preserves – in the shop, as well as vegetables and fruit grown on the adjoining land. Visitors can then also enjoy Orchard Tea Room and a chance to pick your own seasonal fruit and vegetables. HOME FARM Traditional Foods, Tarrant Gunville, DT11 8JW 01258 830083 : Tues-Sun 9-5.30, Sun 10-4. Campers and riders can enjoy the best of local food at the campsite on Marlene Belbin’s family farm. Marlene and her family have run Home Farm for generations, and Marlene’s success at farmer’s markets led to the creation of the farmshop. The butchery is now done by the nearby Langton Butchery. Cakes, savouries and pies are made on the premises. Locally-grown fruit, vegetables, and a wide selection of other local foods are available. Abigail’s Kitchen serves breakfast, light lunches and cream teas. Marlene’s Christmas hampers, packed with local produce, are a popular seasonal addition to her range.

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HONEYBUNS Naish Farm, Stony Lane, Holwell, Sherborne, DT9 5LJ 01963 23597 Bee Shack first Saturday of the month, 11 to 4. What began as Emma Goss-Custard’s “harebrained scheme to pedal around Oxford delivering my home made cakes to delis and cafes during the late 1990s,” is now a successful artisan bakery specialising in gluten-free cakes, snacks and savouries. The 2013 Great Taste Awards brought stars for the St Clements Cake and the Gluten Free cranberry and pecan flapjack, and Honeybuns has also launched a new range of cake mixes. Following her first collection of cakes and puddings Emma’s second cookbook of savoury recipes is due to be published next year. HOTCH POTCH EGGS 01258 820300 Well-known Sturminster Newton actor and local architect Alan Mash started making gluten-free savoury scotch eggs when his coeliac daughter complained of never being able to eat anything at parties. Since November 2011 he has sold many thousands of eggs with amazing flavours including Black Pudding and Pear, Apricot with Ginger and Spring Onion, Cranberry with Cinnamon and Spring Onion and many more. You can buy them at the new Swans Larder local producers cooperative in Swans Yard, Shaftesbury.

JAMES’S CHEESE The Byre, Gold Hill CHEESE Organic Farm, Child Okeford, DT11 8HD : 07703 277894 James McCall has been passionate about cheese since his teenage Saturday job with James Aldridge, a noted cheesemonger and affineur in Beckenham. He worked with Aldridge for many years, and says “he taught me everything I know.” After a stint at Daylesford, where he developed several new cheeses, he worked for Cranborne Chase Cheese, and now produces his own cheeses, including the delicious Francis handmade washed-rind cheese which won two stars in this year’s Great Taste Awards. JESSICA’S FARMHOUSE CAKES Unit 1, Hounsell Building, North Mills Trading Estate, Bridport, DT6 3BE : 01308 422644 Jessica’s Farmhouse Cakes made its debut at Screen Bites last year – the beautifully decorated Christmas cakes were a particular hit! This is a family run company based in Bridport, specialising in producing wholesale and retail traditional, handmade cakes. They supply various cafes, tearooms and shops within a 100 mile radius of Bridport.

Support your local farm shops and food producers! Buy locally when you can ... you know it makes sense!

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KIMBERS FARM SHOP Higher Stavordale Farm, Charlton Musgrove, Wincanton BA9 8HJ 01963 33177 : Mon/Tues/Thurs–Sat. The Kimber family are opening a new farm shop next year but in the meantime they will continue to sell their home-produced meat, bacon and charcuterie, home-produced unpasteurised milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, locally produced butter and cream, cakes and frozen puddings by Taste and Mendip Moments icecream at the existing shop. They also sell their meat at farmer’s markets in Dorset, Somerset, Bath and Salisbury, and rear turkeys and some geese for Christmas.

LEAKERS BAKERY 29 East Street, Bridport, DT6 3JJ : 01308 423296 Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm, Saturday 6am to 3pm. Next year marks the centenary for this family-run artisan bakery, which has been serving delicious bread and cakes to customers since 1914. Caroline Parkins has won Great Taste Awards this year for her Lemon Marmalade Clementine and Chocolate Gluten Free cake. Leakers Bakery is renowned for the range of products using the finest ingredients, many of them sourced locally. Caroline believes the awards reflect the quality of the suppliers and the ingredients available in Dorset. LONG CRICHEL ORGANIC BAKERY SHOP Long Crichel, nr Wimborne, BH21 5JU 01258 830852 : Master baker Jamie Campbell and his team bake their award-winning breads in a wood-fired brick oven at Long Crichel, using local ingredients wherever possible. The range includes traditional English, sourdough, continental favourites and spelt and kamut loaves. This year the bakery won seven Great Taste Awards, including two stars for the Malted Five Seed Bread, as well as single stars for the Long Fermentation Bread, Rye Bread, Spelt Rye Bread, Apricot, Lemon and Almond Tart, Prune and Almond Tart and Ham and Cheddar Quiche. LONG CRICHEL BAKERY 1 DORSET

LAVENDER BLUE BAKERY 42 Brickfields Business Park, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4PX : 01747 821333 One of the favourite treats for Screen Bites administrator Gay is Lavender Blue’s apricot oatie. Another favourite, the Apricot and Seed Flapjack has won a star in the Great Taste Awards. Samantha Ross also won a star for her Squidgey Chocolate Roulade and two stars for her Lemon Sponge Cake. Customers are welcome to call at Sam’s Lavender Blue unit at 41/42 Brickfields Business Park in Gillingham and can buy her delicious cakes, biscuits and savouries at festivals and food fairs and independent food shops and farm shops throughout the region.


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MELBURY VALE VINEYARD Foots Hill, Cann, Shaftesbury, SP7 0BW : 07752 865232 Brother and sister Glynn and Clare bought 28 acres of derelict farmland south of Shaftesbury ten years ago, and now, transformed into Melbury Vale Vineyard, it produces four wines named Grace, Decadence, Virtue and Elegance. The business is now run by Glynn and his partner Sarah and Clare and her husband Joseph, and they have diversified with a cider orchard, a collaboration with Fonthill Wines and woodlands, livery, Christmas trees and holiday lets. Taste their wines at Screen Bites for the first time this year. MERE FISH FARM Ivymead, Mere, BA12 6EN : 01747 860461 Chris and Janet Wood have been joined this year by their son, Josh who has been successfully promoting sales and processing manager Lee Norris. They have had a busy summer with the smokery, farmers’ markets, wholesale deliveries and local retail deliveries. October isn’t too early for Christmas so pick up a leaflet at Screen Bites and think about sending delicious smoked trout as a Christmas present to your nearest and dearest. The fishing lake will be in full swing with the cooler weather in October so maybe a day’s fly fishing wouldn’t come amiss either. Thanks to Mere Fish Farm for sponsoring Screen Bites at Mere.

MISS MARSHMELLOW Wimborne : 07793 055873 It took Gavin Cornish almost a year to develop the recipes for the gourmet marshmallows and now he’s happy with their taste and texture – and customers love them! “We call our delicious confectionary Marshmellows, because they are more mellow than an ordinary marshmallow,” he says. Made with natural flavours, using the very best ingredients, like fresh fruit in season, ground coffee, Belgian chocolate and Madagascan vanilla, they are a treat on their own and also fantastic with coffee or hot chocolate drinks, or even toasted on the BBQ. MONTGOMERY’S CHEDDAR North Cadbury. Jamie Montgomery’s traditional farmhouse cheddar is made at Manor Farm in North Cadbury – and has an international reputation as one of the world’s greatest cheeses. The cheese is made seven days a week to ensure the freshness of the milk which is produced by the Montgomery herd of 200 Friesian cows. Most cheeses are matured for 12 months, wrapped in muslin cloth on wooden shelves and some are matured for 18 months for an extra special depth of flavour. With its deep, rich, nutty flavours, this is the epitome of traditional, handmade, unpasteurised Somerset cheddar. MONTGOMERY’S CHEDDAR

Book your tickets early! It helps our SB food producers and last year lots of venues were sold out!

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NETHER CERNE HERBS Nether Cerne Farm, Godmanstone, Dorchester, DT2 7AJ 01300 341750 A herbal practice run by medical herbalist Eleanor Gallia, MNIMH, the herbal clinic and dispensary are in the kitchen of the 17thC family farmhouse. Teas, tinctures, honey products and herbal creams are made from herbs grown in the gardens, gathered wild from the hills and riverbanks of Nether Cerne or sourced through sustainable suppliers. The emphasis is on the conservation of indigenous habitats and traditional healing practices around the world. Eleanor leads herb walks and courses, teaching about the medicinal properties of plants in the wild and the importance of living in harmony with the seasons of our environment. OAKLEIGH FARM SHOP Coles Lane, Yetminster, DT9 6LP 01935 873754 Open every day, various times. Our Bradford Abbas film this year is Waitress – a story of a genius pie-maker. Terri Steele is making some delicious pies for us. Terri and Phil enlarged their farm shop two years ago to give more display space and a bigger kitchen. Everything they sell is produced at Oakleigh. Pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck and turkey are raised on the farm. Gammon, bacon, sausages, burgers, faggots, pies, pasties, sausage rolls, Scotch eggs and ready meals are made on site. Home grown veg is sold and made up into vegetable boxes. Outside catering is also offered, and at Christmas they make cakes, mince pies and puddings, preserves, pickles and chutney.

OLIVES ET AL, North Dorset Business Park, Sturminster Newton, DT10 2GA : 01258 474300 The Potting Shed, Poundbury Gardens, Poundbury, DT1 2RT : 01305 216788 For 20 years, Olives Et Al, Screen Bites’ principal sponsor, has taken flavours from around the world and created award-winning products. Delis, farm shops and food stores choose OEA for flavour, ethical sourcing and quality. The company has re-branded with new products including Coriander and Red Chilli Olives, with Amphissa pitted green olives in olive oil infused with hot red chillies, Capricciosa and Sicilian Nocellara del Belice olives. OEA received four Great Taste Awards this year, for Putney chutney, Moroccan Beef Tagine and Wasabi Flaming Beans, and the two star Authentic Egyptian Dukkah. OXFORDS BAKERY One of the oldest bakeries in the region, Oxfords are still in the same buildings in Alweston where Frank Oxford started the business in 1911. You can visit the bakery shop or the shops in Sherborne’s Cheap Street, Salisbury Street in Blandford, and Haven Road, Canford Cliffs. No additives or preservatives are used in Oxfords bread and all products are made daily in the traditional manner. As well as the traditional and innovative breads, a continuing favourite is the family recipe Dorset Lardy cake. Other favourites include fresh Bramley apple cake, shortbread and Easter cake. Oxfords attend many farmers markets and food fairs. Steve also offers bakery courses at the old bakery.

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PASHMAS Joss Lally of Pashmas makes delicious Indian sweets and confectionery at Upton near Poole and this year has developed his business with a range of chocolates. Joss will bring an exotic flavour to complement the delights of Jadoo on the opening night this year at Durweston. Pashma’s sweets also include fudge, Lime Meringue Bishtii, Sesame and Cinnamon Bishtii and Mango Bishtii. Look out for Pashmas beautiful tent at local food fairs and festivals. PINK’S Fiona Pink’s Victorian great grandfather was a pioneer of pure food when much of it was contaminated and adulterated. Inspired by his success, Fiona and her friend and business partner Tom Vickers launched Pink’s Organics at the end of 2009, at a unit on a farm near Sherborne. They have expanded production, and are no longer at the little farm unit, but continue to produce a range of mainly vinegar-free smoked tomatoes, tapenades and chilli jellies – the distinctive Green Chelli with a hint of lime and smoked sweet red peppers. New products include Organic Rapeseed Oil, Empire Chutney and a Smoked Tomato Pasta Sauce with red wine and chilli. This year Pink’s have won three Great Taste Awards, with single stars for Smoked Tomato Tapenade with Cashew Nuts and Parmesan, Green Chilli Jelly with lime and lemongrass, and Red Chilli Jelly with ginger and garlic. Find Pink’s products at farm shops, delis and at their stands at food festivals and fairs.

PRIMROSE’S KITCHEN Primrose Matheson has made her mark with her delicious and unusual natural cereals, Carrot, Apple and Cinnamon Muesli, and Beetroot and Ginger Muesli. She was a finalist in the Innovation category of the 2012 Taste of Dorset Awards and this year both her mueslis have won Great Taste Award stars. Primrose used her knowledge of naturopathy and complementary health to develop breakfast foods that are balanced and wholesome. By using ingredients more often associated with lunch or dinner – such as carrots and beetroot – she has created versatile food that can be eaten as a healthy snack at any time of day. Her mueslis are now in boxes with botanical illustrations and are available in delis, at food fairs and markets around Dorset – and at some Screen Bites events. PROVISIO 01202 622488 One of Screen Bites’ favourite cooks and speakers, Lisa Osman is a talented and creative chef with an innovative approach to food styling. Her food looks as beautiful as it tastes delicious! She uses the best fresh local ingredients, in season, and where possible from artisan producers. All Provisio’s dishes are made daily from scratch. Lisa was a big hit with the audience at Winfrith Newburgh last year – and her risotto was enjoyed by everyone. She is back with Screen Bites this year, at our new venue, Winterborne Whitechurch. Look out for news of Lisa’s latest plans on the Screen Bites website – and her own website, of course, this autumn. Thanks for sponsoring Screen Bites.

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 41

PURBECK ICE CREAM Lower Scoles Farm, Kingston, Wareham BH20 5LG : 01929 480090 This year marks the 25th anniversary of Hazel and Peter Hartle’s Purbeck Ice Cream, and we have a special feature on them in this programme. Two new flavours, Watercress and Dorset Blue Vinny, are on the programme cover, with Dorset Watercress, Blue Vinny and Mere Fish Farm’s smoked trout, which goes very well with these savoury flavours. The Watercress Ice Cream won a gold star in this year’s Great Taste Awards, and there was a two star award for the delicious Posh Toffee Ice Cream. QUIET CORNER FARM, Henstridge 01963 363045 After a seemingly endless cold wet 18 months, this summer has been kinder to fruit-growers. We look forward to seeing Patricia Thompson and her friends and helpers at several Screen Bites events, with her home-produced apple juice from an orchard which includes several rare and traditional apple varieties. As well as her orchards at Henstridge, she is also known as a breeder of miniature Shetland ponies. Patricia and her neighbours press the juice from apples in their orchards in the traditional way. Celebrate Apple Day at Quiet Corner Farm on 20th October from 1-5pm. Patricia hopes to attend as many Screen Bites evenings as possible – she loves the films. QUIET CORNER APPLE JUICE

RED BARN FARM SHOP Hinton Farm, nr Mudford BA22 8BA 01935 850994 Thursday to Saturday One of the most picturesque farm shops in the region, housed in an ancient brick barn, Clare and Kathryn Bartlett’s Red Barn is synonymous with asparagus and potatoes. Kathryn specialises in heritage varieties of potatoes, many dating back beyond the middle of the last century. “Our customers say they taste just like potatoes used to,” she says. She now grows more than 30 varieties – a particular favourite this year is the Linzer Delicatess. You can also buy fresh eggs, Guernsey milk, local fruit and vegetables, meat from Kimbers farm shop and much more at Red Barn. RED FORT see Festival Feasts on page 49 S SAUNDERS BUTCHERS 15 High Street, West Coker, BA22 9AP 01935 862257 open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am–5pm, Wednesday 8–1, Saturday 7.30–noon. Stuart Saunders is a real, traditional butcher – he is always happy to prepare the cut that his customer wants and he knows where his meat comes from. Stuart has been the West Coker butcher for 28 years. He makes all his own pies, burgers, sausages and faggots. “We do things the old way,” he says. He supplies the busy pubs and restaurants in this hamstone village on the A30 from the shop at the crossroads in the middle of West Coker.

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SEAFOODS OF STALBRIDGE Something Else Fishy, 1 High Street, Milborne Port, DT9 5DG 01963 250225 : 07790 592145 Something Else Fishy is expanding this autumn with the opening of a restaurant to complement the popular fish and chip shop in Milborne Port. Martyn and Nicki Else continue to run their award-winning mobile fish service, Seafoods of Stalbridge, delivering fresh fish and seafood to customers around North Dorset. Martyn is committed to sustainable sourcing and can advise customers on recipes and selection of fish. Opening hours – Tuesday to Saturday 5pm–9pm, Wednesday-Saturday, noon–1.45pm.

STOURHEAD FARM SHOP 01747 841164 orders@stourhead-farm-shop. The farm shop, at the entrance to the car park for Stourhead House and Gardens, was the brainchild of Stephen Harris, tenant farmer on the National Trust’s Stourhead estate, and is run in partnership with Nick Hoare. The shop is famous for its meat, including organic Aberdeen Angus from the estate. The staff cure and smoke bacon, cook meats, and make their own sausages and pies. There is a huge range of local cheeses, with pickles and biscuits to go with them. Bread is delivered fresh every day except Sunday. The shop is open seven days a week and customers can park right outside.

SPROUT & FLOWER, The Square, Mere BA12 6DJ : 01747 860300 A little green oasis in the centre of Mere, Sprout and Flower uses natural, fresh, gardenstyle flowers and sells tasty fruit and vegetables, souced locally and “tastier than those you’ll find in a supermarket”. Competitive prices and local deliveries make Sarah Collins’ shop a popular destination – and they sell bread on wednesdays and saturdays.

STRAWBERRY FIELDS 01202 979767 Lauren Jarrad and Kirstie Thomson of Strawberry Fields Food have won a 2013 Great Taste Award star for their Rhubarb Extra Jam. Their jams and marmalades are all handmade in small batches using fruits sourced from across Dorset and the New Forest. From small beginnings, their products are now available across the region in farm shops, delis, cafes and restaurants. The flavours and high fruit content showcase the best of British fruit; proper jams, made the proper way.


Support your local farm shops and food producers! Buy locally when you can ... you know it makes sense!

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Thanks to Thomas J Fudge’s for sponsoring Screen Bites at Milborne Port

THE WATERCRESS COMPANY Waddock Cross, DT2 8QY After his successful Screen Bites debut in 2012, James Harper from the Watercress Company is back this year with more of his refreshing watercress and his new wasabi, which will be particularly suitable at our joint event with Purbeck Film Festival, when the film is a documentary about a legendary Japanese sushi maker. James is the fourth generation of specialist growers of baby leaf salad and watercress, and is committed to traditional standards of quality and value and the importance of farming in harmony with the environment.

WASHINGPOOL FARM SHOP North Allington, Bridport DT6 5HP : 01308 459549 Mon-Sat 8.30 to 5.30, Sun 10 to 4pm. One of the best-known farm shops in the region, Washingpool has won many regional and national awards. Since the 1970s the HollandEveleigh family have farmed at North Allington where the free draining soil is perfect for growing vegetables, salads and soft fruit. They have North Devon beef cattle, Middle White cross pigs, Polled Dorset cross sheep and some hens, which all play an important part in enriching the land. Products from more than 50 producers are sourced within a 50-mile radius and there is a busy cafe serving food made on the premises.

THE WOBBLY COTTAGE 1 Chartknolle Cottages, Stoke Abbott DT8 3JN 01308 861620 Rich& Rich and Danielle Wright of The Wobbly Cottage believe that homemade is best, and that there is nothing more delicious than local food in season at the height of its juicy tastiness and unmucked about with. Year round standards include Wobbly Cottage bread, cakes, dressings, oils and preserves, plus monthly seasonal treats of tip top veg, fruit and foraged things. “You will never see us using strawberries in December or asparagus in August,” says Dan. They also make casseroles, salads, terrines, puddings and cordials and can even cater for your dinner party.

THOMAS J FUDGE’S Dorset Village Bakery, Unit 2 Pinesway Business Park, Stalbridge, DT10 2RN : There is a new name, and a splendiferous new look for Fudge’s savoury biscuits this year – see the special feature in the programme for more on this. But the good news for Screen Biters is that it’s more of the same, and even more delicious. There are some new flavours, and favourites, such as the cheese wafers and the cheese straws are even cheesier. And the ever-popular Florentines are unchanged!

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WOODLANDS DAIRY Sunrise Park, Blandford Forum, DT11 8ST 0845 4679894 When Screen Bites was offered the new Dorset Cereals granolas for tastings at this year’s festival, we needed an excellent yoghurt and were delighted when Woodlands Dairy agreed to supply their delicious sheeps milk yoghurt. Owned by Crispin Tweddell, the dairy, which won a prestigious three stars in this year’s Great Taste Awards for the organic sheeps milk yoghurt, also produces fruit flavour yoghurts, goats milk yoghurts and sheeps milk powder. WOOLSERY CHEESE The Old Dairy, Up Sydling, Dorchester, DT2 9PQ 01300 341991 For 11 years Annette Lee has been creating delicious – and consistently award-winning – cheeses in the peaceful Sydling valley. She regularly introduces new cheeses, most recently Nanette, a soft mould ripened cheese which won silver in the Taste of the West cheese awards. Other favourites include Woolsery Oak Smoked – winner of a gold medal in the British Cheese Awards, Greek-style Fiesta cheeses, soft goat cheeses and semi-hard cheeses. All Annette’s cheeses are suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and naturally handmade in the dairy at Up Sydling.

WYLD MEADOW FARM, Monkton Wyld, Bridport, DT6 6DD : 01297 678318 Clive Sage’s family has farmed sheep on the west Dorset hills for generations, and now he has a herd of Aberdeen Angus crossed onto a Devon as well. High quality, full flavoured lamb and extremely tender tasty beef are his speciality. The Poll Dorset sheep can breed at any time of the year. The farm is open for sales on Tuesday and Fridays between 10am and 4pm, and you can find Clive and Jo at many farmers markets around the area, selling lamb and beef, as well as venison, game, local pork and chicken.

THE COKER ROPE & SAIL TRUST We are very happy to be the first sponsors of this event in West Coker providing as it does support for small local food producers. In the past, Coker sailcloth, twine and rope provided the means by which local boats from the south coast were involved in the food and drink trade. The boats would sail to Newfoundland, fish for cod on a line, salt them down, sail to Jamaica and sell some of the cod for rum, come back to Catholic Europe to sell it all and then do it again. Cider helped them get through the long, dangerous voyages and we are supporting this industry now. Thanks to The Coker Rope & Sail Trust for sponsoring Screen Bites at West Coker.

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 45

Festival Feasts Screen Bites’ Festival Feasts offers a chance to win a meal for two at one of the area’s top restaurants or dining pubs. All our Festival Feasts participants are commited to sourcing local ingredients, or serving authentic regional cuisine. Draw tickets are sold at each evening for a restaurant, which is announced on the night. The money raised helps us to continue to run the festival. We also make donations to the village halls where we hold our events. The winner is announced at the end of the main film The Acorn, Evershot DT2 0JW 01935 83228 : This 16th century former coaching inn was famously used by Thomas Hardy as the Sow & Acorn in Tess of the Durbervilles – but 21st century guests and diners are guaranteed a much warmer welcome than poor Tess! Manager Alex Mackenzie and chef Chris Smith are proud of the delicious food served in the restaurant and bars, where you can enjoy excellent real ales. Chris sources as much of is food as possible from West Dorset’s outstanding range of food producers. The Anchor at Shapwick, chef Rich Magrath, 01258 857269,, near Wimborne, DT11 9LB. Just yards from the Stour valley path, this red brick pub is owned by the community and locals should be very proud of their village inn which draws walkers, visitors and food lovers from a wide area. Well-behaved dogs are welcome outside, and the food, prepared under the supervision of head chef Richard Magrath, ranges from delicious snacks and light lunches to imaginative three course dinners. Vegetarians have plenty to choose from and there are real ales and guest beers in the bar. The Castleman, Chettle, Blandford, DT11 8DB 01258 830096 : Regularly featured in the Good Food Guide, The Castleman at Chettle is a traditional country restaurant in the best sense – offering very good food at sensible prices. Chef Richard Morris prepares tasty dishes with timeless appeal, specialising in game, local fish, regional cheeses and delicious puddings. There is a famous wine list and dinner is served every evening, plus lunch on Sunday.

46 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

The Dining Room, 67 St Mary Street, Weymouth, DT4 8PP 01305 783008 : The Dining Room restaurant offers a contemporary menu. Head chef and proprietor Taher Jibet specialises in authentic Modern European cooking with a strong Mediterranean influence. Taher was classically trained in French cuisine at the prestigious Les Roches catering school. He acquired a wealth of experience working in restaurants across Spain and the UK, including time at the Michelin starred Mirabelle in Mayfair, under the tutelage of Marco Pierre White. Taher uses local produce wherever possible and also offers cookery classes to all abilities. He is a member of the Chefs Forum. The Dining Room won Best of Dorset Food & Drink in the Open 4 Business Awards 2012. The Eastbury, Long Street, Sherborne DT9 3BY 01935 813131 : Head chef Brett Sutton is passionate about the quality of the ingredients he sources in Dorset and the surrounding area. His creative style won the Chefs’ Best Dorset Recipe class in this year’s Taste of Dorset Awards – he served up a spectacular four-course taste of the Dorset sea and coast from a four-ring hob in the Bridport Food Festival cookery theatre. The Eastbury has won many awards for its food – the occasional tasting menu evenings are a gourmet treat for the guests. La Fosse at Cranborne, London House, 8-9 The Square, Cranborne BH21 5PR : 01725 517604 : Mark Hartstone is a chef who is passionate about the quality of food produced in Dorset, Hampshire and the New Forest. The website for the restaurant with rooms which he runs with his wife Emmanuelle includes maps and details of local producers. Mark is particularly renowned for his cheese knowledge – he has twice won the Dorset’s Best Cheeseboard competition at the Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival. Mark is in demand as a demonstrator, as a chef and a cheese expert. The Grange, The Best Western Grange at Oborne, Sherborne, DT9 4LA : 01935 813463 The epitome of the English country house hotel, The Grange is a lovely old stone building with beautiful gardens. The main restaurant overlooks the gardens and there is a small separate dining room available for parties. The chefs specialise in contemporary British cuisine, sourcing many of their ingredients from the wealth of local producers. Owners Jonathan and Jenny Fletcher are welcoming hosts whether you are coming for a relaxing rural weekend, a wedding or a romantic dinner

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 47

Hall & Woodhouse Ltd, The Brewery, Blandford St. Mary, DT11 9LS Dorset’s old-established family brewery has pubs of all shapes and sizes, from centuries old inns to contemporary eateries. The winners of the Hall & Woodhouse Festival Feast this year can choose where they eat. There’s the new shipping container Hall & Woodhouse at the marina at Portishead, or the Hall & Woodhouse in Bath, in a three-storey former auction house – or one of the traditional village pubs all around our region. You can chose where you spend your vouchers. Highcliff Grill at Bournemouth Marriott Hotel, St Michael’s Road. BH25DU : 01202 557702 : The Highcliff Grill, winner of the Taste of Dorset 2013 Best Restaurant Award, serves outstanding locally sourced fish, meats, shellfish and fine wines. Executive chef Matthew Budden says their food philosophy is simple: “The sourcing and use of local products is paramount to us here at the Highcliff Grill and is at the forefront of our ethos for supporting local communities and producers. Local fish is brought in from the day boats and is delivered to us fresh every day, local butchers provide us with an array of local meats and game with a few unexpected surprises along the way.” The Hive Beach Cafe, Burton Bradstock, DT6 4RF 01308 897070 : Consistently named as one of the best beach cafes and seafood restaurants in the country, The Hive and its baby brother, The Watch House Cafe at West Bay, serve the freshest local seafood. Chef Tim Attrill prepares seasonal fish and shellfish in a stylish contemporary way. The chefs shared some of their secrets in The Hive Beach Cafe Cookbook, published in 2012. Owner Steve Attrill, 01308 897070,, awards include Taste of Dorset Best Seafood Business. The Lord Poulett Arms, Hinton St George, Somerset TA17 8SE 01460 73149 : Named Somerset Dining Pub of the Year 2014 in the Good Pub Guide, the Lord Poulett is a picturesque and historic pub in one of the region’s prettiest villages. Owners Steve Hill and Michelle Paynton welcomed head chef Phil Verden last November from Summer Lodge in Evershot. He cooks the pub classics to a high standard as well as mixing Asian influences in more unusual dishes. “We don’t use south west produce because it’s trendy – we use south west produce because it’s the best.”

48 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

The Montague Inn, Shepton Montague, BA9 9JW 01749 813213 : Truly a “pub at the hub”. The Monty is somewhere you can enjoy a drink, a game of pool, a gossip or a splendid meal in the restaurant or on the terrace, overlooking the South Somerset landscape. Sean and Suzy O’Callaghan specialise in fine food, sourced locally as far as possible, with affordable pub favourites, with a warm welcome and a real sense of community involvement. Guest chef Michael Rust won awards when he ran 1 The Green at Sherborne. Moreton Tea Rooms, The Old School, Moreton, DT2 8RH : 01929 463647 : The tea room, in the old School House in the village of Moreton, has three Taste of Dorset Best Cafe or Tea-room awards. Nearby are the River Frome and St Lawrence’s Church where Lawrence of Arabia is buried. The bier on which his body was carried is an unusual cake stand in the picturesque tearooms where Gordon Sutherland cooks in a simple and rustic style where the freshness and quality of the ingredients is key. Local produce is foremost in his ethos and the menu lists the suppliers, most of whom are very local to Moreton. Red Fort, 9 Church Street, Wimborne, BH21 1JH 01202-848445 : Mohit Kochar offers an authentic Indian dining experience at his family’s Red Fort restaurant in Wimborne. The spice mixes are freshly prepared and ground for each individual dish, using Indian stone grinders. Dishes range from street food favourites to those found in Indian homes or maharajas’ palaces. Mohit has restored the ambience of the old Bombay Cafes at the Red Ford and campaigns against the use of artificial food colourings. He is active in the local community and has introduced the Indian festival of Diwali to the Wimborne calendar – this year it will be on 2nd November. The Riverside, West Bay, DT6 4EZ 01308 422011 : Broadchurch may have brought thousands of new visitors to West Bay this year, but it has made little difference at the Riverside, where lovers of seafood, prepared with love and skill, have been coming for 50 years. Arthur and Jan Watson have won a host of accolades, including consistent ratings in the Good Food Guide, and Best Restaurant awards in the Taste of the West and Taste of Dorset Awards. Head chef is Tony Shaw, a favourite on Tripadvisor and one of the guest demonstrators at the 2013 Melplash Show.

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 49

The Ship Inn, West Stour, SP8 5RP 01747 838640 : Travellers have been stopping at The Ship Inn at West Stour for centuries. Formerly a coaching inn, the mid-18th century pub on the A30 continues to provide a warm welcome to tourists and business people on the busy road to the west country, as well as being a favourite lunch or evening destination for locals who want the combination of a proper village pub with real ales and good food. Owner Gavin Griggs and his team, headed by chef Bruce Cox, pride themselves on using local and seasonal ingredients. Sienna, 36 High West Street, Dorchester, DT1 1UP 01305 250022 : Chef proprietor Russell Brown and his wife Elena celebrated their tenth anniversary this year at Sienna, Dorset’s only Michelin starred restaurant. Russell’s CV included Yalbury Cottage Hotel near Dorchester and the Horn of Plenty in Devon before opening Sienna. His philosophy revolves around using good seasonal produce, most of it from the south west, making everything possible in-house, and keeping an interesting wine list, as well as providing friendly service in a relaxed and stylish environment. The Wild Garlic Inn, Blandford Road, Iwerne Minster, DT11 8QN : 01747 811269 : Mat Follas, BBC MasterChef 2009, has moved from Beaminster to the former Talbot Inn in Iwerne Minster. The move has given Mat and Amanda the chance to run two restaurants under one roof – the bar and grill, with delicious, affordable dishes seven days a week, and the restaurant, where Mat’s acclaimed approach to seasonal ingredients is very much in evidence. A skilled forager, he runs courses in the woods and fields, as well as cooking courses, judging and demonstrating. They also support various local organisations and charities, including projects on Portland and at Guys Marsh.

And thanks to...

Award-winning Furleigh Estate is giving three pairs of tickets to visit their vineyard near Bridport and see how the grapes are grown and the wine is made. Chococo – the Purbeck chocolate company – is giving Screen Bites a hamper of delicious fresh hand made chocolates for one lucky audience member. The Swanage-based company will also invite one young member of the Tarrant Keyneston matinee audience for a chocolate workshop early in 2014 where they will learn to make lollies, honeycombe chunks in chocolate, popcorn truffles and more.

50 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

Foodstuffs of friendship In 1916, the current Fudge family’s great-greatuncle, Thomas J Fudge, a dapper chap with a distinctive moustache, opened a bakery. A rather remarkable bakery in beautiful, bountiful Dorset. His buns were buttery. His bread was brilliant. His biscuits were the business. And over 90 years later, members of his family tree are continuing his remarkable, edible work. For many a year they have been quietly baking away, filling boxes with delicious biscuits and packing them off to shops and shelves far and wide. Then they had a thought: perhaps it’s time to stop baking quietly and start baking raucously! So, they locked themselves away in the biscuitorium and mixed and rolled, kneaded and baked, dolloped and dipped, until they had a whole new array of remarkable delights to unleash on the world. Then they wrapped everything up in wondrous new boxes and marvelled at them.

For these nibbles and sweet treats are more than just remarkable munchables. They’re the foodstuffs of friendship, the sweet sustenance of togetherness. They bring people together for a nibble and a natter and make friendships tick in a remarkable fashion. And life would be rather dull, and much less delicious, without that, would it not? Look out for delicious new versions of Fudge’s favourites including Rich and Flaky Cheddar Melts, Crispy Layered Cheddar and Chive Pufferies and Deep Black Charcoal Hearts, amazing new flavours including Earthy Beetroot and Horseradish Shards, and a selection in the Many-Shaped Miscellany box. Screen Bites’ absolute favourite, Fudge’s classic Florentiine is still available in its familiar packaging as are the other sweet biscuits, which will get their new look next year. Thomas J Fudge’s, Dorset Village Bakery, Unit 2 Pinesway Business Park, Stalbridge, DT10 2RN :


cheese devotee-approved wafers for sociable snacking and lazy luncheons



grandmother worthy heart shaped treats for jolly catch-ups & surprise pop-rounds

impress-your-aunty heart shaped treats for pleasant chatters & refined elevenses


100g 3.5oz

100g 3.5oz


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Films at Christmas ff f At Athelhampton and the Rex f






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Christmas in Connecticut 1945, MONOCHROME Director Peter Godfrey 102 minutes, English Showing at Athelhampton House, DT2 7LG on Saturday 30th November Afternoon Universal / The Kobal Collection

f f





Screen Bites is delighted to be showing this funny, stylish and perfectly romantic film at Athelhampton House as part of the Dorset Food and Drink Christmas Fair. In the classic Christmas in Connecticut, Barbara Stanwyck plays Elizabeth Lane, a columnist on a glossy magazine who is known for her descriptions of the delicious recipes she cooks for her devoted husband and wonderful children at their New England farmstead. In reality she has neither husband, children nor farm. She lives alone in New York, pursued by a wealthy man she doesn’t love, and her “signature dishes” are devised with the help of Felix, a Hungarian restaurateur. Then the powerful magazine proprietor decides to “give” a wounded war hero the treat of a lifetime – Christmas with the Lanes. And then he invites himself, too. And then the pancakes hit the ceiling. For full details, visit the websites, or from early November.

52 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H




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Brooklyn Lobster 2005, Cert US:R Director Kevin Jordan 94 minutes, English

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Showing at Rex Cinema Wareham, BH20 4JX on Sunday 15th December Evening

Screen Bites is delighted to be returning to The Rex, at the invitation of Purbeck Film Festival, with what might be the UK’s first public showing of Brooklyn Lobster, based on a true story and “presented” by Martin Scorsese. This low budget film stars Danny Aiello as a man facing personal and business collapse. His wife has left and the bank is threatening for foreclose on the unpaid loan he took out to save his long established fish wholesale and restaurant business. Set in New York in the days running up to Christmas, the public auction that will decide the fate of the operation is adjourned and adjourned. His son is home for the “holidays” and now Danny’s family, and the eccentric crew he employs, find ever more inventive, and barmy, ways to try to save the business. The Rex audience will once again be able to enjoy carols and Christmas music from the Dorset Brass Quartet, and tastings of seasonal food. For full details, visit the Screen Bites and Rex websites from early December.



f f






H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 53


Dorset based Olives Et Al, renowned for innovative, quality products and specialising in distinct flavours and tastes are delighted to be showcasing their new branding at this year’s Screen Bites. For the past 20 years, founders Giles and Annie and their team at Olives Et Al have been travelling the world looking for unique and distinct flavours, recreating them using traditional methods and techniques that have been learnt first-hand from the various people they have met along the way. Using only the best ingredients grown by artisan farmers, all products are lovingly made by the Olives Et Al Oliveers at their site in Dorset. Olives Et Al’s new branding uses photos taken from Giles and Annie’s personal travel collection from the past 21 years, reflecting the real journeys and adventures behind each product, with each taste having a story to tell. 01258 474 300

Twenty five years of delicious ice creams! ONE of the highlights of Screen Bites is always the ice cream – an essential at a film show. And once again this year we will be offering a selection of Purbeck Ice Creams, made in Dorset in view of the ruins of Corfe Castle, from milk that comes from cows revelling in the best pastures in the county. It’s 25 years since farmers Hazel and Peter Hartle, with three sons under five, decided to diversify. Both were passionate ice cream eaters – they still are – so the choice was natural. Peter came from a farming family and Hazel was the local veterinary nurse. In the early days Peter ran a herd of 60 Friesians on 126 acres of hillside, but the introduction of milk quotas made it increasingly difficult to maintain viability. It all started with a Bejam chest freezer and 30 litres a day, and the first flavour was blackberry, back in the summer of 1988. Setting out to sell the ice cream in Dorchester, Hazel stopped off at the petrol station in Corfe, and they snapped up ten containers. She immediately realised the demand for the ice cream, and the rest is enshrined in Dorset food history. Their delicious products have won countless awards, and Purbeck Ice Creams are served all around the country, in stately homes, fine hotels and out of their vans at local food fairs. This year two new flavours have been developed in conjunction with two other Screen Bites favourites, Emily Davies’s Dorset Blue Vinny and James Harper’s watercress from Waddock Cross - see them on the front cover, specially good with smoked trout from Mere Fish Farm! New awards this year have come from Fresh Ideas, as the Best Out of Home Innovation Award for the Dorset Blue Vinny Ice Cream and at the Great Taste Awards, where the Dulce de Leche Posh Toffee was given two stars, and the Watercress Ice Cream now has one Great Taste star. Now you can enjoy various flavours every night at Screen Bites.

Hazel and Peter welcome staff, families and friends for a yee-haa down on the farm for the anniversary party.

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 55

Farmer’s Markets in our region WEEKLY MARKETS Salisbury Charter Market, Wiltshire Every Tuesday and Saturday (except 3rd Tuesday in October) Bristol Farmer’s Market Every Wednesday Salisbury Farmer’s Markets, Wiltshire Every Wednesday Wells Farmer’s Market, Somerset Every Wednesday Bath Farmer’s Market Every Saturday OCCASIONAL MARKETS Montacute Levels Best Market, Somerset Seasonal Saturday markets. See MONTHLY AND BI-MONTHLY MARKETS Ottery St Mary Farmer’s Market, Devon 1st Friday of the month Warminster Farmer’s Market, Wiltshire 1st and 3rd Friday of the month Wilton Farm Food Event 1st Friday of the month Wincanton Farmer’s Market, Somerset 1st Friday of the month Axbridge Farmer’s Market, Somerset 1st Saturday of the month Devizes, Farmer’s Market, Wiltshire 1st Saturday of each month Midsomer Norton Farmer’s Market, Somerset 1st Saturday of the month Poundbury Farmer’s Market, Dorset 1st Saturday of month Shaftesbury Farmer’s Market, Dorset 1st Saturday of the month Bristol Slow Food Market First Sunday of the month Blandford Farmer’s Market, Dorset 2nd Friday of the month

Seaton Farmer’s Market, Devon 2nd Friday of the month Trowbridge Farmer’s Market, Wiltshire 2nd and 4th Friday of the month Bridport Farmer’s Market, Dorset 2nd Saturday of the month Frome Farmer’s Market, Somerset 2nd Saturday of the month Keynsham Farmer’s Market, Somerset 2nd Saturday of the month New Milton Farmer’s Market, Hampshire 2nd Saturday of the month Weymouth Farmer’s Market, Dorset 2nd Sunday of the month Bradford on Avon Farmer’s Market, Wiltshire 3rd Thursday of the month Honiton Farmer’s Market, Devon 3rd Thursday of the month Cheddar Farmer’s Market, Somerset 3rd Friday of the month Sherborne Farmer’s Market, Dorset 3rd Friday of the month Broadstone Farmer’s Market, Dorset 3rd Saturday of the month Crewkerne Farmer’s Market, Somerset 3rd Saturday of the month Winton Farmer’s Market, Dorset 3rd Saturday of the month Dorchester South Street Farmer’s Market, Dorset 4th Saturday of month Glastonbury Farmer’s Market, Somerset 4th Saturday of the month Verwood Farmer’s Market, Dorset 4th Saturday of the month Yeovil Farmer’s Market, Somerset 4th Saturday of the month Burnham-on-Sea Farmer’s Market, Somerset Last Friday of the month Bradford on Avon Farmer’s Market, Wiltshire Last Sunday of the month

What happens at a Screen Bites evening... At our record-breaking 2012 festival, many people said they weren’t sure what would happen, and needed more information. Here is what we can tell you. The doors will open at 7pm. That means what it says. We are not set up and ready for our audience before 7pm, as we all have busy working lives apart from Screen Bites. It you arrive at 6.15 – or 6.45 – you might have a cold or even wet wait. This year, at Tarrant Keyneston ONLY, the times are different – see pages 20 and 21 for details. During the course of the evening a variety of things will happen. There will be tastings and a chance to meet local producers, buy food from them or order for Christmas. We can’t tell you in advance how much or what sort of food will be available. It is up to the producers. Some of them serve hot and quite substantial tastings, some are small nibbles. We always advise that you eat at lunchtime before a Screen Bites event, and perhaps have a light snack before you leave home if you are a hungry person. There will EITHER be a talk or a short film (neither at Tarrant Keyneston this year) There will be a pause for ice cream and to allow the producers who are leaving to pack up. The main advertised film will be shown. The winner of the night’s Festival Feasts draw will be announced after the film. You will go off into the night after what has (hopefully) been a great evening. We do not specify the exact time that the film will start, as it depends on the numbers, the hall,

the food producers and how quickly or slowly you make your way round. According to our audience survey this year, more than 90 per cent of the respondents said the food was as important as the film. Screen Bites is a unique and total experience. It’s very different from hiring a film and watching it at home or visiting your local multiplex. We want you to enjoy it all!

Our programme cover this year brings together some of our regular food producers. Purbeck Ice Cream created their two new savoury flavours, Dorset Watercress and Dorset Blue Vinny ice creams working with James Harper of the Dorset Watercress Company and Emily Davies of Dorset Blue Vinny. And they taste delicious with smoked trout, provided by Mere Fish Farm. We call it Screen Bites synergy!

H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 57

Purbeck Film Festival 2013 The 17th annual Purbeck Film Festival runs this year from 11th to 26th October, bringing 70 different films to around 4000 people in more than 25 venues. The pleasure of experiencing a story in an auditorium full of expectation adds a special frisson of pleasure to cinema viewing. This year’s festival celebrates British film. It is a cinema which has blossomed and withered a number of times in its history, one which has excited and frustrated us in equal measure. Explore its heritage on the Isle of Purbeck this autumn. Programmes are available in libraries, tourist information centres and shops. Call 07443 468850 or email for a full programme, or visit the website,

For all you need to know about the region’s arts and food – and leisurely inspirations


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Living Spit | Six Wives of Henry V111



58 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H

And a big thankyou to ... To Giles Henschel at Olives Et Al for continued support Moine, Simon and David at Blackmore Ltd Our nightly food providers: OIives Et Al, Chococo, Clipper Tea, Dorset Cereals, Thomas J Fudges, Hall & Woodhouse, Honeybuns, Purbeck Ice Cream, Woodlands Dairy Dave and Clive from Wincanton Film Society Stuart Foster Linda, Karen and Amanda at HSBC Wincanton Julian Watkiss

Darren at The Picture Desk Joanne Myram at Positive PR Julie Sharman at Purbeck Film Festival All the sponsors of our individual events, the food producers and the Festival Feasts hotels and restaurants Sharon, Graham and all at The Exchange All the village hall helpers Ian and Kerry at Artsreach ‌ and the antipodean Joanna Curzon

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Screen Bites Festival 2013


Saturday 5th October Thursday 10th October Friday 11th October Saturday 12th October Sunday 13th October Thursday 17th October Friday 18th October Saturday 19th October Thursday 24th October Friday 25th October Saturday 26th October Sunday 27th October

Durweston VH Jadoo ..... page 4 Winfrith Newburgh VH Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio ..... page 5 Holdenhurst VH Hyde Park on Hudson ..... page 6 Mere Lecture Hall A Private Function ..... page 7 Frampton VH No Reservations ..... page 8 Bradford Abbas VH Waitress ..... page 9 Wareham Rex Cinema Jiro Dreams of Sushi ..... page 10 Milborne Port VH Today’s Special ..... page 12 Horton and Chalbury VH Sideways ..... page 13 West Coker VH Bagdad Cafe ..... page 14 Wootton Fitzpaine VH English Vinglish ..... page 15 Winterborne Whitechurch Spanglish ..... page 16 North Cadbury VH Woman On Top ..... page 18 Stourton Caundle VH A Good Year ..... page 19


Thursday 3rd October Friday 4th October

Tarrant Keyneston VH Nanny Mcphee (matinee) Far From The Madding Crowd ..... page 20 Friday 1st November Broadwindsor VH Big Night..... page 22 Saturday 2nd November Sturminster Newton, Exchange Brief Encounter ..... page 24 Thursday 31st October

Screen Bites Festival Information Films are shown at village halls (VH), unless marked otherwise Doors open at 7pm for tastings and markets. Films start at approximately 7.45. For times at Tarrant Keyneston see pages 20 and 21.

Tickets are ÂŁ8. There are no concessions.

For all other Screen Bites films, telephone 01963 32525 or email

Please book in advance to be sure we have enough food for you to taste and buy. HHHHHHHHHHH


Jiro Dreams Of Sushi on Sunday 13th October is shown in conjunction with Purbeck Film Festival, whose ticket prices apply. To find out more about booking for this film ONLY telephone 01929 552778 or visit or


(for Tarrant Keyneston matinee prices see page 20)

Screen Bites 2013 Festival Programme  

Screen Bites 2013 a Food Film Festival programme - for the Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire area