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Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow MJS Avenue Levitown Exec. Village, Don Bosco , Paraùaque City Telephone: (632) 822-96-61/ Website: / Email: December 17, 2009 Mr. Pelayo Mr. Fernando Catolico Ms. Kristin Bitanga Batang Masaya Filipino Community 52 4th Floor Room 3A 08001, Barcelona CIF B-82606484 Dear Friends, We write this letter to thank you for the relief items that you sent. When they arrived in the Philippines, the people who were distributing relief goods had completed the time allotted to do so. Your items were left at the LBC headquarters. This left LBC with a dilemma. One of our parents volunteered information of what our school was planning to do and the decision was made to channel the goods through us. Our school was not affected by the floods. However we had ten sister schools that were either totally wiped out or devastated by the flood waters. We determined to make them a project for our December outreach program. Our children brought in over 1,500 toys that were new or used but useable along with over 1000 books. These items were matched by Jollibee (our local hamburger chain). During fund raisers, enough money was raised to purchase two complete sets of Literature Books (for the requirements of our curriculum) and one ABC’s of ACE Learning to Read kit( used in Kindergarten to teach reading). All of this plus the contents of the boxes you so generously were repacked in individual gift bags. Today five bus loads of excited children, from three sister schools, ranging from kindergarten through high school arrived on our campus. Our students had prepared a special program of songs and presentations. There were games (that included everyone) with prizes and each child and teacher left with 2 bags of toys and goodies. There are still sixteen boxes that will be distributed to students of the other schools. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. You truly met a need for these children, and made this a very Merry Christmas. Classes have resumed even though some of the children were so traumatized that they are afraid to go to school if it is raining. Sincerely, Lora Hooge Founder/ System Consultant

Harriett Barrera Principal

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