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ZTE Corporation Introduction & Enterprise Solutions

ZTE, Aim To Be A World-class Excellent Enterprise In 2015 Established in 1985 ,Shenzhen

Leading telecom vendor with 87,000 employees in 140 countries, cooperates with more than 500 operators. Biggest and the only telecom manufacturer listed in China’s SZEX and HKSE. Most complete telecom product line in the

world, covering wireline, wireless, services and terminals.

Collective Innovation: 15 R&D Centers Worldwide Sweden| Stockholm 

Next generation wireless technology

China| Xi’an  

Wireless Handset

China| Beijing  

WDM Ethernet switches

China| Tianjin  

   

India| Bangalore

China| Chengdu

China| Chongqing

Network management  OS

Value-added Services

10% of annual revenue devoted to R&D, approximately 1 billion USD in 2010

Wireless Fixed Network Handset

China| Nanjing

Value-added Service

Value-added Service

  


France | Paris

China| Shanghai

30,000 R&D Staff, No.1 in China listed companies

Service Platform

 

New service M2M

Bearer Network  Fixed Network

China| Shenzhen   

 

U.S.| New Jersey

Core Network Fixed Network Bearer Network CloudComputing

China| Sanya

U.S.| San Jose

Wireless Transmission IC Design

U.S.| San Diego 

Wireless(4G & CDMA)

15 R&D Centers worldwide Co-established innovation centers operators

with top-level

Global Operating Support, Serving 500+ operators in 140+ countries


 107 branches globally  9 logistics centers, 14 global training centers  7 regional customer centers, 45 local customer centers

 10,000 after-sales staff, 3,000+ local contracted partners

As of Q2, 2011

Customized Solutions through Multiple Product Technologies and Value Chains Wireless

Fixed Access

Core Network







Mobile CN



Smart Phone

Network Rollout



Fixed CN




Customer Support Service






Feature Phone

Managed Service



Cloud-computing Infrastructure and Services

Data Card

Professional Telecom Service



APP store Convergence Service

Convergence Terminal

Knowledge Service

IP Microwave

Ethernet Switch





 The most comprehensive product and solution portfolio in the industry, to meet diverse needs of customers  Leading supplier in wireless, wired and terminal fields, with fast growth in new businesses including telecom and Internet services

ZTE Wireline: Creating All-round New Opportunities for Clients Optical Access Products FTTx—

Optical Transport Network


19.5% of newly-added market share,

ZTE Optical shipments placed in TOP 3

ranked No.2, and No. 1 in terms of growth rate

Lead beyond-100G technology, realized


single-channel rate of 10Tbit/s in a firsttime experiment, With OFC's acknowledgement

PON shipments ranked No. 2 in 4

quarters (Q3 2009 to Q2 2010) Quarterly GPON

sales increase rate the highest record in the industry First to commercialize 10G EPON Deploy commercial NGPON network in

PTN— First to launch full series of PTN

products cover from core network to access part


Won BBWF InfoVision Award Again, in 2010

Datacom Products

Ethernet/Routers— ZTE IP/Ethernet Positioned in No. 2 in

global operator market

A Rich Set of Industry Experience  Power

 Oil

 E-Government


 Emergency




 Financial

 Education

 Stadium

Metro Traffic


ZTE Solutions for Enterprise & Government

iOTN Product Family/Optical Transmission ZXWM M920 ZXONE 8000 ZXMP M820 ZXMP M720 ZXMP M721

Small capacity

Mini C/DWDM L2 Switch

Middle capacity 400G

Mid to ultra large capacity 800G--- 3.2T

Ultra distance 40G/DRA/RPOA

IPTN Product Family /Optical Transmission 6000 series: Small and medium-capacity aggregation & access equipment

 

ZXCTN 6100/6110/ 6120/6130/6150

ZXCTN 6200/6220

Full packet architecture, high integration, low power consumption. Integrated platform: MPLS/MPLS-TP、 IP/MPLS、PWE3、OAM、 time synchronization supported.

ZXCTN 6300/6320

9000 series:large capacity core & aggregation equipment   

Various interfaces types:10GE,GE,FE, E1,STM-1/4/16/64 Multiple reliable mechanisms guarantee network security Provide E2E solutions, cut down network TCO. ZXCTN 9002

ZXCTN 9004

ZXCTN 9008

ZTE Microwave Equipment Introduction ZXMW NR8250

Frequency: 6, 7, 8,11, 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, 28, 32, 38GHz

Modulation: QPSK~256QAM Bandwidth: 7MHz, 14MHz, 28MHz, 56MHz  

Dimension(mm): 482.6(W)x88.4(H)x199(D) Weight(Kg): 7 (6 ways) ZXMW SR10 S200

Capacity: Max. 4*155M (SDH)/800M Ethernet with XPIC Configuration: 6*(1+0), 3*(1+1), 3*(2+0 XPIC), 2+2 XPIC

Interface: GbE, FE, STM-1, E1 Frequency: 7 / 8 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 18 / 23 / 26 / 38 GHz Modulation: QPSK / 16 QAM Bandwidth: 7 / 14 / 28 MHz

ZXMW PR10 S400 Frequency: 6/7/8/11/13/15/18/23/26/32/38 GHz Modulation: QPSK/16QAM/32QAM/128QAM Bandwidth: 3.5/7/14/28 MHz Traffic interface: 5~48E1/1~2E3/1~2STM-1 Throughput: up to 300 Mbps

■ ■ ■

Ideal solution for End Access Traffic interface: 16E1 / 16E1+ 4FE Throughput: up to 40 Mbps

ZXMW PR10 S500 ■ ■ ■

Ideal solution for End Access /Aggregate Link Traffic interface: 16E1 / 16E1+ 4FE / 32E1 Throughput: up to 75 Mbps

ZXR10 Series Router/BMSG Family Access Router Intelligent Integrated Multiservice Router



Core Router Carrier-class cluster Router

Carrier-class Router

ZXR10 M6000

ZXR10 T8000

A strategy product series of ZTE corporation. Whole-range devices from cluster to desktop box. Satisfy all requirements of service provider , government , campus and enterprise,etc.

ZTE Ethernet Switch Family


8900 Series 10G MPLS Routing Switch

GE 5100 L2

5900 L3

8900E Series Core Switch

5100E L2 Easy Maintenance

5900E MPLS L3 Easy Maintenance

FE 26/28 L2

3900A L3

2900E L2 Easy Maintenance

3900E L3 Easy Maintenance

IP-PBX Solution ZXECS EBG2800

ZXECS EBG2800 is All-in-one product (1)Basic and extra voice functions, and value-add services. (2)Data switch(L2) and router(L3). (3)Firewall, VPN, etc.


ZXECS IBX10000 High Reliability Soft Switch Platform For Enterprises ZXECS IBX10000 is based on ZTE ATCA platform -Support 50000 SIP subscribers. - Support IP Phones (SIP), IAD (SIP), AG (SIP), Softphone (SIP) Access Devices.



Sensitive Alarm

Traffic Monitoring Sensitive District

Coalition Response

Sea Port

Efficient Action



Railway Station

Video Surveillance Surveillance Cloud Flexible access capability Intelligent Video Analysis

Microphone: 360째 Telepresence/Video Conference Digital voice pickup; embedded

digital microphone array, auto echo cancellation


H.239 Dual Stream

Terminal embedded MCU function



ZTE Servers & Storage ZX R2200

ZX E8000

ZTE Server Series

ZX R520 V2

ZX RS820

High Performanc e High Reliability

ZX I7210

 

Xeon Nehalem, Turbo Boost Hyper threading  Virtualization Quick Path  SSD, 6Gb SAS, DDR3 

Hot-swap HDD, RAID  Hot-swap Fan, Redundant Power  Memory Sparing, Memory mirror  Carrier Grade 



ZTE Storage Series



S2500 S2400


 

High power efficiency Low-power Component Intelligent Fan control Low Noise, ROHS, DC Power

   

Web GUI, Health monitor Virtual Media, Remote maintenance Log management, Firmware upgrade Group control

Modular Data Center _ with cloud computing architecture Reasonable Investment

Modular Data Center

High Efficiency & Energy Saving

Rapid Deployment

Comprehensive Protection

Container Data Center

  

50% space of traditional data center 65% OPEX of traditional data center Flexible deployment and expansion

 

Advanced PUE (1.3) in the industry Water-cooled technology, cooling on natural conditions  Closed-loop cooling technology

90 days delivery cycle  Fully prefabricated, lowly required on site conditions

  

Waterproof, anhydrous monitoring system Fireproof, fire control system Moistureproof, real-time temperature & humidity monitoring system

ZTE iRAI (Virtual Desktop) Cloud Solution Mobile User

Cloud Terminals


Local User

VD SW VD Session Mgmt App Virtualization

Service Admin Terminal Admin

Enterprise IT Service Platform Remote Cloud Admin

Virtual Computing Resource

Virtual Storage Resource

Computing Equipment

Storage Equipment

Virtual Network Resource

Network Equipment

 Data

Security: Info Centralized Supervised

 Flexible: Anywhere,

 Low

Power: ≤25w per user

 Stable:

 Manageable:

Centralized deploy, configure monitor

 Easy

Resource Pool

Cloud HW Resource

any connection & terminal

Load sharing & Auto switching

to Backup: Centralized configure, auto backup

WAN Optimization- Speedor Solution Improve Network performance

Reduce the effect caused by delay and packet loss

De-duplicate Data across the WAN

Eliminate up to 90% of bandwidth usage

Accelerate Application Protocols

Improve the applications’ efficiency obviously

IT Infrastructure Consolidation

Enable consolidation within the branch as well as centralization to the data center

Other Solutions ZTE Tele-Medicine Solution

ZTE Railway Signaling Solution

Government Security Network

ZTE Smart-City Solution

For more Info please visit the website

ZTE Smart Park Solution

ZTE Electronic Bank Solution

ZTE Intelligent Transport System

Pipeline Automation Solution

E-health , E-Gov , E-education Solutions

Creating More Value for Customers Through Innovation

“The happiest moment for ZTE is that we know our customers’ capabilities are upgraded and their profits increase through cooperating with us, it is of more joy than if we were awarded a new contract!”

Brief introduction of ZTE  
Brief introduction of ZTE  

ZTE Corporation Introduction & Enterprise Solutions