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Barton Malow has been in business for more than 92 years. Founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1924, we served as a general contractor for nearly fifty years. In the early 1970s, our services broadened to include construction management with full preconstruction services, coordinating projects from planning through close-out. In the early 1980s, the company was reorganized by niche markets: • • • • •

Healthcare / Research Education Sports / Recreation Entertainment / Hospitality Corporate / Industrial / Federal

Within the past three decades, Barton Malow Company has expanded drastically. In addition to the main headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, eleven (11) offices have been established. We employ over 1,700 full-time personnel, including more than 800 trades personnel, and have experience in 37 states, the District of Columbia, Mexico and Canada.

We are consistently ranked among the top 20 builders in the nation in our niche markets. SERVICES Caring for our customers’ needs is very important to us. Because these needs vary, we provide our clients with a wide variety of services. Barton Malow has extensive experience and success delivering a range of construction services:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Construction Management General Contracting Design/Build Construction Facilities Assessments Conceptual Estimating Program Development Cost Modeling Logistics and Planning Technology Consulting Constructability Review Quality Control Safety Management Building Information Modeling LEED Green Building Concrete Trades




Surely the finest people we can ever meet are those who are busy helping others.

WHY ETHICS MATTER Ben Maibach, III — Barton Malow Chief Community Officer

At Barton Malow, we believe our progress, success and legacy depends on our good name. An excellent reputation is a differentiating competitive advantage. When people are surveyed about what they believe is the most important attribute of a company leader, honesty is overwhelmingly the number one trait. Integrity is a strong number two. Honesty has been defined as being truthful with others, integrity as being truthful with yourself. Honesty is the moral foundation of integrity. We strongly believe that integrity is the bedrock of long-term success. Customers are looking for people with character that enables them to differentiate between what is honest and dishonest. There are many areas of business that involve ethical protocols and ethical behavior including: • • • • • • • • •

Compliance with laws Confidentiality Record management Trade secrets Accounting for funds Professionalism Conflicts of interest Nepotism Use of company assets

Companies with good reputations do more than follow the law; they treat people and businesses fairly – whether the law requires it or not. There are many benefits of strong ethics. When we operate ethically, we create an atmosphere of trust and increase collaboration – ultimately, leading to better buildings and earning customer loyalty. Firms that operate ethically are respected in the industry, which makes it easier to recruit and retain top talent. Good people attract other good people. While ethics include the moral code we live by and our personal reputation, the fact is that respected ethics are good for business.

The fact is, respected ethics are good for business.



Since 1949, Barton Malow has teamed with the

We are pleased and proud that many of Barton

United Way, donating money through payroll

Malow’s employees, in addition to their full

deductions to communities in more than 30

time jobs, make it a priority to serve on non-

states. We have coordinated campaigns for the

profit boards, many in leadership positions.

American Heart Association’s Heart Walk, Make

The list of participants is long and the sense

a Wish, YMCA and Breast Cancer Research.

of satisfaction is remarkable. There are many

Personnel have proudly worked to support

benefits to community building; one is clearly

the Arthritis Foundation and the Kennedy

the caliber of individuals you serve with.

Krieger Foundation. We host American Red

Surely the finest people we can ever meet are

Cross annual blood drives, judge the Associated

those who are busy helping others.

General Contractors Block Kids Competitions and sponsor numerous educational events.

Barton Malow Company Habitat for Humanity build in Daytona Beach, Florida.

highly involved in the communities in which we live and work

E M P LOY E E - OW N E D Employee owners recognize the importance of continuous improvement and innovation. Our culture and procedures are geared to push innovation and quality. Barton Malow is an ISO 9001 certified company, rare in the construction industry, which is intended to boost client confidence and produce better buildings. When you own a piece of the company, there is additional motivation to provide stellar service. We empower and reward Barton Malow employees to ensure a job is done well. BENEFIT TO BARTON MALOW EMPLOYEES Rewarding employees Barton Malow benefits like stock ownership and profit sharing helps individuals as well as the company build financial security. Sharing financial rewards acknowledges the collective efforts of many who make success possible. Barton Malow has a long history of sharing with employees and rewarding positive performance. In 1952, Barton Malow became the first construction company in the U.S. to establish a profit-sharing/pension plan to acknowledge and reward employee contributions.

BENEFIT TO COMMUNITIES Innovation and giving back to communities are part of our culture. In 1954, we established the Barton Malow Foundation for charitable giving. Now, more than a half-century later, Barton Malow donates on average 5% of its pretax profits every year, measurably better than the majority of U.S. corporations, who give on average 1% of pretax profits to charities. While successful projects, industry recognitions, and reference letters do reflect a company’s accomplishments, there is more to the Barton Malow story. Employees have a poignant history of being compassionate community members. Devoted personnel promote cultural diversity, serve on non-profit boards and participate in youth development organizations. The Barton Malow legacy is enriched by employees who go the extra mile to build communities in the course of building business. We want to work with people who believe in quality service to one another as well as community development. We invite you to work with us to make life better!







Our leading position in the construction industry is evidence of the caliber of our people and of our ability to manage change. At Barton Malow, we celebrate a ‘clients come first’ culture and this leads the way not only to successful projects, but repeat business and long-term relationships regionally and nationally.

St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital NICU Tampa, Florida

BUILDING IN THE SOUTHEAST REGION Barton Malow has been providing full-service preconstruction, planning and construction services to public and private sector clients throughout the Southeast Region for almost 40 years. The foundation of our regional success is the combination of seasoned professionals and technology-driven managers that make up the Southeastern Region team. These construction professionals have earned national recognition for integrating innovative building technology and processes to resolve specific project challenges.

Barton Malow’s Southeast Region provides construction services to all markets — healthcare, life sciences, corporate/industrial facilities, special projects, sports/public assembly, manufacturing, public education, and energy — we have relationships with over 1,400 subcontractors and suppliers that perform work locally and throughout Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas. At Barton Malow we build more than projects, we build communities.

At Barton Malow, we build more than projects,


DELIVERY METHODS From construction management in the 1970s to integrated project delivery today, Barton Malow has been developing and managing project delivery approaches that best suit our clients and the peer professionals with whom we work. When choosing a project delivery method, it is important to consider the project’s scale, complexity, and schedule. Delivery classifications are flexible and Barton Malow specializes in accommodating variations based on special project needs. At Barton Malow we think beyond the contract type when focusing on delivery. Our approach is to integrate people, systems and practices in a

process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to reduce waste and optimize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication and construction. This is especially evident in our design/build and integrated project delivery approaches. Through these approaches, Barton Malow focuses on a high degree of collaboration between the owner, architect, and construction manager; the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software; the use of a control budget rather than a guaranteed maximum price; early selection of key trade contractors to work in a designassist role; and the use of fee arrangements which incentivize team members to achieve project goals.

Barton Malow can build your facility using any of the following delivery types (or a modified version of them): • • • • • • •

Design/Build Integrated Project Delivery Construction Management Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) General Contracting Program Management A Combination of the Above!


personnel Our healthcare personnel are comprised of individuals accustomed to overseeing multiple, interdependent and highly complex tasks. They come from diverse backgrounds but are linked by their desire to not only do things right, but to do the right thing. They have distinguished themselves as friendly and detail-oriented professionals who excel at healthcare construction specifically. They work in a way that ensures uninterrupted patient care and patient, staff and visitor safety. Members of the team understand the business side of healthcare and have experience on complex, high profile projects which provides them with a deep understanding of the value of preserving a high quality guest experience.

Our people are linked by their desire to not only do things right, but to do the right thing.

Our healthcare teams have not only the requisite technical experience, but have also forged relationships with their clients and each other throughout their entire careers. They take ownership of the projects they build, working collaboratively, communicating openly and at all times adhering to a commitment to the client’s needs and goals.

You can’t be more satisfied with something you build than something that has improved the health of a community.” Rod Creach Senior Vice President, Barton Malow Company

They are builders who are proud of what they create for the communities in which they work. An example of such caliber personnel is shown in the representative resumes on the following pages.



Rod’s 30+ year career has given him a diverse view of the industry and enables him to lend his expertise in all areas of construction. Rod has managed over $900 million in construction of healthcare facilities in Florida, and $1.7 billion in healthcare work in the Southern United States. Serving as Senior Vice President for Barton Malow’s Southeastern Healthcare Division, Rod contributes his expertise in healthcare construction to project teams throughout the Southeastern United States. In this role, Rod provides leadership to Barton Malow’s Southesat Region healthcare construction team in an oversight capacity. REPRESENTATIVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE EDUCATION & REGISTRATIONS

Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering Missouri at St. Louis

Associate of Applied Science in Construction Management, Richland College

6 Years with Barton Malow Company

• •

eaconess Hospital Gateway Master Facility Plan • Evansville, Indiana D $123,000,000 Baptist Memorial Healthcare Additions & Renovations to three campuses • Memphis, Tennessee - $500,000,000 Skyline Medical Center & Plaza, Replacement Hospital and MOB • Nashville, Tennessee - $75,000,000 Holston Valley Hospital, Addition to Building D • Kingsport, Tennessee $32,300,000 Gateway Medical Center, Additions & Renovations • Clarksville, Tennessee $24,000,000 Sumner Regional Medical Center, MOB and Parking Expansion • Gallatin, Tennessee - $130,000,000

Raleigh Community Hospital, Parking Deck • Raleigh, North Carolina $4,700,000

Roosevelt Warm Springs Inpatient Rehabilitation & LTAC Renovations • Warm Springs, Georgia - $16,900,000 BayCare Health Systems • Wellness Campus of the Future • Valrico, Florida - $35,000,000 St. Joseph’s Hospital • New South Hospital • Riverview, Florida - $130,000,000 • New South MOB • Riverview, Florida - $6,000,000 • Women’s NICU • Tampa, Florida - $50,000,000 • New North Hospital • Lutz, Florida - $142,000,000 • Heart Hospital Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $43,000,000 • Interventional Radiation Care Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $23,000,000 Tampa General Hospital • West Pavilion Entry Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $3,000,000 • 7F Patient Floor Renovations • Tampa, Florida - $2,000,000 Florida Hospital • Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement • Celebration, Florida $13,353,000 • New Florida Hospital Winter Garden • Winter Garden, Florida $40,000,000 • Kissimmee Bed Tower Addition and ED/CEP • Kissimmee, Florida $34,000,000 • East, Cancer Center Renovations • Orlando, Florida - $620,000



Wayne has spent the majority of his career building hospitals in Florida. He is known in the industry for his attention to detail in combination with his ability to meet clients’ broad-based project goals. He has a strong reputation for excellence in customer service. Wayne has more than over 20 years experience in the construction industry, He is known in the industry for his attention to detail in combination with his ability to meet clients’ broad-based project goals and has a strong reputation for customer service and client satisfaction. Wayne understands the importance of building a cohesive team during Preconstruction and continuing the team environment through project closeout. EDUCATION & REGISTRATIONS


Bachelor of Science Building Construction Auburn University

• Wellness Campus of the Future • Valrico, Florida - $35,000,000

15 years working within healthcare building environments

• St. Joseph’s Hospital, Women’s NICU • Tampa, Florida - $50,000,000

• St. Joseph’s Hospital, New South Hospital • Riverview, Florida - $130,000,000 • St. Joseph’s Hospital, New South MOB • Riverview, Florida - $6,500,000 • St. Joseph’s Hospital, New North Hospital • Lutz, Florida - $142,000,000 • St. Joseph’s Hospital, Heart Institute Renovation • Tampa, Florida $45,000,000 • St. Joseph’s Hospital, Interventional Radiation Care Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $20,000,000 • St. Anthony’s Hospital, Suncoast Clinic MOB with 100% build-out • St Petersburg, Florida - $16,500,000 • St. Anthony’s Hospital, OR Addition/Renovation • St. Petersburg, Florida - $20,000,000 FLORIDA HOSPITAL • FH East Orlando, Additions and Renovations • Orlando, Florida - $6,630,000 • Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement • Celebration, Florida $13,353,000 • Florida Hospital Winter Garden • Winter Garden, Florida - $45,000,000 • Kissimmee Bed Tower Addition and ED/CEP • Kissimmee, Florida - $41,000,000 • Apopka, ADA Renovations • Apopka, Florida - $1,800,000 • New Center for Diagnostic Pathology • Orlando, Florida - $9,600,000 • MRI Addition • Winter Park, Florida - $1,100,000 • 201 Park, Office Building Interior Renovation • Altamonte Springs, Florida $200,000 • Freestanding ED • Lake Mary, Florida - $6,200,000 ADVENTIST HEALTH SYSTEM • North Pinellas, Freestanding ED • Tarpon Springs, Florida $5,700,000 • Florida Hospital Tampa, Miscellaneous Additions/Renovations • Tampa, Florida - $13,000,000




In the early 1980’s, James started his career as a laborer and quickly worked his way up to Assistant Superintendent. Among the many roles that he has had the opportunity to play, James spent several years as Project Engineer, Estimator and now Senior Project Manager. James understands the importance of building a cohesive team during preconstruction and continuing the team environment through project closeout. As Senior Project Manager, James is responsible for overall strategic planning implementation, execution and client satisfaction of the project. Working closely with his team, he administers project progress throughout program duration, monitors the schedule and project cost status. James establishes and implements project document control, procedures, budgets, schedules and tracking mechanisms for contract documents as well as record documents and closeout documentation. REPRESENTATIVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE • •

Deaconess Hospital Gateway Master Facility Plan • Evansville, Indiana $123,000,000 Deaconess Hospital Main Campus Emergency Power Expansion • Evansville, Indiana - $52,000,000

Baptist Memorial Hospital, New Acute Care Hospital, MOB and CEP • Jonesboro, Arkansas - $182,000,000

Baptist Memorial Health Care, DeSoto Campus Bed Tower • Southaven, Mississippi - $106,000,000

Plaza Medical Center • El Paso, Texas - $10,500,000

Arlington Medical Center, MOB • Arlington, Texas - $4,800,000

Plano Medical Center NICU Expansion • Plano, Texas - $1,900,000

Sumner Regional Medical Center, Surgery, OR, ER Renovation & Addition • Gallatin, Tennessee - $6,000,000

Sumner Regional Medical Center • Gallatin, Tennessee - $14,000,000

Gateway Medical Center, Additions & Renovations • Clarksville, Tennessee $14,000,000

Parkwest Medical Center, Open Heart Addition & Imaging Center Addition • Knoxville, Tennessee - $2,300,000

Additional Experience •

First Tennessee Park, Nashville Sounds Baseball Stadium • Nashville, Tennessee - $37,000,000

HCA Data Center, 4-Story Office Building • Nashville, Tennessee $24,000,000

One Nashville Plaza, 24-Story Office Building • Nashville, Tennessee $50,000,000

HCA, 125,000 SF Office Building • Nashville, Tennessee - $12,00,000

Sterick Building • Memphis, Tennessee - $2,300,000


VICE PRESIDENT, PRECONSTRUCTION DIRECTOR A veteran Florida healthcare preconstruction executive, Chris will lead our preconstruction team in establishing budgets and analyzing various building systems and components from early conceptual budgeting through final preparation of the GMP. He will direct and coordinate the entire estimating effort with specific responsibility for all architectural tradework. He will attend meetings held for the purpose of discussing cost issues and serve as liaison with the project architect. During construction Chris participates in the bid and award process. He assists the project manager in setting up the project cost control and reporting systems. He also assembles estimates as required for changes to the documents during construction. EDUCATION & REGISTRATIONS Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering University of Florida Master of Science Construction Engineering and Management University of Florida


Roosevelt Warm Springs Inpatient Rehabilitation & LTAC Renovations • Warm Springs, Georgia - $16,900,000


Wellness Campus of the Future • Valrico, Florida - $35,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, New South Hospital • Riverview, Florida - $130,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, New South MOB • Riverview, Florida - $6,500,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Women’s NICU • Tampa, Florida -$50,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, New North Hospital • Lutz, Florida - $142,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Heart Institute Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $45,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Interventional Radiation Care Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $20,000,000

St. Anthony’s Hospital, Suncoast Clinic MOB with 100% build-out • St Petersburg, Fl - $16,500,000

St. Anthony’s Hospital, OR Addition/Renovation • St. Petersburg, Florida - $20,000,000


North Pinellas, Freestanding ED • Tarpon Springs, Florida $5,700,000

Florida Hospital Tampa, Miscellaneous Additions/Renovations • Tampa, Florida - $13,000,000

TAMPA GENERAL HOSPITAL • 7F Patient Floor Renovations • Tampa, Florida - $3,500,000 • West Pavilion Entry Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $3,000,000 FLORIDA HOSPITAL •

FH East Orlando, Additions and Renovations • Orlando, Florida - $6,630,000

Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement • Celebration, Florida - $13,353,000

Florida Hospital Winter Garden • Winter Garden, Florida - $45,000,000

Kissimmee Bed Tower Addition and ED/CEP • Kissimmee, Florida - $41,000,000

Apopka, ADA Renovations • Apopka, Florida - $1,800,000

New Center for Diagnostic Pathology • Orlando, Florida - $9,600,000

• MRI Addition • Winter Park, Florida - $1,100,000 •

201 Park, Office Building Interior Renovation • Altamonte



Throughout his 15-years in the construction industry, Chris has gained handson experience ranging from Field Supervision to Project Management roles enabling him to become proficient in all aspects of the construction process. Although a native of Nashville, Middle Tennessee, during his career, Chris has worked in 15 states. He has successfully managed projects in a range of markets including Healthcare, Mixed Use, Military, Historic Renovations and Higher Education. During this time Chris has been involved with over $1 billion of completed work.

EDUCATION & REGISTRATIONS Bachelor of Science Murray State University Civil Engineering Technology

Though multi-faceted, Chris’ passion has landed in Preconstruction Services. He enjoys working with clients during the early phases of a project to help manage the design and budget, resulting in being able to ensure project’s success. For the Nashville office, Chris will lead the Preconstruction efforts including all levels of budgeting, Value Engineering and initial subcontractor communications on projects. REPRESENTATIVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE

Licensed General Contractor Evansville, Indiana

• •

Deaconess Health System, Gateway Campus Master Plan • Evansville, Indiana$125,000,000 Deaconess Gateway Hospital Additions & Renovations • Evansville, Indiana St. Lukes Hospital - Monroe Campus • Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Mercy Hospital Renovations and Upgrades • Miami, Florida

Value Engineering MOD

Osceola Regoinal Medical Center - Bed Tower Addition • Kissimmee, Florida

Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels

Rockingham Memorial Hospital free-Standing Replacement Facility • Harrisonburg, Virginia

Presbyterian Hospital of Denton Relacement Hospital • Denton, Texas

Nashville Chapter: ACE Mentoring Program

Emory John’s Creek Hospital 5-Story Acute Care Replacement Facility Johns Creek, Georgia

Kendall Regional Medical Center ED & ICU Expansion • Miami, Florida

Northwest Medical Center • Margate, Florida

Palms West Medical Center ED Expansion • Loxahatchee, Florida

West Marion Community Hospital New Sateliite Facility • Ocala, Florida

Northwest Medical Center – Oro Valley and MOB • Tuscon, Arizona

Columbia 45th Street Psychiatric & ED • West Palm Beach, Florida

StoneCrest Medical Center and MOB • Smyrna, Tennessee

Alta Vista Hospital Frees-Standing Facility • Las Vegas, New Mexico

River Regional Medical Center • Vicksburg, Mississippi

Wesley Medical Center ICU Addition & Renovation and LDRP Wichita, Kansas



As the Applied Technology Manager, Chris provides the necessary expertise to multiple project teams to utilize building information modeling, new and proven technology, and better processes to facilitate best practices and help to unify project workflow across the company. Chris’ management of the modeling information will begin at project conception and continue throughout the turnover of the project. In addition to using BIM and technology as an insurance for efficient scheduling, reduced change order costs, and enhanced communication, Chris’s contribution for the client & design to be able to make 3 dimensional decisions about their facility from design through construction greatly increases the value and functionality of the building(s) post construction. EDUCATION & REGISTRATIONS Bachelor of Science Building Construction Auburn University USGBC LEED® Accredited Professional, Barton Malow Company BIM Leadership Team

REPRESENTATIVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE BAYCARE HEALTH SYSTEM • Wellness Campus of the Future • Valrico, Florida - $35,000,000 •

St. Joseph’s Hospital, New South Hospital • Riverview, Florida - $130,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, New South MOB • Riverview, Florida - $6,500,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Women’s NICU • Tampa, Florida - $50,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, New North Hospital • Lutz, Florida - $142,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Heart Institute Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $45,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Interventional Radiation Care Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $20,000,000

St. Anthony’s Hospital, Suncoast Clinic MOB with 100% build-out • St Petersburg, Fl - $16,500,000

St. Anthony’s Hospital, OR Addition/Renovation • St. Petersburg, Florida - $20,000,000

ADVENTIST HEALTH SYSTEM • North Pinellas, Freestanding ED • Tarpon Springs, Florida -$5,700,000 •

• Florida Hospital Tampa, Miscellaneous Additions/Renovations • Tampa, Florida - $13,000,000

FLORIDA HOSPITAL • FH East Orlando, Additions and Renovations • Orlando, Florida - $6,630,000 • Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement • Celebration, Florida - $13,353,000 •

Florida Hospital Winter Garden • Winter Garden, Florida - $45,000,000

Kissimmee Bed Tower Addition and ED/CEP • Kissimmee, Florida - $41,000,000

Apopka, ADA Renovations • Apopka, Florida - $1,800,000

Tampa General Hospital • West Pavilion Entry Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $3,000,000

Tampa General Hospital • 7F Patient Floor Renovations • Tampa, Florida - $3,500,000



As the Project Manager, Adam provides overall administrative and technical direction for projects. Adam excels at fostering a sense of community and establishing team relationships, administering progress throughout program duration and managing costs and schedules while overseeing total construction efforts. Adam has a solid background in all aspects of construction management, being involved at various levels in multiple healthcare, data center, and higher education projects and a series of smaller projects. Strengths include technical aspects of construction including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

EDUCATION & REGISTRATIONS Iowa State University, Bachelor of Science Construction Engineering OSHA 10/30 Certified ASHE Certified Healthcare Constructor LEED Accredited Professional


Roosevelt Warm Springs Inpatient Rehabilitation & LTAC Renovations • Warm Springs, Georgia - $16,900,000

Pre Barton Malow Experience: •

Summit Medical Center - $16,500,000

Aspen Medical Center - $18,500,000

UNC Pembroke Nursing and Health Professions Building- $16,000,000

CATS Contract C Parking Deck - $4,500,000

3M Decatur PTA Projects - $3,500,000

Merck Pharmaceuticals Charlotte Technology Center - $22,000,000

Scotland Memorial Hospital Emergency Department Addition/Renovation, Oncology Department Addition/Renovation, 3rd Floor Renovation - $7,500,000

Gaston Memorial Hospital Various Patient Tower Remodels - $2,000,000

Moore Regional Hospital Helipad and Interior Renovations and Remodels - $1,000,000

Mayo Clinic Gonda Building – Medical Office Building - $400,000,000

Carolinas Medical Center Central Energy Plant - $46,000,000



EDUCATION & REGISTRATIONS Bachelor of Science, Building Construction Auburn University OSHA 30-Hour Certified

In the early 1980’s, James started his career as a laborer and quickly worked his way up to Assistant Superintendent. Among the many roles that he has had the opportunity to play, James spent several years as Project Engineer, Estimator and now Senior Project Manager. James understands the importance of building a cohesive team during preconstruction and continuing the team environment through project closeout. As Senior Project Manager, James is responsible for overall strategic planning implementation, execution and client satisfaction of the project. Working closely with his team, he administers project progress throughout program duration, monitors the schedule and project cost status. James establishes and implements project document control, procedures, budgets, schedules and tracking mechanisms for contract documents as well as record documents and closeout documentation. REPRESENTATIVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE BAYCARE HEALTH SYSTEM • Wellness Campus of the Future • Valrico, Florida - $35,000,000 •

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Women’s NICU • Tampa, Florida - $50,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, New North Hospital • Lutz, Florida - $142,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Heart Institute Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $45,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Interventional Radiation Care Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $20,000,000

St. Anthony’s Hospital, OR Addition/Renovation • St. Petersburg, Florida - $20,000,000


Florida Hospital Winter Garden • Winter Garden, Florida - $45,000,000


Emergency Department Renovation • Davenport, Florida - $2,300,000

2nd & 3rd Floor Addition • Davenport, Florida - $4,200,000 Lehigh Acres


Charlotte Regional Medical Center • Punta Gorda, Florida - $325,00

• Charlotte Regional Medical Center • Punta Gorda, Florida - $2,126,000 LEIGH ACRES • Emergency Department Renovation • Leigh Acres, Florida - $900,000 BAYFRONT MEDICAL CENTER • Surgery Expansion • St. Petersburgh, Florida - $21,500,000



As Project Manager, Jeff is responsible for the daily management, supervision, coordination and successful completion of construction projects to meet time and cost objectives with respect to contracting, scheduling, estimating, bidding and contract administration functions.

EDUCATION & REGISTRATIONS Murray State University, Bachelor’s of Science Degree, Civil Engineering Technology with a Construction Option Association of Builders and Contractors Associated General Contractors


Deaconess Health System, Gateway Campus Master Plan • Evansville, Indiana - $125,000,000

Skyline Medical Center and Medical Plaza • Nashville, Tennessee $75,500,000

Holmes Regional Medical Center • Melbourne, Florida - $92,000,000

Palm Bay Community Hospital • Palm Bay, Florida - $47,000,000

Viera Hospital • Viera, Florida - $97,000,000

Baptist Hospital of Miami, Parking Structure #5 • Miami, Florida - $11,800,000

Osceola Regional Hospital, Critical Care Tower • Kissimmee, Florida $27,000,000

JFK Medical Center, Additions and Renovations • Atlantis, Florida $44,200,000

West Marion Community Hospital, New Satellite Facility • Ocala, Florida $27,000,000



As Project Manager, Crystal provides overall administrative and technical direction for the project. She will foster a sense of community and establish team relationships, administer progress throughout program duration and manage costs and schedules while overseeing the total construction effort. She will ensure budget, schedule and safety policy adherence and ensure all company policies and standards are followed. Crystal will interface with site representatives, the architect, and contractors, provide direction on planning, engineering, accounting functions and continually review all areas of work to ensure the most cost effective method of operations.

EDUCATION & REGISTRATIONS Juris Doctor, Nashville School of Law Ranked Top 15 in Class Bachelor of Science, cum laude, in Engineering Science with Business Minor, Lipscomb University – Nashville TN

Crystal’s has 14 years experience in healthcare construction. She has a long history working with Project Executive, James Dushek and Preconstruction Leader, Chris Chatman on Deaconess Healthcare projects. REPRESENTATIVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE •

Deaconess Health System, Gateway Campus Master Plan • Evansville, In $125,000,000

Sky Ridge Medical Center OR Expansion Lone Tree, Colorado

Centennial Medical Center – 3rd Floor BMT/Oncology Nashville, Tennessee

Baptist Memorial Health Care – DeSoto Campus Bed Tower Southaven, Mississippi

Skyline Medical Center and Medical Plaza Nashville, Tennessee



Steve’s outstanding technical knowledge is matched by his ability to motivate subcontractors to meet demanding schedules at a high level of quality. He is expert at coordinating work on occupied sites, supporting owner operations. Steve provides the first line of trade supervision and provides leadership in an oversight capacity to the entire project and project superintendents. He will negotiate change orders and budgets in conjunction with the project managers, while planning, implementing, and sequencing construction activities and maintaining quality of performance and productivity.


OSHA 30-Hour Certified

REPRESENTATIVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE BAYCARE HEALTH SYSTEM • Wellness Campus of the Future • Valrico, Florida - $35,000,000 •

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Women’s NICU • Tampa, Florida - $50,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, New North Hospital • Lutz, Florida - $142,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Heart Institute Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $45,000,000

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Interventional Radiation Care Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $20,000,000 • St. Anthony’s Hospital, OR Addition/Renovation • St. Petersburg, Florida - $20,000,000 FLORIDA HOSPITAL •

FH East Orlando, Additions and Renovations • Orlando, Florida - $6,630,000

New Center for Diagnostic Pathology • Orlando, Florida - $9,600,000

MRI Addition • Winter Park, Florida - $1,100,000


7F Patient Floor Renovations • Tampa, Florida - $3,500,000

West Pavilion Entry Renovation • Tampa, Florida - $3,000,000


Downtown Campus Renovations • Naples, Florida


Surgery Expansion • St. Petersburg, Florida - $21,000,00

KINDRED HEALTHCARE • Long Term Care Facility Renovation & Expansion • Fort Lauderdale - $10,000,000 HUMANA HOSPITAL •

LDR, CCU, OP Surgery Renovation and Psych Addition • Fort Walton Beach, Florida - $9,600,000


New Putnam Ambulatory Surgical Center • Palatka, Florida - $3,000,000


SENIOR SUPERINTENDENT Tim has 20 years of experience in the commercial construction business. He brings expertise in the construction of healthcare facilities. His healthcare knowledge includes infection control and assessing and maintaining permits associated with these projects.


Roosevelt Warm Springs Inpatient Rehabilitation & LTAC Renovations • Warm Springs, Georgia - $16,900,000

GSFIC, New Construction Technical College • Ringgold, Georgia, $ 10,150,000


Lakewood Ranch Medical Center OR Renovations • Evansville, Florida

BMO Harris Private Bank • Naples, Florida

Manatee Memorial Heart Center • Bradenton, Florida

Delray Medical Center • Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Medical Center O.R. Addition • Delray Beach, Florida



Mike’s more than 23 years in the construction industry has gained him the technical and personal skills to get the most from his project team and earn their respect. His presence is a magnet for the most desirable trades in the region. Mike’s outstanding dedication to infection control, safety and quality control is matched by his success in achieving time and budget goals. He excels at working with architects, owners and project managers. He is an expert at coordinating work on occupied sites and supporting owner operations. As Senior Superintendent, Mike provides the first line of trade supervision and will provide leadership to the entire project field team. REPRESENTATIVE PROJECT EXPERIENCE EDUCATION & REGISTRATIONS

Deaconess Health System, Gateway Campus Master Plan • Evansville, Indiana - $125,000,000

Central-9 Vocational School Building Trades Whiteland, Indiana

Baptist Memorial Healthcare Additions & Renovations to three campuses • Memphis, Tennessee - $500,000,000

Gateway Medical Center, Additions & Renovations • Clarksville, Tennessee - $14,000,000

Sumner Regional Medical Center, Surgery, OR, ER Renovation & Addition • Gallatin, Tennessee - $6,000,000

Baptist Memorial Hospital, New Acute Care Hospital, MOB and CEP • Jonesboro, Arkansas - $182,000,000

New Lakeway Regional Medical Center • Lakeway, Texas $94,000,000

Swedish Medical Center, Vertical Expansion • Englewood, Colorado $59,000,000

Swedish Medical Center, Level 1 Trauma Center and Emergency Renovation • Englewood, Colorado - $3,200,000

Sky Ridge Medical Center, New Hospital • Lone Tree, Colorado $9,100,000

Sky Ridge Medical Center, ICU Addition • Lone Tree, Colorado $88,000,000

HealthPark Medical Center, Lee Memorial Hospital Vertical and Horizontal Expansion • Fort Myers, Florida - $55,600,000

J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital • Hunnington, Pennsylvania - $19,000,000

St. Francis’ Hospital • Charleston, North Carolina - $5,000,000

First Tennessee Park, Home of the Nashville Sounds • Nashville, Tennessee - $37,000,000

Association of Builders and Contractors Association of General Contractors



Terry brings more than 25 years of relevant construction industry experience. He has spent his entire career working on complex and challenging projects within a variety of markets. Terry was among the team to lead one of the biggest medical facilities in the nation at the University Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. He recently completed the iconic redevelopment at the Daytona International Speedway and UCF’s Health Center Addition project. He is currently wrapping up his responsibilities at Mako for SeaWorld, coined as Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster. Terry’s wealth of expertise will be instrumental in the successful completion of the UCF Student Union Expansion project.



Masonry Trade School

University of Central Florida, Health Center Addition, Orlando FL

University of Central Florida, Knight’s Plaza, Orlando FL

Daytona International Speedway, DAYTONA Rising, Daytona Beach, FL

University of Florida, Chemistry Lab 323 Project, Site and Logistics Planning, Gainesville FL

University of Florida, Chemistry Lab 323 Project, Underground Utilities Install, Gainesville FL

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Mako Roller Coaster, Orlando, FL

Rollins College, Annie Russell Theater Addition, Orlando, FL

Gainesville Regional Utility East Campus, LEED Silver, Gainsville, FL

Shands Cancer Hospital, Medical Center (Included Basement and Tunnel Under Major State Road), LEED Gold

ABC Apprenticeship (HVAC) Injury Free Environment OSHA 10 Hour First AID/CPR State of Florida Mechanical Inspector State of Florida Uniform Building Code (UCBI)

pre•construction Barton Malow’s preconstruction process is focused on incorporating all project team members into the project planning, design, procurement, fabrication, and implementation aspects of the project, including the Owner’s entire project team and the Design Professional. Our approach establishes a collaborative project team empowered to make decisions utilizing BIM technology to develop and model design, engineering, and coordination of all systems. Our approach to cost estimating is to provide highly accurate, detailed information necessary to maximize the value of the investment for each project while ensuring that projects remain within the stated budget. Using a staff of estimators and engineers who specialize in healthcare facilities, the latest in technology, and the cost modeling process, we provide information needed by all stakeholders to make timely, informed decisions on all matters affecting the budget. As a national leader in construction of healthcare facilities, Barton Malow has the experience, personnel, and processes necessary to support this approach.

That Can’t Go There

BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING FOR CLASH DETECTION BIM combines the design work from the architect, engineers and trades to build a threedimensional virtual model of the building, which previews potential problems in the construction of the building. In the past, these problems have only become evident at the time of actual construction. For example, electrical conduit design may indicate the conduit passing through duct work. Clash detection work with the 3D model reveals these conflicts so they can be re-designed and resolved before building begins, saving time and money in the field. On-staff BIM experts work closely with our project teams to perform preliminary clash detection analysis to coordinate the various trades. Barton Malow is an industry leader in the development and application of BIM. Barton Malow personnel coauthored The Contractor’s Guide to BIM, published by the Associated General Contractors of America. In addition to 39 preconstruction specialists (estimators, constructability review, scheduling, and planning personnel), Barton Malow has a full-time staff of eight BIM modelers.


We understand that as facilities are enhanced, Owners sometimes want to create a buzz in the community. We are always happy to partner with your Public Relations Department or to work together in developing a social media campaign. We have partnered with a number of our clients to various degrees on the promotion of their new facilities. What better way to keep your new neighbors informed than through social media outlets? Barton Malow is available and willing to maintain a Facebook page to keep the community informed on the design and construction progress of your project. Working closely with you and the design team, we maintain a regularly updated page dedicated solely to your project. News shared on the page would include design images, construction milestones, event announcements, progress videos and various other pertinent information. Another opportunity for promotion is for the Barton Malow Marketing Team to provide information for platforms that you already maintain such as a project specific Facebook Page. Barton Malow’s Marketing Team will provide regular communications based on the project schedule in the form of photography, video, tweets, etc. Our marketing team currently maintains various social media channels and covers an array of projects throughout the organization.

ON THE GO Our team implements an array of mobile technologies on our projects. Each technology is aimed at addressing a number of management challenges in an efficient manner, all while ensuring connectivity with document systems, both on and off of the project site. All project team members are provided with a mobile device, (iPad or tablet pc) that can be used out in the field. This will save time from having to come back to the office to send emails or to contact subcontractors. These devices will contain all of the relevant project information including. Prolog Mobile allows us to enter RFI’s, daily reports, corrective action notices, safety notices, etc. from an iPad or Windows 8 tablet. Having this technology in the field allows individuals to make quick decisions of any possible conflicts, saving time in the schedule as well as costs for changes in the field. They are also able to access all of the approved submittals which helps maintain quality. Each of these tablets is equipped with a camera that can be used to take progress photos as well as to document any issues.

innovative •

PAPERLESS JOBSITES BARTON MALOW BELIEVES THAT PROPER DOCUMENTATION AND TIMELY EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION BETWEEN TEAM MEMBERS IS ONE OF THE KEYS TO PROJECT SUCCESS. The objective of our document management strategy is to create document content once, store it centrally where it is accessible to everyone with access rights, and package and distribute content in a way that is most meaningful to users. To achieve this objective, we have adapted a “paperless” document system that stores project information in readily accessible electronic files. These files reside on a cloudbased server which provides increased accessibility without sacrificing security. COLLABORATION PLATFORM Barton Malow utilizes Bluebeam for our document control and exchange system. This system allows all documents including drawings, submittals, specifications, test reports, and requests for information to be electronically and interactively linked together into a single platform.

VISIONING BOX Green thinking is everywhere, and Barton Malow is focused on contributing to the growing movement in paper reduction. Utilizing specialized software, a computer and a 60” monitor in an on-site work station, Barton Malow electronically displays the most complete and up-to-date construction documents for use by all on site workers. They have access to drawings, sketches, submittals, specifications, test reports and RFIs, all interactively linked together into a single platform. Each worker can reference our system either at the Visioning Box or on their own mobile devices. Additionally, through the BlueBeam in-depth set-up process, Barton Malow completes an in-depth review of every drawing and every detail, which helps us find mistakes before the first brick is laid. The use of our Visioning Box also reduces the overhead costs inherent in document reproduction, record storage and helping the environment by reducing the use of paper.

• technology & tools

LASER Scanning One of the most important first steps of any renovation project is to assess the conditions of the existing spaces. Barton Malow improves the speed and accuracy of this process by having our trained construction professionals implement the use of the Trimble SX10 laser scanning equipment. 3d Laser Scans allow our crews to capture both high-accuracy total station measurements and true highspeed 3D scans together in a single instrument providing a higher level of accuracy and measurement performance than ever before. The complete integration of the 3D laser scan information with design software enable familiar and efficient survey workflows to get our crews and your designers up and running fast. This new, versatile solution is capable of collecting any combination of high-density 3D scan data, enhanced Trimble VISION imaging, and high-accuracy total station data, allowing us to capture exactly what we need, saving time and money on any project.

3D MODELING Once we have an accurate assessment of the existing conditions, we can further leverage technology by producing our shop fabrication drawings in 3D modeling software. This increased level of accuracy enables our trade contractors to prefabricate and preassembly larger building components and equipment offsite with the confidence that fit once it is delivered. This increased level of prefabrication in the shop rather than in the field increases the level of quality, reduces the cost, reduces the construction schedule and improves safety.


Bluebeam Studio takes online collaboration to a new level. BlueBeam Revu users can add markups to the same PDF document together in real-time using Studio Sessions, or individually at any time while the Session is active. All markup activity is tracked in the Record that conveniently links back to the Session PDFs, and a built-in chat feature aids communication during the collaboration Session. When implemented into the Shop Drawing review process, BlueBeam Studio enables the architect, engineers, consultants and Barton Malow to review the submittals simultaneously and to reduce the overall review substantially while still providing all team members adequate time to review it. BlueBeam Studio is a high-power, yet low-cost computer software program that is easy to learn and powerful to expedite a wide variety of review and approval processes.


The transfer of information has never been quicker or more important and we have developed a customized cloud-based storage solution that makes working with coworkers, clients and partners simpler. With BOX, not only can we securely share files, we can also create, edit and review documents with others in real-time from anywhere, on any device. From simplifying how you manage your content to empowering global teams, Box helps us and our partners work smarter and faster than ever before. We also have the ability to protect files wherever we go with centralized security controls and reporting, customer-managed encryption, rights management and mobile security. Our team will keep all the project documents on a secured cloud based storage system to ensure that all stakeholders STAY on the same page throughout the design and construction process. All design details are hyperlinked on the drawings to ensure the critical design information is at everyone’s fingertips. The benefit for Northeast Georgia Health System is that you have the ability to initiate design changes during the construction process with the confidence that the change will be made in the field without costly re-work because a craftsman was working from an older version of the documents.

Maximize Value | Minimize Waste

BUILDING LEAN Long before LEAN became a buzzword in the construction industry, Barton Malow was implementing LEAN principles to improve ourselves, streamlining our processes, incorporating best practices and establishing a comprehensive continuous improvement program during our ISO 9000 certification process in the late 90’s. We understand the benefit of incorporating input from front line workers to eliminate redundancies and as a result, improve outcomes. On every project, we constantly challenge ourselves: why are we doing this task this way? Is this what’s best for the project and ultimately for the client? Can we improve the process to achieve better productivity, decrease cost or improve schedule? We have committed significant resources to attract and develop teams that establish communication, accountability, and trust while leveraging the benefits of Lean principles, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), sustainable construction, and Building Information Modeling (BIM). A LEAN Scheduling Technique Barton Malow applies the approach of Pull Planning to establish the baseline preconstruction schedule. Pull Planning has been proven to improve performance and workflow, which benefits the entire project. It allows all team members to participate in a collaborative process and ensure that all activities are discussed and included on the schedule. By using this method all members of the team have “skin” in the game and are more involved in the overall scheduling process from preconstruction to closeout. By developing a plan with corresponding milestones to accomplish a completed project, our project team is able to establish short-term goals to attain and pull out the step-by-step path of achieving the project goals. This improves the clarity of information and ensures there are sufficient operatives. Members of the project team including architect, owner, CM, Civil, Structural and MEP disciplines are all assembled for a one-day work session to establish the overall detailed preconstruction schedule. An experienced schedule facilitator from Barton Malow leads the work session to “pull” the information from the team and to assemble the schedule graphically. This process of building the schedule as a team has several benefits:

Maximum buy-in from team members.

• Better mutual understanding of one another’s individual challenges. •

Creates a sense of teamwork.

Identification of previously unknown schedule challenges.

• Forces team members to truly think through the whole process. •

Allows for a deeper discussion on schedule challenges.

Establishes a true sense of ownership of the schedule components amongst the project team.

The ultimate result of the “Pull” Preconstruction process is a day-byday, detailed calendar of the events required to manage a successful preconstruction process.

SELF-PERFORM CAPABILITIES Barton Malow believes that self-performing heavy civil and concrete work on our projects offers benefits through cost savings and enhanced schedule performance. Barton Malow delivers exceptional value in large part due to our ability to complete work with our own forces. Selfperforming on our projects allows us to control every aspect – from preconstruction to punchlist. By utilizing our own skilled trades, we have the resources to meet the demands of our clients, regardless of project size or market conditions. Our team’s depth of experience gives us the ability to customize your project schedule while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety standards. In addition to our national self perform strength, Barton Malow employs over 70 hourly paid craftsmen in our Southeast Region operations, self performing heavy civil and concrete work. This team of hourly craft workers is managed and supported by a full time staff of Project Managers, superintendents, safety managers, layout engineers, estimators and administrative staff who are all experienced with this type of work. In addition to the experienced labor and management force that is in place to support our Southeast Region self-perform operations, Barton Malow also has an extensive equipment fleet available to support our projects.

SAFETY ZERO TOLERANCE FOR UNSAFE ACTS OR CONDITIONS Each day Barton Malow builds people, projects and communities with the goal of sending every worker home unharmed and satisfied with a job well done. Building safe without exception is our commitment and it’s embedded in our values of integrity, partnership and empowerment. Safety is formally part of our corporate quality program and ISO certification, and, as such is spelled out step by step in our safety manual, including directions and expectations to the subcontracting community adapted for each project and distributed as part of the bid scope documents. Every individual on a Barton Malow job site is charged with maintaining vigilance when it comes to safe work practices. Together we work each day to provide a safer work environment through pre-task planning, workforce engagement, and standards that go above and beyond OSHA requirements.


Every. Single. Project. Every. Single. Time.

LOCAL PARTICIPATION Barton Malow is a national firm with extensive experience working in communities where our clients desire to integrate local businesses to the maximum level. New healthcare projects are extremely important parts of the fabric of local communities, and we understand the importance of utilizing local services and contractors wherever possible. It is a specific goal of our team to provide as many opportunities as possible to the local market. We typically hold outreach events to find the most qualified trade contractors in your market. We put forth efforts to create an excitement about the upcoming project within the local trade community by attending local ABC meetings, reaching out to the rotary club and chamber of commerce as well as visiting other active construction sites nearby.

In instances when a local subcontractor market is considered weak or substandard, the larger market subs make the effort to travel the distance to do the project, however they will still use the local workforce for the project. Essentially management, supervision and coordination is led by the larger market players with the actual work being put in place by the local workforce. Based on our long-term relationships with qualified and experienced hospital subcontractors we are able to call upon supplemental forces from these companies to mobilize in the event that there is a lack of quality control or any schedule issues due to inexperience or failure to perform. Another important factor of local participation is not just hiring locally, but also being a supporter of local causes in your community. As we have done in other communities where we work, we will become present in the local market with many charitable firms and foundations.

WORKING ON ACTIVE CAMPUSES AND OCCUPIED SITES When working in and around occupied spaces in an operating hospital, you must first understand the facilities protocols and procedures, then adapt them into the construction teams’ protocols and procedures to ensure a safe environment for staff, patients and workers. As seasoned healthcare professionals, our teams are accustomed to working through these procedures on complex building programs where the operational needs of the owner necessitates that we develop and implement phased construction, often in occupied buildings. We have experience in sequential demolitions and renovations, and renovations in occupied space – the most difficult phasing because it requires completing work on a room-by-room basis without interfering with the operations of hospital departments.

They fully understand the business of healthcare and the impact renovation and modernization activities have on patient safety, infection control, fire and life safety, utility interruption planning and; mitigation, security and work place safety. Barton Malow team members have a deep understanding of healthcare protocol such as utility shutdowns, noise control, phasing second and third shift scheduling. Once on board, we develop a site logistics and safety plan that will address a secure lay down area with a guard at the gate with just in time delivery. We will provide a carefully controlled system to get materials into the building; will provide overhead protection and cordon off areas to keep patients, visitors and staff safe. A 3D logistical model will be a key tool in the communication of this process.


PROTECTING THE VULNERABLE Barton Malow understands the critical importance of strictly enforced infection control procedures. Infections cause extra days in the hospital and lead to higher costs for patients and their families. Infections can cause pain, suffering and in the worst cases, death can occur. Some patients are at higher risk for infections, such as surgical patients, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and premature infants. Our staff understands the many and varied ways that infections can be created during construction, especially during renovations on active campuses. Barton Malow Safety Directors plan, supervise and administer ICRA programs in compliance with corporate policies and procedures.

They provide training, educational materials and support of healthcare projects for ICRA regulations and initiatives. ICRA assessments are done at every major phase of every project. ICRA requirements are included with the bid packaging and made a part of each subcontract. ICRA measures are inspected and enforced throughout the life of the project. Just as Barton Malow places a very high value on sending every worker home safely every day, we are dedicated to protecting those made vulnerable by disease or circumstance.


From schedule, to quality of work, to safety, these individuals will do what they say they are going to do. We have had a high degree of satisfaction.� Mohammad Alai, Project Manager Florida Hospital Office of Design & Construction



OUR HEALTHCARE PORTFOLIO DEMONSTRATES A DEEP UNDERSTANDING OF THE PARTICULAR DEMANDS AND CONSIDERATIONS INHERENT IN HEALTHCARE CONSTRUCTION, whether a greenfield hospital or a complex and intricate renovation on an occupied campus. In the last 10 years alone, Barton Malow has completed over $5 billion in community wellness and healthcare projects. Barton Malow’s Southeast Region is supported by a highly skilled and experienced team of healthcare builders. It takes a special talent and meticulous work ethic to construct healthcare facilities. There are many things to factor in occupied campuses, patient care, visitors and staff, infection control, vibration, site safety, med gases - these are just the tip of the iceberg. The construction of healthcare facilities is one of the toughest forms in our industry.

St. John Health System / Providence Park Hospital Expansion Novi, Michigan






Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Center Joliet, IL

Pediatric Health and Community Wellness Center


Joliet Community Health Center


Banner Desert Medical Mesa, AZ

Preconstruction Services


Radiology Room 11 and Angio Bi-Plane Suite


BayCare Health System St. Joseph’s Hospital Main Campus Tampa, FL

Interventional Radiation Care - 46,000 SF Renovation /Addition


Heart Institute - 35,600 SF (New) / 95,000 SF (Renovations)


149,000 SF New Women’s Hospital & NICU


BayCare Health System St. Joseph’s Hospital South Riverview, FL

St. Joseph’s Hospital South New 42,000 SF MOB


St. Joseph’s Hospital South - 350,000 SF Greenfield Acute Care Hospital


Bon Secours - St. Francis Xavier Greenville, SC

Replacement Hospital & Medical Office Buildings


Central Michigan University East Campus Saginaw, MI

Educational Facilities at St. Mary’s & Covenant Hospitals


Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA

Clinical Services Building - Ten-story building, 260 beds


Cleveland Memorial Hospital Shelby, NC

Patient Tower and Renovation


Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO

Suzanne & Walter Scott, Jr. Bioengineering Building


Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Milwaukee, WI

Replacement Hospital and Renovations 700,000 SF


Cancer Center & Water Tower Commons 40,000 SF


Interiors New Hospital


Exterior Framework for New Hospital




Crittenton Cancer Center Rochester, MI

New Cancer Center - 30,000 SF on 3-acre site Crittenton Doctor’s Office Addition

VALUE $14,700,000 $3,000,000

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center Rochester, MI

Additions and Renovations


Cornerstone South Bed Tower - New 87bed, 6-story South Bed Tower addition


Cumberland County Health System Cape Fear Valley Medical Center Fayetteville, NC

Patient Services Tower


Cape Fear Hospital Renovations


Detroit Medical Center Detroit, MI

Children’s Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center - Detroit


Children’s Hospital of Michigan - Critical Care Tower


Florida Hospital Apopka Apopka, FL

Apopka ADA Renovation

Florida Hospital Celebration Celebration, FL

Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement - 50,000 SF, 2-story building

Florida Hospital East Orlando, FL

East Hospital Cancer Center Renovation Dialysis, PCU, Surgery Renovations


Florida Hospital Kissimmee Kissimmee, FL

Kissimmee - New Patient Tower, ED Expansion/Renovation


Florida Hospital Winter Garden Winter Garden, FL

Florida Hospital Winter Garden - 125,000 SF, greenfield hospital


Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, MD

Maryland General Hospital Central Care Expansion


McLaren Healthcare Corporation Flint, MI

Proton Treatment Center Addition 15,000 SF


McLeod Regional Medical Center Florence, SC

Women’s Pavilion


Medical Office Building


Memorial Hospital at Easton Easton, MD

Memorial Hospital at Easton


Peninsula Regional Medical Center Salisbury, Maryland

$1,800,000 $13,353,836


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, East Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Michigan State University East Lansing, MI

Facilities for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB)

Munson Medical Center Traverse City, MI

North Tower, Cancer Center and Parking Structure

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus, OH

Multi-Floor Phased Renovation

Ohio State University / Ross Heart Hospital Columbus, OH

Vertical Two Story Expansion Electrophysiology Lab Expansion


Peninsula Regional Medical Center Salisbury, MD

3rd Floor Cancer Center Completion


Pennsylvania State University University Park, Pennsylvania

South Frear / Mueller / Whitmore Lab Renovations

Providence Park Hospital Novi, MI

Interiors Work for Providence Park Hospital Expansion

Scottsdale Healthcare Scottsdale, AZ

PICU & Dialysis Renovation of 6,100 SF Hybrid OR, 48-Bed Peranesthesia & Waiting Room Expansion

VALUE $140,000,000 $70,000,000 $3,500,000 $24,300,000

$56,000,000 $3,625,000 $720,000 $6,682,998

Bridge Tower /28-Bed Bridge Tower Addition


St. Anthony’s Hospital St. Petersburg, FL

Suncoast Clinic Medical Office Building


800-Vehicle Parking Garage


St. John Providence Health System Dearborn, MI

Ambulatory Care Center 8 Treatment Rooms Providence Park Expansion Program Six-floor inpatient tower; 200 beds Renovation and Expansion

St. Joseph Mercy Health System Ypsilanti, MI

$7,000,000 $241,000,000 $4,000,000

Ambulatory Surgery Facility -2-story addition to existing surgery pavilion


Oakland Hospital South Patient Tower


St. Mary Mercy Hospital Livonia, MI

Interiors Work at St. Mary Mercy Hospital


Tampa General Hospital Tampa, FL

7F Patient Floor Renovations


West Pavilion Entry Renovation


The Ohio State University Columbus, OH

Wexner Medical Center Expansion - Interiors


University of Maryland Baltimore Baltimore, MD

Coppin State University, Science and Technology Center




University of Maryland Medical Center Baltimore, MD

Adult Hybrid O/R, Pediatric Surgery, Pharmacy NICU Replacement - 52 single private rooms Materials Management and Logistics Loading Dock Reconstruction

University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

VALUE $2,089,963 $12,000,000 $54,00,905

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital & Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital


C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital Replacement Shell Space


C.S. Mott Hospital - IMRIS Intra-Operative Suite


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Pittsburgh, PA

UPMC East Hospital


University of Virginia Health System Charlottesville, VA

Doctor Suites Renovations


Virginia Commonwealth University Health System Richmond, VA

One Capitol Square, School of Public Health, Floors 6-9


Tenant Project


Emergency Department Renovations and Additions


Western Maryland Health System Cumberland, MD

Seven-story New Hospital, 275-beds


William Beaumont Hospital

Second Floor Renovation


500,000 SF Addition and Renovations

St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital NICU Tampa, Florida


3rd Floor OB Renovation/Expansion


West Bed Tower


PACU Renovation


Interiors Emergency Center & Critical Care Tower


Interiors Troy West Bed Tower



St. Joseph’s Hospital Main Campus, Pediatric Emergency Department Tampa, Florida


CONSTRUCTING for the INNOCENT Barton Malow’s Children’s Hospital experience dates back half a century to 1967, when we broke ground on the original Children’s Hospital of Michigan. The pedigree we gained by that relationship served as a springboard to a focus in Children’s Hospital construction. From 14 building programs with Shriners Children’s Hospitals over a 20-year stretch, on to several of the largest and most high-profile Children’s Hospitals in the country, University of Pittsburgh and University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s and Women’s Hospitals, to the Level 3 NICU and Women’s Hospital for St. Joseph’s in Tampa, Florida. The experience and expertise gained over the past 50 years truly enables us to build the facilities Owner’s want, on time and on budget, with the end goal of putting kids’ needs first always at the forefront of our mind.



LONG-TIME REPEAT CUSTOMER Barton Malow has been building for the Shriners Hospitals for Children since 1986, becoming the organization’s primary contractor in 1994. We have completed 15 projects, and more than $600 million in construction.





Greenville, SC


120,000 SF


Minneapolis, MN


104,000 SF


Springfield, MA


105,000 SF


Cincinnati, OH


214,512 SF


Boston, MA


200,000 SF


Sacramento, CA


573,200 SF


Houston, TX


210,000 SF


Salt Lake City, UT


110,000 SF


Philadelphia, PA


355,000 SF


Erie, PA


50,000 SF


Erie, PA

OR Additions/Renovations

38,500 SF


Spokane, WA


89,140 SF


Spokane, WA




Chicago, IL


69,000 SF


St. Louis, MO

Relacement (precon only)

272,000 SF



Tampa, Florida

This project’s first phase encompassed the addition of a 125,000 square foot five-story patient tower–the new Women’s Hospital–which includes 24 dedicated private gynecology suites, mom and baby private patient suites, and a 64-bed NICU. The NICU features completely private rooms with bathrooms and accommodations for family overnight stays. After moving the NICU unit and administration into the new tower, the second phase of the project began with the demolition of the original front entrance of the women’s hospital, the old NICU, and administration space. A new entrance, waiting, support, administration and imaging spaces were then constructed. This project was an Affiliated Building Contractors Eagle Award winner for 2013.

125,000 SF / $50,000,000

The team was awarded more points for diverting more than 50% of construction waste, using 10% recycled content and for managing construction planning and implementation. The team achieved two more points than needed for Certification, which helped the project attain Silver certification. The team was also recognized for submitting LEED documentation that was unquestioned by USGBC, leading the architect to comment, “This is the first time that I have ever had ALL construction related credits pass on the first try, so a special congratulations to Chris and the Barton Malow team – fantastic job!” Barton Malow’s LEED effort was led by Chris Moore, LEED AP. He developed LEED templates that are in use by other construction teams throughout the company. The templates included ways to engage the subcontractors in the effort. LEED AP staff help the project team to set goals as a group, analyze the building and subcontractor markets, scope out the subcontractors in buyout and provide the Barton Malow LEED template which addresses LEED requirements, so the team is successful in getting the best information the first time and at the right time.

Silver Lining

St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital NICU is certified LEED silver. Some of the measures taken to achieve this rating were using over 40% regional material and the use of low-emitting materials — adhesives, sealants, paints, carpet and wood agrifiber.


1,100,000 SF / $410,000,000

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Women’s Hospital was comprised of five structures constructed throughout 1950 to 1990, the majority of which were at least 30 years old. The vision of the replacement hospital project was to provide a new, state-of-the-art inpatient facility for children and women, and also to provide shelled space in order to be flexible for expansion in the future. The new facility increases pediatric inpatient bed capacity, increases birthing capacity to allow 4,500 - 5,000 births annually, increases surgical capacity and improves parent and family accommodations creating an environment focused on family-centered care. Barton Malow constructed the new 775,000 SF inpatient facility including 11 levels with a basement. Levels 5 and 6 are dedicated mechanical floors. The new outpatient clinic facility with medical office spaces adds 225,000 SF to the new hospital including 10 levels with a basement. The basement houses the central plant for the complex and the rooftop provides cooling towers. Additional construction included demolition of the existing women’s office building, connections between buildings, improvements to the site parking structure, site improvements: utility reconfiguration, roadway reconfigurations, landscaping, steam tunnel and ductbank extensions, as well as a stormwater retention system and a rooftop helipad. This project is LEED Silver certified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

105,550 SF $43,000,000


The new Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Pediatric Specialty Center consolidates outpatient services in a flexible facility that emphasizes primary and preventative care for the Children’s Hospital. The five-level, 105,550 square foot facility includes a general pediatric clinic, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation clinic, and specialty clinics along with services such as labs, X-ray and immunization facilities, and physicians’ offices. Including over 86 examination rooms, 2 large therapy gymnasiums, 11 dialysis bays, 13 infusion bays, and a satellite pharmacy to service the children, the new Pediatric Specialty Center’s on-site amenities will be able to improve the overall experience by providing a more spacious, child and familyfriendly environment. Some of the environmentally-friendly features include low-flow faucets, high-performance water heaters and boilers systems, as well as the use of natural light and motion sensors. Porous exterior pavement also allows rain water to pass through the concrete and seep into the ground, reducing the load on storm sewer drains. The project is seeking LEED certification from the USGBC. The Center complements the existing campus and sets the pace for sustainable design. The facility relieves severe over-crowding at the Hospital and provides patients and their families with expansive clinic areas and a large surface parking lot. The new Pediatric Specialty Center is a reflection of the health system’s commitment to build and grow in the City of Detroit. Our team exceeded the 30% minority business participation goal and closed out the project at 41% participation. As part of the process, we held community outreach programs and two major events.

965,000 SF / $218,000,000


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Barton Malow constructed a new 10-story clinical services building, with 296 private room beds, 79 critical care beds, 20-bed emergency room and trauma center, and 13 operating suites. The project is LEED Silver certified. Additional features include a comfortable sleeping space for parents, data ports and internet access in each room, caregiver stations located closer to patient rooms, a playroom fully-equipped with toys, movies, games, and books, a 20,000 square foot Resource Center including an atrium, chapel, library, healing garden, and business center. The two-story atrium area is designed to feature movies and group activities. Other features include directional signs and electronic messaging boards, a wide variety of food service options in a spacious cafeteria, room service style patient food services, a gift shop in main lobby, ample, convenient parking, and outdoor garden areas adjacent to the cafeteria. This project was awarded the 2009 Building Excellence Award for Best New Construction over $10 Million by the Master Builders Association of Western Pennsylvania.

SPECIALTY EXPERIENCE St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, Radiology Department Tampa, Florida



Rochester Hills, Michigan

Built on a three-acre site, the 30,000 square foot facility is comprised of radiation oncology, radiology including a CT simulator, two linear accelerator vaults (with one shelled for future use), and supporting lab and office spaces. The oncology treatment area houses eight infusion bays and two private rooms, all with a view of a magnificent healing garden.

30,000 SF / $14,700,000


ONCOLOGY CENTER OF EXCELLENCE This 6-story, 200-bed new facility consists of an Emergency Department, Level 1 Trauma Center, Imaging Center, Pediatric Unit, Neuroscience Institute, Craniofacial Institute, Michigan Ear Institute, and the Oncology Center of Excellence - one of four U.S. hospitals to receive the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (COC) accreditation.

500,000 SF / $241,000,000


FEATURES The Nicholson Center is a 50,000 SF world-class center for hands-on surgical instruction, and is the first of its kind in Central Florida, which makes this a very unique project. The NCSA will provide participants surgical education courses that teach them minimally invasive surgical skills that will benefit them in their own medical practices. The NCSA also features unmatched teleconferencing technology that connects each element of the center: The Surgical Learning Laboratory, Education Center, and Operating Room with any outside venue. Each learning station within the Nicholson Center mirrors a typical surgery suite and is outlined with teleconferencing technology. This allows for global distance learning opportunities at the highest degree. The NCSA’s Education Center will allow for symposiums, educational workshops, conferences and seminars of up to 150 in-house participants and will also be connected globally via teleconferencing system. The objective of the Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement is to develop and provide cutting edge surgical knowledge and techniques and share them with the global surgical community through state of the art technology. The inclusion of full official daVinciŽ robot simulation training courses truly makes the NCSA an industry leader in advanced surgical learning.

50,000 SF / $13,353,000

81,000 SF / $14,500,000


Atlanta, Georgia

FEATURES Gwinnett County’s need for trained healthcare professionals will outpace the state of Georgia in the next five years. To satisfy this demand, Gwinnett Technical College recognized the need to expand its already robust healthcare program and offer more students access to state-ofthe-art training and degrees that will result in employment. The new Life Sciences Building provides an environment for 3,000 students to receive highly technical training in the life sciences and healthcare fields. The 3-story, 81,000 SF technology, cardiovascular technology, diagnostic sonography and nursing programs. With this new facility, Gwinnett Tech has the second largest concentration of healthcare education in Georgia. The region will be responsible for training the majority of the County’s nurses, radiologic technologists, surgical technicians, respiratory therapists, dental assistants, bioscience professionals and more. The Life Sciences Building is designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification, and because of Barton Malow’s innovative sustainable building practices, it has the potential to achieve LEED Gold.

Barton Malow did a terrific job on the new Life Sciences Center at Gwinnett Technical College. The team of David Isbell as Project Manager and Don Foster as Superintendent were very accommodating of all our needs. The healthcare and life science programs to be offered at this building are urgent to the community, so we are extremely pleased to be opening our doors on time.

flagship building includes space for bioscience

Sharon J. Bartels President, Gwinnett Technical College


Royal Oak, Michigan

FEATURES The William Beaumont Hospital’s Marcia and Eugene Applebaum Surgical Learning Center is a place where surgeons from around the world come to learn advanced robotic and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Before they ever operate on a patient, both new and experienced surgeons can practice their skills in a state-of-the-art learning lab under the supervision of experts. Surgical teams test their reactions to hundreds of operating room emergencies with patient simulators, rather than real patients. Several cameras digitally record the performance and store it on data servers. Upon completing the simulation, team members review their work, using a laptop computer anywhere within the hospital, to improve their skills. In addition, actual surgeries in Beaumont operating rooms can be viewed from the center’s distance learning classroom or from hospitals around the globe, using teleconferencing technology. The 5,500 SF Surgical Learning Center features a 10-station surgical skills lab, an electronic, interactive patient simulator, two mock operating rooms that allow surgeons to rehearse their movements during surgery, and a distance-learning classroom.

5,500 SF $2,936,000

106,942 SF / $63,300,000

GATEWAY UNIVERSITY RESEARCH PARK JOINT SCHOOL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOENGINEERING Greensboro, North Carolina The JSNN is collaborative space that supports nanoscience and nanoengineering programs for the North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The goal of the 105,000 SF JSNN is to facilitate interdisciplinary research. It houses some of the most advanced nanotechnology and nanoengineering equipment in the country. Major resources include a 7,000 SF nanoelectronics and nanobioelectronics, class 100 cleanroom, nanofabrication facility with nanoparticle synthesis, characterization, mixing and scale-up facilities, characterization suite, including NMR facility, analytical facility and microscopy lab, 80,000 SF of office and open laboratory space for areas of study including nanobiology, genomics, nanophysics and nanochemistry, 14,000 SF of classroom and research support space, fermentation and thermochemical laboratories, visualization and computing facility, the first ORION® PLUS helium-ion-microscope ever installed in the Southeastern U.S., a 232-seat auditorium, office spaces for faculty, staff, students and collaborators, and collaborative spaces, including conference rooms and gathering spaces.

PROJECT NOTABLES • The State of North Carolina’s minimum minority participation requirement on state funded projects is 10% The project team achieved 23% minority participation. • Gateway University Park had a goal of LEED Silver on this project and we were able to achieve LEED Gold. • The project team stretched the limits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to drive the demanding schedule of this project. Doing so reduced the schedule by four months. • 96% of subcontractors were from within 100 miles of the site.

SPECIALTY EXPERIENCE St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, Radiology Department Tampa, Florida



Baltimore, Maryland


This central research facility for the University of Maryland’s medicine, dentistry and pharmacy schools is located among the three schools’ existing facilities to maximize interaction and resource-sharing. Expected to advance UMB’s position as academic research leaders, the facility will be a critical tool in recruiting and retaining the best faculty, students and staff. The 10-story wet lab tower connects to a five-story dry lab tower through a multistory collaboration space. Nearly 70,000 square feet of open wet labs and support labs will house collaborative research for 92 principal investigators, providing flexible lab design and systems. Perimeter labs are flanked by formal and informal meeting spaces focused on the central multi-storied communicating space. The connected five-story dry lab tower supports 18 principal investigators. A 4.5-foot-thick mat slab creates a “bathtub” effect to protect the shared imaging center’s equipment from possible flooding due to Baltimore’s high water table. The three schools also share a nanomedicine center.

436,000 SF / $220,000,000

194,500 SF / $110,000,000

PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY CHEMICAL ENGINEERING & BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING BUILDING University Park, Pennsylvania Barton Malow was recently awarded the new Pennsylvania State University 195,000 square feet Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Building in University Park, Pennsylvania. In addition to Barton Malow, the project team includes Southland, HOK, RG Vanderweil, and M.C. Dean. With a goal of LEED Gold certification, the project is currently in the design phase. The construction phase is expected to begin in March 2016 and conclude in November 2018. At 195,000 gross square feet, the new Penn State CEBME building will replace the existing, aging Fenske Building. The design-assist construction management team has integrated with the Penn State Office of the Physical Plant (OPP) as well as the design team, led by HOK Architects with Vanderweil Engineers (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection) and now our lean journey is under way. With demolition and construction scheduled to begin in September 2016, all disciplines of the project team are working diligently together to maximize value to the owner and eliminate waste – the basic purpose of lean. The new CEBME building will replace the current Fenske Laboratory building which houses the chemical and biomedical engineering staff and departments. Each of the departments are expected to see significant growth in the coming years and having two major College of Engineering departments under one roof will allow for efficiencies in administration, research and instructional areas, and research opportunities. The Pennsylvania State University contended with increasing pressure to do more with less (tuition freezes, shrinking funding, etc.). To mitigate this, Pennsylvania State University is embarking on their second venture to implement a Lean Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach to maximize the value of the University Park campus environment. The design-assist construction management team consists of: Barton Malow (construction manager), Southland Industries (HVAC/plumbing/fire protection), and M.C. Dean (electrical) to construct the new Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Building (CEBME). Through the lean IPD approach, the project teams will be able to manage the project through relationships, shared knowledge, and common goals.

300,000 SF / $172,000,000

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES BUILDING Ann Arbor, Michigan The University of Michigan approved construction of the new Biological Science Building, a facility of approximately 300,000 gross square feet. The BSB will house the research laboratories, associated support functions, offices and classrooms for the University’s Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and museums of Anthropology, Paleontology, and Zoology; as well as provide a new home for the Natural History Museum. Laboratories within the building will be constructed in an open plan to allow for greater collaboration, increased flexibility and better space utilization. The new, three-section building will be connected by two small glass atria. One atrium will serve as the lobby for the new Museum of Natural History. The design also brings natural light into both office and lab spaces. Visitors to the Museum of Natural History will be able to see and interact with exhibits representing university discoveries, as well as learn about current and ongoing research efforts. Classrooms will allow students to interact with actual specimens and artifacts in the expansive museum collections, and will enable faculty to use the latest ideas in teaching. The building will sit adjacent to the Life Sciences Institute where North Hall and the Museums Annex currently exist. North Hall and the Museum Annex will be demolished to open up space on the building site. The new BSB will also include a connector to LSI to increase utilization of its dock, to allow for sharing of research spaces and equipment and to increase collaboration between the different buildings’ departments.

125,000 SF / $65,000,000

MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY BEHAVIORAL & SOCIAL SCIENCES CENTER Baltimore, Maryland The 125,000 SF facility will house undergraduate, graduate, and executive educational and research programs in five academic departments: Economics, History and Geography, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology, and Anthropology.  The BSSC will provide students, faculty, and staff with research and animal facilities, an Instructional Design Center, study lounges, computer laboratories, lecture hall, and offices. 
The 18-month Preconstruction Phase will proceed immediately following Board of Public Works approval on July 3; the 26-month Construction Phase commenced in February 2015.

300,000 SF / $172,000,000

WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY IBIO: THE INTEGRATIVE BIOSCIENCES CENTER Detroit, Michigan IBio: The Integrative Biosciences Center is a key component in the University’s applications for a Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The addition and renovation project supports scientific programs such as biomedical engineering, cardiovascular, diabetes and metabolism, systems biology, and computational systems biology. Research laboratories supporting these themes include wet and dry labs and vivarium space, as well as shared support and core laboratories. The project also includes private offices, support services, and various flexible conferencing facilities incorporating state-of-the-art technology provisions for presentations and teleconferencing. The 2.75 acre site encompasses a full city block north of the main Detroit campus. Prior to demolition, two buildings were sited on the property, the American Beauty and Iron Works Building (ABIW) constructed in 1920, and the Dalgleish Cadillac Dealership constructed in 1927. The two-story, 83,300 SF, ABIW building was demolished and the site backfilled. The property vacated by the demolition, along with the remaining property within the city block have been developed as parking to support the project. Approximately 127,682 SF of the existing three-story dealership building was repurposed to maximize available net area, site development, and new construction to support approximately 196,500 SF of combined space. The addition of an exterior courtyard between the new and renovated space will maximize daylight opportunities and support the project’s goal of achieving a LEED Silver certification.

SPECIALTY EXPERIENCE St. Joseph’s Hospital South, Emergency Department Riverview, Florida



Winter Garden, Florida

The scope of the project includes a 125,000 SF Greenfield Medical Facility, which will be constructed in two phases. When Phase I is finished, the facility will include a FREESTANDING EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT, Outpatient Imaging Center and Main Lobby, along with a variety of support services and medical office spaces. The second floor is planned for Surgery and the third floor for Medical Office space. Canopies will be constructed at the exterior of each of the four building entrances. The facility is being designed and constructed for a future 7-story patient tower.

Florida Hospital Winter Garden will serve the ever expanding West Orange County community of Central Florida. In celebration of this new facility, orange concrete was used to create the foundation of what is to become a community-wide treasure. More than 280 cubic yards and 28 truckloads of concrete was poured by Barton Malow’s self-perform group in October.

130,617 SF / $43,000,000


This extremely complex phased project was begun with an extensive facility assessment to determine existing conditions. The courtyard of the first and second floors of the North Wing was filled in and the surrounding patient rooms completely renovated. A new three-story expansion on the northeast side of the building added private patient rooms. One of the busiest emergency departments in Florida was expanded and renovated to improve adult emergency services, staff workflow and create larger exam rooms. The walk-in and ambulance entrances were moved further apart. A dedicated pediatric emergency department was also created on the first floor and has a lobby with interactive entertainment features. The Heart Institute Center of Excellence is located in the North Wing, has a dedicated entrance and offers nine procedural rooms: 3 Open Heart Operating Rooms, 2 EP Labs, 1 Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization Lab, 2 Adult Cardiac Catheterization Labs, and 1 Hybrid Operating Room.

WE’RE UP FOR A CHALLENGE... This project proved our ability to work along side ongoing construction projects being built by other contractors. Besides our project at St. Joe’s, two other Construction management firms were working adjacent to the Barton Malow fence limits to complete two additional projects with this client. We met with the other Construction Management firms and the owner to coordinate the two projects tying into one another. One CM was supplying the power feeds to our Heart Center Project and the other was upgrading the interiors of the walk in clinic coinciding with our upgrade to the Infusion Center parking lot and Canopy. We worked closely with the other CM project teams to coordinate the closing of the parking lot, which had an impact on their worksites. We all agreed that we all had to help one another succeed or the entire project would fail so we acted accordingly and worked collaboratively on this task. Maintaining existing paths of egress can often be a challenge when building these types of projects. On this project, we paved a path from an egress point deep in the project (600 feet), plus a six-foot fence on both sides and lit it with the required 3-foot candles of light. The heart center had three emergency egresses cutting through the site that had to be maintained throughout the life of the project. This approach gave us the solution for this challenge.

70,000 SF / $26,000,000

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY HEALTH SYSTEM EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Richmond, Virginia Barton Malow provided construction management with design assist services for this project. Responsibilities included final feedback and coordination of mechanical, electrical, and fire protection design elements. During preconstruction, our team worked directly with the Health System and Architect to develop phasing plans to ensure continued operation of the Emergency Department as well as value engineering, budget analysis, and schedule creating. We were responsible for the full implementation of the multi-phase construction effort including coordination of owner contracted trades and equipment as well as our direct subcontractors (listed on the opposite page). We managed the turnover and inspection process with the Authority Having Jurisdiction for each phase of construction as well. This project required the phased demolition and build out of an active emergency department with select demolition of structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and architectural elements. Phase 1 included renovations on the first floor of the critical care hospital, including the pediatric ER. Phase 2 involved updates to clinical space. Phase 3 included the renovation and reconstruction of a new pharmacy, patient exam rooms, x-ray and CT suites, staff space and support spaces. The fourth phase renovated exam rooms, support spaces, and most notably, the trauma resuscitation bay, which is vital to this Level 1 Trauma Center.


Kissimmee, Florida

PROJECT FEATURES Barton Malow is providing construction management services for a new 94,500 square foot bed tower, 16,400 square feet of expansion and renovation to the emergency department, 4,000 square feet expansion and renovation of the central energy plant and 33,000 square feet of miscellaneous interior renovations. The ED addition is complete, and included the addition of two new trauma rooms as well as 35 general exam rooms, and additional support spaces.

94,500 SF / $42,000,000

The first floor of the new three-story patient tower will include a new main entrance and lobby to the hospital, relocated central registration suite, new physician lounge, and a new chapel. The second floor will include 20 new ICU and 20 new PCU beds and space for the relocation of respiratory therapy services. The third floor will include a total of 40 new medical/surgical beds as well as space for the relocation of the pharmacy.

OTHER EXPERIENCE Florida Hospital Kissimmee, Patient Tower Kissimmee, Florida



Warm Springs, Georgia

Barton Malow is providing renovation services of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital (IRH) and the Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) for purpose of sustaining, enhancing, and expanding the services provided by these hospitals. The facilities are located on the grounds of the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation campus located in Warm Springs, Georgia. The renovation will improve the quality and functionality of the existing facilities and upgrade the building services to more closely align with current codes and hospital standards. Although the North Wing renovation is the primary focus of the project, some renovation work will also occur in the East Wing Building where all of the current patient rooms are located. The project will include the creation of a new central energy plant serving both the North and East Wing Buildings. The renovation will provide enhanced patient services by offering 24 all private LTACH beds and 30 all private IRH beds. Specialized upgrades to the patient facilities will include ventilator rooms, bariatric rooms and isolation rooms, all upgraded to current standards. All building services including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and medical gas systems will be brought up to code in both the North Wing and East Wing Buildings. The renovations will be designed for and constructed in operational clinical facilities. All buildings will remain occupied during design and construction, requiring a detailed phasing plan established with the selected Design Professional, Program Manager, and Construction Manager.

84,000 SF / $16,900,000


Evansville, Indiana

Barton Malow Company is providing construction management services at Deaconess Gateway Hospital in Evansville, Indiana. As part of the Master Plan expansion, the hospital is adding facilities that will further enhance the hospital’s capabilities as a destination healthcare center for the region. The 210,000 SF, six-story patient tower is designated as a specialty hospital providing a complete range of care for orthopedic and neuroscience patients. This includes interventional, medical and surgical services, as well as diagnostic imaging, therapy, research and education. Orthopedics and Neurosurgery are services currently in high demand at Deaconess Gateway. Frequently, the hospital must turn patients away due to lack of bed availability. The new tower allows for additional beds and services needed to meet the current demand while positioning the hospital well for future growth. A 100,000 SF, five-story medical office building will be constructed on the Gateway campus adjacent to the existing Gateway Professional Building. Deaconess Clinic physician offices and related services such as laboratory and imaging will be located in this building. An increase in patients brings with it an increase in vehicles on campus. To best serve patients and their families, a fivestory parking structure will be built next to the medical office building. Connections will be to both the MOB and Deaconess Gateway Hospital.

310,000 SF / $123,000,000


Fayetteville, North Carolina

This project consisted of the first phase of the master plan: construction of a new patient care tower (240,000 SF), and a renovation of existing space (86,000 SF). The new patient care tower is attached to and fully integrated with an existing building on all levels: •

Ground Floor – Emergency department

First Floor – Inpatient imaging services, 48-bed observation unit

Second floor – heart and vascular center

Third Floor – 24-bed critical care unit, half-floor shelled space

Fourth Floor – 48-bed medical/surgical unit

Fifth Floor – mechanical support, half floor shelled space

The state-of-the-art emergency department has 76 all-private rooms, which are arranged into four treatment pods. The children’s ED has a separate entrance and waiting area, as well as the Teddy Bear Clinic, an area dedicated to teddy bear check-ups. A dedicated Radiology area includes 3 X-ray rooms, 1 CT and space for 1 future CT. The emergency department is one of the largest in the nation. Space occupied by the previous emergency department and imaging department will undergo renovation to serve as the primary outpatient diagnostic and treatment facility and has been augmented by new construction to serve as the outpatient entrance. The first floor houses outpatient registration, urgent care, and outpatient rehabilitation, while outpatient surgery occupies the second floor. The area outside this facility was reconfigured to provide ground-level parking. A 491car, 4-story parking structure was also included in our scope of work.

326,000 SF / $110,000,000


Tampa, Florida

A one-story building and courtyard is being demolished and new construction will house additional interventional radiology suites and five new operating rooms sized to contemporary standards. The first floor will encompass a new interventional radiology lab and renovated ultrasound suites. A second floor will be added over the top of the existing occupied structure and will expand the existing general surgery

Working on an active campus. On this jobsite we are completely landlocked by the occupied and active hospital with only a 4-foot wide sidewalk that wraps around the adjacent Children’s Hospital. In order to alleviate any disruptions to ongoing hospital operations, we

with five new operating rooms. Pediatric

have had to hoist all materials from demolition and

prep/holding/recovery services, currently

drilling piles, to setting steel and the delivery of

located in three separate locations, will be consolidated into one area.

bulk materials over an occupied two-story corridor that we previously built. This has eliminated the need to shut down walkways or paths of egress thus allowing us to seem invisible to patients, staff and visitors during construction of this project.

32,000 SF new 12,000 SF renovations $23,000,000


Ann Arbor, Michigan

FEATURES The IMRIS Intra-Operative suite is an Operating Room located adjacent to an MRI Diagnostic space and separated by sliding doors. This type of suite is unique in its functionality. The MRI machine is hung from a set of rails which allows it to travel between the Diagnostic Room and the OR, creating the unique ability to utilize the MRI during an operation without the patient leaving the operating table. In addition, to maintaining a safe, sterile surgical environment, the unique functionality provides numerous medical benefits; for example, surgeons are able to see if a procedure has been completed successfully before a patient leaves the operating room, which minimizes the stress on the body brought on by multiple surgeries. In order to get a clear image, all radio frequency (RF) waves not generated by the MRI machine must be kept out of the MRI space. To do this, an RF shield is constructed around the room using any material that is electrically conductive. The RF shield, constructed using copper, was recently completed and the interior build-out underway. In May 2012, the MRI was delivered, a section of exterior metal panels removed from the building, and the machine was hoisted in and placed by Barton Malow Rigging.


Columbus, Ohio

Barton Malow Company provided construction management services to The Ohio State University for this 2 story addition to the existing Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital. Approximately 60,000 square feet were added to the existing hospital. The additional space comprised of 60 new intensive care beds, nurse stations and physician dictation and support areas. The existing four levels had extensive renovations to the automated transport system facilities. All aspects of construction were expanded upon including HVAC, plumbing, fire suppression, electrical as well as extension to existing elevator cars. A new critical care elevator dramatically enhanced operations by supporting a patient bed, equipment and entire surgery staff. This elevator serves the 2 expansion floors and existing facility levels. The project site was very confined and extensive coordination between the project team, users and the University was crucial. The project was constructed above the occupied cardiac hospital as well as being in the center of the OSU Medical Center Campus. To facilitate the required schedule and minimize the disruption to the facility and surrounding areas, the project utilized multiple bid packaging and phased construction.

63,000 SF / $24,000,000

Building with the American Spirit:

PEOPLE | PROJECTS | COMMUNITIES Barton Malow Company National Healthcare 5900 Windward Parkway • Suite 130 Alpharetta, Georgia 30005

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