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Barry Bulakites: Economy Expert


Barry Bulakites, Western New England College Alumnus

Barry Bulakites is one of the nation's most well-known motivational speakers, with a focus on the state of the economy and firsthand knowledge in investor trends. He got his start at the Western New England College where he received his bachelor's degree in Marketing. Following this, he graduated from the prestigious Discovery Programme at the London School of Business.

Barry Bulakites, IRA Expert Barry Bulakites is an expert on the ins and outs of IRAs. He has used his expertise to found America's IRA ExpertsTM in 2005, serving over seventy five hundred accountants to aid in the exploding retirement market. He also participated as a chief advisor on the President's Council of Economic Advisors. Bulakites conducts about two hundred fifty speaking engagements a year on economic matters, focusing on IRAs. IRA ExpertsTM

Barry Bulakites Founder of America's IRA Experts TM

Barry Bulakites is the founder of America's IRA Experts TM. America's IRA ExpertsTM is a top innovative financial service for those building their retirement plans. Bulakites is also responsible for the building of America's IRA Centers TM and America's Tax SolutionsTM. America's IRA ExpertsTM serves over seventy five hundred accountants throughout the United States, helping to serve the currently exploding retirement marketplace.

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Barry Bulakites  

Barry Bulakites is known throughout the nation as a premier motivational speaker. He is an expert on the state of the economy and has firsth...