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PRSRT STD Permit #974 U.S. Postage Paid Bellmawr, NJ

17th Annual Harvest Festival: Sat. Oct. 11, 10am ’til 4pm As usual, the event will take over Clements Bridge Road from the railroad tracks at Atlantic Avenue ester Pike. The volunteers that organize the event have an extraordinary day planned, full of all the great traditions that have made it such an incredible favorite for everyone. Craft and Food Vendors There will be blocks and blocks of arts and crafts, gifts, food, novelties, a wandering juggler and socializing galore. As in the past, there will be more

than 200 different vendors, so there is sure to be something of interest to everyone including Halloween and Autumn items, jewelry, merchandise, local organizations and businesses, and a wide variety of snacks and desserts —with two separate food court areas to sit down, relax and enjoy a beautiful fall day. Parking will be provided off-site at Edmund Optical with free shuttle bus transportation to the Festival. There will be an abundance of things to see and do for people of all ages, so you won’t want to miss it! If you are interested in being a vendor, contact barringtonharvestfest@gmail. com for more details.

Live Entertainment There will be live entertainment on three stages spread throughout the Festival. Local rock groups will perform in front of the Old Rail Tavern, and the main stage in front of the B-Corner Market will feature a variety of local vocalists and bands. Kids’ Section The Kids’ Section will be located in the municipal parking lot at 2d & Trenton Avenue, behind the First Methodist Church. always a big hit and will be back again. You will also been favorites for many years – petting zoo, hayride, pony rides, and other fun activities. There will be a stage located in this area

For Current Borough Information, please visit our website at or tune in to cable Channel 19 / 33. You can also view Channel 19 postings on our website by clicking on View Current Borough News.

with entertainment for the younger ones, too. Beer & Food Garden The Barrington Fire Co. #1 will be hosting their popular beer and food garden on the grounds of the

of fantastic prizes. Clubs and organizations, as well as the Festival vendors, participate by donating valuable prizes of all kinds. The prizes are gathered into gift bags, and you drop your tickets into numbered Avenue from noon till 8pm. buckets to win one. For More Information: Classic Car Show For general informaFor the 9th year, Cletion, please email harvestments Bridge Road from You can also check out the Harvest Avenue will be a walk Festival’s Facebook page down memory lane as with photos from past eye-popping restored and customized cars from down years, too! (https://www. through the years will be on Barrington-Harvest-Festidisplay. Just to add to the val/228364635292). Be sure to come to ning oldies. Clements Bridge Road in Basket Auction Barrington on Saturday, There will be an even October 11th and enjoy bigger and better Basket the fun! The rain date is Auction this year with lots Sunday, October 13th.

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FALL, 2014

The Mayor’s Desk so unpredictable that we could not responsibly put anyone in danger. The

Robert Klaus, Mayor

Greetings Again Neighbors & Friends: We are all happy that the summer months are affording us the chance to get out and enjoy time with family and friends. Unfortunately, we were unable to have our this year. The weather was

exciting event as we were joined by residents from the surrounding towns, especially our neighbors from Runnemede and Bellmawr. We want to thank Mayor and Council from both municipalities for their Very soon, autumn will be upon us and we will be enjoying our Harvest Festival. This event is planned and produced by your friends and neighbors, volunteers one and all. If you wish to get involved and

join the group in organizing this event, please call the Borough Hall and give your name and address. You will be contacted with the meeting schedule. The Harvest Festival is scheduled for Columbus Weekend. See schedule dates and other details in this issue of “Barrington’s On Track”. Contact Borough Hall at 856-547-8585 or visit “Barrington Harvest Festival” on Facebook for more information. Promotions and New Hires – Congratulations to Sergeant Michael Minority, We are pleased for Mike, and wish him the best in his new role within the sure He will serve well as Sergeant.

Barrington Redevelopment – We are engaged property on the White Horse Pike that will complete the land procurement necessary to start work on the New Super Wawa. We are very excited and looking forward to the grounddate yet, but it could be in late April. Please keep in contact with our Website and Channel 19 or 33 for news and updates. Construction of the infrastructure will start very soon at the old Harvey’s Card Shop site on the very prominent corner of Clements Bridge Road and Third Avenue. The owner/ developer has approved plans for his property, and

Do You Need the Fall “Function Better Program”? Each fall, many folks enjoy activities such as going for cool afternoon walks as the leaves are falling, attending football or soccer games, raking leaves, picking pumpkins, tending to some gardening prior to winter and even doing some early Christmas shopping in town. If you find yourself in a position where the bending, endurance, balance, standing, walking and climbing requirements of these activities may be too difficult, too painful or even impossible, the “Function Better Program” at WORK-UP PHYSICAL THERAPY may be just what you need in order to have a fantastic fall season! The “Function Better Program” at WORK-UP PHYSICAL THERAPY emphasizes muscle strengthening and stretching exercises, activities to decrease pain, conditioning exercises on equipment as well as personalized instruction to promote safe and independent function. After completion of the “Function Better Program”, many people report that they are pain free and able to lead a more active and independent lifestyle. WORK-UP PHYSICAL THERAPY is conveniently located at 135 East Atlantic Avenue in Haddon Heights (just off Station Avenue). Due to high demand, slots for the upcoming fall session of the “Function Better Program” are limited and filling quickly. To reserve a slot for the program, call (856) 546-0377.

At WORK-UP PHYSICAL THERAPY, you will find that:

we will keep you in loop as construction progresses and we assist the owner/developer with the property. Also demolished was the ester Pike. We are looking forward to the redevelopment of the corner. Both Plus properties have been purchased. We are awaiting formal contact from the new owners to see what plans are being proposed for that busy corner. The former Roadhouse was recently purchased and the new owner is doing some renovations and will be opening an Asian style restaurant. The name will be Asian House and their (Continued on Page 6)



• Individual attention is provided by a licensed physical therapist during the entire treatment session. • The treatment sessions are provided in a friendly and professional environment. • Individuals of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. • Free transportation is provided

for local seniors.

• Medical monitoring is provided during treatment to ensure patient safety.

TREATING • Low Endurance • Knee Replacements • Balance Problems • Walking Problems • Pain Problems • Arthritis Issues Jim Clements, PT, DPT, MS is the Director of WORK-UP PHYSICAL THERAPY in Haddon Heights. Dr. Clements completed his physical therapy training at Thomas Jefferson University and went on to receive a Doctoral degree from Boston University as well as a Master of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Need a PEP-­UP? Call WORK-­UP at

Lic. # 40QA00472300

(856) 546-0377!

For appointments at the Haddon Heights office, call:

(856) 546-0377 Medicare and most other insurances are accepted.

FALL, 2014


Council Corner A Message from Councilman Wayne Robenolt

State of Emergency and activate part or all of the full Emergency Management Committee. In any emergency, the committee will make every effort to communicate with the people of the town as possible. You’ve probably heard the new town-wide siren being tested on the

You often see stories on the news where emergency personnel spring into action, having the unhesitating skill and experience to deal with the most frightening situations. Who are these people? Where do they suddenly come from? The truth is that they are just your neighbors, but with special training and expertise they become your local Emergency Management Committee. You may not think of Barrington as being a particularly dangerous place, but most modern suburban areas are. We are crisscrossed by interstate highways, major arterial roads, and a railroad line, all of which transport hazardous materials. We have suffered power blackouts, and we are a target for coastal storms and blizzards. There are many possible disaster scenarios that we must be prepared to meet. Working under the supervision of our local Emergency Coordinator Mike Jack Kaiser and Steve emergency situation is our own Borough Police Force. They have the knowledge and the courage to respond instantly to any incident. responders, the Fire Company and the Ambulance Corps, back them up. If the situation warrants it, the Coordinators can declare a

month at noon. Should you hear the siren at any other time, you should tune into Channel 19 or 33 on your cable tv service for emergency information. The borough is also working on implementing a Reverse 911 service where everyone in town will receive a recorded message on their phone. ordinary citizens who comprise the Emergency Management Committee gather together a couple of times a year to update plans, discuss new developments in emergency planning, and sometimes participate in drills that simulate actual emergencies. There are sub-committees that sharpen their skills in radio operation, evacuation planning, public information, and more. Some of our citizens may be relieved to know that there are even provisions for the care and feeding of pets during a crisis. (Right) On June 28th, our town’s amateur radio committee joined with hundreds of others across the country and around the world to test their emergency network that could be used despite a massive power blackout. Thanks to the Emergency Management Committee, you can go to bed tonight and rest assured knowing that your safety is being safeguarded every hour of every day.

T-N-R COMMITTEE NEEDS MEMBERS AND DONATIONS The Barrington T-N-R Team needs your help. We need volunteers and supplies. The T-N-R Team consists of volunteers who trap feral cats once per month so they can be taken to a low-cost clinic to be spayed or neutered and immunized.

Then the cats are released back into the colony where they were found. We have volunteers who also feed the cats in the colony. The T-N-R Team has been working since November of 2013 and has already spayed/neutered over 20 cats. That reduced the number of kittens that would have been produced this year by nearly 50 kittens so these programs do work. We work on one colony at a time and we need more volunteers. You can help with trapping or recovery after surgery. If you love animals and would like to feral cats be spayed

or neutered as opposed to euthanized, then please join our team. You can contact us by email at tshannon@ or by phone at 856-547-0706 and ask for Terry. We also need donations—particularly food for feeding the colony. We have a donation bin at borough hall and need both dry and canned food. We also accept money that will be used to pay for the spay/ neuter clinic. Any donation helps so please bring what you can to borough hall during normal business hours. —Terry Shannon


integrate special needs children with typically developing peers in a collaborative learning environment. Tuition for the program is $3,000 for the school year and includes transportation for Barrington’s bus zones. If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Preschool Inclusion Program, please visit our website for an application at www. or of Special Education, at (856) 547-8402, Ext. 232.

BARRINGTON SCHOOLS TO OFFER PRE-K The Barrington School nounce the opening of a half-day Preschool Inclusion Program. The goal of the inclusion program is to

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FALL, 2014

Borough Bulletin This feature is in every issue of “Barrington on Track” where we try to keep you informed about upcoming meetings as well as recap business that has transpired at prior meetings. Our goal is to keep our residents as informed as possible about borough business. You can also visit our website at www. for full copies of meeting minutes, resolutions and ordinances. Also, we post public hearing notices on ordinances that are being considered for adoption in the Retrospect and/or Courier Post and on Channels 19 (Comcast) and 33 (Verizon). The channel postings can also be viewed on the website. For full copies of any ordinance you can e-mail the borough clerk at UPCOMING MEETINGS:

Caucus meetings: Sept. 2, Oct. 7, Nov. 3 (Monday), Council meetings: Sept. 16, at 6:00pm. Recently adopted ordinances: ● the Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and Establish a CAP Bank ● Ordinance for Non-union ● for Purchase of a Used Ambulance from Haddon Heights ● Equipment and Improvement Bond Ordinance Appropriating the Sum of $1,770,000 and Authorizing or Bond Anticipation Notes in the Principal Amount of up to $1,520,000 ● Capital Equipment Bond Ordinance Appropriating the Sum of $40,000 and

Obligation Bonds or Bond Anticipation Notes in the Amount of up to $40,000 ● Chapter 95, Property Maintenance (pertains to vacant properties) ● Easement Relative to Block Tax Map (pertains to an easement necessary for the abandonment of the Willows pump station) ● the Purchase of an Easement Over Certain Land by the Borough of Barrington from Medford Village East Associates, LLC Copies of the full ordinances can be requested via email to Final notices for pet licenses were mailed on August 11. You have until August 29 to renew your license without a penalty. We need current rabies information in order to renew any license. We cannot renew a license for any pet whose rabies expires prior to October 31. If your pet’s rabies will expire prior to October 31, you can get another vaccination ahead of time as it is not harmful to your pet. Check with your open until 6:30pm on Tuesday evenings for your convenience. The Tax Assessor is available in-person on Thursdays from 4:45pm5:45pm.

REGISTRAR OF VITAL STATISTICS HOURS Mon-Tues-Wed-Fri: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Thursday: 12:45 pm - 6:15 pm Marriage License Applications By Appointment Call 856/547-8585


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Attention All Residents and Businesses! Would you like to receive town We are developing a database about things that are going on in town. If you would like to receive these notices,

and we will add you to the list!

FALL, 2014


DARE Program, the Camden

ment, along with the Barput on a show for the kids at Woodland School about their K-9 program. Pictured from left to right son Gosewisch, Principal David Zucker, Lt. Mike Drumm, Ptl. Steve Kelly don Schaeffer along with

SAFETY NOTES As the warm weather has arrived, it is important to touch on a few reminders. The speed limit in town is 25 mph. The concern is the increase in pedestrians and bikes, especially as school has ended for the year. Also, please remember to lock you cars wherever they are parked. We experience periodic rashes of unlocked vehicles being gone through for change or other valuables. You can help prevent yourself from becoming a carts, mini bikes, and the like are prohibited to be on the streets of Barrington. These are governed by

strive hard every day to make Barrington a safe community. I would also like to advise our residents that Cpl. Robert Uron has successchild safety seat technician program. He will be glad to help any resident that needs assistance with installing a child safety seat in their vehicle. The Barrington Police crossing guards for the upcoming school year. Please contact us if interested. Chief of Police

FROM THE GREEN TEAM Team is a group of volunteers who are working the Sustainable Jersey program. This is a program that was started by the State of New Jersey where by you can attain bronze or and conservation accomplishments and reduce the community’s carbon footprint on our beautiful planet the programs where we can are working on the tasks that need to be completed

Barrington, is pictured with the 5th grade class from Woodland School who graduated from this year’s DARE Program. also pictured with the DARE program essay contest winners from the 5th grade class at Castle Academy.

NJ Motor Vehicle Statutes; but many times those operating these do not use the necessary safety equipment, and they are not operated in a safe fashion. Remember that you are our eyes and ears throughout town. Please never hesitate calling us when you feel something or someone looks suspicious. The non-emergency number for

will also be working with land School on projects we can do in collaboration with the students. We need members! If you are environmentally conscious and would like to be part of a team that is concerned about our the future of our planet, please join us. We meet once per month for about one hour so it is not a huge commitment. Our next meeting will be September 16 at 7:30pm at Borough Hall. If you are interested, please contact Terry Shannon at 856-547-

0706 or via email to


bat in your home. First, home and you know that it

FROM THE SHADE entered very recently, you TREE COMMISSION can just open the doors and/ The Shade Tree Commission is responsible for the trees in the park strip and is trying to beautify the town. Early this fall, we will be planting a dozen trees in various locations throughout town. It is a have to identify potential locations then contact the homeowners who will have new trees in their park strip to enlist their help with taking care of the young tree. Unfortunately, we only currently have three active members and it is very difwith only three people. We need new members who love trees and are willing to help. We only meet once per month for about one hour and then occasionat potential tree locations in town. If you love trees and can make that small commitment, we really need your help. If you can help, please contact Terry Shannon at Borough Hall via email at or by phone at 856-547-0706.


or windows and the bat will reason to believe it was in your home for a while or was in a room while people were sleeping in the same room, close the door to that room to keep the bat quarantined and call the He will come out and trap the bat and have it tested

not try to capture the bat yourself as this can be dangerous. If you want to have your home checked for any possible openings where a bat could have entered, you need to contact a pest control professional. Our capture the bat but he is not a pest control professional. You can reach the ACO at 609-619-4191. Mosquito season is in full swing. Remember to get rid of all standing water on your property as mosquitoes can breed in a tiny amount of water. Old tires, children’s toys, any yard debris that collects water, pans at the base of down spouts, anything at all that collects even a tiny puddle of water provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

grass trimmed and get rid of weeds. If we are all diligent in keeping our properVery recently, a resident ties free of any place where in the Stonybrook section mosquitoes can breed will of town found a bat in one make life better for all of us of the bedrooms of their home and called the Animal and also our pets! Just a reminder that it responded and caught the is illegal to allow your bat but determined the bat dog to defecate on public appeared to be unhealthy or private property that is and had it tested. The bat not your own. It is also a tested positive for rabies violation of our stormwater and the current protocol ordinance. Also, we have dictates that the people who had problems with rats in a were sleeping in that room few areas and it was disneed to be inoculated even covered that dog feces that if they were not bitten. was allowed to accumuThis is not an uncommon late in back yards was the occurrence as bats are the reason. Rats are attracted number one carrier of rabies throughout the country. to dog feces so please keep your own yard free and There are some precauclear of animal feces tions all homeowners need



The Mayor’s Desk, Cont’d

specialty will be hibachi and sushi buffet. We wish them well with this new venture and hope Barrington residents will visit the restaurant once it is opened. If you are interested in any of these projects please don’t hesitate to contact the Borough and or our Ecomittees for information. get the information right from the source. New Construction and Streetscape Work – As mentioned in the last issue, we were afforded a loan opment Agency for the reconstruction and demolition work within the borough’s aging infrastructure. The reconstruction along Thomas Ave. is for the rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer line and to construct a sump pump discharge system. The demolition will be to eliminate the pump station in front of the Willows Apartment Complex. This should save the municipality maintenance expenditures for this station of approximately $10,000 annually. Streetscape Work – We are looking forward to continuing the Clements Bridge Road Streetscape project, started eight years ago, from Williams Ave. to the border of Runnemede. New curbing, lighting, trash receptacles and benches will connect the southern corridor to the existing streetscaping in the downtown business district. We want to thank our municipal engineers, KEI Engineers, for their due diligence and persistence in having the borough granted these funds to complete the long awaited streetscape. We will keep you informed of planned demolition and construction for these areas.

FALL, 2014

Barrington A.B.L.E. Group – This group of volunteers is made up of residents whose sole purpose is to assist their friends and neighbors in need. Answers, Benevolence, Liberation and Education is their motto as they help those in need to achieve each of these goals while on their way back to a normal life situation. We are currently extremely low in our food inventory due to the current economic demand. If you are willing to help, we desperately need donations of food,


grocery stores, or donation your time as a volunteer. tions of $10 or $20 that go a long way with the bags of food we are distributing. You may contact ABLE via email at If you are in need of assistance please call (856) 547-8585 and speak with Eileen. Looking for Volunteers to celebrate our Centennial– It sounds funny to hear that Barrington will be incorporated for 100 years very soon. As a matter of fact, we will celebrate the Centennial in 2017. That is not so far away, and we are seeking individuals and organizations, as well as businesses that are interested in being involved in the “Centennial Committee”. Those interested are asked to contact the Mayor’s ofleave your name, address and phone number (or email address) and we will contact you for your involvement. We here at the Borough wish you a great summer and a happy fall season. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Harvest Festival. Keep a lookout for news of the borough’s events. Be happy and be safe. Watch the BOT, our Web-Site, and Cable Channels 19 or 33 for events.

“Phone A Friend” Catholic Charities – Diocese of Trenton Providence House Domestic Violence Services National Domestic Violence Hotline

Carmella Fanelle, DDS, MAGD, PC General Dentist

Map Listing: (#) CARMELLA FANELLE, DDS,OF MAGD, PC NEXT ISSUE General Dentistry. Hours by appointment. BARRINGTON’S ON TRACK: 34 W. Clements Bridge Road • 856-546-3139

Reserve your advertising space by October 8th.

FALL, 2014


In The Zone

This includes replacing old signs. [Contractors signs must be

Chapters128 (Zoning),

completed.] I. Construct open or covered patios

Rev. 10/15/2013


K. Operate a business in your home L. All Businesses must register at

proposed construction questions contact George Jones, Zoning Administrator at 856-547-4040, Zonbut a Zoning Application must be made Ramps are temporary in nature and

structure C. To build an addition to your home.* All construction may require a drainage/grading engineer’s plan &

plot plan (survey) to secure authorization and/or permits to: ( applies to all commercial & residential districts]

the lot, includes all structures, pools,

All construction may require a drainage/grading engineer’s plan &

H. Sheds garages or other structures

the house, in

porch, patios or steps, or add a handicap ramp. F. Erect a shed in your rear yard. Must

B. Keeping unlicensed or unregistered vehicles on your property in any residential or commercial districts [Chapter 95]

property lines G. Build a garage or accessory building or structure .* All construction may require a drainage/grading engineer’s plan &

or business in a residential zoning on the premises, the maximum size

Auto Accidents General Litigation Wills & Estates Insurance Claims Juvenile Matters Personal Injury / All Types Traffic Offenses & DWI Real Estate Matters Family Law Social Security

in the streets Five (5) or more persons related by blood, marriage or adoption, occupying maintaining a common household, including not more than one (1) boarder, roomer or lodger. Not more than three (3) unrelated persons are living together and maintaining a common household.

H. Erect signs in a commercial zoning

❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧

G. Operating a business in a residential district that has signs, more than one employee (this means property


side or rear yards on unpaved imper-

1. That you must complete a Zoning

commercial business F. Business or commercial equipment





STEPHEN GUICE ATTORNEY AT LAW *Licensed in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Free Initial Consultation (P.I. & Municipal Court Cases) Evening & Weekend Hours Available 413 CLEMENTS BRIDGE ROAD BARRINGTON, NJ 08007




FALL, 2014

Public Works Department HAZARDOUS WASTE: Camden County Household Special Waste Collection dates: Sept. 13th Pennsauken Sanitary Lindenwold Public Works Complex, 8:30 am - 3:00 pm, for more information on these events, call the of Environmental Affairs at: (856) 858-5241. BOROUGH ELECTRONICS RECYCLING: Residents can bring their E-

All Types of Wire disposal. Hours for drop off are Monday thru Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The following items can be disposed of as E-Waste: 15, 17, 19, 21 Inch Monitors, Flat Screens and AllIn-Ones Laptops Uninterruptable Power Supply Keyboards, Mouse and Speakers


Beginning with the week of October 6th 2014, the Borough will be divided into 3 districts for the purpose of leaf collection. Each district will receive one collection per week. The districts, and the scheduled collection dates are listed below. WEEK OF: 10-06, 10-27 11-17, 12-15

10-13 11-03 12-01, 12-22

10-20, 11-10 12-08, 12-29




Adams Avenue Ashley Court Alyse Court

Albany Avenue Albertson Avenue Ashland Avenue

Avon Road Baptiste Avenue Bell Avenue

Beaver Drive Cedar Avenue

Austin Avenue Barrington Avenue

Clinton Road Copley Road

Center Street Cleveland Avenue Commerce Drive Courtney Drive

Dubois Avenue Erie Avenue Haines Avenue Kingston Avenue

Highland Avenu Hobart Drive Hutchinson Avenue Kent Avenue

Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners, Modems, Copy Machines All Type of Memory Fans and Power Supplies Mother, B, C, Tweeter and Finger Boards AC Adaptors, Yokes and Motors Plastic, Baled or Loose Aluminum, Brass, Light Iron and Copper Metals, Baled or Loose Any and All Related Computer Parts Phones, Cell Phones, Cell Phone and Laptop Batteries PC Scrap and Stereos (No Wood) ers, Boom Boxes Any Audio and Visual Equipment Scanners and Pagers Cash Registers and Scales (Electronic or Mechanical) Rechargeable Batteries Household Appliances Not Containing Compressors Televisions As of January 1, 2011 it is now mandatory to recycle covered electronic devices according to State law entitled “The Electronic Waste Management Act”. The Borough of Barrington electronics in 2010. If residents have electronic items such as televisions that are to heavy or burdensome to

Richards Avenue Russell Avenue Schiena Lane Shreve Avenue S. Moore Avenue Timber Drive

3rd Avenue 4th Avenue 5th Avenue W. 1st Avenue W. 2nd Avenue W. 3rd Avenue

Williams Avenue E & W Willmont Avenue

W. 5th Avenue

Wayne Road Whitman Drive

call and we will make arrangements to pick up curbside Please be advised that any electronic items put to the curb for trash will not be picked up. For more information on electronic recycling you can go to the recycling/electronicwaste/

index.html or the Borough electronic waste vendor website at TEXTILE DONATIONS: The Borough has (2) textile donation containers, (1) located at the Borough Hall parking lot and (1) located at the entrance gate to the off clothing, shoes, blankets, draperies, sheets, and any other type of textiles. Please do not drop off any items that are contaminated, meaning items that are wet, soiled, etc. Items other than those mentioned are not acceptable. CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS: Homeowner’s are limited to (5) containers per week. Please do not pile debris at the curb because it will not be picked up unless it is in a container. If you are remodeling yourself or using a private contractor and will be in excess of the amount described herein you will need to arrange for private disposal. VEGETATIVE WASTE PICK UP: Vegetative waste pick up is every cember. Vegetative waste pings, sticker balls, acorns, pinecones and viney type materials such as ivy, honey suckle, poison ivy, laurel and plant clippings. Vegetative waste can be put in 30-gallon containers not weighing more than 50 lbs. and/or contractor grade trash bags weighing not more than 25 lbs., please leave plastic bags untied it will allow the crews to move along much quicker. Please no dirt or sod. Vegetative waste containers can be obtained at the Borough Hall for a nominal fee. your pick up may not be completed on the scheduled pickup day, just leave at curb and it will be picked up the following day. This year Vegetative Waste pick up will continue on Mondays during leaf season,

You can also put out your bagged or containerized leaves along with your vegetative waste at the same time for pick up. CAR BATTERIES: Can be disposed of at most local auto part stores for a nominal fee or can be disposed of at Camden County Hazardous waste drop off sites. For dates and times curbside for recycling or trash pickup, it will not be picked up. TIRES - RESIDENTIAL: (2) tires per week per house hold, must be off the rims and can be put to curb for trash pickup. If tires are on the rims they will not be picked up. CONCRETE: The Borough provides a pick up on Thursdays of small amounts. Pick up by the Borough must be called to Thursday by calling 5472486 ext. 13. If you or a contractor are replacing your sidewalk and/or driveway or any other type of renovation work you will need to arrange for private disposal. BRUSH PICK UP: The Borough provides a pick up on Mondays. Includes tree limbs and trimmings, brush with roots removed and stumps not more than twelve (12) inches in diameter. Brush, limbs and stumps should be no longer than 4ft. and stacked neatly curbside so not to protrude into the street or block the sidewalk. If stumps are more than 12” prior to Thursday. Any tree work done by a contractor is the responsibility of the contractor to dispose of debris. Any tree removal work done by a homeowner is the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of all resulting debris. Place brush, limbs, stumps, curbside the night before collec-

FALL, 2014


tion but no earlier than 1:00 p.m. the day preceding collection to ensure that your brush, limbs, stumps, will brush, limbs, stumps, in the street, as this is a dangerous practice that may cause a liability problem. Brush, limbs, stumps, placed on the park strip will not harm volume your pick up may not be completed on the scheduled pickup day, just leave at the curb and it will be picked up the following day. STUMP PICK UP: The Borough provides a pick up on Thursdays of small amounts. Pick up by the Borough must be called to Thursday by calling 5472486 ext 13. If a resident has a contractor do any tree work the contractor is responsible for removing all debris WOODEN FENCING & R.R. TIES: The Borough provides a pickup of small amounts that should be no longer than 4’ and limited to no more than 10 pieces per week. Pick up by the Borough will be on Fridays and is to be put curbside for trash pickup. If a contrac-

tor is doing the work the contractor is responsible for disposing of the debris. WASTE OIL: Waste oil may be brought to Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please do not drop off after hours and leave at gate. Proof of residency required. SCRAP METAL – Over the past few years the Borough has seen a steady decline in our recycling rate for scrap metal due to scavengers. In an effort to curb scavengers residents are asked to wait until the morning of pick up to put out items to the curb, you can also bring your scrap yard Monday thru Friday during normal business hours, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., for disposal in our scrap metal dumpster, or if ahead of time and we may be able to make arrangements for a pick up prior to your regularly scheduled pick up date if our schedule and manpower allows. If you need a pick up please to Friday by calling 5472486 ext. 13. The week of November 24th due to the

Borough of Barrington

Shred Day Event

Reduce clutter—clean out and purge your personal records! When:

September 20, 2014 9:00am to 12:00pm

Barrington, N.J. 08007 Contact: Mike Ciocco, 856-547-2486 Ext. 10 “Residents and Local businesses only” Bring your bags and/or boxes of paper to be shred-

destroyed before your eyes. 100% of the shredded paper is recycled! Only paper is accepted. Please, no plastic bags or metal—including 3-ring binders and binder clips. Paper clips and staples are OK.

scrap metal and white goods will be picked up on Wednesday November 26th. HOLIDAY S: Monday, September 1st, all services rescheduled for Tuesday, September 2nd, October 13th, all services rescheduled for Tuesday, October 14th, ThanksgivThursday and Friday November 27th and 28th, see trash and recycling schedule listed for holiday schedule details. TRASH AND RECYCLING: Must be placed curbside by 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection but no sooner than 1:00 p.m. the day preceding collection. A copy of the trash and recycling regulations can be obtained at the Borough Hall or online at Please remember to secure your trash properly, the Borough frequently receives complaints about unsecured trash littering the streets on Thursday November 27th, recycling pick up will be performed on the following day Friday November 28th. Please keep your recycling separated from your trash so the crews can easily distinguish the trash from the recycling. Trash will be picked up on Friday as regularly scheduled. DIG SAFELY: Homeowners are reminded that prior to any type of excavation work you are required to call the New Jersey One Call Center at 1-800-272-1000 or 811 to request a mark out of all underground utilities. This is the law in New Jersey and is for your safety. Examples of excavation could be but are not limited to landscaping, irrigation systems, fence installations, concrete work, etc. If you have a contractor doing your work the contractor


should be aware of this requirement also. If you see colored paint markings

LOOSE LEAF PICK UP – The season will begin the week of October 6th and

on your property, these are utility markings. Yel-

29th, weather permitting. There are 3 districts which will have 4 pickups each. Leaf signs will be posted the week prior to the districts scheduled pick up, you can also refer to the enclosed schedule listing, website or cable channel for listings. Please place the leaves on the park strip between the

Orange = Communication/ = Sanitary Sewer, White = Proposed excavation area. STREET SWEEPER – The following is the sched-

#3 week of 9/22. We will advertise on the Borough cable channel 19/33 and post signs in your district the week prior. In order job, residents will need to move their cars off the street on your scheduled week. Every effort will be made to stay on schedule but delays can happen due to manpower, breakdowns, weather, etc. BAGGED LEAF PICK UP – Pick-ups will be every Monday, September thru son along with your vegetative waste. Bagged leaves shall be put in open metal or plastic containers of no more than thirty (30) gallon capacity not exceeding 50 lbs. total weight or heavy duty bags of 1.3 mil thickness not exceeding 25 lbs., please leave bags untied.

put sticks, rocks, or any other debris in leaf piles, this can cause damage to the machines and create safety concerns for our employees. If debris are left in piles, the pile will not be picked up. Leaf crews will make one pass thru on your scheduled pick up week and will not return due to leaves being storm water regulations and Borough Ordinance, loose leaves are not to be placed within 10 feet of any storm drain inlet along the street. There will be no loose-leaf pick up the week of November 24th due to the short holiday week. Pick up will resume the following week. If anyone should have any question in regards to this article or any other Public Works related issues please call Mike Ciocco, Supt. of Public Works at 547-2486 ext.10

Auto Care Experts

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FALL, 2014



Community Bible Church

Easter Egg Hunt

Woodland Car Wash

Girls’ Softball

Little League

Girls’ Softball

Earth Day Barrington Day

Government Day

Memorial Day

Government Day

Barrington Day

Woodland School Graduation

FALL, 2014



Come in and have your spirits lifted by a personalized hairstyling experience.

Positive Waves

Hair Design by Joy and Michelle

511 Clements Bridge Road, Barrington (856) 546-1910 New Customers: Bring this ad with you for a 20% Introductory Offer

The Borough was recognized for enduring patriotic support of American military members and our nation’s veterans by the N.J. Committee for Employer

Ceremonies. Mayor Robert Klaus accepted the “Seven Seals Award” on behalf of the community for their “meritorious leadership and initiative in support of the men and women who serve America in the National

organization that seeks to create a culture where all American employers value and support the military their employees. The Seven Seals Award “recognizes the efforts by a citizen, business, organization or entity whose supportive actions have Reserve components in a

Clementoni, praised the community for their long

history of “supporting the Armed Services of the United States of America and being a town that embraces patriotism and welcomes home their American heroes.” Resident Shaun Ferguson appreciates the small town support in a community that has a large patriotic heart. A Senior Airman who is Fighter Wing’s Atlantic City Airport location, Ferguson also volunteers with the Barrington Fire Company #1. Ferguson’s comrades of the 177th Fighter Wing are defense in the protection of our skies. The men and women of this coveted Naready, twenty-four seven. while America’s enjoyed barbecues and parties with their family and friends and the Jersey shores were beach lovers, dozens of men and women of the 177th Fighter Wing were readying for deployment

nce e r e iff D the e t s Ta

On Line Ordering Eat-In • Take Out • Delivery 113 Clements Bridge Road • Barrington Mon. – Thurs. 10am – 9pm • Fri. & Sat. – 10am – 10pm • Sun. 11am – 9pm

Visit us on Facebook at Vito’s Pizza & Sub Shop






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Vito’s Pizza

Barrington • 856-546-7433




This Walking Trails map of the Borough of Barrington is presented courtesy of the Barrington Business Association. The concept was developed by Ryan McMichael as his Eagle Scout Project with Barrington’s Boy Scout Troop 96. Final drafting work was done by Greg Evans of KEI Engineers.

If you are a business owner who is located in Barrington, or doing commerce here, you are invited to join the BBA. Dues are just $25 per year. Call John Hargrave at 856-547-6500 or e-mail him at

FALL, 2014


FALL, 2014



The Barrington Business Association Wishes You Good Health and Success Member of NJ & PA Bar

STEPHEN GUICE, P.C. Attorney at Law

464 East Holly Avenue Pitman, NJ 08071 Phone: (856) 589-8565 (By Appointment Only)

413 Clements Bridge Road Barrington, New Jersey 08007 Phone: (856) 547-8989 Fax: (856) 547-9222

Barrington Business Association Offers Networking and More Once a month, the owners and managers of local companies get together to discuss shared concerns about operating their businesses here in Barrington, and to learn about the ever-changing challenges of the world of commerce. Aside from sharing their own experiences with each other, they are able to access information directly from authorities on matters of

YOUR BUSINESS CARD HERE Color: $30 Black & White: $25 Two Horse Newsgroup 856-546-7267

the progress of construction projects. In addition, the group seeks out expert advice from local professionals who have advice to share on technology and techniques. In the past year, guest speakers such Vermaat & Leonard, and

219 Clements Bridge Rd. Barrington, NJ 08007 856-547-1516 $1.00 Laundered Shirts with $10.00 in Dry Cleaning Must Present Coupon cannot be combined with other discounts pre-pay only

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narus, LLC, have presented their experiences with using social media like Facebook to promote their businesses. Membership is just $25 a year, and the meetings alternate between early breakfast and late afternoon conferences, along with quarterly evening gatherings at Borough Hall. To get more information, contact John Hargrave at or call 856-547-6500.



FALL, 2014

Business Spotlight


arrington continues to show economic growth as new businesses join established favorites in our community. The Barrington Business Association encourages our residents to patronize local resources as often as possible. The association holds monthly meetings to establish communication among the

and ask about birthday parties, too. For more information, call 856-573-9454 or check them out on Facebook. Little Red Robins Day Care

Phylicia Robenolt has just opened her child care center and pre-school on Clements Bridge Road next to the B-Corner. Little Red Robins

learn from guest speakers as well. For membership information, contact John Hargrave at 856-547-6500 or jhargrave@

courses in Stress Management and in Parenting. The ing from eating disorders and addiction recovery to the problems faced by adolescents and young adults. There’s more information on their website or call 856-547-1107. Owners Paul and Lori O’Leary along with their

Positive Waves

Little Red Robins

associate Amber Thoma-

Novella’s Ice Creamery

their grounds recently to introduce themselves to the community.

O’Leary Counseling, LLC

Novella’s Ice Creamery

Mayor Klaus was on Hunt, along with their son, Austin, formally cut the ribbon re-opening Novella’s on Clements Bridge Road at Third Avenue. Council members Wayne Robenolt, Patti Nicholson, and Kirk Popiolek also joined in the fun. The sweet spot is known for its ice cream, water ice, and milk shakes, but early risers are now lining up in the morning, too, enjoying a variety of coffees and breakfast sandwiches. There’s free parking around back, and across the street at First Presbyterian Church. Watch their menu board for weekly specials and events,

Working with children from infants to pre-teens, the center is open from of busy parents. Children enjoy games and toys, but get exposure to computers and reading, too. Phylicia and husband/partner Wayne have been involved in the community and Barrington Fire Co. No. 1 for many years, and Wayne is also a member of Borough Council. Their daughter, Brittany, is a member of the day care staff as well. For more information, call 856795-0188. O’Leary Counseling, LLC

With a staff of licensed professional counselors, this new member of our business community offers

O’Leary Counseling, LLC

No newcomer to the Barrington Business community, Joy Monte deserves recognition for serving literally generations of families and friends in her comfortable hair care salon at 511 Clements Bridge Road. Working with stylist Michelle, they offer high quality products and techniques that create personalized everyday styles as well as special event updos. Expert coloring services are skillfully done at reasonable prices, so Joy and Michelle invite you to enjoy a “positive” uplift by calling 856-5461910 and making an appointment soon. Ample parking is available in the rear lot. Movie Poster & Book Shop

Council members Maureen Bergeron and Patti Nicholson stopped by to meet attendees, and volunteers from the O’Leary staff pitched in to help with an face painting for the kids. It was an enjoyable event for all.

with o

Positive Waves

riginal movie posters from stack your shelves with books about movies and the entertainment industry. There are great gift ideas, too. They are open weekday afternoons from 1 to 5, and Saturdays from 11am to 5pm. They will also open by appointment if you call them at 856-546-1704. Check out their website, too at www. movieposterandbooksphop. com.

Don’t forget that when you spend money at local businesses, it helps your entire community. As the BBA says, “Buy Barrington First!”

The Movie Poster & Book Shop

If you love the movies, you’re going to love this new shop just opened by Ralph and Carol Secinaro at 106 Clements Bridge Road, across the street from the Old Rail Tavern. You can decorate your entertainment room

FALL, 2014


Bright Lights 3 Locals Play Ball at Duke University Former Barrington Little leaguers (from left) Pat

University recently as their Showcase team traveled South to compete against teams from North Carolina. The boys each contributed to the team making the round are pitchers, and combined for seven innings pitched, allowing only one run. Ryan played second base displaying solid defense and contributed offensively with

Society, which recognizes athletes who not only perform on the

in the classroom. He received All MAC Conference Honors in 2012 and 2013. Shane’s football career was cut short due to injury after several years playing offensive line., yet he maintained a high cumulative grade point average, He now works gas supply company as an analyst. Shane is a graduate of Haddon Heights High School, where he as a as well as the classroom. We will continue to see great things from Shane as he progresses through the working world! Marissa Beebe In Tournament Marissa Beebe recently competed in the Carpenter

as three stolen bases. The boys will also play at Virginia Tech, Asheville, NC, and return to Carolina later in July for a tournament at North Carolina University. It is a busy summer of baseball but if you ask each player, there’s no place they’d rather be.

years and is a special needs individual. Cody has played in numerous sports includhockey and his favorite sport of all –soccer-- for the Special Olympics. This year he

had the privilege of playing Soccer Team from Rowan College for the New Jersey Jersey. His team consisted and also four Rowan students and three coaches from the school. Cody scored six goals and helped his team go day and Thursday and also the gold medal round on Friday where they won the gold medal! This was a wonderful experience for the whole team and it goes to show that the new wave does work for everyone who participates. A big shout out to Rowan College for starting up the program three years ago and also to Cody for his excellent sportsman-

Shane Catts Honored Shane Catts graduated

Jersey to make their favorite recipe and submit a picture of themselves with their dish. Noah, of Barrington, won a spot on the SJ Hot Chefs Facebook page and a $100 ny’s restaurant in Haddon Heights. His dish will be featured at one of the SJ Hot Chef’s participating restaurants during Farm to Fork week. “I’m really excited,” Noah said. “I just want to cook.” Though the aspiring future chef is happy about his win, Noah originally had doubts about his chance of success in the competition. “He thought he didn’t have a chance and he was so excited when he heard he won,” said Noah’s mother, ally excited.” The winning dish, a peach ily recipe. With a mix of angel food cake, custard,

fresh peaches and raspberry preserves, the dish is one of to cook. that the recipe is special because of it’s long family

sented Haddon Heights High School. Marissa played for the Colonial/Olympic team, pitching six innings and she went two for four at the plate. Marissa said playing in the tournament was a “great experience.” Congratulations Marissa! Rowan Student Excels In Special Olympics Cody Bruner has been a Barrington resident for 25

Barrington 9-yearold wins South Jersey Hot Chefs cooking competition Excerpted from story in South Jersey Times By Lauren Rodia South Jersey Hot Chefs has found its newest - and most adorable - little chef. become the newest winner of the SJ Hot Chefs Littlest Chefs online competition



The competition challenged children from all over South

Auto & Truck Repair Citgo Service Station Towing & Recovery 700 Clements Bridge Road



well as eat and is popular at holiday gatherings. When he is not in the kitchen, Noah enjoys playing sports such as hockey and baseball. His love for cooking began when he was around six years old and has now become one of his favorite past-times.


2013 from Albright Universi- Cup Softball Tournament for ty, Shane was also named to high school juniors and sophthe National Football Foundation Hampshire Honor -





A.B.L.E. Thanks Entire Community For Support of Spring Food Drive

FALL, 2014

Woodland Warriors— members of the Junior National Honor Society

Volunteers from St. Rita

As Barrington has done so many times in the past, the entire town pitched in this spring. Adding to the food that was donated to the Boy Scouts’ “Scouting For Food” drive last fall, the Mail Carriers repeated their successful appeal to “Stamp Out Hunger.” They collected food donations generously left on the doorsteps of our townspeople on May 10th. They rounded up over 300 bags and returned them to Borough Hall, where volunteers waited to sort them for later distribution. Bible Church and First Presbyterian Church joined in, and shared in the canned goods and pasta collected to help replenish the food pantries they operate at their churches.

Worship Center also lent a hand. Early in June, A.B.L.E. members gathered once again to sort the food and prepare for distribution. They also checked the expiration dates on the items to be sure that none were outdated.

our middle school. First, the food was broken down into categories and set up on long tables. Then 3 large shopping bags were the 40 people who would receive the food. On Saturday morning, more Woodland students gathered at Borough Hall to help folks take the bags out to their cars. A group from

scheduled for June 7th at Borough Hall, and employPublic Works graciously moved the boxes of food from storage upstairs down to the Pre-K Room in preparation for the event. On Thursday and Friday evenings, the group was joined by enthusiastic

Worship Center delivered food bags to some shut-ins who were unable to get to Borough Hall. The recipients of the food were grateful to the citizens of Barrington for their generosity, and were impressed by the cheerfulness and politeness of the young people who helped out. The A.B.L.E. group’s name stands for Answers, Benevolence, Liberation and Education, and it’s a


GRACE BIBLE Pastor James Detwiler

COMMUNITY BIBLE Pastor Richard Archut 321 Kingston Avenue

CONTACT: Patti Smith


GOOD NEWS FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER 501 Commerce Dr Pastor(s) Ray and Carol Shannon

401 Clements Bridge Road CONTACT: Patti Pawling FIRST UNITED METHODIST 140 Clements Bridge Road Contact: Bob Golas GOSPEL HALL 14 Barrington Avenue

ST. ROSE OF LIMA PARISH Pastor: Rev. Joseph Byerley

coalition of volunteers from local church and civic groups, as well as individual residents who have a caring spirit and a desire to serve others. They look forward to further food donations in the fall through drives by our school children and the Boy Scouts. St. Francis/St. Rita Closes in Merger With St. Rose of Lima After years of uncertainty, and a short-lived merger Magnolia and Mary, Mother of the Church Parish in Bellmawr, parishioners of uled Mass in Barrington on June 29th. As part of its consolidacese of Camden merged the St. Francis portion of the recently-formed St. Rita of Cascia Parish with St. Rose of Lima Parish in Haddon Heights. Ironically, St. Francis Parish was originally formed as a mission location of St. Rose before being split off as an independent parish in 1954. The church building in Barrington may be available in the future for weddings and funerals, but there will be no scheduled Sunday Masses. No permanent decision has been made about the now-closed St. Francis Regional School Building. The buildings of ish have been closed for a few years, and are currently listed for sale. While members are free to attend Mass at any other parish in the diocese, they have been encouraged to join St. Rose of Lima in Haddon Heights. The fact, has moved all physical records of marriages, baptisms, and contributions from St. Francis to St. Rose for future reference. Members of the former Mary, Mother of the Church Parish in Bellmawr are being urged to join St. Joachim

Parish in Bellmawr, formerly called Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish. The parishioners of St. Rose held a welcoming Wine & Cheese reception for the St. Francis community on the evening of June 12th. Rev. Joseph Byerley, the Pastor at St. Rose, the transferring members to participate in all parish activities, organizations, and ministries. The reception was well-attended, and many acquaintances were renewed. Masses at St. Francis, several different groups were invited to present the ing many facets of parish life. Former students and faculty of the grade school participated one week, followed by the Friendship & Thought Committee, the Rosary Society . Father Mass, and many members ed. A coffee and doughnuts reception was held afterward. St. Rose of Lima School Ready for Fall The faculty and staff at St. Rose of Lima School have been busy this summer preparing for the new school will be Wednesday, Sept. 3rd. Our Fall Open House will be held on Wednesday, October 8th at 9:00 am. School tours will be available. Registration is ongoing at the school, please contact 546-6166 ext 130, or email for additional information. Looking for St. Rose Alumni! If you are an alum of St. Rose of Lima School, please register your name and contact information with We will send you periodic alumni updates.

FALL, 2014

Please send your information to strosealumni@ Also, please visit our website at www. looking for old photos or memorabilia. If you have any that you would like to share, please send it to the of Lima School, 300 Kings Highway, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035, or email them to We will return any photos to you. Upcoming School and Parish Events Wednesday, Sept. 3rd Parish BBQ Sunday, October 5th from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. Fall Open House Wednesday, October 8th from 9:00 – 11:00 am. School registrations will be accepted. St. Rose of Lima Coach Bingo Event Saturday, October 18th at 7:00 pm – Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Mt. Ephraim Annual Christmas Bazaar Friday, November 7th, 10 am – 8:00 pm - St. Rose of Lima Parish Hall Barrington’s First Presbyterian Church – Family Worship!

Barrington’s First Presbyterian Church continues its mission to serve families of all shapes and sizes in our community. Whether it is through our Worship services, our food pantry, our missions or just our day to day interaction with those in our community, we want everyone to know that you are welcome and encouraged to join with us – as a visitor or as a member if you feel led. Each week begins with Family Worship at 10am Sunday mornings – with Sunday of the month. Our church family (that includes young families, couples, singles and even families of three genera-


tions) welcomes all visitors. We also have membership classes if you are looking for a church home and would like more information about the Presbyterian Church in general or our church in particular. For the fall, we are very much looking forward to our 2nd Annual Fundraising Concert. The date has been chosen (Sunday, October 26th – the last Sunday of October) – and we will be putting the prices and the exact time soon. So, watch our Facebook page for details! Last year’s concert was a huge success – with all types of music, and friends (old and new) who came and shared their musical talents with us. Mark your calendars and plan to buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale (Sunday, September 28th) to be sure to have a seat for this wonderful afternoon of music. We’ll even treat you to refreshments after the concert! Also – watch our Facebook page for other events such as our Holiday Crafter/Vendor Bazaar, a Yard Sale and our famous Sunday/Sundae Fundays (when we gather for ice cream sundaes and board games)! You don’t have to be a member to come out to any of these events – we’d love to have you as our guest. There are many ways to stay in touch with us. You can like us on Facebook (Barrington’s First Presbyterian Church – look for the picture of our church building!), you can visit our website:, you can always stop in to a service (10am every Sunday), or you can stop and see Pastor Alaina (Tuesday mornings from 10:30am to 12:30pm). We’d love to see you or hear from you! Community Bible Church

If you are looking for a church that is Bible based

and not built on religious tradition or men’s opinion, we invite you to worship with us at Community Bible church. Our service times are: Sunday School 9:45 a.m. There is a class for all ages! This class time gives each student the opportunity to interact with the teacher through Biblically rooted discussion. Sunday Worship 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Our friendly, caring congregation invites you to join them for the singing of familiar hymns and expositional preaching for everyday living. Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer Meeting 7 p.m. We are now studying the life of Abraham with a verse by verse look study gives the student understanding into the present College and Career 6:30 p.m. every other Monday. This group addresses issues affecting today’s 18-30 year olds. Along with the regular Monday gatherings and social activities, public service opportunities are scheduled throughout the year. For more information or a list of meeting dates, visit the church website. Community Bible Church is located at 321 Kingston Ave. (just off Third Ave.) in Barrington. For more information or to learn more about us, visit our website at computer; call the church at 546-6514. For those who we are handicap friendly… enter off the parking lot entrance. Community Bible Church is home to Woninternet radio station. Join our growing world-wide audience of listeners by logging onto

First United Methodist Church

We would like to thank the Boro of Barrington for giving us the opportunity to participate in placing a wreath this past Memoservice people for their this our great country, the United States of America. Our church continues to take up a charge to help the Barrington Boro Pantry. month during our communion service, we will be bring in nonperishable food to be delivered to the boro for their use. It is our small way of helping the needy of our town. While we have always prayed for our town and its July, our church is praying for a street in Barrington. We will continue to keep your street in our prayers for two weeks. We will be changing the street every two weeks. Please remember to stop by our booth at the Barrington Harvest Festival this coming October. We again will have our women selling their homemade baked breads and cakes. Also this October we will be hosting our Hobo are shooting for October 25 as the date. Please call 609-828-2240 for more information on the exact date


and times. We would appreciate anyone coming to call ahead for reservations. Please call 609-828-2240 to reserve you spot. We invite anyone to attend our service on Sunday mornings at 10 am. Our church is steadly growing with new families who are attending each week. We continue to show two music videos during the service and this has been received with great satisfaction. It is a break from the traditional weekly service and adds a new dimension to just the plain ordinary service we are all used too. If you are looking for a church to stop in and worship, please don’t hesitate. We are an open church, with open hearts, open minds and open doors. Feel free to visit our website, which contains information on all that is going on in our church and all our upcoming functions.

PBA Local 328 donated $2,050 to United Methodist Church in Barrington for needed concrete work. From left to right is Local 328 President Thomas Gorman, Pastor Bob Chew, Sergeant at Arms Ken Lampe and Delegate Kevin Hibbitt.


295/42 construction which was concentrated in that area. Highlights of the show were the tinwoodswoman, the lioness, the live dog, creative scenery and

Barrington Band– Courage, Heart, and Brains In the beginning of May, fourteen members of Barrington Band, including the director and assistant director of Barrington

apples, which our 10 year old violinist threw back on the stage! It was an exhausting, but fun enterprise. On June 14, the Barrington Band played an hour and three quarters in the Cape

with the addition of the director of South Jersey Youth Orchestra, ranging in age from under 9 to over 90, played the show “The Wizard of Oz”. It was a community service High School. The director of musical theatre sent out an e-mail requesting volunteers to provide the

a patriotic beginning and


ester Catholic’s junior/senior high production of the Wizard of Oz. Hurricane Sandy had damaged all their props so they would have been unable to do the show without these musical volunteers. These volunteers donated their time for

rehearsals and three performances). They enjoyed the challenge of playing the real Broadway music. Half were playing a Broadway We also enjoyed watching the wonderful actors. Another challenge was the

set in the middle, featuring many of our great BB soloists. We played a shorter version of this show on the lawn of Collingswood Manor a beautiful evening in a party honoring our two graduates, Melissa Wiltsey from Rowan, and Ben Carroll from Camden County Technical school. We were all practiced and ready to on July 3, but that was cancelled. Since several our band members went away for the weekend, and the director and assistant director were in church playing, we were unable to play on Sunday evening. Maybe next year! We have 3 rehearsals before our next

two performances. We will oring Leona’s engagement musical family!

Barrington Historical Society

of the most recognizable canines anywhere. Please join us on September 14 at 2:30pm at the Senior Center behind the Municipal Building. RCA advertising and other memorabilia will also be on display. Haddon Heights architect, will be presenting a slide

On Sunday, September 14, we are very pleased to have Fred Barnum, author of “His Master’s Voice in America” speak about RCA-Radio Corporation of America. Fred’s book is an illustrated history of RCA, which started in 1901 as the Victor Talking Machine Company. RCA. Those letters stir up many memories in so many minds. You either worked there, had a relative who worked there, had a RCA television set, radio, record player or records or your parents met there. Camden was once the recording capital of the world as many noted stars traveled to the city to record their music in the RCA studios. And who can forget Nipper? This pup was easily one

Buildings” to us on Sunday, November 16. She will be illustrating to us a building’s past. As an example of a building’s change, she will be using County Historical Society’s Hunter-Lawrence-Jessup house on Broad Street in Woodbury, which is a 1765 very much altered in 1888. This building serves as a case study to explain the architect’s work in dating historic buildings. Margaret has spoken to us previously on Lucy the Elephant and on the Campbell Soup Can Tower. Photos of old houses in town and pictures of earlier

Barrington streetscapes will be shown. This meeting will also be in the Senior Center at 2:30pm. Our meetings are free and open to the public. Bring a friend. The Senior Center is handicapped accessible. Refreshments will be served. Stop and say hello to us at the Barrington Harvest Festival on Saturday, October 18 this year. We have a big banner with our name on it across the front of our table so you won’t be able miss us. We will have a new cut-out this year of a building in town to add to your collection. Last year’s cut-out of the Old Rail Tavern was very popular and we think this year’s will be also. This year we’re keeping what the building is a secret. You’ll have to out. We’ll also have other Barrington memorabilia for sale. And, thank you, to Bob Finch, Bill Bowen & Sandy Bowen for planting the geraniums around our war monuments for Memorial looked nice for our ceremonies and having been blooming beautifully all summer. We do this each year and are proud to honor our veterans in this way.


Did you attend Culbertson School? Built just after the Borough of Barrington was incorporated in 1917, it became antiquated and was demolished in 1994. The Rite-Aid Pharmacy that now stands in its place was built in 1996.

FALL, 2014




BOY SCOUTS TROOP #96 Contact: Joe Morin 856/780-2644 m Contact: Joe Connuli 856/655-9411 m **Meets MOST Sun at 7 pm at VFW

Michael Grasso m BARRINGTON BAND

g **Meets MOST Tues 7:00 pm Senior Center BARRINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION t 311 Reading Ave. 856-547-8467, Ext. 113 856-547-5533 (F) BARRINGTON BUSINESS ASSOC. (BBA) Contact: John Hargrave 856/547-6500 m Christine Liss: general BARRINGTON CARES 856/323-8493 BARRINGTON, HAD HGTS. LIONS CLUB Contact: Brent Bergeron


Scott Ross - Cubmaster Ruth Ross - Den Leader **Meets MOST Sundays 6:00 pm VFW BROWNIE TROOP #30014 Contact: Sandra Duganitz 122 E Williams Ave 856/904-6586 **Meets 2nd & 4th Thurs Sept thru May - SRC 6:30 pm CIVIC ASSOCIATION




BARRINGTON WOMEN’S LEAGUE PRE-K: m Contact: Jessica Emmons





m 7:30pm, Fire Station



SUICIDE SUPPORT GROUP Gail Dohrn 215-545-2242 **Meets 2nd Tues each month 7 pm Municipal Bldg 2nd Fl Comm. Center TRI-STATE TROPICAL FISH ASSOC.


LITTLE LEAGUE WOMEN’S AUX g 856-534-5875 (C) SHADE TREE COMMISSION Contact: Terry Shannon 856/547-0706 **Meets 3rd Tues month 6:30 pm HARVEST FESTIVAL m HISTORICAL SOCIETY t Contact: Sylvia Hearne, Corresp. Sec. 856/547-9527 (H)

CHURCHES: ASCENSION LUTHERAN g 534 Fourth Avenue Haddon Heights, NJ 08035 856/547-6669 COMMUNITY BIBLE

Contact: Harry “Buddy” Hart

m m**Meets 1st Thurs month SRC 7 pm



mailto:dehrman@barringtonboro. com


GREEN TEAM Contact: Wayne Robenolt, Councilman 856/547-0706 m **Meets 3rd Tues month 7:30 pm in

g Contact: Rich Nasuti


856/310-1323 (H) 609/254-5644 (C) best number to use


GIRLS’ SOFTBALL LEAGUE AUX. Contact: Kim Kellogg 215-964-5451 m


Municipal Bldg Community Center



m Contact: Bill Dzurenda

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAM Bernadette Maull g In an emergency call 911 immediately 24 hr. hotline: 856/227-1234




856-54706632, ext. 337


t **Meets 4th Monday each month except Dec, July & August, 7:30 pm Fire Station

856/217-3924 Contact: Meg O’Donnell




CUB SCOUT PACK 96 Contact: Scott & Ruth Ross

BARRINGTON ROD & REEL: Contact: Darryl Hunt



321 Kingston Avenue 856/546-6514 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN m 401 Clements Bridge Road FIRST UNITED METHODIST m

G 109 Shreve Ave/Veterans Way Commander & Contact: Harry Stone 856/547-8446 Meets 3rd Tues month VFW 7:30 pm

140 Clements Bridge Road 856/287-7561 Contact: Bob Golas


14 Barrington Avenue Contact: A.J. Higgins

m YOUNG AT HEART (SENIORS) Senior Recreation Center 856/547-1930 (SRC) 856/547-8585 **SRC open every M-W-F 12-4pm BARRINGTON SCHOOLS PTA: WOODLAND PARENT TEACHER GROUP (WPTG) g



GOOD NEWS FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER g 501 Commerce Dr 856/672-9555 m GRACE BIBLE CHURCH g 887 Clements Bridge Road 856/546-4885 g g ST. ROSE OF LIMA PARISH


NJ 08035-1397, (856) 547-0564 Kathy Miller: m Fr. Joseph Byerley: m



CAMDEN COUNTY CC Social Services --225-5143 or 225-8800 Welfare to Work 427-0988 WIC --225-5155 Health & Human Services 374-6300 Food Stamps-- 225-7789 Mosquito Control 566-2945 or 2949 Alcohol & Substance Abuse --374-6316

LOCAL NUMBERS: Emergency -----------911

Veterans Affairs –613-1199 One Stop Resource Center 968-4200 Parks & Recreation – 216-2130 Public Works (county) 566-2980

Ambulance – 933-1234 (Non-emergency) Borough Hall -- 547-0706


Court –547-1550

Rental Assistance 614-3300 Homeless Prevention 614-3318 Catholic Charities 663-9800

Public Works -- 547-2486


2-1-1 FIRST CALL FOR HELP If you need help right now, pick up the phone and dial 2-1-1 to reach the Camden County information and referral hotline operated by the Union Organization for Social Service. You can also visit their searchable Community Information System website: 2-1-1 provides callers in need with information about and referrals to human services such as: Basic Human Needs Resources: food banks, clothing closets, shelters, rent assistance, utility assistance. Physical and Mental Health Resources: health insurance programs, Medicaid and intervention services, support groups, counseling, drug and alcohol intervention and rehabilitation. Work Support: tion assistance and education programs. Support for Older Americans and People with Disabilities: adult day care, congregate meals, Meals on Wheels, respite care, home health care, transportation, homemaker services. child care, after school programs, Head Start, family resource centers, summer camps and recreation programs, mentoring, tutoring and protective services.



FALL, 2014

IS THERE A BOY IN are loyal to the high school Jersey Independent Youth YOUR HOME READY band or sports that requires Football Association. Their many hours, especially dur- mission is to help youth TO EXCEL? ing the precious weekends

Any Barrington Boy can be an Eagle Scout. In fact, any boy can be an Eagle Scout, as our next 2 are from our neighboring towns. Paul Fitzpatrick is from Somerdale and Sal Borregine is from Audubon. Both became Boy Scouts as soon as they could. Paul joined after his older brother Kevin who became an Eagle 2 years ago. Sal followed his 2 cousins into Troop 96 and now all three are Eagles. This fact makes it sound as if all Scouts become Eagles. This is not true. Nationwide only about 4 out of 100 that enter Scouts make it all the way. Only ald Ford made the grade. No one ever questioned his honesty and character, unlike many others. They only questioned some of his policies and actions.

we miss them, yes, but are we proud of them excelling in those areas, too? Absolutely! When we visit historic sites and other popular places, boys in Scout uniforms are trusted to be courteous, well-mannered and respectful of others and property. Campsites and other public areas are often left cleaner than when we arrived. One of our tenets is “Leave no trace (that we were ever there )”. Not all Boy Scouts become Eagles, but they are almost always more mature helpful citizens beyond their years by the time they age out at 18. I’ve found that is the same for those who have served in the military. You can always count on them. Have your son join Troop 96, and he’ll be better off for it; for fun, for growing to earn your pride. Call Joe Morin at (856)780-2644, or Brett Moonen at (856)546-0165. You may have an Eagle in your nest.

learn the fundamentals of football, as well as the importance of socialization, hard work, dedication, and team unity. Emphasis will be placed on creating continuity for the Haddon Heights High School football program. Sponsors their 2013 sponsors enabled them to provide 1st rate football equipment, uniforms and instruction to the kids. Without the generosity of their sponsors, team leaders do not think that they could have met the expenses of running a quality youth football and cheerleading program. They sincerely appreciate the sponsors’ involvement in the program and do everything they can to help promote their goods and services in the 3 towns (Barrington, Haddon Heights & Lawnside) that send students to our high school.

(Left) Paul Fitzpatrick working his way up to Eagle, one fun event at a time!

Boy Scouts have a lot of fun along the way and become self-reliant and come home from camping as a troop, many parents notice that their child starts volunteering to share the family chores and other responsibilities. They notice a willingness to try new things. Some never make Eagle because they are into so many activities and are trying to be loyal and excel at each. Some are studying for honors and AP courses and prioritize their time toward those things that help them get scholarships and college credits. Others

GARNET YOUTH FOOTBALL PROGRAM SEEKS PLAYERS …AND SPONSORS The team is seeking athletes from Barrington, Haddon Heights and Lawnside, ages 5 through 14, to join them on the gridiron. A dedicated coaching staff promises to teach them the art of the sport and a love of the game. Community members, parents and sponsors are invited to participate in helping to build the organization. is a member of the South

Are You Eligible For a No-Interest, No-Monthly-Payment Home Rehabilitation Loan? Mayor and Council of the Borough of Barrington, in conjunction with Camden County Improvement Authority and their “Housing Rehabilitation Program” offers Barrington Residents a Home Improvement Program with Home Rehabilitation Repairs to their home. The program addresses such items as leaking roofs, faulty plumbing, heat, electrical, as well as Rehabilitation Code items affecting the safety of the Home. A homeowner must be income-eligible (this varies according to gross income and household size), and they must reside in the property for at least one year. Also, the property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and mortgage must be current. Right now there is a waiting list for applicants, and we anticipate you would receive an application in 6/8 weeks. If you would like to add your name to the list please call 856-751-2242. Sponsored By:

CAMDEN COUNTY Mayor and Council BOROUGH OF BARRINGTON Louis Capelli - Freeholder Director Liaison

S EE THE FINE PRINT Joseph M. Kamerling, M.D. Board Certified  General  Ophthalmologist

The committee hopes that local businesses and organizations will supFootball Sponsors. 2014 Sponsors will be recognized within the local communities as the team plays in one of the most competitive youth football leagues (SJIYFA) in the area. If you have any questions or would like to further Youth Football Sponsor, at or call 856-761-7199.

Paul Speesler, O.D. Optometrist (NJ  Lic#  OA003994)

SOUTH JERSEY VISION CENTER Comprehensive Eye  Exams  •  Contact  Lenses Laser  Vision  Correction  •  Cataract  Surgery Diabetic  Eye  Care  •  Glaucoma  Management Full  Service  Optical  Department

Co-­Care Affiliate  of  Kremer  TLC  Laser  Eye  Centers Now  Accepting  New  Patients  ~  Most  Insurance  Accepted

Call For  Appointment


423 Clements  Bridge  Road  •  Barrington,  New  Jersey

FALL, 2014


Ralph’s Pizza

Fall Fun!


520 Station Avenue Ralph’s Haddon Heights,Pizza NJ 08035 520856-547-0030 Station Avenue Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

Eat In or Take Out 856-547-0030

Eat In or Take Eat Take Out Out

Monday - Thursday SPECIALTY PIZZAS 2 large pies for SPECIALTY PIZZAS Garlic Tomato Garlic & Tomato Broccoli Spinach Broccoli or or Spinach White Pie White Pie

GOURMET PIZZAS GOURMET PIZZAS Cheese Steak Hoagie Margherita PizzaPizza Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak HoagiePizza Pizza Buffalo Chicken Pizza

HEALTHY CHOICES HEALTHY Salads •CHOICES Wraps Specialty Chicken Specialty Chicken Sandwiches Sandwiches


(Does not apply to specialty or gourmet pizzas) Toppings Extra

NEW ON NEW MENU THE MENU! Broccali Rabe Roast Pork & Provolone Roast Pork with Sandwich Broccoli Rabe and Sharp Roast BeefProvolone Hoagie or Club New Jersey Monthly Magazine Sandwich Newnamed JerseyRalph’s Monthly Garlic TomatoRalph’s Pizza Magazine& named “One&ofTomato the State’s Garlic Pizza “One of the State’s 25 Perfect Pizzas” 25 Perfect2010 Pizzas” February Issue February 2010 Issue

Monday - Thursday 11a.m - 9:30pm Friday & Saturday 11am -­ 10pm • Closed Sundays


Across 2. Ride ‘em, cowboy 3. B-B-Q treat 6. ___ ice 8. Abundant ________ 9. Jazz or tap 12. ____ cars 16. Ice ____ 21. ____ zoo 23. Tall walker’s tools 24. ___ candy Down 1. Hot ___ 5. Big party 7. Basket ____ 10. Tin Man’s friend 13. Solo singer 17. French ___ 18. Fall fruit 19. Spiraled on a stick 20. Apple ___ 22. Kiddie costume Answers on Page 22

SNOW CLOSING NUMBERS: Barrington: #565 Haddon Hts.: #563 Pope Paul VI: # St. Rose of Lima: Register for SchoolReach St. Teresa: #552 BARRINGTON SCHOOLS BARRINGTON SCHOOLS PARENT/TEACHER GROUP (PTG) 856/672-9561 CASTLE ACADEMY PTA 856/546-5901


Have your events, fund raisers, and activities featured here. Reach the entire community by submitting your events and notices to:

Or call the Municipal Office at 856-547-0706



FALL, 2014

Young At Heart



Monthly meetings the 3rd Monday of each month at 1 pm in the Barrington Senior Center. By joining the YAH Seniors you are entitled to attend our Christmas Party at Aucurrent members are now $14; NEW members are with some of your friends and neighbors and JOIN the Young at Heart Seniors for some great fun, food and entertainment.

March Birthdays: l to R: Carol Ross, Evelyn Andrews, Joe Stewart & Betty Logue April Birthdays: Anne Whitaker. Anne loves to dress up and win contests. This is her “patriotic” costume.


The Barrington Senior Recreation Center is open for all of our seniors to meet from noon to 3:00 pm every Mon, Wed and Fri WELCOME. If you wish to participate, we celebrate monthly birthdays with a pizza luncheon on the last Friday of every month - $5 per person. Sept: Mon – 15 - YAH meeting: 1 pm – Program: Barrington Construc-


“Honorary Senior” Cody Bruner, Special Olympian who wishes to have his number shown in this picture. “Congratulations on your accomplishments Cody – we are very proud of you”

Szczerbinski Wed – 26 - Birthday lunch – pizza - $5 per person– please sign up by the Wed before Oct: Mon – 20 - YAH Meeting: 1 pm – John Hargrave, Lawyer; Practice in Barrington and a member of the Barrington Business Association.

Fri - 31 - Birthday luncheon - pizza - $5 per person – please sign up by the Wed before Nov: Mon – 17 - YAH Meeting: 1 pm – Program TBA Fri – 28 - Birthday luncheon – pizza - $5 per person – please sign up by the Wed before

on the Senior Rec Center doors Camden County provides lots of free activities for seniors. Please check the county website and click on “JUST FOR SENIORS” Puzzle Answers:

PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR www. barringtonboro. com or call Eileen Holcombe at 856/547-8585; info is also posted

3 D’s Lawn Service & Landscaping

Fall Specials Aerate and Seed Entire Property $295 

Children & Adults


Experienced Instructors


Salt Water Pool

Contact SHARON for more information: 50 E. Gloucester Pike, Barrington, NJ 856.547.3326

Fall Leaf Cleanups Starting at $99 Gutter Cleaning 1 Story $95 / 2 Story $120*

*large 2 story homes add an additional $25

Pressure Washing 1 Story  $195    /    2  Story  $245

“We Take Pride in Our Work.” Call Dave  856-­979-­1303    •    856-­939-­9144



“KATHY McDONALD” BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices Fox & Roach REALTORS® Kathleen “Kathy” McDonald Broker/Associate


506 Devon Road Barrington/Tavistock Hills $325,000

238 N. Nassau Drive Barrington/Tavistock Hills $264,900

200 Shreve Avenue Barrington $166,900

523 5th Avenue Barrington/Gardens $156,000

5 Dowling Avenue Audubon $144,900

4 Callie Court Runnemede/Hidden Ponds II $349,900

6 Hutchinson Avenue (Building Lot) Barrington/Tavistock Hills $225,000

1920 S. Park Avenue Haddon Heights $179,900

43 Treaty Elm Lane

598 Coles Mill Road

300 Rhoads Avenue



315 Clements Bridge Road (Commercial) Barrington $109,000


Lisa McDonald Team Member Cell: 856-220-8336


Kyle Rodgers Team Member Cell: 856-266-7343

A Barrington Tradition...


or more than a half-century, families in the Barrington area have turned to the stately white home on Clements Bridge Road in their times of sorrow. Following in the footsteps of the respected proprietors of this iconic funeral home, Kirk Popiolek has gained the trust and confidence of local residents both through his professionalism and his community involvement. Kirk works tirelesssly to help create an attractive and energetic environment for people to raise their families and prosper in the community. Under his leadership for the past decade, Popiolek Funeral Home has been host to the final respects paid to some of the community’s most prominent citizens. Kirk stands ready day or night to assist you with making arrangements, whether it be immediate or planning for the future. You can feel free to call us at any time for more information and neighborly advice.

Pre-planning a funeral now assures that every little detail will follow your wishes. It is human nature to put it off, but planning a funeral in advance may be just about the most considerate thing that you can do for your family and loved ones. The decisions that must be made for a funeral can be complex and confusing. Worse, in a time of grief and stress, a family may overspend. Pre-planning now relieves your family of the burden of making those decisions, as well as the uncertainty of trying to guess what you would have wanted. You can also choose to pre-pay your plan and spare them the financial hardship, as well. We would be pleased to meet with you in your own home or in our office to discuss the details. It costs nothing to talk about it, and the peace of mind you will gain is beyond measure.


Kirk A. Popiolek, Owner/Manager, NJ Licence Number 4310 400 Clements Bridge Road, Barrington, NJ 08007 Call Day or Night: 856-546-9040 or visit

Barrington's On Track Autumn 2014  

Newsletter of Barrington, NJ Autumn 2014

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