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December 1, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

STAFF Robert Earl, Jr. Director Alexandra Nestoras Senior Associate Director Won Kang Associate Director Nadine Verna Associate Director Will Simpkins Program Director / Community & Diversity Initiatives Linda Reals Manager / Financial Fluency Program Kimberly Bedeau Employer Relations Coordinator Rachel Tannenbaum Career Counselor Christine Shin Alumnae Counselor Katherine Hendry Assistant Director Halle Kiefer Career Resources Assistant Hiraida Crespo Office Assistant Genise Reid Student Employment Assistant

Career Connections MICHELLE LAROCCO BC ’04: MY LIFE AS AN ENVIRONMENTALIST HOW IT ALL BEGAN It all started at Barnard. I was an Picture of Michelle environmental biology major. My first dedicated experience was when I “studied abroad” at the Columbia University Biosphere II Center in Tucson, AZ, an interdisciplinary environmental studies program. Science majors sometimes have trouble fitting study abroad into their program but I certainly recommend it. There are great programs on biodiversity in Costa Rica, environmental studies in India, or marine biology in Australia. But don’t worry if traveling abroad is not in your future. Like most Barnard women I wrote a senior thesis. My thesis research gave me an opportunity to study prior land use on forest growth rates at the Black Rock Forest, a research forest in New York! LIFE AFTER BARNARD In seeking career experience I went on an adventure of jobs; in two years I worked in four states, in a variety of settings, to learn what I liked and disliked—and to find my strengths. I worked with children as an educator at a small environmental center on the coast of Georgia. In Arizona, I worked for the Bureau of Land Management, gaining insight to the operations of federal agencies. Lastly, as a fisheries technician, I collected data on the native fish populations in the Colorado River watershed in Wyoming. MY LIFE NOW All that led me to my work at The Nature Conservancy, a non-profit science based conservation organization. Their mission is to preserve plants, animals, and natural communities by protecting the land and waters they need to survive. I work in NJ where the greatest threat to biodiversity is habitat loss through development. The Conservancy abates the threat of development through the acquisition of preserves. As a land steward I manage the preserves, namely a 400-acre piece of open space. My work includes invasive species removal, wetland restoration, community outreach, and the coordination of activities and events with other local non-profits. PERSONALLY SPEAKING How is my personal life affected by my interests? Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Animal,Vegetable, Miracle, inspired me to eat locally. For one, I grow my own vegetables, and use rain barrels to collect water for my garden. I am also big on composting. To reduce waste going to landfills, I take coffee grounds and food scraps home from the office to compost. I learned about vermicomposting (having worms eat food scraps to turn it into compost) at Barnard when my suite-mate got a worm bin and kept it in her closet. (Don’t tell Housing!) 1

December 1, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor


TEN TIPS FOR WORKING AT GREEN JOBS 1. Be prepared to be interdisciplinary – often organizations are small; you may have to do many different tasks in your job. 2. Be flexible – you may be working with the public and many outreach and advocacy jobs have odd work hours – nights and weekends. 3. Know the mission – know what problem the organization is trying to solve so you can tell them what you will bring to the organization. 4. Dressy is not always better – It seems silly, but if you are applying for a job that has major fieldwork components, coming to an interview in a skirt and heels may not be the best choice. If you are applying to work with an environmental law firm, by all means look as professional as possible. If you are unsure, you can always ask what the dress code is on the phone interview. But still – overdressed is better than under. 5. If you can’t find a full time job right away - look for internships. Often employers will try to keep interns they liked and invite them to apply for full time openings. 6. It’s not just science – Green organizations are supported by lawyers, public relations, HR, marketing, economics, web and computer support, and writers. There are many types of green jobs – many non-profit organizations always need volunteers. You can get a feel for the organization, and types of jobs, and you can find out what you don’t like.


This new volume immerses you in the strategies and tactics that leading professionals are using to tackle pressing problems and create innovative solutions. Explore: Global climate change; Biodiversity; Green Business; Ecotourism; Environmental Justice; Green Architecture; and many other critical issues. Learn about environmental career opportunities in the 21st century. Available in the Career Development Library!

7. Networking works – most green organizations are small – and there is a lot of “cross-pollination”. You may end up working with someone you met at a conference. 8. Green jobs can be where you make them – every field can be more sustainable, and you might be surprised what organizations or fields have positions, or need people to make them more sustainable. (Fashion and beauty – textiles and products; medicine – energy use and water conservation; education – waste reduction, food, and eco-literacy) 9. Some large corporations have a bad “green rep” (think Wal-Mart) - but surprisingly they also have sustainability departments – working is a legitimate way to get them to change the inside. Don’t count them out. 10. Think big or small – Multinational corporations can have huge amounts of waste – making them sustainable is a big job. Or, work with your local, small, family owned business improving the health of small businesses – being green can equal real dollars for small businesses. Source: Michelle LaRocco BC‘04, Stewardship Coordinator at The Nature Conservancy ( Interested in learning more about the ins and outs of living and working green? Contact Alexandra Nestoras in Career Development at for Michelle’s information.


December 1, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

INTERNSHIP SPOTLIGHT: NO IMPACT PROJECT By Alicia Mountain ‘10 My internship at the No Impact Project takes me far beyond the world of environmental nonprofit work. I find myself helping to develop a wide variety of programs and events, from holiday film screenings and discussions to week-long carbon cleanse experiences.   These hands-on projects are balanced with a healthy dose of online and administrative tasks, but I've learned to think of all that I do within the context of environmental preservation.  In keeping with our mission, we operate our organization with as little environmental impact as possible.  Interning for such a dedicated organization inspires me professionally, and brings a new level of eco-consciousness to my life outside of the workplace.

PEER CAREER ADVISOR, ANNETTE LAROCCO, TALKS GREEN Going green doesn’t just have to be a lifestyle; it can be a livelihood. While most green jobs are in the non-profit sector many for-profit corporations are going green, too. I caught up with my brother-in-law, Chris Minnich, who works in for a sustainable design firm in Philadelphia to get his perspective on a career in green industries. Annette: Where do you work and how is it green? Chris: I am employed at an architecture firm specializing in sustainable design and consulting called Re:Vision Architecture ( I worked as an R&D engineer for 10 years prior to changing my career while completing my masters degree in Sustainable Design. Annette: What would you say to liberal arts students hoping to work in the sustainability industry? Chris: In my graduate program, I had a few classmates with liberal and even fine arts backgrounds.  The integrated design process that occurs in sustainable design enables those of various backgrounds to be involved.  In the general sustainability field, there are many opportunities such as policy making that liberal arts students can work towards. Annette: Is your job at a non-profit of for-profit? Can you describe the differences/ similarities between the two sectors? Chris: My company is neither the typical for-profit or non-profit.  It is technically a for profit corporation, but it is also a B corporation (, so their business model incorporates the need to be socially and environmentally responsible.  I am also involved in the local chapter of the US Green Building Council, which is a non profit organization. Annette: What are the advantages of a green career? Chris: The main advantage to having a green career at this time is the relative infancy of the marketplace and career options.  This allows those with a green career to learn and grow with the ever-changing market. Annette: What are green employers looking for in job candidates? Chris: Depending on the company, traits such as a devotion to sustainability is highly sought in a candidate.  Other career paths have less need for being a green person.  There are options such as the USGBC's LEED Green Associate and LEED Accredited Professional credentials that can provide an edge to those looking for a green career.


DROP-IN HOURS Peer Career Advisors Monday -Friday 10 AM - 4 PM


December 1, 2009


Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

For these and other great opportunities, check out eRecruiting at

LOOKING FOR AN INTERNSHIP? In addition to eRecruiting, you have access to and, two online resources with hundreds of different internships organized by industry and state. To access both databases, log into eRecruiting, and use the school passwords provided on the lower left hand side of the home page. INFORMATION: eRecruiting

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke from New York is looking for dedicated interns to work in her Washington D.C. office. Interns must be familiar with American government procedure, and have an eye for detail within their office work. Part-time internships or externships are now available at the Office of the New York State Attorney for the spring semester. Students with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply, and are expected to commit a minimum of 15 hrs/week. Genocide Intervention Network (GI-NET) is committed to building the first antigenocide constituency. GI-NET is seeking highly motivated and independent interns for the winter and spring semesters. Tasks include research, editing, and expanding membership. Interested in gaining an educational experience in a world-class marine facility? The Alaska Sea Life Center (ASLC) is currently sponsoring an internship program in summer 2010 for students who are interested in learning about the Alaskan marine ecosystem in Seward, Alaska. The Esquire Magazine Marketing Director is looking for an assistant to provide media research-based support materials for the sales team. Esquire prefers interns with a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Tools, attention to details, and an openness to learn how to interpret numbers and data. Like Tory Burch? Why not work for them! Tory Burch is looking for an intern to maintain their fabric library, with attention to detail organization. The web department at Inside Edition is currently seeking an intern to assist with maintaining their website. Inside Edition hosts a well-rounded internship program where students gain a wide range of experience working with reporters and show staff. Senator Gillibrand's internship program provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn and serve through first-hand participation in government service. Senator Gillibrand’s office seeks highly motivated students with an interest in public service. Internships are available in Washington DC, NYC, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and Long Island offices. Artforum Magazine is seeking candidates for spring and summer internships. Applicants will ideally be self-motivated workers. A background in visual art, art history, criticism, or publishing is encouraged. The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law is a non-partisan public policy and law institute that focuses on the fundamental issues of democracy and justice. They are currently seeking part-time interns to provide administrative and clerical support to staff in their Communications and Democracy Departments. Applicants should be independent, detail-oriented, self-starters, energetic, and highly organized.


December 1, 2009


Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

FELLOWSHIPS Philips Academy Andover Teaching Fellowship Application:

GET VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES IN YOUR EMAIL! Make sure to indicate “community service” or “volunteer” as a preference in your eRecruiting profile to receive our community service listserv. You’ll get biweekly announcements of newly posted volunteer opportunities for Barnard students.

Information: Contact Lynda Diamondis at New York City Urban Fellows Fellowship opportunities include work in public policy, urban planning and government operations. Application: Available until 12/11/09 at Deadline: 1/7/10 at 5:00 PM For more opportunities, see the BEST Fellowships binder at Career Development. INFORMATION SESSION Mintz Levin Project Analyst Program On-Site Information Session Thursday, 12/03/09 at 6:30 PM, 666 Third Avenue between 42nd/43rd Streets Meet current project analysts and attorneys, and learn how you can be considered for the Analyst Program. No RSVP required. Business formal attire recommended. JOB POSTINGS CDM Position: Geologist Deadline: Ongoing or until filled Mintz Levin Position: Project Analyst Deadline: 1/26/10 on eRecruiting Sherman & Sterling Position: Legal Assistant Deadline: 1/24/10 on eRecruiting Wicked Cow Entertainment Position: Office Manager/Junior Account Executive Deadline: Until filled

RACHEL’S CORNER WORK WITH GREEN VALUES What comes to mind when you hear ‘green job?’ Perhaps you picture collecting water samples, writing proposals to congress about efficient energy practices or teaching students about global warming at a non-profit organization. Would you think about formulating a new lipstick at a top cosmetic company, pitching an ad campaign for a reputed beverage or writing news articles for the most-used search engine on the web? Newsweek recently published an article about the 500 greenest U.S. companies based on their actual environmental performance, policies, and reputation. Turns out many companies in various sectors are working to preserve our environment. Yahoo participates in an industry campaign to bring down energy consumption of computers. Johnson & Johnson is committed to climate change. Coca-Cola has water preservation projects in 60 countries. When a student decides that her interest lies in green organizations, she can choose traditional green organizations that focus on environmental policy, politics, advocacy, science and law, or she can seek out companies in other industries that value green practices and initiatives. Visit to browse through the rest of the Top 500 green companies. If you feel strongly about working with a company who employs effective green practices, this list is a great place to start. Best, Rachel


December 1, 2009

Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

SAMUEL HUNTINGTON PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD The award provides a $10,000 stipend for graduating college senior to pursue one year of public service anywhere in the world. DEADLINE: 2/15/10 INFORMATION: huntington.asp

FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS DO SOMETHING OFFERS GRANTS FOR COMMUNITY ACTION PROJECTS Application Deadline: 12/10/09 Amount: 52-$500 grants A $500 grant is awarded each week to implement or expand a community action project, program or organization. Applicants must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen. Information: SUMMER OF SERVICE GRANTS Application Deadline: 12/10/09 Subject to appropriations for 2010, the Corporation for National and Community Service announces the Summer of Service Grants to support community-based service-learning projects involving middle school students, during the summer. Information: ATHENA SUMMER FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM Application Deadline: 1/27/10 Beginning in the summer of 2010, at least ten emerging leaders will have the opportunity to participate in the Athena Summer Fellowship Program. Offered in the summer following their junior year, students will be placed with mentors who are committed to helping students develop leadership skills. During the 10 week program, fellows will receive a $4000 stipend. Information: Spring 2010 Alumnae & Donor Sponsored Internship Grant Program Spring Deadline: 2/2/10 at 11:59 PM For sophomore, junior, and senior students considering unpaid internships, Barnard College offers funding through alumnae and donor-sponsored grants. Grant applications are available on the Career Development website. Download the form, fill it out, and apply online on eRecruiting. Information:

HOW TO STAND OUT IN THE JOB SEARCH by Kimberly Bedeau Every media outlet reminds us daily that “…we are living in an unprecedented labor market.” These reports paint a grim picture for students looking to enter the workforce. However, what I also know is that Barnard students are bright, motivated, and built for leadership. My challenge to you is that you do not lay down the gauntlet of the fabulously wonderful alumnae that have come before you. Set your eyes on the goal meanwhile, harnessing your passion and ambition. In speaking to employers, I want to take a moment to pass along their advice for students looking to ‘stand out.’ • • • • • •


Have a clear and concise resume, Demonstrate relevant work experience, Show a history of leadership experience, Possess strong knowledge of the industry, Research the organizations history and culture, and Be a prepared and confident interviewee!

Career Development offers so many services and can assist you. Make an appointment to get started today. Good luck!

December 1, 2009


Barnard Career Development Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor

Take advantage of the opportunity to build you career development skills. Attend one or all of the workshops. For more information login to eRecruiting. Resume/Cover Letter Workshops Tuesday, 12/1, 12-1 PM

Professional Networking Online Friday, 12/4, 12:30-1:30 PM Tuesday, 12/8, 3-4 PM

Interview Workshops Friday, 12/11, 2-3 PM

WALL STREET PREP: Careers in Finance 101 Winter Break: 1/11-1/13 Barnard Campus If you are considering a career or internship in finance, this is a MUST! Wall Street Prep: Careers in Finance 101 is a 3 day intensive training “boot camp” that bridges the gap between your liberal arts education and on-the-job financial skills required for a career in finance. The training is composed of applied finance seminars and career development workshops. Applied Finance Seminars are taught by ex-bankers and finance professionals from Wall Street Prep - a global financial training firm.  The curriculum will cover: Pre-seminar Coursework in Excel, Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Modeling and Introduction to Valuation Techniques. Career Development Workshops will focus on: resume writing, interviewing, networking and company research. Eligibility: Juniors, Sophomores and First Year Students ONLY. Registration: e-Recruiting at Space is limited to 30 students. $50 non-refundable fee. Students who require financial assistance should contact Linda Reals at Deadline: 12/11/09

FINANCIAL FLUENCY 101: Preparing for Life After Graduation Winter Break: 1/14 and 1/15 Barnard Campus As you begin your final semester at Barnard, take some time to plan for your financial future. Barnard's Financial Fluency Program offers a two day mini-course just for seniors. Our expert instructors, primarily Barnard alumnae in finance, will teach you the tools for building a secure financial future. Registration: e-Recruiting at Space is limited to 40 students. $20 non-refundable materials fee. If you cannot afford this fee please contact us to request a reduction or waiver and to secure your spot in the class. Submit payments (cash, check, Visa or Mastercard) at the Vagelos Alumnae Center. Deadline: 11/30 for Seniors; after 11/30 available spots will be open to all students

on a first come first serve basis. Questions: Contact or 7

DECEMBER CALENDAR How to Write a Cover Letter/ Resume

Tuesday, 12/1 at 12 PM Career Development Seminar Room RSVP: eRecruiting

Interview Skills

Friday, 12/11 at 2 PM Career Development Seminar Room RSVP: eRecruiting

Come learn the ins and outs of writing a cover letter and resume.

Come learn the ins and outs of interviewing: how to prepare, the questions you'll be asked, and how to follow up.

Exploring a Career in Marketing/PR?

Goldman Sachs Info Session

Wednesday, 12/2 at 5:30 PM Career Development Library RSVP: eRecruiting

Meet with representatives from CMGRP holding companies to learn about each of the companies and what they do.

Mintz Levin Info Session

Thursday, 12/3 at 6:30 PM 666 Third Avenue (42nd & 43rd Sts.) No RSVP Required

Mintz Levin is holding an on-site info session for students interested in the Project Analyst Program.

Multicultural Advertising Intern Program

Friday, 12/18 at 6 PM Columbia Faculty House, Garden Room 2

Attend the Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst Asia Opportunities Information Session to gain access to unparalleled training programs, some of the smartest minds in the financial industry, and hands-on experience that will serve you right now, and for years to come. For more information, visit: http:// If you are interested in our summer opportunities, please submit an application to: careers. All applications must be submitted by Monday, 1/4/10 by 11:59 PM.

Deadline: Friday, 12/4

Jumpstart your advertising career through the 4A’s multicultural advertising intern program. The paid internship program is open to juniors and seniors. Internships begin 6/4 and end 8/14. For more information, visit:

Networking Boot Camp

Friday, 12/4 at 12:30 PM Tuesday, 12/8 at 3 PM Career Development Seminar Room RSVP: eRecruiting

Seniors, come learn the ins and outs of networking, as well as get access to the Alumnae Online Network.


The Massachusetts Conference for Women/ReWork Career Fair Thursday, 12/12 at 2:30 PM-5:30PM Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA

Join expert speakers leading workshops and seminars on issues that matter most to women. The Conference offers opportunities for business networking, professional development and personal growth and will also feature the ReWork Career Fair.

Wall Street Prep: Careers in Finance 101 Monday, 1/11 - Wednesday, 1/13 Deadline: Friday, 12/11/09

Attend this 3 day intensive training “boot camp” that bridges the gap between your liberal arts education and on-the-job financial skills required for a career in finance. See page 7 for more details.

FINANCIAL FLUENCY 101: Preparing for Life After Graduation Thursday, 1/14 - Friday, 1/15 Deadline: 11/30 for Seniors; after

11/30 available spots will be open to all students on a first come first serve basis. A two-day mini-course on the basics of personal finance planning and investment management. See page 7 for more details.


DROP-IN HOURS Career Counselors Monday -Friday 12 PM - 2 PM

Peer Career Advisors Monday -Friday 10 AM - 4 PM ______________________

Good luck with finals and Happy Holidays!

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