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Just Like Brothers

Written by Elizabeth Baguley Illustrated by Aurélie Blanz

A heartwarming original fable for our time! A small boy and a young wolf cub are told to fear each other — only to find that they have more in common than their mothers ever dreamed. This simple but profound story makes it easy to start conversations about prejudice, empathy and trust. AGES 3 – 7 32PP 8½ X 10¾ IN PAPERBACK 9781782853466 $8.99 usd / $10.99 cad HARDCOVER 9781782853459 $16.99 usd / $21.99 cad

“The standard for excellence in children’s books” — Forbes

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Spring / Summer 2018 Barefoot Books Catalog  
Spring / Summer 2018 Barefoot Books Catalog