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It’s Not Your Father’s Social Media


By Erik Shellenberger

echnology moves faster than ever before and social media probably evolves quicker than almost anything affecting the bar and restaurant industry online. What worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today. The days of open, organic, free social media reach are a thing of the past.


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For the purposes of marketing a bar or restaurant, the only two relevant platforms these days are Facebook and Instagram. In my research, Twitter accounts for about .07% of the people who use social media to find a bar or restaurant online. We’ll limit this article to these two platforms for this reason.

Back in the day, if we had 5000 followers on Facebook, that meant our posts could potentially reach all 5000 people. This was the Holy Grail of marketing reach even though we really didn’t realize it at the time. When Facebook went public, they now had to answer to a Board of Directors and profits were expected to increase month

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Why traditional methods of social media marketing no longer work.

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