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The Quintessential White Suit


Old Fashioned like Draper


6 Beauty Hacks for Men


TheBeard Game

Towns to Explore in East Europe

Sleeping Secrets of Men Who Awoke the World


Iconic stars and Their Vintage Wheels

Beginners Guide to Intermittent Fasting



4 Denims Worth Hanging your Old ones for


The Sartorial Style of Cary Grant


Hippie in Suits

Who can Zara Learn From



Errotic Literature for Men Literary Haven of the Lost Generation



Men Face Sexism Too ?

Dealing with Rejection



5 Ways to get the Perfect look

Fine Wine and Men



Having your way Around Cufflinks

Hombre Moderno




Personal Finance Blunders to Avoid in Your 20s


4 Trending Accessories of the Season


La Casa Azul Reminiscing Kahlo


Wandering in The French Puces


Menswear Inspired by Chemsex


What Men Think About Lingerie


Starting your Own Venture: Things to Keep in Mind

How Male and Female Friendships Differ


20 Unspoken Things to know in a Relationship

5 Ways to De-Stress



6 Quick Fashion Hacks

Unraveling the Windows of the World



Upcoming 'Cafe Society'


Best Youtube Series to Binge Watch this Season



Brunch at Cafe Charlot


MoorishEntourage in Spain


2016-The Mean Machines


7 Tricks to get inside her head


Why she hates your Boys' Night Out?


Know What You're Being Judged Upon?


How to win an argument with her?


6 Best Places to Pop the Question


6 Relationship Blunders Men Make


Wedding Attires for Men

The quintessential ‘White Suit’ Here is why you should be sporting the quintesstial white suit this summer. The 1951 film maybe a satire but pulling off a white suit is no joke in style world. The white suit is known to connote such contrasting impressions on people, you may be on the top of your style or suave game but if not worn right, you can embarrassingly find yourself in the depths of vulgarity. White suit is not only exuding a particular style or confidence, it is a statement on its own and there are very few men you try to even attempt it daringly. Such is a statement, the white suit, that debonair Jay Gatsby in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel is introduced wearing one. Even Sean Connery, the ultimate Bond is seen sporting one in Goldfinger. Sporting a white suit may come off as a little bit narcissistic but gives

you a faux sophistication from the Louis Armstrong jazz era. Speaking of sophistication a stark white suit doesn’t look as class as more of ivory, cream, light beige or an eggshell shade does. It is a symbol of purity, yet can be sexy like for instance, see how effortlessly Matthew McConaughey and co-star Jared Leto sported pristine white dinner jackets in the 2014 Academy Awards. Although, thanks to Tom Ford, men have started wearing the white suit more than often now and most importantly pulling it right. We see white suits, very frequently on runways but do hope more men can sport it off one without being mistaken for maître d.

Riona S Roy

Old Fashioned like Draper Here is why this classic whiskey cocktail is back in fashion.

Although this famous whiskey oldie has been there since the 19th century, it has recently been extremely popularized by the veiled 60’s Mad Men character Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm. This drink has been sported by the hunk Ryan Gosling’s character Jacob Palmer too in Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), wooing Emma Stone’s character with this classy cocktail. Hailing from New York, this drink is smooth and comfortable with the ultimate kick at the end. Served in a tumbler like glass, the cocktail is prepared with a sugar cube, dash of bitters, rye whiskey, orange peel, cherry and cinnamon for the right amount of spice in your drink. While Draper drank this particular drink through all seasons and was even shot making one in a sequence. Originally known as

whiskey cocktail, this is perfect for almost any occasion and also been finely preferred by many leading men from Old Hollywood. Old Fashioned has recieved immense popularity in these recent years in many bars and lounges. It has become common drink order among men. women and millenials alike.

Riona S Roy

Photographed by: Vanshika Sethi

The Beard Game

The average man spends 3,350 hours shaving in his lifetime. So with or without realising, men spend a considerable amount of their lives devoting time to their facial hair. For many, it is a major part of their identity. Celebrities such as George Clooney and Chris Evans have long made many women (and even a few men for that matter) drool over their well-kept manes. A survey of equal number of men and women found out that bearded men seem more respected, more powerful and of a higher status than clean shaven men. When a beard can make such a difference, it is essential for every man to know a few basics about beard grooming.

• Let it grow: Give your beard some time to grow before you decide to choose a style. Let it grow for about 4-6 weeks at length and then depending upon the quality of your hair decide whether you want to chop it off or grow it further into a particular form. If you keep trimming it, it may never get a chance to grow to a certain length where you have the liberty to experiment with it.

Photographed by: Vanshika Sethi

• Suit yourself: Don’t just blindly follow the latest fad in the beard world. Just because one particular style suits your favourite celebrity doesn’t mean it will suit you. Go for something that will go with your face shape and the quality of beard hair you have. Also choose it according to the time you are willing to spend on maintaining it. No need to pick something that is high maintenance and requires restyling every other day when you know you won’t be able to devote time to it.

• Keep It Clean: Your beard will never grow in the desired way until you take care of its hygiene. The whole point of growing one and styling it just remains futile if you don’t take care of its cleanliness. Rinse it as often as you do to the hair on your head. Wash it regularly with a beard cleanser or a shampoo to make sure it doesn’t accumulate any bacteria due to dirt and grime that gets stuck in it.

rid of all the tangles. Brush it well so as to help the beard grow in a particular direction. Use a beard oil on a regular basis, this will help the hair get softer and shinier. These things help you maintain the quality of your beard. Unless you wish to have a mob of dreadlocks under your chin, you have to groom it a bit to have a fine looking beard.

• Right Diet: After taking care of the external circumstances, you must • Groom it right: Give it a good also tackle the situation internally. A diet comb out daily to make sure you get rich in proteins boosts your testosterone levels which will contribute to getting you a healthy beard. Just like you use health supplements such as biotin for the healthy growth of your hair, your beard will also benefit from a healthy diet. Make sure your diet has sufficient proteins if you’re looking for something to give your beard that extra push. While keeping a beard may not be for everyone, if you’re looking to grow one, make sure you don’t do it half-heartedly or else you might just end up having a scruff of hair on your face. Be sure to keep these basic tips and mind and your beard will go a long way. by: Vanshika Sethi

6 Beauty Hacks For Men For the longest time most men have been running away from even the idea of using certain products to improve their appearence. But with the modern man understanding the importance of skincare, we have put together a list of some quick hacks that can let you acheive a better looking skin.

1 ) Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash Our proficient, empowering facial chemical completely removes dirt, surface oil and pollutants without an over-drying impact. Made with Caffeine, Menthol, and Vitamin E, its exceptional mix revives and awakens the skin, setting it up for a less irritating and more comfortable shave. This effective “refueling facial chemical� further helps skin oppose the impacts of all the dirt that around us and gives the dull,tired-looking skin a fresher, more healthier and brighter appearance.

2) Schwarzkopf Osis G.Force Extreme Hold Gel Draw out the unique YOU! The Schwarzkopf Osis G.Force Extreme Hold Gel gives you a chance to spike it up or gel it all down. Do the hip,funky hair or go smooth and advanced! Ensured super solid surface control and great enduring definition and hold. Trust this product to Give a splendid gloss and make your hair look clean with a mirror-like sparkle throughout the day. The best part about this product is that it Washes out effortlessly without hassles. So what are you waiting for? Style it up with this incredible gel today and make a lasting impression.

3)Nivea Cool Kick Shower Gel For Men Need help to freshen up? Here you can discover a cooling answer for body and hair with the icy blue gel that rinses and activates your skin for lasting freshness. Freshen up and stay cool with your new shower experience. Give the agreeably new fragrance a chance to empower your senses, while the cold blue gel cools gently and infuses your skin with continuing freshness. Revive your batteries with each shower. (For both body and hair.) This product is pH skin-adjusted and it’s skin tolerance is dermatologically tested.

4)L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Turbo Boost Give your skin a hydration support with L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster. The extraordinary saturating cream is enhanced with vital vitamin C properties consequently it is mild on the skin. The recipe totally retains into skin without making it sleek and oily.It Gives your skin the daily dose of moisture.It Averts breakouts and dryness. Can also be utilized to sooth skin post shaving. 5)Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate The Evening Primrose Oil Is An Effective On Skin Barrier Repair And Boosting Radiance. Lavender Essential Oil Helps Soothe Inflamed Or Irritated Skin While Helping Reduce Skin Blotchiness For A More Even Look.Gives A Brighter And More Radiant Look To Skin. Squalane Is A Healing Botanical Lipid With A High Affinity For Skin To Instantly Restore And Replenish. This powerful 99.8% normally inferred and sans paraben organic mixture works throughout the night to recover, repair and recharge the skin obstruction for more youthful looking skin by morning.

6) Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser This mild cleanser is speciallty formulated with a sugardetermined glycoside frothing agent to completely scrub skin and evacuate dirt, without over-drying or stripping skin of its natural oils. With viable emollients Squalane, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E, and Avocado Oil, our delicate recipe breaks up overabundance oil, earth, and flotsam and jetsam. It is PHadjusted to keep up with the skin’s characteristic and its natural balance. by: Uditi Bhardwaj

Towns to Explore in East Europe

Europe has always been topping most of the travel rookie’s bucket list. But it’s always misunderstood for a certain part and left unexplored by many. Contrary to popular belief, estimating Europe as one is sorts of culture is a mistake. Of course, the famous cities such as Paris, Milan, Venice and others included in those package tourisms are hoarded by tourists every season but the misunderstood East European soil somehow still

remains sort of untouched. Most tourists are scared to explore this span of Europe because of its chronicle history of wars and communist regimes, but this area of the continent has so much to offer to the traveller at heart. Listed here are only handful of the beautiful towns East European countries hold.

Zadar, Croatia

We are talking 4th century B.C with culture weaved This tiny island town through its alleys. Sip your in Croatia is an historic coffee or cocktails in this city oldie with a picturesque with its quirk and enjoy the waterfront mooring around best sunset in the world (or the mass. You can hike so said by Hitchcock). around this part of the Dalmation region exploring countless cafes along its winding coble paths. The city in a world of its own has an ancient vibe to it with Romanesque architecture longstanding centuries.

Krakow, Poland

majorly by communist and Nazi you can also visit the Small old districts map city concentration camps around seemingly like a small town. and outside the town. The The Old Town is the major turbulent history of Poland tourist attraction along with will make you appreciate the St. Mary Basilica. Polish their culture even more. cuisine and crafted beer are worth trying out. When visiting Krakow in Poland, exploring other Polish cities like Warsaw and Wroclaw are highly recommended to truly indulge in the Polish experience. Affected

Mostar, Bosnia

16th century Ottoman style built bridge. Ruined by the The city must have had a war, was constructed again. brutal past, bruised from the Mostar is most beautiful in Bosnian war and suffered a spring to visit with Kravice lot of ruins but it has been waterfalls and forts to fix resurrected and is most you in awe. beautiful than ever. With turquoise water streaming under the historic Stari Most Bridge and white pavements across the city, it is definitely a site to visit. The Stari Most is the major tourist attraction which is a

Ohrid, Macedonia Ohrid is a small Macedonian wonder little known to people. Its major attraction is the beautiful vast Ohrid Lake with its sublime beauty. The city known for its Macedonian ruins making it a beautiful pedestrian city. It’s one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Ohrid has remains of Byzantine, Post Byzantine and Romanesque architecture. Being an UNESCO World

Kiev, Ukraine

Heritage site, this 7th largest city of the country has recently been attracting tourists from all over the world. This gorgeous lake city is great for one day tour.

which are actually run by Babushkas. Cycle around the Ohrid is a small Macedonian very green Golosiyivsky Park Scarred by past wars, the or meditate in the many mass Ukraine attacks and monasteries and churches, riots, this capital is the true Ukraine has a lot offer for cultural hub of Ukraine. Its the visitors. Independence square is Riona S Roy a great arena for strolling around. Kiev is originally known for its religious architecture and several monuments channeling Soviet history. The colourful local markets reflect Russian and Ukrainian vibes

Sleeping Secrets of Men Who Awoke the World

Successful people, it seems like have extra time on their hands. The same 24 hours a day that everyone gets, they somehow manage to make more out of them than ordinary people. For them to be on such a Go-Go schedule all the time, it is an absolute must that they get themselves as much sleep and rest as possible. Yet, it is rather astonishing to find out that many of these rich and famous men suffer from sleeping disorders that does’nt let them have healthy sleeping patterns.

Jimmy Hendrix: Possibly one of the best guitar players the world has seen till date, this rock-star suffered from major Insomnia. He couldn’t sleep for days and was known to play guitar for hours at length and once into the zone it was almost impossible to stop him. He wasn’t an easy person to be around, often not letting others around him sleep either. He relied heavily on medication and substances to get him to sleep because of which his body became dependant on them. This rock legend died at the young age of 27 owing to his lifestyle and substance abuse.

Jimmy Kimmel: A well-known TV personality and talk show host, this charismatic man deals with Narcolepsy. A neurological disorder that causes people to feel extremely sleepy during the day, Kimmel said he would often fall asleep on the sets of his show. He would have a constant urge to sleep while filming and even while driving especially during the afternoons around 3 pm. People with narcolepsy usually have to constantly think about not falling asleep and hence this disorders hampers peoples’ working patterns and productivity.

Shaquille O’Neal: This 7 foot tall basketball legend Suffers from Sleep Apnea which is a sleeping disorder so hard to diagnose that people often go years without finding out about it. This disorder essentially causes the person’s breath to get blocked for a few seconds at certain intervals in their sleep. Due to this, O’neal snores heavily in his sleep that doesn’t let his girlfriend sleep either. This often leads people to fall out of their deep sleep and gives them really light sleep, leading to tiredness during the day and feeling lethargic the whole day.

No matter how glitzy their life seems, these men, no matter how successful in their professional lives, do have many personal battles they fight each day. Imagine how tough would life be, if a simple activity such as falling asleep doesn’t come that easy to you. by: Vanshika Sethi

Iconic Stars and their Vintage Wheels Check out the iconic vintage wheels of these iconic stars.

Steve McQueen’s 1956 Jaguar XKSS The ‘king of cool’ was an accomplished onroad and off-road racer of both cars and bikes. Although he is most closely associated with the Ford Mustang, he automobile love was the XKSS or as he called it his ‘Green Rat’. Mick Jagger’s Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 Mick Jagger may have sung about crashing his car in ‘Don’t Tear Me Up’ but he certainly wouldn’t have been singing his Mercedes-Benz. The car was a perfect example of luxury coming together with power. His other love was his yellow Morgan Plus 8 roadster which he drove across Europe in the 70s. James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder The silver Porsche 550 Spyder is synonymous with James Dean. The customised Spyder was an upgrade for the actor, who was currently filming Rebel Without a Cause. With Tartan seats and red stripes over the rear wheels, his “Little Bastard” sadly came upon to be the cause of his death. Sean Connery’s Aston Martin DB5 James Bond and his quintessential British car maker would go far in fame world. This luxury grand tourer was popularized forever as the typical 007 ride. And till today Aston Martin has been synonymous with Bond’s character. Elvis Presley’s Pink Cadillac Presley’s original shocking pink 1954 Fleetwood Series 60 Cadillac has always been in pop culture and somehow represented the iconic mega star. Presley bought this car for his mother Gladys and had specially painted it pink, known as Elvis Pink. Frank Sinatra’s 1955 Ford Thunderbird This was a gifted to him by Capitol Records. Always hoarder of vintage cars, this black convertible was his pride. Riona S Roy

Photographed by: Vanshika Sethi

Beginners’ Guide to Intermittent Fasting With the number of diets and weightloss methods available today, it is rather difficult to figure out which one works and which one doesn’t. Moreover, which one is better for your body in the long run. Here we decode another popular weighloss method and see if it actually works or is just a fad. If you’ve ever followed a diet in your life, I’m sure you’ve realised by now that A. They are rarely easy to follow B. They require a huge level of commitment While most diets deprive us of some or the other food groups, others ask us to monitor our portions of meals. There’s really no point following a crash diet or the one which hampers with your regular eating habits because you should only pick up the eating patterns which you will be able to stick to in the long run. After researching about plenty of crash diets I came across a technique called Intermittent Fasting. The best part about this is that it doesn’t really change what you eat, it changes when you eat it. What is essentially means is keeping the body in fasting period for a certain number of hours and alternating it with periods of non-fasting. There are 2 key ways of following this method. The first is restricting your eating period to around 8 hours, then fasting for around 16 hours in between. For eg. eating between the period of 12 noon to 8 pm and fasting the remaining time. The other method is to fast for 24 hours twice a week i.e. two non-consecutive days and to eat normally the remaining 5 days. It is a simple method in which you don’t have to deprive yourself of anything and you can get rid of all the bad fat in your body without dedicating a disturbing amount to workout. When you consumer food, your body takes about 4-6 hours to break it down obtain energy from it. SO whatever you eat, helps provide energy to the body. But if there is any excessive amount of fat stored in your body, it remains untouched as a result of which there is no weight-loss. When you put your body into fasting mode, once it is done breaking

down the food you consumed, it begins to break down your stored fats, hence leading to reduction of fat. As long as these fasts are balanced with periods of healthy eating, this method is a sure shot way of achieving your target weight. Studies even suggest that fasting in adequate amount helps you live a longer and healthier life. When you fast, insulin levels drop and human growth hormone is released which enables fat burning. You end up taking fewer calories without messing up your body’s metabolism. Contrary to popular belief, skipping your breakfast is not such a bad thing after all. Though it does take some getting used to, intermittent fasting is a great way ahead if you’re looking to adopt a weight loss method or are simply looking to maintain your weight without cutting out any major foods from your diet or spending long hours in the gym. by: Vanshika Sethi

04 Denims Worth Hanging Your Old Ones For From those skinny pairs of denim to those baggy little jeans, the trend seems to be ending for them. Not to worry because here we bring to you something better, something worth hanging those denims for.

Straight-Legged Jeans

yield,” says Mooney, “or even an unrefined sew.” Where the flimsy jean Slice to length at your lower diminishes from your hip, leg bone and let your denim straight legs fall, as the shred regularly. Essentially name prescribes, straight make a point to oftentimes down. Which gives you take scissors to any overmore space in the thigh and lively strings before they seat, notwithstanding keeps start sucking up puddles. that close meeting of sweat, skin and selvedge when the temperature creeps up. A looser leg is incredible everywhere yet your shoes, so go without puddling unless you require everyone to know how into Linkin Park you are. “I’d for the most part endorse a slight

Pigeon-toed (Tapered) Jeans

“They look unfathomable with Nike Air Max and a hoodie,” says Mooney. Dull Pigeon-toed jeans twist out should be your dive a-leg from your hip then in from stop, notwithstanding they your knee; if you lie them play well with different level, there should be more washes. “Marbled effects space between your legs. can show the leg shape “Generally with the bow more than others.” you moreover get a drop crotch,” says Mooney. “They feel a touch more urban and you can hold the full length, no item required.” A slight lessening from the knee to lower leg stops the jeans overpowering your shoes. Pigeon-toed jeans accessory best with streetwear staples.

Full-Legged Jeans Aced the straight leg? Pins lolling in that breeze? Time to step it up. The full leg sits higher on your waist, which suggests a more broad leg as it drops to your lower leg. “They reference that whole 1990s reclamation,” says Mooney. “So they’re phenomenal in stonewashed soul, especially with a commendable white tee.” To keep away from falling back two decades too early, hunt down square molded shapes; couple an open leg with a muscle-fit tee and people will contemplate when your shore leave’s up.

Again, that liberal leg threats gobbling up your guides. So if your guide preoccupation is strong – or you’re essentially back at it again with the white Vans – make space to show them off. “Go for a yield, or a pinroll,” says Mooney. “Moreover, wear them with an awesome pair of adidas: Stans, Superstars or Gazelles, especially mellowed cowhide.” Anything unreasonably smooth will make the trousers look like wind socks, so keep those Rick Owens kicks for your street ninja get-up.

Wide-Legged Jeans

“Endeavor dim denim as opposed to indigo and make The Miracle Grow that is it more keen by keeping maintained SS16’s formal your upper half spotless trousers has found its way and close to the body,” says into denim labs also. For Mooney. Altered coats and those used to the improving fitted tees equality out what handle of tight denim, this lies underneath. “Your jeans will feel like you’ve wandered should be your only bigger into several wedding than normal degree.” marquees. However, Meher Sethi considering everyone from E. Tautz to Craig Green and J.W.Anderson has sent a couple down the LCM runway, you’re emulating some splendid individuals’ example. Picking the right shade makes it less requesting to pull off more material by moving things more formal.

“My father always said; let them see you and not the suit. That should be secondary�.

The Sartorial Style of Cary Grant Take a look into the sophisticated ad sartorial style game of Hollywood’s Leading Man “Everyone wants to be Cary Grant even I want to be Cary Grant”. So was said by Hollywood’s most appreciated and favored leading man. So what was it about his suave and style that attracted us all. Women wanted to be with this sophisticated lady killer and men wanted to be like him. Always impeccable in his demeanor with not a single hair out of place, Cary Grant was often asked advice on his sartorial style. The debonair, who always shined opposite starlets such as Hepburn or Bergman, didn’t particularly have a great childhood in Bristol, England. Hence, Archie Leach (later Cary Grant) travelled to USA via the RMS Olympic and caught a glimpse of Mr. Douglas Fairbanks. This as he said once had a great impact on him and revealed that “he always tried to imitate sophisticated people until he became them or they became him”. Even after several years he could direct Ralph Lauren by recollecting an almost photographic description right down to the exact lapel width and button holes on Mr. Fairbanks’ attire. Grant always had well-tailored clothes often from Rome, Dunhill or Savile Row, in the case of the film North by Northwest. He always admired the military style clothing too as they had certain fit and discipline in them. His attires like said once had clean cut and attracted attention to his best lines. He had a very fit physique and hence could even wear clothes of the rack like from Abercrombie and Fitch. Grant believed in something called middle fashion. He never wore something outrageously new in trend or something completely outdated. He even followed this trick with the fit of his clothing which always seemed to be

just perfect, never too tight or never too loose. He once said that “My father always said; let them see you and not the suit. That should be secondary”. That is maybe the reason many people knew he dressed well but never let his clothes wear him. He was also very particular about his measurements of his lapels, shoes, ties, cuffs and even pockets. Another valuable advice he took from his father was that, “It’s you going down the street not your socks”. This may be the reason he emphasized on a well fit pair of socks when talking about his personal style. Always having a charming front, Grant was loved by all on screen and off screen. He was said to be Hitchcock’s most loved man. The man was always cordial in his mannerisms and clothing alike and hence is admired by all till date.

Riona S Roy

Who Zara Can Learn From The Spanish fashion house recently launched its latest 16 piece collection of clothing that was aimed to be gender neutral. The collection mostly consisted of greys, whites and denims that were loose fitting without much fluff and floss. Although genderless has been pretty recent on the block, many brands have given it a go before ZARA. Giants such as Selfridges and Target as well as some Independent brands such as Not Equal and Butchbaby & Co. have been creating gender neutral clothing for quite some time now. Selfridges allows its customers to have a unique shopping experience by providing them 3 entire floors of genderless clothing. The clothes are simply displayed based on their styles and colours and not according to men or women’s sections. On a different end of the same spectrum, we have Not Equal which has clothes that are extremely tasteful and custom made. These genderless clothes allow the buyers to get their hands on clothes that are expressive and artistic while not restricting to any gender. behind such attire is the freedom to be who you are. One doesn’t necessarily have to conform to a particular gender when it comes to dressing up. Many celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie and Rihanna have long been sporting gender neutral clothing on important red carpet events as well as many random outings.

All this has contributed to a greater acceptance of such clothing and not just seeing it as a form of defiance. Their clothes have been rather expressive and not just drab and loose outfits in monochrome. Despite a great thought behind it, ZARA’s new collection sort of falls flat and fails to push the envelope in any form. It consists of pieces that seems rather masculine and lack any feel or character to them. It was created so that people would get to express themselves better and be distinct. But how can one stand out by trying to blend in. The clothes are all made so that they can serve as comfortable loungewear but why would one need a genderless collection for that. All this just makes it seem like rebellion without a cause or simply a far-fetched marketing gimmick. by: Vanshika Sethi

Having Your Way Around Cufflinks Here is a small guide for sporting cufflinks with your attire.

Photographed by: Riona S Roy

Photographed by: Riona S Roy

Cufflinks are not just articles that hold or fasten your shirt sleeve together but a symbol of luxury and suave for any man too. Just like your tie, cufflinks are a statement which needs to be kept in mind not to be too flashy but yet subtle enough. It is such a powerful an accessory, that it can pretty much make or break an impression. You might have a pair or two gifted in an corporate event, by your father or maybe your girlfriend but many men have difficulty having their way around cufflinks and how to style them. This is a beginners’ way to sport a pair in a suave manner with showcasing confidence. There is a certain charm and ceremonial feel to wearing cufflinks, it shows the man is in touch with his vintage demeanor and knows how to dress impeccably. From bold statement pieces to discreetly elegant trinkets, these pieces will mark you out as a gentleman of refinement. Cufflinks should be discreet enough not to look flashy, while at the same having enough gravitas and clout to add substance to your shirt cuff in a boardroom meeting. Cufflinks are usually worn with dress shirts and of course the most classic way to wear them are with shirts which as French Cuffs. If you might be wondering what are French Cuffs, here’s a little explanation. French Cuffs are vintage style sleeve shirts which have double foldable sleeves and a

slit on either side for the cufflink to go through. These shirts don’t have a stitched button on their cuffs and are mainly for ceremonial use. Wearing cufflinks or rather having a collection of pairs has one key word refinement. Nothing says nouveau riche more than a pair of overly flashy cufflinks. Cufflinks also say a lot about your personality, so chose you palette of colour and design wisely.

Photographed by: Riona S Roy

Photographed by: Riona S Roy

There are many variations of cufflinks too. The type of cufflinks you wear also depends on the colour, material and style of shirt or blazer. Cufflinks can be made of wool, silk, metal, plastic or precious stones, it depends on your preference while wearing one. Cufflinks are actually men’s jewelry rather a subtle way to accentuate style and class not going too overboard as it is not very noticeable. But of course the tiny details count in a man’s sense of style and personal statement. Being more common in the yesteryears’ it gives a man a matured look giving off an impression that you are well-groomed and thoughtful of your style. Cufflinks are not very difficult to pull off once you are clear on what exactly you are looking for. Cufflinks range from whale back cufflinks, stud cufflink, chain cufflinks, push-through, bullet back cufflinks, dual action cufflinks to fabric

cufflinks. There are many more variety and you should keep in mind that what goes with your style and attire. Cufflinks can be actually worn in any location depending on how you pull it off and with what elements of style. There is a certain art in pairing your cufflinks with patterns, materials, prints and colours so they don’t clash or your style doesn’t come off too cocky and in the face. Cufflinks portray sophistication and confidence without being flamboyant adding on a certain personality to a mundane formal outfit.

Riona S Roy

5 Ways to Get the Perfect Look Without it Having to be a Suit Here, we’ll show you five safeguard combos that make utilization of commanding shades, outline improving sews and loose customizing to demonstrate you can look sharp without resorting to a two-piece.

Rolled Neck + Slim fit Trousers WW Hypotheses on the roller neck’s late rebound thrive. Like a Kanye West collection, they were talked about for a long time in the press – yet infrequently spotted – and after that, blast, abruptly they’re all over the place. Additionally like Kanye, everybody’s discussing them, falling into the for or against groups. In any case, while a specific record about some person called Pablo has blurred from memory not long after dispatch, roll necks have immediately established their status as a cutting edge menswear staple. A fine-gage adaptation will make a much sleeker outline than a group neck jumper, something that – in spite of the roll neck’s comfort– it says you know fashion.

Weaved Blazer + Shirt As you may have thought, brilliant knitwear is for sure your wingman when it comes to dressing shrewd without suiting up. Stout merino, cashmere or cotton shawl neckline cardigans, and weave coats give your body shape and definition that T-shirts can’t however, they’re generally as simple to wear. A T-shirt underneath can add a touch of an excessively easygoing person here, so take a stab at tossing yours over a lightweight Oxford shirt on hotter days, or a group neck jumper in a paler shading when it’s cold out. For an office-prepared methodology, pull on a textured necktie and nobody will see you avoided the suit.

Unstructured Jacket + Jumper On the off chance that you don’t especially appreciate wearing suits yet can’t exactly put your finger on why then realize that it’s likely “structure” which is the wellspring of your troubles. The impact is a lighter, effortlessly tossed on, nearly cardigan-like piece. The more casual outline additionally implies you can play free with the hues, so attempt khaki, beige or powder blue, and group with a material or washed cotton jumper underneath in a darker tint. A more organized jumper can give some satisfying differentiation here as well, for example, a textured honeycomb or waffle design, while thin customized trousers or chinos clean the look off. It’s an impeccable summer outfit, preferably served on a gallery as the sun goes down, with a negroni or two (we’re not judging) close by.

Crude Denim + Chunky Knit + elegant Shoes It’s a well-worn menswear figure of speech that adding brilliant shoes to any outfit consequently makes it look shrewd. In any case, there is some truth to this. There are a couple principles to making this work, however. Selvage denim isn’t the best fit, as its paler underside can appear to be as well ‘workwear’- y. Additionally, the imperative is adhering to a strong weave that is not very messy in structure or larger than average in fit – ribbed, textured or spotted group necks and cardigans in thin cuts are what the specialist requested. What’s more, don’t attempt to pull a quick one with a couple of Oxfords here; the style is excessively formal, making it impossible to sit nearby denim. Offer only the perfect measure of a haul to offset a hearty weave while keeping the pants the right half of savvy.

Custom-made Jacket + T-shirt + Chinos Because you need to spruce up, it doesn’t as a matter of course mean tees are not feasible. A decent T-shirt in inconspicuous piece shading can really make a suit look more brilliant than a lowland standard formal shirt. Rather than an entire two-piece suit, wear only the coat and swap the trousers for thin chinos – you have an outfit that is the inverse of make a decent attempt (and interminably customisable, as well). Attempt a coat in dark or naval force, dull dim chinos and a fresh white tee worn with a couple of keen shoes or negligible calfskin mentors. Boots fit well with this group as well, and you could even include a raffish silk or material scarf in with the general mish-mash. by: Meher Sethi

Photographed by: Riona S Roy

Fine Wine and Men A shorthand guide on fine wine for the men out there.

There are times when we feel a little lost when it comes to talk that wine lingo or perhaps pairing the right vin with your meal. Here is a mini guide to the men out there to sound sophisticated yet knowing what you mean when it comes to wine. Especially to pick a bottle of wine there are preferences for the particular kind depending on the budget, temperature, taste, time,location,climate, occasion, meal you’re pairing with, age and of course the richness. When it comes to wine, there are so many options, variety and taste that you can stumble through. But how to talk the right talk when you visit a wine tasting event or maybe visit a vineyard? It is not that complex a subject once you know the basics. For the foremost idea, we should be aware there are three main archetypes of wine; Red, Wine and Rose. So how do you describe a wine? Just say its red? Not really, wines, in this context red wines are described by terms such as Garnet, Ruby or Burgundy etc. Then comes describing the body of the wine such as is it light bodied, medium bodied etc. This basically is richness and thickness of the drink and how light or heavy it feels. It even gives an idea of the complexity of ingredients and the acidity in the particular wine. This can even reveal how old or young the wine is but requires a little experience. So we can leave that for the wine connoisseurs. Always be sure to check the wine temperature for your preference. These are described as the physical aspects of wine. You will have a better look at it when you swirl it around in your glass. You might have seen people do this. The reason behind this is the wine which has been bottled for years and twirled in a glass, helps bring forth a variation of colour, aroma and taste. It uncovers layers and gives you an array of flavours and smell. Describing the aroma include various berries, spices, grapes smells which shows how pungent the wine is. Moving on to taste the wine, inhale the

aroma then take a small sip twirl it in your mouth for a moment and then gulp it. This brings a mouthful of different layers of taste as the moisture in your mouth blooms the particular ingredients. For instance, like a Merlot has a full rich taste of cherries and plums. It always helps to use the flavours you know off to master the description of wine per se.

Now we come to choosing wine with your food, we need to see what meal is it paired with. For instance we use various different wines for simply main-course and dessert in itself. Then comes which meal taste is elevated with which wine. Like a Sauvignon Blanc usually goes with seafood or white meat as the taste is light, fluffed and fruity. Similarly with a Merlot, rind cheeses, pastas or red meat go well together. Just like the main courses, dessert wine also has preferences on level of sweetness or richness. It is sometimes had by itself after a meal or paired with type of desserts and cheeses. Few examples are Sherry, Port Wine, Madeira etc. So next time you’re at a fancy art exhibit, sifting through vineyards or impressing your date be sure to flaunt your confidence with your wine of choice.

Riona S Roy

Photographed by: Riona S Roy

Men Face Sexism Too ? It may be a man’s world but it’s not all smooth sailing even if you’re a part of the so called superior sex. Though it is simply defined as discrimination against people because of their sex, Sexism in general talk is mostly considered to be against women.

Society rejects change and hence any thoughts or actions displayed by a man or a woman which are even remotely away from what the society usually expects, tends to stir an unpleasant reaction. Although in a little less obvious manner, contrary to popular belief men also many a times end up being at the receiving end of sexist behaviour. Men are expected to have a tough exterior and not display too much emotion. There is just too much pressure on them to maintain the tough guy look so much so that if a man is seen crying in public, he is often ridiculed. Work pressure, family pressure, health and other issues, no matter how challenging their life might get, it is not often accepted if men break down or have an emotional outburst other than anger. However, crying is considered totally normal when done by women. When a man and a woman decide to get married, it often expected from the man to be earning more than the wife. A woman may or may not work but man has the pressure to have his life figured out so that he is able to support the family. In a household where both the husband and wife contribute, the husband is still expected to be the major contributor. Parents will think 10 times before marrying their daughter to a man who earns any less than her. On the other hand, it is considered totally normal, rather it is preferred if the woman earns less than the man. Its fine if the woman still doesn’t have a steady job but the guy needs to have had figured out his career if he plans to settle down. No matter how caring a father is, he will find it really difficult to get custody of his children in

case of a divorce. Women are considered the more nurturing sex and hence when a situation arises that the children need to be given in the custody of any 1 parent, women always have an upper hand. In cases where women are neglecting mothers, men have to fight real hard to get the custody of the children. Conventions whenever broken do raise eyebrows but it is important that people realise that it is not just women who are victims of sexism. It may be rarer and a little less obvious but men too become target of the sexist mindset and its time we do acknowledge their share of struggle. by: Vanshika Sethi

Dealing With Rejection Whether it was when you were 10 and no one picked you to be in their team while playing football, when you were 16 and had your first heartbreak or when you were 22 and didn’t get accepted by that company, everyone has faced rejection in some form or another at some point in their lives. It is an inevitable part of life and is bound to come your way be it professionally or personally. It has the power to make or break a person depending on how they choose to deal with it. Since running away is never an option, it is essential that one knows how to deal with rejection in life, learn from it and get over it.

Don’t be extremely self-critical or disheartened. Failure happens to the best of us and there is no need to get bogged down by it. Cheer up and maybe treat yourself. Look at the positives and remember the good times when you accomplished something. Remind yourself of your potential and drive yourself to work even harder so that rejection doesn’t repeat itself. Lie is full of highs and lows. It’s all transitory and should not be taken to heart. by: Vanshika Sethi

Photographed by: Vanshika Sethi

Whether it’s personal or professional the first damage control after rejection hits you starts by internalising. If you’ve been rejected for a position you applied for, try to take it objectively and see if there were any shortcomings in your efforts. Once you have taken a while to evaluate your actions, try to work on it. Whatever happens, do not take it personally. Once you have worked on yourself, get set with a plan B. Life doesn’t end at a single hiccup. The sooner you get back on that horse, the sooner you’ll get closer to where you want to reach. A present day setback doesn’t determine your future. Even if it’s something personal like a breakup, Grieving over it is only natural. But you cannot let it define you. Channelize your emotions, be it anger or frustration into something more productive. Get back into the swing of things.

Erotic Literature for Men Erotica mainly reminds us that slit of a section tucked away in the commercial book stores, giving the idea of either being inaccessible or having immensely low readership. Reading erotic literature is an experience by itself. With interesting play of words to entice you, a well written erotica can also prove to be a classic literary piece. It is mostly warded off as trashy sex induced novels or simply being a ‘woman thing’. Erotica should be enjoyed and revered by masses au general. People have personal preference when it comes to erotica but here‘s a handful of erotica reads which might help you get off yet lighting up your imagination.

Under the roofs of get the dirtiest work by him for sure and mind Paris Henry Miller is the 20th century curator of literature and also a connoisseur of erotica. To pick out a single book from his repertoire is difficult as all his works are worth reading. ‘Under the roofs of Paris’ is his lesser known book and was previously published by the name of ‘Opus Pistorum’. When a bookseller commissioned Miller to write an erotic novel a dollar per page, you can

you Miller loves the ‘C’ word. His other great works are ‘Tropic of Cancer’ the ‘The Rosy Crucifixion’ trilogy.

E m m a n u e l l e : Emmanuelle Arsan, The Joys of a the book is the literary work of both Woman

the author and her The scintillating husband. account of a 19 year old ‘Emmanuelle’ will leave you wanting for more. Her various sexual encounters with numerous men, her husband and other women explores the idea of communal sex. Published under the pen name

A Handbook for my Lover This erotic memoir is not a work of fiction but delivers a sensuous tale of a woman with an older lover. It is beautifully written and composed by New Delhi based art writer, Rosalyn D’Mello. The book is erotic and poetic baring all senses

yet empowering in every way. A Handbook for my Lover is first of its kind among erotic Indian literature and is artfully composed.

Ada or Ardour Although Vlamidir Nabokov’s Lolita is more famous and controversial one but Ada is truly an erotic novel. The novel spans over 100 years and follows the relation of Ada and Veen, a troubled and incestuous love story of a brother and sister. It is a

classic Nabokov masterpiece fluent, intellectual with various puns and annotations. Ada and Van are each other’s muse and alter ego and their fumbling sexual encounters are a classic in teen erotica.

Little Birds Anais Nin’s penned erotic memoirs which were influenced by her intimate friendship and affair with author Henry Miller. ‘Little Birds’ and ‘Delta of Venus’ are two widely published books of her erotic memoirs. Anais Nin’s sexually explicit details of her adventurous

endeavors are more than exciting. Little Birds, similar to Delta of Venus explores sensual and controversial themes of female sexuality. Riona S Roy

Literary haven of ‘The Lost Generation’ Discover the famous bookstore which had been a meet and creative work place of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and much more on the Left Bank of Paris.

Situated opposite Notre Dame on the Rive Gauche, a dainty green panelled bookstore Shakespeare and Company is known to be Parisian treasure or rather a world treasure. A literary haven for book lovers, this humble bookstore is proud to own rare and cherished books, not only appreciated by avid readers but all kinds of tourists pay this niche a sure visit. This literary estate was re-opened by American George Whitman in 1958, which was handed to him by Sylvia Beach an American exexpatriate. She opened the bookstore in 1919 and was frequently visited by Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ezra Pound. Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ was also published here. She had closed it during the Nazi occupation. Whitman curated this bookstore like his own piece of art or novel. It was a home to him and many authors alike stayed and

dined here. Nathan Englander also got married here. Whitman was friends with Hollywood stars like Sinatra and political icons like Jacky Kennedy. Shakespeare’s was a home to Sinatra to whenever he visited Paris. Actor Ethan Hawke is also a huge fan of this book store and even lived here in his 20s. He loves the bookstore so much that he shot a sequence from his famed film Before Sunset (2004), directed by Richard Linklater co-starring Julie Delpy. This two storeyed book store is like a literary utopia and should be visited by all as it certainly can be life-changing.

Riona S Roy

Personal Finance Blunders To Avoid In Your 20s

Photographed by: Vanshika Sethi

“There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.” 20s are for the young and the restless. It is a time for people to make mistakes and learn from them. While some mistakes can be rectified and done over, there are certain ones that you will have to carry forward in your 30s and maybe even later. Managing your finances, is one such thing, which if taken casually can take a long term toll on your life.

• Not keeping money aside: You may have to live from paycheque to paycheque in your 20s, but keeping money aside for retirement is something many 20 year olds tend to lag in. Many companies offer incentives to their employees to save aside a part of their salary in some sort of retirement plan. Keeping money aside may seem tough but you will • Not setting a budget: The first and foremost thank yourself later. thing to keep in mind is to make a budget and try your best to stick to it. Planning you expenditures • Giving in to lifestyle inflation: This is one of according to your income not only gives you a head the biggest blunders made by most people in their start but also allows you to allocate you salaries to 20s. It is the most drastic change but is extremely different categories. It will help you to prioritise your difficult to rectify. As and when our salaries increase, expenditures and encourage you to let go of things we tend to increase our lifestyle expenditures as well. that are not so urgent and important. Eating out, travelling more, going to the movies, etc. and many a times the rate of our lifestyle inflation • Not paying your bills on time: The adult world grows faster than the rate of our pay raise. Once we may seem too much work at once but procrastination get used to a certain lifestyle, it gets very difficult to won’t lead you anywhere. Piling your pills one on cut back. Hence one must realise that even though top of the other and forgetting to pay them will just their salary might increase, that salary should be get you a massive stack of bills in the corner of your spent on important first, and then later the surplus room. Pay them well before their due dates to avoid can be used to improve the standard of living. unnecessary hassles and late payment charges. Fresh out of college and in your first adult job, handling your own finances is not something you might be used to. At first it may seem quite alien and a bit too much to take, but sticking to a few basic steps and avoiding certain blunders will take you a long way.

• Living on a credit card: Credit cards are your worst enemies when trying to live on a budget. They make you believe like everything is possible. You tend to spend way more than you earn. At first it may just seem like that one big splurge, but a couple of splurges and you’ll be in a big debt. Keep one of two credit cards at max and make sure you are in check of your credit limit. • Buying a house or a big fancy car: While these things may seem like a necessity in your mid or late twenties, it is essential to realise what the right time is. As your first car, it is not important to buy a lavish sedan which is way out of your league and for which you have to pay monthly instalments that take up almost all your salary. Instead go for a reasonable option that you can afford. You can always upgrade to a bigger car when you get a raise once you’ve cleared your debts.

by: Vanshika Sethi

04 Trending Accessories of the Season Accessories truly make their mark in the hotter spring and summer months; they’re the completing touches to any outfit. Yet, when your outfit comprises of a T-shirt and shorts, here and there they’re the main touches that you can include, at any rate without suddenly combusting. Thankfully, there are different approaches to looking fire in the warmth: or all the more particularly for this season, four of them, which we’ve distinguished here. (You could even wear every one of them in the meantime without overheating, in case you’re so disposed.) What’s more, these increments are additionally a helpful and reasonable – well, by and large – approach to spruce up your closet without forking out for a radically new one.

Backpacks Backpacks have been a reminder pattern for the past couple of seasons. Be that as it may, for this season, they’re holding a significantly higher status. Think perfect calfskin, top of the line equipment and a vibe that is less curiously large and tipped than the loose, low-threw variants of your school days. “We’re offering forms from Bottega Veneta, Fendi, and Valextra, and they’re being utilized

Baseball caps You don’t need to be a Have we achieved crest baseball top? On the other hand, top portraying things-astop? Who can say. In any case, in light of this presentation, we’d wager not. What we can unquestionably state, however, is that there was a metric ton of baseball caps on this season’s runway. Everybody from Versace to Salvatore Ferragamo by means of Calvin Klein Collection was demonstrating the headgear of the day. Like the rucksack slant, the most on-point illustrations are raised by premium materials like cowhide and fleece,

as a more cutting-edge redesign on conveying a portfolio all over,” says Paul, “Brand Porter-Yoshida is eminent for the unpredictable plan and fabricate. The tastefully smooth packs – still made in Japan today – are developed in strong nylon that is impenetrable to both soil and water.” And sand, probably.


in accordance with the common games luxury wind blowing through menswear. Once more, the article is to abstain from resembling an errant youngster. Then again William Hague. In all honesty, however, this essayist would take anything over those influenced fedoras. Genuinely a folk, that Great Gatsby thing is dead in the water. The baseball caps by trad American producer Ebbets Field Flannels – a regular colleague with different brands – are pitch-great. Alternately look at the fleece ones delivered for Reiss by storied UK hatmaker Christys’ this season, complete with complexity moleskin crests. An ensured grand slam.


Backpacks have been a reminder pattern for the past couple of seasons. Be that as it may, for this season, they’re holding a significantly higher status. Think perfect calfskin, top of the line equipment and a vibe that is less curiously large and tipped than the loose, low-threw variants of your school days. “We’re offering forms from Bottega Veneta, Fendi, and Valextra, and they’re being utilized

Backpacks have been a Ideally, at this point, you’ve dealt with the idea of ‘jewelry’, if not the cringeworthy terminology. Since, as per those aware of present circumstances, things are going to get significantly all the more bling. “More will be more as far as adornments patterns. Arm accessories are still common, with the expansion of neckbands by brands like Peyote Bird, who have a rich social legacy in the southwest of America and represent considerable authority in turquoise – which is made for layering up with different sorts of metals and beading.” We’d suggest you to keep

as a more cutting-edge redesign on conveying a portfolio all over,” says Paul, “Brand Porter-Yoshida is eminent for the unpredictable plan and fabricate. The tastefully smooth packs – still made in Japan today – are developed in strong nylon that is impenetrable to both soil and water.” And sand, probably.

the layering on your wrist, for fear that you begin to radiate Mr. T on a crevice year side trip around south-east Asia. Kidding aside, in the event that you have the stones to force it off, then jewelry is a decent approach to adding enthusiasm to a generally plain T-shirt or vest. Also, on the off chance that you would prefer not to stick your neck out, there’s forever your wrist. Meher Sethi

Le Casa Azul: Reminiscing Kahlo Visit the blue house in Mexico where the Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo resided long ago. “I never painted dreams, I painted my own reality” Located around the corner of a shabby street in the Coyoacán, borough of Mexico City is the beautiful Le Casa Azul which captures the soul and eccentricity of the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Constructed sometime around 1929-31 by Frida’s father, Guillermo Kahlo, the bright cobalt blue house, strikingly resembles early 20th century Modern Mexican architecture. It was a personal home to Kahlo for most of her life, which was later converted to Museo de Frida Kahlo in 1958, four years after she died here. The home allows visitors to venture into the very private and curated life of Kahlo and her muralist husband Diego Riviera. The house is an expression in itself such as the couple’s artworks taking cues from indigenous Mexican culture and various European influences. With artefacts culminating Hispanic roots of their bohemian lifestyle. Capturing memorabilia and personal objects including cookware, photographs, letters, various postcards and of course their famed artworks, the Blue House

channels the colours of an artist’s palette with organic and functional murals. The vibrancy of the house also exhibits Frida’s private diary reminiscent of her struggles and passions in life. We can also see portraits of Leon Trotsky and his wife, when they lived with Hispanic couple for two years after exiled by Stalin. We even find undercurrent imprints of Leftist intellectual circles. This June, New York Botanical Garden re-created the beautiful Casa Azul’s garden and studio in Bronx, New York. This was a first ever creation of a botanicalthemed exhibition of Kahlo’s work. It had A-listers from Caroline Herrera to Queen B and the Carters visiting. The exhibition is for those people to indulge themselves in Kahlo’s cultural universe who are unable to visit the Mexican haven. However the Mexican corner captures Kahlo and Riviera’s passionate and tumultuous life as if time has been untouched. Riona S Roy

Wandering in the French ‘Puces’ Find you way through the vintage flea markets of Paris.

Paris may be the home of haute couture channelling refined elegance and sophistication but Paris also has a bohemian side to it representing the Rive Gauche or the left bank. The Southern bank of the river Seine has also a home to several intellectuals and artists such as Gertrude Stein, Picasso, Hemingway and Fitzgerald. But this bohemian, eccentric side of the chic city also holds the most beautiful flea markets you will see across Europe. These markets are haven for street lovers. From books to flowers, you have a wide variety of products to shop from. It will take you many days to rummage through several flea and open markets across the city with leaving you wanting for more. These markets are vintage and antique lovers’ haven with treasures like furniture, postcards and dial telephones sold by eccentric stall

holders. The most popular flea market of Paris is the Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen which is known to be largest in Europe. Several hectares wide housing thousands of traders, this market has various spans of vintage items from 19th and 20th century alike. From Baroque to Art Deco pieces, you will find them all here. Mostly a very crowded space, you need to evade your way through. Other flea markets such as Les Puces de Montreuil or Marché aux puces de la Porte de Vanves which are smaller but have more unique treasures and also less crowded. You get best deals here scouring through vinyl records, old perfume bottles, flapper dresses and so much more. Riona S Roy

Menswear inspired by chemsex Embrace the Chemsex with style this season. Timur Kim’s redesigns fashion with his new label, Catering to both men and women looking for something that the fashion society has never witnessed. Bringing forth neutral colors and soft fabrics Kim’s collection has enough to please all. London-based originator Timur Kim makes divided and amazingly individual style accounts, free from sex standards and the idea of seasons. The mood board for his most recent accumulation joined old grainy pictures of Orthodox ministers, authentic photos of the Russian nobility, and pictures of a young man with a shaved head and stairs secured with disintegrating ice. The mix was odd, but it worked, making a story for an accumulation where religious style coincides with topics of sexual freedom. Timur Kim says he would prefer not to consider the brand as a rail of stock, however, more as a book with its own parts and characters where the garments will recount a story. He doesn’t think seasons exist any longer. ‘’Look outside; do you think individuals are troubled by what sort of season they wear? ‘’ Today individuals purchase certain pieces and afterward lose them the following day, where some may also appreciate and wear them for a longer period of time. It’s about what you like and what you prefer. Creators’ garments should live more than a while – the measure of art and work you put in it costs a great deal more than quick form

and there is dependably a story behind every piece. Initially from Saint Petersburg, Russia, Timur Kim moved on from Central Saint Martin’s before starting his vocation as a women’s wear fashioner. In the moment of changing to menswear in 2015, his eponymous image’s account and stylish moved to the investigation of more confusing, dim stories. Kim’s present accumulation – titled “Part 1. Ice arena” – was propelled by his relationship with a Russian Orthodox priest, a story which crosses the individual and political. Timur Kim: “Section 1. Ice Rink” proceeds with the story that started with “Preamble. Therapeutic School”. The new part is committed to his own adoration story with an Orthodox minister. The ice arena is the origination of the story and additionally a noteworthy perspective: he was investigating the likewise themed works by Wolfgang Tillmans entitled “Scene” (2001) and “Snow/Ice Grid” (1999). These gave the gathering its hues – shades of naval force, white and dark – and additionally the geometry for the patchwork and knitwear emblazoning. The gathering has three characters: it’s an interwoven line of royals, ministers, and workers.

Timur Kim has two big kinds of cheese throughout his life who are with him consistently: Tigran – his business accomplice and Tunde – creator, who invests all her energy in him. They are family to kim now and he generally has them personality the main priority when he outlines. he thinks what’s to come is when everyone will be allowed to pick whichever garments they need, feel totally great about it and not think whether it’s menswear or womenswear. Kim considers the youthful era, as how they dress each day or to the clubs. The society no more lives in reality as we know it where gay connections are forbidden and we as a whole desire for an opportunity of articulation of our internal identities. ‘’Design must take after and will take after – it’s the most essential yet major mirror to an always showing signs of change society’’. Meher Sethi

What Men Think About Lingerie

Designed by: Vanshika Sethi

‘Inner Beauty’ can be defined differently by different people. It is a subjective term best left to the person who is at its receiving end. Inner beauty however does come in various outer packages and it is a personal choice whether to look beyond the packaging or to stop one’s judgement right at the outlook.

Lingerie which may at first seem like a category of clothing that is not even remotely related to men, does end up occupying some space in their heads. Infact this multi-billion dollar industry was created by a man in his 30s who was embarrassed by the treatment he received when he went to purchase a set of lingerie for his wife. It later lead him to create his own line of lingerie which a woman could wear and feel good about herself as well as please her man. Men clearly take a decent amount of interest in women’s innerwear, in particular lingerie. So what is it really that stems this not so direct interest? To begin with, men are visual creatures. What they see is what they perceive. Hence many famous men’s magazines such as GQ, Esquire Maxim, etc. have sexy models wearing lingerie on their cover. What they look forward to is not the actual lingerie itself but how it makes the female body look. It enhances certain parts, accentuates them and makes them appear more flattering. To them, it’s a great feeling to know that their partner made the effort to dress up for them. Apart from pure visuals, there is something extremely sexy and rather empowering about a woman who dresses up for herself. Men love a woman who is confident in her skin and is not afraid to take charge. Wearing a ravishing set of lingerie under her boring office clothes gives a woman a certain confidence booster. It’s like feeling good about yourself on the inside. So for a man or for herself, lingerie is an integral part of a woman’s personality and tells a lot about her. Whether she decides to go for comfort, neutral shades or something quite bold. Men love it when a woman takes out the time and makes the effort to make sure her innerwear displays her personality. When it comes to the bedroom, men love the chase. The peek show before the actual deal is a great build up for them. Seeing a women

in her lingerie may seem enticing to a man for the peek-a-boo element that it adds. Just like a great teaser excites us to watch the actual movie, to see a woman in an innerwear that is a little something special makes the men look forward to spending time with her in the bedroom. It’s like a child wanting to unwrap a present. Though the element of interest is the present, a pretty wrapping always makes the process more fun. And to know that person presenting the gift has put much thought and effort into selecting the wrapper, it makes the receiver feel special. Having said this, every man has his own preferences and hence not all men have the same opinions on lingerie. At the end of the day, it’s all about a couple’s happiness and what excites things for them in the bedroom.

by: Vanshika Sethi

Photographed by: Vanshika Sethi

Starting Your Own Venture: Things to Keep in Mind Who doesn’t like the thought of being their own boss? Reaching office on your own time, no one to report to, taking all important decisions by yourself. Sounds like a dream. But as great as it may sound, being your own boss is not an easy path to follow. It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifices and smart choices. So if you ever have the thought of quitting your 9 to 5 job and starting your own venture, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

• Having an idea is not enough. There’s no denying the fact that without a great idea, you can’t start a new venture. Unless and until you have something new to offer, no one is ever going to be interested in what you have to sell. However it’ll only remain an idea until you develop it into a profitable business model. Dreams will simply remain dreams unless you work out its practicality. Work on your idea as much as possible and make sure it is evolved. • Make sure you have enough funds. Sufficient resources are extremely important. If your idea is such that it requires monetary sources to set up, bank loan, an investor or past savings, make sure you have some means to launch your idea into the market. Without your finances in place, you are always going to remain on shaky grounds and your business won’t achieve the stability it requires for efficient growth. • Register yourselves. Be sure to keep all your licenses and permits in check. Many a times people land up in legal troubles over matters such as patents, copywrite, etc. Once stuck in such issues it takes the entire business down the drain into a position which is very hard to get back from.

• Hire smart people and utilise your resources. While keeping employees, make sure you choose the right people who can share your goal and vision. Work becomes pleasure when you have capable people who deliver a great service. Spend necessary time on finding employees and value them. Also be sure to make optimum use of your resources especially the free ones such as social media and word of mouth. • Be at the right place at the right time. Timing is key in any business. A great idea and a great plan can always fail if the market is not ready for the product. Research well and make sure you have the maximum information about the market that you can get your hands on. We see end number of startups open each day but many of them fail mostly due to bad timing. • Be patient and keep a backup. Good things come to those who wait and hence if things don’t work out immediately don’t get disheartened or think of quitting. Having said that, be realistic. Set yourself a budget and give yourself time. If things work out, great. If not, then go to plan B. Always have a backup to fall on. by: Vanshika Sethi

How Male And Female Friendships Differ

We’ve all grown up seeing ‘Jai and Veeru’ ride off on their motor cycle and sing tales of their lifelong friendship. On the other hand, you hardly see or hear tales of female friendships. While both friendships are quite similar, there are a few minute difference that set the two apart.

• To begin with, male friendships tend to be less intimate than female friendships since females are more emotional creatures than men. However this does make their friendships way more fragile since emotions can be easy manipulated by people or circumstance. Men on the other hand have more or less, stable friendships because they are team based and less emotional. • Speaking of team based, men seek to join like like-minded groups while women work on a more on-to-one basis. Females invest their time, energy and emotional involvement to one person at a time while males gravitate towards groups that share their activities of common interest. • Women invest more in their friendships in the long term. Calling up old friends to know what’s going on in their lives, meeting to catch up with them, these are all things that women tend to take care of more. Men on the other hand don’t feel the need to reconnect with old friends.

• Females give more weightage to what their friends say as to what they do. They call or talk to each other to discuss their problems and lighten themselves. Contrary to this, men talk to each other to escape from their problems and troubles. They usually do not seek emotional support from their male friends. Though most of these differences are characteristic to males and females, there can always be exceptions to the rule. The main purpose of any friendship is to provide companionship. To have someone to share our good and bad times with. by: Vanshika Sethi

20 Unspoken Things to Know in a Relationship Here are a list of all things which men and women wanna say to each other in heated argumnts but don’t really speak it out loud!

Men’s Rules:

Ladies to men

1) Men cannot read a woman’s mind. 2) Learn to work the washroom seat, you’re a young lady. On the off chance that it’s up, put it down. You don’t hear us whining when you abandon it down. 3) Crying equals to being blackmailed. 4) Ask for what you need. Give us a chance to be sure about this one: Subtle insights don’t work! Solid indications don’t work! Evident indications don’t work! Simply say it! 5) “Yes” and “No” are flawlessly adequate responses to an argument. 6) come to us with an issue just on the off chance that you need assistance unraveling it. That is our main event. Sensitivity is the thing that your lady friends are for. 7) Anything we said 6 months prior is unacceptable in a debate. Truth be told, all remarks get to be invalid and void following 7 days. 8) If you believe you’re fat, you most likely are. Try not to ask us. 9) If something we said can be translated two ways and one of the ways makes you pitiful or irate, we implied the other one. 10) You can either request that we accomplish something or let us know how you need it done. Not both. On the off chance that you definitely know best how to do it, take care of business yourself. 11) Whenever possible, please say whatever you need to while the commercial. 12) Christopher Columbus did not require directions and neither do we… 13) All men see in just 16 hues. Peach, for instance, is an organic product not shading. Pumpkin is additionally an organic product. We have no clue what mauve is. 14) If ask what isn’t right and you don’t say anything’, ‘we act like nothing’s incorrect. We know you are lying, however, it is simply not worth the bother. 15) If you pose a question you don’t need a response to, expect an answer you would prefer not to listen... 16) When we need to go some place, completely anything you wear is fine... truly. 17) Don’t get some information about unless you are set up to examine such subjects as football or engine sports. 18) You have enough garments. 19) You have an excessive number of shoes. 20) I am fit as a fiddle, round is a shape!

1. Call when you say you are going to call. 2. Never lie, about anything. 3. Showing how you feel is great, it doesn’t make you frail, it makes you human. 4. Girls chat on “Young ladies Night Out” so don’t be astonished in the event that you get in a bad position when we get back. 5. The right response to “Do I look fat?” is never “Yes.” 6. The right response to “Is she prettier than me?” is never “Yes.” 7. Victoria’s Secret is great. 8. Ordering for her is great, advising her what she needs to request is awful, yet you can give recommendations. 9. being mindful is great, stalking is awful. 10. Talking is great. Yelling is awful. Slapping is a lawful offense. 11. None of your exes have ever been as keen, entirely, entertaining, or great as your present sweetheart. 12. Her cooking is constantly fabulous, regardless of the fact that you don’t care for what she made. 13. Nobody says that you don’t need to cook, cook for her at whatever point conceivable, and let her assistance on the off chance that she needs. In any case, on the off chance that she is cooking for you and doesn’t need your, stay out of the kitchen. 14. The hat does not rise to shower, after shave is not a soap and warm does not rise to clean. 15. If you need to part ways with her. Try not to keep screwing up until she does it for you 16. Answering “Who was on the phone call?” with “Nobody” is not going to end that discussion 17. You are never right. 18. No means No. Yes implies yes. What’s more, Silence could mean anything she feels like at a specific minute in time, and it could change without notification 19. She is likely less awed by your rages about your cool automobiles then you think she is. 20. She is likely less awed by your rages about games then you think she is too. Meher Sethi

5 Ways To De-Stress

Everyone at some point in their life has to face stress and anxiety. However, each of us face it at different stages of our life, in a different magnitude, and each of us react to it differently. Some are fortunate enough to have developed good stress coping mechanisms from an early age, while others have an extremely hard time when brought face to face with a stressful situation.

1) Breathing When we get stressed, our breathing becomes really shallow and we don’t allow enough oxygen to reach our body. We begin to take short breaths. To overcome this, sit down in a relaxing position and keep one hand on your belly. Now begin to take deep breaths and let each breathe fill up your stomach. Feel the movement of your hand that is placed on your belly. This calms you down as you feel oxygenated and your breathing becomes of the right pace. 2) Listening to music As most of us already know, music is a great stress reliever. So the next time you feel super stressed try on some music apps such as spotify or 8tracks. These apps have certain playlists created on them. Choose a playlist with calm and relaxing music. Lie down with your eyes closed or just sit in a comfortable position whichever you prefer and listen to some music. the best part about this is you can also do it on the go. while you’re on your way to work or college, in the car or on the metro, just pop in your ear phones and listen to some music. this will instantly lift up your mood.

4) Exercise Exercising is another great way to let go of stress and anxiety. Doing yoga or even going for a jog is a great way to get your body into motion. Preferably do this workout outside in an open space to give you a more relaxing experience. exercise releases good hormones which make us feel revitalised. As the saying goes “I regret doing that workout - said no one ever” your body will always thank you for it and so will your mind. It helps you focus your energies into something constructive rather than worrying about another situation. 5) Little things Lastly, it’s the little things that give us happiness. It is essential to take out some metime throughout the day in order to distress. Reading a light hearted book, taking a nice and hot relaxing shower or even just sitting down in front of the television watching your favourite show and drinking a hot cup of tea. These things will vary from person to person, but just devoting about half an hour to any such little thing will help you a long way in keeping the stress away. by: Vanshika Sethi

3) Pursue a hobby Hobbies are something we all like to do in our free time. They essentially take our mind off of the stressful situation. For anyone who hasn’t yet figured out a hobby, you could always try on a bunch of different things and then see which one gives you pleasure. A variety of things such as cooking, painting, dancing, etc. choose an activity that interests you and also diverts your mind.

06 Quick Fashion Hacks Here are 6 quick hacks for the men to get there style game on

1 Learn how to roll your shirtsleeves the correct way. Rather than moving your sleeve over on itself and up your arm, flip the sleeve back and pull it to simply beneath your elbow. At that point take the base (back to front partition) and overlap it up so it traps and covers the base sleeve. Your shirt sleeves won’t unroll again and it will hit the ideal spot on your elbow. 2 The “occasionally, dependably, never” govern of coat catches. The top catch ought to now and again be secured (elaborate choice), the center catch ought to dependably be fastened (it pulls the coat together and is complimenting), and the last catch ought to never be fastened (it fouls up the customizing and flare of the coat on the base).

4 Don’t simply slip on the same pair of dress shoes for quite a while. Give your shoes a chance to rest in the middle of wears so that any sweat has room schedule-wise to dry. Indeed, even slight interior or outside clamminess can make shoes lose their shape. 5 Know when a shirt fits you - and when it doesn’t.

6 Just on the grounds that you’re washing your pants less doesn’t mean you can disregard the stink. On the off chance that your pants begin to notice somewhat rank, toss them in the cooler. Be that as it may, you ought to at present wash your denim each 6 to 12 months

In the event that you take a seat and your shirt catches pull, the shirt doesn’t fit you. Time to get a size up. On the off chance that your shirt does not fit square on your shoulders, it additionally does not fit you. Time to get a size down.

3 If the coat is just a current two-catch, the tenet changes to “dependably, never.” Also recollect to unfasten your coat at whatever point you take a seat. Meher Sethi

Photographed by: Meher Sethi

Unraveling the ‘Windows of the World’ This photographer captures windows of different cities across Europe Windows reflect lives and cultures of the human race and so is André Gonçalves passionate about windows around the world. Displaying the world through a different lens, he has a unique perspective in cultures across European countries. Projecting his work on social media made Gonçalves’ work go viral on the internet and threw light on his eerie yet enticing hobby. So much is his work popularized that he received a sponsored trip to Barcelona and London recently. He describes himself as a ‘window addict’ and it intrigues him how “a sheet of glass separating the interiors and exteriors gives you a sense of security”, as he told CNN. The artist and photographer hailing from Lisbon has this peculiar hobby since quite a time now and has even amassed over thousands of photographs capturing aesthetic of windows around the world. It’s a reflection of monuments and architecture capturing myriad colours, stills, textures and shapes. The Portuguese photographer highlights his work by differentiating the singularity of the places he ventures into.

The large grids captured with perfection shows us this vital element of all our homes as a unique piece of art in juxtaposition accordingly to various cities. André wants to capture windows all around the world and publish his piece of art in the form of a book by next year. His photos range from having bright colours of Venice to muted colours of The Alps. He recently exhibited his beautiful collection in August in Romania. André’s work is very unique and gives us a fresh and intricate view of a city or a region. Riona S Roy

Café Society Check Out Woody Allen's latest this May. Windows reflect lives and cultures of the human race and so is André Gonçalves passionate about windows around the world. Displaying the world through a different lens, he has a unique perspective in cultures across European countries. Projecting his work on social media made Gonçalves’ work go viral on the internet and threw light on his eerie yet enticing hobby. So much is his work popularized that he received a sponsored trip to Barcelona and London recently. He describes himself as a ‘window addict’ and it intrigues him how “a sheet of glass separating the interiors and exteriors gives you a sense of security”, as he told CNN. The artist and photographer hailing from Lisbon has this peculiar hobby since quite a time now and has even amassed over thousands of photographs capturing aesthetic of windows around the world. It’s a reflection of monuments and architecture capturing myriad colours, stills, textures and shapes.

The Portuguese photographer highlights his work by differentiating the singularity of the places he ventures into. The large grids captured with perfection shows us this vital element of all our homes as a unique piece of art in juxtaposition accordingly to various cities.

Riona S Roy

Best Youtube Series To Binge Watch This Season With the internet exploding with various mini-series, here’s a list of my top favourites that you must watch. These youth based shows bring a much needed respite from the saas bahu drama that has been going on for many years on Indian television.

1) TVF Pitchers: The show follows the lives of 4 individuals, Naveen, Yogendra, Jitender, Saurabh and Rastogi as they quit their unsatisfying day jobs to follow their heart and open a startup of their own. The path they have chosen is not an easy one but they are a determined lot and together are willing to do whatever it takes to turn their dream into reality. The show also quite appropriately addresses the bigger picture, which is how difficult it is for start-ups to survive in India. Watch the series to find out whether they are actually able to convert their dreams into reality or are simply another lot of youngsters who are seeking an escaping from their taxing full time jobs. 2) Baked by Scoopwhoop: This series is a tale of 3 university roommates, Oni, Haris and Body who decide to open up a post-midnight food delivery service. It further follows their lives as they try to juggle their business along with college life and how they land themselves in major trouble. Like any business, theirs too has its highs and lows but these 3 musketeers seem to make the most of these adventures. You’ll get back to your college days and reminisce the old times while you watch this one.

3) Permanent roommates by TVF: Currently back with its second season, this show is about young love, as a couple, Tanya and Mikesh who have been in a long distance relationship for the past 3 years now have to decide their future together. They are now made to realise how different it is to be spending time together than just communicating via phones and internet. This relationship that earlier seemed like a bed of roses, now begins to crumble when faced with the harsh realities of life. Will their love survive, or will the differences be too major to be resolved, watch it to find out.

4) Man’s world by Y- films: Plot of the show is gender equality and it gives a new twist to the classic tale of role reversal. How would the world function if men took the place of women and vice versa? Starring Bollywood personalities like Kalki Koechlin, Parinneti Chopra, Richa Chadhha and many more in guest roles, this series aimed to bring across a serious message through their show. Not just preachy monologues, this show simply shows the subtle forms of sexism that women have to deal with on a day to day basis.

6) Bang Baaja Baraat: The most recent out of the lot, this show, follows the story of a young couple, Shahana and Pawan who come from extremely different backgrounds but fall in love and decide to get married. Major fun begins when their contrasting families meet each other and its complete mayhem. This one’s a true blue Indian show with all the big fat indian wedding festivities but what makes it so forward is the real life depiction of peoples’ imperfections and their fickle mindedness. by: Vanshika Sethi

Brunch at Café Charlot For a city like Paris, there are more than slim options to eat and the connoisseurs would agree it is a hub for food lovers. Whether you want to dine in style or have a bohemian street dish, Paris, France has all the options in the world. Arguably as we know the French do it the best, tourists are always hunting where the best brunch option is. Even though it is hard to choose or distinguish for a cosmopolitan place like Paris, the ‘ultimate place to be’ is sitting amid the buzz of Le Marais named Café Charlot. The perfect Après-flea market stop situated near the oldest market in Paris, Marché des Enfants Rouges which was made in the 1600s. The picturesque district of Marais gives this neighbourhood café a vintage and retro vibe making it not only tourist favourite but a local favourite too as its best for people watching, what the Parisians like to do. This bistro is even known to be liked by the fashionable and even is Balmain creative director, Olivier Rousteing’s favourite spot. Café Charlot takes you to Paris in the 20’s and also been a set for quite a few films. There is no particular place to sit here as the terrace, inside and outside all seem like a bliss with Parisians hassling around. The menu is elegant and very simple but still specks luxury in a great way. With light yet tasteful dishes to indulge in, this place is quite affordable too. The interiors

are beautiful and well thought with vintage furniture and even décor is very comfortable too. This café is not only famous for being old school with the greatest range of food and drinks but also for having a great and polite service staff which is rare in France. And guess what they are even favoured for their delicious cocktails made in their small niche bar, so swing by any time of the day whenever you’re in Paris. Riona S Roy

Moorish Entourage in Spain Discover Islam Architecture in Spain. España is cherished for its culture, art and architecture. Ruled by the Moors and Islams several hundred years ago, Spain still shows major Islam imprints especially when you walk through its beautiful historic cities. We have seen the beautiful architecture of the cities through Allen’s 2008 film Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Antonioni’s The Passenger. But Spain owes a lot to its architecture treasure Antonio Gaudi. With sensual muqarnas adorning undulating domes and intricate tile works, Gaudi was inspired by Islamic art in his works studying, Moorish and Andalusian architecture. The Modernist artist combined these influences along with Renaissance, Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic style hence reflecting upon his great pieces of work. Even if you don’t know much about Gaudi, you will still certainly recognize his works if you

walk across cities like Barcelona and Seville as they are so eccentric and unique in their demeanor. Some of the works to look at are La Sagrada Familia, El-Cabricho, Figuera Palace, Park Güell, Casa Milà and much more. We see a refined sophistication and sumptuous harmony in the Mudéjar styled Islamic architectures across this beautiful European country. There is a certain Mediterranean sensuality across the cities and its beautiful architecture. Amid the haste and sharp lines of the urban planning of the cities, these architectural wonders throw a reflection of nostalgia in the city. Riona S Roy

2016- THE MEAN MACHINES FOR THE SEASON Consistently we enter our week long evalu¬ation searching for the perfect car filled with quality and engagement, execution and balance, sights and sounds, soul and character. Here are our top picks of the 2016.

BMW- M235I Well known for their driver-focused nature, BMW’s vehicles have of late turned out to be more things to more people. It sold almost 100,000 trucks in the U.S. this year, right around 33% of the brand’s volume. Be that as it may, this M variation of the 2-arrangement still does precisely what we expect of the organization’s machines. The controlling illuminates you of the street’s each subtlety. Press the brakes for a corner and the lower-right half of your foot drops effortlessly onto the quickening agent to match motor revs for a downshift. It’s the kind of stuff that dependably appeared to be so common to the marque’s autos that one expected the specialists didn’t sweat it, that this kind of rightness was prepared into Bavarian qualities at some point in the Middle Ages and just uncovered itself upon the coming

of the vehicles. The M235i takes everything BMW has customarily done well and gathers it into a minimized, bearable bundle. The 320-hp 3.0-liter turbo six doles out sweet, smooth force. The case isn’t rebuffing the way the M235i’s bigger M-badged kin can be. Also, with the M2 now in transit, the M235i ought to be perpetually liberated from the need to post dream execution numbers. While BMW has succumbed to offering indulgences, the M235i car remains as the privilege auto¬mobile for pretty much any street, whether your day by day drive is a stoplight frightfulness or the kind of Alpine pass that BMW engineers slalom home on after heli-skiing weekends.

Chevrolet Malibu The Chevrolet Malibu is all-new for 2016 and lovely on the all around, however there is significantly more to this auto than simply great looks. The new Malibu is more fuel-effective, roomier, more secure and preferable associated over ever some time recently. On the off chance that you are thinking about a moderate size car for your family’s needs, the Malibu merits a look. The new Malibu, longer than the past model, now has a more roomy second column, a feeble spot in the last Malibu. The inside is tranquil and rich, and loaded with comforts that make it simple to stay associated: MyLink with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, remote telephone charging, 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot ability, a few USB ports, Bluetooth and route. Adding to the Malibu’s inside solace is the ride quality. The Malibu’s suspension is consistent yet not very delicate, making a decent showing with regards to of engrossing street abnormalities. There are various security components, for example, 10 standard airbags, a rearview camera, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Forward Collision Alert, Front Pedestrian Alert and Automatic Parking Assist. Have an adolescent driver in the family? The Malibu separates itself from the opposition with the Teen Driver suite of advances. This framework incorporates measures that urge high schoolers to drive securely: the sound framework stays quieted until everybody is wearing their safety belt, in addition to guardians can screen where the auto has been driven, and has notices the driver sees and hears when the auto goes over a preset pace. With a lot of space to unwind, conveniences that can keep another driver safe, and proficient motors, the Malibu is prepared to report for family auto obligation.

Kia Optima Wellbeing and productivity assume a significant part in any family auto buy, and the Optima is a champion in both coliseums. Three 4-barrel motors are accessible, returning up to 39 mpg on the roadway without relinquishing passing power on the expressway. On the security side of the record, each Optima comes standard with seven airbags including a driver’s knee airbag, and additionally a reinforcement camera and slope begin help. Discretionary security tech comprises of forward impact caution with programmed braking, path takeoff cautioning, versatile voyage control and, our undisputed top choice, a 360-degree encompass view camera framework. Another helpful element is Kia’s UVO eServices, a membership free telematics administration that permits you to call for roadside help, check vehicle status, or find your parking space all from your cell phone It might be sorted as a fair size vehicle, yet the Optima’s back quarters really feel more similar to that of a fullestimate. Wide opening back entryways encourage the establishment of auto seats, while a usable focus seat manages genuine 5-traveler flexibility. Bragging about 16 cubic feet of space, the Optima’s trunk is effortlessly one of the biggest in its class. Housed inside this adaptable inside is a large number of standard and discretionary solace and accommodation components, for example, a 10-speaker premium sound framework by harman/kardon, a 4.3-inch driver data show, back window sunshades, a 12-way control traveler seat (most contenders top out at 8), and a 8-crawl high-determination show with route, propelled voice acknowledgment and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mix.

Subaru Outback Crisp off a complete redo, the 2016 Subaru Outback still feels like a combination of a wagon and a SUV, and it gives the advantages of both. Similarly as with all Subarus aside from the BRZ sports auto, the Outback accompanies Subaru’s magnificent all-wheel-drive framework that gives uncanny grasp on smooth streets and trust in regular driving. Besides, this 5-traveler, 2-column hybrid gloats 8.7 inches of ground leeway. Consolidated with its standard slope drop control and X-Mode framework that oversees power yield and footing control, the Outback is a shockingly competent 4x4 fan.

Nissan Pathfinder Another Pathfinder include that others have endeavored to duplicate, frequently less effectively, is the EZ Flex and Glide System that permits a kid seat hooked in the second column to stay appended when the seats are pushed ahead to permit access to the third line. On account of this framework the Pathfinder offers what is apparently the most straightforward third-push access in any family auto accessible in America. Carpoolers celebrate! A potential tradeoff is the way that Nissan’s average size hybrid, not at all like adversaries Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander and Chevy Traverse, situates just seven instead of up to eight. Be that as it may, maybe Nissan is slightly more sensible about what number of can be appropriately situated in a naturally tight back column. Like its rivals the Pathfinder doesn’€™t offer much payload limit with all seats filled, yet with one or both split back seatbacks collapsed off the beaten path the space turns out to be exceptionally liberal. A standout amongst the most charming elements of the Pathfinder is its on-street behavior. Pathfinders of old had a solid rough terrain driver taking after in view of their tough development and go-anyplace disposition. Today’€™s Pathfinder is a kinder, gentler form that accentuates regular solace while surrendering a few abilities in the whoop-de-dos. For a vehicle with a generally high focus of gravity, body roll is insignificant even under hard cornering, and the pleasantly weighted guiding feels responsive and has praiseworthy on-focus behavior that diminish weakness on long excursions. by: Uditi Bhardwaj

Regardless of the fact that you never wander past asphalt (which would be a disgrace), it’s anything but difficult to value the Outback’s summoning driver’s position, awesome perceivability and agreeable street conduct. The standard 2.5-liter 4-chamber motor is surprisingly effective, returning up to 33 mpg. For better speeding up and more general oomph, a heavy 6-chamber is accessible. Despite powertrain, the Outback can be equipped with blind side observing and Subaru’s EyeSight driving guide that incorporates a pre-crash programmed stopping mechanism, path keeping help and versatile journey control. Inside, the Outback gives astounding space to travelers and load. Youngster seats are a snap to introduce in the back seats, which likewise have the advantage of leaning back. The Subaru’s extensive, level burden floor will hold a family of rigging, and if more space is required the back seats fold in a 60/40 split to make a SUV-like 73 or more cubic feet of capacity. Independently, every one of these advantages are useful. In any case, the enchantment of the Outback is that it’s more noteworthy than the total of its properties. They all mean give a momentous cooperative energy, making a solitary auto that can fulfill a huge number of families.

07 Tricks to Get Inside Her Head May look like rocket science but we might just have the answer. if you are a man who fails to understand how to impress a woman then we have your answer. Get inside her brain. Understanding a woman’s psychology is seven steps away and then you would know how exactly to be Mr. Unresistable. This is especially when you are flirting with your lady. Most women think from their hearts and are governed by her emotions. To think that woman run behind power and money is wrong, their entire psychology runs behind how great a man makes her feel then of course followed by how well he does for himself. Trick 1 Which girl hates attention? Just make her feel like she deserves it. Get her to believe that she is a very interesting person and you love to hear more about her. Show her that know she holds a lot more than what she portrays, she is a mystery. This trick is at number one as it increase the god gifted curiosity in a woman making her think more and more about you. Also, thinking about how you could see what nobody can. Just remember to stay mysterious every single time you are around her that you like in order to maintain the attraction for as long as possible.

Trick 2 A woman knows she can get whatever she wants whenever she wants especially if it is attention. Drive her ego away. Get her to quit that little ego by spending more time with her friends than her and doing little things for everyone around her. 2 benefits you get from this is 1 she would get jealous and 2nd she would think you are a sweetheart to give things that matter to her so much attention. Remember things that come easy lose their value. Make yourself hard to get in order to get her. Do not let her take you for granted or think you are always available. So, if you make yourself unavailable to her, your value will automatically skyrocket in her eyes and she will want you more than ever. This is just how girls psychology works.

Trick 3 If her emotions are her weapon then you need to learn how to use these women’s to your advantage. As mentioned before, a woman is ruled by their hearts and what better way to get into her head. Use your manipulation and get to her heart. Let her believe in all those things that are important to her, show her you care and believe in the same. Be emotional.

Trick 4 Use reverse psychology. The more you want her, the more you show her that you do not. Women have a knack for having things that are not available. Play the cool guy who won't be affected by losing someone to easily. Earn the importance. Make her miss you.

Trick 5 Make it fun. Nobody likes things laid out on a platter and even if they do then do not give it to her that way. Add some confusion to your tricks and let her think, think and think until she finally falls for you. Show her she means the world but at the same time don’t give her too much attention. Let her get used to you then crave you and then repeat. Mess with her thoughts and never explain what you exactly feel. Let her get to you

Trick 6 The art of eye contact. Women often believe that love is seen in the eyes of a person. Therefore, we master the art of eye contact. It might seem easy but is not, it needs to be practiced. Looking for too long without blinking might look creepy rather keep it mellow. Let them be what they are and just look at her with honesty. If there are any truths in eyes filled with love then prove it. The easiest way is while you look at her think about the things you really did like about her.

Trick 7 Get her used to you. She should be so used to having you around and depending on you that your absence bothers her. Create an atmosphere in her mind where she feels your presence even when you aren’t around. Yes, this may sound crazy but it is the shortcut to a woman’s heart. Meher Sethi

Why She Hates Your Boys Night Outs Through all those rosy days of your relationship, in the beginning, she may never mind you going out. Who wants to look like a drama queen who creates a fuss over everything? Only till you realize that every time she is quiet on those boy night outs you’re having are realizing getting on her nerves.

To help you know more about your girl when you are out, we bring to you ways of understanding what she feels about those nights when you are partying hard and she is waiting for you to get home and get into a fight. Insecurities The key problem that a woman may have is insecurity. The thought of not being aware of what you are up to especially if your lady is control freaks. Every woman may trust her man but they will always be worried about losing you to another. The common idea that he might be in a room full of other women and his friends may disturb her. Why wouldn’t it? How to get through it: if you cannot beat them then join them. Call her at least twice to make her feel comfortable with you not being in the wrong place doing anything wrong. Hearing from you will not only make her feel sure of you being safe but would also make her feel important and special.

legitimized. So if your young lady is giving you trouble more than one or a greater amount of your companions, this is on the grounds that she feels that this individual is, in somehow, measuring her man down and endangering your couple. That may sound somewhat great, however, it’s kind of valid. She needs you to be as well as can be expected to be, and for her that incorporates the sorts of individuals you keep around you. How to get through it: The main thing you truly can DO is listening to her, truly. Require significant investment to hear her out. Whether it’s that he undermines his better half, or diverts you from your own needs- you owe it to her as a sweetheart to truly think of her as the point. So discuss it, and DO addresses her worries in a gainful discussion that merits the time. What’s more, on the off chance that you can’t change the arrangements, or aren’t exactly prepared to cut the ties only yet, at any rate, let her on what you have arranged.

Jealousy Nobody likes to be the bad person of a relation and certainly not the girl. The key goal of every woman in a relation is to be a man’s best friend. She wants to be everything that he wishes for a friend a family and everything more, even if she can’t be she still wants it. This is one of the reasons she hates you going out with the other guys, she hates that you need a break and may enjoy somebody else’s company over her. How to get through it: give her some time. Let her in on those all fun facts about the night. Let her feel like she isn’t the boring one and you enjoy her company as much as you enjoy with the boys. Sometimes make her one of the guys and do exciting fun things with her. This will not only calm the jealousy down but will also make your relation more exciting and fun.

The plan She needs to feel like she can believe your basic leadership abilities and depend on you to be conscious of her in the relationship – so when your first impulse on a night from her does the precise inverse of, that will undoubtedly bring issue with it. Most women would believe what you say and may not create that big an issue while you plan to out but if your girl is then you must be doing something wrong. There are only two questions you need to and yourself here: 1) Am I going to a night club? 2) Does this involve seeing/touching other women? How to get through it: this one is relatively easy, do not do something she won’t like and risk your relationship. If she trusts you then you might as well keep it.

Your entourage Young ladies don’t dislike their man’s companions for reasons unknown. Regardless of what you may think, there is dependably a reason, and it’s normally a truly decent one. What’s more, by great do I mean

by: Meher Sethi

Know What You are Being Judged Upon Women talk! No science in that. We all know every woman is a gossip queen. She could be an ace of spades yet she would still always have a friend to call after every conversation you have with her, yes literally every conversation. Women tend to over think everything.

The first topic of discussion for any woman would be how you treat her. Are you a gentleman who knows how to treat his girl right? All those little things you might say to her are not little. They are all that a girl picks up from your conversations and judges you upon. So the moment you cut her call after your first conversation, there she would be telling her friend how you listen to her and if you are all about yourself or not. How important is it for you to have a good intellect. For some very important and for some woman not too much. For every woman, the first few things that you being judged upon is the kind of topic you chose to talk about. You could talk about cars and bikes or things you love, or be someone who only thinks of his passion, is it for his work or something he couldn’t work upon. Here’re a tip women like men who talk beyond how they look, so never in your first conversation tell her how looking good matters the most to you. An independent woman may not need a man for his money or lifestyle but she would never want a man who would be dependent on her. The next on our list is the kind of lifestyle you live. If you are down to earth or fancy who is all about his cars and big clubs. If you are a person who is nothing about the materialistic things and just likes a long drive and long cups of coffee.

Photographed by: Meher Sethi

If you are marriage material or not. a major portion of women looks for a man who may be their the one. They like to cut to the chase and not waste their time in meaningless relationships. From how to talk to her to how you behave around her friends and family. This is one thing that no woman would miss while talking to her girls. Last but not the least she would always compare you to her ex. From things that she used to hate to things she loved about him, it’s always about the exes. Every girl carries some or the other piece of her previous relationship ad you would always be compared. As much as you may hate it, if you are being praise just accept it. by: Meher Sethi

How to Win an Argument with Her Here is a guide how to win an argument with your significant other. Science has reached mars, technology has reached robots but one thing that we still can’t understand is a woman. She can be the strongest confident and educated girl, but what she cannot be is simple. Fighting is not the indication of your relationship being at its doom and neither is not fighting. However If you do not know how to argue and make your point, your relationship can be at stake. This brings us to making this simpler for all of us. Understand her to save some trouble and keep her happy. Listen to her; once you tone your volume down and give your girl you ear for a while, things get better. All she needs is for you to understand and peacefully hear her out. She may not make wisdom or she just may but you have to keep your calm and talk it out. Reply, do not sit quietly looking at her blatantly, and give her the answers. Once she is done being hyper explain to her your statement. She had her moment of talking now you have yours. In a calm way explain to her why and what has actually happened. Bring in the logics. Women often let their hearts rule their head, so in order to make this simpler, you prove to her that she is wrong. Get out the statements and prove her your point. If she does not believe in words then here is something she cannot refuse to believe in. Women while in an argument forget the at hand and

get diverted into all those mistakes you have done in the past. Do not let them open that book of records. Stick to the topic at hand. Remember you are here for the end result; remember what the fight is about and why it needs to be resolved. Getting distracted only makes the process slower and more frustrating. Also, nobody likes to have constant reminders of their past. A side note: if you find that the topic of argument keeps changing, then this may be a good sign for that the actual topic isn’t what you’re arguing about. Go back to rule #2 and listening to what she is really saying. If you do not have logic behind your blunders then turn the tables. If she is angry about you not calling ask her why she didn’t. If she is upset with you about not getting you something on her birthday then ask her why she is so materialistic. A woman loves the blame game, so you just play along. Do not underestimate the power of apologizing, some days you just have to quit savaging your ego and accept you are wrong. Digging deeper into your pride by lying more and more can just make matters worse. You could lose a good relation to a bad fight. Ask yourself if it is worth the risk, if you know you are wrong and fail to make a point then you might as well give in. Meher Sethi

Photographed by: Meher Sethi

06 Best Places to Pop the Question! Proposing to your better half, frequently than not, can be a significant precarious and an anxiety ridden circumstance. While we won't have the capacity to help you in other departments but, we beyond any doubt can recommend some amazing spots in India to propose. Go past the consistent candle light dinner, declare your on a starry night in the desert, charm her with a hot air inflatable balloon over the amazing wild or in an outdoors Jacuzzi confronting the mountains. In the case of nothing else, you would in any event be cheered for your resourcefulness (which may need her to rethink into a yes)! And since we know you will be incapable of coming up with great ideas on this topic due to the logical thinking man that you are , we have taken the liberty to choose 10 best places for you and your girl to ensure you hear nothing but a yes when you go down on your knees. 1) With a stroll in the mists in Meghalaya

2) After scaling one of the highest peaks of India, the Kanchenjunga

Meaning the 'house of clouds', Meghalaya is only that. Adding to the appeal is the virgin brilliant qualities of nature and lovely climate. In this overwhelming spot, you can appreciate an ethereal walk that feels like a stroll in the clouds. Absorb yourself in love, propose to her with an old world charm saying "how life seems like a cloud walking dream" with her and we assure you that you wont be any less beneath the 9th cloud :)

If both of you are sporty, adventurous and challenging sorts, provoke yourselves to scale one of the highest tops in India, the Kanchenjunga. As you both deal with hardships together to climb and reach the top, she may very well understand the life span and the longevity of the relationship. And then once the hike is over give her another reason to celebrate by proposing to her amidst the snow kissed peak and heighten the entire experience into an occasion.

4) On the crystal clear blue waters in a shoreline resort of Goa No matter how clichĂŠd it may sound but Goa can never disappoint. It was and will always remain the fun capital of India. What's more, you have plenty of options there like select a beach resort on the perfectly clear blue waters. Praise your affection by the restorative sounds of the waves. You can pop a champagne bottle and alongside it, pop up the will you marry question too. Also you could do the complete opposite . If your girl is a party animal then pick a happening club amidst all music, drinks and a 100 people go down on your knees and let her be the center of attraction with all the hooting and ask her to marry you and make your life a party forever.

3) In the quietness of Daman and Diu You can desert all your burdens and bask in the serenity of Daman and Diu with your better half. Marinated in untouched magnificence and unbridled tranquility, this is the perfect spot to escape and invest quality energy and time with each other. Likewise, it is among the perfect spots in India where you can get everything in one place. From scenic backdrops to beaches and lazy sunsets and most importantly less commercialization which hence forth makes it a great spot for a proposal.

5) At Dona Paula Beach: The Beach of Love

6) Propose while scuba diving in Andaman

Here is the way the legend goes. Dona Paula Beach is named after the Portuguese Viceroy's little girl who was profoundly infatuated with a neighborhood fisherman. This was not approved by her father and in an attack of distress, the adoration struck lady bounced off the precipice into the Arabian Sea. This sandy retreat today remains as an image of adoration and sentiment. What's more, if your sweetheart is the sort who adores a love story and drama then you have gone to the correct spot . First tell her the story and significance behind the place and then promise her a lifetime by asking her to marry you.

You can find the intriguing underwater kingdom together with the amazing activity of scuba making a plunge the purplish blue waters of Andaman. While you both disentangle the hypnotizing corals, vivid fishes and regular wipes, admit how you need to make your kingdom together with showing a ring. This is particularly awesome for people who are not very great with talking and are not people of words. This is the thing and place for you. Deep down there neither of you will be able to talk . It will just be the heart and the eyes doing the talking which will save you some peace about narrating a speech and you will also get a yes. by: Uditi Bhardwaj

6 Relationship Blunders Men Make We all have had that perfect relationship or a perfect conversation which we have ruined. What does she like and what does she hate, the tiniest mistake can turn off your woman, while on the other hand in 6 quick steps we have you sorted for life. Surprisingly it’s not just you, it is all of us with few mistakes up our sleeves that keep getting in between you and her. Find out where you went wrong and save the next ones.

Mistake 1: not having a control over your hormones also known as taking it too fast. In India, it is still a very important aspect for a girl to be physically involved with some, well most of them. So every time you act too nosy and desperate, she would instantly think this is all you are in it for and leave. Do not creep her out. If you’re really into her and want a long lasting relation then give her some space and time. Let her trust you and know that you are better than just somebody who wants to hook up. This may take time but use this time as wisely as you can, get to know here yourself. What to do: remember when they said patience makes it worth it. Believe in it. A committed relationship is like a 24-hour job you need to make sure your boss trusts you before he hands over the important projects to you. Give her time and start to believe that there is so much more in a relationship. Mistake 2: too many bad choices also known as being with too many miss wrongs. We all have made our fair share at blunders, ending up with psychos and sticky solutions. But who gets it right in the first go. Only till it goes too far, we end up losing our own faith into a relation and thus end up forgetting what the bigger picture is while settling down in life. If you have been in the single market for too long then you would probably know what we are talking about. 6months are the honeymoon period but what lies after that is where the challenge begins. All those things you find cute now, her being a stalker are just the signs of getting yourself into a tough spot yet again. What to do: just because you have had a ton of bad relationships, does not mean there are no good ones. You just need to be pickier and more aware of what you are getting yourself into. We would suggest you to not let the common saying blind in love rule you, keep your eyes open and see if she is actually worth the efforts. A pretty face is not all.

Mistake 3: playing games We all grow up on these little mind games. Everyone told us to be hard to get or to be cool or something else. That was then, today nobody has the time for games. you can’t wait for her to message first or for her to beg you to stay another 10 minutes on the call, in the egoistic world, everyone has their A game on. If winning and losing is all that matters then remember games don’t last a lifetime. What to do: keep it simple. Be who you are, message her if you want to and don’t if you do not. Do not beat around the bush waiting for turns. Remember this is not the monopoly, you both can win as a couple. Mistake 4: taking everything too fast also known as being greedy. We all know too much too soon is also too much to handle. Control your pace this is not a race. You have all the time in the world with you to be, so why to run out of things to do in the first few months then make her wait for that one day of the year when you would do something for her. This also includes being too available to her, exchanging vows and rings, not to mention the three magical words. If you bring her the stars and the moon in the first few months then all you do is end up raising her expectations, once you stop damn, the you have changed quote is right there on your face. What to do: stop planning your life ahead and concentrate on what you have right now, take things at a decent pace without raising too many expectations. Remember a relationship is not a train, it will not leave if you don’t run to catch it. Do everything you cannot everything she wants you to do. There is plenty of time to say I love you and prove it.

Mistake 5: do not act insecure In a fresh relationship, we all as humans tend to have emotions like jealousy and possessiveness, not considering that our partner has had her share of people in life and they also do matter. Telling your girl to maintain distance herself from people and asking her to give all her time to you would just get her angry and if not then she would expect the same out of you. Resist the temptation of constantly telling her what to do and what not to or checking up on her. Each one of love our space and hate to nagged all the time. What to do: understand that at the end of the day we all are humans, we all have had the past and we all have a future of which to be a part of , you need to let her live. Let her go out for coffees and dinner, if she is the going to cheat then she would without you getting to know. Believe that strict parents make sly kids.

Mistake 6: quit trying to be Perfect Women grow up on fairy tales and believing that there is a prince out there who would come and get them, save them from the world and make the world a better place. Which ideally sums up to a lot of efforts for you to be the perfect man. She may want you to always be available and ask her how the day was, help her on all those sad days and take her out shopping. You need to know where the line of being a good guy and Mr. Perfect draws. Do not let being perfect take a toll on you and change you as a person. What to do: stop and realize. See what you are doing, changing yourself or how you look will not make this relationship work. Try to be a better person but not some green eyes fairytale prince. Know your own worth and let your girl come to reality and believe nobody is perfect. You can only try to be better for her not a man that you never were. by: Meher Sethi

WEDDING ATTIRES FOR MEN With weddings being such a celebrated and memorable occasion your outfit needs to be just as special and memorable as the event. With it also being such an excuse and probably the only time when you will be interested in shopping being a man to indulge and dress up since all eyes will be on you on your D-DAY. We offer you a stunning wedding guest collection offering stunning looks for any season or style of wedding

THE FIRST DAY (POOJA) Weddings in India are no joke and neither are they a one-day affair. Which means you have minimum 3 to 4 days of playing dress up. For the first day of kick starting the celebrations we suggest you go the absolutely traditional way. The first day is usually a puja and hence we say do it with a punch and set the right tone for the days to follow. We Love how this groom matched his outfit with the backdrop and to our delight with his brother too. Yellow and sunny afternoons are a big yes from us. They not only make for an appropriate outfit, but also add an earthy Indian feel. Also, bonus points for that vibrant smile absolutely matching the buoyancy of the day and the occasion.

Photographed and written by: Uditi Bhardwaj




Indian weddings are synonymous to festivals. The festivity goes on even after the wedding is over. So, don’t get tired after the first day, keep reminding yourself you have to look decent enough next to your pretty woman OR just think about all the booze and keep your spirits high ;) Second day is your Sangeet which is both formal and informal. Formal in the way that it’s for the first time you and your girl come out together as a couple , Informal because it’s one of the only evening where you can have all the fun without having to pose on the stage with your guests. Now, being a man is tough! You don’t have too many color options, you can’t experiment with your hair etc etc. but, if you go smartly about it you might make it without looking repetitive.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are successfully half way through your marriage. This should be your day. From your bachelor’s party to a relaxed cocktail evening or to jazz it up a little maybe a sufi night, it could be any of it. We suggest that you keep it light on this day. Remember not to deviate from the hum-drum but also remember that the big day follows and you want to keep all that suave for the next day too.

Pat your back for making it alive through these days and while you do that remember to pull your socks up for the one final time. This is the climax day! Though nobody will look at you once the bride arrives but that does not mean that you don’t look good enough standing next to her.

Our favorite look of the season is this Shantanu and Nikhil sherwani. The very unusual grey teamed with a tinge of gold and lots of silver on silver work , The dark grey stole and the absolutely drool worthy juti’s also customized by shantanu Nikhil make for the perfect attire for your sangeet evening. Not to heavy not too light and with its masculinity in place is sure to make a lasting impact.

So, for a Sufi night might we suggest a well-tailored Ackhan paired with jodhupris, pants or salwars (whatever suits your style and comfort level). Choose a bright color or just go all black, you can make your choice. What you really need to remember is to pick the right sillehoute and fabric which makes it easy for you to breathe and move your hands and maybe shake-a-leg or two too.

We at Barbe trust no one but Sabyasachi to make a groom out of a man. The perfect amount of white’s and gold. The intricate hand woven all over design , The master class tailoring and to finish the look- leather juti’s specially customized for your fit In co-ordination to your outfit. All of this and the perfect blend of happiness and excitement will make you the best looking groom of the season When you stand there waiting for your girl with your arm starched out, we are sure it will be nothing less than a dream for you and for her…


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