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From Kitchen Waste to Kitchen Garden An inspiring journey of a senior citizen in Bandra Once upon a time in Bandra Did you know Bandra was once a group of villages? And every cluster of houses had gardens filled with fruit trees and vegetable patches. Between villages there were fields of grain. This wasn’t too far back but you wouldn’t believe it if you looked around Bandra today! We still have pockets of those villages. And descendants continue to live here. Minus the luxury of space but plus lots of changes, both good & not so good. If you’re a Bandraite, (and read Bandra Buzz) you’ll know what I mean ;).

Everything is a resource, remember what our grandparents said? Space (or lack of it) is one issue we’re all familiar with. Often, almost overnight, we’ve found our neighbours inch closer as each new building sprouts up. And hasn’t everyone looked up from their morning papers to answer the door for the ‘kachrawali’ (or as they should rightfully be called, Safai-karamchari), who then gives it to the BMC truck that makes the rounds every day. Where does it all go? Sonal Alvares Continued on Page 6 >>

Lionel Athaide has stopped giving his waste to the BMC by composting it at home


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‘Bhamla Chowk’ inaugurated at Perry Road On Sunday morning, 17th February 2019, it was a very emotional moment for Asif Bhamla and his family; as the junction outside his home at, was being named after his late father, who was a visionary for his community. The Late Vali Bhamla was a philanthropist, who worked for various causes of minorities and backward classes, along with the strong agenda of Environment. This would have been his 90th birthday. Political leaders across party lines attended – and appreciated that this chowk was appropriately named. Inauguration of Late Vali Mohammad Bhamla Chowk - designed and made out of recycled material, was done with the worthy hands of Hon. Mr Vivek Goenka and Padma Shree Dr DY Patil, in the auspicious presence of Aaditya Thackeray, Hon Minister of Tourism Shri Jayakumar Rawal, MP Ms Poonam Mahajan, Ex-MP Ms Priya Dutt, Mumbai BJP President & MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar, MLA Pratap Shairnaik, Mr Arif Naseem Khan and Shri Sachin Ahir – Mumbai President NCP. Among others present, were Corporators Asif Zakaria, Mumtaz Khan & Alka Kelkar, BG President Dr. Cheryl Misquitta, Activist Anandani Thakoor, BMC Asst. Commissioner Sharad Ughade, Ex-MLA Baba Siddiqui, Ex-Corporator Rahebar Khan, etc.

His close colleage, Meraj Husain told us, “There is something special when creative people get together. This super successful launch of the Late Vali Mohammad Bhamla Chowk by Padma Shri DY Patil Saheb in the presence of various important dignitaries and people from all walks of life, are very special moment to cherish” Asif Bhamla was the perfect host. The green carpet, floral decorations and ‘wonder-land’ type arrangements for water, snacks and lunch at ‘Peace Haven’, were simply superb. Saher Bhamla, Asif’s daughter presented the vote of thanks. Prateeksha Shah

Late Vali Mohammad Bhamla Chowk at Perry Road was inaugurated by Hon. Mr Vivek Goenka and Padma Shree Dr DY Patil

Bandra Railway Station commuters need Escalators While many neighbouring railway stations have had escalators many years ago, the ‘Queen of the Suburbs’, still makes commuters climb up and down steps. Senior citizens are affected the most. This heritage structure has been the hub of countless events, yet ‘access convenience’ to thousands of commuters (especially those too tired after a day’s work) has not been a priority. Bandra Buzz wanted to get a feel of what the train travellers thought about this issue. Here are some candid thoughts; from locals, who bear the brunt: Jasmine Hegde: “When other stations have the luxury of escalators, I cannot understand how a prime area like Bandra, still does not have one.” Mehmood Keskar: “Escalators are the need of the hour. Our politicians talk about making Mumbai like Shanghai – yet basic amenities are not provided to honest tax-paying commuters. Sonia Singh: “This is pre-election time – I will insist that our MP candidates include ‘escalators for Bandra Railway Station’ in their written promises, so that we can check on them, when they win

– with our precious votes. They need to use our taxes wisely, not for ‘ego-boosting’ projects, like statues, etc.” Andrew Gonsalves: “Lakhs of commuters use Bandra Station every day, yet we are building a non-eco friendly Coastal Road – which will be used by a very small percentage of our elite population. Where are our priorities? Are only huge kick-backs, the motive behind public projects – endorsed by politicians? \

Dolly Sethna: “India has enough of tax funds to ease the misery of our working population. The least that this government can do, is to ensure enough escalators – that work well and are safe. We should not be begging for basic amenities. Do politicians face the struggles of the common public? Bandraites should ensure that escalators are installed at key transfer points, to have a smooth flow of comfortable commuters.

This serious issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible – as it affects lakhs of commuters, everyday. From the local interactions on this issue, we can understand the built-in anger of the locals. Our local elected representatives and those standing for elections need to be informed about the gravity of the situation – so that appropriate action can be taken. Haresh Gidwani




Going back to your Roots & Living at your Healthiest Best A healthy lifestyle is the magic drug which can help you live a healthy and fit life. For living a healthy lifestyle, you need to have a strong immune system which depends on how fit you are. Good health can be determined by your ability to use your body & mind around 10 or 15 years down the line. The decisions that you make today in terms of the food you eat, exercise, daily sleep quality and stress management are all different determinants of your health. Back to Roots Lifestyle Plan Going back to roots means trying to align yourself with the way your ancestors lived, which is in alignment with nature. The idea is to realign to your biological clock by sunset. Early Dinner All you need to do is have your dinner as early as possible, after the sunset. If you are used to having dinner by 9 pm or 10 pm or later, try to shift the time ahead to evening. This will require you to make a few lifestyle changes but it’s going to be

worth the effort. Apart from not eating anything later in the night, you should also try not to drink water. Refraining from drinking too much water late in the night prevents disturbed sleep and can help you have better quality of sleep. However, it is also important to listen to your body. What to do between Dinner & Bed Time Between your dinner and bed time, give up using your cell phones, TV, laptops, etc. Exposure to bright light could be a reason why you are unable to sleep at night. Exposure to bright light at night can hamper the quality of sleep. This is the reason why some people wake up tired even after 8 to 9 hours of sleep. You can utilise the time between your dinner and bed time by communicating with the family or your partner. You can also read a book or do some deep breathing exercises, meditation or prayer. You need to train your body to get aligned with your biological clock. Fix your bed time at the same time every night and your wake up time at the same time ev-

ery day. Build discipline in your body. It might seem like a struggle for the first few nights, but eventually, your biological clock will be automatically reset. How to Plan your Meals People who practice intermittent fasting or dry fasting do not have to worry about breakfast. For others, you need to eat the staple breakfast which you grew up eating. It can be idli, dosa, poha, parantha, eggs, toast, oats, etc. Watch your portion control but do have a satisfying breakfast. Lunch should be simple and wholesome, something which you

have grown up eating. It can be simple khichdi, dal rice with ghee and a roti if you want. Your post lunch snack should be comparatively lighter as you are going to have an early dinner. You can have a seasonal fruit along with some nuts and seeds. Cut off caffeine post noon to avoid hampering sleep quality. For dinner, you can have khichdi prepared with rice, bajra, jowar or any other grain of your choice. Khichdi is a wholesome food which is great for your digestion, gut health and much more. Luke Coutinho




Care for the Earth marks the 3rd Annual Day at DKK

(Left) Students perform the Climate song Now, Now, Now (Middle) Chief Guest Sr Thelma presenting the certificate to Student of the Year to Keira Ferreira Sun, sun and the setting sun was on tap for DKK’s 3rd Annual Day on Saturday 23rd February at Prarthanalaya, Bandra, as over 40 students completed their Music and Dance Class of 2018, walking across the platform to accept their respective certificates. Keeping up with 2018 as the year dedicated to creation & environment & the theme ‘Blend in. Creation is Calling, tiny tots dressed up with skirts made of newspaper, performed a Climate song titled Now, Now, Now that had a mix of music, dance which was appreciated by all gathered. The instrumental piece stressed about the need to do something about our planet earth, played aptly by students Kiara Coelho, Emmanuel Mcwan, Zenia Simon, Keira Ferreira, Ashish Lemos and Joylyn Gonsalves. Continuing with the theme of the evening, the Rain dance by senior students of the academy brought free expression of nature’s beauty and its bond with human life. The Chief Guest Sr Thelma currently manager of the Carmel Pre Primary School, Bandra felicitated the students with merit certificates. In her convocation address, Sr Thelma complimented

the youngsters on their achievements, while also congratulating the teachers for their dedication & hard work in shaping the students through music & dance. She recounted her days of childhood when she danced to the rhythm of the music adding, “Music is a spring of life, it lifts up the Spirit”. Canadian singer Leonard Cohen’s classic folk rock Hallelujah reverberated all around as students from the Trinity college fourth grade sang their heart out on this masterpiece, accompanied by Azellia Carvalho and Rachel D’souza on piano and Ghanshyam on guitar. In the mood for dance we had students from Sailesh who performed a hip hop dance, followed by students of Initial Grade of Trinity College playing Ode to Joy. The Indian Raga Dance was impressive with dance students of Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva University performing the Bharatnatyam to the music of Jason Derulo’s Swalla and Luis Fonsi’s Despacito. The neat mix caught everyone by surprise and got eyeballs moving to the fusion of styles displayed through body-movements and gestures. When you wish upon a star, you have a dream that can hopefully come

true. I have a Dream brought in the story of every person’s dream, played expertly by Lael Falcon, Rich Pereira, Vian Fernandes, Deanne Pinto, Cheryl Gouria & Andre Savio. It was a fitting tribute to all those who dream of making it in the world of music. The choral ensemble had both junior and senior students singing along. In her address to the audience and students in particular, Guest of Honour Mrs. Regina Rodricks a student of DKK perusing her dream of learning the keyboards said “We can praise and worship God through music and I see this vibration of music as I enter the campus. I am enriched to see the little ones giving melody to the notes and swinging hands to the rhythm. The warmth, love and patience of teachers in imparting music and dance to all ages make them special”. A well known face in Bandra and ex teacher of St Aloysius High School Bandra, Rodricks words of wisdom surely will remain with students forever. The sun had set and it was almost time to go home, but the strains of the Sri Lankan folk dance showcasing the culture and rhythmic music of Sri Lankan couldn’t be missed.

All students had a lasting memory of the event where they were the subject of pride in the eyes of their parents and peers, having successfully completed a higher level of music and dance, moving on to the next stage. The toppers of 2018 were Keira Ferreira (Best Student of the Year) and Richa Salgaonkar (Certificate of Excellence). Mrs. Gladys Mascarenhas was one among the senior student to complete higher level of Music. Finally, Sr Jenybe delivered the vote of thanks and the function ended with the national anthem accompanied by 1st Grade Dhrishti Marchande and Initial grade students on keyboard. Parents expressed joyful gratitude to the faculty and the management, Srs. Amita, Sushma and Jenybe in molding their wards as professionals in the course chosen. The entire program was well anchored by Rosetta Falcon, Aicha Falcon and Dhrishti Marchande. It was indeed a joyous & memorable day for not only the little ones but also a proud moment for the parents and the mentors as they witnessed their children receiving laurels. Verus Ferreira

‘UCDC Utsav 2019’ kept audience mesmerized Weeks of practices with our children, mothers and students; culminated in the grand finale of our UCDC Annual Day / Utsav, held on 23rd February 2019 at St. Theresa’s School Hall, Bandra. The programme began on time, with the arrival of our Chief Guest, Provincial Richard Mathias. The Guests of Honour were Ms. Sonaakshi Raaj - Fashion Designer and Ms. Ruchi Khanna - Astrologer and Therapist. We were also blessed with the presence of more than fifteen ‘Disciples of the Divine Word’, for the first time in the history of the UCDC on such an important occasion. Two of our UCDC doctors, did an amazing job as Masters of Ceremonies. The singing of the Centre’s Anthem was

followed by a welcome song. Our Director, Fr. Paul, delivered his welcome message, followed by the formal introduction of guests and messages by them. An audio-visual by Fr. Cosmos highlighted the activities of the Centre, through the words of its beneficiaries, a novel concept indeed; which brought home the central theme, ‘Reaching out to put the last first - for a better tomorrow.’ A variety entertainment programme showcased by our performers and artists, belonging to the age group of ‘Three to Ninety’, kept the audience mesmerized. Our volunteers and coordinators did an excellent job of preparing and conducting the whole Utsav 2019. Ronnie Mendonca




Book Review: Sorry Sweetheart Don’t download ‘Apex Legends’, it will kill your Social Life Many games come and go but few have gained as much popularity as ‘Apex Legends’, a new battle royal shooter from Respawn Entertainment. Boasting about 10 million downloads in three days and dethroning the prior juggernaut ‘Fortnite’, which took about a week to report similar numbers – the latest take on the genre, has players picking up arms with two other comrades in a squad-based shooter. At the time of writing this article, ‘Apex Legends’ is also the most watched game on ‘Twitch’, a live streaming video platform by Amazon; with a staggering 288 thousand viewers compared to 126 thousand viewers on Fortnite. Currently, there are 8 characters to choose from. Two of which require an in-game currency to unlock, called ‘Legend Tokens’, which you accumulate by simply playing the game. Set in the Titan fall universe, each character has their own unique abilities & passives. A tracker named Bloodhound dawns a scarecrow-like attire. His passive allows players to see enemies footprints, while activating his ultimate ability; gives a surge in movement speed & creates bright red silhouettes around unsuspecting foes. While playing as Gibraltar, gives you a shield while aiming down sights. He can also create a dome, which absorbs incoming damage while his ultimate ability allows a mortar strike to be focused on a large area. As for battle ‘Royal Games’, it certainly is the best looking one in terms of graphics. The grand feat considering that there hasn’t been any major technical issues or glitches with the game upon its release. Right now, there is only an option to play in squads of three, forcing players to create different combination of character to traverse the Kings Canyon map. Although that may change in the future with much of the community base voicing their opinion for solo queue on Reddit. The developers have even gained praise from the original creator of the genre, Brendan Greene better known by his handle PlayerUnknown.

FREE TO PLAY The most notable feature is that the game is free to play. It’s hard to believe that the guys Respawn are giving this AAA title for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox & PC (Via Origin) & here’s why. The production value of this game is absolutely staggering. I’ve been playing this game for the past three days & can’t find a single mechanic that does not work or feels out of place within this beautiful world. The game developers have thought of everything. It’s clear that the developers have also kept everyone in mind, while creating this gem. From the casual gamer to their hardcore counterpart. There is something for everyone, in this tactical shooter. “We knew it would be risky to take the franchise in this direction, to go free to play & do a surprise launch,” said Vince. Despite being a squad-based shooter, games are extremely easy to find. The most time I spend in-between games is about two and a half minutes. Lasting around 20 minutes, rounds are also of the perfect length - which in my opinion is the biggest draw of this game. Respawn also has competitive gamers in mind, the first major tournament called ‘Twitch’ Rivals ‘Apex Legends’ Challenge with a prize pool of over $200,000 is presently underway. “More than 25 million players have jumped into the game & over the weekend we had well over 2 million concurrent players at our peak,” says Vince. Not bad for a game that had a surprise launch and no advertising. If you still plan on downloading this masterpiece, heed my warning: This game will destroy your social life.

Ryan Rodrigues

It was Harry Belafonte who sang “Man Smart. Woman, Smarter”. Truer words were never said or sung for that matter. In deference to this irrefutable truism, the title of this latest offering from Dwayne Lemos starts with an apology. Thereby hangs a tale. Yes you just cannot get the better of any Eve. No wonder she is called the “Deadlier of the species”. Despite this, I have an unabashed admiration for the Adam who nevertheless tries to prove Madam wrong. In this not so elaborate tome, the apparently man about town - Dwayne offers his version of gyaan to all long suffering men especially those who fall in the pitiable categories of Boyfriends and Husbands. The tome gives pithy takes of a man’s politically right response to what his lady love says/feels. The author gives in detail what is actually going on in the man’s mind what he thinks and what he dare not say openly. In other words, his true inner feelings are politically incorrect! Now this tome is something all Males – macho or otherwise will definitely relate to. It’s a man thing after all…. An example of one such gyaan, is given below. Man Thought 5: Scratch This! (The Importance of The Scratch) What She Says: Ewwwww! What He Thinks: Oh yeah! What’s Really Going On: All men scratch themselves (even the good-looking ones). The morning scratch is the most important one of all. It’s like coffee. We can’t get through the day without it. Accept this fact of life (because, quite frankly, there is nothing you can do about it). We scratch when nobody is looking. We scratch when we think that nobody is looking. Heck, we’ll even scratch when people are looking. There is not an inch of our bodies that we do not enjoy scratching. It’s not a rash. It’s a guy thing. Women are only permitted to scratch their eyes. It’s one of those sexist norms that exists in society. Don’t believe me? Try it in public. This set template: Man Thought; What she says; What he thinks; What’s really going on; remains unchanged till the end of the book i.e. for all 134 pieces

of gyaan, ranging from topics like the compulsion to buy gifts, irrelevant telephone conversations, irritating toilet habits, hair on the soap, off key singing, glad eye, love for two wheelers, messy rooms, chore of accompanying your lady love on shopping sprees, travel destinations, mobile etiquette, walking the dog, what clothes to wear, medication for illnesses etc. In other words, the entire gamut of the usual traps that men the eternal suckers, never fail to fall into. There you now have more than a bird’s eye view of what to expect from this book. In conclusion, I must say the book is a good read for men and like-minded women, who tend to agree with men (not necessarily their men). The book is not what I would term: a must read. However, it does serve to fan the male ego. My hunch is that it is bound to kindle a lot of interest in youngsters who are not married. Married men after some years of married life, become automatically wily, cunning and smart. They know what to say and what not to say to their wives. After all they learnt it the hard way. And before signing off, let me not forget to mention the very relevant illustrations by Wayne the twin brother of Dwayne. Quitea talented family the Lemos’s. Will we see a sequel soon by the duo, once more working in tandem? I hope so. Edwin Fernandes NB: The soft copy of “Sorry Sweetheart’ is available on




From Kitchen Waste to Kitchen Garden

Visualise the amount of garbage we generate A densely populated mega polis, Mumbai generates 8,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste as per data from the BMC in 2017. How can we make sense of this number? This is the equivalent weight of 75 blue whales, each blue whale weighs around 100 tonnes. If that’s difficult to visualize, imagine our landfill (where all our waste is dumped) – Mumbai currently uses two landfills: Deonar and Kanjur. Both are currently beyond capacity and sore sights to see. Deonar covers 132 hectares (the grassy field inside a 400 metre running track is 1 hectare) & rises up to a height equivalent to a 30 storied building. The problem may be out of sight, but its making its presence felt in ways we cannot see! How long can this continue? The good news is a growing tribe of conscious citizens As citizens we need to take responsibility for our own waste – many cities abroad are managing to reduce waste to landfill. Mumbai, the richest and most resourceful city in India, can certainly afford to do so too. Plus, we have all the required laws in place. And plenty of options or solutions to manage this gargantuan problem. Fortunately, a growing tribe of citizens are leading by example, like the star of this story – Lionel Athaide. He is one such citizen who has stopped giving his waste to the BMC by composting it at home. A bright winter March morning in an erstwhile village in Bandra 2nd March morning saw a motley group of people gathering together in Lionel’s backyard garden. Each one keen to learn to compost waste and to use that compost to grow a garden. Representatives from St. Peter’s Church, Jenny & Janet were there under their Care for Creation

directive from the Church. Interested citizens who have started composting were also there with their questions as well as some seasoned composters like Lakshmi Biviji & Lillian Pais. Lionel, never one to shy away from a good story, began with his journey from when he knew nothing about composting to today when his compost has been fueling a perfect garden. He pointed out plants, herbs and fruit trees inviting participants to pluck, pinch, smell & taste everything! Questions & answers flew back and forth with helpful tips & tricks to nurture nature. The hands on person that he is, very soon everyone was invited to roll up their sleeves & plant their own pot of palak seeds under the watchful eye of a keen Lionel. Throwing their initial hesitation to the winds, they enthusiastically prepared potting soil with a mix of cocopeat & compost, looking a like bunch of kids mucking about in dirt. But with the realization that this ‘dirt’ had real value & it was no longer a four letter word! The moral(s) of the story Every story has a message. This story has several. • Nothing should be thrown away because there is no “away” • It’s never too late to learn • Compost is precious • Growing plants is therapeutic • People coming together as a community that ‘cares for creation’ will help our society GROW • Everything is a resource, remember what our grandparents said • Segregate your waste, compost your wet waste, use the compost to grow a kitchen garden! If you wish to attend another workshop or conduct one please contact me at




The Monster that Never Goes Away With its heavy frame, beastly arms & jaws wide open revealing its 36 long jagged teeth, this savage black monster with its arm outstretched seems like it’s coming right out of the sea to get you. This art installation on the Bandra-Worli Sea-link Promenade stands at 27 feet in height & seems like a promotional for a Hollywood movie; however, it is in fact, an expression of the grim reality we’re faced with with the usage of plastic for our daily needs. Created entirely out of discarded plastic collected by the segregation unit BMC’s Bandra unit, the installation titled ‘It Never Goes Away’ is a mammoth 45 feet in width & serves as a reminder of the fact that every single time we use an article made of plastic & throw it away, it comes back in a form more sinister than before; be it choking our rivers, getting washed ashore on beaches, being ingested by animals & even getting mixed in our own food as microplastics, an idea which isn’t easy to digest yet one that looks us in the eye. This one-of-a-kind art installation - the type which is rarely seen in our country – the monster, seems to be climbing out of the Arabian sea & onto the promenade in the background of the Mumbai skyline feels like a scene out of a science fiction movie yet is a reality check for us as to how we address & do our bit to save the environment. SAGE, the artist behind the awe-filled concept and co-founder of the Floating

Canvas Company was excited about the final product. “It took us around two weeks to get this piece of art ready. With the help of Arthat, what we have here is magnificent as much as it is accessible to the public while raising awareness and sending out a strong message.” The BWSL Promenade was selected as an apt location given that it would cause the least inconvenience to anyone beside gaining maximum visibility and attention to the giant monster crawling into the city. The entire project was facilitated by the Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS) in collaboration with the MCGM & MSRDC. For long now, our city has been grappling with the use of one-time-plastic

and addressing the issues related to the disposal of this non-biodegradable piece of trouble. Plastic being dumped in rivers & being washed ashore during the monsoons is a common eyesore. In a significant move last year, the Maharashtra government decided to ban the use of plastic; however, the implementation seems to be questionable, with suppliers still freely distributing them & finding ways to get around. Besides, the government did not provide a concrete solution to address the issues arising out of the ban. However, citizens must act equally responsible in trying to bring about positive change rather than trying to conveniently pass the buck. Floating Canvas Company, which

was founded close to two years back by Aagam Mehta, Shakti Sahu and Rahul Yadav, is an art-on-subscription platform which aims to make art affordable to the layman by renting out pieces of their aesthetically pleasing artwork which in turn rewards the artists. Their claim to fame was when they were among the winners at the inaugural Maharashtra Start-Up Week - organised by the MSInS & held in June last year, in which 24 winners were selected from a staggering 900 applications - which helped them bag a contract to display their absorbing art at the Governor’s office, the Raj Bhavan. Currently, around 40 pieces of their art adorn the walls of the Raj Bhavan. Their works of art are as classy as they are affordable to an individual art lover as well as corporates. “Recognition of contemporary art has been picking up in India & we are trying to make art available to the common man to enjoy. At the same time, the artists get their worth for their time & effort. The installation ‘It Never Goes Away’, has been an example of how art must be enjoyed & appreciated not just by the wealthy but the common man too while that purpose has been served here, we are also able to send out a social message. The government have been very forthcoming & co-operative in helping us with this installation & we’re glad with the way things have worked out well. All in all, art wins!” Valerian D’Costa

Up to




1.5 Lacs U/S 80C in


DISCOVER THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF FLOATING FLOATING IS SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO: - Reduce blood pressure and stress - Alleviate joint and muscle pain - Enhance healing and recovery - Aid in detox - Exfoliate the skin - Improve sleep


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Redemption after 1 year, the long-term capital gains (LTCG) up to to Rs Rs 11 are are tax tax free free (LTCG)up LTCG in excess of Rs 1 lakh is taxed @ 10%




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* Returns as on 30th Nov., 2002 - 30th Nov., 2017. ** Average of 15 ELSS Funds Shop No. 8-C, Hari Market, 3rd Rd, Near Khar Stn. Khar (W), Mumbai - 400052. Tel : 022 - 26000298/9819890761 Email : Web: Mutual fund investment are subject to market risk. Please read scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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#ProjectStanArt aims to create awareness via their 12 unique messages painted onto the School wall ‘Care for Creation’ has been an ongoing green initiative at St. Stanislaus High School. This year most of the school activities have revolved around caring for and nurturing the environment through various green initiatives taken up by the school. Visible programs across the school premises like planting of trees, segregation of garbage, E-waste, battery and TetraPak collection bins, etc. The work of the school was recognized and acknowledged, when the Nature Club of the school, which has been spearheading these eco-friendly activities, won the first prize at the Zonal Level Science Exhibition among 5 Wards and 500 schools in Mumbai. #ProjectStanArt commenced in December 2018, when 2200+ school students of St Stanislaus High School and St Stanislaus International School participated in a drawing competition based on ecological themes. The winning artworks were then painted onto the school wall facing Hill Road, by the students, invited artists, parents and local community volunteers. Through this paint-athon, they aim to create awareness not only among our own students, but also to the citizens at large. 12 unique messages that highlight the importance of Wetlands, the depletion of sparrows, forests being the lungs of the planet, conservation of water, recycling of waste, protection of endan-

gered species, saving the environment, cleaning up the thrash, importance of keeping the ozone layer intact, usage of cycles instead of polluting vehicles, green consumerism and animal rights. Art is a beautiful medium of expression, and they aspire that these artworks and impactful messages by the children will evoke a positive response from each and everyone who views them. They have been immensely supported by Kansai Nerolac, Kokuyo Camlin, in association with Edelweiss & Bubble Design with their team of professional illustrators and surface artists. This project wouldn’t be possible without the unending assistance from their ex-students and well-wishers. The wall has now been transformed into a work of art.

Highlights of #ProjectStanArt 2200+ school students took part in the drawing competition · 12 Themes on the environment · 20 Artists · 48 Student Volunteers · 12 Deferentially Abled Volunteers · 60 Community Volunteers · 1500 sq. ft. wall · 100 litres of paint ·

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Monumental Bandra Perhaps it’s the season. The elections are just around the corner, and change is in the air. In recent weeks, Bandra has seen the installation of two new displays - perhaps modern “monuments” for the suburb. The first, at the traffic island located at the intersection of Hill Road and BJ Road (commonly referred to as Bandstand Road), close to the rear gate of St. Andrews Church. This one, the now well known “I Heart” sign, this time meant for Bandra. This is likely to soon become a ‘selfie-point’ for the younger generation. That being said, its location in the middle of a busy intersection makes it a little risky to stand around, especially given the way vehicles speed up & down Hill Road and BJ Road. Let us hope Bandra’s “heart” is not broken anytime soon! The second of these new displays is the new big fish in Bandra, on the traffic island located at the convergence of BJ Road and HK Bhabha Road, opposite the Bandstand Promenade. The fish, filled with plastic bottles, highlights the problem of pollution in our oceans, that wrecks havoc on marine life. Hopefully,

this is the only fish in and around Bandra that consumes plastic. Interestingly enough, these two modern day monuments remained behind wraps for weeks, before they were inaugurated by a certain “political personality” on 9th March 2019. With the elections coming up, perhaps there were other ribbons to be cut before the ones on these could be. The mad rush to inaugurate projects continues! Regrettably, another relatively recent display in Bandra has fallen victim to vandalism. The “I Love Mumbai” sign, installed on Pali Hill, close to the intersection of Pali Hill Road (Nargis Dutt Road) and Zig Zag Road, was recently spray painted over, by miscreants. If there is truly no “love” lost, these 21st century monuments in our suburb are bound to lose their intended purpose, and be consigned to the trash heap of modern life. Let us hope that our tax monies spent on these, survive a little longer than most things modern, in Bandra.

The “I Love Mumbai” sign, installed on Pali Hill has fallen victim to vandalism

Debasish Chakraverty

オ ケ

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Women’s Day Drunch at Su Casa Each year, people all over the world gather together to celebrate International Women’s Day from grassroots activism to worldwide action, we are entering an exciting period of history where the world expects balance for women & men. We notice its absence and celebrate its presence today. The “Drunch” at Su Casa Bandra curated by Reshma Ajbani, Shruti Tejwani & Eeshika Bhagtani saw a turnout of inspiring women from all walks of life. The celebrations started by getting to know these inspiring ladies and by getting inspired by other leading ladies. What better than an afternoon siesta to set the mood with a four course set menu of good food & drinks. The ladies were waltzing around with the live music. Many ladies believe that psychics and brunch are two of their favourite things in

life—and they gave them that, tarot reading is an art based on intuition, interpretation & perception which was beneficial to many ladies seeking some answers. They say you have the world in your feet, did you know that each spot on your foot corresponds to a spot on your body?? Their team of reflexologist pampered all the ladies with the much-needed massage therapy to soothe and calm their feet which are on from am to pm taking care of house,kids and work.

Last but not the least and the best, they squeezed in retail therapy which works for every woman to the entire concept, who can beat an afternoon with music for the soul, delicacies for the palate, massage therapy for comfort & shopping to create the “high” every woman gets from shopping. All in all they painted a complete picture - good food, music, company and an insta-worthy set up – what more could you want from a day out? Pooja Shah

Women #PledgeToRise

The significance of International Women’s Day is increasing year after year and is celebrated across the world in order to recognize & appreciate the contributions & achievements of the women in various fields. This year Personify and Make-up artist Althea Shetty in association with Mukkti Foundation embraced such a celebration of respect, appreciation, love and care towards women on 9th March, 2019. This event was hosted at Auto Hangar, most preferred Mercedes-Benz dealer in Mumbai. Among many other activities some key highlights of the event were insightful talks by Dr. Vish-

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Mind Programming 2019 Dear Reader, March 2019 is action time for two political elections, this year; that will shape critical aspects of our civic, social and personal lives. Voting in our newly elected MP (Mumbai North-Central), end April - and our newly elected MLA, this year end. In Bandra, citizens are already feeling the tremors of things to come. Subtle messages are being sent by our elected representatives, suggesting that we vote them back to power. However, this time the opposition is stronger than before. Roads, drains, hawkers, garbage, beautification, water connections, toilets, parks, promenades, etc. – are topics of discussion at the Reclamation, Bandstand & Carter promenades. Groups are being targeted to join causes that are sponsored by political parties & subtly led to support ideologies that cause social stress. Activism in Bandra is strong, but division of leading activists by political parties; has broken their effect on vital issues. Entertainment events that create a ‘feel good’ situation; are being used as ‘mind programming’ methods to link happiness to a particular person or party – and attract followers, that will eventually lead to votes. Bandra Buzz – your favourite neighbourhood newspaper is evolving, to get across news, views & reviews; that im-

pact you at various levels. There will be many ‘new beginnings’, in the coming months. Do send us your feedback, on how we can serve you better. Your interaction with us is important to the vitality of Bandra. Meanwhile, do not be swayed by propaganda and false news. Genuine political leaders should be supported, by their deeds; rather than their rhetoric speeches. Bandra needs to lead by example – so that we are not taken for granted and deprived of our civic rights. Let’s translate this to create an atmosphere of a better Bandra – that is cleaner & greener. Till next time, take care.

India spends millions of rupees on space exploration, while its own citizens are starving and living in deplorable conditions. Our politicians have betrayed the trust of the nation. The recent attack by terrorists in Pulwama, killing 44 Jawans has shown how unsafe we are. There are terrorists walking around freely in the cities and it is only after a bomb goes off in some market place that the police, government and ministers wake up to find what went wrong. Our rail network has also become an unsafe mode of transport for the citizens of the country, when periodically accidents are taking place causing death and injury to com-

muters across the vast land. Now very soon the general election for the Lok Sabha and few State assemblies will be held. Parties are gearing up with forming alliance pacts because nobody is sure of a majority and why is this so? The answer is people have lost faith in the governance at the Centre and also in the State. Either the Ruling Party will be booted out by a landslide or it will not show the same result as was in 2014. If it comes to power it is just because of the religious card of Ram Mandir and nothing else.

Regards, Merck N. D’Silva Editor-in-Chief DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this paper, are of the authors - and do not reflect the opinion of the publishers and editors, unless otherwise stated. Readers should act on the information provided, only after consulting with their own independent advisors.

Do we need Elections? As a republic we have been having elections for the last seventy years. The result of this public expenditure has not benefitted the nation as was expected. It has generated a lot of black money that should have been spent on development of healthcare, education, proper infrastructure, sanitation, housing, transport and decent living standards. What we have received is the betterment of our political parties and living standards of their representatives, who have looted the country and stacked away millions of rupees in overseas banks. Every defense deal whether it is the Bofors gun or Rafael jet fighters or AgustaWestland Chopper, it’s all the same and mired into shady deals that are debated in parliament for decades. Except for the Defense Minister, all other middlemen and CEO’s of companies are paraded in front of TV cameras to show the public how honest the real crooks are. People are tired of this tamasha government. We don’t have to go deep into the state of affairs of the nation, when here in Bandra itself the situation of our infrastructure is so bad. During monsoon it’s the never ending saga of potholes, flooding of low lying areas and com-

plete halt of the transport system, putting millions of commuters into inconvenience. BMC comes up with quick fix solutions that are temporary and only fit for shifting the blame or trying to walk away or rather shy away from their responsibilities. It has earned its reputation of the worst managed corporation in Asia. Even without monsoons, the condition of Bandra roads is so bad that bikers and cyclists are risking not only their lives but also of pedestrians. It has become practice to repair roads and gutters either before the monsoons or just before the elections. This goes to show that our elected representatives are only interested in working for votes and publicity. In India we have world class airports at Mumbai and Delhi only to show visiting dignitaries how advanced we are, but a closer look at the slums of Bandra, Dharavi and other areas of the city, is sufficient enough to show how corrupt our civic body works and takes care of its residents. The spread of diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Chicangunia has become a common feature causing deaths and untold misery on the general public.

Amar Singh




Ranwar awarded ‘EI Heritage Gaothan of the Year’’ by MGP for preserving Ranwar

Ranwarites were awarded ‘East Indian Heritage Gaothan of the Year’ On a cool Sunday evening, 17th February 2019, the ‘East Indian (EI) Awards & Cultural Nite 2019’ ; organized by Mobai Gaothan Panchayat (MGP), was rockin’ at the St. Stanislaus Grounds, Bandra. In a first, the entire programme was streamed ‘live’ on ‘Me East Indian’ – their new YouTube Channel. This enabled worldwide viewership – with international co-ordinators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Dubai, etc. The band ‘Ethnic Vibes’ played on stage, between awards – to entertain & lighten the crowd’s mood, with local tunes. There were many unforgettable historic moments. After a two minutes silence, for our martyred soldiers, an East Indian Brass Band played ‘O Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good’. Then, ‘Ethnic Vibes’ played the East Indian Anthem – with the core team: Gleason, Alphi, Walter, Sybil & team on stage. All stood at attention. These were very touching moments for the local East Indian Community – the natives of Mobai (now Mumbai). Recognition of the local community groups & individuals from Mumbai, Thane, Vasai & Raigad, followed - with

BandraBuzz creating community connect since 2010

March 2019 | Volume 10 Issue 3 | | 16 pages | Price: Rs. 5/-

From Kitchen Waste to Kitchen Garden An inspiring journey of a senior citizen in Bandra Once upon a time in Bandra Did you know Bandra was once a group of villages? And every cluster of houses had gardens filled with fruit trees and vegetable patches. Between villages there were fields of grain. This wasn’t too far back but you wouldn’t believe it if you looked around Bandra today! We still have pockets of those villages. And descendants continue to live here. Minus the luxury of space but plus lots of changes, both good & not so good. If you’re a Bandraite, (and read Bandra Buzz) you’ll know what I mean ;).

Everything is a resource, remember what our grandparents said? Space (or lack of it) is one issue we’re all familiar with. Often, almost overnight, we’ve found our neighbours inch closer as each new building sprouts up. And hasn’t everyone looked up from their morning papers to answer the door for the ‘kachrawali’ (or as they should rightfully be called, Safai-karamchari), who then gives it to the BMC truck that makes the rounds every day. Where does it all go? Sonal Alvares Continued on Page 9 >>

Lionel Athaide has stopped giving his waste to the BMC by composting it at home


BANDRA BRANCH : Shop No.1, First Floor, Turner Heights , Junction of Turner Road and Almeida Park Road, Bandra West, Mumbai-400 050, Mobile: 7774003781 Timings: 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

presentation of awards & superb fanfare. Local MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar inaugurated the awards session – with the first set of awards. Many awards were in various categories – across several far flung East Indian strongholds. Bandra, Khar & Santacruz bagged 4 awards: MIRACLE CROSS: Alexander D’Souza (VP of Christian Minority Cell) presented the ‘East Indian Heritage Cross of the Year 2019’, to the East Indian Fishermen Association of Bazaar Road, Bandra. This was for maintaining the Miracle Cross (Patla Cross), built in 1825, on a flat rock, at Bandra Reclamation (near Rang Sharda), which was like a light house for the fishermen of Bazaar & Chapel Road, to return home safely. At that time, there was no reclamation, BMC or MHADA. Ranwar, Bandra was awarded the ‘EI HERITAGE GAOTHAN OF THE YEAR’, for preserving this gaothan. Resident groups worked hard to install paver blocks in Ranwar Square, for upgrading & maintaining the village fire hydrants, to revamp of the sewerage lines and many other betterment projects. These

Neil Pereira was awarded ‘East Indian Activist of the Year’ initiatives for cleanliness & modern facilities have made this a model gaothan – clearly distinguishing it from slums. Installing heritage signages (with relevant information) at the two ends of the gaothan – Veronica Road and Waroda Road; has made this area a tourist attraction spot. Dr. Fleur D’Souza presented this prestigious award to the group. ACTIVIST OF THE YEAR: The Kaka Baptista Award for ‘East Indian Activist of the Year 2019’ was won by Neil Pereira from Pali Gaothan, Bandra. He has been an activist for several social issues 25 years. He has had several discussions involving government officials, regarding demarcation of gaothans for Development Plan 2034, storm water drains - and is a member of many gaothan committees. This was very aptly presented by Joseph “Kaka” Baptista’s grand nephew, Donwin Baptista. He was instrumental in getting the heritage tag for Pali Gaothan. EI ASSOCIATION OF THE YEAR – was awarded to the ‘Khar East Indian Association’, who regularly organize competitions at various venues, Introze par-

ties, Lent pilgrimages, St. Roque Mass and processions at the Old Khar Village square. These activities creates community connect and traditions alive. EI INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR – FOOD – was awarded to ‘Eastern Sunset’, launched earlier this year by the Misquitta family at Hotel Avion – the first ever exclusive ‘East Indian Restaurant’, in the world. Valencia accepted the award and immediately gave credit to Chef Michael Swamy - author of ‘The East Indian Kitchen’ – a cookbook of international standard, who was instrumental in making this possible. This was something the entire East Indian community was waiting for – and it made everyone proud that this has finally ‘happened’. A dancing session helped to make a good crowd connect – with plenty of action. There was a ‘Selfie Booth’, many East Indian food stalls, stalls with ethnic jewellery, East Indian publications and a lot more – making this a memorable community event. Loretta Fernandes

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Dental Disease and Your Body – A Connection WHAT PROBLEMS COULD POOR DENTAL HEALTH CAUSE? Heart Disease Oral Cancer



Respiratory Infections


Gum Disease Pregnancy Complications

Tooth Loss

Dental Decay Bad Breath

The relationship between one’s oral and overall health has been increasingly recognized during the past two decades. Mouth is the entry point of many bacteria that can go into the body. Oral infections can be potential contributing factors to a variety of clinically important diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, bacterial pneumonia, neurologic stroke, diabetes mellitus, low birth weights and oral cancers. The disease causing bacteria found in the periodontal (gum) tissue or infected tooth can travel throughout the body via the blood stream. These microbial toxins causes tissue trauma depending on the host’s susceptibility. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: Apart from other possible risk factors, chronic oral infection and inflammation can also be linked with cardiovascular disease. Poor oral hygiene and chronic periodontal disease (gum disease) can lead to cardiovascular disease through direct or indirect effects of oral bacteria. The most worrisome is Infective endocarditis apart from myocardial infarction. Bacteria can gain access through inflamed and infected periodontal tissue into the systemic circulation & adhere to heart values or heart surface by formation of thrombus. NEUROGENIC STROKE: The inflamed periodontium (gum

Have a Healthy Heart From the time we were born, till the time we die; our heart has been & will continue to pump blood to our entire body, countless times – helping to keep us healthy. On our part, this vital organ needs to be maintained, to serve us better – even in our ripe old age. An active stress-free lifestyle & natural nutrition, combined with an attitude that is conducive to creating peaceful situations; will surely help us have a healthy heart. In today’s hectic city life, these parameters may not always be possible. With our highly polluted air, the oxygen content we breathe is very low. With transport options at our disposal, we do not walk enough. With tight deadlines to be met, stress levels are very high. With chemicals laced in our foods, our entire body goes for a toss – even as we try our best to cope with the situation. To add to this, we may have vices, like drinking excessive alcohol or cigarette smoking, that damages our body even further – taking us to our doom. Excessive weight puts an added pressure on the heart.

Why suffer? The sooner we realize this (and take positive action, even if it means baby steps), the better our chances are of leading a more meaningful & abundant life. To have a healthy heart, we need to: - strengthen it, - clear any bad cholesterol build up - and maintain its elasticity. STRENGTHEN: Just exercise regularly will strengthen your cardio-vascular system, with increased energy levels, endurance, improved muscle tone & strength & joint flexibility. Brisk walking is best. Also, your stress levels & blood pressure will swing towards normal levels. Since our food cannot supply all our nutritional needs, natural supplements like CO-Q10 are advised to be added to our diet for energy. Soon, you will feel better.

tissue) releases certain chemicals and bacteria into the blood. Deposition of these bacteria into the blood vessels, damaging its wall and leading to plaque formation may lead to either total or partial blockage of main artery supplying the brain resulting in a cerebrovascular event commonly called as stroke. BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA: Pneumonia is the infection of the lung tissues it may be due to bacteria, fungus and viruses. Poor oral hygiene, inflamed infected gums increases the plaque load resulting in increased colonization of pathogenic bacteria. Some studies suggest that an important association exist between poor periodontal status and aspiration pneumonia. Certain bacteria can colonize in oral cavity and be aspirated into the lower airways and cause pneumonia. It is usually in cases of diabetic patients. PREGNANCY AND ORAL DISEASE: Pregnancy, oral contraception pills can influence gingival health. Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy can lead to pregnancy gingivitis and increase dental plaque levels. There are numerous studies in scientific literature which concludes that women who have severe gum disease during pregnancy may be more likely to give birth to preterm low birth weight babies than mothers with healthy oral conditions.

CLEAR: Reduce saturated fats, found in red meat & full-fat dairy products. Instead eat fish (non-veg) or Flaxseed (veg), that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. To get enough Omega 3 for cutting our bad cholesterol buildup and getting normal blood flow, we may need natural supplements like Pink Salmon Oil, Krill Oil (nonveg) or Flaxseed Oil (veg). L-Arginine can improve blood flow that causes chest pain or angina. For daily cooking, Rice-Bran Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil is recommende d . Within weeks, you will feel the difference. MAINTAIN: Increase foods soluble fibre – like beans, yams, oats, barley & berries. Fresh Pomegranate Juice helps to reduce hardening of arteries from the heart – maintaining their elasticity. 4 to 6 eggs a week may be beneficial to maintain a healthy heart. 3 glasses of pure water pre-breakfast (preferably


DIABETES: People with diabetes are more likely to develop severe gum disease, tooth decay, dry mouth and infection. There is a possibility that periodontal disease either predisposes or exacerbates the diabetic condition. Diabetes and periodontal disease or infection has a two way relationship. ORAL CANCER: It is accepted now in our country that habit of chewing pan, tobacco, supari and smoking leads to poor oral hygiene and sharp teeth. These can cause ulceration of tongue, buccal mucosa or around the jaws leading to malignant changes. Avoiding the habits and going for regular dental evaluation can prevent the oral cancers. Lastly infected gums and teeth will result in teeth loss and an edentulous person will have various nutritional deficiency and possible systemic illness. Brushing and flossing regularly, regular dental checkup and professional cleaning is the key to prevent. Dental care and oral health play a key role in helping to ensure the overall good health of the body. Your mouth talks to your body and your body talks to your mouth.

Dr. Sona Bhatia - BDS (Bom) Consultant Dental Surgeon at Hinduja Healthcare Hospital

warm), 3 before lunch, 2 before tea – and some soup with dinner, will hydrate your body well. Take the stairs, if it is just a few floors – and you have the time. Enough rest is important to rejuvenate – so, 6 to 8 hours night sleep is vital. You are now on your way to age gracefully. Normal blood circulation is key to having a healthy heart. Let’s work towards a practical way, that leads to a better, healthier life; by taking care of our God-given gift – LIFE. Isn’t this the ‘Heart of the Matter’? For more info, how natural nutritional supplements can help you, please call 99870 50123.

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