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ROBBERIES ON THE RISE Residents Terrified | Security Strengthened | Security Solutions ACP Vishwas Nangare Patel Interviewed : Requests Residents Help Bandra, once a haven of peaceful cottages – is not safe anymore. With mush ro om i ng slums surrounding us [Reclamat i o n , Kadeshwari, Khar-Danda, Pali Pathar, Bandra East (next to the station, etc.)], that multiply by the day – political support because of votebank poweris creating havoc with the health & security of this wonderful suburb. e ROOT CAUSE of our dengue / malaria & rising robberies IS OUR SLUMS. ese robbers are so confident of not getting caught, that their modus operandi is like a movie ‘shoot’. e reason for this is their ‘support system’. e real robbers are the people in power who support them. In short, if we have responsible elected repre-

sentatives, without vested interests; multiple issues will get resolved. To get some insight into the crime situation, we interviewed Vishwas Nangare Patil, Addl. Commissioner of Police – Western Region (Bandra to Jogeshwari & BKC to Powai), Mumbai – whose office is at Carter Road ACP office. He was decorated for bravery in the 26/11 attack (he was posted then in south Mumbai) and awarded for his 16 years of meritorious service in various places. Now, operating from Bandra; he told us about the three tier patrolling plan for the western suburbs – i.e. main roads are covered by big vans, inner roads & bye-lanes by ‘Beat Marshals’ & there are foot patrolling teams too. Also, women in distress have a number to call: 103 – and a squad of women & men constables will come to their rescue. ACP V. N. Patil elaborated how a massive drive has been taken again rash riders & drug addicts, which has resulted in a positive impact. He admitted that robberies & chain snatching is a major challenge to the police – and they round up around 150 criminals every week. >> TURN TO PG 10

02 December 2013


BMC Not Advertising House Repair Debris Removal Service Debris dumped to choke mangroves – rubble around roots. Reclaimed Prime Property-Neta-Builder-BMC nexus? Why is the BMC not promoting such an essential service? Sinister Plan – Uncovered… What do you do when you repair your house / flat / terrace / compound - and have some resulting debris (because of breaking, etc.) to throw away? Debris from house repair in Bandra (and the city), as per BMC bye-laws - clearly states that a contact number needs to be advertised to the general public – so that citizens can call when they have a substantial amount of debris (above 5 kgs). When called, the BMC is supposed to send a truck, collect the debris for a fee (not a fine), and give you a receipt for the amount paid. However, the BMC does not advertise this service. And… sorry to say, our elected representatives do not stress that this service should be activated. Result is that there are (at least in H-West) around 16 of these ‘hath gaadi gangs’ or hand-cart pullers. ese are women & men who promote their debris removal service by giving their mobile phone to people & go around collecting debris in their carts. You will find them near ‘Tawa’ Junction on Turner Road, Gazdar Bandh, Khar-Danda, SantaCruz, in fact all around… ese 16 gangs operate with impunity. Nobody touches them. I have pointed out in the ward office meetings many times about these operations, without any fear of law. e ‘Clean-Up Marshals’ & others who are supposed to take action against them, sit at Bandstand Promenade (I’ve complained about this too). Are the Promenades the dirtiest place in Bandra? ese gangs take your debris and dump it along mangroves on our sea coast from Bandra to SantaCruz. You will find this done on the Reclamation, Chimbai, KharDanda. See the pics, ALM letter to the BMC and more… at: to get an overview if the grim situation. When you enter Bandra Reclamation from Mahim, i.e. the ‘Mother & Child’ art work, a le turn on S.V. Road, the road leading to the sea-link; you will find a mangrove patch growing within surrounding rubble. On closer inspection, you will notice that our precious mangroves are being burnt, choked and dumped upon. e fact of the matter is that the mangroves are not being allowed to grow. ere are two reasons for this – as I have always said, the costliest piece of real estate in Mumbai is the sea-coast. Well, what lies between the sea coast, the costliest real estate and the builder lobby? And… of course our netas, because many of our netas are themselves builders. So, how will they reign in the builder lobby? In fact they will encourage them. ey want to usurp these prime properties. So, only two things are between them: 1. e Kolis (and their Koliwadas) & 2. e Mangroves. Now, mangrove protection laws clearly mandate with a High Court Ruling, that very clearly says that 50 me-

tres from a mangrove line, no construction can be done – and no debris can be dumped. If anybody does this, it is a non-bailable offence, punishable by the law. It is mandatory for the Police & the BMC to file an FIR. When I had complained about the Chimbai debris dumping (next to Jogger’s Park), no action was taken – in spite of this important issue being brought to the notice of our elected representative. In the case of the Reclamation mangroves, I find it very sad, because when any minister or other elected representative comes from Mantralaya & turns le towards the SeaLink – has to take this road. Now, we have MPs here (not just one: Priya Dutt – but Sachin Tendulkar & Rekha. So, we have 3 MPs), an MLA, MLC and several Corporators, who have taken an oath of office to protect the local environment of Bandra, Khar, SantaCruz.

Above: Debris from your house repair dumped along mangroves on our sea coast at Bandra Reclamation Below: Hath gaadi gangs collecting debris in their carts

Why is it that they cannot see this? Are we citizens, the only people who are not wearing coloured shades? Maybe, all their VIP cars should have a Supreme Court order implemented, to remove the tinted glasses; so that they can see their constituency properly – and see the real problems happening over here. I have written this complain letter (read it online: link above), along with pictures to the Municipal Commissioner & his Asst., very clearly demanding this debris removal service. ey acknowledge that this service is inactive in H-West Ward – and many other wards in the city. Hence, I have demanded that this service needs to be started with immediate effect – and the BMC number to call for this debris removal, should be publicised in the media. ey should send a circular to all housing societies in H-West, specifying that if any work is done in your premises (compound, terrace or flats/homes), this is the number to call, to remove any debris; so that it can be disposed off by the BMC, in a responsible manner, for a receipted fee. Our mangroves should be protected. Our coastline needs to be clean – no more choking of mangroves by rubble. I appeal to all our ALMs and activist – please start taking up these hard issues. Aer 26/11, we all came out to protest – blame the BMC. We need to pull them for these issues too, because the mangroves are the only last natural barrier between you and a tsunami. When the high tide comes in, many fishes lay their eggs between the mangrove thickets. ese eggs hatch here and the small baby fish stay within the security of the mangrove, till they are old enough to swim out into the ocean. Secondly, mangroves prevent the erosion of the coastline, besides many other benefits to us. is mangrove issue needs to be solved - and the BMC service started RIGHT NOW ! Anil Joseph


December 2013


British photographer Naunit (Nav) loves Bandra Naunit – known to his close friends as ‘Nav’, has always positioned himself, to get that perfect picture. A passionate photographer since he was a child, he just loved clicking away at events or a scenic view. His parents supported his latent talent – and got him good photo-shooting equipment to get him started. Soon, he learned the ropes of the trade and with a positive buzz about him, bagged photography orders for exclusive weddings and corporate events. He has been featured in top Photography magazines in the UK & other European countries. Last year he was felicitated at his local home area: Lestershire, UK - for being the

most creative photographer of 2012. Nav visited Bandra – and was very impressed with her quaint ambience. He was thrilled to see our promenades, celebrity homes, churches, temples & mosques. His robotic-looking professional cameras gets him stares from all around. But he is focussed on the subject-at-hand. We met him at DPRC – for the Wine Festival. He did not feel like leaving for the UK, aer the show was over. His message to today’s youth: “Follow your passion – and you will live a fuller life.” Mukesk Motwani & Irfan Khan

AARAMBH: Marathon at Bandstand Put on your running shoes, get ready to run, get ready to give it your all. NMIMS School of Commerce brings to you Aarambh, the marathon. Organized by SRF, Aarambh is now in its 4th year on 15th December 2013 at Bandstand. Basking on the glory of the previous 3 years, Aarambh has made a name for itself. e credits go to e Social Responsibility Forum (SRF) of the university. SRF has also had previous success in events such as Treasure Hunt, Umeed and Muskaan since its inception in August 2008. eir motto – “Do your bit” brings out their sense of dedication and commitment. Aarambh started in 2010 and has been a very integral part of the SRF team ever since. e members of the committee have grown increasingly attached to the event. e fact that the entire sum of money that is collected by way of charging a nominal fee for participation during the event is given to charity to the last penny is a major factor for that. It is a 4.5 km run, which starts from Taj Lands End, Bandra. Aarambh serves as a platform for people to serve the society and do their bit by being part of Aarambh. Aarambh has also come into prominence with their NGO affiliations who are the benefactors of all the money raised by them, previous years affiliations include Make A Difference (MAD) and Abhi Foundation. is year we are tying up with an international NGO. Aarambh attracts crowd ranging from college students to high level corporates across all ages who share the feeling of giving back to society and are always on a

The SRF students of NMIMS School of Commerce organise Aarambh, which is now in its 4th year lookout for it. Prizes and sponsorship from companies like ING Vysya Insurance, Union Bank, Big Cola, Star Residency, Cafe Coffee Day, Talwalkars, Croma, Red Bull,

Urban Tadka, Soham Spa, Poptate’s and many more are additional factors to the marathon attracting more and more people Aarambh strives to be bigger and better this

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Contact: Daniel 9029458748 # (!$+(*! & &' & )* #&&( +# ( $ ( % +$ !

year. For registration & further details contact: 9870985485, 8451844429 Abhilasha Mohan Ram

04 December 2013


Senior citizens from Pune perform at Carter Road Amphitheatre a heart-rending play in Marathi called "Second Innings" India has a reputation of taking care of its senior citizens commonly known as "old people". Unfortunately like everything else this too is changing and more and more ‘Old Age Homes’ are coming up across the country. One such is the "Matoshree Senior Citizens' Home" at Karve Nagar in Pune, where there are 120 residents ranging in age from 60 to 80+ years. is 15-year old home is supposed to be state-run, but as usual - has a tremendous shortage of funds. e ‘Soroptimists International Ladies' Organisation’ (Bombay West) decided to sponsor and bring these senior citizens from Pune to Carter Road, Bandra. At the amphitheatre they performed a heart-rending play in Marathi called "Second Innings". e theme of the play was the way in which they had overcome their grief and loneliness, in spite of having been abandoned by their children - with a positive attitude to life. e play le the senior citizens and young people, who were part of the audience; with a great deal to think about, in terms of their own future old age. Shyama Kulkarni

Bazaar Cross Lane residents felicitates MC Tanveer Patel Dynamic Congress Municipal Councillor (Ward# 97) Tanveer Patel was thanked & felicitated by the local residents of Bazaar Cross Lane for excellent repairing the road – and getting it done on priority (along with new drain lines – leading to better hygienic conditions), under the able guidance of Priya Dutt MP & Baba Siddique MLA. Mr. Rajesh Yadav (A.E.), BMC Maintenance Dept. was also felicitated for his dedication to completing this job. Bazaar Cross Lane, being small; faces huge problems – so the bright coloured paver blocks has made a big difference to this area. Local complaints were heard: garbage issues, hawker issues, etc. - and noted for future action. All residents are happy to see a wave of change in their area (View more at: We thank Tanveer Patel for his sincere efforts in making Bandra a better place to live. Bandra Cross Lane Residents

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December 2013


Nagar Raj Bill – need of the hour

A public meeting was organized by prominent NGO’s of Mumbai on Sunday, 17th November 2013 at Apostolic Carmel Convent School, near St. Andrews Church, Hill Road, Bandra - to demand implementation of the Model Nagar Raj Bill by the Maharashtra Government. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan of Lok Satta, ex IAS, Mr. D M Sukhtankar of AGNI, ex Municipal Commissioner, ex-Chief Secretary, Govt of Maharashtra, Mr. Julio Ribeiro of PCGT, ex-Police Commissioner of Mumbai, ex-DGP were the speakers at the meeting attended by around 500 citizens. e organisers included AGNI, LokSatta, Bombay Catholic Sabha, PCGT, YUVA, Sadbhavana Sangh, Citispace, TISS and Nagar Raj Bill Samarthan Manch. Mr. D. M. Sukhtankar explained the concept of Area Sabha and Ward Committee as envisaged in the Nagar Raj Bill. One Area Sabha will be made of about 12001500 voters from a neighbourhood. A Ward Committee will be formed consisting of one representative from each Area Sabha in the Municipal Corporator’s ward. He informed that the 74th Amendment of the constitution mandated creating Ward Committees for every city having a population of more than 3 Lakh citizens. He added that the present ward committees constituted in Mumbai serve approximately 7 lakh to 12 lakh population. Hence for effective democratization, it was necessary to have a ward committee for each of the corporator’s ward consisting of 50,000 voters or about 75,000 citizens. Mr. Julio Ribeiro gave the examples of

Mr. Julio Ribeiro, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan & Mr. D M Sukhtankar address the crowd gathered at Apostlic Carmel about Model Nagar Raj Bill civic issues faced by the citizen to stress the need of participation of the local citizen to get the problems resolved by the concerned authorities. He felt that the Nagar Raj Bill will help in empowering the citizen to take care of the civic issues in their locality. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan of LokSatta said the amended bill which the Maharashtra State government is in the process of implementing does not provide for a Ward Committee at the corporator’s ward level. e 74th Amendment mandates formation of a Ward Committee for over 3 Lakh population. e present structure of Ward Committee in Mumbai serving over 12 Lakh population in some wards, is in clear violation of the letter and spirit of the 74th

amendment and hence the amended bill needs to be struck down. He urged citizens to create pressure on the government through all means, including legal ones to ensure that the bill provides for empowered ward committees, with devolution of funds for each of the 227 Municipal Corporator wards in Mumbai. He called for a determined campaign, if necessary including a refusal to pay municipal taxes, to create pressure for the implementation of the model Nagar Raj Bill in Maharashtra. Dr. Narayan stated that getting citizens involved in local administration along with devolution of appropriate funds and functions would serve many purposes, including better service delivery,

greater accountability and accessibility to citizens thus reducing corruption, and rise of new grassroots leaders from local communities. Recognising that citizens, who are the biggest stakeholders in their locality have greater passion, incentive and collective ability than government representatives and officials, Dr. Narayan stated that India is a champion underperformer because the government refuses to trust the people whose lives it seeks to impact. He emphasized that a percentage of funds from the Municipal budget should be allocated to the ward committee for the citizen to decide by themselves how it should be utilized for developmental work in their locality. A question and answer session from the audience followed. When replying to a query, Dr. Narayan said that everyone seeking change should work together for the common cause and betterment of the country. He said that the notion that everyone in government is corrupt and rotten and we are clean is dangerous. He complimented the organisations who had come together to organise the campaign and felt that Mumbai being a vibrant city, change should begin from this great city. ousands of signatures have already been collected for the campaign, and a petition will soon be presented to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chauhan, demanding that the original Model Nagar Raj bill be tabled and passed without modifications in the winter session of the state legislature in Nagpur. Dr. Kedar Diwan

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06 December 2013


St. Joseph’s Convent celebrates 150 years of Girl Power

In 1863, just aer the “Indian Mutiny”, 5 young Daughters of the Cross – Sebastienne, Lambertine, Anselma, Armand and Louise - travelled for months by land and sea, from Belgium to Bombay, on the invitation of Archbishop Steins, Vicar Apostolic of Bombay. Today, Missiology is a science and intense preparation precedes the mission. For the Sisters, it was a leap into the Unknown, a leap of Faith. e Sisters began their work in Bandora (Bandra) by opening a day school for

the village children. Although a cholera epidemic closed the school, it was reopened in 1867, with the arrival of Sr. eodorine – the colourful, larger-than-life Founder of SJC who kept a fascinating journal of her 30 years in India. In 1877, the Sisters bought the land on which the convent stands today, and laid the foundation of an institution which redefined girl’s education, long before Girl Child became fashionable in the socio-political lexicon. Indeed, for 150 years, SJC has turned out


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generations of poised, progressive, self-assured young women who have been Change-makers in various fields across the globe … and, accord their success to an SJC foundationof core values, academic and allround excellence. SJC re-invented itself many times in 150 years - from Orphanage to European system of education to today’s All-inclusive Right to Education … always modern, always relevant, yet grounded in the missionary zeal of the pioneering Sisters.


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RAAJAANI 9322436447 | 9220571395

A Tribute of love to our Alma Mater from the SJC Ex-Students Association to celebrate SJC’s Sesquicentennial, we cordially invite you to the Musical Extravaganza on December 7th and 8th in the SJC School Grounds. Reach us at Facebook: SJCBandra150yearsCelebration Visit us at -


December 2013


26/11 REMEMBERED – but never again! Bhamla Foundation organizes martyrs condolence meeting NCP Leader Asif Bhamla, along with his NGO: Bhamla Foundation had organized a condolence meeting on Tuesday, 26th November 2013 at the Danda Grounds, to remember the brave martyrs of the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks. Bhamla Foundation has been organising similar programmes annually, since the Mumbai Attacks. At these meetings, top cops like ACP Vishwas Nangare Patel, leaders, activists & people from all walks of life give their experiences – and focused on our security, so that such an attack never happens again. e police told the audience that tighter security was made possible with newer technology and added manpower of patrolling at high-risk areas and along the coastline – to make Mumbai a safer place. Asif Bhamla told us that through the Bhamla Foundation (which supports ‘Special Children’ – of all communities), he is looking forward to a better Bandra – and a safer Mumbai. He elaborated his heart-felt condolences to the brave martyrs of the Mumbai Attacks, who sacrificed their lives; so that it did not spread throughout the city. Asif said that he would always support security measures in Bandra – and other areas of Mumbai & India. is meeting ended on a patriotic note – “never again”. Ashok Kamble

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08 December 2013


Dharavi in Bandra?

Only God can save the people of Kadeshwari Mandir Road, off. St. John Baptist Road, Bandra (w) from Dengue, Malaria & other deadly water borne disesases. Despite of my written complaint against Illegal shops over water drains, covering the Fire Hydrants to the Municipal Commissioner, Mumbai, e Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Prashant Sapkale, H-West ward, and Ms. Karen D’Mello, Councillor ward no.96, - there has been no action with respect to demolition of the illegal shops. Aer my complaint to Shri Baba Siddique – MLA, along with Ms. Karen D’Mello had visited Kadeshwari Mandir Road Bandra (west), but that was only for a political purpose. When Mr. Clifford Cardoz - a resident of

Kadeshwari Mandir Road requested Ms. Karen D’mello to take action against these illegal shops, she said that it is not her job to demolish the illegal shops on the water drains. So it is very clear that the Congress Councillor and MLA are supporting and guarding illegal shops over public water drains at Kadeshwari Mandir Road for vote bank purposes. Despite of annexing photographs of stagnant water of an over flowing water drain with shops on it, fire hydrant occupied by shops, in my written complaint; there has not been any action either from the Municipal Corporation or the elected representatives. is is a clear case of vote bank politics by the Congress. ere are more than 50 shops, come up here, within a span of 2 to 3 years, due to

which, the maintenance staff of the BMC cannot clean the water drains. I have made several complaints to the BMC, but there is no action from them. is amounts to dereliction of duty by elected representatives of the Indian National Congress and the Assistant Municipal Commissioner. I have attached my written complaint (view it on: addressed to the Municipal Commissioner, Mumbai, the Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Prashant Sapkale, H- west ward , Bandra west and Ms. Karen D’mello, Councillor ward no.96, Indian National Congress Party along with Photgraphs of the Illegal Shops for public perusal. Adv. Shane Cardoz


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December 2013


PEANUT is a 2 month indian-lab-mix pup. He is docile and playful and looking for a home. Many more pups waiting for homes. Do call on 9821327618 to adopt.

SHERRY is a 6 month old kitten. She is half-Russian in breed and has an ash grey fur and pale yellow eyes. She is docile and loving. She is sterilised but with a slightly-tipped ear.

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10 December 2013


Next issue, we celebrate our 3rd Birthday! Well would you believe it, this will be our 38th Issue and come next issue we will celebrate our third anniversary of Bandra Buzz ! It’s been challenging, exciting, fun and interesting three years. We have learned so much, that it’s been overwhelming at times. But we have met so many wonderful people in Bandra along the way. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, we wouldn’t have a newspaper at all if it wasn’t for our fantastic advertisers, especially those who have supported us since the very first issue – we can’t thank you enough for believing we could make it work - and putting your money where our mouths were! We’ve also collected some fabulous contributors, all of whom are writing for the love of it. ey continue to churn out interesting, informative and entertaining articles for us every month – thank you so much! Our newspaper has grown considerably since that first issue, when we printed just over 10,000 copies. Next issue we will print many more copies; all distributed to Bandra & surrounding surburbs to homes and businesses. We have had a lot of positive feedback; in fact we only get complaints, if it’s not delivered. We want to encourage more local writers and photographers. is is your newspaper, so don’t hesitate, send us your ideas and give it a go! We’d like to say a huge thank you, dear Bandraites - for welcoming our community paper into your hearts and for supporting us with your ads and articles! Publisher, Editor and Team

Robberies on the rise (Contd. from pg 1) DCP V. N. Patil elaborated how a massive drive has been taken again rash riders & drug addicts, which has resulted in a positive impact. He admitted that robberies & chain snatching is a major challenge to the police – and they round up around 150 criminals every week. He told us, “We need your assistance, since your local MLA has used part of his funds quota for CCTV installations – and we have covered up most areas of Bandra-Khar-SantaCruz. We need the help of locals in the form of active members from Mohilla Committees and young people to patrol and monitor their areas. Here, we will provide a police constable to interact with them. Patrolling at night from 2am to 5am is a major challenge. Here my men can interact with your security guards for joint patrolling, if we are supported by local active groups or ALMs. We can take some positive steps, with help from citizens. We (the police) are there 24x7 to serve people. We important cases have detected many important cases, like the Spanish woman case in Bandra – and more recently the Rs 6 crore dacoity, arresting all criminals involved. So we are here to give our best service to the citizens of this city. I would request all citizens to communicate their grievances on # 100 or 103 (exclusively for women) and convey all kinds of problems. We will not create any type of hassles to citizens who come forth to give us information. So we need this type of help.” Bandra Buzz spoke to two of the victims of the recent muggings, to have first-hand knowledge of what really happened. Here are their reports of the Robbery & e Midnight Drama, that followed: Keith & Mercia De Sales: We were going to St. Andrew’s Church for the 7:17pm evening Mass, on Wednesday, 20th November 2013. Normally we use our bike, but on that day, I decided to walk. We took the route via St. Francis Road, when half way down the road, we heard this rickshaw coming from St. Andrew’s Road with a driver & one passenger (or accomplice), that slowed behind us, then overtook us and stopped. A person stepped out & walked towards us very casually, as if we were old friends. e moment I saw him, because of our association with ‘Haaya’ – and my training on how to react in such situations; my reflexes were very quick. e moment he came within arm’s length, I swung my hand & hit him. Not being too well and standing on a slope, in this process I slipped & fell. is guy took advantage of this situation &

with a knife in his hand (with all intentions of using it), he snatched the bracelet on my hand and started walking towards the rickshaw. Our cries for help, “Chor, Chor, …” were of no use as the road was empty. His age would be in the region of 25 – 30 years. e accomplice then told my wife, “Don’t shout, keep quiet – do you have any gold?”. She had her earrings, wedding ring, bracelet, etc. – but my action put them in panic mode and they wanted to run away as fast as possible. So, they snatched her bag, which contained some cash, credit cards, house keys, etc. and just entered the rickshaw and took off. While I was getting up, I noticed the number plate of the rickshaw, which I memorized. We immediately went to Bandra Police Station, & lodged an FIR (which took me 3 ½ hours – which you must mention) of just one paragraph. e

When I turned, a biker very lightly put his hand into my bag and started pulling it. When I started resisting, he started struggling. He started the bike & dropped me on the floor. I hurt my wrist & ribs, while the biker & pillion rider took off with my bag – containing my credit cards, debit cards, senior citizen cards, my house keys and a cash amount of Rs 2,700/-, which I insist on mentioning. A man who was walking his dog on the same road – and saw the ‘quick’ robbery, told us later that the robber had a black t-shirt, was riding on an elevated pillion and escaped via St. Paul Road. Immediately, along with one of my neighbours, I went to the Bandra Police Station. Lodging the FIR took us 4 hours – aer which the police insisted that we come to the spot. In spite of being told that I was too traumatised, the police was not ready

“There was a robbery on St. Francis Road at around 7:15pm on Wednesday 20th November. An elderly man was on his way to Church, when he was robbed by 2 men in an auto rickshaw. Another resident from the same road was apparently threatened with knives but he ran back into his compound and was lucky. Similarly, two other residents of St. Francis Road were also attacked and robbed of their personal belongings in broad daylight in a similar way, some months back. The road is badly lit and dark in certain areas. Many efforts by the local residents and the St. Paul Road ALM have been taken with the authorities to put better and brighter

street lights and more patrolling by police. Residents are still waiting for the CCTV which will be installed with the help of local politicians. Glen D'Costa, resident and Chairman of St. Paul/Francis Road ALM says there have been repeated robberies of late and the roads are not safe anymore day or night. The increasing spate of crime within such a narrow radius is causing ripples of alarm in the neighbourhood. The ALM is taking up the matter with the police to ensure proper patrolling is done regularly and not only when such incidents occur and then forgotten about in 2 or 3 days. Residents must lodge an FIR with the police and ensure they get a police copy of the FIR”

police insisted on coming with me to the site of the robbery - wanting to know the names of the surrounding buildings. I have a copy of my FIR – giving them the rickshaw number. I told the police that I was ready to identify from a number of people that they suspect. More than 24 hours (even 5 days later no further action was taken) have passed – and we have not heard anything from the Bandra Police. We are just waiting patiently.

to register the FIR, till my neighbours made them see reason. e police insisted on writing the FIR in marathi (which I could not understand) and gave me a copy the next day – only aer a traumatic experience. e next day at the Bandra Police Station was indeed traumatic. e FIR’s before & aer my number were ready – excepting mine (#599). My son who accompanied me felt something ‘fishy’ going on, when they asked us to come later. en, a close friend of mine, who has gone through an experience of her house being robbed and knew a few people in the Bandra Police Station; took us back and helped get the FIR immediately. I feel that since I am a senior citizen and a widow living alone – some strong action has to be taken. I must mention that my neighbours were very very helpful,

Hazel Pereira: I was shopping on Hill Road. Since I could not get a rickshaw, I decided to take a short cut through Holy Family Hospital. When I reached the St. Andrew’s Grounds gate; I had hardly turned le at St. Dominic Road, when I realized that somebody was behind, following me. I felt something on my shoulder.

leaving their own work – to be with me in my time of need. If at 8 pm, I cannot walk down the road, aer some shopping – when do I shop? As I like evening shopping, because of the present situation, should I live like a frightened hermit? I need the police to retrieve something from my stolen bag, indicating that they have done something to catch these thieves. I am amazed that in a place like this (D’Monte Park Road), we have no freedom of movement, because of a law & order situation. Bandra Buzz spoke to several other people – from all walks of life, who gave us their inputs: Mahesh Garware: “Citizens can help the police in their own ways. Each of us should secure our own neighbouring areas. See that trees are trimmed around street lights. For society buildings, we need to involve our watchmen – who are essentially our eyes & ears, as far as security is concerned. A whistle campaign (to keep everyone alert) will scare away potential robbers”. Shoeb Khan:“People should not be wearing their gold and flashing their expensive mobiles, specially in dark, lonely areas. We need to be cautious. We need to have our bungalow & building gate areas well-lit. A well-lit area will definitely discourage crime.” Jenny Dinshaw: “I am sure that there is one big leader who is employing all these guys, who come on bikes or in rickshaws. He must be giving them either a salary or percentage – and collecting the booty. ey could be from our surrounding slums – Bandra Reclamation, Kadeshwari, Danda, Bandra East... or illegal migrants from Bangladesh. ese people are vote-banks. Politicians are their godfathers – and then try to act as our ‘saviours’, to get visibility & mileage.” Kavita Dutt: “Why are the profile of these robbers confident & arrogant? Simple – he knows he is paying ‘haa’ & has a solid backing from ‘Big Boss’. What we need now is (not politicians) CITIZEN’S POWER. Make sure that FIRs are followed up – with results from the police. More importantly, the FIR process has to be made more citizen-friendly.” To sum up, action is needed to create an atmosphere of security in our neighbourhood. People, Police, Politicians & higher authorities need to be sensitive to this important issue – and come together to get positive results. Umesh Jagtap


December 2013


Mumbai Customs win the Bandra Gym Open Rink Hockey

e Bandra Gymkhana Open Rink Hockey Tournament saw the return of last year’s finalists; holders UBI and runners-up Mumbai Customs. In a closely fought final, Mumbai Customs beat UBI 6-3. at apart, the game was evenly balanced right through, with Customs holding a slight advantage in terms of ball possession. e game started with counter attacking play from both teams. Both team defences remained solid and unbreakable. Customs were the first to score in the 7th minute - with great individual skill from Jayesh, who was named ‘Man of the Tournament’. At half time, the score read 3-2 in favour of Customs - with goals from Hemant and Muthana, while Rajat and Vikram scored for UBI. It is a fair comment to say that UBI were let down by their lack of composure in their tackles. During the second half, they had their chances - but failed to convert. Hemant, Muthana and Alden scored for Customs in the second half, before Rajat reduced the margin for UBI.

Dr. Vece Paes, Chief Guest with the Winners, Childrens Academy, Runners-up St. Andrews & tournament officals

Dr. Vece Paes, Asif Zakaria & Cornel Gonsalves with the Mumbai Customs and UBI teams which met in the finals

“We (The Bandra Gym) were the pioneers of Rink-Hockey which was started during our Golden Jubilee Celebrations - and we have continued the tradition for some 27 years. Yesterday, during the quarter finals between Union Bank & Air-India - in a hard fought game; both sides drew and continued, even during the penalty shootouts. Finally in a nail biting ‘Sudden Death’, Union Bank edged out Air-India.” - Cornel K. Gonsalves In the semi-finals, UBI beat RCF 7-3. UBI were allowed little room due to tight marking -and it was the individual skill of the players that saw UBI make several dangerous inroads.It was birthboy Rajat Sharma’s great show that won the day for UBI, who scored 3 goals; the other scorers being Vikram Singh(2), AnandRai and Anurag.For RCF the scorers wereSanklap, Mayur and Vijay. In the other semi-finals, Mumbai Customs were expected to face a stiff challenge from Wenden Caterers; but the contest turned out to be an anti-climax. Customs surged to a 4-0 lead within seven minutes start; and were sitting pretty at 6-0, at the interval,with goals from Jayesh (3), Alden(2)&Muthana. Customs finally won 9-3(Enrico Fernandes,Vijay Alphonso-2). e Finals of the boys under -16, between Children’s Academy and St. Andrews was a very close affair; with both teams defending desperately, before Jay Parmar from Children’s Academy squeezed one past the St.Andrew’s defence to secure a 1-0 lead at half time.In the second half, exchanges were even with both coaches Saby (St. Andrews) and Bawa(Children’s Academy) screaming at their players aer the teams were locked 4-4, Darshan-1, Hemant-2 for Academy and Azia scoring 4 for Andrews, with 2 minutes to go; Academy were awarded a penalty stroke from which Jay Parmar beat Andrews Goalkeeper Akash hands down. e Finals of the Women Section saw Freunds5(Ruqqaiya-3,Wilma Kanan-2 score an upset victory over Western Rly-4 (Rujeeta-2, Sangai-2)in the tie breaker. Man of the Tournament: Jayesh Woman of the Tournament: Sharmin Bassha U-16 Boy of the Tournament: Krishna Yadav

Dr. Selwyn with the Freunds team who won the Womens Section

Dr. Vece Paes, former Olympian 1972 Munich Olympics and father of Leander Paes; was the Chief Guest and gave away the prizes. Derrick Drego

12 December 2013 TOWARDS THE TRUTH Dereyk, please keep your political motive and political agenda within your political circle. Please do not bring it into our community. You are doing the same mistake that we Catholics have done in the past – and some continue doing it even now. We had helped one person to come up in his political career – and today he has become a monster, supporting his own community. Today, you are doing the same mistake, running & promoting one person who is also from a different community. Why don’t you support some Catholic activist like Anil Joseph, Neil Pereira, Sr. Adv. Godfrey Pimenta, Nicholas Almeida, Adv. Shane Cardoz, etc. – who are fighting for the community? Why don’t you ask the party you are supporting, to give these activists a chance to represent their party? We respectfully request you to please do something good for the community. Don’t pull down the image of the community by dragging our priests & nuns on the roads. Parishioners of Mt. Carmel Church is is with respect to your comment that “We will not let Bandra become another Byculla, Mazgaon or Bhendi Bazar”. I firstly oppose your stance on targeting our community leaders just for political mileage. If your cause was genuine, you should have first approached the parishioners - and then you along with the parishioners should have had a ‘one to one’ talk with Father William Athaide. Nobody else can stop Bandra becoming another Byculla, Mazgaon or Bhendi Bazar, except the people from our community. We are very rightly known as the crab community. We fight with our own brothers and sisters. Only to revenge them, we sell our ancestors property to a person outside our community - just to harass our brothers and sisters. Our greed is so intense, that we would not sell our property to a person of our own community, just because a person from another community would buy the property for a higher price and the higher price difference would be comparatively small. So, the greed within us and our crab like behaviour is making Bandra another Byculla, Mazgaon or Bhendi Bazar. So Mr. Talker, you are only contributing to Bandra becoming another Byculla, Mazgaon or Bhendi Bazar - by bringing down our community leaders and making our community issue public. Please keep your political task away from the Church. Julian Rebello is is in answer to your point 6. “I am glad that the journo chose to awaken the conscience of the congregation towards immoral politicians, because we in Bandra face the scorpions day in day out”. I, on behalf of the parishioners of Mount Carmel Church, criticise your move to bring our Parish Priest in a bad light. e journo you are talking about had no courage to answer our calls. He should be suspended from this job as a journalist, since he was not fair to our Parish Priest. Not a single statement of Fr. William Athaide was recorded by him before publishing the defaming articles. Mr. Talker, it is you who had instigated the journo to write such defaming article against Fr. William Athaide. Shame on you. Just for some political gain, you are bringing down the image of our community leader. Please stop this and don’t become another scorpion. Anthony Curzai Fr. William Athaide has neither canvassed for any political party, nor has he used a religious place for political propaganda. Please don’t defame our parish priest - and interpret things as per your convenience. None of the other parishioners have any objection for the announcement done by our parish priest, Fr. William Athaide. Why are you unnecessary racking up issues against our community leaders? Keep your political issues away from the church. Don’t get politics within our community, to target our religious leaders. It’s a shame that you being a Christian, only to get political mileage, you are making issues within the church - public. Please Mr. Talker - don’t keep your political motive above the Church. Tony D’souza PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CURRENT MT. CARMEL ISSUE IS CLOSED – so no more letters on this topic, aer this publication. – Editor NAGAR RAJ BILL - A RAY OF HOPE I had recently visited the Bandra police station for obtaining some permission. While I was there, I was shocked to learn that a few hawkers had fractured the hand of a teenage girl last year and no arrests were made. Neither the police nor the victim, probably for fear of her own safety, took up the issue further. Obviously, all parties are convinced that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Hill (HELL) Road is now a joke - with regard to hawkers. Each time they are removed, they return with a vengeance. Save a few, citizens generally avoid taking up these issues - either due to fear or a lack of confidence in our system. On November 17th, a seminar on the Nagar Raj bill gave me some hope, particularly aer listening to Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan. e Bill seeks to decentralize city administration and involve citizens in the decision-making process. Dr. Narayan’s message was very clear - if we are tax payers, we must have a say in deciding where the resources are used. Dr. Narayan also encouraged young people, with business acumen and administrative skills to lead; be it through an NGO or a group of people or ALMs. We must agree that getting results today means developing strategies and use of resources at a fast pace, which calls for young citizens to get involved. I hope that the Nagar Raj Bill is implemented without amendments, not just for the sake of Hill Road but also for a better Mumbai and India. Warren Fernandes CCTV CAMERA ISSUES CCTV camera has been installed on an electric pole near my building. I have noticed that the current for the same is taken from our common staircase meter. I am part owner of this building. is was done without my consent. I do not know the statistics of how much current it will draw, or if this current will go to more CCTV cameras. I am not against anyone fitting cameras on the road, but connecting the current for operation for same, without consent of the members of a society is stealing electricity.


People Under Pressure December in Bandra makes us all spoiled for choice. ere are options galore. If you do not go to your Dream Destination, we have something for everyone… right here! Cultural Events, Family Reunions, Long Lost Friends, Earlier Twilight Walks at Bandra’s Wonderful Promenades – Carter’s, Bandstand & Reclamation, Tempting Offers at Linking Road, Shopping Sprees on Hill Road, Xmas Bazaar at Bandra Gym, Year-End Specials…. e nip in the air just adds to the thrill. But, the other side of the same coin has a contrasting picture. It is dramatically different. Local issues are putting people under pressure. Some seem to be just the tip of the iceberg. And…Bandraites are tense. Security Solutions do not seem to have scared criminals. Robberies at knife-point

are increasing to alarming proportions. And what is even more frightening – is that our so-called protectors – the police are too slow to react. What are our elected representatives doing – as these thieves are confidently roaming our roads to pursue their prey? We are covering this important issue in this publication – with views from all sides. Do send me your inputs: is is vital to the safety of our local community. Meanwhile, do enjoy the moment – planning, preparing & pursuing your dreams towards making them a reality. Take care!

It is to be observed that at many roads, CCTV cameras that were installed in the past, most cameras have gone missing - and a few that are there are not working, as no maintenance was done, dust settles on the lens and it has to be cleaned every 15 days, many CCTV linked to the Police station last two years are not working. When some incident happened at H-West ward in front of AMC, I told the AMC that he has the footage's and can give it to the Police. e reply I got from AMCis that the cameras are not put in recording mode. When I asked him why, he said RTI activists will ask for footage's. Interesting! Leslie Almeida

much. It gives us news about the people of Bandra – and it is indeed very cosmopolitan. Congratulations to the Editor & Publisher. Do continue your excellent work! +Ferdinand J. Fonseca Emeritus Aux. Bishop of Bombay

BMC'S NOTICES ON BANDRA CROSSES I read the article in ‘Bandra Buzz’ of BMC pasting notices on crosses against an issue which was already settled. It is not surprising, because our own people invite this by going to the press on flimsy grounds and writing against our parish priests, school principals, schools and against church property matters. Every parish has a council and matters are clear and transparent. Announcements are made at every mass on Sundays. If ever, inspite of all this, anyone has any misunderstanding or grievance, the matter can easily be sorted out within the parish office, within the four walls, peacefully and amicably, instead of going about town. Some people also expect the ‘Chapel Road’ name to be changed. How strange! Is it so offensive if our church leaders caution us about the wave of communalism? e danger seems clear and present. In every newspaper and news channel every day, we are seeing distortion of history, lies, wearing of masks with sure hidden agendas and the haste and hunger for power. If we write against our own churches and schools, the wolf will be at our door sooner than later with more notices; he’s waiting... John D’souza APPRECIATIONS I am impressed with your news reporting. Good content and reliable info. Rtn. Calwyn D'Abreo Greetings and all good wishes. is is to thank you for publishing Bandra Buzz. I read it with great interest – and like it very

Warm Regards, Merck N. D’Silva Editor

FREE TRAVEL TO THE HOLY LAND I appeal to the Catholic community not to fall prey to the Carrots (Offers) offered by our political parties on Free Travel and a visit to the Holy Land, Israel. I have been offered this Carrot and my answer to the Politician is as under: “Am I a beggar to be funded to visit the Holy Land? Do you want me to enjoy the privilege of the Holy land at the cost of good governance. Visiting of the Holy Land is not a priority in any Christian’s life; it is more of a luxury, if one can afford. ere is no compulsion from the community or the Church that one has to visit the Holy Land in his or her life time. And If I have to visit the Holy Land, I will at my own cost. I will not visit the Holy Land at the cost of any political party” My Christian brothers and sisters, I request you not to give into these politicians, who come up with these carrots; which is unethical and not practical. We are not beggars, we will go to the Holy Land at our own cost. As per the study conducted by Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission, among minority groups, the Christian community are second in comparison to the Parsi community with respect to literacy. We have a high number of educated people in our community. We Christians have always promoted education and development of our country. Most of the Christian dominated places have Churches, good schools, colleges, hospitals, infrastructures and play grounds. People from our community have donated lands to the government for development & upliment of the society. It is because of our convent studies that the education standard has reached global. So today why should we entertain such offers, wherein we are being looked like beggars. is is my humble request to my Christians brothers and sisters not to fall prey to the offer of “Free travel to the Holy Land”, at the cost of good governance. Adv. Shane Cardoz


December 2013


George Menezes launches ‘The Naked Liberal’ 19th November 2013, 6pm sharp at Morello Hall, Hill Road, Bandra (W); was indeed a date, time & venue George & his family; along with his extended family was looking forward.at unique evening had an invitee list from all walks of life – indicating George’s lifetime interactions. His son Christophe described his father as not a journalist – but a journey man. He told us that his dad was a student, a lover, a sportsman, air-force man, a diplomat in Paris, a human-resource director, trainer, lay Christian voice, activist, failed politician and luckily a successful father. His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias blessed the gathering at the launch. e book was brought to life with readings by literary personalities – who focussed on George not being afraid to call a spade a spade.To ‘watch the launch’ and get more details, on how to get a copy of ‘e Naked Liberal’, kindly visit: w w w. b a n d r a b u z z . c o m / g e o r g e menezes.html To salute courageous people, George handpicked: 1. Major General Ian Cardozo, who had the courage to cut off his own leg with his own khukri, when he stepped on a landmine in the 1971 Indo-Pak War; and 2. Anita Lobo – our very own traffic war-

His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias & Anita Lobo at the launch of the latest book of George Menezes “The Naked Liberal” den from Hill Road, who is brave enough to always fight for the ‘right’. Fearless Anita was present in her full uniform. George indeed dedicated the launch of ‘e Naked Liberal’, to honour people with guts – and who were ready to stand up for themselves – people close to his heart. In his latest book, George bares his soul

– reflecting on growing up as the eldest son of the eminent Prof. Armando Menezes; his life between journeys from Goa to Bombay, his closest relationships, youthful experiences with marijuana, joining the BJP – and being a very outspoken lay person, who tickled the conscience of the Catholic Church. He gives glimpses of

Colonial Goa, Liberated Goa, Old Bombay, his love & muse, his praise for Sardars, Muslim friends – and very interestingly: His take on watching his own passing away… You need to read this book – just grab a copy, now! Bandra Buzz Team

SINNERS YES, BUT NOT CORRUPT November 11, 2013, during his daily morning Mass at the Vatican, Pope Francis talked about Christians who lead a double life. While sinners must be forgiven, the Pope highlighted the difference between being a sinner and being corrupt. ose who don’t truly repent are damaging the Church. ese lines do not just pertain to the Christians, it is a reference to all - be they Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist, Muslim etc - and the Church represents the community of all of us: our neighbours, our locality our country Here are a few highlights of that historic homily in the Vatican’s Santa Marta. - ose who don’t truly repent and only pretend to be Christian are damaging the Church. - Pope Francis said - A Christian who is a benefactor, who gives to the Church with one hand, but steals with the other hand from the country, from the poor, is unjust.

And Jesus says: “It would be better for him if a millstone were put around his neck and he be thrown into the sea”. is is because, the Pope explained, that person is deceitful, and “where there is deceit, the Spirit of God cannot be”. - Pope Francis warned, there is difference between being a sinner and being corrupt. ose who sin and repent, who ask for forgiveness, are humble before the Lord. But those who continue to sin, while pretending to be Christian, lead a double life, they are corrupt. - “We should all call ourselves sinners”, Pope Francis said, but those who are corrupt do not understand humility. Jesus called them white washed tombs: they appear beautiful, from the outside, but inside they are full of dead bones and putrefaction. And a Christian who boasts about being Christian, but does not lead a Christian life, is corrupt.

- We all know such people, Pope Francis said, and they damage the Church because they don’t live in the spirit of the Gospel, but in the spirit of worldliness. St. Paul in his letter to the Romans clearly urges them not to enter into the framework, into the mentality of worldliness, because it leads to this double life. It’s ironic that the Pope talks about sinners and the corrupt. I guess he knows what we are going through here - in H/West Ward specially. We face corruption every day be it the BMC, the authorities, etc. We see illegal encroachments, construction, squatters, in philosophical, theological, or moral discussions, corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. Corruption may include many activities including bribery and embezzlement Government, or 'political', corruption occurs when an officeholder or other governmental employee acts in an official capacity for personal gain. ere are enough of people in the sys-

tem who portray themselves as community people, but would sell the community and their souls for a dime. I am not here to judge, but want you to make an educated and informed decision on who is a SINNER and who is CORRUPT. You need to weed them out and let others know who the corrupt are. Don’t be taken up by enticements from the corrupt because the enticement is temporary and will be exhausted or fade away and you will be back on the receiving end with the rest of the community. It’s pretty obvious that in life we come across the corrupt on a regular basis. Next year is an important year for India - it’s the year of elections, the LOK SABHA and Assembly elections and we want the right candidate to be elected – a SINNER is acceptable but not CORRUPT. Once you read this message ask yourself, where do you fit in -SINNER or CORRUPT? And… make amends. I am a sinner what about you? Dereyk Talker

Vol. IV Issue 12(i) > R.N.I. No. : MAHENG/8-10-2010/12646 Editor: Merck D’Silva > Printed & Published by Creative Concepts, 401 Anica, 28 St. Paul Road, Near Bandra Gymkhana, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050. Printed at Marwah Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai - 400 072

14 December 2013


Perry Cross Road Resident Sachin Tendulkar is youngest recipient of Bharat Ratna

Sachin Tendulkar’s Mural at MIG Grounds, Bandra (E) by Ranjit Dahiya Crowned with India's top civilian honour Bharat Ratna, Sachin Tendulkar goes down in history as the first sports person - and the youngest recipient of the award till date, surpassing late Prime Minister Rajiv

Gandhi's record. Residing at 19-A, Perry Cross Road, Bandra– his neighbours are very proud of him. He will also become the ninth person from Maharashtra to join the exclusive club of 43 Bharat Ratna awardees till date, which includes a galaxy of presidents, prime ministers, Nobel laureates, scientist and artist. While Rajiv Gandhi held the record for being the youngest Bharat Ratna awardee, post humously at the age of 47, Sachin now 40, has pulled down record even further. People from Maharashtra - either those born here or who lived and work here to contribute to the nation; have bagged the lion's share of Bharat Ratnas announced till date. e first Bharat Ratna, coming aer six years has gone to Mumbaikars and the city now boosts of two living Bharat Ratna legends - Lata Mangeshkar and Sacin Tendulkar. Congratulations to Sachin Tendulkar for this great honour for his magnificent achievement for last 24 years which will be remembered for long long time. Bandra Buzz joins our readers in congratulating Sachin - the “Little Master”, wishing him the very best in the coming years. Prashant Pawshe

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Scholastica of Sherly daughter of late Simon Francis and late Mary Catherine sister of late Anna late Agnes Clarence late Ivan and Eunice. She took her first vow on 22nd august 1953.

December 2013


She spent few years at Pune Mussaurie and at Clare road Byculla, she taught religion to the little children and helped them to pray. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee and her Golden Jubilee in 2005, the mass was celebrated by Bishop Ferdinand Fonseca from April 2013 she was unwell and had 3-4falls due to vertigo. She expired on 26th sept 2013.

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REST IN PEACE Clarence D’Silva of Sherly. Months Mind Mass on 1st Dec 2o13 at 6pm at St. Anne’s Church Bandra.

Margaret D’Sylva 27-05-1944 to 0811-2012 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN Loving husband Winston D’sylva and children

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16 December 2013


'QUADROS MOTORS' & 'CHANCES RESORT & CASINO' Exclusive festive offer to Bandra Buzz Readers We have a very tempting offer on Vespa. Every customer who buys a Vespa through us gets: 1. Accessories worth `5,000/- FREE per scooter sale 2. An overnight stay @ Chances FREE 1 Night stay for 2 @ Chances Resort & Casino Stay includes all meals, use of the swimming pool, steam & sauna, complimentary chips worth `500 on entry to the casino, 30% discount on massages/therapies at the Bliss Spa. P.S.: *Please make a prior booking. Not applicable during festive period (Dec. 20 to Jan. 6)

We have excellent EMI schemes @ 5.99% interest for 24 months & 7.99% interest rates for 36 months. Our tie-up is with HDFC for a family credit loan. Mr. Evencio Quadros Chairman & MD Quadros Motors

To avail of this offer, please register your requirement details at

Mr. EVENCIO QUADROS is the founder of the group and the Chairman & the Managing Director of the Company. He is a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Masters in Marketing. He is responsible for Corporate Administration, Corporate Image and Relationship, Personnel Human Resource Development and Communications. He is responsible for nurturing the company in the initial years and spearheading the growth of the company. His vast experience of 18 years in the business has been of immense help for the group to scale up business in a short period of time. Now, under his dynamic leadership, the company is set to scale new heights. e company was set up in the year 2006 and through its group companies is engaged in various segments of the automobile industry. e range encompasses dealership for Four wheelers, Two wheelers, Gas stations, Batteries, Lubricants. Currently the group is one of the largest automotive dealer in the state of Goa. e Company acquired the dealership of Suzuki in the state of Goa for Suzuki two wheelers. At present the company operates four showrooms and three retail outlets with servicing workshops. e showrooms are situated at Margao, Ponda, Mapusa & Vasco Da Gama. Plans are on the anvil to add three more retail outlets. e company through various group companies operates several verticals. Quadros Marketing Company, a proprietorship group company is an authorized dealer for oil lubricants and batteries. Quadros Marketing Company also owns a petrol pump. is fuel gas station was set up in February 2011 and operates round the clock and plans are on the anvil to set up one more gas station shortly. e group is also an authorized dealer for Piaggio Vespa scooters, Goa through a partnership firm operating under the name and style Quadros Motocorp Co. e group also has dealership and is the authorized dealer for Renault India Pvt. Ltd. through its group company namely Quadros Automark Pvt. Ltd. e Quadros Group is an established group in Goa, catering to various segments of the auto sector. At present these activities are conducted through various group companies. Going forward, the group is aiming for ‘Consolidation’ and plans are at an advanced stage to consolidate the activities under Quadros Motors Pvt. Ltd.

QUADROS MOTORS PVT. LTD. 3, Reva Apartment, Borda Margao, Opposite Multipurpose School, Margao, Goa, GA 403601 Phone: 0832 271 2206

CHANCES RESORT & CASINO Vainguinim Valley, 184-189, Machado’s Cove, Dona Paula, Goa 403 004 +91 9158932211, +91 832 2452201-04;

Vol. IV Issue 12 (i)  
Vol. IV Issue 12 (i)