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Ho Ho Ho - on Hill Road!

" Deck the halls with boughs of hollies, tra la la la ... " is what I hum, as I walk down Bandra's most busiest street this time of the year. Smiling Santa’s stare at you, as you pass by the brightly lit stalls. ese are propped amidst the regular street shops and vendors on Hill Road. Stars of every size and colour will entice you, into trading in your old one for a newer and bigger one - and soon you'll find yourself hanging more than just the one ‘symbolic star’ outside your window! Bells and Baubles used to decorate Christmas trees can be found every few meters - from Globus to Balaji's and beyond. So, if you've not got your decorations up yet; then my suggestion is run down to the end of the road, pop in to Reliance Mall and pick up some Christmas Carol CDs to listen to, while you're putting up your decorations. A definite ‘must have’ is a great big green pine tree to take home - and place by your window (and a plug point ... ha ha ) and light it up with pretty fairy lights, that will twinkle if you like. ‘Do-it-yourself ’ decorations for the tree always add that special touch. Big red ribbons that you can buy from Cheap Jack to make bows. Place them generously on the tree - and maybe string some popcorn to hang around it. For those of you who might not have the time or inclination for DIY

décor, don't worry. Hill road needs you to patronize their stalls and buy their flashy ‘ready made’ decorations - and you'll be spoiled for choice. While the buzz with some of the aunties around is, “How many kilos of milk cream they've made this year - or where they've ordered their marzipan from” - you'll be happy to find a wide variety of Christmas sweets available for you to buy. Either to indulge in, or to gi to your friends and colleagues. My favourite are the decorated wreaths. So pretty to look at - and so easy to hang up on a bare nail, or a door handle, or at the corner of your curtain rods. e best part is that you don't need to only get the red and green ones - as they come in lovely colour combinations, that you can pick out to ‘go’ with your curtains or your upholstery. Now, not everyone remembers the beauty and tranquility that a crib can add to a home. A lot of people try and escape, by just laying down their old statues in the same position in some odd corner of their home. Allow me to give you a few ideas of how to reinvent that old crib set up. Look for a mat that is made of cane or straw, or those silky grassy ones that can form the base for the statues. Spread little fairy lights around it, if possible, that will light up those lovely faces. You will find lots of ready

pieces that you can use to add sparkle to your home's crib - that you will find on Hill Road itself. Red Poinsettias really brighten up a space - and are the most beautiful natural decoration of the season. Well, not very natural - as you can also find artificial ones, that will surely keep you guessing. And… don't forget the wrapping paper and curling ribbons, you're going to need for all those 'Secret Santa' gis. If you want go a ‘little crazy’ and spread the enthusiasm, then look out for the ‘Santa Hats’ that light up or the ‘mini x'mas décor’ - earrings, or the red and green coloured clothes, that are

being displayed in all the shop windows to help keep ‘the spirit of the season’ flying high! Don't forget that Christmas is ‘the season of sharing and giving’, so share a laugh and give a smile more oen this December; than before - so we'll be sure to see Bandra grinning from 'year to year' (pun intended ... lol) Merry Christmas ! Francesca Mascarenhas Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues


December 2012

Bandra Buzz

Swim & Sangria Sunday Brunch

Old Bandra, New Year! e Mayan calendar finishes one of its great cycles in December 2012, and has fueled countless theories about the end of the world on December 21, 2012. While some say the world is ending, others say that the phase coming will be a promising one. With due respect to every theory, we assure you that Bandra is not 'reaching its end' anytime soon especially cause we never miss Christmas, come what may! Here are the few things you can expect to remain the same post-Mayan...

C’est La Vie, the premier lifestyle club of Bandra, has introduced “Swim & Sangria Sunday Brunch”, opulently served at e Owners Bar and Pool Side Sky Bar. Guests can spend a lazy sangria filled Sunday afternoon beside the pool with friends, family and devour the specially craed European menu. e Brunch will serve a sumptuous European tapas spread, comprising of delicious starters, lunch buffet, a medley of desserts with unlimited Sangria, Vodka, Whisky and beer along with live DJ by the pool. e Brunch features a choice of specialities from vegetable paella, aubergine herb fritters, grilled Vietnamese Basa in herbed butter, Goats Cheese and spinach cigars and much more. e buffet also includes a choice of fresh tossed salads and hand prepared desserts. All parties can be entertained by the pool side and enjoy a relaxing aernoon. C’est La Vie is a beautiful lifestyle club nestled in the busy hub of Bandra. Located on Hill Road, the venue

has the perfect combination of luxury and relaxation and offers complete spa & salon facilities, full gymnasium, a pool and Cocoa, a European cafe. “e Sunday Brunch is the classic way to both recuperate from a long week and also prepare for the following. And Sangria is the perfect drink of choice” said Basab Paul, director of C’est La Vie. Get your gastronomic senses pampered with a variety tapas specials and enjoy an authentic taste of Europe. So come and pamper yourself this Sunday with fine cuisine, flowing sangria, and chilled music, right by the pool.

Contact us: Swim & Sangria Sunday Brunch Sunday 16th December 2012 (Weekly) C’est La Vie, Bandra, 164 Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, MH400050, 022 26422361


skeptical about getting around Bandra this year, ’cos his sledge got towed off last year, four times! 6) 'Bandra Gymkhana' will still have the most fun-filled Christmas Dance and the liveliest ‘bringing in’ of the New Year. ose who can jive and salsa will be the heroes. ose who can’t will be polishing the Rs 125 a plate of chicken wings and guzzling Kingfisher.

7) e lights, the carol singing and the over all ‘Christmassy high’ you will experience, 1) OK, firstly as we all know already, there while passing through the various by lanes is no escape to the endless potholes and the of Bandra, will make you feel grateful that sweat drenching traffic. Bandra is not turn- the world still exists! ing into a walkers' or drivers' paradise anytime soon, even if the world around us has 8) 'Candies' will still be the most happen‘Nirvana’ written all over it. ing place in the day time to hang around... the one next to Learners Academy is al2) We will still have our transervite friends ready looking stunning with Christmas blessing or scowling at us at traffic lights, tree cuttings, lights, stars, bows and bells depending on how generous we choose to adorning it. be. 9) In the years to come... 3) 'Linking Road' will still have its colour- - Youngsters from all over Mumbai will ful chappal shops and 'Hill Road' will still still be visiting the Bandstand rocks to be the 'busiest street in the world' - pre- spend 'alone time' – and eventually the enChristmas. And yes, good ole’ 'Cheap Jack' vious cops will shoo them off will still continue to be 'Expensive Jack' all - e Pali Market vendors may have year through. fancier cell phones than yours. - Some places will shut at 12 am while oth4) e Mount Mary Church will continue ers will stay open till 3am, irrespective of to stand beautiful and tall, welcoming one the year. It will continue to be all about the and all from all walks of life for its leg- money, honey... endary Christmas midnight mass. 10) Finally, as always, 'Bandra Buzz' in 5) 'Santa Claus' will waltz through your 2013 will still bring you great reading! building gate with great ease, as the watchmen will continue to catch up on their sleep. Rumour has it that Santa is a bit Kainaz Jussawalla


Bandra Buzz

‘Fan’tastic Rides

Dabbang 2 music blasting from his speakers - and Salman Khan's movie posters adorning his auto rickshaw, he could only be a product of Bandra. 'Ram' comes in the form of a forty year old ‘autorickshaw walla’, a local celebrity in his own right, known to many Bandraites - as being an ardent 'Salman Khan' fan. He candidly informs us, ''Every time a ‘Sallu movie’ is about to release, I buy the music and decorate my auto with stickers, photos and logos from it - and go all around Mumbai promoting Salmanji''. He has been doing this adoration routine

right from the actors 'Bodyguard' days - and his auto has appeared in every movie of Sallu's since then. ''Am the lucky mascot ? maybe…'', adding that it's the production people who call him for the shoots. '1312' is his number plate of his beloved auto, he bought few years ago, which he considers special for himself too, as he started working at the tender age of 13 for Rs 12. Posing for Bandra Buzz, like a seasoned model - and waving to the cops passing by at Bandstand; he informs us that everyone knows of him, only because of his promo-

December 2012


tions. He plans to catch the ‘first day first where he goes. Something to think about show’ of Dab 2 at Gaiety, Bandra. And if not, when we get bored at work! then he would simply stand outside the theatres flashing some lights, pumping up the Kainaz Jussawalla volume and let people click away. “People Pic Courtesy: Olav Rodrigues wait for festivals, I wait for his movie releases!”, he smiles in excitement. ough he has been a fan of the star since 'Maine Pyar Kiya' days, his love for the actor grew no bounds when Salman's charity of 'Being Human' helped him out with his tough situation. He elaborated, ''My daughter could not speak or hear since birth. She had a tumor since childhood. My life was hopeless. Few years ago, I approached Salmanji’s parents and they saw all her reports. ey put us on to the correct doctors, got all the treatment done at their cost - and now my child is in class seven and healthy. Whatever I do for the family would be far lesser than what they have given me. is is my small way of repaying their kindness.'' Popular outside National college and MMK, he is thrilled that the college kids love posing with his auto and also want to be dropped off by him wherever they need to go. He has appeared on few shows with Khan in it, one being 'Dr Ahluwalias Sunday Health Show' on Colours where he and his daughter got an opportunity to express their gratitude to the actor as part of a bigger audience. Unlike other film gimmicks, this one is a genuine fan and has not been paid or hired to flag Salman's home productions. ough his auto has appeared in so many of his movies, he is not sure if the actor recognizes him on the sets. He is happy to stay a few feet away from him and just wish him well. Ram seems to take a mundane job of being a rickshaw driver to a different level only because he carries his passion every-


December 2012

Bandra Buzz


Resting in Sewage - Crossing All Barriers of Hopefully not for long Caste & Creed

On the 8th of December 2012 at 3:30pm, a group of people who own graves in the St. Francis of Assisi Church Cemetery (Kadeshwari Marg, Bandra West) met at the cemetery site to resolve the problem of sewage flowing through the cemetery from the neighboring tenements. e municipal councillor of the area Mr. Tanveer Patel, along with BMC officials and the parish priest were present at the meeting, held at the site to resolve the sewage problem. e councillor and his team along with the grave owners discussed and suggested various options to arrive at a solution to stop the sewage from flowing through the cemetery. A consensus was arrived at that the BMC will build a sump in the area of the tenements so that they do not let their sewage into the cemetery. e BMC will

also make a provision for a future drainage connection from the sump to a main municipal sewer. e passage between the two tenements facing the church wall through which the sewage now enters the cemetery, will be filled up with rubble by the BMC so as to prevent sewage from entering the cemetery in future. In addition, the BMC will also fill up and re-enforce the hole in the wall; through which the sewage is currently flowing. While this solution may not be permanent, it is a step in the right direction. Surely, the BMC councillor will work towards ensuring that the issue of sewage entering the cemetery does not recur in future - now that he has been sensitized to the issue. Jason Almeida

One of the oldest crosses (95 years) in Bandra, is the D’Monte Street Community Cross - that was the venue recently, to bind people of different faiths. e Rosary was recited by around 50 devotees at this heritage cross, with Fr. Vincent Menezes (with beard in pic) leading the prayers & blessing all those present. It’s wonderful to note: A Hindu – Laxman Kadam, garlands the cross every Wednesday. Another Hindu – Suryakant Pakya, a Shiv Sainik, cleans the cross regularly – and keeps a strict vigil around the

area for any garbage in the vicinity. Rudolph Pereira (ALM in-charge), the ever active Anil Joseph, Sir Minaz & and others are working towards getting the gutter near the cross re-located – with the help of our local Municipal Councilors, Tanveer Patel, Karen D’Mello & Asif Zakaria. A Muslim – Mr. Wasim, who owns a small mobile shop next to the cross, voluntarily keeps it closed during rosary, or any celebration at this heritage cross. is respect for other faiths is what makes ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ ! Sir Minaz

Tributes To Shiv Sena Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray An epitome of strength & determination My first meeting with Shiv Sena Pramukh was when I went to seek his blessings for my candidature in the BMC Elections 2002. I was at once impressed by his stature, style & wisdom. He was truly an epitome of strength & determination. With every consequent meeting, my reverence & regard for him kept on ascending. As per my humble observation, Balasaheb had two facets to his personality – stern & commanding on the exterior, but a so & benevolent artist within. His caricatures depicting political &social satires have been acclaimed worldwide. Balasaheb’s love for the people of Maharashtra and India as a nation – was boundless. e passing away of this great soul has undoubtedly le a void – not only in Indian politics, but also in the hearts of every true patriot. is will not be filled for a long time to come. Adv. Ashish Shellar – MLC (BJP) ......................................................................... His model of Shiv Sahi Shri Bala Saheb used to connect with us (Shakha Pramukhs) and all Shiv Sainiks with a bond of love. at’s the difference between the Shiv Sena & other political parties. Shri Balasaheb promised us Shiv Sahi – a model of good governance, inspired by the great Maratha Emperor Shivaji Maharaj. He was not only a great leader with a good command over his words – but also had a good sense of humour. His confidence & mannerisms touched a lot of hearts. He had a strong will power – and was a fighter till the end. Maharashtians could live a just & fearless life because of his awakening of the Hindutva feeling.

I feel proud to have worked under such a great Champion of ‘Marathi Manoos’ – Vishva Hindu Hriday Samrat Shri Bala Saheb ackeray. Sandeep Metkar Shiv Sena Shakha Pramukh (ward # 97) ......................................................................... Shiv Sena Supremo Shri Bala Saheb ackeray - an ardent Bandraite and a tiger with a humble heart ! Personally, I always admired Shri Bala Saheb for his thoughts, words & actions. He was closely associated with Bandra (W). Aer he founded the Shiv Sena, he visited many places in Bandra (W) – such as the Mahatma Gandhi Maidan, Jari Mari Mata Mandir (where his wife, Meena Tai did puja and installed ‘Kalash’), Bandra Reclamation & the Jamat Khana behind Lucky Hotel, where the local muslims gathered to honour him. On the 50th anniversary of National Library in 2000, Bala Saheb was the Chief Guest. When he found that Mr. Mhadadlkar – the oldest member among the founders of this library, was too old to come to him to be honoured; he went forward from the dais to meet & honour him. is gesture will never be forgotten by members of the National Library. During the opening ceremony of Rang Sharda Auditorium, Shri Bala Saheb was the Chief Guest. When he noticed some empty chairs on the dais, he asked the rest of the local Shakha Pramukhs to come & sit on them. is sharing and caring attitude – to make all feel equal and give everyone an opportunity to prove their ability – was his hallmark. Pramod Mahadik, ex-Shakha Pramukh (Ward # 96)

Bandra Buzz


Letters to the Editor APPRECIATION I read Bandra Buzz every month - and feel that the quality has improved over time. is month I was pleasantly surprised to see our Parsi brothers and sisters on the front cover. I feel nice to know that they have a ‘rejuvenating’ place to go, when needed. e Bhabha Sanitorium I have visited is such a big place. So much can be done. What a waste - where no one can enjoy it’s natural surroundings. e writer of the article, Ms Jussawalla had written about ‘Happy Home’ many years ago - and had raised awareness of specially challenged homes. Please, can you do something again. I was a volunteer there - and she had written a human touching story for that place. ere are many such in Bandra - and we would like to be aware of them. I am happy that quality of writers in your newspaper is improving now. Also, I am looking forward to the Christmas issue. Seema Shukla .........................................................................

that is housed in the abutting plot; which houses a bar, club and restaurant. e school seems to have been shut, keeping in mind this plan - as bars and clubs are restricted within a certain distance from Educational Institutes. us keeping the school going would hinder such plans. Even more surprising is that the ‘Institute’ is camouflaged to represent a Sports Academy - and stakes claim as one. e fact that it holds a Bar license has completed the story. If there was any reason, whatsoever, for the school to be shut - an alternative could have been thought of, if there was truly a ‘spirit of imparting education’ and keeping the school going. ere are many NGOs in Bandra itself, who would have been ever willing to run the school voluntarily. Having been in the Education field for more than two decades, I am deeply disturbed as a teacher - at the misuse of an Educational Institution. Shyama Kulkarni ................................................................. SUCH A LOVELY PLACE

JOHNNY WALKER OF BANDRA I Have always loved the vibes of SAISA and PJ Club, earlier. What caught my attention in the Trustees PRESS RELEASE, was the fact that the lease has not been renewed. Why is government not renewing lease? It is this vague and amorphous situation, that leads to misuse. In the meanwhile, vested interests can make trouble. I hope clarity is brought to the situation. SAISA, keep up the good fight, if indeed right is on your side. Mrs. A. akoor is a dear friend - and has stated 'All is well'. Jamshed Banajee I would like to go with that. Bindu ......................................................................... ................................................................. I was very happy to see Parsis being feaPali Naka – Illegal Shops tured on your front page. Hope we see more of our community and its activities. Our community is small - but it makes a Have you walked down Pali Naka, resignificant contribution to society. ank cently? Here, illegal shops are being done up you, once again. Dara Dhanjeebay with ply wood near Jude Cold Storage – ......................................................................... just like the illegal (but with BMC License Nos. ???) shops opposite Balaji, on Hill road. e rot is starting to spread. Oh, THE FESTIVE BELLS these shops are stretching to our footpaths. Bells, Bells and more Bells… We have bells Can some photos be taken and some artiof various sizes, that ring for specific occa- cle put in the papers saying ‘Wake Up Bansions: both glad & sad. Bells announce dra - our beautiful Bandra is going to be happenings & endings. ey chime for fu- turned into a Shop Slum’. e BMC forcibly acquired our lands nerals, weddings – religious services – and in 1962 for road widening and making daily for the Angelus. Yes, very soon we will be experiencing ‘Jin- footpaths. Today, they have issued licenses gle Bells’, reminding us of the festive season to people - to start shops ON FOOTof Christmas. What a joy to listen to these PATHS, thus turning Bandra into a slum and not using it for the purpose it was chimes! meant. Faust Gonsalves We, as a community – need to get the ......................................................................... BMC get their act right. Let’s be pro-active – start an online petition. SAISA Story: A Teachers Opinion Your interview with Johnny Alves was excellent. In his heydays, his compering skills and writing style were unique. His evening walks across Bandra, along with his wife; is admired by all who see this loving couple still walking together in all seasons. is togetherness is rare – and is definitely contributing to their longevity. is Alves, an exceptionally talented person of an earlier era of this suburb - is surely the ‘Johnny Walker of Bandra’.

I am a Teacher by Profession. I am aghast that in these days and times, when Education is a Committed rust to Upli and Enlighten the next generation - especially the under-privileged children of society; St. Anthony's school has been shut to pave a way for more lucrative plans. It is a downright insult to education, when a ‘shut down school’ is converted to an Institute -

K. Gabriel Vol. III Issue 12> R.N.I. No. : MAHENG/8-102010/12646 Editor: Merck D’Silva > Printed & Published by Creative Concepts, 401 Anica, 28 St. Paul Road, Near Bandra Gymkhana, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050 Printed at Marwah Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai - 400 072

December 2012


EDITOR’S LETTER Dear Readers, As December dawns on us, Bandra gets set for festive feelings. e weather adds to that ‘special feeling of goodness’ – especially when we are with our family. is is ‘happening time’ – at its peak. Everyone has hundreds of thoughts behind their mind. Bandra – being the hub of activities, most of us are on over-drive. Family weddings, re-unions, anniversaries, x’mas bazaars, meeting overseas relatives & friends holidaying home, plans for the Christmas & New Year Dance, gis for your loved ones (what about the orphans?), trying that new Christmas Cake recipe, decorating your home, getting the crib done & star put up… the list seems endless – till it’s time for Midnight Mass. Look around – and watch how people of different faiths get to a new level of tolerance at this time of the year, caring & sharing. Yes, ‘What A Wonderful World’… A lot has happened since BandraBuzz was launched two years back. e locals now look forward to reading the community newspaper for ‘home news’. Advertisers are making the most of the newspaper’s visibility to enhance their business. Politicians are promoting themselves in the local media – where it matters most. ose living ‘out of Bandra’ or abroad (but want to connect to Bandra) can access the local news from: We have interactive pages that are simple to use and get your local stories on the net as a web page – with you being given credit, as author of the article. We are evolving at a good pace. With your support, this publication can be Bandra’s best media to promote outstanding locals, get you news and views that matter. Do

make use of Bandra Buzz to highlight upcoming events, local news & issues – and yes, even scams, that suck the splendour – that is Bandra. is paper will always be un-biased, so in issues that are ‘dicey’, we always portray both sides of the story – so that the truth emerges. So, savor the spirit of the festive season – till time turns towards the next year 2013. Wishing you a ‘Merry Christmas’ – and a very Happy New Year!

Regards, Merck N. D’Silva Editor-In-Chief

Disclaimer Reasonable effort has gone into developing the correctness of content in this issue of Bandra Buzz - for accuracy and including up-to-date information. However, we assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions, which may arise due to human error or any other reason. e views of articles / reports published in this issue & written by various contributing authors are not necessarily that of the editorial board, publisher or owner. e validity of information and views printed herein is the sole responsibility of the concerned contributing author / individual writer of the article. Bandra Buzz does not take any responsibility whatsoever, for any resulting consequences, that may arise – because of any involved error. Legal disputes, if any, will be resolved as under Mumbai Jurisdiction only.

WRITE TO US! 401 Anica, 28 St. Paul Road, Opp. Laxmichand General Stores, Bandra(w), Mumbai 050 Email:


December 2012

Bandra Buzz


Bandstand’s Promenade Walkers Club are definitely outnumbered by their uninterested and care-free attitude counterparts. In an ever polluting world of today, it is few citizens - and in a bigger scenario, fewer organizations which come forward and take it upon themselves to have a clean surrounding and make an attempt to tell others to do so too. Mr. Hari Iyer, one such vigilant and active resident living in the heart of Mumbai in Bandra, has taken the initiative to rid his surrounding of pollution. Since he stays along Bandstand, he attempts to keep that stretch of the suburb which we all so love, clean from time to time. An initiative started by him - along with his other friends and fellow walkers, they started the Promenade Walkers Club (PWC) in October 2012. is helps to keep a section of the Bandstand stretch along with the beach clean and tidy. He calls it an arm of the BBRT (Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust, which takes care of larger issues Mr. Hari Iyer at hand), saying the PWC intends to take Being vigilant citizens is the need of the these issues about cleanliness very seriously. hour! And from what I know, these citizens Littering the bandstand section, surely

Roadway to Heavenly Bliss

makes it a bad experience for tourists visiting from different parts of the country - and from out of India. e motto that the Promenade Walkers Club follows is, ‘Safe, Clean and Secure’. e various aspects coming under their agenda are - to keep a check on the surrounding & its cleanliness from time to time - and to make Bandstand a model beach for people across Mumbai. As it is supported by the BBRT - and acts as their newly functioning arm, the Promenade Walkers Club (PWC) looks like a promising unit of Bandra. Yet being in its initial stages, we wish our ‘Walking Patrollers’ all the very best for their initiative - and encourage the common man to give them a helping hand. With age no bar - the ‘young guns’ of today are most welcome in the group. Mr. Hari Nair concludes by saying, “We would welcome anybody in and around the area, who think they can help us in making a difference - towards making Bandstand a model beach of Mumbai.”

ere comes a time when God knows best. Just a little bit of rest helps you pass the test. A ray of hope pointed upwards to Ramakrishna Mission Hospital, 12th Road, Khar (West), and a dear friend, Danny Pereira, led the way. In no time, the Love of my Life simply got better. I saw a frame that says it all: “ey alone live who lives for others”. Here, the saffron clad swamis add a colour of peace, tranquility and positive energy. Each morning the garden is nurtured with tender loving care. e Superintendent & Dy. Superintendent (Swamiji) bids good morning and good night respectively each day. e Hospital caters to all walks of life. ere’s always a place for everyone. ey have a good team of doctors and staff. - Service with a Smile. - Cleanliness akin to Godliness. - Health benefits under one roof. A Simple Diet of Lentils and ever so tasty meals – with a caring atmosphere, are the features of this Hospital.

Nascimento Pinto

Esmeralda D’Mello

Bandra’s very own newspaper is now 2 years old!! Thankyou readers, subscribers advertisers and writers for helping us achieve it.



Bandra Buzz

December 2012


St. Peter’s celebrates 150 years & Beyond! 2012 marks a wonderful milestone for St. Peter’s Church, Bandra. Not only has the parish expanded in leaps and bounds, but it also celebrates 160 years of it’s worthwhile existence! In continuation of the 160th year celebrations of the church, numerous spectacular sporting activities were organised from the 11th to the 14th of November. is long-awaited fiesta began by invoking true feelings of sportsmanship with the ‘Sportsman Prayer’. e very first day seemed to warm up the atmosphere. An Inter-Parish race for children and youth and a ‘Walkathon’ for Senior Citizens saw a good and talented participation of more than 180 persons. is was then followed by exciting Telegames, which everyone enjoyed immensely. e second day was graced by Indo-Cultural events like rangoli preparation, traditional cooking, tattoomaking, face-painting, games like ‘atiapatia’, etc. - that revived various traditional bonds, provoking a sense of unity and brotherhood. e sports day was held on the 13th of November, which manifested team-work,

co-operation and a winning attitude amongst everyone. Merwyn Fernandes who represented India thrice at the Olympics, was Chief Guest, alongside the Principal of St. Stanislaus High School, Rev. Fr. Jude Fernandes S.J. who was the Guest of Honour for the occasion. eir presence and the encouragement given by Parish Priest, Fr. Errol Fernandes S.J. kept the ‘Bandraite’ spirit alive. A fabulous march-past, several relays and races, especially the epic ‘Tug-of-war’ ended this day astoundingly. e next day’s wall-painting and fashion show was a superb display of art and talent. Despite the fact that it was aimed at bringing a great deal of youth together, it proportionately brought together many adults and senior citizens alike. All efforts put in by the Parish Organising Committee and support from the officials of the United Athletic Sports Club, paid off fruitfully. Many look forward to having such a sporting event with diverse participation and dedication once again ! Joshua Norris

St. Stanislaus High School's Fitness Gym “A Mediocre Teacher tells. A good teacher explains. A superior teacher demonstrates. A great teacher inspires.” William A Ward

St.Stanislaus High School's Fitness Gym was established in June 2004 with the help of their Ex-prinicipal, Fr. Lawrie and ExIndian International Hockey Player and Coach Joaquim Carvalho, along with some other well wishers. Since its inception it has been managed by Mr. Dominic Fernandes - who is the caretaker and trainer in the Gym. is ‘Fitness Power House’, as some say - doesn't require a big range of cardio equipment, because it is blessed with a big playground where members can do their cardio workouts like jogging and walking. e gym is equipped with all basic equipment needed to keep one fit. e gym is currently open to all ExStanislites only. According to a members who has been visiting the gym for the past two years says, "the gym is user-friendly, cross ventilated, up to the mark, reasonable

economically, promoting youth health and a non - profit organisation". He told us, that the gym is a combination of both a traditional akhada and a modern gym. Another member - an Ex-Stanislite, who is a regular at the gym for many years says, "the gym is spacious - and a boon for people above 40". According to Mr. Dominic, the Gym is visited by international athletes like Viren Rasquinha, Marcellus Gomes and many more. e Gym is definitely a boon for ExStanislites, as it keeps them fit and active in this fast developing Heath Conscious World. If any one wants to join or enquire, they can meet Mr. Dominic at the Gym between :- 6.30 am - 8.30 am and 5.00 pm 8:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Adnan Mookhtiar & Dujon Fernandes

One such great teacher, Mr. Neville D’souza will forever be remembered at St Stanislaus High School because of the wholehearted dedication and inspiring guidance that he rendered to Stanislites therein. Mr. D’souza was an exceptional teacher and a loving mentor who always encouraged and motivated his students towards the positive goals of life. With 20 years of selfless service and teaching experience to moulding and forming our young Stanislites to being the future

pioneers of India, he was a staunch follower of the Jesuit motto ‘Born for Greater ings’. He oen went that extra mile and accompanied students on excursions, scout camps, tours and nearly every special occasion. Well recognised for being the Physical Education Master and the N.C.C Chief Officer of the Air Wing, he was every Stanislites’ favourite from all dimensions. Shockingly, due to a fatal cardiac arrest on the 28th of November, 2012 Mr. Neville D’souza completed his earthly journey. He was 48 years of age at his demise. A Prayer Service was held on 11th of December at St. Peter’s Church, Bandra, on behalf of students and alumni, as a mark of love and gratitude for this great hero. Surely, he is up in heaven enjoying eternal bliss watching over St. Stanislaus, hoping for the best ! Joshua Jonathan Norris


December 2012

Bandra Buzz


Kink: Style King of Bandra On the hunt for the gorgeous dress you saw in a magazine? Or the shoes from a music video? Check out bandra ‘s style stop- KINK , you might just grab your deal there. and even films. e flagship sources its clothes from South East Asia. Following each fashion season closely, Kink has clothes that reflect the best of each trend. e demand grew and Kink opened another branch, also at Bandra, on Linking Road, which has now been open for two years. e international style clothes of Kink are perfect for all occasions. We scoured pass it’s New Year’s and Christmas collection and thought they very well have everything that anyone would like to go for. Going synthetic, lacy, sequins, bling and colour blocking is the trend this season and is all stocked up in Kink. And they also stock shoes ! and accessories, making it the one stop shop for all Bandra fashion Shopaholics. And good news there is a 10% discount for the readers of this newspaper. So don’t leave this paper at home while you Gautam Hinduja (Owner) - Kink, Waterfield Road shop to your heart’s content at the style fane Bandra hub of fashion and style, Kink age of 21, when finally the Sindhi business- tasy-land called Kink! is the place all stylists shop from. Started by man in him won over and made him want a man who himself was a stylist with Chan- to start his own style store. e risk he took Call: nel V once, the shop is very popular paid off as within a year of its inauguration, 26489788/66778093 amongst the fashion conscious who fre- Kink started something of a fashion phequent it. Gautam Hinduja, started the shop nomenon. So much is its popularity that Reeth Arora & at Waterfield Road ten years ago, at a young Kink supplies to music channels, stylists Foram Zaveri

Ken-Mary’s: Now open on Waroda Road

e latest buzz which has got people talking about is the newly launched Ken-Mary's snacks 'n' more which is now opened in an ever food loving Bandra, nestled in the quiet and peaceful Waroda village. is Mouth watering snack joint has a lot to offer, from Delicious Snacks to Delightful

Pastries to Exquisite Breads & Biscuits. Ken- Mary’s Snacks ‘n’ more first made their Mark at e Andrean Fair 2012 which was held recently on St. Andrew’s Grounds where they served over 2000 people over 3 days with specialities like the barbeque Chicken, Pork Vindalo, Chicken curry, Goa

sausages and many more Finger-licking Items. is eatery will have your taste bud wanting for more. is is a reasonably priced Eatery which promises to give you value for Money and for those who are crazy about some authentic East- Indian and Goan Cuisines , then this is the right place and they promise to keep you coming back for more. is is a latest venture from a new entrepreneur Crystalle who promises that you will not be disappointed and will be treated with personalized Service. What tops it all off is their Premium Ice Cream loaded with some Tongue-smacking Flavours which is a must have, known as “Papa John’s” Icecream, “Delite in a bite” .

at’s not all, Ken-Mary’s Snack ‘n’ more will also be selling Christmas Special Stuffed Chicken, Christmas Sweets and Chocolates. So head right over and give your belly a treat at Ken-Mary’s Snacks ‘n’ more. Contact: Ken-Mary’s, Snacks ‘n’ more 56/57-3A, Palm View, Waroda Road, Bandra (w), Mumbai 400050 9773645741 9773645742 Dujon Fernandes

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December 2012

Salon next? Imran in 2 U

Imran Shaikh and his stylist Angam

Shaikh Imran, the 28 year old owner of one of Mumbai’s best unisex salons ‘Imran in 2 U’, started out with great gusto and ambition about 6 years back and is now considered tough competition to some of Mumbai’s best hairdressers. Imran’s distinctive, elegant and fashionable hairdressing techniques are much loved and admired by clients and fellow professionals alike. e salon is famed for its technical expertise, ambience and excellent customer service. e hairstylists at Imran’s in 2 U make sure that their clients know all about the latest looks and trends; each client gets a hair style that is best suited to his/her personality and what’s more, each person is prescribed a tailor-made regime of home care and styling products. His work is being recognised internationally too in magazines like Vogue and Fabulous, and years down the lane he sees himself working with top international hairdressers, Guy Kremer. Angam, Senior hairstylist feels privileged and lucky to be associated with Imran and his salon. “e master for make-over’s” Imran, is currently in tie-up with Affinage profes-

sional as technician and over the years he has worked for prominent faces in bollywood like Sohail and Salman khan, Riya Sen, Sagarika Ghatge and many other celebrities. “It has been 10years of experience in this field and at every stage, it amuses me with new challenges. is field has given me happy and sad moments both and taught a great lesson to Me.” says Imran, when asked to describe his experience. His ultimate dream, he says, is to keep learning, exploring all the facts, Do’s and Don’t’s, techniques, styles and gain as much knowledge as he can, about hairstyling and fashion industry. e salon is a perfect combination of calming yellow lights and quaint wooden interiors. e walls are decorated with cowboy hats, the eye catching orion’s belt and a fishing rod from roof top, giving the place a funky ethnic look. e music at the DJ console is all set to make the customer feel comfortable, hum along to the popular tunes while getting your right haircut. Call: 9870666555 Reeth Arora & Suryaa Rangarajan




December 2012

Bandra Buzz

Breaking the Shackles Many of us may not be aware that the Mumbai-based NGO, SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action) held a 16 day activism advocacy campaign against 'Gender Violence' in Mumbai. It was held from Sunday, November 25 to December 10th, which was 'International Human Rights Day'. e theme for the campaign was "BREAK THE SILENCE ON VIOLENCE" focusing on encouraging people to speak out against domestic abuse and gender violence. As part of this campaign from 2nd to 5th December, the Art Exhibitiion, ''A Depiction of Shades of Violence against Women'' was brought to Bandra. And… what better place to have it than Carter Road's Amphitheatre, opposite Café Coffee Day. In the course of the four days, the message of the campaign was depicted through thematic songs, skits and dances. ese were performed by the SNEHA team that covered various themes - ranging from domestic violence, gender paradoxes and other women related issues. ey were aimed to open the eyes of Bandraites who attended, or were simply passing by on their evening walk. Worth watching was artist Parveen Kaur, who gave an exemplary performance “Break Free”, which began with her wrapped in ropes from head to toe. Each of which were representative of factors that keep women captive: culture, caste, religion, patriarchy, societal norms, and so on. She then cut herself free from the ropes signifying freedom from them. e art exhibit surrounding the theatre had some interesting exhibits. One could not miss the round multi- coloured Mat that was placed in the centre of the event zone. e Mat actually signified ''the Doormat'' - and how women were still looked upon in our society. Each colour circle in the mat specifically held a clue to the various stages of a woman’s life. SNEHA had also commissioned artists to prepare a 30 feet long canvas with paintings and messages on gender-based violence. In a bid to spread the word, the contemporary pop rock band 'Duncun Rufus’ played live on the third day in support of the organization. SNEHA got a fantastic response - and Bandra residents wrote their own personal pledges in support of the issue on the ‘pledge tree’, specifically put up for that purpose. 'Bandra Buzz' which has always supported those in need of a voice, is happy to provide you with the link to their website: and email: - for more info. So whether you are an unfortunate victim or simply want to help out, be rest assured, you will be warmly welcomed by the director and her team. Kainaz Jussawalla


AURA 2012 of December, 2012 and is slated to offer a high dose of learning and fun as we mix Business with Christmas. Come 21st Dec. and the fest will begin with Business Events for the students featuring the Ad-Mad show, Make a Product, Case studies, Carromopoly, Fun Games and Debates. e following day, the much awaited Christmas Show will stage “X-factor”(a Talent show), JAM (Just-a-Minute), Group singing/acappella, Group dances and Band events which are sure to enthrall the audience. AURA is a celebration of talent and this year there are some interesting prizes as well. In keeping with the festive spirit, the BMS students have organized the Andrew’s Xmas Bazaar. ere will be stalls with delectable Christmas cakes and sweets on sale. ose interested in putting up a stall can contact Arnold Pereira on 8097044182. AURA, in the 1st year of its inception, is headed by Shane Vaz and Akshay Carvalho, T.Y.B.M.S. , under the guidance of Ms.Vinima Gambhir, the Co-ordinator of the BMS department. e vibrant array of events is sure to make this fest a true delight for every student providing them excellent opportunities to enjoy and display their talents.

With the inspiration and encouragement of the Dean of our college and our Principal, we begin “AURA”, a newly christened intra-collegiate fest which is all set to take off this festive season. e fest is being hosted and organized exclusively by the BMS (Bachelors in Management Studies) students. AURA promises to be a lot of fun, allowing the participants to showcase their talents through a string of events from academics to entertainment over a period of “TWO” exciting days. AURA has been launched with an aim of scouting fresh talent at the college level, thus giving students a chance and a platform to perform on. Being the first of its kind, preparations Date : 21ST and 22nd December, 2012 are on in full swing with elaborate back- Time : 9am – 4pm drops, sets and costumes to make this all Location : St. Andrew's Grounds new Christmas Fest a big success. AURA Jean D’Mello will be held on two days – 21st and 22nd

Rizvi College - Bandra’s undisputed ‘King of Hockey’


CALL 9820783686

In the Inter-Collgiate Hockey Tournnament, organized by the University of Mumbai, most of the city’s colleges participated. When Bandra’s Rizvi College reached the quarter-finals – and then qualified for the semi-finals, excitement grew. e solitary goal scored by Aakash Khaire against St. Andrew’s, Bandra – got Rizvi into the finals. e known hockey giant - Khalsa College, playing against Rizvi in the finals – resulted in a tie-break. e scorers for Rizvi in the tie-break, were: Suraj Dube, Pabitra

Sabat, Aakash Mishra, Anand Rai & Aakash Khaire. ey took Rizvi ahead by a wining match goal (5-4), to clinch the ‘Gold Medal’ – with Aakash Khaire being awarded the ‘Best Player Of e Tournament’. e guiding & motivating force behind this victory is the college principal, Dr. M.Z. Farooqui, the President, Dr. A. H. Rizvi & the Sports Director, Mr. Sonawane – among others. Sir Minaz

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December 2012


The Vacation of a Lifetime! Bharat Gupta speaks to FleetFoot Journeys - on making this Winter Break sizzling hot Down Under!

If a regular holiday destination is not your thing, then Fleetfoot Journeys takes you to the places less travelled. Off beat destination traversing Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific make way for vacations that give you an insight into their culture, history - and adventures to last you a lifetime. e hot favourite - quite literally is a holiday Down Under. As New Zealand reels under the summers, get a chance to explore nature - as it is. And… if trekking is your idea of a break, then this is the place for you. It offers spectacular glaciers, rugged mountains, rolling hills, forests, a volcanic plateau, and miles of coastline with sandy beaches. And… let your children immerse in the natural beauty, as they ride horses, watch whales and experience wildlife at the zoo. e rich art and cultural heritage, leaves the visitors with a diverse plethora of museums, literature and art galleries. For the adrenaline inclined, there is junkies, bungy-jumping, jet-boating, sky-diving, white water raing and gondola rides, that will keep you occupied. Did we say there is something for everyone ?

Just when you thought this was all, this trip will give a ‘real to reel’ experience! See the place where Tolkien's Middle-earth comes alive. And as the first of e Hobbit Trilogy is ready for release, you can proudly flaunt that you have ‘been there done that!’ Be a part of the ‘Lord of the Ring’s fantasy and walk through key film locations! And as the winter holiday season is just round the corner, all your travel travails find an easy answer for a variety in special packages available. With continents to choose from, there are specific options for newly married, friends, photographers - or those looking for an educational tour. With customized itineraries, transport options and budgets, you are guaranteed luxurious comfort at a destination of your pick! As your vacation planners, contact Mario +91 9833065665 Paul +91 9818137037 Web: Bharat Gupta

My recent trip to the Konkan Coast: Raigad

e Nawabs Palace of old times, the views of the Kolaba & Janjira Forts, the fish market - with its fresh catch, the water sports and para-sailing at the Kashid & Murud Beaches - to the fresh food stalls on the virgin beaches of Nandgaon. A few days ago, I met up with one of my old friends - whom I connected with, aer a break of nearly 40 years. During all these years we were busy with our own lives - and

lost contact. His sea faring career took him to various corners of the world and culminated in commanding very large container ships. Having tired of the seas, he settled to planting his feet on firm ground. Over a beer we exchanged pleasantries and discussed our families - and the route our lives were taking. During the course of conversation, I was pleasantly surprised to hear he had pursued his passion of purchas-

ing rural properties in and around Mumbai - namely, Shahapur, Pali(Sudhagad), Murud, Janjira & Goa. As he was scheduled to do a trip to Pali & Murud the next day , I asked if I could get on board for the overnight trip - and he willingly agreed. We stayed comfortably at his beach-side cottage in Murud. e drive to Pali was a pleasant one and ran through zig- zagging forests of varying density, including the Phansad Wild Life Reserve (Murud). Although Pali had a lot to see, we were not able to do much due to our time constraint and opted to drive onward to Murud. e sights & views were “awe inspiring” - right from the view of the Arabian Sea from the hilly roads approaching Murud, the Nawabs Palace of old times, the views of the Kolaba & Janjira Forts, the fish market - with its fresh catch, the water sports

and para-sailing at the Kashid & Murud Beaches - to the fresh food stalls on the virgin beaches of Nandgaon. I was glad to see clean white sand beaches (imagine, here in India) – with almost or no one around. He showed me a few of the properties which really impressed me. e coconut wadis - that dotted the road for the full length of Nandgaon, was a sight to see. e coast has a charm of its own - unlike the crowded beaches of Mumbai (and of late, Alibaug). And… it’s just a couple of hours away from Bandra! Could be ‘a great getaway’, to rejuvenate… I hoped I could be the proud owner of a plot in this non-polluted area – overlooking the blue Arabian Sea or having a riverside view of flowing water – with scenic hills around. To read more visit: w w er typoint.html


December 2012

Bandra Buzz


SAISA Reality by Concerned Citizens is is information for the knowledge of the general public, about the reality at the socalled SAISA Club - as this issue is in the public domain concerning Government land and closure of St Anthony School, Pali, Bandra West. All details are backed by documentary evidence and are open for inspection. e brief facts of the case are as under: 1896: St Anthony's School, Pali was established as a primary English Teaching School for the locals. It was a feeder school imparting primary education in the English Medium, before the students went to high schools of the locality. e present school building as it stands today, was constructed by a donation from an English Architect David Gostling (details have been established from the history of Bandra from existing archives).e school was earlier registered with the then Bandra Municipality - Bombay 20. 1947: St. Anthony School Trust applied to the Collector for granting a lease, in respect of the said playground bearing CTS nos. F-513A and F-513B for school children as an open play ground (with no fence), which also had access given to the locals and the general public. 1) e Collector granted a lease of 15 years to the St. Anthony School Trust, which expired in the year 1962. (lapsed 50 yrs ago) e St. Anthony School was duly registered with the Charity Commissioner under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 – Number in the Register of the Public Trust BOM/E474 (Certificate of Registration No: 26977, dated the 28th day of May 1953). A certified true copy extract under the seal of the Charity Commissioner dated 23.5.1989 states Plot “No. 512 & 513 is land leased from Govt, and is not the property of the Trust”. e constitution of the St. Anthony School Trust was specific to education - for children from the local area and the less privileged in society. e vision of the founders, as per the constitution of the Trust, was that this Primary School would grow into a High School. As per the trust deed, all monies generated from activities and events conducted on the trust premises, would be to further develop the school and for the benefit of the school only. e St. Anthony School is a permanent registered school with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai – Education Department vide No. ECR/68 of 6.9.1985 and re-confirmed by them by their letter “NO.SAS/G/120 dated 19-08-1999. e school also received a grant. 2) e St. Anthony School was abruptly closed down by the Trust in the year 2005 / 2006, in spite of strong objections from the parents, students and the concerned authorities. Why and how was it closed? We reliably learned from the authorities, that no permission was granted for closing the school. e school was imparting primary education in the English medium to the first generation children of the deprived and economically weak section of society. Instead, the trustees planned to start a commercial club using the existing school assets and govt lands for their own commercial gains. 3) Around this time, the St. Anthony School Trust changed the registration with the Charity Commissioner to read as “St. Anthony Institute” under the very same registration number BOM/E-474. Aer this change, construction of the new building SAISA was conceived. e said SAISA began masquerading

under the registered Trust, now known as St. Anthony's Institute - using the same registration number of the Charity Commissioner BOM/ E- 474. Where did SAISA originate – using the same trust registration No. BOM/E474 ??? Please note: SAISA WAS NEVER REGISTERED WITH THE CHARITY COMMISSIONER. 4) e Trust demolished part of the existing school building and constructed a multistorey building for the formation of the club, now known as SAISA. 5) e Trust - instead of surrendering the playground to the Collector aer the school was shut down, held on to this government land. is is a serious violation of the lease agreement. e government land whose lease expired 50 years ago, has never been renewed. e school is closed and the entire school - and the premises is now in total custody and control of the newly conceived SAISA.

the trustees, passed his Order - dated January 7th, 2012. e Collector’s Order is: ORDER(translated from Marathi): 1. e land in question was given for school as maidan. Because of closure of the school, the maidan has to be used by everyone. 2. is ground has to be kept open for all the citizens of the neighbourhood. 3. No entry fees to be charged for this ground. Signed Mumbai Suburban Collector. “given for running the Canteen for school, Copy to: Chairman SAISA, but it is observed that the occupier is run- Daphne Warapen and 3 others ning a Club”. A bar is open to all and sundry, 14) e Applicants filed for a stay on e till aer midnight. Collectors Order dtd. 07.01.2012 i.e. e An9) e Liquor License issued by the Excise thony Institute Trust (earlier known as St. AnDept. is in the name of St. Anthony Institute. thony School Trust), a Public Charitable Trust This is first time in the history of Mumbai, registered under P.T.R No. BOM/E-474 v/s Respondents: Mrs Daphne Warapen, e Colthat an Institute has a liquor license. Details (see copy of license online @ lector – Mumbai Suburban District and 3 ers. e Applicants filed for a stay on the ) : Licence in Form F.L.IV-32, Licence No.32/ Collectors order dated 7.1.2012, with e 2011–12. Name of licence - M/s St. Anthonys Addl. Commissioner, Konkan Divn. – MumInstitute, Bandra West. is bar is located in bai Appeal /Desk/LND/145/2012. SAISA. Licence in St. Anthony Institute (St. Anthony' School Trust) and located in 15) e ORDER of the Konkan Commissioner: “From the arguments of Ld. Advocates SAISA. it reveals that e Collector, Mumbai Subur10) SAISA is still using the registration no. ban District in Case No. C/Desk/3-D/KaviBom/E-474, which was registered in the 79/2009 dated 07.01.2012 is legal, and does name of St. Anthony's School now St. An- not attract stay at this stage. e matter will thony's Institute. Has the St. Anthony School be heard on Merit. So stay Application is refused - and next date of hearing is fixed on evolved into SAISA? e trustees claimed that the school was 06.12.2012” (this date was mutually agreed to shut down due to poor attendance of the stu- be pre-poned for the order on 23rd Nov 2012) dents and paucity of funds. e Education de- Sd/- Hon. Shivaji Daund – Addl. Comm. partment sent an officer to do a surprise Konkan Division inspection on the school and the officer re- Order dated, Mumbai, 01.10.2012 ported that the attendance of students was good. Based on this the trustees were clearly 16) An appeal was once again submitted to instructed in the report from the education the Hon. Addl. Commissioner, Konkan Division, Mumbai. Aer hearing and arguments dept, not to close down the school. If, indeed there was a paucity of funds - by the Ld. Advocates before the Hon. Addl. how then did the trustees generate so much rev- Commissioner, the Final Order received on enue for building a tennis court, fencing the 23/11/2012 was given. whole plot and construct this club SAISA with e contents of the Final Order to their apfull facilities and swimming pools?? Why was peal: 1. Your appeal is rejected-dismissed the same effort not made to promote education 2. e Collectors Order of Jan 7th, 2012 for the children - which was the nucleus and stands permanently essence of forming St. Anthony's School Trust, 3. You have to inform all concerned authorities as envisaged by the founders?

6) e government land was fenced with metal grills with a gate and locked with entry protected by security guards. e general public was denied access to the said playground - and only SAISA paid members were allowed entry to the said playground, which is a government land. Further, the grotto and cross which is approx. 61years old - and an open place of worship for the residents and passer byes, was also grilled with iron fencing and strict timings enforced by security persons on worshipers. ere were no permissions given by any government or statutory authority for erecting the fence and enclosing the government land. Entry to government land was only permitted to the paying members of SAISA. 11) On observing these irregularities, the conUnder whose authority was the govt. land cerned citizens wrote to the Mumbai Suburban Collector - and requested him to probe fenced ? these irregularities. All documents were sub7) Further, the government land was con- mitted to the Collector obtained through verted into a Tennis Court, with a specially RTI's. prepared surface & neon lighting. is is for the paid members of SAISA only, to facilitate 12) A hearing was held at the Office of e Mumbai Suburban Collector, Bandra East on playing the elite sport of tennis. Membership to this club runs in thou- 14th October 2011. e Trustees of St. Ansands of rupees. e children of the locality thony’s School - now Trustees of St. Anthony’s had to pay a fee per day for entry to the govt. Institute – SAISA, along with the Concerned land. e members pay high fees to SAISA Citizen were called for a hearing by e Colfor use of this government land now in their lector. At this hearing, we the concerned citiunauthorized captive possession. is is zens produced and handed over the following ‘Commercial Exploitation of Government documents to the Collector: - CTS nos. Survey plans and nakashas Property’. Where is all this revenue going? is is a very serious violation of the lease - Development Plan - Document from e Charity Commissioner agreement. A letter dated 11th September 2012 from - Letters from the Education Dept. the Charity Commissioner in answer to a RTI - NOC revocation from the BMC states that from Year 2000 to 2012 no ac- - Photographs of the enclosed plots - Fee receipts charged by SAISA, for using the counts were submitted by the Trust. govt. land 8) e Trust are running a Restaurant and Bar ...and several other relevant documents. in the building abutting the playground. e SAISA application for NOC was revoked by 13) e Collector, on verifying documents the office of e Assistant Commissioner from their land records - and the documents H/West Ward, Bandra 400050, in a letter No. submitted by us (the Concerned Citizens) and HW/88/SR/AEBIII dtd 23.5.2011, as it was the arguments and documents submitted by

17) On receiving these orders e Deputy Collector – Encroachments – Suburban Mumbai and the Tahsildar – Andheri, issued a Notice on 31.10.2012 to St. Anthony School Trust for Demolition of the enclosed government plot, as NO STAY WAS GRANTED. 18) e order was strictly executed on 23rd Nov 2012 by the concerned Authority, under the security of the Khar Police Station personnel. is brief has been compiled by the ‘Concerned Citizens’ of Mumbai, Mrs Daphne Warapen, Ryan D'Souza, Colman Pereira and Neil Pereira - to explain the facts to the general public. e references made to the authentic relevant documents, were obtained through several RTI's. ese can be viewed online at: as supporting legal proof. All relevant documents have been given to Bandra Buzz for the authenticity of this presentation. Mrs Daphne Warapen, Ryan D'Souza, Colman Pereira, and Neil Pereira


Bandra Buzz

December 2012


SAISA Story - Trustees View

Brief Notes of St. Anthony’s Institute / St. Anthony’s Institute Sports Academy (SAISA) at Comer of 33rd / 21st Roads. Pali. Bandra (W) BACKGROUND INFO: St. Anthony’s Institute (formerly registered as St. Anthony’s School Trust) consists of three plots i.e. F/504, F/505 and F/512 - property cards whereof are in possession of the Trust. On Plot No. F/512 stands the Grotto and Cross together with the 116 year old ground floor structure. In the possession of the Trust are also Plot Nos. F/5134 and F/513B. Plot No. F/513B was leased by the Govt. to the Trust in 1947 for 15 years for use as a playground ‘for school children’ but the lease was never renewed by Govt, in spite of the Trust making several efforts between 1997 and 2011. THE ISSUE: Frustrated at not receiving any reply from the Collector regarding renewal of the lease - and the apprehension that the playground would be encroached upon, the Trustees fenced the premises with steel grill and an entry gate in 2002, as the earlier protection of chain link was destroyed for auto rickshaw parking. ere is no misuse for commercial activities or any construction carried out on the Collec-

will affect 87+ students in Tennis, 89+ students in Basketball and 60+ students in Hockey who are registered for the sport, apart from the daily users who avail of the facilities in Cricket/Basketball and Tennis. e Institute does not charge any fee towards use of the Collectors land and only charges for its portion of the playground mainly for the facilities provided by the Institute/Academy to meet the expenses incurred towards maintenance of the Collectors land as well as the Institute land, taxes, salaries etc. Our accounts are a proof thereof. e matter was placed before the Addl Commissioner Konkan Divn. and before the final Order was delivered, action to demolish the fencing not only of the area belonging to Govt, but also the area belonging to the Trust close to the Cross and Grotto has been taken on Friday 23rd Nov. 2012 at about 1.30 p.m. tors land. e fencing was provided mainly to by Mr. Behere, Tahsildar, (Admn/Encroachprotect citizens passing by and damage to the ment), Bandra (E). nearby buildings during the games and prevent illegal activities at night. ABOUT SAISA: SAISA is the sports section e Institute holds free hockey coaching of the main body, St. Anthony’s Institute under the guidance of an International and and conducts various sports and recreational provides a free playing kit, traveling alactivities as permitted in the Trust Deed lowance, snack allowance and medical care. which has been decreed by the City Civil In the year 2011 some disgruntled exCourt. ere is no ‘Permanent Membership’, members and a few residents who desired VIP such as Life membership, Corporate memtreatment wrote to the Collector about misuse bership or Family membership, being a of the playground and the Trust erecting a Sports Academy. fencing on the Collectors land. On inquiry Each individual applies for membership from the Collectors Office the Trust gave a defor the particular sports or recreational actailed explanation to the Tahsildar, who retivity he/she is interested in. e activities ported, without application of mind to the conducted in the Trust premises are swimCollector, mixing issues. ming, fitness centre, badminton, yoga, Indian classical dancing and chess. e Collector on 7th Jan. 2012 passed an e activities are conducted on the playorder saying: ground (which is partly Govt. land and (a) that the playground be kept open to the partly Land belonging to the Trust) are tenpublic and nis, basketball, rink-hockey and tennis-ball (b) no fees should be charged. cricket. e facilities are open to all castes and ere is no order that the fencing which was creeds, starting from 8 yrs. and above - and in existence on the date of the order be retime-slots are provided for each sport and moved. age group to cater to the young and not-sois hasty decision of the Dy.Collector, young. Nominal fees are charged for the faMr. Rokade and the Tahsildar. Mr.. Behere,

e Trust is seeking legal advice. As residents of the area, the Trustees appeal to you for your support to ensure a clarity in the order of the Collector and restoration of the playground to its original status, so that Children and Public who were enjoying the facilities provided by SAISA are not deprived of the same and the residents of Pali Village and surrounding area continue to conduct their prayer meetings as earlier before the Cross and Grotto. Sd/Ms. A. A. akoor - Chairperson K. A. Drego - Trustee R. J. Drego - Trustee A. Mathias - Trustee D. M. Drego - Trustee B. R. Jain - Trustee D.C. Drego - Trustee 26th Nov. 2012

cilities, both indoor and outdoor. Sub-Juniors (8 to 14 yrs.) pay Rs. 337/- per year, Juniors (15 to 21 yrs.) pay Rs.449/- per year - and Seniors (above 21 yrs.) pay Rs. 764/per year; which is inclusive of 12.36% Service Tax. However, those who opt for specialized coaching in basketball and tennis pay Rs 500/- per month; consisting of 12 lessons in basketball, and for Tennis the fee is Rs. 700/per month for 8 lessons (without tax, now withdrawn)- which is inclusive of sports equipment and services of well experienced coaches with assistants, who are paid by the Institute. e coaching facility is optional. e Institute / Academy provides those registered with clean toilets / showers, changerooms and cold filtered water. So drinks, tea and coffee are provided at subsidized rates. ose who do not desire to enroll as regulars, have the option to use the facilities on a daily basis, i.e. Rs. 5/- for a Sub-Junior, Rs.10/- for a Junior, Rs.20/- for a Senior for daylight play and Rs.30-/ for play under floodlights.





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Vol. III Issue 12  

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