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Oest products cover all metalworking technologies: water miscible and non-water miscible cooling lubricants for machining with defined and non-defined cutting edges, spray mist lubricants for minimum quantity applications as well as forming lubricants with a variety of different formulations for sheet metal, tube and massive forming.

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from GS-2000 up to GS-8800 from 8’’ up to 24’’

Chuck size Bar capacity Max. turning diameter Max. turning lenght

from Ø 51mm up to Ø 320mm from Ø 570mm up to Ø 970mm from 780mm up to 6,200mm

GS MODELS Maximum Performance §

Rigid Construction §

High Performance Spindle System §

Advanced Turret Technology §

Ultimate Turning Power

Heavy Cutting




Depth of Cut (mm)


Depth of Cut (mm)



Feed Rate (mm/rev.) Speed (rpm)

Feed Rate (mm/rev.)


Speed (rpm)

Work-piece Material: S45C Test Model: GS-3600M

Horizontal Turning

Cylindrical Grinding

Vertical Turning

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Xtra·tec XT Performance and reliability extend your perspective. ®

Power and reliability in equal measure – a unique experience. Xtra·tec® XT – the next generation of Walter’s highly successful range of milling tools boasts a remarkable new design feature: The pocket position design for the Tiger·tec® indexable inserts has been modified to deliver considerably more power at the same high level of process reliability. A new perspective on productivity: Xtra·tec® XT – Xtended Technology from Walter.

Dear Readers, the last issue of the magazine this year. The time has passed very quickly, the month of November, which is full of events for engineering industry companies, has come. Local exhibitions in Estonia and Latvia will be a great opportunity to see each other, and the exhibition in Sweden will be an opportunity to make new contacts. In the exhibitions, we will be discussing again about industrial revolution in which we live. Maybe others do not even feel it, because it is thought that it's just the beginning now. If there are companies or executives who do not understand or try to resist it, we suggest recalling the largest companies such as Kodak or Nokia. They were huge organizations and were not ready for change. This is not just about product developers, it also applies to service providers. Namely, many metalworking companies in the Baltic States provide some or other services, but digitization will affect everyone.



It's important for our metalworkers to realize that the winners will be those who will start preparing for the digitization of technological processes. It is understandable that the old generation, which is leading companies today, hardly accepts terms like "cloud storage", "digitization", "automation". First of all, they associate it with large investments and mass production, that "it's not for them". Z Generation will apply new management and production methods. They will not perceive slow, manual process control. They will want to see and manage the processes in real time, to be flexible in production. It comes from our everyday life, a huge flow of information, knowing what's happening in real time and all of that control by clicking, has become our daily routine. Tangible things like robots are more understandable to our businesses, because they can be seen, touched and they bring direct benefits. But did you know that according to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), in the 2017 year, around 381,000 robots were sold worldwide, i.e. 30% more than in 2016. The fact remains that the biggest growth in 2017 was in the metal and machinery industry, which accounted for 55% (a total of 44,536 units in 2017). The demand is growing rapidly, it is forecasted that the result will be around 421,000 robots produced and sold in 2018, and in the year 2021 about 630,000 robots, the same amount as one of the largest robotic manufacturers, FANUC has installed since its establishment in 1956. You can feel the progress in demand. Good luck and we will face you soon at exhibitions! Baltic Metalworking team

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November-December 6/2018


Application New product start up CNC user training CNC machines services



tailor the best solutions with expertise!



y Flinkenberg Ab has served industrial and commercial sectors in Finland with its technical know-how since 1921. Nowadays the company operates in steel, energy, and chemical businesses – steel being the biggest one. The Steel Service Center specializes in selling and processing of heavy steel plates in Valkeakoski close to Tampere in Southern Finland. Our strengths include high-quality and wide range of products and services. We deliver steel plates and cut parts from the wide range of materials. You can choose laser, water, plasma or gas cutting – with or without bevels – thin or thick – bent or straight – small or giant – stainless or structural. We tailor the best solutions with expertise! Steel plates We stock high-quality steel plates from high-class well-known steel mills. We have a wide range of special structural steels from German thyssenkrupp Steel Europe. XAR® wear resistant steels are hard. They sustain extreme abrasive and impact wear exposure. In addition, XAR® steels have good processing characteristics. The most typical applications for XAR® steels are mining, earth-moving and agricultural machinery. High-strength quenched and tempered special structural steels N-A-XTRA® and XABO® have optimum strength and toughness combination. They are ideal for reducing the deadweight of highly stressed steel structures, like in commercial vehicles and mobile crane con-

structions. In addition, our wide range steel stock includes structural steels up to the thickness of 250 mm, classified ship-building steels, pressure vessel steels, weather resistant steels and stainless steels in sheet sizes up to 3000 x 9000 mm! Cutting services Laser cutting is by far the most accurate and the highest speed thermal cutting method for the thin steel plates. It is perfect for the parts with small and accurate shapes.


new laser cutting machine

lent dimensional accuracy with

LaserMat® provides 6 kW and excelCO²

better quality and reliability with

November-December 6/2018



addition to our cutting services, we do reprocessing like bevelling, bending, drilling and shot blasting.

We supply laser cut steel parts for the needs of automated welding processes. Rotating 3D cutting head enables -45/+50° cutting angle for shaped bevels. Our new laser machine is equipped with the king size 3000 x 15000 mm cutting table! Water cutting can be used to all materials up to the plate thickness of 100 mm. Water cutting enables excellent cutting surface and accuracy without any thermal effects. We supply water cut parts with bevels and markings. The need for machining is minimized. The greatest advantage of our combined water and plasma cutting machine is the excellent dimensional accuracy of water cutting and the speed of plasma cutting. Plasma cutting is suitable for all steel plate qualities. Plasma cutting is high-speed and cost-efficient when compared to laser or water cutting. All our plasma tables have adjustable water levels to minimize thermal effects. This is extremely important when cutting wear resistant steels. Flame cutting is the fastest and the most efficient cutting technology for the thick unalloyed steel plates. Cost-efficiency can be achieved with multi-torch drive in large quantities. Our flame cut parts can be used in steel structures requiring CE-marking. Best service close to you We are a reliable partner with high-quality products and services. We work according to the quality and environmental certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. All the plates and steel parts are traceable, and they are delivered with certificates when needed. Deliveries from the Valkeakoski Steel Service Center arrive promptly and easily to the Baltic markets thanks to our excellent transportation connections. We have also established a stock 10 |

6/2018 November-December

filled with XARÂŽ wear resistant steel plates in Southern Estonia. Customers are happy with our professional service. In addition to our Finnish sales team, we have local representatives in Tallinn and Riga. You get the best service from Annely and Vitalijs with your own language. Come and meet us on Tech Industry fair on in Riga! Contact information: Annely Ojamets +372 53 028 900

Vitalijs Ribakovs +371 28 4499 45

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cross the globe, people associate the name Atlanta with quality, high tech and precision in the world of drive technology. The company headquartered in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, has been a specialist in transmission manufacturing for more than 80 years, and produces complete solutions in the form of standard and special designs, but also individual drive components, pinions and precision gear racks. In some sectors such as servo-angle-gear units and gear racks, Atlanta is already the world market leader. This innovative family-run business is faced with the challenge of continuing to expand this success. To this end, the management team at Atlanta pursue jointly with its staff of approx. 270 employees pursues the objective of continuous process optimisation as can be seen in the example of fluid management. "Two factors have led us to intensify our focus on the subject of lubricants and fluid management", explains Thorsten Ruf, project manager at Atlanta. "Firstly we introduced our new TOC management system a good three years ago which permanently scrutinises all processes and resources in order to prevent system bottle necks – this includes lubricants as a matter of course. The second crucial point for focussing on fluid management was an existing lubricant issue with the rack and pinion production", remembers Thorsten Ruf. “We had to add vast amounts of anti-foaming agents and preservatives to keep the lubricant system in our production systems stable. This not only entailed work, reduced service life and high costs, but also a relatively high level of oil mist formation."

Grinding with a specially formulated Oest Colometa emulsion

12 |

6/2018 November-December

The supplier at the time was not able to eliminate the existing problems, which simply resulted in Oest being contacted. Quickly a test run was arranged with a specially formulated grinding emulsion from the Oest Colometa product range. "Intensive talks with Andreas Trick from Oest Application Technology, who has accompanied the entire project meant that we were very confident about the success of changing lubricants from the beginning", says Thorsten Ruf. "One aspect which weighed heavily in Oest's favour", he adds, "is that Oest not only sells lubricants, but actually develops and manufactures these." Problem simulation in the laboratory leads to desired success The centrepiece of the lubricant specialist Oest at its Freudenstadt location in Germany is the research and development centre with a 700-square-metre laboratory floor. And it's not just product innovations that are created here. All Oest product families whether they are high-performance grinding oils or water-miscible cooling lubricants are subject to continuous development and adaptation to customer-specific requirements. Only highly qualified specialists – trained chemists, engineers, chemical laboratory assistants and application engineers – work in the high-tech laboratory. This bundled expertise combine with state-of-theart laboratory technology did pay dividends during the lubricant changeover period at Atlanta because the first test run ran anything but smoothly. Applications engineer Andreas Trick remembers clearly: "Filtration of the standard product we used was far from satisfactory during the first test. A very thin filter cake and a high level of foaming presented a real challenge for us.” But neither the Oest team nor the responsible persons at Atlanta saw this as a reason to give up. "Immediately after being given the green light by Mr Ruf and the Atlanta board of management for a second test run, we looked into the root causes with a specially developed test set-up at the

An optimal filter cake that speaks for itself

Oest laboratory which allowed precise simulation of the filtration process and led to the crucial breakthrough!" A short time later, the second attempt was conducted and a system was filled with the newly developed grinding emulsion, also based on the Oest Colometa product family. The result could be seen immediately: an optimal filter cake and very high purity of the cutting fluid – all using a cost-efficient standard filter fleece. “It was a success all the way that exceeded our expectations", Thorsten Ruf recalls. In the following month, other systems were gradually put into operation with the new, finely filterable grinding emulsion by Oest until the new year when the major change was implemented on all machinery in the gear rack production.

cooling lubricants. As is the case with our Colometa P line that does not contain bactericides and combines excellent compatibility with a very high level of stability." "With Oest we have the ideal system supplier at our side, supplying us with all important lubricants while tak-

Increased process reliability while reducing costs "The newly developed grinding lubricant from the Colometa range is highly stable and contributes significantly to process stability. This is a vital factor in the manufacture of our high-precision gear rack", says Thorsten Ruf. "And the cost factor should also be taken into account. The longer service life, the omission of defoaming agents and preservatives, but also the option of using a cost-efficient standard filter fleece and its low consumption all allowed us to optimise the process stability as well as reduce our costs." "The one thing I have noticed during my recent visits to Plant 2", finds Oest regional sales manager Manfred Walke, "is the pleasant odourless air in the productions halls compared to the past." Karsten Haiber confirms this, "Yes, our employees are more than happy with this aspect of the changeover. And not just in terms of the minimal oil mist formation, but also in relation to skin compatibility." And Andreas Trick adds, "Possible risks to health in the work place are a hot topic in this day and age. Therefore it is even more important for us to consider compatibility aspects during the development of new

Rack steering manufacture at Plant 2 of world market leader Atlanta

ing on a proactive role in process optimisation", Thorsten Ruf summarises. “This means the cooperation is always targeted and efficient. Even for very special challenges, as we have seen.”

INFO Georg Oest Mineralölwerk GmbH & Co. KG Pavel Kozelek - Country Manager Eastern Europe +420 778 030 630 November-December 6/2018

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MORE CHIPS? YOU GOT IT! by Rolf Ehrler and Jasmin Herter


oremans, the contract machining specialist, opted for tools from Gühring to improve the efficiency of its milling process for mould plates made of CrMo steel. Using milling cutters with flat knuckle-type teeth, it managed to reduce processing times to just a quarter of what they were and double metal removal rates.

Coremans is a contract machining firm that specialises in making tools and moulds. Based in Rilland in the Netherlands, it has been in business for 45 years and is known for the manufacture of tools used in injection moulding. Coremans mainly offers solutions for the processing of thermoplastics such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and also PP (polypropylene). The Dutch outfit builds complete systems for a host of well-known manufacturers. In addition, the company offers what it calls an ‘all-in-one toolshop’ for complex machine parts, with the emphasis on efficiency and short lead times. Coremans is part of the Dexter Group, which operates across the Netherlands as a flexible network of high-tech specialist tool manufacturers delivering an all-round service. The tool specialist Gühring supplies the company with rotating machining tools and offers Coremans the benefit of its expertise in the manufacture of tools and moulds.

Instead of working with a conventional milling cutter with interchangeable insert, Coremans now uses a roughing end mill from Gühring with optimised tool geometry when roughing mould plates for tools used in injection moulding. Efficiency and chip evacuation have improved significantly (©Gühring)

Machining process for mould plates needed to be more generally consist of two halves: the nozzle side and the efficient ejector side. Both in turn consist of several plates. And Coremans recently approached Gühring regarding these mould plates that make up the two-plate tools need a specific machining scenario. It was a case of cutting a to have cavities, pockets, and recesses – also referred to as mould plate from the tool steel 1.2312 used for plastic moulds. The material is suitable for high-tensile mould frames and is also used in the plastics industry. Given its relatively high sulphur content, the tool steel is easy to machine, very dimensionally stable and tough, and both highly wear-resistant and evenly hard following nitriding – even when large cross-sections are involved. All-purpose vacuum-degassed chromium-molybdenum (CrMo) steel is always the right choice when no additional heat treatment is required. This is a tough, pre-hardened steel with The milling paths seen here highlight the kinematics of the GTC considerable core strength. process with its circulating feed movement, a trochoidal milling variant specific to Gühring Tools used in injection moulding, (© Gühring) like those made by Coremans, 14 |

6/2018 November-December


Visit us in Hall 2 Stand E9 at TechIndustry 29.11.-01.12.2018, Riga / Latvia

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mould inserts or mould cavities – milled into them. In this particular instance, it was a case of milling pockets, boreholes, and reliefs into one such mould plate with a tensile strength of around 1,000 N/mm2 – a process where the company was keen to optimise both main and secondary processing times and increase It now takes less than 4.5 hours to mill this kind of mould plate metal removal rates. from the material known as 1.2312 – not to mention the signifThe tool specialists at icant improvement in process reliability and greatly extended Gühring decided to come up tool life (© Gühring) with a completely new milling strategy: instead of the milling cutter with interchangeable insert used previously, they length. Low machining forces and the fact these are evenopted for the newly developed RF 100 VA roughing end ly distributed along the entire cutting length facilitate mill, which was unveiled last year at the EMO trade fair. high machining speeds and favour long tool life. Trochoidal milling cutters are also well suited to dry Good results were expected due to its optimised roughing geometry, which had already extended tool life by up machining. The milling process itself is not exactly new. But GTC may be regarded as an advance, in machining to 60% in other machining scenarios. terms, based on the performance levels of machining The heart of the new milling strategy: roughing based centres currently available. Not to mention geometry adjustments and the wear resistance of tools. The method on optimised geometry The pockets, boreholes, and reliefs were milled from is often adopted when very high metal removal rates are two sides. The plate was reset once. The challenge, and the main objective, was to rough the mould elements required both quickly and reliably, and directly with the small corner radii of the precision tool (Figure 1). It was extremely important to ensure effective chip evacuation with the help of air cooling. And here too, it was the adjustments to both geometry and flutes that made it possible for small chips to roll down and therefore away from the tool in a reliable manner. The pockets and openings could be machined very quickly and efficiently from two sides with a medium-length version of the roughing end mill (16 mm diameter with a 22 mm cutting length and 58 mm range) due to the new,asymmetrical knuckle-type roughing geometry. Thanks to the option of increased feeds of 20 mm depthwise (ap) and up to 9 mm laterally (ae), it was possible, based on a feed rate of 600 mm/min, to achieve a metal removal rate of over 108 cm3/min. The machining technicians at Gühring used the GTC (Gühring Trochoidal Cutting) strategy. This modern method of milling with a circulating feed movement is evident in the milling paths to be found on the mould plate (Figure 2). The trochoidal milling strategy avoids the sudden loads to which tools are often exposed during conventional milling. Controlling the milling path by means of a low radial feed rate ensures the tool enters and Solving the problem: the RF 100 VA roughleaves the workpiece relatively smoothly. ing end mill, a Ratio high-performance roughing end mill with flat knuckle-type Trochoidal roughing is particularly suitable for mateeth and an optimised roughing geometry chining deep cavities as the roughing end mill creates the (© Gühring) contour down the entire depth based on the full cutting 16 |

6/2018 November-December

required. Compared with the milling cutter with interchangeable insert previously used by Coremans (bought from a competitor), Gühring was able to increase metal removal rates by a factor of 3.5, while also increasing process reliability and tool life. Coremans is also benefiting from milling that is significantly quieter than before and therefore more gentle on machinery. The RF 100 VA roughing end mill supports very high cutting values at low spindle power, and chips, as already mentioned, are easily evacuated – despite the fact a dry machining process is involved. Reduction in machining time from over 16 hours to less than 4.5 The previous milling concept favoured by the competitor meant machining took over 16 hours – due to interruptions when replacing interchangeable inserts and the low metal removal rate. Thanks to the innovative geometry and outstanding milling performance associated with Gühring's new roughing end mill, the machining time was reduced to less than 4.5 hours and process reliability was also improved (Figure 3). The solution to the problem was the Ratio high-performance roughing end mill with flat knuckle-type teeth and an optimised roughing geometry (Figure 4), which underwent several geometry adjustments at the development stage in order to deliver such a drastic increase in metal removal rates – as well as extending tool life by up to 60% – compared with similar tools on the market. The new roughing profile is characterised by a flat run-out to protect the loaded area and by a particularly deep and round groove geometry. Bigger than usual flutes create short chips, which are easier to evacuate. Unlike conventional approaches, the geometry is asymmetrical. The stable, asymmetrical knuckles create a smooth rough-finish surface; this reduces the cutting pressure compared with smooth-cutting milling cutters. The resulting soft cutting action favours use on less powerful tool machines or in unstable clamping configurations. Thanks to the new, tougher tool material, the roughing end mills are less prone to chipping of the cutting edges. This is where Gühring, the manufacturer, benefits from its outstanding production depth: the company’s own carbide manufacturing facility makes it possible to optimise the substrate and adapt the carbide to the extreme loads associated with roughing.


Pneumacon Oy Pneumacon Oy Estonia Palo-Ojantie 5 Lõõtsa 2A 05810 Hyvinkää 11415 Tallinn Finland Estonia Tel. +358 10 778 1400 Tel. + 372 6 419 491 • •

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November-December 6/2018

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he Lithuanian company ALMECHA from Alytus may be a proper example of consistent and stable growth of Baltic market. The company has been manufacturing for more than 5 decades and you might be impressed not only by its technical capabilities and diversity of production, but also by a team of experienced metal processing professionals. UAB ALMECHA may be also named as one of the oldest operating metal processing companiesin Lithuania. Since 1963, the company has been operating as non-standard products production department of AB SNAIGÄ–, the manufacturer of refrigerators, and since 2007, became its subsidiary UAB ALMECHA. According to Taidas Sakalauskas, the company's general manager, ALMECHA's technical capacity and proved experience allow the company to focus on two branches of activity. Firstly, the factory specializes in the designing and manufacturing of equipment and tools. These are plastic molds, filler molds, vacuum forming molds, dies, gauges and other tools mainly used in production. However, the company can reasonably be proud of years of experience in manufacturing of non-standard products, such as various production and technological lines, production equipment, containers, wagons, various construction structures and many other metal products.

Some examples of stamped parts

Refrigirators doors production line with stamps and rollers

18 |

6/2018 November-December

hard to single out one more or less successful project because they were all successful. "We appreciate the fact that ALMECHA is a reliable partner and supplier. Professional and competent staff develops a very good quality of supplied equipment and, most importantly, always on time. The prices of the equipment being ordered correspond to the quality and other harmonized requirements, therefore we expect further cooperation in other projects", - Saulius Žaltauskas looks forward. ALMECHA is a certified and complies with the European manufacturing standards.

Measurement of the molded part during the mold test

Devoted professionals with strong technical capacity Such wide range of ALMECHA's capabilities is not surprising when you see the factory working successfully with CNC milling centers, CNC turning centers, CMM (coordinate measuring machine), EDM (electrical discharge machine) wire, EDM sinking, and all kinds of universal metal turning, grinding, milling machines. At the present time, the company hires 55 employees: most of them have a significant baggage of experience and high qualification. Many of them work for 20-30 years in the company, and the clearly structured organization allows for smooth and quality management of projects. ALMECHA's CEO Taidas is convinced that the long years of work in this industry, high qualification of people and desire to work is the main strength of the company. Together with it, a wide and loyal partnership was created, a broad technical base was formed, and new software for design and processing was added for manufacture. Reference for reliability and quality Finnish manufacturers PAROC has been a partner of ALMECHA since 2004. The partnershipstarted with the installation of an insulating stone wool second production line and its launch in Vilnius. Furthermore, polymerization chambers for this production process are also manufactured by ALMECHA - the fifth polymerization chamber is currently being produced at the manufacturing plant. Insulated stone wool produced in Lithuania reaches the local market, as well as Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Belarus and other countries. As PAROC representative Saulius Žaltauskas says, it's

Equipment for the woodworking industry

INFO ALMECHA UAB Pramonės g. 6 LT-62175 Alytus, Lithuania +370 315 56260 November-December 6/2018

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SSAB Laser ®



Shared cutting path is a game-changer in laser cutting. It can reduce the amount of scrap by up to 30%, which is the same as producing 30% more revenue-generating parts from every SSAB Laser ® plate or sheet. SSAB Laser ® is a practically ‘dead flat’ material, which allows us to guarantee a maximum flatness deviation of 3.0 mm/m before and after laser cutting. The quality of the cut edge is excellent even at increased cutting speed. SSAB Laser ® has equal bending behavior in all directions, providing higher yield through more flexible nesting opportunities. Overall, SSAB Laser ® results in faster and more

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Newest machinery, skilled operators and smooth steel surface - a perfect match

LITHUANIAN STEEL SUBCONTRACTOR COMPANY PLIENO FORTAS RELY ON SSAB LASER® TO KEEP THEIR CUSTOMER SATISFIED JSC "Plieno Fortas" is a Lithuanian steel processing company focusing on manufacturing specific parts and products for demanding customers – all over Europe. Over 70 % of what is produced is going to export. They also produce their own steel doors and rely on steady deliveries of quality material from SSAB. -The more difficult product we make and the more value we create the more respect we get from our customers. To meet these demands we rely on quality steels from SSAB, says Vaida Šilėnienė, Sales and Marketing Manager at Plieno Fortas.

Vaida Šilėnienė, Sales and Marketing Manager at Plieno Fortas

Relying on safe and high quality deliveries One of the long term suppliers of steel is the Swedish/ Finnish company SSAB. For many years they have delivered high quality steel and especially the updated product SSAB Laser ® is really performing well in the production. With consistent properties, predictable behavior and flatness there is no need for alterations in the laser cutting machines. This leads to less scrap and no need for machine corrections between batches. -It has proven to be very good for Plieno Fortas and ultimately their customers. We work hard to be a dependable material supplier and also include technical support. This is included in the prize, not adding any extra cost, just more skills to the staff. So, we have a very good working relation, says Justas Gaižutis, Sales manager for SSAB Europe in Lithuania. Several business areas On top of traditional cutting and bending, Plieno Fortas also offers 2D and 3D laser cutting, punching, CNC turning and milling, robotic and manual welding, powder coating. The experience of the company allows rendering the services of steel processing and manufacturing steel details for various manufacturing sectors such as; forest machinery, agricultural machinery, construction, furniture, interior, medicine, shop equipment and industrial equipment. Since the start of the company in 1994, the focus has been to offer a complete package of services from design and product development to its complete assembly, packNovember-December 6/2018

| 21

Bending requires lots of experience

aging and logistics services. -Ten dedicated specialists - six industrial designers and four technical sales representatives makes sure that all the customers’ technical needs and desires are fully covered. In total we have 160 employees and many of them choose to stay on for many years, creating a good basis for our continuous development of the company, says Vaida. Further expansion ahead Due to a growing demand the company is expanding

into a new building across the street from the current factory. They are adding another 3000 m2 and already now – just some weeks before moving in – it seems to be filled right away. -We didn’t anticipate such a high demand when we decided to expand. Hopefully we will be able to handle all the business opportunities. If not, expanding even more can be an alternative, says Vaida. Apart from the subcontracting business Plieno Fortas is also producing their own line of steel doors. This business was from the beginning the most important but today it stands for around 20% of the total turnover. Quality and environment To be able to succeed in today’s fierce competitive market, Plieno Fortas has all the necessary certificates for quality and environment. The timeless value such as punctuality, quality results, flexibility and teamwork goes without saying. For more information and to find out details there is always more information to be found on the web page or contact the company directly.

INFO JSC "Plieno fortas" Televizoriu st. 3, Siauliai, Lithuania LT-78137 +370 699 21343

Attention to every detail

SSAB Europe Justas Gaizutis Sales manager, Lithuania +370 611 22344

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6/2018 November-December

JSC Deliuvis company specializes in sheet steel processing and successfully operates from 2006. We can manage each of sheet steel processing tasks - laser cutting, bending, welding, robot welding, hot dip galvanizing in our factory. Laser cutting - up to 12 m length Bending - up to 10 m length

Multi-Rail RM Combo-Rail Multi-Rail RH Grid Fixturing Blank Fixturing Clamp modules Stop modules Riser blocks Side guides

Hydraulic Clamping

Sales: November-December 6/2018

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Manage production processes, keep everything in ONE PLACE More than 40 years of experience; More than 4000 customers; 100% for manufacturing companies; Simple and quick installation with a user-friendly working environment.

We sell WORLDCLASS equipment for Metalworking industry Equipment for cutting, bending and machining; Automation and enhanced solutions to the Smart Factory; Installation, maintenance and training.

WE SET UP and develop manufacturing

LITHUANIA Industrial hub in EUROPE NO

corporate tax in first 10 years. ½ of corporate tax over the next 6 years


real estate tax


RIGA, LATVIA 29/11 >1/12

HALL 2 - Booth C5


reated in 1994 in ALBI (France), by a group of 12 passionate engineers and technicians to design and manufacture CNC cutting equipment, MECANUMERIC has based its development model upon basic values of technicity, performances and quality of the products, completed by a strong sense of innovation, flexibility and service. 24 years later, the company has equipped more than 14 000 customers in 62 different countries, thanks to the reliability of its equipment and to the numerous services that it offers: training, installation, hotline, maintenance, technical support… Aware of the increasing demand in the Baltic countries for reliable and performing CNC equipment, MECANUMERIC has put a lot of efforts on the area to satisfy Baltic companies’ needs.

MECANUMERIC already attended BALTTECHNIKA in Vilnius twice (in 2017 and 2018) and TECH INDUSTRY in Riga last year. The company will once again attend TECH INDUSTRY this year starting November 29th. Visitors will discover a small part of the range the company offers in Hall 2 Booth C5: • MECAPRO: a versatile and performing milling machine for various applications • QUICKJET: a waterjet cutting center designed for industrial players • DMC: a very precise mini milling center for fine machining. Furthermore, for one year now, MECANUMERIC has recruited a new technician based in Vilnius and able to intervene on the whole Baltic area for installation, maintenance, training… A dedicated sales team is also being recruited to make trade easier.

MECANUMERIC - Z.I. Fonlabour - 81000 ALBI - France - Tel. +33 (0)5 63 38 34 40 -

Humans, technologies and solutions


Listening In addition to advise you the best solution and to follow you up, we support you !

Custom-made 50% of its production, the biggest strength of Mecanumeric.

Multi-technologies Manufacturer of water jet, laser and knife cutting and HSC milling, but also of vacuum forming solutions.

100% integrated Control of the full production line on a single location, starting with R&D up to delivery.


MECANUMERIC Z.I. Fonlabour - 81000 ALBI - France

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ississippi’s WALT Machine Inc. specializes in high-precision optical work for scientific camera assemblies. Each spring WALT Machine must meet a massive challenge: Deliver around 6000 camera housings in 2 months’ time, with only one CNC machine. A First Simple Vision System for Collaborative Robots Being able to deliver this massive order in time implies that WALT Machine Inc. President, Tommy Caughey, needs to hire a full-time CNC machine operator. By the time the new employee is fully trained and operational, the parts are almost delivered and his/her services will soon be no-longer needed. To deal with short-term rise in production volume, Tommy Caughey started to look into a robotic based solution a few years back. “I saw Universal Robots at IMTS Trade Show maybe 4 or 6 years ago and I found it interesting: a robot that does not require any extra stuff, like jigs for example. I followed up throughout the years and thought that's where we needed to go one day."

Doubled Production and Top Quality Since WALT Machine Inc. bought its robot, named Arthur, twice as many parts are being machined everyday. The CNC machining still takes the same time, but it’s the number of operational hours that make all the difference. The company was able to save half the time in production by eliminating a lot of machine idle time. The contract in question needs to be completed within two months so there is a production rush to be able to deliver all the parts on time. A huge benefit when integrating a robot in the production line is that the machine can now run non-stop in this two month period. Tommy does not need to worry about training, extra salary, or employee retention between

One problem remained: He knew he needed either a vision system or a conveyer, to pick up the raw parts from the table. “Everyone told me that it's a very difficult process, that you need to have a person in your shop to do it”, Caughey recalls. A big plus when using a robot is the ability for it to continue production during unattended hours in the shop. This of course increases productivity since twice as many parts can be made in the same time. In June 2016, Robotiq released the Plug + Play Wrist Camera made exclusively for Universal Robots. For the entrepreneur, this was a game changer. “I didn’t need a vision expert anymore, I could do it myself. I bought the camera, and it’s super simple. It takes about 10 minutes and your part is taught. “ It takes 30 to 45 minutes to machine one side of those camera housings. If you only work 8 hours a day. It will be several weeks of work to produce the order with one machine, and WALT could not afford that bottleneck. “So being able to run 15-20 hours a day and not having to hire anyone else is a major plus for us,” says Caughey.

production rushes. Tommy Caughey was also stressed about quality and consistency during unattended hours. “It's just about letting it go and accept the fact that it's gonna run for an extra 4-6 hours, that you're gonna go home and nothing's gonna break. And it’s actually the case most of the time!”

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6/2018 November-December

New Team Skills Arthur’s arrival among the team also allows long-time machinist Matthew Niemeyer to improve his skillset on the production floor. “First, I got to learn how to program the robot, Niemeyer explains. Then, you have the robot loading the machine, but you're still doing all the fine tuning of it, such as the programming. But the remedial tasks of loading and unloading the machine is taken care for you, so you don't get worn out.” When everything is running fine, in the factory, Matthew is able to focus on his new role at WALT Machine. The robot’s arrival created an opportunity for him to upgrade as a sales representative in the team. “We can get more and more business into the shop, which will lead to more machines, more robots

and a promising overall growth.” All of this wouldn’t be possible without this first robot. Far from stealing jobs, Tommy Caughey truly believes that in 10 years, every small shop like his will have at least one robot. For him, this change happens for the same reason that so many changes happened beforehand in other industries. “No one is yelling at a contractor for using an excavator instead of hundred men with shovels, he compares. I didn’t fire anyone to do this. It just changes where the work is. Instead of having guys sitting here just putting parts in and out of the machine, they can do more quality-related stuff. They can check parts, clean, package them and even bring in more sales!” And with a robot that doubles the production capacity, business opportunities are greater and orders are delivered on time. Foremost, with the satisfaction of WALT Machine’s first integration project, they see these new business opportunities as a way to scale their robotics capabilities in their shop.

programmed CNC machines and G-codes for 10 years, done XYZ positional and spatial stuff, but never explored robotics. When I got the robot, I did a little reading and it was pretty simple. There is a lot of help on the UR and Robotiq websites, with programming for example.” As for the vision system, Caughey was really impressed by the Robotiq Wrist Camera teaching methods. “Either you take your part and set it on the surface where you want to pick it and you take four snapshots of it in four different orientations. Or if it’s something simple like a rectangular or a circular blank, you just set the dimensions of what you are picking and it knows.” The next step is to put 15 to 20 of the same unmachined parts on the table within the camera’s field of view. The robot then rotates and looks over the table, takes one snapshot to see all the parts. For more accurate picking, it gets closer and takes another snapshot of the part it is about to pick. After, the robot places the part into the vice in the CNC machine. Then it sends a signal to the Haas CNC machine to press the start button. “It is so easy, Caughey adds. We don't even have to teach waypoints because it only needs to look on this table for parts. We don't need a conveyor or any special fixturing. If you change parts, you just need to tell Arthur that you are looking for a different part and change the 2-Finger Gripper’s closing setup, it's pretty simple. There isn't a lot of changeover so that's why I like the camera-gripper combo.” Start increasing your production efficiency in your shop today by automating your robotic project today! About Robotiq Robotiq's tools and know-how simplify collaborative robot applications, so factories can start production faster. Robotiq works with a global network of connected robot experts supporting their local manufacturers.

INFO No Robot Expertise and No Problem Robotic automation is intimidating for someone who never touched a robot before. Tommy Caughey is one of those entrepreneurs who started from scratch with his first robot. “I've 30 |

6/2018 November-December

Robotiq Eugénie Lachance 1-418-380-2788 #265

Achatas UAB is producing metal constructions for furniture, car industry and also metal inserts and moulds for several producers of moulded Polyurethane foam for furniture. • • • • •

Metal wire 3D CNC bending. Thickness of the wire form 4 to 12 mm Metal tube CNC 3D bending. Tube thickness from 11 to 32 mm Metal punching CNC machine. Metal plate thickness from 0,5mm till 3mm Sheet metal CNC bending machines TIG/MIG welding


visit us at Elmia Subcontractor Fair in Jönköping, Sweden, November 13-16, 2018



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Balancing and Diagnostic Systems

Company RoTec Polska is an exclusive representative of SCHENCK RoTec in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania and offers: - sale of SCHENCK balancing machines - services, annual checks and certifications of balancing machines - modernizations - spare parts - trainings and consulting - balancing services

Visit us on our stand at Hall 2, stand E-8 Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, 29th November – 1st December. RoTec Polska also offers cleaning equipment for industrial applications Ultrasonic cleaning machines from company Ultratecno

RoTec Polska Ul. Strefowa 8a 43-100 Tychy, Poland

Automatic cleaning machines from company Ecoclean

Workshop cleaning machines TurboClean evo 2

tel. +48 32 780 6750 email:


PERFECTLY INTEGRATED, PROCESS OPTIMIZED SCHENCK ROTEC'S TOOLDYNE BALANCING SYSTEM ENHANCES THE QUALITY ASSURANCE OF PRECISION TOOLS To meet the increasing requirements for quality control of its precision tools and tool holders, the renowned tool manufacturer LMT Kieninger has decided to purchase another balancing machine from Schenck RoTec. The customer opted for the compact Tooldyne all-in-one system. Its scope and a few additional customized features meant it could be perfectly integrated into the production process


he new system was required as a flexible option to cover spikes in demand, and needed to be integrated into existing processes seamlessly. Giuseppe Scarpulla, who heads up tool holder production at LMT Kieninger, says: "Apart from basic requirements such as a high degree of measuring accuracy and safety, aspects such as interconnectivity and data handling were top of our wish list". Schenck RoTec's latest, fully equipped version of Tooldyne meets these requirements. In the German city of Lahr, the balancing process takes place immediately after assembly and prior to final inspection of the tools. Each tool is checked, ensuring 100-percent quality control. Tooldyne's lean design is suitable for a wide array of rotating tools. These may be up to 30 kg in weight and up to 600 mm in length (incl. adapter), with a maximum diameter of 400 mm. Unbalance measurement is performed in one and two planes with spindle speeds of up to 1200 min-1, delivering excellent results: the smallest achievable residual unbalance is 0.5 gmm/kg, which corresponds to just 0.5 µm eccentricity of the center of gravity. Tooldyne comes equipped with a raft of features that are important for modern data handling. These include an Ethernet interface, statistics in CSV file format, the export of rotor data, and a balancing report. Another great advantage for facilitating system and process integration at LMT Kieninger was that Tooldyne runs on MS-Windows®. Though unusual in this

market segment, many users see this as an attractive feature. "It enables us to connect the machine quickly and easily with the IT system in our production. Plus it has ensured a seamless data flow from the outset – without any time-consuming configuration work", highlights Giuseppe Scarpulla. To optimize test report administration, Schenck has added a bar code reader at the customer's request. "Thanks to this additional feature, we can now scan the bar codes of our routing slips directly at the balancing machine and automatically transfer all order and product data into the test report. Manual input procedures are thus no longer necessary, which saves a lot of time, prevents errors and makes the process significantly more efficient", explains production manager Scarpulla. Efficiency from A to Z Efficiency is certainly one of Tooldyne's strong points. Take the impressive pneumatic clamping mechanism, for instance, which draws the tool placed on it into the adapter and positions it accurately. This solution developed by Schenck RoTec not only speeds up the process but also guarantees reproducible, highly accurate unbalance measurements. The touch panel of the CAB measuring unit ensures both efficiency and ergonomics, and can be easily moved into optimum position for data input. It uses clear symbols and intuitive menu navigation. Another efficiency factor of Tooldyne is its perpetual calibration. This eliminates the need for time-consuming tool-specific calibration runs before or during balancing and significantly reduces machining time. Giuseppe Scarpulla adds: "Once the tool data has been entered, we can start measuring straight away – no waiting required. Following the unbalance measurement, the machine clearly and accurately displays the correction position via a line laser. This means we are ready to continue." At LMT Kieninger, Tooldyne is integrated into Schenck RoTec's comprehensive service and maintenance program. This includes not only quick spare parts supply but also 24/7 remote diagnosis, enabling the plant engineering firm to get an update on the state of the Tooldyne system at any time.

INFO Balancing tools with SCHENCK Tooldyne machine at LMT Kieninger

RoTec Polska Excusive SCHENCK representative in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. 43-100 Tychy ul. Strefowa 8a +48 32 788 82 84 November-December 6/2018

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he Lithuanian company "Kauno kranai" installing lifting equipment may be called as a perfect example of how German precision and Lithuanian flexibility can work hand in hand. The individualized attitude to every customer has already brought to fruition - step by step, the company is starting to cooperate with the Swedish market when still successfully growing in the Baltics. "Kauno kranai" was established in 1963 and gradually became one of the largest companies in the Baltic States providing tower cranes (from 6 to 12 tons of lifting capacity) and mobile cranes (from 30 to 300 t lifting capacity) rental and maintenance services. The company also produces overhead, jib cranes, various lifting equipment - lifting traverses, clamps, slings, provides overhead, jib, gantry cranes maintenance, modernization services, partial and full technical inspections, inspection and repair of lifting equipment. According to company's general manager Mr. Andrius Lukševičius, the main users of the production are various manufacturing, metal, wood processing, construction companies. Metal processing companies usually work with heavyweight production, massive structures, which makes the overhead cranes indispensable for storage and production. Overhead cranes help to optimize production processes, move loads, raw materials or goods. German-Lithuanian solutions "Seeing that we are the partner of STAHL, German crane producers with old traditions and long-standing experience, our customers are offered a particularly high quality, durable, reliable lifting equipment. The needs of each customer are analyzed, the competent constructors 34 |

6/2018 November-December

offer the optimal lifting equipment that is most suitable for the needs, which not only ensures smooth, sustained work, but also is convenient to use and reliable", says Andrius. The German crane manufacturing company STAHL CRANE SYSTEMS has a long tradition and extensive work experience and is intended to manufacture its own production exclusively in Germany. It seems that the Germans are reasonably famous for their precision - customers leave excellent reviews about the quality and efficiency of cranes. However, STAHL lifting equipment is only part of the whole „Kauno kranai“ product, since the construction of the structures and the specific solutions are adapted by the "Kauno kranai" itself. "Our purpose is not only to sell and install the crane, but also to provide the client an engineering solution and to give a good emotion using the crane. Each customer is unique, each of them has their individual needs, so our approach to each project is very personal. Often, the client knows only that he needs to lift a certain weight of the load and bring it to a certain point. We are expexted to offer the full technical and optimal solution for the customer. As a result, we actively invest in our employees, their trainning, and encourage creativity and innovative attitude. As we manufacture our own crane metal constructions, we can choose the most suitable structures for

our customer, thus saving his money", says Andrius. Experience transforms wishes to needs According to "Kauno kranai" general manager, the company is currently implementing one of the most impressive projects. The customer requested 8 overhead cranes for his metal production warehouse and dollies for moving goods by the track on the floor of the warehouse, but "Kauno kranai" had another solution for him. "In order to optimize the processes in the client's company, we suggested replacing the dollies running on the tracks, installing cargo transportation platforms that are remotely controlled, and have a lithium-ion batteries which ensures a longer continuous work. For these platforms, no tracks are needed, they are maneuvering, the cargo can be transported not only in the plant, but also, if necessary, moved outside. In the absence of tracks, it is more convenient to work with other lifting equipment in the warehouse (forklifts etc), their wheels are not damaged, " says Andrius. The main strength of the company is united, coherent, friendly, hand-in-hand working team. "We value teamwork and the initiative of each team member, and we are happy to have employees with many years of experience. Some of them has over 40 years of uninterrupted work in our company and these employees know about every customer - what cranes we have produced for him, where the company is located", adds Andrius. Therefore, the company is proud of the invaluable opportunity to bring together senior employees' work, practical experience and innovations, new thinking and attitudes towards of younger generation who already have master's degree in engineering.

INFO UAB Kauno kranai Andrius Lukševičius CEO +37069875679

Certificates: −Certificate No. 0161 (Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania) granting the right to carry out construction works for part of the structure and building; −Certificate No. E-1609 (State Energy Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania under the Ministry of Energy, which grants the right to engage in the exploitation of electrical equipment; −Certificate 2268-CPR -192 (Kiwa) for building steel structures; −Certificate confirming compliance of the management system with ISO 9001: 2015 (LST EN ISO 9001: 2015) ISO 14001: 2015 (BS EN ISO 14001: 2015) BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 (LST 1977: 2008)

Our company has a newly built production-warehousing building in 2017. "Kauno kranai" installed 4 overhead cranes and it has been working perfectly since the beginning, are easy to use, there were no malfunction. After the first year of using it, the representative of "Kauno kranai" contacted us and reminded that a crane inspection was already required. As we expected, everything was checked and solved. We definitely look forward to cooperating in the future. Rolandas Barvainis Deputy manager at HANSA FLEX HIDRAULIKA, TOWER CRANESUAB

Local construction sector wouldn’t be what it is now without| 35 November-December 6/2018 “Kauno kranai”. Using Liebherr and Wolff




ust imagine if you have workpiece, let’s say something about 80x40x30mm, 3-axis vertical CNC milling machine, the finished part will be done with 10 different tools and full machining for both sides of such workpiece takes about 5mins in standard vice. You clamp the workpiece in vice, let the machine to do its job, then change the workpiece and so on and so on. By doing in such way you are using very small area of your machine table so why not to consider placing more workpieces on it? One of the biggest subcontracting of precise mechanical components companies from Lithuania Baltec CNC Technologies together with OK VISE from Finland says NO to machine table space wasting and there are few unbeatable arguments for that. Here are some numbers. Let’s take 5.4sec tool changing time. If we have 10 operations in total with different tools to finish a workpiece mentioned before then it is almost 1 min (54sec., just to be accurate) and if you process 12 pcs. of such workpieces, then it is almost 12 min only for tool changing in case if You clamp it one by one. By clamping 24 workpieces on your table at once (12 first side machining and 12 for other, as in the picture below), for all those workpieces, in total, you need only 10 tool changes which is 1 min, compared to 12 minutes for same workpiece quantity, so time savings are about 11

mins for one setup. As Baltec CNC Technologies engineers’ technologists team says, that total time spent for workpiece changing is similar in both variants of machining, and non-stop machining cycle time is 45 minutes for such multi-clamped workpieces setup. It means that operator is available to operate next CNC machine while 1st is running. With standard vice setup workpiece change would be done each 2-3 minutes. During normal 8 hours shift operator should do about 8 such setups which means that in one shift it was saved about 90 minutes only for tool changing by choosing other philosophy of workpiece clamping. So, do not waste your machine table space only for chips holding and valuable time of your operators – they can do much more, and OK VISE clamping solutions are probably one of the best options to help them.

INFO Machine Tool Center UAB Kalvarijos str. 38, LT-46346 Kaunas, Lithuania +370 37 291567

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6/2018 November-December

Pr im ur eT ni ™ ng wi th Co r Tu ro n® Pr im e

Up. Down. Left. Right.

Modern turning works in any direction.

PrimeTurning™ and Y-axis parting are new turning methods revolutionizing the industry. By making use of the opportunities given by modern CNC machines and challenging conventional machining directions, the gains in productivity and tool life can reach levels unlike ever seen before.


Y-axis parting with CoroCut® QD

Find out where these innovations will lead you.


KG Constructions project: Green Hall 2, Vilnius



inas Karzinauskas, CEO of the company: KG Constructions company is creating the most progressive, functional and aesthetically unique high technology facade solutions for 11 years in the Baltics and Scandinavia. Application of the most innovative technologies in aluminum-glass production allows us to stay in the leading positions in different markets and to modernize European cities. Our portfolio consists of the highest and well-known buildings in the Baltics and Scandinavia. Currently, KG Constructions employs over 440 people. In Vilnius we have administrative office and 8,500m2 production factory, in which over 100,000m2 of facades can be made annually.

Monitor ERP benefited every department in the company, provided more accurate and faster internal communication and became the main tool in everyday business. With all the production challenges, how does a company stay on top? By using the right tools. One of those vital tools is the comprehensive ERP solution. When evaluating ERP solutions, KG Constructions knew that they did not want a system that was made for accountants by accountants, but rather a solution that focuses on manufacturing processes and understands their particular industry. Therefore, in 2016 they decided to implement Monitor ERP – a complete system which helps to control processes in all departments in real time. During the system’s implementation professional consultants from Progressive Business Solutions helped to customize and adapt Monitor ERP to KG Constructions’ specific manufacturing processes, which allowed to monitor the status of running orders and production efficiency in real time, improve inventory visibility, control and tracking, as well as enhance warehouse management.

INFO KG Constructions Pramones str. 15, Parapijoniskes, Vilniaus raj., LT-13241, Lithuania +370 5 249 60 43

UAB "Progresyvūs Verslo Sprendimai" Moletu pl. 71, 14259 Vilnius Mob. +370 671 16500 +370 5 210 23 02

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6/2018 November-December

Industry Estonia - a new online system for international companies to cooperate with Estonian industry is an online platform where you can search for different kind of suppliers from Estonia (Producers, engineers etc). There are two ways to do that – search the database or start a request for quotation (RFQ). You can search for possible cooperation partners by technology, material, certificate, industry, by services according to NACE or company name. Contact the company directly on the website. Currently there more than 70 companies from 15 different industries. By 2019 we aim to have hundreds of companies in the database. When you have a clear project to what you are looking for suppliers, start a RFQ. System is suitable for both simple request or complex projects with NDA’s. After submitting information, you can choose whether to send it to specific partners or to everyone with suitable technology. The RFQ option will be available on the platform in November 2018. On the 7th of November during Estonian Industrial Fair “Instrutec” a seminar will be held to introduce INDUSTRY ESTONIAs system and its possibilities. More information and registering This project is funded with the help of Enterprise Estonia and European Regional Development Fund. Industry Estonia platform is developed by Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry. Federation of Estonian Engineering Industry is non-profit organization with around 100 members as machine building and metal companies and different education organizations. Our members differ from Estonian biggest and experienced companies to small and flexible companies and also education system organizations, vocational schools included.






Pusaloto str. 108A, Panevezys, Lithuania +370 45 581 991;

Suitable for steel, galvanized metal, aluminum. Workholding for machining industry


QUANTITIES 10 - 10 000 PCS

Highly resistant to cracking, scratching, fading.

grip the future

Fully covers all details, long lasting color.

Protect against rust.

Cheaper and faster than coloring liquid paints. Pre-Stamping, Clamping,with Automation – Innovative clamping solutions for highest holding power and process reliability from one source!

- Leading modules manufacturer in Baltics

Is looking for new suppliers that can laser cut and bend up to 3150mm long and 5.0mm thick special mild steel profiles.

Visit us

Tech Industry

Hall 2 Stand E-3


November-December 6/2018

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t4 �



• • • • • •


Certifications: • • • •

EN 1090 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Lithuanian Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate license


• in Norway, Sweden, Latvia • in processing of carbon steel and stainless steel • in production of high quality steel elements for Nuclear Power Plants • in metal processing of semi-finished products

Contacts � +370 656 99520 � , Lithuania, Visaginas


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6/2018 November-December


UAB “Baltijos pramoninis tiekimas” Kareiviu str. 6, Vilnius LT-09117, Lithuania +370 674 24748



STUBBORN FOR QUALITY - DINAPOLIS KEY TO SUCCESS "First think and only after that - cut" - Mindaugas Motiejūnas, director of Dinapolis, a non-standard product manufacturing company, is strictly working on this a Lithuanian folk proverb. Obviously, the rigorous system works - especially in the manufacture of such non-standard products for even 2 decades. Devoted not only for agriculture The main activity of Dinapolis is the production of various trailers of high capacity (from 5 to 25 t) and semi-trailers, as well as other types of agrocultivating machinery–germinators, compacting rollers. Although almost 95% of the company's production is currently products for agriculture, Dinapolis presents itself primarily as non-standard manufacturing companies, as most of the constructions (whether they are intended for agriculture, construction or other sectors) are often non-standard, for example, extremely large banners, triangular roofs etc. Indeed, Dinapolis products are very diverse. For example, at present small trailers for mini / midi excavators (up to 8 t) transportation are incredibly popular in Norway. The other product is a veterinary machine for the animals husbandry sector. It is a special stall, in which the animal can be taken safely, where blood can be handled, hoofs, horns, i.e. veterinary inspection or hygiene can be performed. According to Mindaugas Motiejūnas, company's director, this product has been very fortunate and produced for three years. The latest work – bale trailers and semi-trailers, which have hydraulic safety bursts, so people do not need to fuss with straps and tie - saving time, help keeping them safe when transporting rather heavy hay. Despite of the bulk of orders from the agricultural sector, the company seeks to diversify the partnership, i.e. in involving various industries.

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6/2018 November-December

From soviet to Scandinavian requirements UAB Dinapolis has been operating successfully since 1997. At the beginning of the activity, the company was focused on the local market, but soon the "T-shirt" became outgrown and they gradually began to work with the Scandinavian countries. Today sales in Lithuania are only about 30 percent of company's annual sales. The head of the company Mindaugas Motiejūnas remembers that they started to work with Scandinavian companies even before Lithuania's entry to EU (joined in 2004). At present, company's customers are located in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway. Intensive cooperation is going on with Finnish companies, Swiss, Belgian companies are interested as well. "For our customers and our own security, we have decided to allocate no more than 20% capacity of the company to one customer. Since we are small, we used to work with smaller companies as well. Without tieing our capacity of one or two large customers, we can remain flexible, look beyond the customer's needs and adapt, "thinks Mindaugas. "When we brought our first trailer to Denmark, this was aimed at the Soviet Union more than the Scandinavian market. We've got to talk, make new drawings, and look for the right solutions, improve our products to those that are necessary to the market. At that time, the technologies we used were outdated, so we still appreciate the lessons our first customers gave us, tolerance and demanding at the same time, "says the head of Dinapolis.

The entire process covered Since 1997, the production of Dinapolis has changed considerably - the company constantly invests in upgrading of the machinery, is equipped with dyeing, and at the moment the installation of two new CNC milling and turning centers is started. The whole production process of a trailer (cutting, drilling, bending, welding, milling, painting, etc.) is carried out at the plant, except for the production of parts for assembly. At present, the company employs 76 people, of which 60 are directly working at production. The company has implemented ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards. The company seeks to develop its own cost management system, which saves both its resources and cus-

tomers time, with the help of external consultants who monitor the company's processes from time to time. Based on flexibility and speed "Our main strength is that we do not produce standard products. Sometimes a client comes in and says "This trailer will not fit into the garage - what can you do? " And we produce longer, lower trailer. We must be flexible and fast, make decisions immediately"says Mindaugas, adding that along with the growing markets, another company's goal is to build a new plant. This November, Dinapolis together with their partners will also attend agricultural machinery exhibitions in Norway (Agroteknikk 8-11th), Finland (Agricultural machinery trade fair, 15-17th) and Denmark (Agromek, 27-30th). According to Mindaugas, meetings with the end customers is especially important, and he is looking forward to all the meetings to hear remarks, expectations and experiences.

INFO UAB Dinapolis Kaisiadoriu r. Stasiunai, LT-56139 Mindaugas Motiejunas +370 34 667039

November-December 6/2018

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AIVORA Engineering“ Ltd. is young Lithuanian company that offers quality CNC turning and milling, as well as powder coating services. The company was established in 2013. Since then, the compounded annualized rate of growth of the company‘s revenues, earnings, dividends and other concepts of the economy has grown up to 35%. 2017 so far has been the most successful year for “VAIVORA Engineering”, leaving the company with the turnover of €1.2M. Our facilities are based in Kaunas, Lithuania, Eastern Europe with well developed logistics infrastructure including sea, rail, air and ground logistics solutions. During the five years of expanding, “VAIVORA Engineering” has grown into the company employing over 30 hard-working professionals. In order to provide premium quality services to our customers, all the employees regularly attend special training courses and are given skills-defining tests. The specter of our clientele constantly broadens. Starting with only a few customers, now our production

What we do Our field of expertise is producing prime quality CNC milling, welding, grinding, turning and powder coating services in Lithuania and other countries. “VAIVORA Engineering” Ltd. owns six brand new milling machines, where milling capability reaches up to 1060 x 510 x 580 mm. The two turning centers’ maximum processed diameter is 300 mm. Together with our metal machining services, we also offer to design your created project and bring it to life. The advanced machines process hard metals like aluminum, steel, carcasses, also plastic and other materials. We are specialized into the making of prototypes, single and small series production (small series consist of approximately 2000-5000 units).

areas include healthcare, military industry, orthopedics, food industry, electronics and other various engineering firms. We do metal machining for the medical equipment, car parts manufacturers and food industry machinery.

24 hours a day. “VAIVORA Engineering” Ltd. is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 international standards. According to that, the company is committed to implement Quality Management System requirements for all the areas of the business, including: facilities, people,

44 |

6/2018 November-December

How we work We appreciate the demands of the customers and that our services can be needed at any time of the day. For this reason, “VAIVORA Engineering” is providing its services

training, services and equipment. “VAIVORA Engineering” Ltd. uses, this year chosen the best in the world, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system – Monitor. The system controls the flow of internal business processes and allows for communication between a business’s departments and its internal functions. It ensures the security of the data and the efficiency of company’s computerized functions performance. Only the best quality equipment is used in the making – Mastercam. CNC Software, Inc. is one of the original developers of computer-based manufacturing software. Mastercam is the main CNC Software’s product that is a set of predefined toolpaths that allow machinist to cut parts efficiently and accurately. In order to assure the accuracy of the processes, all the measurements are made by the certified measuring

machinery. We are in possession of three and four spindles equipping that increases machine productivity and efficient manufacturing. It allows us to complete orders of various sizes and shapes with the immaculate precision.

Why partnership with us As a growing company, we are eagerly looking for ways to expand and apply the latest innovations in our machinery and the development of the services’ efficiency. We have recently been approved for the financial investment for the new equipment that will allow “VAIVORA Engineering” Ltd. to move further in the industry. The targeted machinery includes MAZAK Variaxis I-70 5-axis processing machine and five new generation Fanuc Robodrill 5-axis machines with manipulator. They not only bring high-speed roughing, efficient speed but also ensures to achieve superior surface finish and general expert performance. On top of it, to keep up with the latest innovations, “VAIVORA Engineering” Ltd. will also be purchasing a 3D measuring machine and applying it into the service.

INFO UAB „Vaivora Engineering“ Aurimas Jablonskis +370 614 0058 November-December 6/2018

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Corps of Mini incubator



Responsability quality flexibility - that is our values SAMPLES OFexperience PRODUCTION MADE IN TELRADA

Corps of MEDICAL EQUIPMENT forlaboratory K-SYSTEM single workstations with s ( Big Incubator corpswe can offer high qualWith 20 years of experience in the sheet metal production,

Corps of Mini incubator

ity with flexibility and production terms. We manufacture products from the Corps ofin Miniprice incubator drawing to the final finishing.The company’s production is exported to EU and CIS countries as well as to different companies of Lithuania. Powder coloring: the maximum powdering size (in millimeters): 2000 x 1700 x 1000. Products made from sheet metal Thickness Up To 4 mm., including aluminium and stainless steel (corps of laboratory equipment, metal parts of scanners, metal cupboards, IT equipment, shelfs, panels, tables and etc).

f laboratory single workstations with stainless steel table top Corps of laboratory single workstations with stainless steel table top

Corps of Mini incubator

Anti Vibration table corps and

OF PRODUCTION MADE IN TELRADA ES SAMPLES OF PRODUCTION MADE IN TELRADA MEDICAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT forEQUIPMENT K-SYSTEM for K-SYSTEM ( ( Big Incubator corps Big Incubator corps Anti Vibration partsof laboratory single workstations with stainless steel table top Anti Vibration table corps andtable partscorps and Corps

Corps of Mini incubator Corps of Mini incubator

JSC „Telrada“ Draugystes 19, Kaunas LT-51230 +37037454578

Anti Vibration table corps and parts


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