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Custom made foil balloons

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Make your special message stand out from the crowd with your own Custom Balloon!

Our Custom Balloons are: • The most amazing eyecatchers for your product or logo during events, at fairs, as balloonpost and many more! • Made of the best quality, they will last for weeks! • One color and full color printable! • Two sides equal or unequal printable! • Already available from 5000 pieces. • From design to product delivered within four weeks and in consultation sometimes even faster!

Please contact us for a correct impression and a completely free offer!

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Balloon on a stick Undoubtedly you will have had one as a child: a foil balloon on a stick. An irresistible product for children and producible in almost every conceivable form. An ideal way to get the next generation intouch with your company. Don’t forget these little ambassadors will take your message anywhere they go. Because the air filled balloon will be lasting for months, your message won’t be out of side for a long time.

Candy tubes

Candy and balloons! Not only fun but also very tasty! The “top” balloon can be produce the way you would like to have it. The tube itself can be filled with the candy you prefer, such as peppermint, wine gums, liquorice, fruit hearts and Lonka. A gift that will surely hit the spot during a customer visit or as a birthday gift.

Balloonpost It’s already a huge success upon entry! Undoubtedly the courier makes a fun remark to deliver an empty box. When opening the box, your message will shoot out, not only making the addressee aware!

A dispenser action on an event or in the city A great way to introduce your company, a (new) product or logo! Unlike a pen or leaflet your catcher will not be throne away in a bag or pocket, but your message will be taking around about the entire event and continue to spread beyond! For events that are broadcast on TV, such as a soccergame, the balloons are of inestimable value. And a lot cheaper than commercial advertising!

Merchandising Beat 2 birds with one stone! And have a balloon produced in a shape of an individual character, for example, from a theme- or amusement park, movie, or TV series. This way will make your eyecatcher not only advertising for you, but also mean an increase in your sales!

Walking Billboard You read it right! Even as a Billboard the Custom Balloon can serve you! A big plus, the Billboard weighs almost nothing! Do you also agree that the promotional teams aren’t visible during sampling because of the huge crowds around them. Thanks to the Billboard your promotional team will remain visible and your message will continue to be preached to everyone! In addition, these Billboards are also superb as a eyecatcher on top of displays in shops. He can even be produced in the form of your product!

Custom-walker An incredible eye-catcher is of course the distinctive Custom-walker. The Custom-walker will draw the attention to himself because he will be walking with the public, by using the airflow.

Colouring Balloon

A unique and patented product of Ballon Service Renes: C-Balloon! A foil balloon printed with a new technology which makes it possible to have it coloured with the corresponding specially designed C-Balloon crayons. Consider the Black Pipe problem in the Netherlands. Children give him the colour that suits them! The C-Balloon will give your logo, product or message a long-term attention to all generations in a fun and creative way. Once they finish the C-Balloon they will proudly promote your message to the people around them. Can you imagine better ambassadors? Both young and old, your message will not be forgotten!

Shake Shake Balloons Eyecatcher, giveaway and toy in one! These are the Shake Shake Balloons. Producible with your own logo or character. A must have for children because they are the most amazing magical rattles. The Shake Shake balloons are easy to fill by the self closing valve. Ideal for sports events and dispenser actions.

Balloon Caps It’s also possible to produce the popular Balloon Caps in your own Custom made design. Just imagine the Balloon Cap with your product or logo stand on the cap and your company slogan beneath. Children and adults will fit the cap without any problems, it carries comfortable because it follows the shape of the head. It’s an ideal way of promoting your message during sunny days. For example on the beach, in town or during an event.

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