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The Stakeholder Report Ballentine

Letter from Our CEO

Dear clients, friends, and partners,

I am pleased to present the Ballentine Stakeholders Report, which underscores our firm's impact on the industry and the communities we are a part of. We believe that maintaining a business we can be proud of includes prioritizing the well-being of everyone we touch: our clients, employees, our communities, our professions, and our industry.

Among these efforts, you will see that there is a philanthropic ethos that pe organizational culture and that of our employees. We encourage our team volunteer in their communities. Through this report, you will gain an understanding of the individuals driving the “decidedly human approach” that defines our brand and our culture. Whether leading prominent family foundations, volunteering at local community centers, or coaching high school basketball teams to championship victories, our diverse team consistently leverages its talents to make meaningful impacts both inside and outside the office.

You will also discover stories of our senior leaders, such as family well-being expert and author, Covie Edwards-Pitt, and our newest partner and CIO Pete Chiappinelli, addressing the main stage at family wealth gatherings and educational industry forums. They share their expertise on family well-being and tax-efficient investing to lift everyone up with the benefit of their knowledge and research. Our participation in these industry organizations keeps us abreast of market, tax, and estate planning developments.

In addition to our regular updates, this year's report introduces an impact theme and tracks our progress toward commitments made in previous reports. The year's theme is “Becoming a B Corp,” because in June, Ballentine Partners became a Certified B Corp, joining over 8,500 companies around the globe in achieving this distinction. B Corp Certification requires a comprehensive approach to social and environmental responsibility, a commitment to the engagement and well-being of employees, and public transparency.

We chose to release this year’s report on Earth Day because we have taken significant steps this year to protect the environment. For instance, we eliminated single-use plastics from our offices, eliminating over 15,000 disposable plastic bottles through smart water dispensers. Another step we took this year was to partner with a vendor firm that plants a tree for each print order we initiate. You may also notice that we have prioritized sustainability in any promotional items we source.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue our journey toward responsible stewardship and a positive impact on our industry and communities.


A Year in Review

Our Employees & Our Industry

Impact Theme:

Becoming a B Corp

Philanthropy In Action

Keeping Our Promises

Ballentine Behind the Scenes

Firm Overview

At Ballentine Partners, we understand fully that as wealth increases, so too does complexity.

For 40 years we’ve delivered sophisticated advice and client-centric planning. Our breadth of wealth management capabilities is combined with a depth of client understanding.

In 2023, we surpassed the $10B AUM milestone.

We’ve built multigenerational client relationships by understanding their issues and needs today, and effectively anticipating what they’ll need tomorrow.

From wealth planning to investing, to family well-being, we work with families to define the goals that they consider most meaningful and travel with them on their path to continued success.

We measure success not only as a financial outcome but also as a human outcome.


Ballentine Partners, LLC does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. Ballentine Partners, LLC does not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products. Assets under management (AUM) are assets for which we provide continuous and regular advice, supervisory, or management services. Assets under advisement (AUA) includes all assets under management, plus other assets for which we provide advice and implementation services. As of 12/31/2023

Under Management Assets Under Advisement
# of Client Families # of Employees
$10.76B Assets
321 120

Recent Milestones

February 2023

Published Engaged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, the third and final book in the collection authored by Coventry Edwards-Pitt

Final close of Ballentine Income Opportunity Fund, LP

March 2023

Final close of Ballentine Private Equity Fund II, LP

Appointed Christopher Chandler and Peter Chiappinelli as Co-Chief Investment Officers

Announced Stephen Martone and Elliot Rotstein as Partners of the firm

June 2023

Appointed Stephen Hopkins as Chair of our Board of Managers

We’re now a Certified B Corporation

September 2023

Launched Ballentine Private Impact Fund, LP

Named a Barron’s Top 100 RIA Firm in September 2023 for a time period of 12-months. Please view an important disclosure here.

October 2023

Launched Ballentine Private Real Assets Fund, LP

Introduced our reimagined brand and updated website

December 2023

Featured in Financial Planning Magazine for our contributions to creating a diverse financial planning industry

Recognized as a Best Place to Work in Money Management by Pension & Investments in December 2023 for the calendar year. Please view an important disclosure here.

February 2024

Announced Pete Chiappinelli as a Partner of the firm March 2024

March 2024

Launched Ballentine Income Opportunities Fund II, LP

Published 3rd Book

Lessons from Inheritors and their Significant Others

Everything I learned about prenups was wrong: Lessons from inheritors on the receiving end of industry “best practice” and why I’ll never approach the prenup conversation the same way again.

Engaged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise,

the third and final book of the collection, authored by our colleague Coventry Edwards-Pitt was published by the firm on February 14, 2023. In this latest book, author Coventry “Covie” Edwards-Pitt shares takeaways based on the 30+ interviews she conducted with inheritors and their significant others over a period of two years. Covie was blown away by the perspective of these young people who are rarely asked for their views by an industry that is employed largely by their parents.

When a young inheritor announces that they have met “the one,” the wheels of our industry whir into motion, with families and advisors discussing prenups, onboarding, and whether to include the new partner in family wealth discussions. But amid all of this, there is a young couple in love. What “best practices” should we reexamine to truly serve the well-being of all family members and allow space for couple-defined individuation? Covie was invited to share her research directly with families and single-family office executives attending The Southeastern Family Office Forum (SEFOF) and The FOX Family Forum in 2023.

Building Private Investment Programs

At its core, investing is an endorsement of the future.

Ballentine Partners, LLC has closed two funds and launched two new private investment funds since Q1 2023. These funds are available exclusively to our clients.

The Ballentine Income Opportunity Fund, LP (BIOF) held a final close in February 2023 with $52.3 million in total commitments

The Ballentine Private Equity Fund II, LP (BPEF II) held a final close in March 2023 with $90.6 million in total commitments

The Ballentine Private Impact Fund, LP (BPIF) launched in September 2023 with $9.5 million in commitments for the first close

The Ballentine Private Real Assets Fund, LP (BPRAF) launched in October 2023 with $18.2 million in commitments for the first close

These are our first funds creating access to efficient and diversified exposure within a curated selection of managers targeting private equity, private credit, real estate, and infrastructure investment themes. Our team delivers experienced guidance, diverse investment options, and a focus on optimizing returns in the non-public sphere.

For more information on Ballentine’s Private Investment Fund offerings, please get in touch with your Ballentine advisor or our Chief Development Officer, Jayson DeAngelis at

Non-solicitation -this document does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any security or investment product. In the case of an investment that is not publicly traded, any such offer may only be made by means of delivery of an approved prospectus or confidential offering memorandum that has been prepared by the sponsor of the investment. For investments that are publicly traded, a prospectus is available upon request through your custody agent. For private investments, the sponsor provides a private offering memorandum.

Reimagining Our Brand

A Decidedly Human Approach to Managing Wealth

Our new tagline, “A Decidedly Human Approach to Managing Wealth,” was carefully written to capture our unique brand among multi-family offices, and within the wealth management industry. We measure success not only as a financial outcome but also as a human outcome.

Our attention to humanity, respectful humility, and underlying kindness set us apart. We are a thoughtful, future-focused partner prepared to advise on wealth and well-being. Although our branding has developed, our values remain steadfast.

Our new logo was also carefully considered. The Ballentine logo mark represents the B in Ballentine. The color void represents the P in Partners. The logo mark is unique, always moving forward, and a balanced approach between investments (bark) and wealth advisory (spearmint). Bark is sturdy, supportive, and considerate of the environment. Spearmint is fresh, growing, evergreen, and crisp.

Our accent color, salmon, is friendly and approachable, which is meant to represent our approach to family wellbeing that lives at the intersection of heart and wealth.

Connect With Us


Our Office Locations

Headquarters - Greater Boston

230 Third Avenue, 6th Floor Waltham, MA 02461

Palm Beach Area 3801 PGA Blvd, Ste 810

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Lakes Region

15 N Main Street, Unit 1 Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Seacoast Region

35 Industrial Way Rochester, NH 03867

All photographs were taken by our colleague, Michelle H. Soufan, CFP®.

All custom illustrations were hand-drawn by Tokyo-based artist Luis Mendo.

Our Employees & Our Industry

Celebrating Our Employees

We are pleased to announce the following employees who contributed to our success in 2023.

Client Comes First Award

Jamie Zoldy

Recognition for great acts of client service

The Spirit Warrior Award

Janie Doherty

Recognition for contributions to strengthening our corporate culture

The Ambassador Award

Michelle H. Soufan, MBA, CFP®

Recognition for contributions to the reputation of the firm’s brand in writing and external speaking engagements

The Financial Genius Award

Andrew Hacker, CFA

Recognition for brilliance in investment acumen

The Innovation Award

Jennifer LaPointe

Recognition for improving our processes, systems, and the way we achieve client success

The Community Leadership Award

Julie Pulda, CFA

Recognition for the impact she has made in making the world a better place

The Teamwork Award

Leor Radbil, MBA

Recognition for the Private Investment Operations team for their sustained track record of excellence

The Teamwork Award

Jenn Gaughan Schwartz, M.L.I.S.

Recognition for the Private Investment Operations team for their sustained track record of excellence

The Teamwork Award

Renée Nardello

Recognition for the Private Investment Operations team for their sustained track record of excellence

Industry Recognition

In September 2023, Ballentine Partners was ranked among Barron’s Top 100 RIA Firms in the United States. This 8th annual ranking of registered independent advisory companies is based on assets managed by the firms, technology spending, staff diversity, succession planning, and other metrics within a 12-month period.

In December 2023, Ballentine Partners was again named among the Best Places to Work in Money Management by Pension & Investments Magazine based on data from the calendar year. We are pleased to be a six-time winner.

In February 2024, Ballentine Partners was shortlisted in the Eleventh Annual Family Wealth Report Awards based on data within a 12-month period. The firm was recognized as a finalist in the following award categories:

Outstanding Contribution to Wealth Management Thought Leadership for our three-book series, “The Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Collection”

Overall Multi-Family Office ($5 Billion to $15 Billion in Assets Under Management)

Impact Investing Advisory

Please visit our website to read important disclosures and limitations and for more information on awards and industry recognition over the years.

Industry & Community Engagement

Ballentine Partners has continued to thrive thanks to our dedicated and diverse team of professionals. Our wealth advisory and investment teams frequently attend events to remain informed on the latest developments in the industry.

We are proud to have wealth planning, investment, and family well-being professionals from Ballentine Partners invited to present at regional and national forums hosted by prominent family wealth organizations.

We value our relationships with these esteemed organizations.

Becoming a B Corp

Ballentine Partners is a Certified B Corp

B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

As a Certified B Corp, Ballentine Partners is now counted among businesses leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. We will measure and manage the impact of the business on our employees, clients, community, and the environment with as much rigor as we manage and monitor investments and wealth plans.

The team at Ballentine Partners is committed to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. We have joined the rapidly growing movement of 8,479* Certified B Corporations from 162 industries, across 97 countries. B Lab is a nonprofit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. B Lab standards are at the heart of the B Corp movement, defining social, environmental, and governance best practices for businesses.

*Data as of 4/1/24

We are thrilled to join the community of purpose-driven private companies meeting Certified B Corp standards. We are proud to formalize our commitment to all stakeholders in how we run our business. We look forward to learning, growing, and helping to further the standards of the B Corp Community in the years ahead. We hope to help raise awareness in the private sector more broadly about the merits of a stakeholder-driven economic system.

The Process of Certification

We were proud to learn that our ethos and culture prepared us well for certification approval.

The ethos and culture of Ballentine Partners, built by our founder Roy Ballentine, and carried on by our leadership team over the last 40 years, had the appropriate focus on clients, community, vendors, and employees to allow us to qualify for certification upon our first submission. A B Lab Insider, quoted below in this report, shared that few firms achieve the required score for certification on their first assessment. We are proud to be an exception to that rule.

We are also proud that our leadership, client investors, and board of managers agreed to update our operating agreement to consider the impact on all stakeholders for business decisions.

B Lab scores firms in many impact areas. We were proud to achieve our highest categorical score on how well we treat our employees. This was measured in many ways including the benefits we provide them upon employment. We have a client-first culture but understand that our employees are the key to our culture and client satisfaction.

“The process to become a Certified B Corporation required Ballentine Partners to undergo a rigorous verification process spanning environmental, community, worker, customer, and governance practices. Based on their performance, Ballentine now joins the leading community impact-driven businesses in the world.”

We learned not to make assumptions, but to verify and reassess often.

Our offices have the appropriate bins for recycling and garbage. One could easily assume that when these bins are emptied, the garbage goes to landfill and the recycling goes to a recycling center. But a lot don’t; many buildings (and cities and towns) can’t recycle, which results in everything going to landfill. It is important to verify with building and waste management companies that recycling will occur.

At Ballentine Partners, we continually refine our annual review process to foster professional growth among our team members. We learned that B Corp defines a complete 360 review to include all our partners, vendors, clients, professional networks, and colleagues at the firm.

Our commitment to providing competitive health insurance benefits is unwavering. We consistently reassess our plans based on staff feedback and market trends to maintain our competitive edge.

Remember, there is always room for improvement.

We are constantly thinking of how to improve our business, this process was well aligned with that practice. It's important to know that re-certification happens every three years. Additionally, a firm’s score must improve to be re-certified. Simply put, it’s a journey, not a destination.

The first area we are committed to improving is facilitating more group community service opportunities on company time. Later in this report, you’ll read quotes from a robust group of community leaders and volunteers among our staff. Aligning our efforts and making more time for giving back is the goal.

Secondly, we are implementing a science-based plan to become a carbon-neutral business. We look forward to reporting on our progress in next year’s report and beyond.

Lastly, change, even if minimal, can make a difference with larger companies. We will continue to engage our real estate leasing vendors to improve facilities from an environmental standpoint.

If you want to learn how to make your business a certified B Corp, please email our Partner & Director of Impact Investing Will Tickle, at or the team at B Lab US.

Becoming a B Corp Means...

We hold ourselves to a higher standard as a business. We want to conduct ourselves as leaders and run our business in a way that is not only internally focused but also externally. This is an important step in taking responsibility for our actions, and demonstrating respect for our employees, those we do business with, and the communities in which we operate.

We have measured and monitored our impact on clients, colleagues, and local communities. Holding ourselves to this high standard is one of many reasons I am proud to work at Ballentine.

We stand beside an incredible universe of companies, teams, and people determined to make a difference in their operations. As an impact investor, it is encouraging to see this alignment. It highlights the thesis that economics, be it at the macro or micro level, can be a powerful lever in driving change.

We have demonstrated a public commitment, to apply the same level of care and responsibility to our staff and communities, as we do to the client families we serve.

Values-Aligned Investment Portfolios

Ballentine has been an early adopter in impact investing for families, with experience going back to 2006. Within our family office practice, over 30% of the families we serve have engaged with us around impact investing including a few who have committed 100% to impact. Ballentine families pursuing impact investing represent ~$825mm of our firm’s AUM.

We construct values-aligned portfolios tailored to individual impact goals and risk profiles while considering other holdings and broader wealth management issues. Below are a few of our core impact investment themes.

Environment: The economic costs of climate change create opportunities for businesses to adapt and mitigate their impact. Consumer brands seek to become more sustainable in their packaging and supply chains. Resource efficiency is becoming a cost imperative in key industries due to scarcity.

Education: K-12 school districts are pressured to modernize their systems and improve outcomes. Workforce training and upskilling are cost-effective ways to address labor shortages while improving employees' lives and economic mobility.

Gender Lens: There is a massive market opportunity for female-founded innovations targeting diverse and underserved populations. Increasing capital flowing to women can reduce the gender equity gap.

Health Equity: Investment and technology are needed to improve outcomes and access to healthcare for underserved populations. Women's health has been underfunded and overlooked despite explosive growth.

Racial Justice: There is a lack of support for diverse managers and corresponding capital in BIPOC communities. Greater diversity across gender and ethnicity is highly correlated to higher profitability, value creation, and uprooting systems of injustice.

Philanthropy In Action

Our Firm’s Philosophy on Philanthropy

At Ballentine Partners, Philanthropy isn't just words it is about actions. Being philanthropic isn't just a part of what we do; it's ingrained in our culture. We don't just advise our clients on charitable donations; we actively participate by giving our time and expertise. Whether it's within our communities or the industry, we're committed to supporting worthy causes. From offering strategic advice to rolling up our sleeves and volunteering, we're dedicated to making a positive impact every step of the way.

My approach to philanthropy has evolved from social giving to becoming more strategic, and now is very focused on working with others where I can add value. Education has always been a passion, nurtured by my upbringing and personal experiences. However, my life’s journey including health challenges prompted me to reevaluate my priorities and better align my actions with my values. I learned that until there has been a journey through suffering, it’s more difficult to lead anybody anyplace new. Through various positions and financial support at local, national and international levels, I seek to foster a community based on shared human connection, committed to education, dedicated to the care of our planet, justice and equality. Our human dignity and welfare are deeply connected to our care for the whole of creation.

Within the firm, several knowledge management teams are our in-house experts on the latest developments in a core focus area. Our Philanthropy Knowledge Management Team is a firm-wide resource for all things philanthropic. This team is the go-to thought leader and sounding board in helping our clients align what they care about in the community with their personal and financial resources.

In this report, you will learn not just about the who and where, but also the why behind our team’s commitment to giving back. We encourage all employees to take paid time off to volunteer for a cause important to them. Our firm’s culture and leadership team support and strongly encourage giving back to our communities.

Philanthropy In Action: Special Events

Instead of the usual icebreakers and branded swag, our dinner guests at the Heckerling Institute for Estate Planning participated in a charitable giving activity.

Each table worked together using materials developed by Ballentine’s Philanthropy Knowledge Management Team to discuss giving and to agree upon a local charity to receive a donation from the Ballentine Partners Donor Advised Fund.

We support the following nonprofit organizations based in states where our firm has office locations.

Financial Literacy Women's Money Matters

The Girl Scouts of South East Florida Smart Cookie Program

NH Jump$tart Coalition

Underserved Communities

Dorchester Food Co-Op

The West Jupiter Community Group


The Environment

GreenRoots, Inc.

Loggerhead Marine Life

Seacoast Science Center

How are you engaging the next generation in giving?

What makes you feel connected to an organization you’ve supported?

How can you create or support opportunities for giving in your workplace?

Who has taught you about giving?

Philanthropy in Action: Board Leadership

Since 2018, our Partner & Senior Client Advisor, Emily Cashman has served on the Board of Directors of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, a nonpartisan organization founded by one of her longtime mentors, philanthropic activist Barbara Lee. The foundation began in 1998 to advance women’s equality and representation focusing on American politics and contemporary art.

Through groundbreaking research, partnerships, and investments the foundation has influenced national conversation about women’s leadership and led the effort to bring American politics closer to gender parity. In 1998, only 63 women served in the U.S. House and the Senate, compared to 150 today. Today, a record 12 women serve as governor, and almost half of all lieutenant governors are women.

The Foundation has recognized that women face similar structural barriers in the arts. Historically, women artists are less likely to have their work shown at museums, and their artwork sells for less than their male counterparts. Through the Foundation, Barbara endowed the Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater at Boston’s Institute for Contemporary Art, and she donated prominent collections of art by women at the ICA and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Emily is incredibly proud of her work with the Foundation and carries many lessons she has learned from Barbara with her every day. Ballentine Partners celebrates Emily’s commitment and service to the Board of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation. Congratulations, Emily.

Three-time O+ Blood Donor to the American Red Cross in 2023. My dad was a Marine and, after he served, he gave blood throughout his life. Since he passed away, I strive to donate blood consistently, primarily because it saves lives, and also as a way to honor his memory.

At Sapere Aude Consortium, I help educate first-generation college students interested in wealth and investment management. First-gen employees add value beyond what's written on their resume: grit, perseverance, humility, and diversity. There is a structural gap in first-generation hiring in investment and wealth management which I hope to improve.

Supporting Thrive Scholars lets me “be the change I want to see in the world”: by directly helping talented first-generation students with the brightest futures reach their full academic and professional potential. I benefitted enormously from mentors and supporters on my journey, and this is my way of paying it forward to the next generation.

Being involved as a leader in the Boston Estate Planning Council (BEPC) has allowed me to give back to the greater Boston estate planning community. BEPC is not only a wonderful professional organization, but it is also a place for collaboration, building connections, and mentorship. BEPC has added so much to my professional experience, I am thrilled to be able to serve as a leader and help others in the community forge their own career pathways.

It is important to me to give back to the community of Wolfeboro, NH where I was raised and our company was founded. I serve as Endowement Trusted for the Wolfeboro Area Recreation Center aka The Nick, and serve on the Investment Committee at the Wolfeboro Area Children's Center, which I attended as a child.

Waltham Family School is a local charity that provides educational services to immigrant parents and their young children. They are a fantastic organization that does so much with so little. My wife and I are happy to provide support in any way we can.

Volunteering for The Children’s Center of Wolfeboro, NH is important to me because the work this specific center does for our community and children is greatly needed in our community. They are not just a daycare, they educate our children, and they really care about the quality of learning each child receives.

The Back Bay Hockey Association in Wolfeboro, NH recently supported the rebuild of our hockey rink. It's been quite an endeavor and it has been wonderful watching our community come together to make it the best it can be.

Volunteering with the Cub Scouts and various sports organizations is important to me because it allows me to actively contribute to making a positive difference in the lives of local children and fosters a sense of fulfillment and connection with my community. I hope to help keep kids active and making positive choices in their lives.

Serving on the Back Bay Hockey Board of Directors is near and dear to my heart since my son is also an athlete within the program. Children can learn many valuable skills through team sports, especially hockey, which can teach confidence, sportsmanship, respect, and learning to cope with loss & disappointment, among other life lessons. The community is experiencing a significant decline in youth hockey participation. I am hopeful that we can help build back the local program, so it continues running and serving young athletes for years to come.

I created a mentorship program for Dismas Home of NH, a state-licensed, 90day, Low-Intensity, Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Treatment and Re-entry Program for justice-involved women. Addiction is a significant obstacle for our residents and is directly linked to underlying pain, trauma, and incarceration. This mentorship program helps the residents gain skills and knowledge with workforce readiness, personal finance.

Coaching keeps me connected to the game I love, but it's more than wins. It's about building a community and mentoring young men to see basketball as a tool for growth, not just a label.

-Jamar Gopie, Wealth Planning Associate

I’m passionate about the Community Foundation for MetroWest because it allows me to actively contribute to our community’s well-being. Through my work with the Foundation, I see firsthand the positive impact we make, fueling my sense of purpose and connection to the greater good.

-Sean Edwards, Senior Wealth Advisor

Volunteering with both Thrive Scholars and the Sapere Aude Consortium has been incredibly fulfilling to me. I believe education is meant to be an equalizer in this world, and that dynamic is not often reflected in our current higher education system. These are two organizations that provide mentors, resources, and internships to first-generation college students – and I could not be happier working directly with such attentive, receptive, and thoughtful students.

-Austen Clark, Wealth Advisor Associate

I serve as Secretary of the Diversity Workforce Coalition (DWC) and Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award for the DWC President of the Manchester Area. I also am an HR Association Member of the Human Capital Sub Committee for the Women's Foundation of Boston.

-Brie Elliott, Head of Human Resources

I am on the advisory group for Women's Money Matters, a Boston-based organization with a mission to create a world where all women and girls are financially empowered. WMM provides programming, services, and coaching for women and girls living on low incomes with the goal to build their financial wellness, confidence, and financial security.

-Julie Pulda, Senior Impact Investment Manager

Hadassah has been a part of my family for four generations. My grandmother was our family’s first member, joining before Israel became a country. I now serve as the Boston Regional President. I'm proud to support an organization that owns two Jerusalem hospitals, including the city's only level one trauma unit, operates two youth villages in Israel for at-risk youth, speaks out against antisemitism, and advocates for women’s health and reproductive rights. Hadassah's slogan, "The Power of Women Who Do," resonates with me as I actively contribute to the Jewish community locally, nationally, and in Israel. Being part of this remarkable women's organization fills me with warmth, and I'm inspired by the training and support it provides to women in leadership roles.

I became involved in the ADL’s work in 2012 to fight antisemitism locally and nationally, while also advocating for civil rights and fair treatment for all. In my dozen years of involvement, I’ve lobbied in Congress, hosted interfaith events, and worked to build bridges across diverse communities in New England.

-Leor Radbil, Private Investment Operations Manager

Together with the Boston Estate Planning Council, I volunteered to teach a financial literacy course on debt management and credit ratings to women at the Suffolk County House of Correction. Women-led households with criminal legal system interactions face many obstacles to saving and end up deeper in debt. I want to do my part to help these women.

-Janet Schwartz, Wealth Planning Associate

As a proud Duke University Fuqua School of Business graduate, I serve as Secretary on the Duke Boston Alumni Board.I find a lot of joy in bringing together members of the Duke community here in Boston – connecting those across various phases of life, who might be working or volunteering in different industries/ capacities. It gives us a chance to celebrate and enjoy our common ties to Duke and also give back to the greater Boston community as well.

-Michelle Soufan, Senior Wealth Advisor

Joining the Scholarship Fund was important to me because, as someone who benefited from need-based scholarships when attending college, I wanted to pay it forward to the next generation.

-Jessica Minty, Senior Investment Advisor

Keeping Our Promises

CFP Board Scholarship & Mentorship

The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning has a vision to ensure that every American has access to competent and ethical financial planning advice. This vision can only become a reality with a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession.

To help this vision become a reality, we established The Ballentine Partners Scholarship to Create a Diverse Financial Planning Profession. Each year since 2021, we have awarded four Black or African American, Hispanic, or Latino CFP® candidates with a $5,000 scholarship paired with mentorship from one of our 31 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner colleagues pictured here. We also sponsor the annual CFP Board Diversity Summit and hire from its career fair.

T lice uccess, should not be construed b a ce ntine is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide inve

Protecting Our People & The Environment

From 2019 to 2022 Ballentine Partners published annual impact reports. Therein we made commitments to people and the planet. These commitments serve as daily reminders of the actions we must take to keep our promises. We are pleased to provide an update on areas where we have taken action and made progress.

We have eliminated all single-use plastic and opted for reusable, sustainable, and compostable diningwear, containers, and utensils for our in-office dining areas.

We recycle and use TerraCycle boxes in all offices.

We work with a third-party vendor to purchase carbon credits to offset our emissions as we strive toward neutrality.

We have augmented our family leave policy by doubling family sick leave days. We increased support for parents by providing breast milk shipping and lactation services from MilkStork. We have also expanded bereavement leave to include pregnancy loss and the loss of a pet.

We have added a science-based self-care wellness program from PinnacleCare.

W pp , g g g students of color from economically under-resourced communities.

When choosing vendors for purchases such as catered lunches, promotional items, social gatherings, printed materials, and more we strive to support businesses that are minority-owned, women-owned, and locally-owned, whenever possible. Our support encompasses financial resources as well as employees’ volunteer time serving in board leadership and mentoring roles.

Our internal DEI Task Force, founded in 2019, has coordinated over 60 hours of learning on diversity, equality, inclusion, and accessibility for our employees.

We have nearly doubled our percentage of BIPOC employees since 12/31/2020.

We have a forum for courageous conversations to support our employees through challenging and culturally sensitive global events.

Illustration by Luis Mendo depicting our in-office weekly team lunches

Ballentine Behind the Scenes

The Team at the CFP Diversity Summit in Arlington, VA - Nov. `23 Covie and Alexys at The Southeastern Family Office Forum in Atlanta. -Sep. `23 Pete as a panelist on tax-alpha strategies. Charleston, SC. -Mar ‘23 Drew on an industry panel at the Family Wealth Alliance Summit in San Diego, CA.- Mar.`24 Elisa on an industry panel on Private investments at the Family Wealth Alliance Summit in Chicago, IL.- Oct. ‘23 Alexa getting in the holiday spirit at the office. -Dec. `23 Ugly Sweater Party after a session on the importance of communication and accessibility with Hears Dustin. - Dec. ` 23 The High Net Worth Team Retreat at the Charles River Country Club in Newton.- Oct. ` 23 Jody and Taryn decked out for our holiday movie themed party. -Dec. ‘23



and BD visit Covie at Sew & Bloom in Cambridge, MA. -Dec. ‘23 and Rachel F. with Girl Scouts mascot. They taught financial literacy and budgeting to Girl Scouts in Southeast Florida! -Jan. `24 Jamar coaches Sagemont Preparatory’s H.S. basketball team in back-to-back Class 2A State Championships! -Feb. `24 Emily D. read Engaged at the park with her baby Arthur. Mar. `23

George, one of the beloved pups h goes to work in our Rochester,

Shannon accepted an appreciation award from the Cub Scouts in Wolfeboro, NH.- Fall `23

The Ballentine Ragnar Team post over 200-mile relay race! -Sept. `23 NH office with their humans. Our Investment Team off-site meeting at Top Golf in Canton, MA. -Mar. ‘24
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