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Bali Weekly ISSUE 14 | December 1,2011

The Massive Killing Of


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News From Bali Safari And Marine Park Safari Poo Paper Factory, A Green Lifestyle

Bali Safari and Marine Park now has its own Paper Factory. Do we cut down our trees to make paper? Of course, not! With all the paper works done at our office, Bali Safari and Marine Park has big loads of used paper thrown away to the garbage every day. So why cut down trees if we can actually make papers out of (used) papers. And with simple waste management technology applied, we are mixing our office and animal waste and make paper out of them. By mixing together dung and used paper, we are actually making paper.

tion and a breakthrough. Children from local schools are invited to contribute in this event. Together, they planted the Tree of Hope, a Sandalwood tree decorated with papers written with hopes for a greener earth. Besides promoting green lifestyle, Safari Poo Paper Factory is also fun. You can see the whole process of delivering raw dung into pretty recycled paper. Passionate Australian zoo consultant, Wendy Husband, also our Education and Conservation Manager tells that the park now has programs in place for paper recycling, water conservation, and is very serious about composting. This is all in an effort to reduce the park’s environmental footprint and “everyone is feeling pretty good about the changes they have made.”

National Love of Flora and Fauna Day (Hari Cinta Puspa dan Satwa Nasional) held every November 5 in Indonesia is a perfect moment to actually accelerate our efforts in making the planet greener. We show our love to Mother Nature by opening Indonesia’s first dung paper factory; it’s called Safari Poo Paper Factory. Regent of Gianyar, Bali, Tjokorda Artha Ardhana Sukawati officially opened this Find more information about this activity on environment-friendly factory and appreci- ated our effort, calling it an awesome innova- 5

The Massive Killing Of

Orang Utans In Borneo Center for Orangutans Protection, a nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to rescue the orangutans, reported a massacre of the orangutans which happened recently in Borneo, Indonesia after the discovery of dozens of dead orangutans on the spot reported. Hardi Baktiantoro, a spoke person for Orang Utan Protection said to media that the case is very serious and he urged the Forest Ministry to protect the orangutans and catch the slayer as soon as possible. According to Hardi, about 1,200 orangutans have now been evacuated to the rescue centers. He estimated that around 2,400 to 12,000 orangutans have been killed so far. Deforestation activities are believed to be the main reason why the killing of orangutans continued to occur. It was found that the massacre of East Kalimantan Orangutan (Pongo Pygmaues Mario) was allegedly committed by palm oil companies which consider orangutan as pests for eating the palm shoots. One company which is now under investigation in relation to the orangutans massacre is KAM (Khaldea Agroprima mandiri) Pty Ltd, a Malaysian subsidiary of Metro Kajang Holdings Pty Ltd in the village of Puan-Cepak. “A number of relevant evidence were found to back up the fact that orangutans massacre really happened, including documents consisting of wages list paid to pest (orangutan) exterminators by PT KAM,” said East Kalimantan Police Chief Inspector General Bambang Widaryatmo on a current press conference.

Together with the document, police also seized an air rifle used to kill the orangutans, 85 pieces of bones (suspected as orangutans’), monkeys and proboscis monkey and seven photographs showing the killing activities done by two of the company’s employees. Based on the two exterminators, they were given a verbal order to kill the orangutans by Phuah Chuan and Aru, who hold the positions as the Field Manager the General Manager of KAM Pty Ltd. They were ordered to make the capture and kill the orangutans using air riffle to paralyze them before strangling them to death with the help of a rope. “The amount given for catching the pests was 200 thousands rupiah for a monkey and 1 million rupiah for an orangutan, which can be obtained from the company’s finance staff after the work is done. The two suspects also confessed that they have so far thrown more than 20 proboscis monkeys and three orangutans,” said Bambang Widaryatmo. The case has received widespread attention from environmentalists and NGOs. Just for the year only, it was expected at least 750 of East Borneo orangutans (Pongo Pygmaues Mario) were slaughtered. This massacre is considered to be a serious threat to the conservation efforts of these endangered primates promoted by the Government. That is why Government is now seriously taking necessary action to protect the species from further extinction. -rwitb-


Interesting Facts About

ORANG UTANS Orangutans are the only exclusively Asian genus of extant great ape. The largest living arboreal  animals, they have proportionally longer arms than the other, more terrestrial, great apes. They are among the most intelligent primates and use a variety of sophisticated tools, also making sleeping nests each night from branches and foliage. Their hair is typically reddish-brown, instead of the brown or black hair typical of other great apes. Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, orangutans are currently found only in rainforests on the islands of  Borneo  and  Sumatra, though  fossils  have been found in  Java, the Thai-Malay Peninsula,  Vietnam  and  Mainland China. The word “orangutan” comes from the  Malay words “orang” (man) and “(h)utan” (forest); hence, “man of the forest”. On average, orangutans may live about 35 years in the wild, and up to 60 years in captivity. Unlike gorillas and chimpanzees, orangutans are not true knuckle-walkers, and are instead fist-walkers. Fruit  makes up 65–90 percent of the orangutan diet. Fruits with sugary or fatty pulp are favored. Ficus fruits are commonly eaten, because they are easy to harvest and digest. Bornean orangutans consume at least 317 different food items that include young leaves, shoots, bark,insects, honey and bird eggs. Orangutans live a more solitary lifestyle than the other great apes. Most social bonds occur between adult females and their dependent and weaned offspring. Adult males and independent adolescents of both sexes tend to live alone. The society of the orangutan is made up of resident and transient individuals of both sexes. Resident females live with their

offspring in defined home ranges that overlap with those of other adult females, who may be their relatives like mothers and sisters. One to several resident female home ranges are encompassed within the home range of a resident male, who is their primary breeder. Like the other great apes, orangutans are among the most intelligent primates. Wild chimpanzees have been known since the 1960s to use tools. Evidence of sophisticated tool manufacture and use in the wild was reported from a population of orangutans in Suaq Balimbing in 1996. These orangutans developed a tool kit for use in foraging that consisted of insect-extraction tools for use in the hollows of trees, and seed-extraction tools which were used in harvesting seeds from hard-husked fruit. The orangutans adjusted their tools according to the nature of the task at hand and preference was given to oral tool use. Orangutans do not limit their tool use to foraging, displaying or nest-building activities. Wild orangutans in Tuanan, Borneo, were reported to use tools in acoustic communication. They use leaves to amplify the kiss squeak sounds that they produce. Some have suggested that the apes employ this method of amplification in order to deceive the listener into believing that they are larger animal. Male orangutans have been known to display sexual attaction to human women to the point of  rape. The cook of noted primatologist  Birutė Galdikas  was reportedly raped by an orangutan. On other occasion, an orangutan tried to have sex with actress Julia Roberts but was prevented by a film crew. Source: wikipedia


A Man Was Brutally Murdered By His Four Sisters In Riyadh Terrifying! Four  female  siblings  brutally slaughtered their own brother in Hafr al-Baten,  Saudi Arabia. It was uncovered that the victim,  a  20-year-old  man,  was stabbed  repeatedly before his head cut off. The four  Saudi women  who had managed to run away after committed their violence act was later arrested by the police within short period. Local police  said the  sadistic murder took place on Tuesday, November 22 at the victim’s family house. “Their father went into the house and found the body of his 20-year-old son with his head severely cut. The four sisters had fled from the scene but was soon caught by the authority”, said a police spokesman Ziyad al-Ruqaiti as reported by AFP on Thursday (11/24/2011). Currently, the four women are still going under police  investigation. The result of  a preliminary investigation  has shown that these women were associated with the murder and police are still digging for motives behind their sadistic act. -ran-

Man Sentenced For Dangerously Taking His Son On A Wheelies Safety is the most important thing people should consider when driving a vehicle.  A man  in England  was sentenced to  5  years and 4 months in prison for taking his 3-yearold son on a motorbike ride without a protective helmet and other safety gears. Ryan Ward is considered careless for deliberately driving a wheelies at 64 km/hour without a license.  He put his son,  Daley on top of the fuel tank at the front of the vehicle so Daley could hold the handlebar. Both  Ward  and his son  were not wearing any protective clothing such as jackets and helmets. Ward who is a citizen at Hilldale Avenue, Blackley was convicted of several charges,  including  reckless driving,  cruelty to  children under 16 years, and violation of driving regulations. “I  have to deal  with you  for  this very unusual case, the cruelty to children, driving to endanger others,  and  violation of  driving regulations,”  said Judge  Martin  Rudlandas as reported by  the Daily  Mail on Wednesday (11/23/2011). Ward’s dangerous action  was  caught  by police camera when a helicopter was patrolling on the area.  At that moment, Ward  and his

son was seen waiting for a red light in the area of  Harpurhey, Manchester.  The helicopter, which was  equipped with  surveillance cam-

eras then followed his movements before the ground authority stopped him. -rwitb- 9

Good News For Automotive Industry

Flying Car Is Coming Soon


eople’s dream of owning a flying car can finally be realized in the near future. An automotive manufacturer based in the United States, Terrafugia will produce and distribute the first flying cars called Transition to the rest of the world. The company plans to distribute these magnificent cars at the end of 2012. The two-seaters flying car is going to be the first commercial automotive breakthrough that enters the world market. After the United States, the company plans to distribute Transition in Europe, India, Brazil and China.

Amazingly before they are even launched, Transition already had 100 orders waiting in line, with price per unit reaching up to US$ 279,000.

Transition is also equipped with a wing at both sides and a propeller at the back. Its slim design made it possible for the owners to park it in any normal sized car garage.

Transition could reach maximum speed limit of 185 km/hour with gas consumption of 18.9 km/L. The car only needs 30 seconds to transform itself from an ordinary car into a light flying craft. The company did not specify details of the engines but it describes that the fuel engine is made of a common parts similarly used by other car manufacturers so customers could fill in the gas at any gas station, just like any other cars.

On July 2011, Terrafugia was granted a permit by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to test Transition for the first time on and above the States road. In the mean time, many customers are impatiently waiting for the product to be launched. –rwitb-


Top Four Richest People Of Indonesia

1 Positions of the big 3 out of 40 richest people in Indonesia almost never change. These 3 people always dominated the rich list and continue to produce much higher income compared to those of other entries in the list. The big three in the list of Indonesian richest people is estimated to have assets of up to US$ 32.5 billion or about 38% of the total assets owned by the 40 richest people all together. In 2011, their wealth has also increased sharply when compared to 2010. In total, 40 people are worth US$ 85.1 billion, increasing 19% when compared to last year. The top four who dominate the list as quoted from Forbes are: 1 & 2. R. Budi & Michael Hartono (Also known as the Hartono Brothers) The two brothers of Djarum Group were estimated to own a total asset of US$ 14 billion or about IDR 126 trillion. One of their greatest assets other than Djarum Cigarette Company is their ownership of Bank Central Asia (BCA), a bank that has the largest customers in Indonesia. Throughout 2010, BCA shares had jumped to 20% with a recorded profit of IDR 8.3 trillion.  With a wealth of US$ 14 billion in 2011, it means the property of these two brothers has

grown by US$ 3 billion when compared to their wealth in 2010.

2 3

3. Susilo Wonowidjojo The 55 years old owner of the Gudang Garam Company has managed to increase his fortune by US$ 2.5 billion this year when compared to last year. Currently, he owns a total asset of US$ 10.5 billion or about IDR 94.5 trillion. Susilo is now holding the commissioner position of Gudang Garam Cigarette Company which was founded by his father. This second largest cigarette factory in Indonesia was previously ran by his brother, Rachman Halim before Rachman died in 2008. 4. Eka Widjaja Tjipta The 88-year-old tycoon is solidly standing in the third position with estimated total assets of US$ 8 billion or about IDR 72 trillion, raising US$ 2 billion when compared to 2010, which only amounted to US$ 6 billion. Eka Tjipta’s wealth was mainly derived from oil company Golden Agri Resources and Sinar Mas Multiartha, a financial service company.

4 11

Moreover, below is a list of 40 richest people of Indonesia according to Forbes: 1. R. Budi & Michael Hartono (US$ 14 billion). 2. Susilo Wonowidjojo (US$ 10 billion). 3. Eka Tjipta Widjaja (US$ 8 billion) 4. Low Tung Kwok (US$ 3,7 billion) 5. Anthoni Salim (US$ 3,6 billion) 6. Sukanto Tanoto (US$ 2,8 billion) 7. Martua Sitorus (US$ 2,7 billion) 8. Peter Sondakh (US$ 2,6 billion) 9. Putera Sampoerna (US$ 2,4 billion) 10. Achmad Hamami (US$ 2,2 billion) 11. Chairul Tanjung (US$ 2,1 billion 12. Boenjamin Setiawan (US$ 2 billion) 13. Sri Prakash Lohia (US$ 1,7 billion) 14. Murdaya Poo (US$ 1,5 billion) 15. Tahir (US$ 1,4 billion) 16. Edwin Soeryadjaya (US$ 1,35 billion) 17. Kiki Barki (US$ 1,3 billion) 18. Garibaldi Thohir (US$ 1,3 billion) 19. Sjamsul Nursalim (US$ 1,22 billion) 20. Ciliandra Fangiono (US$ 1,210 billion) 21. Eddy Wiliam Katuari (US$ 1,2 billion)

22. Hary Tanpesoedibjo (US$ 1,19 billion) 23. Kartini Muljadi (US$ 1,15 billion) 24. TP Rachmat (US$ 1,140 billion) 25. Djoko Susanto (US$ 1,040 billion) 26. Harjo SUtanto (US$ 1 billion) 27. Ciputra (US$ 950 million) 28. Samin Tan (US$ 940 million) 29. Benny Subianto (US$ 900 million) 30. Aburizal Bakrie (US$ 890 million) 31. Engki Wibowo & Jenny Quantero (US$ 810 million) 32. Hashim Djojohadikusumo (US$ 790 million) 33. Soegiarto Adikoesoemo (US$ 770 million) 34. Kuncoro Wibowo (US$ 730 million) 35. Muhammad Aksa Mahmud (US$ 710 million) 36. Husain Sjojonegoro (US$ 700 million) 37. Sandiaga Uno (US$ 660 million) 38. Mochtar Riady (US$ 650 million) 39. Triatma Haliman (US$ 640 million) 40. Handojo Santosa (US$ 630 million) -rwitb-


Government Is Working To Find A Solution To Reduce Bali Traffic Problem Traffic problem in Bali is increasing year by year. Many citizens have complained that they can no longer enjoy being easily mobile from one place to another anymore as a result of the worsening traffic jam in Denpasar and Kuta areas. The complaint did not come from the citizens alone, it also came from many visitors who visited the island. With limited holiday time they have, visitors expected to enjoy their trip without being stuck in the traffic for hours. Unfortunately in many occasions, they must bear the disappointment of spending so much time being stuck in the car rather than spending more times on the place of interest itself. Citizens and visitors must sometimes spent hours on the road just to reach what supposed to be a

short a distance location.

tion,” he said.

Regularly, the traffic jam got worsened on peak hour when students are about to start and finish school. The Transportation Department believes this happened due to the many private vehicles used to drop off and pick up the students within that period of time. Denpasar Chief of Traffic Control and Operational, Sriawan said: “We had collected headmasters to discuss this problem but the problem is not going anywhere. Sriawan said Transportation Division of Denpasar had designed school transport to pick up and return students to their homes. “For those reasons, we planned to operate school transportation system which is supported by existing UPT (Integrated Service Unit) for land transporta-

Apart from solving the traffic jam, this plan also aimed to minimize accident number amongst students who brought private vehicles to school. Currently, there are a lot of underage students who are bringing their own vehicles before they even got a license. A member of House of Representative in Denpasar, Wayan Sugiartha was welcoming this plan but he kept reminded Sriawan that the plan must be maturely prepared before it can be made into realization. “Government should be able to apply this plan by mapping priority spots and traffic routes,” Sugiartha said.-ran-

BUILD A PRIVATE PUTTING GREEN AT THE BACK OF YOUR VILLA OR HOUSE PT. Suter Hijau Alam Bali is a professional golf course construction company that provides services in building and maintaining golf courses around Indonesia. The company is fully equipped with heavy machineries to do all earth works. It also has series of small machineries for grassing and other landscaping job. PT. Suter Hijau Alam Bali understands its clients and their needs very well. With experience and highly skilled staff, the company is able to provide excellent services to its local and international clients. Experience, full understanding of the land, and respect towards the nature and its people are the key factors which made us a leading golf course construction company in Indonesia. The company is very proud to be an Indonesian company which gives contribution to the development of its human resources.

Telp : 0821 45306 888 Email:


Beautiful Diving Sites At

Nusa Penida


Nusa Penida is an island located on southeast of Bali. Administratively, the island belongs to the  district  of  Klungkung  regency. There are two small islands nearby,  Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. The Badung Strait separates between the island and Bali. The interior of Nusa Penida is hilly with a maximum altitude of 524 metres. It is drier than the nearby island of Bali. Unlike the neighbouring small island of Nusa Lembongan there is very little tourist infrastructure here. Nusa Penida covers a wide area of  beautiful diving  locations. They are Penida Bay, Batu Lumbung (Manta Point), Batu Meling, Batu Abah, Toya Pakeh and Malibu Point. Toyapakeh Toyapakeh has a stretch of reefs, and in the southern part of the bay there is a similar area of rugged bommies, rich with color and fish. Big schools of fish, sea turtles, and occasionally Mola mola (sunfish) are highlight of Toyapakeh diving. Toyapakeh is special for its pillars of coral. Malibu Point Malibu Point is a diving site with gray reefs, reef white tips, silver-tips and numerous sharks. While Penida Bay is another anchorage, and the rocky islands have an interesting forms, something like an old resting elephant. The bay is vulnerable to swell, creating-upand-down-currents. Then, Manta Point is a

limestone rock off Pandan cafe. The swell is relatively strong. Nusa Penida/Lembongan Nusa Penida/Lembongan is a diving site with vast spread of coral reefs and good visibility. Big fish are frequently observed at the area. Manta rays or sunfishes appear in certain seasons. The site is also known because of the very strong currents requiring advanced diving skills. Crystal Bay Crystal Bay is calmer than outer shore. There are schools of Anthias. A school of  batfish comes around periodically. A bat cave is located nearby. -ran-


This Man Can Lift Up To 230 kg Of Weight By Using His Genital

Most men exercised their genital strength by hanging a towel when their penis got erected. For a Taiwanese man named Yang You Sin, towel is considered as nothing when compared to the 230 kg weight his penis was able to lifted. Yang You Sin was able to do the extreme act after learning the “99 Power of Qigong Technique”. The key is to regulate breathing to make a harmonious movement on all body muscles, including the muscles located around his genital area. He never meant to learn this technique at the beginning. Only after he felt so much pain

around his genital as a result of too much working as a heavy labor that he started to learn about the method. When no medical remedies could reduce his pain, he started to look for an alternative way to cure his problem. He started to do some breathing exercise, which is similar to a ‘kegel exercise’ in an extreme way. He tied his penis to a metal plate, slowly lifted it, and kept it steady in a hanging position for a while before letting it go. After some period of times doing the exercise, the pain he felt on his genital was greatly reduced. However, it did not stop him

from continuing the exercise. Day by day, he kept adding some more weight to make it even stronger. According to Wantchinatimes (Wednesday, 23/11/2011) You Sin was able to lift a 230 kg of weight and kept it in a steady position for 30 seconds. Usually, people do Qiqong Breathing Technique, which was originated from China to increase health, improve breathing and to meditate. Because of its proven benefits, many people in various countries have also learnt and practiced the exercise. -rwitb- 17

The Beauty Of

Gitgit Waterfall Unlike other famous tourist destinations located near Denpasar or Badung, only little number of visitors had heard about Gitgit Waterfall, which is located in Sukasada village in Singaraja, North Bali. The hideous place is about 10 km away from Singaraja town and 70 km away from Denpasar. This beautiful panoramic place offers something that will blow your spirit as the nature sings for you through the splashing sound of the falling water. Located about 300 meters above the sea level, and with 35 meters height of water falling from the top to the bottom, you can really feel the beauty that nature has provided humans with. There are some plantations protecting the rain forest around the waterfall and in this place you will often see the wild monkey drinking from the pond. To get there, all visitors must follow the walkway down until they reach the location. A little bit further from Gitgit Waterfall, there is another interesting spot that visitors could also look at, a remembrance monument to appreciate Balinese heroes who died in the battle against the Dutch colonialist. This monument is called Bhuwana Pangkung Bangka. On the way, visitors could also enjoy the panoramic scene of paddy fields and Buleleng beach. Visitors can find some facilities such as parking spots, restaurants and art shops within the area. -ran-


Fruit Benefits: How Fruit Nutrition Benefits Health Fruits have many benefits for your health and well-being. When eaten regularly fruits can even aid you in losing weight. Listed below are some benefits of eating fruits: Weight control: Fruits help you in losing weight by satisfying your carving for sugars since they are not loaded with calories, they do not let you gain too much weight

heart diseases as well as aiding in lowering blood pressure due to the high potassium content.

Packed with energy: Fruits provide you with much more energy to perform your daily duties and even exercises as they are rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are essential for your health

May reduce the risks of developing certain cancers: Fruits contain a lot of anti oxidants, which help fight cancer -producing cells. They also have natural chemicals that may aid in preventing the growth of mutating cells, especially colon cancer cells.

Lower risk of developing heart diseases: Since fruits contain literally no cholesterols, they help maintain ideal levels of cholesterol in the blood, they are also packed full of potassium that is very healthy for the heart. They actually have the potential to lower the risk of

Fruits help in slowing down the aging process: Due to the anti-oxidants and vitamins in fruits, they help you stay younger, healthier and stronger. They give you the essential minerals and vitamins that will not let you have deficien-

cies and thus, leading you to have a better and longer life. How can you incorporate fruits into your diet? • Add dried pieces of fruit to your breakfast cereal • Make fruit salads, and then refrigerate them • Eat apples, bananas, pears, grape fruit or any other seasonal fruit before you go out • Drink fruit juices instead of sodas, but always try to make fresh fruit juice. Source: Tips For Health


EVENTS December 1, 2011

December 3, 2011

Mint Desyn Masiello UK DJ from 10pm onwards

Ducati Bali Grand Opening At showroom Jl. Gatot Subroto Timur no 17

Akasaka Ladies Night Party Home DJ’s, Live Band, sexy dancers from Jakarta .10 PM

Klapa Lazy Daze Feat EDC DJs Joshe, Evan Virgan, Pico, Getto. Starts 5pm

Blue Eyes Wonderful Tonight With sexy dancers, resident DJs and home band. 8 PM ‘til drop

SOS 2nd Anniversary Eric Entrena, Mr. SukaMu (Love in Tents), Visual mapping art show, Broadway show, Midnight Hot by FTV, Haute Couture by Designer Shop. Special performance: Moonlight Matters. Starts 11pm

Boshe Road Runner Automotive community party, featuring Boshe sexy dancers, home band and resident DJs. Bounty Snow on the Boat Featuring DJ Double Gee, Arief, Denny and David. From 9pm.

W Bali WooBar Three Stars Align Farah Quinn, Jack Yoss and Scott Beattie. A modern interpretation of Indonesian cuisine and cocktail menu. From 7pm onwards at Starfish Bloo

December 2, 2011 Hu’u R&B Flava It’s a R&B nite, a blend of soul, hip hop & R&B beats all night long featuring DJ David J from Soul Menace Jakarta. Starts 10 pm JP’S Last Show This Year Cabaret night with International performance, show girls, drag queens and more. Starts 9.30 pm W Bali WooBar Three Stars Align Farah Quinn, Jack Yoss and Scott Beattie. A modern interpretation of Indonesian cuisine and cocktail menu. From 7PM onwards at Starfish Bloo Vi Ai Pi Ladies Night Get free shot for all fo you ladies into the Fish Tank club Lychee Martini Rp.25K from 11pm till 2am. Resident DJs.Live Band by Harzoe. Bar flair Show

December 4, 2011 Hard Rock Cafe The Beatles Night Feat The Facebeat

Akasaka Clubbers Call Party (Ladies Night) Home DJ’s, sexy dancers from Jakarta,Guest DJ’s ladies free entry all night & 50% discount for all beverages except full bottle Starts 10 PM Blue Eyes Hospitality With sexy dancers and resident DJs. 8 PM ‘til drop Boshe Sundays Feat: home band, resident DJs. First Drink Charge : 60K. Starts10pm Eikon Sunday Bloody Sunday Resident DJs. 25k Bloody Marys. Happy Hours 9-12 Hard Rock Hotel Sterling Band at Centerstage. From 8.30pm. Klapa Sunday Shoutin’ Featuring DJ Anjaz. 5pm

December 5, 2011 Akasaka Ladies On Top Party Home DJ’s , sexy dancers from Jakarta, ladies free entry all night long. Valid 10pm - 12pm : free entry & 50% discount for all beverages except full bottle. Starts 10PM Bali Nusa Dua Theatre Devdan Treasure of the Archipelago. A stunning artistic performance at Bali Nusa Dua Theatre. From 7pm Blue Eyes Campus Night With sexy dancers, resident DJs and home band. 8 PM ‘til drop Boshe Collegio Fiesta Party for campus community, with Boshe sexy dancers, band and resident DJs. Starts 10pm

December 6, 2011 Blue Eyes Classic Rock With sexy dancers, resident DJs and home band. 8 PM ‘til drop Boshe The Music Lovers Party III 43rd Anniversary of Cassanova 102 Fm Bali feat resident DJs. First Drink 30K. Starts 10pm d’ Base Restaurant and Fun Bar The Facebeat ‘Beatles’ performs live, entertaining diners from 9pm Eikon Live music by Sweet Primitive band 8pm-11pm. Resident DJs Happy Hours 9pm. Freeflow ‘Purple Nurple’ cocktails 12am. Hard Rock Hotel Nu Color Band live at Centerstage, no cover charge. From 8.30pm. Hard Rock Café Asia Line band live on stage. From 9pm

December 7, 2011 Akasaka Party Begins Rendezvous with FDJ Yesie Cheung from Caesar Palace Discotheque Bandung. Starts 10 PM 21

Boshe Abracadraba Mulan Jameela exclusive live in concert. Also feat: home band, resident DJs. Free entry and cocktail for ladies. Starts10pm Hard Rock Cafe Hard Rock University Feat Tompi. Starts 9 pm Eikon Jungle Fever Guest DJ Xtra Low-P. Jungle babes, freeflow ‘purple nurple’ cocktails. Happy Hour 9 -12 Flapjaks Mal Bali Galeria Cooking Class Lollipops School. Children 5-12 Years Old. Cooking menu : Pancakes, Waffles and Chocolate Sauce. Starts 8 am

December 8, 2011 Hu’u Bar Love in Tents Exclusive set by : Designer Drugs, Kidwonder & Mr. Sukamu. Starts 10 pm Akasaka Ladies Night Party Home DJ’s, live band, sexy dancers from Jakarta. Starts 10 PM Blue Eyes Wonderful Tonight With resident DJs and home band. 8 PM ‘til drop Boshe Road Runner Automotive community party, featuring Boshe sexy dancers, home band and resident DJs. Bounty Snow on the Boat Featuring DJ Double Gee, Arief, Denny and David. From 9pm


CANGGU 3 bedrooms, AC, hot water, 3 bathrooms, internet wifi, fully furniture, pool, garden, kitchen, livingroom open, electricity 4400W, sertificate free hold, price for rent 1 year Rp.100.000.000, price for sale Rp.1.300.000.000, size land 1,3 are. location in canggu brawa, near canggu club, view rice field, so nice view, 1km from brawa beach, contact: anna 0818559125 / 0361 8617578 Sell land fits for villas, batu bolong-canggu, 15are, 350mill, 03619901900 / 085237095602 Land for sale at brawa-canggu, 500 meters from the coast, 10-30are, 400 mill, 085237095602 Villa for sale : god loc, 5 mnts fr Canggu Club, 500mtrs fr Beach Berawa, 3BR/3BHR, living/ dining rm, good price. Pls ctct : Media Properties, PH : 0361-732600, HP: 0852 378 29292 Land Sale at canggu,with Ricefield - Badung, 150jt/are, 1460m2, 0361-9901900 Cheap guest house Rp. 100.000/day or 10 rooms for all Rp. 7.000.000/month. Minimum 3 years. Jln. Pantai Berawa near Echo Beach and Canggu Club. 0361 214 0390 / 0361 926 0592 2 villa for lease in Canggu. 3,5 are and 6,5 are, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, garage. One house with swimming pool. Call owner 0819 1630 7373 Villa rent/sale. Building 125 m2 / 2.55 are, furnished, 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, living, dining, kitchen full equip, garden, pool, 2 min from Berawa Beach, 5 min Canggu club. Rent 130 mill/year. Sale 2.5 M. Call 081-895 7082 Two bedroom villa for rent starting 15 Jan 2012, Rp. 75 mill year nego. Include Canggu Club membership for family. Two bedroom house for rent Rp. 30 mill year nego. Location Canggu. Please call 0812 3604 3551 House for lease in canggu, 2 storey, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom+ensuite, 2 aircons hot/ cold water minimum 12mnth lease beautiful view, unfurnished no pool price dropped to 65 mil/Rp yearly. E-mail sharonturner123@ . Phone 081 2391 6482 House for lease, 2 minutes Pantai Brawa, Freshly renovated, 2 bedrooms, fully furnished, air/ conditioning, 1 to 5 years, 40 million per year. Call 0812 3704 5918, Land for sale! In Berawa, good location, only 500m from Brawa Beach, 10 minutes from

Classified Canggu Club. Freehold with license to build. Available from 500m2-700m2 or more. Direct from owner. Call: 0819 3622 6688. E-mail: Beautiful 2, 3, and 4-bedroom villas 100m from Berawa Beach for rent. Newly renovated to high standards, with/without pool, close to Canggu Club. 0818 0558 7558, stoff.breger@ Incredible cheap 4250m2 land, 180’ greenbelt rice field view, river front, slope contour, in Pererenan, Canggu, minutes to Echo beach & Seminyak, paved access, electricity. Please contact 081 2366 6541, 081 2399 5773 70 million p/y. House for rent. 2 minutes from Cangu Club and Brawa beach. Cute, clean, safe, beautifully furnished. Small garden, 1xbedroom, 1xbathroom, small office space. Call 081 7971 3275 email: cardfour@gmail. com 15 are Brawa, 300 meter from the beach with ricefield view. Freehold IDR 450 million/are. Direct owner. Bali Property 0361 748 8233 / 081 2391 3399 5 minute walk to Pererenan Beach. 3 Bed / 2 Bath. 10 Are. Pool. Beautiful gardens. Plus detached bungalow. Rp. 140 juta per year. 7.5 years remaining on lease. Longer term negotiable. Photos: Contact 0813 3866 3603 or mail@rachelcost. com House for rent Canggu Permai Brawa 3Bedroom/AC 3bathroom spacious rooms 2story 4are lot with nice garden internet 5min from Canggu Deli Club/Beach Rp. 65 million per year short term avail. Call/SMS 0819 3438 7911 or 0813 3788 4031 Room for rent in gorgeous Canggu villa. Quiet, peaceful, luxurious living, walking distance to EchoBeach. Master guest suite with master bath available longterm for responsible, respectful individual. Monthly rent Rp. 5,000,000. Call 081337648711

DENPASAR Ruko for rent (10m x 12m), Jl. Pulau Tarakan no. 18 Denpasar, 4 storey, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, store. Call 081 7975 4914 House for sale or rent. 2 floors, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 garage, on land 2.6 are. Located Sidakarya Denpasar. Contact 081 2394 8595 Boarding house for rent located in Renon, Denpasar. Complete facilities, villa style, Rp. 19 million per year. Please call (0361) 800 6703

/ 081 2390 9868 For sale new 2 storey house set on 3.7 ares (building 3 ares) in Denpasar. Fully furnished 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen (+kitchen set) and a garage. Call 0819 9926 6077 House for rent. 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 400m2 of land, big garden. Located in Jl. Marlboro. 3 AC + fan, no furnished, carpark, Rp. 45 million/year, minimum 3years. 0857 3701 7789

GIANYAR Ruko for sale on 4 are land, 2 floors, 2 bedrooms, 4 toilets, AC, hot water, kitchen set. Contact 081 2394 8595. [1150] Land for sale. Tampak Siring, 43 are, Desa Calo, main road, electricity, ready to build. IDR 1.300.000.000. Contact owner 0821 4764 5756. [3755]

JIMBARAN Villa for sale in Jimbaran, 2.6 bill, call +623617810555 Land for sale, 3.5are, unud jimbaran, 140 mill, 08129683664 Travel Agent For Sale. Interested? , Contact 0361-2082046 / 0812-36730122 6 are land for sale south of Unud Jimbaran, 150 mill, 087860275110 4 are land for sale at perum bukit ijo jimbaran, 140 mill, 087860275110 3 are & 3.5 are land for sale at jalan varigata south of mcd jimbaran, 200 mill, 087860275110 10 are land for sale at bypass jimbaran, 700 mill, 087860275110 Land 4are, goa gong Jimbaran, nett 70 mill, contact 087860275110 Land 3.5are, goa gong Jimbaran, 90 million/ are, 087860275110 land for sale, jimbaran, 38 are, 75 mill, 087860275110 land for sale, jimbaran, 1ha, 100 mill, 087860275110 land for sale, jimbaran, 45are, 50 mill, 087860275110 land for lease 20-50 are, 3.5 mill, 087860275110

land for lease 6 - 10are, near intercontinental jimbaran, 5 mill, 087860275110 4 are land for sale, perum bukit ijo jimbaran, 135 mill, 087860275110 land sale 3.5 are, 140 jt, lalang temu, 087860275110 Office or commercial space for lease short or long term in Jimbaran, Jl. Raya Ulluwatu II. Have 2 separate buildings with a center pebble stone open area, water feature and pond, 2 private rooms, 3 bathrooms, reception, meeting space, kitchen, parking area, 4 AC, electricity 15,400 watt. Very strategic location. Please contact (0361) 703 361 or 0857 8047 6789, For sale house in Taman Griya Jimbaran. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 floors, swimming pool, garage for 2 cars, full furnished, kitchen, bar, living room, terrace, staff area & laundry. Direct Owner 081 7970 1709 or 0857 8047 6789 Uluwatu south Jimbaran affordable priced luxury private villa for rent, Dreamland resorts, 2 storey with 3 double bedroom x 3 bathroom and 3 strory with 5 bedroom x 5 bathroom, sea view, house keeper, plunge pool, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. E-mail: +62 816 815 654 / +6140 739 0116. Minimalist house for sale in Taman Griya Jimbaran. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, hot water, satellite TV, phone line, garage, electricity 5500 watt. Please contact 0878 6113 3583. House for rent center Jimbaran Bay spacious 4Bedrooms with AC, 4bathrooms on suite beachfront close to Gourmet Garage, furnished, telephone line, parking, Rp. 75 million/year. Call/SMS 0819 3438 7911 or 0813 3788 4031

KEDONGANAN 48 are land for sale, 30 meters from bypass kedonganan, 210 mill, 087860275110 30 are land for sale at kelan, 190 mill, 087860275110

KEROBOKAN Cheap modern villa in Kerobokan, beautiful gardens, nice quiet lane, 3 month to 12 months fully furnished, inter-vision and pool, services all included, house cleaning, pool garden, electriciry, security, etc. Ph Rod : 087862119697 Email : House for sale, +623617810555



Great land at umalas-kerobokan - Badung,

Here Here is is the the puzzle. puzzle. Good Good luck! luck!


2 4 8 76 4 8 6 1 6 3 1 5 36 4 7 12 69 48 2 83 4 6 48 5 6 6 1 4 6 21 7 5 49 9 2 3 9 2 9 36 5 7 7 4 9 8 8 good for villa with ricefield area is 1200 m2. lengthy : 33m2 weidth : 35m2 5M access road. price 260 million/acre,negotiable sold quickly. Contact Name: i Made Sudiarsana 085237095602 28 are umalas, 250jt/are, call 03619901900 For Lease Villa in Umalas, Lease Hold: 20 thn : 1.700.000.000, 47.5 thn : 3.500.000.000, Beautiful villa in umalas with ricefield view with Small garden. Fully modern furnished. Free use of the WiFi Internet connection. Contact Name: made sudiarsana 03619901900

KUTA Land include building for sale, tuban, 12 are, 5 bill/are, 087860275110 23

SUDOKU st The The 11st five five correct correct answer answer will WIN this this will WIN T-shirt T-shirt

send send to to this this address address :: Jl. Jl. Tangkuban Tangkuban Perahu Perahu Kerobokan Kerobokan Arcade Arcade Unit Unit 66

House for Sale, building area of 220meters, 2 floors, near Kuta and the airport, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. Rp.2.3 billion, call 08113806166 For sale house the property located only 100mtr from sunset road. nice house, nice area, close to every where. please call 081337781333

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Rp.10.000,- / 2 lines Please contact : Rhino | +62 361 730210

Private room 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, AC, kitchen, hot-water, freezer, TV, fully furnished. Close to airport/beach 5 min. Nice room/safe. Call 0813 5767 8881. Rp. 3 mill / 4 mill/month, Rp. 200rb/day Bungalow to rent self contained big room own bathroom. Quiet but central location in the rice fields, AC, hot water. Great mattress, easy access to anywhere. 1.8 million/month. PH: 0878 6207 9604 Luxury restaurant for lease in Kuta Legian area. For more information contact 0812 4607 5979 Rent rooms central Kuta 250m to beach. AC, TV, DVD, fridge, share kitchen, hot water Rp. 800rb-3.2mill/month. Long term nego and shop with 3 rooms, big kitchen, 40jt/year. Bhs: 0818 0566 4926. English: 0878 6001 4308


Komplek Ruko Perum Dalung Permai Telp : ( 0361) 423084

Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 17, Kuta Telp : ( 0361) 730552 email :

Jl. Raya Sanggingan No. 45, Ubud Telp : ( 0361) 972972 email :



Large 1 Bedroom Apartment for Sale in Central Sanur, fully furnished with high quality furniture, contains a large swimming pool and is hidden from the main street behind a beautiful open-air restaurant, 250 metres from the beach, or with 35 years remaining on the lease. AU$155,000, 0811-873442,

SEMINYAK villa for sale lease for 23 years, location in jalan bidadari seminyak. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, tv cabel, pool, size land 161 square meters, fully furniture, electricity 3500W, new building, price rent for 1 month Rp.22.000.000, rent for 1 year Rp.130.000.000, for sale lease 23 years 140.000 euros, contact: anna 0818559125 / 0361 8617578 villa for lease hold 22 years, location in jalan bidadari seminyak - kuta - bali, 2 bedrooms + AC, 2 bathrooms + hot water, fully furniture, tv cable, size land 200 square meters, new building, price for lease hold 22 years 140.000 euros, contact: anna 0818559125 / 0361 8617578 For rent restaurant with large terrace. size 260m2, in the center of Seminyak 0818553413

Lovina beach, 2.5 billion, call 0361-7810555 Land for sale at Belumbang - Tabanan, Good view, rivver front, suitable for villa. near the location already become villa area, 2.8 billion, call 0361-7810555 land for lease Belumbang - Tabanan, river view, calm village area. friendly local people, call 0361-7810555land sale Tabanan, good for villa, 1.2 billion, 0361-7810555 land sale 4 are, tabanan, 260 mill, 03617810555 House For Sale, 2 are, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dinning room, living room, garage, location kediri-tabanan, rice field view, price negotiable, contact Dewi 081246514455

UBUD Available 10 years, Family house for Rent 2km from center Ubud - clean - quiet - productive vegetable garden - comfortable sleeping areas – kitchen – living room – bathroom – terrace & gazebo - Call : 085 238 84 16 84 or email for photos Land for Sale – 19 ares - 45 mnt from Ubud already fenced + electricity + water + 2 newly built bamboo bungalow – Call : 085 238 84 16 84 or email for photos

For rent shops in the center of Seminyak size 4mx12m, ideal for office, showroom, wholesale, etc. Car Park in front, all permits certified, call 081236520332 / 081338648034, info@

land sale ubud, 5 minutes from central crowd, 100jt/are, 03619901900

Seminyak 1 and 2 bedroom villas, furnished, quite secure area, minutes to beach, shops restaurants, AC, hot water, pool, maid, 6 to 12 months lease (negotiable). 0812 3718 1974

lot for sale 2-5 are at Ubud - IDR 65-75mill/are, CP: 081916188052

For rent 2 lands 25 years + 25. Jalan Kunti / Seminyak, 19 aras. Jalan Taman Sari / West Marlboro, 13 aras. Direct owner, no agents please. 0852 3779 5072.

SINGARAJA Villa for sale(GRIYA PANORAMA) in LovinaSingaraja. Price $1.655.173(nego). Space 2.250 are, close to the beach. Contact : Listya, phone: 085238352520 or email:

TABANAN villa for sale at Antosari - Tabanan, calm area with rice field view friendly local people. 45 minutes to Ngurah Rai international air port, 10 minutes from Soka beach, 35 minutes to

land sale view tukad petanu Ubud, 10000 m2, 30jt/are, 03619901900

lot for sale 10-30 are at Ubud - IDR 65mill, CP: 08174713487/081999024259

UNGASAN Cheap land in ungasan, 75mill, 0812968366

OTHERS For sale Ivio CDTEK DV 900. In perfect condition. Still complete. Spec camera digital 10 MP, video mode, web cam, digital voice recorder, motion stabilization, MP3 music player, remote control, 8x digital zoom. Bonus 2 new rechargeable batteries + rechargeable charger, negotiable price 08129683664 House for rent, 4 bedroom,2 bathroom, kitchen,living room,garage,etc. Price Rp.50 million a years(nego). Location: Jln. Gunung Payung III no.1 Umaduwi. Call listya: 085238352520 or email: listya80@hotmail. com Motorbike Sparepart, all types of bike, delivery to all over indonesia, call Rhinto 08159800846 / 02199781788 Land for sale 14 are, Nusa Penida, Desa Ped. Beachside, side road, next to art market. Tourism area, good for business or private villa by the beach. Contact owner: 085731879111 (Budi), Big bench javanese carved Teak wood sofa for sale approx. 2m long X 1m X width 80cm high. Rp. 3,5 mill nego call 081338724288 House for sale near center business, 1.5 bill, +623617810555 1.77 ha land for sale at perum kampial, 70 mill, 087860275110 1.11ha land for sale at kampial, 60 mill, 087860275110 THILETX printing|design, free design,,+623617440633, 628179725309 land for sale 10 are, near to villa jepun, strategic, suitable for villa/private home. CP:081353149420


Land for sale 6are, ungasan, 150 mill, 08129683664 2ha land for sale, sea view, karma ungasan, 110 mill, 087860275110 Freehold land for sale near Banyan Tree - Bukit Ungasan. Good location and stunning views. Call 081 2380 2626 (direct owner) Land for sale located at near Banyan Tree Resort Ungasan, 10 are sea view, IDR 110 million/are. Freehold. Bali Property 0361 748 8233 / 081 2391 3399

Looking for writer to write anything about bali and indonesia in general. Please contact 25

House For Sale or Rent

Land For Sale

Charming 2 story cottage plus guesthouse walk to town. Street frontage. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms plus staff quarters.JL Suweta. MUST INSPECT! All offers over AU $225.000 considered. Owner may be able to help with payment plan on min 30% deposit. Rent AU $500.00 per month. Please email cherry.rosie@gmail for more info

Located at Ungasan, Bali. 30 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes drive to the Dream Land beach. Ocean view will be see from second floor.

in Ubud

in Ungasan

PRICE : IDR 1,380,000,000 call 081236777300

House For Rent Special New Year


Rp.1.200.000,-/day from 28 dec 2011 to 3 Jan 2012

3 bedrooms +AC every bedroom | 2 bathrooms + hot water | fully furniture | tv parabola | small garden | Unlimited Internet | size land 100 meter square

Tel : 082145306888 Email:

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Shop : Jl. Tangkuban Perahu, No. 101 B. Kerobokan. Ph : 0361 7807008

Kayu Aya square No. 22 Jl. Kayu Aya, Banjar Basangkasa. Ph. 0361 7807008

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