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Renewing Our Commitment Each day we have an opportunity to make the most of a moment with a patient, member and each other. That moment could make a difference in someone’s life. It’s about treating every interaction as if it’s the most important of the day. These are high expectations. Our history and ministry are too important to expect anything less. Affinity’s mission, promise and values are more than words on paper. They are the core of what we believe. Acting on it, living it, engaging everyone around you to participate in it should be the goal of all within our organization. Please join me in renewing this commitment.

~D  aniel E. Neufelder, FACHE President, Affinity Health System Senior Vice President of Hospital Operations, Ministry Health Care

“I have done what was mine to do. Pray Christ teach you what is yours to do.� ~ St. Franc i s of Assi si

OUR MISSION is to further the healing ministry of Jesus by continually improving the health and well-being of all people, especially the poor, in the communities we serve.

We promise to provide personalized care by listening, treating you with respect and putting your needs and interests first.

Our value of SERVICE requires us to: • Always project a professional image • Acknowledge and connect with others by smiling, making eye contact and using welcoming words • Introduce yourself by stating your name and role • Use a pleasing tone of voice and open body language • Use good listening skills – listen with your eyes, ears and heart • Remove physical distractions to listening (phone, location, position), when interacting with others • Address the fears and anxieties of each individual • Appreciate each person’s unique situation by providing empathy • Anticipate the needs of others and exceed their expectations • Personally take patient, member or employee to destination when possible • If expectations have not been met, sincerely apologize and correct the situation immediately • E xplain exactly what is happening, what is being done, and what should be expected by speaking in a language that is easy to understand, avoiding jargon/acronyms

• Provide individuals with an approximate time expectation and keep them informed of changes • Respond to questions in a clear, positive manner and offer solutions as necessary • E mpower individuals and their loved ones by inviting questions, creating choices and involving them in all decisions that affect them

• T hank others and show appreciation for their business, assistance, etc. anything else that you can do for them – you have the time

• Keep up-to-date on changes in your field

Ask if there is

“Service is not just a word, it’s a commitment. It means putting others first, in every interaction.� ~B  ill Calhoun President, Mercy Medical Center

We believe giving attention to the unique needs of others enhances the lives of those who serve and those being served.

We believe our words and actions need to be in harmony to build trusting relationships.

“Living and working in a small community, you quickly realize that integrity and honesty are at the heart of every single relationship.” ~T  im Richman President, Calumet Medical Center

Our value of INTEGRITY requires us to: • Place the Mission, Promise, and Values above personal gain • Respect dignity, privacy and confidentiality of others • Respect corporate confidentiality • Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it – follow through and be accountable • Treat others the way they wish to be treated – this is a platinum rule • Don’t gossip or talk negatively – no whining • Be truthful – white lies or twisting of facts is not allowed • Recognize that your actions and words represent Affinity at all times • Respond to e-mail and voice mail in a timely fashion • Support the Ethical and Religious Directives • Understand and follow all business regulations and policies that apply to your work

We believe the pursuit of innovative ideas leads to improvements that create a better future.

Our value of CREATIVITY requires us to: • Drive and support the pursuit of creativity and innovation • Incorporate critical thinking into your daily work • Be willing to take appropriate risk • Listen and be open to all ideas • Take time to reflect • Acknowledge and reward the effort for both success and failure

“The most innovative ideas often come from the most unexpected sources. Creative thinking is everyone’s responsibility.” ~T  ravis Andersen President, St. Elizabeth Hospital

Our value of TEAMWORK requires us to: • Avoid saying “It’s not my job” – assist one another to the best of your abilities and knowledge • Manage-up other departments and people – highlight skills and expertise of self and other team members • Always display a positive attitude by smiling and giving warm greetings • Accept personal accountability for the completion of individual work and the work within teams • Be inclusive of all team members when making decisions • Give and receive honest and constructive feedback • Actively contribute to achieving shared goals – workgroup, department and system • Recognize and utilize the gifts and talents of other team members • Develop common understanding of roles and responsibilities • Have fun and use humor in your daily work when appropriate

We believe working together and communicating effectively help us achieve shared goals.

“Holding each other accountable is critical to creating a cohesive, high-performing team.� ~D  r. Christine Griger President, Affinity Medical Group

We believe it is our individual and corporate responsibility to promote human rights and preserve human dignity.

Our value of JUSTICE requires us to: • Allow everyone to have a voice and to be heard • Assure that people can express concerns without fear of reprisal • Base your actions on facts, not assumptions • Advocate for the rights of all individuals • Promptly communicate your concerns with necessary individuals and groups • Disclose mistakes in a timely fashion • R espect all individuals regardless of history, differences or background

“Every member, patient and employee has a right to be treated fairly and to have their voice be heard.” ~ S heila Jenkins President, Network Health

We believe the wise use of our resources today ensures our ability to continue our mission tomorrow.

Our value of STEWARDSHIP requires us to: • Breakdown silos • Utilize evidence-based best practices when available • Be on time and be prepared • Address conflict in a timely manner • Take ownership – report needed repairs, clean-up your environment, etc. • Avoid duplication and waste by utilizing standard work practices • Continually strive to keep our patients/members/coworkers at the center of all improvements • Utilize resources in a way that maximizes positive impact • Use company time/supplies/equipment only for business purposes • Recycle whenever possible (encourage “green” thinking) • Make wise decisions when you are ill so that you don’t make others sick • Develop community partnerships and to save money and resources

“It’s important that we always remember those who came before us. Stewardship is about cherishing the resources they have provided, while creating a sustainable future.” ~C  arrie Hankes System Director of Mission Integration


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Living it Booklet  

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