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Kern’s First Citizens An Indian Legacy

Have No Fear! Let’s Buy a House

VOL. 29 NO. 3

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Kiss &Tell? don’t think so!

Sizzlin’ Singles IT’S ALL ABOUT MAXIMUM FUN! Valerie Vickers, Danny Hill, & Alex Gilman


Dream Homes

Have You Ever Dreamed of... A Successful Career In Real Estate?

Owning a Vacation Home At The Beach?

Investing In Commercial Property?

Letting Someone Else Manage Your Investments?

Making Dreams Come True... Every Day.

Debbie Banducci

661-832-2355 License #01787804

Let our team “make it happen” for you! / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 3

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DreamHomes 201 2


f e at u r e s DRE Lic.00818891

Take it from us—these things, you’ll want Stuff We Like......................20 This DJ spins us his list of favorite things Can’t Live Without.................23

Life for our first residents.


Let our experts remove some of the fear Shopping for a Home.............59

Photo by Edward S. Curtis

11001 Hilaire Blaise• $525,000 Seven Oaks gated, South of Ming! Split wing, 5bdrm, 3bth, 4/car garage, pool & spa plus big patio on corner lot, north/south facing. New carpet, new interior paint, big creamy white granite kitchen w/stainless appliances. Light and open. What more could you ask for?




Keeping your dreams free from worry.







Before explorers, miners, and farmers

Kern’s First





6701 Kane Way • $549,500

What goes bump in the night?

Shhh... Did you hear that?

OLDE STOCKDALE SPANISH VILLA! Faces golf course. Newer custom home with Great Room for big family gatherings/entertaining. High ceilings, many windows! Granite island, Swedish hardwood floors, plantation shutters, First floor Master Suite w/his/her walk-ins, jetted bath, steam shower/gym. Large laundry/office/project room. Two upstairs guest bdrms. Low maintenance.


What do you do with an empty nest? Flown the Coop...................67 Every amenity you could possibly want Batteries Not Included..........71 Prepping for autumn, from the outside in Home & Garden...............75

2120 Wedgemont Pl. • $599,000

SEVEN OAKS on golf course with lake views! N/S facing on cul de sac. Custom home w/granite island, new cabinetry/appliances. Great views! Bamboo hardwood floors! First floor guest bdrm, Master Suite w/his/hers, jetted tub. Upstairs game room/office. Guest bdrm/bath/balcony.

Signature Properties, Signature Service! 8 Bakersfield Magazine

They’re back! And more sizzlin’ than ever

Sizzlin’ Singles


These men take the stage for charity Struttin’ for a Cause............55

We raised over $1 million, Kern County!

Dream Come True


They’re helping burn survivors to thrive Champ Camp....................104 / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 9


DreamHomes 201 2

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D E P ART M E N TS Mom...Please turn in your Cupid card Letter from the Editor..........15


Tidbits from yesterday, today, and tomorrow Kern Facts.....................17 Careful how you wear your whites this season The Bakersfield Look......31 She’s got Hollywood hanging on her wings Citizen Kern..................33

Where wooden shoes, sun, and Vikings meet

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A smoky lamb kabob that you’re sure to love Quick Bites...................86

Why Be Happy for Just One Hour? All Day Happy Hour 11am-7pm









Whiskey is risky, but he has it perfected

Kern Risktakers


Small business owners: this one’s for you H u m a n Re s o u r c e s . . . . . . . . . 4 3

Dining just went digital at this local favorite!

What’s Cookin’

It’s a drink that will put you on cloud nine Bottoms Up..........................90

Bakersfield Marriott

The secret to an incredible wine? Harmony Life is a Cabernet..................91

When only the best will do!

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You’ve got questions and she’s got answers

Gardening With mrs. p


Chances are you’ll see someone you know Party Chatter...................... 110 The years the Ferris Wheel stopped turning Bakersfield’s Sound.............. 114 / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 11


ONE MINUTE BUSINESS BRIEF Curriculum Vitae..............40

home & Garden resources

Home & Garden.................74

MEDICAL PROFILES Medical Profiles...............81

The Dining Guide Fine Men’s Clothing

The Dining Guide............94

Since 1988

Corner of Stockdale & Coffee

community partners

Snead’s for Men

Community Partners.........98

Nandakumar Ravi, M.D. Board Certified in Digestive, Liver, & Nutritional Diseases Colonoscopy • Endoscopy • Video Capsule Endoscopy • ERCP Esophageal pH & Motility Study • Treatment of Liver Diseases Cancer Screening • Office Endoscopy 9870 Brimhall Rd. #100 Bakersfield, CA 93312 (661) 588-8725 • Fax (661) 588-8749

20041 Hwy 202, Valley Blvd., Unit 4 Tehachapi, CA 93561 (661) 822-0377 • Fax (661) 588-8749

Shoppers Bazaar..............106

everafters... Weddings......................108


Mass Schedule

Rev. Msgr. Craig F. Harrison,V.F. Pastor 900 H St.

(1 block south of California Ave.)

661-327-4734 FAX 661-377-0363

12 Bakersfield Magazine

Saturday: 8:00 a.m. (Honoring Mary) 5:00 p.m. (Vigil-English) 7:30 p.m. (Vietnamese) Sunday:

6:45 a.m. (English) 8:30 a.m. (English) 10:30 a.m. (Family) 12:00 p.m. (English) 2:00 p.m. (Latin) 5:00 p.m. (Spanish) 7:00 p.m. (English)



Corporate Relocation 22nd Annual Business-to-Business Edition

g in R m BE o C CTO 12 O 20 / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 13


Donna Louise Corum founder . visionary . friend

Vol. 29 No. 3

wall • Complete systems made from solid wood.

variety • Wide of finishes. full, or • Twin, queen sizes

available in many different configurations.

for multi• Ideal purpose rooms. online catalog!


7921 Rosedale Hwy.

Monday-Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 11-5 Visit Us Online at

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Letter from the Editor

I don't do lunch... Having been single for a number of years after my divorce, Mom and Dad—well, mostly Mom—being the ever-so-thoughtful parents that they are, decided it was high-time for me to have a “friend.” Of course, they disclaimed it by saying “not a girlfriend; just someone to hang out with, go to the movies with—ya know, a little adult time.” A bachelor for life, I had long ago joined the He-Man Woman Hater's Club. Besides, I preferred the company of my two boys. Plus, I had my work and my band; life was good. They thought it could be better. Mom and Dad—well, mostly Mom— were persistent. Mom and her friends got together and set up several meet-n-greets… all were epic fails! Finally, I told Mom “I'm just not interested.” Mom, reluctantly, turned in her Cupid card. A few months later, Mom and Dad—well mostly Mom—were talking about the newest salesperson they hired. “She's crazy, fun, cute as a button, and she used to live in Indonesia. I keep forgetting her name, so I call her Indo. It’s too bad she has a boyfriend, you’d just love her.” I'd been working from home so as to keep an ever watchful eye on my then teenage sons and would hear consistently about the “laughable misadventures of Indo.” Mom adored her because she was unpredictable and random, keeping her in stitches most of the time; Dad revered her because she could sell, and sell she did until, one day, she mysteriously disappeared. Summer turned into fall and the phone rang late one Friday night and it was Mom: “You’re never gonna believe who wants to meet you…you’ve got to come over right now so we can tell you.” “Moooommmm,” I moaned, “not promised.” When I arrived, Mom and Dad—well, mostly Mom—proceeded to tell me that “Indo” was back at the magazine, she was single, she’d seen me leaving the office, and “She wants your number.” Although I’d never met her, I’d heard enough about her to be intrigued. “Um, sure, I guess?” Several days went by and nothing; several more days and I'd pretty much given up hope. Then, out of the blue, the phone rang. It was the infamous “Indo.” After introducing herself as Lisa, and some idle chitchat, she asked, “Do you want to go

to lunch sometime?” Me, not realizing she was asking me out, replied, “I don’t do lunch, I do Pop-Tarts.” (Pop-Tarts being my main food source for most of my adult life.) Then, silence... Looking back, that would have been enough to make any girl hang up, and maybe mumble “loser.” Good thing Lisa isn't like any other girl. After a long, awkward pause, she did what she does best and used her charm to turn my stupid remark into an all-night phone conversation, which led to us meeting the next day and I’ve been twitterpated ever since. November makes 11 years; Mom and Dad were right. So, you’re probably saying to yourselves, “Mike, that’s a cute story and all, but what does it have to do with this issue?” Glad you asked, because this is our annual Sizzlin’ Singles issue (pg. 46) and much like my own story, these singles are happy to be going solo. They aren’t looking for a relationship per se, but they are open to finding love… someday. And when we got them talking, well, you’ll just have to read the answers to our questions for yourselves. Plus, online, we feature even more singles and the complete Q&A’s (visit We’re also excited to present our annual Dream Homes feature (pg. 57) and part one of a great history piece on Kern’s first residents—Native Americans (pg. 34). Additionally, we’ve got an exclusive feature on Bakersfield’s very own moonshiner: Jim Bowen of Bowen’s Spirits (Risktaker, pg. 37). Recently, Lisa told me, “I’m glad we didn’t do lunch.” I told her, “I’m glad, too. Pass the Pop-Tarts...” Enjoy!

Mike Corum / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 15

16 Bakersfield Magazine

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He’s the Head Basketball Coach/Physical Education Professor at Bakersfield College and she’s a former speech-language pathologist who’s now a stay-at-home mom, so these two know how to have fun on and off the court. What was the first thing you thought when you met your future spouse for the first time? Rich: We met online through a Christian dating service, so our first meeting took place in an airport. My first thought was how tall she was in person. I am 6’0” and she is 5’10”. Pilar: We officially met at the DallasFort Worth Airport after communicating online for a couple weeks. I thought he was handsome, but I also thought there’s no way I could date a man who’s not from or didn’t live in Texas. Obviously, I did give in. What’s the funniest thing that happened while you dated? Rich: While golfing together, my wife broke my dad’s driver. I borrowed his clubs so that she had clubs to use and she ended up snapping the head of the driver off. We had to stop the entire golf range so that I could go out into the range to retrieve the head. Pilar: We had a highly unusual courtship given that we met, dated, and got engaged while living half the country apart. Our dates were actually phone dates. Because I was two time zones ahead of him, I would tend to fall asleep often during our “dates.”

What’s the craziest thing your spouse has ever done for you? Rich: Move from Texas to California for me. She lived in one of the best places in Dallas and left her family and job to be near me. Pilar: Rich flew me out to California spur of the moment, on first class, because we wanted to see each other so badly. What’s your spouse’s biggest phobia? Rich: Spiders, mice, furry creatures... Pilar: It’s not a phobia, but Rich is not a big fan of cats. I had to get rid of my cat after our son came along, because she had become too aggressive for a baby in the household. He tried to be supportive of me in my grief, but I knew he was secretly jumping for joy. Who’s the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Rich: I would say myself. In this case the less said the better! Pilar: I’ll be honest. My husband has a better track record on that one than I do. Happy wife, happy life. Right? I am trying to improve on this one though. What’s your spouse most passionate about? Rich: I would say faith and politics. She has a very strong opinion on politics and is not afraid to express her views. Pilar: Aside from his faith and family, basketball is his biggest passion. His dad was a basketball coach, and his older brother is a basketball coach, as well. It runs in their blood. What’s your favorite thing to do in Bakersfield? Rich: Going to Bakersfield Jam D league games. Most people do not realize what great players there are in that league. Pilar: Rich and I enjoy having sushi at Enso on our date nights. I also enjoy taking our son to Brookside Market for our weekly mommy-son treat. He gets an iced sugar cookie from Smith’s Bakery.

in step with:

HIS Rich & Pilar Hughes

& Hers We met, dated, and got engaged while living half the country apart. Our dates were actually phone dates. Because I was two

time zones ahead of him, I would tend to fall asleep often during our “dates.” —Pilar Hughes

What’s your least favorite thing about your spouse and most favorite thing? Rich: Least favorite—her inability to be flexible with last minute ideas. Most favorite—her supportive nature. She lets me pursue my joy of coaching basketball. She gives up a lot so that I can do what I enjoy doing. Pilar: Least favorite—he will learn the lyrics to songs incorrectly and

sing them as if they are correct. He doesn’t even care to learn the correct lyrics as he becomes more familiar with the song. Favorite thing—his commitment to the tasks and/or blessings in life God has given him. It was one of the things that drew me to him while we were dating, and one of the character traits I knew would make him a wonderful husband and father. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 17


Forever Friends



Kern Facts

Did You Know? The 1930 Crop Report for Kern County revealed that the total value for all of the crops produced was $


despite expectations of crops being low “from a season like we have just gone through.” The top valued crop? Alfalfa, with a $1.5 million value.

18 Bakersfield Magazine

Sources:©istockphotoreports/crop-reports.asp .com/WoodyUpstate

photo by Gary D Robson

f you’ve ever thought about adopting a dog or cat, now is the time to head on down to the Kern County Animal Shelter. As part of the ASPCA 100K Challenge, our county is hoping to bring animal lovers out in herds between the months of August and October. “We have a chance to win $100,000,” said Kim Rodriguez, PIO with Kern County Public Health (which includes Animal Control). “Bakersfield came through for us in a big way by helping us get into this competition. We just have to adopt out three hundred more animals than we did last year.” In order to make it more enticing for those thinking about adopting a pet, the county is offering some amazing themes and deals. You can adopt a dog for $20 and a cat for just $10. All animals have been spayed or neutered, come with a 1-year license and a microchip, and their shots. “The money raised during the competition and the money we will hopefully win will go toward making more low cost spay and neuter clinics around town, and also help us take better care of the animals we have until they can find forever homes,” Rodriguez added. If you want more information, call (661) 321-3000 or visit

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We’ve Got The Best Prime Rib.

But we’re so much more than a

List extra


proclaimed, it’s ust as Sly and the Family Stone .” Naturally, the best nice to have “hot fun in the summertime ds and hit the town. Well, way to do that is to grab some frien r night out even better—a we’ve got something that will make you h is you’ve got to be an $100 gift card to Frugatti’s! The catc Not an A-Lister? No probA-List Member to be in the running. and sign up. lem. Just visit . easy It’s totally free and totally for your If you do belong to our A-List, just look email to first the be it, name below and if you spot . .net zine aga us at alist@bakersfieldm Wayne Kress Erika Westawski Abby Bryski Kim Tatman Jeramy Dodd Jimmie Hasting Katy Rogalski Pamela Avenio Michelle Waugh Wendi Kaff Vali Nemetz Christopher Grimm


*contest eligibility for A-List members


la Avai s e icat


Cert Gift

Daily Lunch Specials


who have not won in the last three mont

Happy Hour Mon - Fri 2 - 6pm

Come in Soon - Taste the Difference! 3580 Rosedale Hwy (Next to Costco) 328-0580

By the Numbers 314,750

Altitude (in feet) reached by Major Robert M. White while he piloted the X-15 at Edwards AFB on July 17, 1962

4 34 180 1866 11,265

Monthly dollar amount it costs for curbside recycling in the City of Bakersfield Runway ID for flights arriving at Bakersfield Municipal Airport Number of school days in the 2012-2013 Bakersfield City School District school year Year Peter Gardett became first naturalized citizen of Kern County Number of cadets to graduate from Minter Field’s basic pilot training in 1945


Cost of the Kern County Justice Center when it was built in 1980

Sources:;;; Historic Chronology of Kern County

661-324-0991 5466 California Ave. at Lennox Mon - Fri 9:00 - 5:30 • Sat 9:00 - 1:00 / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 19

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Mango Tango Sheer Top, $58

Victoria’s Boutique

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Hammitt Brentwood Signature Bag, $585


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Peanut Butter Cup Sandwiches, $15 (dozen)

The Cookie Jar

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1930s Hustle & BUStle

Caught On Film


Jean Laborde

“Experience, Integrity, Professionalism” Helped Clients Make Millions

Over 50 Years Experience

Ranches, Farms, & Commercial Properties Sales Mineral Rights, Desert Land, & Listing Specialist “The beginning of the film shows the buses coming around Garces Circle before the overpass was constructed.“ eastbound on California Avenue and taking a left onto F Street and finally pulling up into a bus parking area behind Griffith Stadium.” To see what Hooper is talking about, visit com/watch?v=CSYKS0f_8E E&feature=plcp.

“May I Have Your Business?” Please give me a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Top Producer in Listing & Sales 2000-2011 DRE #998649

Photo: Iger Photography

ack in the 1930s, the Kern County High School District (then known as the Kern County Union High School District) had the largest bus system in the nation. While that is cool in and of itself, there was also a film made around 1938 that highlighted the bus route. Rumor is that Hollywood came up to shoot the footage. But no matter who filmed it, the clips are cool to watch—showing a Bakersfield most of us have only seen in old photos. Ken Hooper, President of the Kern County Historical Society, shed some light on the video. “The beginning of the film shows the buses coming around Garces Circle before the overpass was constructed. Later, the buses are seen dropping students off on F Street on the ῾Kay-Cee’ campus.” In addition to those students within the city, over 1,000 rural students were picked up and dropped off by over 80 buses. And those students for whom the trip was too long stayed at the girl’s and boy’s dormitories located on the school campus. Hooper continued, “In the background, the buildings are Ludden Hall, the old Girl’s Gymnasium, and the old Administration Building. Later, the buses are seen driving

800.951.1626 / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 21

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FREE M obil Service

• Minor Dents & Door Dings • No Bondo - No Painting • Cost Less Than Insurance Deductible • Mobile 1 Day Service • Free Estimates • Avoid Costly Penalties At Lease Termination

Call Mike: 661-406-6863

Text or Email us a picture of your Dents & Dings for your FREE ESTIMATE

Bakersfield’s Premier Auto Detail Center

Tire Smokin’, Nitro Burnin’ Fun!


Snake and Mongoose: The Movie

he silver screen is about to go up in smoke. When Snake & Mongoose speeds into theaters early next year, drag racing fans will get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the drama behind one of racing’s most notorious rivalries: that of Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen. They’ll also see one of Kern County’s coolest landmarks: Famoso Drag Strip! A lot of the vintage footage was filmed there as the track was home to a number of races between the two in the ‘60s

engine roars, and the smell of nitro methane is nothing new to Kern County, so fans will relate to the action (-actionaction!) in the movie, but they’ll also get to learn how Prudhomme and McEwen turned the surrounding hullabaloo into a lucrative sponsorship deal with Mattel, the maker of Hot Wheels. This was a game-changing industry first as most sponsorships at the time were from automotive product-based companies. The movie itself is slated to come out in the spring of 2013. Until then,

and ‘70s. Filming just recently wrapped and, it turns out, the producers also chose to have Famoso stand in for some of the other tracks across the country that hosted the highly-publicized races between Prudhomme and McEwen, in which they piloted both Floppers and Top Fuel Dragsters. Smokin’ burnouts, throaty

local track junkies will have to make do with the regularlyscheduled races and the knowledge that when that movie does hit screens, we’ll be able to see a piece of our county represented in a big way. Or, you know, they can go home and play with their Snake and Mongoose racing set that they’ve had since 1970.

Buffing & Polishing • Color Sanding Scratch Removal • Overspray & Water Spot Removal • Paint Protection Film RVs • Boats • Harleys Street Rods • Muscle Cars • Exotics

5116 woodmere Drive • 661-619-4740 22 Bakersfield Magazine



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Can’t Live Without

Lance Sottile, the Music Director and Midday DJ on KELLY 95.3, dedicates his top ten to us!



I love the way it makes me feel when I wake up to a text message in the morning…it makes me feel important.



Anything wrapped in bacon is amazing. Amazing! I’m hungry now.



Headphones Can’t work without them!


Instead of watching TLC or The History Channel, I surf Wikipedia to learn about… everything.

Cheap sunglasses

3 Mountain Dew Mountain Dew is the devil, but I love it too much not to drink it.

4 My cat, Paris

She purrs and kills bugs that scare me.

5 8

I break them too often to afford the expensive ones.

My portable fan I have it in my car because my AC broke!

Flip Flops


My feet need air…if you know what I mean.


Water bottle

Gotta sustain life at work. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 23

MON 3pm-1:30am TUE-THU Noon-1:30am FRI & SAT 11am-1:30am SUN 11am-Midnight

Calendar Of Events August

Happy Hour menu Mon 3-6 • TUE-Fri 1-6

Happy Hour Baskets $3.99 Cheeseburger & Fries Chicken Sandwich & Fries Loaded Nachos

Munchies $2.99 6 Mozzarella Sticks • 6 Taquitos 6 Hot Wings • 6 Poppers

Drink Specials $2.50 Domestic Bottles $3.50 Imported Bottles $3.00 Well Drinks $4.00 Call Drinks $4.00 Domestic Mondos $5.00 Imported Mondos

Kern Facts

ern the song snoow-fflowk ers grow, From heights where flaming , From grassy flats and far ravine flow From fields of snow and ice I plain. Through granite gates to join the way, Through ages I have kept my bring; ord rec my rs From their vast yea day, the e not not s My time-piece doe ng. swi a at But takes a century

3 Old Man Marklay 10 Three Bad Jacks 11 UFC With Glam Cobra 17 Continental 18 Nada Rasta and Dub Seed 24 Paenomenuts 25 Mento Buru 30 Kottonmouth Kings 31 Aesop Rock

, I flow unchanged in outward form To-day I go, to-morrow come; storm, Up from the sea in cloud and . My slow, unending cycles run th shall last; These mountains age — my you morn. new h eac My life’s renewed with sed, pas are ks wor his When man and all on. flow still In unworn years I’ll


1 UFC 152 and Good Question 4 Rehab, Moonshine Bandits, Toofaded 7 Metalachi 9 Roach Gigz 14 Damage Inc. 18 Tomorrows Bad Seeds 21 Members Only

7401 White lane, Suite 8 •



n the early days of the 20th Century, before national publications were on every street corner, people could seek out small, independent magazines in order to satisfy their desire for information. By reading these regional publications, anyone in the country could discover the wilds of the American West. Overland Monthly and the Out West Magazine was one such publication that focused primarily on the California region and its splendor. Writers and contributors of all kinds were featured

(including the likes of Mark Twain), but one man, in particular, wrote a lengthy piece on the peaceful exploration of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. James H. McBride, M.D., of Pasadena, penned “Across the Sierras on Horseback” in 1904 for the 20th volume, where he detailed the journey one may encounter while trekking through the area of the range in which our county encompasses. McBride ended his detailed account with a poem (above) about the Kern River.


Did You Know?

Before it was called Miracle Hot Springs, the area was known as Hobo Hot Springs. Around 1900,

workers of the Borel Power Plant went on strike, setting up camp by the springs and soaking in the waters. Serving as an arbitrator between the men and the contractor was Constable Fred McCracken, who dubbed the spot Hobo Hot Springs, as he considered the strikers to be “a bunch of Hoboes [sic].”

24 Bakersfield Magazine

Sources: “The History of Miracle Hot Springs” by M.C. Hooper

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akersfield is a music town. Its country roots with its nu-metal branches are renowned throughout the world. Something extraordinary is also happening here with jazz— not something people usually associate with Bakersfield. Every Wednesday, under the aegis of the Bakersfield Jazz Workshop, jazz musicians meet to teach and play at Le Courusse Rouge, a Cajun restaurant on White Lane. Steve Eisen, the organization’s unassuming leader, often begins each evening instructing newer players. A typical evening will continue with a formal presentation by a local luminary (there are many) or a visiting giant like Clayton Cameron, arguably the world’s greatest brush techniques drummer. Wednesdays always conclude with a jam session. Eisen sits in on trumpet, as needed. “When I came to Bakersfield in 2006,” he explained, “there was nothing going on in jazz. But, I was hearing all these great jazz players. That’s why I started the jazz workshop. I love putting people together.” Among these great players now involved with BJW are trombonist Ron Christian, trumpeter Chris Tiner, drummer Zanne Zarow, bassist Glen Fong, guitarist Jim Scully, and sax player Paul Perez. All have experience and reputations on the national stage. And everything is free. Not only that, the BJW awards $1,000, the Larry Totten Award,

to a talented young student every June. “They can use the money for private lessons or apply it to tuition at Juliard or wherever,” said Eisen. Past

cal jazz community,” insisted Jim Scully, a faculty member in CSUB’s music program. “Young players get opportunities to learn and play with

Steve Eisen

Bakersfield Jazz Workshop awardees have included Isaiah Morfin and Jeff Hatcher. How do they do it? “Well, we have a tip jar,” Eisen said. “And none of us make any money.” The BJW, which has six staff members, also has an impressive list of business and private sponsorships. “We also have a fundraising concert every year,” he said. Jason Marsalis and Kenny Burrell have both headlined past concerts. “The workshop provides an amazing service to our lo-

others on a regular basis—a skill-building experience that allows them to learn and grow more quickly than they would otherwise.” Born of American parents in Munich, Germany, in 1957, Steve Eisen grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He has vivid memories of concerts by big band leaders like Maynard Fergusson, Woody Herman, and Stan Kenton. “As a small kid, I said ‘Wow! I want to play trumpet like that.’ ”

By David Nigel Lloyd

Members of the 5th Army Band and the U.S. Air Force band heard the young Eisen jamming at My Place, a restaurant in San Antonio. They advised him to join the army as a musician. “It’s a great gig,” they told him. “You get a paycheck. You get to play jazz.” “Sign me up,” Eisen said. He spent the last 14 years of his career in the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, official escort to the President. “We wore the black tricorne hats and the white powdered wigs.” After Eisen retired in 2006, he moved to Bakersfield, his wife’s hometown. “The trumpet has never been easy for me to play,” he admitted. “I discovered too late that I have a severe overjet [the lower teeth are too far behind the upper teeth]. I used to wonder how come I couldn’t hit the high notes.” His mission, he feels, is to teach and to facilitate. “If I was a great world class musician, I’d be performing.” Jim Sculley disagreed. “The guy’s an awesome player,” he laughed. Scully does, however, view the BJW as a ray of hope. “As some schools diminish their jazz offerings, the Workshop could be an even more important part of our jazz community.” What’s next for the Bakersfield Jazz Workshop? “Our own home,” Steve Eisen said. “A place where we could have a series of evening classes with different instructors. We just need more corporate sponsors. More grants.” Here’s hoping they get some. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 25

Kern Facts Little winged wonders are returning to Kern River Valley


It’s a Humdinger! B ird lovers should mark their calendars for August 11 as the 14th Annual Kern River Valley Hummingbird Celebration is about to take flight. The free (though a $10 donation is suggested) event takes place at the Kern River Preserve between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. and there will, undoubtedly, be tons of sightings throughout the day. That’s because the Kern River Valley is known as the “Hummingbird Viewing Capital of California,” as any given day during the summer months, thousands of hummingbirds can be spotted, with the highest population coming late in August. Six different species populate the area, including Black-chinned, Anna’s, Costa’s, Calliope, Rufous, and Allen’s. However, the Kern River Valley has less than five records each of Broad-billed and Broad-tailed Hummingbirds, so keep your eye out for those species. If you make the trip up Highway 178 to

Dance On Canvas


Outstanding Service Partner Department of Real Estate Award


Each Office Independently Owned & Operated 26 Bakersfield Magazine

Weldon, get ready for exciting bird walks, bird feeding workshops, adorable T-shirts available for purchase to support the organization, and tons of wildlife information. It’s a low-key event, but it’s also an educational one for the kids and for the kids in us all. Organizers at the Kern Audubon Society suggest bringing plenty of water, snacks, a hat, sun block, insect repellent, and sturdy shoes. There won’t be food vendors, so please bring your own. It might be rustic, but taking a trip out for the Hummingbird Celebration is an experience that can’t be matched living within the city limits. Pack up the kids, some sack lunches, and drive to 18747 Highway 178 in Weldon for a great time out in nature at the wonderful Kern River Preserve. For more information, visit

ince November of 1992, CSUB has been home to two pieces of very unique artwork: original paintings by the very eccentric “rock and roll painter,” Denny Dent. “The Associated Students, Inc. was looking for various types of programming to bring into the school for students to watch and enjoy,” said ASI Executive Director Taren Mulhause. “It was more for entertainment purposes than educational.” Being known for not just his artwork, but especially for his technique, Dent According to his website, www.dencame to the university to showcase his, Dent has “shared the stage” ent to some lucky students. He showed just nyden diverse group of musicians, ranging how painting with six different brushes at with a Colorado Symphony Orchestra to once with music blaring in the background from the lica. He brought his “passionis done—the result being the portraits, Metal e on canvas” to our town. which the campus still possesses today. ate danc though his original work can go for The work he produced was initially placed Even thousands of dollars in this day, he in the lounge on campus, but after some tens of campus at CSUB more than just a construction was done, the art was moved gave the few hours of his time! to the ASI office.

In & Around B•Town

NORTHEAST 3615 Mt. Vernon Ave.

661-871-3556 CENTRAL 4130 California Ave. ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/LAFLOR

661-325-4717 NORTHWEST 4750 Coffee Road

661-588-4700 SHAFTER 300 East Lerdo Hwy.

We ALL Scream!

Who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich? Especially one made with rich and chewy Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies? Well, the next time you pick up a Toll House Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich from the freezer, make a note that what you’re eating was not put together in some factory overseas. No, it was handmade right here in Bakersfield at the Dreyer’s Ice Cream Plant. While the cookies themselves come from the East Coast, the ice cream is produced here, and the manufacturing of the sandwich takes place in our backyard. So even when you’re eating big brands,you’re eating local. Pretty neat, huh?


Named Bakersfield’s Favorite Pizza in The Californian’s 2011 Readers Survey


COOl it!


s always, we love to stump our readers with Pop Quizzes. More often than not, though, you guys guess where each and every picture was taken. It’s hard to pull a fast one. But we think we’ve got an ace up our sleeve with this picture. Do you know where we took this photo? If so, email us at comments@ and tell us. If you’re right, your name will be put into the running for a $30 gift certificate to Russo’s Books! Last issue’s answer: The gargoyles on top of Standard Middle School’s auditorium. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 27

Kern Facts

Look Who’s Winning Now! A-List Winner Jared Salvo

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FACC, FACP, FRCP, FCCP, FESC, FAHA Board Certified in Cardiology & Internal Medicine Board Certified in Bariatric Medicine

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Skilled Hands


The sky’s the limit for this local entrepreneur. A.A. Milne once wrote, “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” Self-proclaimed “balloonatic” and mother of five Jennifer David knows all too well the amount of cheer a simple balloon can bring to a person. She also knows that when the going gets tough, the tough—and financially strapped—get creative. “I had to make money, but I still needed to have the time and flexibility to be able to raise my kids,” she elaborated. “So about eight years ago, I decided to go to the Dollar Tree and I spent $100 on supplies to make ten Valentine’s Day gift baskets. I put them out on my driveway, and within an hour, I had sold them all.” David was quick to realize that she was onto something.

Over time, she found that she could turn over an even greater profit if she were to not only make baskets, but to add flowers and balloons to the equation, as well. This is where her current love of balloon artistry began. The money was good, but what really got her going was the amount of creativity and skill she would implement in order to bring the customers in. A balloon bouquet was okay, but once she started seeing different balloon artists and their work online, she was hooked. “I started watching tutorials on YouTube to learn the basic steps and twists, I scoured the internet for different websites and ideas, and I began purchasing balloons wholesale,” she said, detailing how her journey took her from just a few helium-filled balloons to nearly hundreds of different sized balloons made into an archway—or a bunch of Elmos. Unscathed by random popping, she makes sure that she has every different type of balloon required to complete the project, and then the process is set into motion. The first part in making an inflatable masterpiece begins, naturally, with the inflation. Machines are utilized to help with the projects, but that doesn’t mean that David doesn’t blow up her share of balloons, herself. Sometimes

dozens! (“It’s done wonders for my asthma,” she said with a smile.) After all of the balloons are ready, the next step depends entirely upon what she is out to create. “Let’s say I’m making an archway,” David said. “I would start with a duplet, then make a fourplet, and then I build from there.” A duplet is the

Self-proclaimed “balloonatic” Jennifer David knows how much cheer a simple balloon brings. result of two balloons of the same size being connected by twisting the bottoms together. A fourplet is two duplets tied together. This creates a balloon block which can be used to create columns or even bodies of famous characters like Micky Mouse, if the job calls for it. The speed and dexterity of her hands is another crucial part in what makes for a successful

piece of balloon art. David is able to take balloons of different sizes and types and thread them through one another in seconds, and without popping them and potentially destroying all of her hard work. The finished product comes out faster than most people anticipate. Where many would fumble and feel frustrated, she is able to glide her hands around the fragile balloons deftly to produce something that is much more than some latex and rubber filled with air. The creations can get complex (she can make babies tucked into blankets inside of cribs with mobiles overhead and pacifiers or bottles in their mouths), but David is always up to the challenge, tying and twisting as far as her imagination can carry her. What started as a whim has become a mini enterprise for her and her family, as she gets help from her children and nieces on her projects. She also gives back by contributing pieces to charities such as the Ronald McDonald House and Relay for Life, to name a few. Balloons have brought her cheer and success, so far, and with so much room for creativity and expansion, the sky’s the limit. But hopefully these balloons, and David, stay on the ground. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 29

30 Bakersfield Magazine

Ronda Mazzei, 72 Occupation: Retired Bookkeeper Are you a Bakersfield native? I was born in Santa Monica, but raised in the San Joaquin Valley on a ranch in Delano. Is there a beauty product that you absolutely can’t live without? Moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, and lipstick. Do you think Bakersfield has a style? Bakersfield is such a diverse group of people and they all have their own unique style. Describe your personal style. Cool cotton items in the summer and wool slacks and jackets for winter. How long does it usually take you to get ready in the morning? After my drive-thru Starbucks, exactly one hour or less. Is there a celebrity or person in your life that you get your style from? No—I think I have my own personal style.

FASHION TIP Hey guys, learn how to properly tie your necktie!

What are you wearing? Chico’s dress; Chico’s turquoise necklace; Don Lucas earrings; Brighton bag, shoes, and bracelets. How do you personalize your business look? I am retired, so I do not dress up every day. I love dressing for special occasions. What are your favorite places to shop in Bakersfield? Pappagallo, Chico’s, Sugardaddy’s, and Macy’s. What is your favorite item of clothing? They are all my favorite as I love to shop. What is the biggest fashion mistake you have made? When my hair was turning gray, and I had a lot of uneven colors. That was really bad! Are you a bargain hound? Yes—I love finding great bargains. What mistakes do you think men make when they dress? I do not like to see men with wide white belts and shoes to match. Also, men that don’t know how to properly tie their neckties. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 31


Mark A. Liker, M.D., F.A.C.S. Board Certified Neurosurgeon

Lisa Mendez

Neurosurgical PA-C Introducing:

Neurosurgeon Dr. Paraham Yashar


t is increasingly difficult to make sense of the treatment now available to chronic back pain sufferers.

The physicians at the Brain & Spine Center of Bakersfield can provide you with compassionate and knowledgeable care for your chronic back pain. Our neurosurgeons and clinicians will use their expertise to recommend the right treatment for you. Ask your physician to refer you, or call to schedule an appointment with one of our experts! Neurosurgical & Spine Conditions Seen

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Degenerative disorders of the spine Neck pain disorders Back pain disorders Leg pain disorders Traumatic disorders of the spine Head trauma Brain & spine tumors, malignant & benign Trigeminal neuralgia & facial pain Parkinson’s disease Movement disorders Revision spine surgery Spine related arm or leg pain

Surgical Techniques Used • • • • • • • • •

Minimally invasive surgery Complex spinal fusion Non-fusion spinal surgery Artificial disc technology Image guided brain surgery Stereotactic brain surgery Deep brain stimulation (DBS) Spinal cord stimulation Gamma Knife radiosurgery Icon denotes that a doctor, in Castle Connolly’s estimation, is among the top 1% in the nation in his or her specialty. Doctors listed in U.S. News Top Doctors without this icon are estimated to be in the 10% nationally.

Bakersfield 500 Old River Road, Ste. 205 Bakersfield, CA 93311 (661) 414-9100 (661) 367-9782 Valencia/Santa Clarita 25751 McBean Parkway, Ste. 305 Valencia, CA 91355 (661) 799-2542 Second Consecutive Year Dr. Mark A. Liker ranked in the

TOP 1%

of neurosurgeons nationally.

U. S. News & World Report puts Dr. Mark A. Liker on peer-nominated national list.

We proudly accept Medicare & other PPO insurances. Visit us online:

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Favorite Part of the Industry: For Madrid, her biggest challenge has been proving herself every single day in a “man’s industry.” But one could say that the challenges have also become her favorite part of this industry. She’s turned the tragedy of her husband’s passing 18 months ago into hope and overcome major business hurdles by trusting her gut. Today, she’s got a long list of international clients in addition to being soughtafter by Hollywood location scouts. She even hosted Kevin Reynolds, a Spielberg protégé who filmed an episode of Amazing Stories.



Career Highlights: With a long list of celebrities traversing her land, you wouldn’t think Madrid could pick any. The whole ride has been amazing, but one experience stands out. “I was taking a check into my bank for deposit and the cashiers kept doing double takes and asking management about my check from Scary Movie 4,” Madrid said with a chuckle. Having the stars of movies like The Grey, Speed, and Twister walking around on her property was also pretty amazing.


Madrid I was taking a check into my bank for deposit and the cashiers kept doing double takes about my check from Scary Movie 4.

Her Heroes: Her husband taught her so much about the industry that it’s only natural that she view him as a hero. He was a tenacious, young commercial pilot who was grounded early on after a diagnosis of diabetes. But he never gave up. His expertise, paired with her drive, helped them build a successful business early on, back in the days when they would hop around the world to gather old airplanes for storage, including Elvis Presley’s private plane, and discarded airplane parts.


How She Got Started: Joining an airplane dismantling/storage business 29 years ago seemed easy enough for Madrid, who learned the ropes from her late husband, TWA Captain Mike Potter. But the company changed as the industry changed: Madrid realized there was potential in the couples’ land. They began opening up their airplane “graveyard” to directors, producers, musicians, and actors looking to film movies and music videos. It wasn’t long after that they were watching the band Berlin film the famous video for “Take My Breath Away” from the Top Gun soundtrack on the wreckage of one of their planes.

Photos Courtesy of columbia records (top gun soundtrack), metro-goldwyn-mayer, inc. (ELVIS), the History channel (history channel logo), renato zacchia (paula)

Name: Paula Madrid Age: 50+ Birthplace: Santa Barbara, CA Title: Owner, P&M Aircraft Company

What she’d like to do in the future: She wants to continue to grow as a location for numerous production companies. Already she’s played host to several commercials, band photo shoots, and the History Channel, when producers arrived to film a segment for the show United Stats of America, a show that chronicles some of the amazing statistics in American history. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 33

A Yokuts hunter tries to look like a deer while hunting. His bow and stick were rubbed together to make a sound like antlers rubbing against a tree to attract prey. The arrow is ready to fire in a moment.

Long before our written history began, and years before a plough ever touched the fertile soil of our county, the land we now call home was enjoyed and revered by its first residents. These were resilient people who knew the ways of the land extremely well, but, unfortunately, were misunderstood by the people who first encountered them. They were tribes of hunters and gatherers— though they were primarily gatherers, as they knew how to move across the lands and make a life based on the bounty in our valley. This story is part one of a look into the Native American people who once occupied Kern County, and whose descendants remain today. There were three prevalent tribes that many of the miners and settlers encountered when they came out west in the late 1800s. They were known as the Yokuts (which means “the people”); the Kawaiisu, who were also referred to as the newah (“people” in their language) and also known as the Paiutes and Tehachapis; and the Tubatulabal (which means pinyon pine nut eaters) who had villages on the south fork of the Kern River in the Isabella Basin near present Lake Isabella. Whether you considered their location or their overall way of living, one thing was evident: each tribe was drastically different from the other. Each spoke a different language and adapted to the distinct nature of the lands they called home. According to Eugene Burmeister’s article, “Indians of Early Kern County,” the Yokuts lived in the lower parts of the county, more in the western region. They were a very large group in that people speaking related Yokuts languages ranged throughout the Central Valley, from Sacramento to Bakersfield. Their numbers were greater than the Kawaiisu. Wallace M. Morgan’s History of Kern County, California tells of E.L. McLeod, who not only was able to collect the most impressive amount of Native American baskets in all of California, but he also discovered something far more telling of the people he was observing. One day, in Hanford, he saw a group of Native Americans squatting by a curb and, as it was something he did

34 Bakersfield Magazine

Yokuts family enjoying a meal of acorn mush and rabbit.

every chance he got, he went up to speak to them. During this particular encounter, a runaway team came down the street, and a crowd started to gather. One of the women that McLeod was speaking with pointed toward the crowd and exclaimed, “Yokut! Yokut!” Not fully understanding what she meant, but knowing that it was important, he asked the woman for the meaning. She replied, “They come everywhere.” Taking into consideration what he already knew of the tribe, he concluded that their name didn’t necessarily denote one single group of people of a shared origin, but, rather, that the Yokuts came from all over. In the mountainous and eastern area of the county were the Kawaiisu. This powerful tribe lived in the far southern Sierra Nevada and Tehachapi Mountains but also ranged throughout the western Mojave Desert, as far as Victorville. They had significant numbers of villages in and near Walker Basin, which was an area through which many different tribes passed, and also one area where they met to trade. Villages were found throughout the Tehachapi Mountains, including Sand Canyon, Caliente, and many other locations where a permanent source of water could be found accompanied by an abundance of natural resources (such as oak groves for one of their most important staples: the acorn). Natural foods were never plentiful but the lands supplied what was needed, including nut-bearing tree groves (of acorns and pine); seeds and bulbs; big game (deer, bighorn sheep, antelope); small game (rabbit); and waterfowl (ducks, grebes, etc.). The Kawaiisu were affiliated with Desert West Shoshone and originally migrated from the desert, east of the mountains. The Kawaiisu spoke a form of the Shoshonean language group, but it had differed slightly from the neighboring tongues. Linguists theorize that they moved into the mountains about 1,000 to 1,500 years ago and they were also part of a mass migration that filled the Desert West with related languages through Nevada, Utah, and the entire Desert West. For a time, the different tribes reigned over the valley. However, their life in the Kern area was about to change as more and more men and women flocked from the eastern states looking for a life in the west.

Yokuts Indian woman gathering acorns, a staple diet item. Yokuts Indian photos courtesy of Gene Albitre, Handbook of Yokuts Indians by Frank F. Latta. Used with Permission.

The second part of this story will continue in our next issue. But, in the meantime, if you’d like to find out more on the Kern County Indian tribes today, come out to Go Native Day on September 1. The event takes place in Tehachapi and includes basket-weaving, tool-making, and much more. Contact Julie Turner at (661) 340-0032. Or learn about the Native American life ways, religious traditions, and rock drawings at Rock Art 101 in Ridgecrest on the weekend of September 22 and 23. Contact Dr. Alan Gold at (805) 764-4015 for more information. This story was written with the help of Dr. Alan Gold.

Main panel of exceptional Kawaiisu rock drawings from Burham Canyon site.

Kawaiisu elder and basket maker.

Kawaiisu Indian photos courtesy of Dr. Alan Gold, Handbook of the Kawaiisu. Used with Permission. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 35

36 Bakersfield Magazine

the Science of


taste t was the science that pulled Wade Bowen in. He was curious about the chemistry that took place during the distilling process of producing alcohol. This curiosity would eventually lead to the creation of his very own whiskey company called Bowen’s Spirits—no easy feat in America, where ancient, prohibition era-spawned laws governing alcohol production remain strictly enforced. “The process of distilling spirits is a complex one. Science and chemistry all come into play, and some aspects can even be dangerous, with a potential risk of explosion or poisoning,” Bowen said. For those that slept through chemistry class, alcohol is made from heating a fermented mash to a boiling point. Since alcohol is lighter than water and the other congeners in the mash, it will turn to vapor first and leave the boiling mash behind. It is then collected and cooled, returning back into a liquid state of condensed alcohol spirits. “Flavors of these spirits can be altered during any step of the process, and some spirits, like whiskey, are aged in wooden casks, where they gradually develop a distinctive taste, aroma, and color from the wood,” he added. “Over time, the mega distillers in America like Jim Beam and Jack Daniels have developed their own recipes, and these recipes were designed to work on massive production scales. They have pushed the general idea of what a ‘good’ whiskey is and how it tastes into the mainstream and their products have become the norm for generations.” This mass production method also took place in the beer industry. The beer giants enjoyed many years of pumping out their staples until consumers discovered there was an entire universe of color and flavor beyond the pilsner they were drinking that had been developed for women during the Second World War. The microbrew boom in beer has caused a huge shift in beer consumption, and the public’s perception of what makes a “good” beer. Brew masters and microbrewers have taken the craft of making beer to an art form and the industry has changed forever. This same process is taking place in the world of whiskey. “People are discovering that the characteristics of what they know about whiskey aren’t their only options. It doesn’t have to burn, it can have subtle nuances and flavors that awaken and even remain on the palate like a fine wine,” Bowen explained. Home distilling has become a high-end hobby practiced by self proclaimed “Whiskey Geeks.” Many of these home distillers are liquor connoisseurs >>

Wade bowen

Founder, Bowen’s Spirits

Imagine starting a business in an unfamiliar industry that had to be completely ready to go into operation. One that included vast outlays of capital without being able to

produce anything to help get the ball rolling. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 37

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who attend the Whiskies of the World Expo each year in San Francisco. In fact, many of them are engineers and techies, mostly in northern California and Oregon, with a growing popularity in the Midwest. Micro distilling has even seeped into the mega distillers, who are now producing their own micro batches, with Jim Beam’s Maker’s Mark being a noted example. “There is a catch, however,” Bowen said. “Making your own liquor is still very much illegal in all 50 states and most other countries in the world. Home distilling is far from lucrative, and it’s far cheaper to buy a bottle off the shelf.” Today’s distillers are trying to keep the tradition and craft alive, finding joy in the creation processes, and selling it is highly frowned upon, especially among the online forums. Batches are small, usually made under a gallon, and are shared and enjoyed during holidays and special occasions. Bowen was one such hobbyist. His fascination with the alcohol making process runs deep into his adolescence and was fueled with an old family recipe. “Curiosity led me to an old friend with moonshine experience, and a small, exciting batch of illegal liquor.” Intrigued with the process, Bowen has quietly experimented over the last fifteen years with different techniques and elements that altered the flavor profile in different ways. “As with any trial and error, some worked, and some did not,” he said with a laugh. “My ‘focus group’ usually consisted of close friends and family around the fire while camping in the mountains.” He strove to eliminate the unfavorable elements and artificial components and to create a clean, smooth, and refined whiskey. With his skills and recipes maturing like his whiskey, Bowen began dreaming of a day when he could produce his own family spirits in Bakersfield. He began the long process of researching what it takes to become “legal” without ending up in jail. “I discovered that the industry wants to do everything they can to help people like me become legal, but it has to be done to the strictest of codes and done properly. Distilled spirits are under much heavier regulation than the beer industry.” In short, the business has to be up and running and completely turn-key before any alcohol can be made. The corporation has to be formed, and all licenses, insurance, and bonding have to be approved and paid. The equipment has to be up to code and functional, the place of business has to be secured and up to regulation, and all supplies and inventory have to be in place. Then, once the original DSP license is approved, the formulation and label approval has to be in place before one drop of liquor can be sold. Imagine trying to start a business in an unfamiliar industry that had to be completely ready to go into operation. One that included a vast outlay of investment capital and could very well flop on its face, without being able to produce anything to help get the ball rolling, or risk confiscation and heavy fines. That is the spirit of a modern-day pioneer. Compounding the challenge, “one does not simply buy spirits distillery equipment at a home and garden store. My good friends and I had to make most of the equipment from scratch, and it had to comply with strict codes.” Ultimately they succeeded, and are currently set up to make small batches with a startup production of about 1,000 cases a month. Of course this didn’t happen overnight, and even took place during a period in which Bowen found himself as an unemployed technician in the telecommunications industry. With some dedicated friends, family, and encouraging shareholders

George M. Wahba, M.D. Harvard-Trained Spine Surgeon Specialized in Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Spine Surgery

pulling together for support, his dream became a reality in December of 2010. Right now Bowen’s Spirits is a true family operation, with Bowen crafting the whiskey; his wife, JoJo, in charge of sales; and his mother, Roberta, handling the books. Bowen has previous experience in other industries, “but this foray into the micro-distillery, and even the whiskey industry, is a complete blind leap,” he said. The risk involved is staggering. But despite the odds, they have survived their start-up period and are now fully operational, making their own money and paying back debts and startup costs. The future for Bowen’s is a bright one, and the reception of their product has been extremely positive thanks to their grassroots marketing and word-of-mouth support. Bowen’s even holds whiskey tasting events, much like the wine industry does, to help demonstrate their products, and to help educate whiskey enthusiasts and proprietors on the finer points and elements of the difference in Bowen’s. The whiskey is unlike any other whiskey on the shelf. It’s challenging the pretentious “norms” of other whiskeys with a unique flavor profile and a hint of campfire smokiness. As Bowen’s Spirits gets its feet on the ground this summer, Bowen is looking to hire up to three more sales people who can get the product into stores and taverns. Bowen’s research indicates that there are over 50,000 liquor stores, not counting bars or restaurants, in Los Angeles alone. The potential for Bowen’s to do well is there, justifying the year and a half of hard work and over $100,000 invested before the still was even fired up. Bowen’s has also created a recipe book with over a dozen specialized recipes using Bowen’s Whiskey, such as the wildly-popular Bloody Bowen (paired with Bloody Mary mix), the White Welshman (their Welsh take on the White Russian), or the Bowen’s Hillbilly Bomber (a shot of Bowen’s dropped into a PBR). Rest assured, Bowen’s is as at home around a campfire in the mountains as it is in front of a roaring fireplace. And while “Old Bud,” the retired moonshiner, might have shown Bowen the ropes of distilling, this “ain’t no hillbilly whiskey,” and it’s far from the conventional, commercial distilled beverages. It’s full-blooded California grit and soul, sparked with genuine passion and do-ityourself determination, and a commitment to quality over quantity. With the current boom in microdistilleries and their products on the rise, Bowen’s old family recipe and fifteen years of refinement is changing the way people look at whiskey, one bottle at a time. v

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or ten years, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has been providing the Bakersfield community with everything it needs to be healthy and fit. Now with two locations, the company and its knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you map out a plan that will assure you success in all of your fitness endeavors. From weight loss to weight gain, they do it all. “A lot of people think that we are just about helping people gain muscle,” said owner, Jeff Revelle. “But one of the biggest categories of products that we sell has to do with weight loss. Women may feel intimidated by Max Muscle, but women seeking weight loss solutions make up for a great part of our clientele.” Their full line of nutritional products cover everything needed to achieve and maintain optimal health and a healthy weight. Ranging from mood enhancers, appetite suppressants, protein powders, multivitamins, weight gain, weight loss, thermogenics, and sports performance items, they have something for everyone.

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Featuring a sample before you buy policy. Whether you’re trying to gain weight or lose it, they will help you succeed. Catch them at your gym, on the radio or television, or at one of their awesome events, complete with vendors and UFC fighters.

8000 McNair Ln. #101 Bakersfield, CA 93311 661-835-7900 3615 Coffee Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93308 661-588-9300 CURRICULUM VITAE

“People sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of merchandise that we carry, but that’s where our staff comes into the picture,” Revelle said. “All of the employees have been certified in nutrition through Max Muscle Corporate.” Three employees, in particular, have been with the company for years and can help you pick out what works best for your body. All having been personal trainers, Trevor Bender, Jarred O’Kaine, and Glen Haenelt can do everything from help you with a diet plan to developing a workout regimen. If that weren’t enough, you can also catch Bender on Hot 94.1 FM with Romeo in the Morning once a month, where he will answer fitness and nutrition questions. Max Muscle is all about changing lives for the best. Through their diet and work-out programs, they have helped local people lose weight, one of which was a man who lost 80 pounds and ended up competing—and taking third place—in the company’s national MaxFormation Competition. Come in today and get started on the new and improved you.


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The Trade Center


or local business professionals who are just starting, or for those that are looking for an established building to base their business out of, The Trade Center can meet—and exceed—all of your needs. They feature large executive office suites with personalized service to help make your business transactions successful. With a friendly staff available to assist your daily flow and a warm and welcoming environment, you can be sure that your business will flourish here. Situated in a prime location in southwest Bakersfield, The Trade Center has two conference rooms, a lounge with coffee, filtered water, and a microwave, and is accessible 24/7 to all tenants. Reserved covered parking is available in their newly renovated lot, which is street level and easily accessible. Upon entering, you will see a beautifully decorated lobby, complete with receptionist and “traffic cop,” Jennifer Keeler, who will greet your clients and direct them to you. Monika Dooley and Trina Rothermel are also on staff and always around to make

your business run smoothly, right down to signing for packages. Carol Moss, the owner, and Danette Keeler, the building manager, have both worked hard to ensure that everything you may need is readily available, and take great pride in their building and work ethic. As a full service center, they also offer janitorial services five times a week and recently upgraded security cameras. The Trade Center is known for taking care of the people who trust them with their business, and they have offices that have been occupied by the same people since they opened. However, they aren’t just about working hard; they want people to feel at home. Every Friday is Popcorn Friday, where they make fresh popcorn in their machine for all of the tenants. Whether you are new to the business world or just don’t want to have to deal with the extra worry that comes with having to maintain your own office and staff, The Trade Center is the place where professionals can call home.

A trusted office for business professionals for over 20 years. Whether you’re just starting or fully established, you can find your perfect office at The Trade Center. This full service office brings the right people to you so that you can focus on what matters: your business.

5330 Office Center Court Bakersfield, CA 93309 661-632-2130 / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 41



Coldwell Banker


wo years ago, Verlen Love and Cheryl Mauck, already established as longtime business associates, decided to combine their diverse professional backgrounds, common morals, business ethics, and ideals to become realty partners. Recognizing the importance of branding and the impeccable reputation of Coldwell Banker, they chose to stay with Coldwell Banker to better serve their clients and the Bakersfield community as a whole. Verlen is a product of farm life. He was raised on a farm in Idaho, but has been a resident of Bakersfield for over 14 years. Over the last 25 years he has worked in both the industrial and oilfield related businesses, working in many different capacities. That includes everything from sales and marketing, business ownership, operations management, project management, and safety. His entrepreneurial spirit and diverse background, combined with the last two years as a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker makes him uniquely qualified in the commercial/industrial

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A reliable team from the number one Realtor in Kern County. Love and Mauck have the experience and diversity you need when buying or selling real estate. Representing offerings of prime residential, industrial, and commercial properties in ideal locations.

1820 Westwind Dr. Bakersfield, CA 93301 661-334-4021 661-334-4092 CURRICULUM VITAE

and development end of the business. Cheryl is a Bakersfield native and comes from a family entrenched in the real estate business. Her mother was in the business for over 25 years and her father became a realtor later as a second career. Cheryl boasts over 11 years as Realtor with Coldwell Banker. Her prior experience in the banking industry is a major plus, as she is better able to serve clients in this unique market. This, combined with her management and organizational skills, makes the LoveMauck team a great option in this difficult and unique market. Their mission is to provide their clients with a positive and comfortable experience and to be the buffer during negotiations. They believe that strategic alliances with other professionals, hard work, and planning are a recipe for success for their clients and their entire team. They want, you, their client, to know that their decision was the right one for you. Your happiness is their success.


Small Business Owners: Ready, Set, Comply With Employment Laws, Go!

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California is home to more and a variety of other requirethan 850,000 small businesses ments. Additionally, employers (< 500 employees), according must make proper deductions to the latest data from the U.S. from pay and give employees Small Business Administration their final paycheck in accor(SBA). If you think you’d like dance with state law. to join their ranks, the SBA Provide nonexempt emsuggests taking the following ployees with meal and rest steps (found on breaks. While a recent court 1. Write a business plan. case (Brinker v. Superior Court) 2. Get business assistance relaxed the rules requiring em and training. ployers to ensure that their hour3. Choose a business location. ly employees take a 30-minute By Robin Paggi 4. Finance your business. meal period at a specified time, 5. Determine the legal structure of your employers are still required to allow meal and business. rest breaks. Employers must also be aware 6. Register your business name. of issues that pertain to meal breaks such as 7. Get a tax identification number. when a second meal break must be taken, 8. Register for state and local taxes. when on-duty meal breaks are allowed, and 9. Obtain business licenses and permits. when designated eating places are required. 10. Understand employer responsibilities. Provide a safe working environment for While each step can be challenging, the all employees. This includes protecting emlast is especially so. “One of the most dif- ployees from work-related illnesses/injuries ficult things about starting a business is try- and workplace violence. Every California ing to learn all of the state and federal laws employer must comply with standards set by that pertain to business owners,” said Ger- both OSHA and Cal/OSHA. ald Lavarias, clinical director and co-owner Provide an environment free of harassof MAPSS, a local business that provides ment and discrimination. Employers must support services to children and adults with take all reasonable steps to prevent discrimispecial needs. Indeed. The following are just nation and harassment from occurring. This some things employers are required to do: includes developing a policy, informing Inform employees of their rights. State employees of their rights, promptly invesand federal laws require employers to dis- tigating complaints, and taking prompt and play a variety of posters and distribute certain effective corrective action if inappropriate pamphlets to employees upon hire, termina- behavior does occur. tion, or when a triggering event occurs (such In addition, employers with 50 or more emas pregnancy or disability). ployees are required to provide at least two Classify employees correctly as exempt hours of sexual harassment training every two or nonexempt. Some of the largest multi- years to each supervisory employee (new sumillion-dollar awards to plaintiffs by courts pervisors must be trained within six months of are a result of employers incorrectly mis- promotion or hire). classifying nonexempt employees as exReasonably accommodate employees. empt from overtime. Employees needing modifications to their Comply with wage and hour laws. In schedules, job requirements, or work environgeneral, employers must pay nonexempt ment because of their religion, physical disemployees at least the state minimum wage, ability, or mental disability must be accomovertime for working more than 8 hours a day modated if the request is reasonable. and/or 40 hours a week, and at least twice a As previously mentioned, these are just month on regularly scheduled days. Employ- some of the employment laws with which ers must pay exempt employees at least twice California employers must comply. Being an the minimum wage at least once a month on employer is a dream come true for many peoor before the 26th of each month. ple. Being in compliance with employment California employers also need to comply laws can prevent that dream from becoming with laws regarding local “living wage” ordi- your worst nightmare. nances, tips and gratuities, piece rates, commissions, split shift pay, reporting time pay, Contact Robin Paggi MA, SPHR-CA, CPLP at call-in pay, on-call/standby pay, travel time, KDG HR Solutions. (661) 328-5267

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Whoever said being single is a bad thing has obviously never met any of these locals. They’re successful, strong-minded, and, most importantly, they’re happily flyin’ solo.

Featuring the men from the upcoming Boots & Bachelor Auction on September 28th.

Name: Jenifer Pitcher Age: 26 Occupation: Community & Government Liaison for Kern Citizens for Sustainable Government (KCSG) and Adjunct Lecturer (Political Science) at Taft College

Guilty pleasure: Bad TV! I love reality shows (yes, including Jersey Shore). I’m also addicted to Finding Bigfoot. If you could be a character from a movie, who would you be? Belle…you know, big yellow dress. Or, Megan from Bridesmaids. Haha! The best birthday present you ever received: When all my friends showed up for my roller-rink party in complete ‘70s gear…last year. Best happy hour in town: Sonic, 2 to 4. Just kidding. Café Med, Steak and Grape, and Jacalito Grill. What does “giving back” mean to you? I give back by volunteering for Keep Bakersfield Beautiful; I just adopted my own highway and I am the Chair of the Anti-Litter Subcommittee. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Zombies? I don’t get into that. Bigfoot, however? I would have a camera. One word to describe you: I actually asked my friends to answer this one, and they said, “loyal.” If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? I love history (it was my first major), so there would probably be a couple of periods I would have liked to see. The forming of the U.S., number one (but with indoor plumbing). I also love the 1950s (love classic movies, and my favorite TV show of all time is I Love Lucy).

Name: Alex Gilman Age: 27 Occupation: Patient Care Coordinator at Beautologie Medical Group If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Hmm. Probably Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s...isn’t this every girl’s favorite movie?! If you could live in any time during history, when would it be? I would have to go with the ‘60s. That must have been a crazy, awesome time. The most you’ve ever spent on a date: Hello! Girls do not pay for dates. Guilty pleasure: Reality TV. I know, so cheesy. Who’s been the biggest influence in your life? My grandmother. One word to describe you: Goofy! In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Haha, how about a BB gun? I don’t know! I’m much too girly for that scenario! If we gave you a $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? I would go to a nice dinner at Mama Roomba’s, and then live it up a little with drinks and dancing at The Padre. Favorite local event: Anything to do with local art shows. I love supporting our local artists. Success, to you, is measured how? Success is all about perspective. If you can achieve your own personal goals, to me that is the greatest success one can ask for.

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We wanted to find out what goes through the minds of these Sizzlin’ Singles (as dangerous as that may be), so without further ado, we present this year’s lineup of men and women who wear the “single” badge with pride.

Name: Armando Trujillo Age: 32 Occupation: Readjustment Counseling Assistant If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Jason Bourne—duh. If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? Buy a single rose, pick up my date, go to T.L. Maxwell’s, and Dewar’s for Tan and Whites. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Napalm. One word to describe you: Gentleman. Favorite local place to take a date: KC Steakhouse. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be and why? The 1970s, so I could help Steve Jobs make the computer. Favorite local event: Salute To Our Local Heroes. The best birthday present you’ve ever received: Life. Clowns: cool or scary? Killer Klowns from Outer Space, cool! What does “giving back” mean to you? Doing for others without expecting anything in return.

My Guilty Pleasure?

Bad TV! I love reality shows (yes, including Jersey Shore). I’m also addicted to Finding Bigfoot. —Jenifer Pitcher Name: Tyler Martens Age: 26 Occupation: Firefighter/Engineer for KCFD Favorite local event: Volkslauf. Book currently on your nightstand: 1,000 Places To See Before You Die. What does “giving back” mean to you? The selfless act of helping others because you can, when you are looking for nothing in return. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? The Colonial period because everything was about discovery and exploration of uncharted territories. One word to describe you: Outgoing. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? James Bond: rich, action-filled life, and always gets the girl. Guilty pleasure: Eating ice. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? My Glock 23 or Tactical AR-15. What did you want to be when you were growing up? Firefighter. Clowns: cool or scary? Just plain creepy. Best vacation you ever took: First trip to Canada. Best snowboarding in Whistler and great memories with good friends. Favorite app on your phone: The Chive. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 47

Name: Denise Summey Age: 43 Occupation: Executive Assistant If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Selene from Underworld. She’s badass and looks good in leather. Guilty pleasure: Ice cold Reese’s Big Cup and a Dr. Pepper. Favorite local place to take a date: On a drive out to Lake Isabella. If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? A nice dinner at Uricchio’s and Rosemary’s…a typical girl answer. One word to describe you: Feisty. Book currently on your nightstand: Time to read? Ha! The best birthday present you’ve ever received: A little purple box with silver glitter made by my daughter when she was in the 4th grade with “feel good messages” to read every morning. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? A sawed-off shotgun so I can double tap! What? Every zombie movie fan knows that’s how to get the job done. Clowns: cool or scary? Scary! Definitely scary!

Name: Johnnie Peters Age: 23 Occupation: Director of Corporate Sponsorships—Bakersfield Jam/VP Sales—Hytech Energy, LLC Book currently on your nightstand: It’s Your Time by Joel Osteen. Favorite holiday: Mardi Gras. What did you want to be when you were growing up? A physical therapist for the LA Dodgers. Favorite local place to take a date: Miyoshi for sushi. I’m a sucker for their yellow submarine. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Sir William Wallace— Braveheart. For any guy, that makes sense. One word to describe you: Outgoing. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Probably a flame thrower—who doesn’t love fire? What does “giving back” mean to you? To go out of your way to donate your time, energy, and/ or money to help those less fortunate than yourself. If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? Dinner at Uricchio’s, then grab a few drinks at The Padre Hotel. That’s doable on a $100 budget.

Name: Christina Blanton Age:  35 Occupation: Operations & Sales Manager at Kwik Signs, Inc. Best vacation you ever took:  College work trip to Tucson and Mexico. The trip was to help at Ronald McDonald House in Tucson and build homes in Mexico.  Favorite holiday:  Thanksgiving.  Bringing families together to be thankful is a very humbling experience. One word to describe you:  Fun. Favorite local event:  BARC’s Magical Forest. Guilty pleasure:  Cheesecake. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be?  Hmm, I have two answers. 1) Lois Lane because she has a pretty normal life but always has her Superman protecting her every move.  2) Laura Croft. She is sexy, fit, doesn’t have to work, gets to travel the world and participate in all sorts of adventures, and she can kick some serious rump. Things girls dream of doing.  What does “giving back” mean to you?  It means giving of yourself in time, possessions, or money. Reaching into those valuable areas of your life and giving from there, being selfless and compassionate. Saturday morning ritual:  Working out. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?  Oh, my, I had to look up the options. If I have to choose, I guess I would pick the rifle.  Clowns: cool or scary?  Scary cool.

Name: Danny Hill Age: 32 Occupation: Radio Host (KELLY 95.3)/ Stand-up Comedian/Lover In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Love. Favorite local event: Village Fest. Guilty pleasure: The gym. I like to look at women. What does “giving back” mean to you? Making others feel how I feel: grateful and happy. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? The fat kid from The Sandlot. One word to describe you: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Favorite local place to take a date: Narducci’s. The best birthday present you’ve ever received: Love from my mom. Book currently on your nightstand: How To

Find Love Without Getting Your Heart Broken… Again. I’m so fragile.

Clowns: cool or scary? Cool. What did you want to be when you were growing up? Actor. Most romantic date you’ve ever been on: I went to Paso to go wine tasting in a limo. Then a balloon ride. If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? I’d pop a bottle of Dom and pour it over me.

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Name: Brian Edward Porter Age: 23 Occupation: Student One word to describe you: Relaxed. What did you want to be when you were growing up? A pediatrician. Saturday morning ritual: Watching college football or any solid A.M. games. Book currently on your nightstand: The Hatchet. What does “giving back” mean to you? Helping people who may not be as fortunate as others and helping people who are not able to help themselves. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Bat. Favorite local place to take a date: Enso. Best vacation you ever took: Cancun. Clowns: cool or scary? Scary. The best birthday present you’ve ever received: Five week trip to Portugal.

Favorite Movie Character?

Cinderella...she gets to experience the good and bad in life. —Chanté Stuart

Name: Alli Fountain Age: 24 Occupation: Realtor Favorite local place to take a date: Dinner at Tahoe Joe’s and then a movie at The Marketplace. Success, to you, is measured how? When you are doing what you truly love and are genuinely happy with your life. One word to describe you: Sweet. Guilty pleasure: Watching The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. It’s like a train wreck but I just can’t stop watching. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? I would be Cataleya Restrepo from the movie Columbiana. Most romantic date you’ve ever been on: I think the most romantic dates are about who you’re with, not what you’re doing. What does “giving back” mean to you? Helping others who are less fortunate than you and volunteering in the community. Clowns: cool or scary? Scary! Nothing cool about clowns. They definitely freak me out. If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? I would go shopping at The Marketplace and buy something fabulous to wear on my date. Favorite local event: Women’s Business Conference. Book currently on your nightstand: Complete Guide to Money by Dave Ramsey.

Name: Wes A. Mahan Age: 35 Occupation: Engineering Consultant If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Johnny Depp in Don Juan DeMarco. What bachelor wouldn’t want to be the world’s greatest lover? Favorite holiday: Fourth of July. It’s the only time of year you can blow things up and BBQ at the same time…legally, that is. One word to describe you: Meticulous. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Oh, I’d be wasting those suckers with a long range sniper rifle. Anything close range would be too messy. Favorite local place to take a date: Café Med. Clowns: cool or scary? Depends on the clown. That It clown was pretty frightening, but “Old BoBo” making balloon animals walking in big clumsy shoes is cool. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? It would be pretty cool to be the first person to explore the Sierra Nevada and Western mountain ranges like John Muir. So, the early 1900s, I think. Favorite local event: I haven’t really been to a lot of the local events but I’m thinking the Boots and Bachelor Auction, after this year, will be at the top of my list. Guilty pleasure: What’s there to feel guilty about? I prefer just to enjoy them all.

Name: Chanté Stuart Age: 29 Occupation: Correctional Officer Best happy hour in town: It all depends on what you’re feeling. If you’re looking for a big crowd, then Don Perico’s on White Lane is the place to be. I always seem to run into people I haven’t seen in a while there. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? A pistol of some sort, preferably a 9mm. I’m used to shooting guns, so I’d aim for their brains and POW! Adios. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? The Roaring ‘20s. They look like they had so much fun with how they dress, the dancing, and social interaction. One word to describe you: Loyal. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Cinderella...she gets to experience the good and bad in life. Therefore, it is appreciated more. Best vacation you ever took: Just recently took a trip to Hawaii by myself for my 29th birthday. I was able to focus on me, and do all the things that I wanted to do which included surfing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding...and just relaxing. Success, to you, is measured how? As long as I am happy, and knowing that I’ve tried my best every day to be a better person than I was yesterday, then I know that I am successful. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 49

Name: David D. Scott Age: 53 Occupation: Troubleman (lineman), PG&E What did you want to be when you were growing up? Cowboy. Favorite holiday: Veterans Day. Love our Servicemen and Servicewomen. Book currently on your nightstand: Aficionado. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind. Best happy hour in town: R.J.’s. Favorite local place to take a date: Downtown. One word to describe you: Confident. What does “giving back” mean to you? Helping out when you can and doing it right. Clowns: cool or scary? Cool. Favorite app on your phone: Words with Friends. Favorite local event: Whiskey Flats Days and the Christmas Parade. Best vacation you ever took: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Name: Brittany May Age: 30 Occupation: In order of importance— Mother, Receptionist, Student If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Carrie Bradshaw. I admire her fashion sense and her undying belief in love. What did you want to be when you were growing up? I wanted to be a flight attendant on the planes going to the most fabulous destinations; there’s something so great about being able to hop on a plane and be in some amazing place in no time. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be and why? The ‘50s, but you can keep the housework, I’ll take the fashion. One word to describe you: Vivacious! Saturday morning ritual: Shouting “Good Morning” to my daughters and then listen as they instantly start running in to lie with me so we can sing our “Party in the bed on a Saturday Morning” song. Guilty pleasure: Lying in bed watching ‘90s TV shows on Netflix, while flipping through a fashion magazine, with a Pepsi with crushed ice in a Styrofoam cup. Clowns: cool or scary? Balloon animals…cool. Red lipstick…cool. So,!

Name: Darren Smith Age: 26 Occupation: Production Engineer at Chevron If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? 1970s. Fast cars, great rock ‘n’ roll, and people didn’t worry about everything being wiped down with sani-wipes. Most romantic date you’ve ever been on: Had a private dinner on a balcony at Disneyland overlooking the fireworks. One word to describe you: Thoughtful. Clowns: cool or scary? Cool—who doesn’t like balloon race cars? In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Winchester Super X3 23 gauge shotgun with an axe head on the stock. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Marty McFly. You can time travel and have a wacky scientist for a best friend. Guilty pleasure: Ice cream—I can never turn it down. The best birthday present you’ve ever received: A grown-up watch on my 18th birthday. What does “giving back” mean to you? Not only giving someone a hand up, but they have the feeling that someone truly cares about them.

Name: Valerie Vickers Age: 34 Occupation: Senior Credit Assistant What did you want to be when you were growing up? Ballerina. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Dory from Finding Nemo. Clowns: cool or scary? Cool, play it safe. Favorite holiday: My birthday. That’s a holiday, right? The best birthday present you’ve ever received: Charm necklace from my kids. One word to describe you: Dedicated. Best happy hour in town: Qué Pasa. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Machine gun. Most romantic date you’ve ever been on: TBD—to be determined. What does “giving back” mean to you? Affording someone with the opportunity to enjoy something they might not have been able to otherwise. Favorite website: Celebrity gossip! Favorite local event: Kern County Fair—my excuse to “pig out.” If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? The 1960s. I’d be a flower child.

Zombie Weapon Choice? Oh, easy. My stillettos! —Maggie Armendariz 50 Bakersfield Magazine

Name: Courtney Sherman Age: 24 Occupation: CVS Supervisor aka retail slave! Favorite local event? Volkslauf! I get so excited the night before, I can’t sleep! Guilty pleasure: Tutti Frutti Gummi Bears are my weakness. One word to describe you: Rabble-rouser. Most romantic date you’ve ever been on: *Crickets chirping* *Silence* Yes, somebody should change this! Best vacation you ever took: Lone Mountain Ranch, Big Sky, Montana (a Dude Ranch)! In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Body spray. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? That one is simple: Cinderella. Clowns: cool or scary? Scary? Ooh, please. What did you want to be when you were growing up? What did I NOT want to be? What does “giving back” mean to you? Lending a hand to someone in need, and doing it with a smile! The best birthday present you’ve ever received: Garmin Running Watch! Book currently on your nightstand: The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio.

Name: Lonnie Terrell Age: 32 Occupation: Area Safety Manager One word to describe you: Witty. Clowns: cool or scary? I did a clown-themed pub crawl. They’re creepy. Best happy hour in town: Luigi’s on a Friday. A happy day, not hour. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? M4 Carbine. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? The 1950s. America is booming, and from what I’ve been told, it was a great time. I’d just like to see it. What did you want to be when you were growing up? A firefighter—and I was for seven years. Saturday morning ritual: Daddy-Daughter breakfast. Guilty pleasure: Pizza. Favorite local event: Village Fest. Success, to you, is measured how? That every one of my employees goes home safe. Best vacation you ever took: Lake Tahoe with my brother and best friends. Book currently on your nightstand: Hilarity Ensues by Tucker Max. Favorite website: Most romantic date you’ve ever been on: Picnic dinner at night with a bottle of wine, on a mountain overlooking Bakersfield. What does “giving back” mean to you? Helping those that cannot help themselves.

Name: Margaret “Maggie” Armendariz Age: 26 Occupation: Makeup artist at Sephora Guilty pleasure: Salsa. Yes, it sounds weird, but I always go to Mexican restaurants just to taste the salsa. I usually judge the food by the salsa. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Oh, easy. My stilettos! I’d be prepared every day since I’m always rocking them. What did you want to be when you were growing up? I always wanted to be a nurse; I am a caretaker at heart. One word to describe you: Strong. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? I would most certainly live in the ‘60s. I’m a total hippy at heart. Peace and love. Success, to you, is measured how? Success is measured on how happy I feel at the end of the day. I feel if I do my job right then that makes me happy and that is with work and home life. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? I would be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz…because who wouldn’t fight over a pair of ruby red high heels? Favorite local event: Village Fest. I love the atmosphere.  Saturday morning ritual: I usually work, so I get ready to make women look and feel beautiful. Clowns: cool or scary? I love clowns, so, of course, cool.

Name: Chris Moore Age: 28 Occupation: Cost Control Lead Guilty pleasure: Rocky Road ice cream. Favorite local place to take a date: Izumo’s for sushi. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Captain Jack Sparrow. What did you want to be when you were growing up? I wanted to be a train engineer. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? AR-15. I have three gun collectors in my family. I’m sure I could find something good from one of them. Success, to you, is measured how? Success is not determined by how successful I can be; it’s determined by how many others I can help to be successful. One word to describe you: Spontaneous. The best birthday present you’ve ever received: When I was a kid, my aunt and uncle built me a toy chest from scratch and painted the front of it with Snoopy carrying a surfboard. Clowns: cool or scary? Cool. Favorite local event: R.M. Pyles Boys Camp BBQ. Book currently on your nightstand: The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry. Favorite app on your phone: Pandora. Saturday morning ritual: Sleep in and eat a late breakfast/early lunch. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 51

Name: Alesha Hixon Age: 27 Occupation: Director of the Lost Hills Family Resource Center In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Question: is Facebook an option? Book currently on your nightstand: Dissertations and Theses from Start to Finish…I’m in the final year of a PhD program, pleasure reading is not exactly an option. Favorite app on your phone: Pandora! I can’t get enough jams. Yes, I still say jams. One word to describe you: Phenomenal. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Christopher Gardner (Will Smith’s character in The Pursuit of Happyness). If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? Dinner at El Sombrero then off to watch one of my siblings at one of their many sporting events. Go BCHS, RBG, and Renegades! Clowns: cool or scary? I’m going to go with cool on this one. Favorite holiday: My birthday, March 18th. If you didn’t know it was a holiday, mark your calendars. Guilty pleasure: Harry Potter books and films.

Name: Dennis Kurtz Age: 53 Occupation: Oil and Gas Industry Sales The best birthday present you’ve ever received: My daughter. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? 1950s and ‘60s. Beach cars and ladies. Favorite local event: Relay for Life. One word to describe you: Ambitious. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? A pocket knife. Most romantic date you’ve ever been on: In Taft. I was picked up by a young lady in a white horse and buggy. We had dinner and a night of stars and peace. Guilty pleasure: Eating ice cream. Clowns: cool or scary? Very cool. Best vacation you ever took: Water skiing.

Name: Scarlett Sabin Age: 47 Occupation: Director of Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House Success, to you, is measured how? By knowing that I have done something to the best of my ability. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be and why? The 1800s—life was just simple. Clowns: cool or scary? Since I work for the Ronald McDonald House, my favorite clown is Ronald McDonald. Best vacation you ever took: Taiwan in 2007. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Bright red pumps with a tall heel. If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? A Saturday lunch at Luigi’s and ice cream at Dewar’s, then spend the afternoon at C.A.L.M. Guilty pleasure: Watching a crime show in my pajamas. One word to describe you: Outgoing. What does “giving back” mean to you? Giving back means making a difference in the lives of others in the community. Favorite holiday: Fourth of July—because it was my dad’s favorite. What did you want to be when you were growing up? A nurse, but as I got older, I went in another direction.

Name: Ling Liang Age: 35 Occupation: Reservoir Engineer One word to describe you: Nice. Book currently on your nightstand: Crazy Love by Francis Chan. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Interesting question. Who would I want to be? Maybe Katniss in The Hunger Games. She is brave, intelligent, loving, responsible, etc., but then the environment there is awful. I’d rather be myself in my movie. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? I had to Google that to find out what it means. I would want to have a magic wand from Harry Potter. What did you want to be when you were growing up? I changed my mind a lot. I wanted to be a dancer, an artist, a scientist, an astronaut, and adventurer…largely depending on what books I was reading at the time. If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? First to the Crystal Palace for brunch, then hanging out at The Marketplace (maybe Color Me Mine), or maybe visit the Museum of Art. Then dinner at a Japanese restaurant, such as Toro. In the end, the Maya Theater for a movie.

52 Bakersfield Magazine

Name: Antonio “Tony” Ramirez Age: 49 Occupation: H & F Oil Field Services, Inc. Who’s been the biggest influence in your life? My son, Anthony Guy Ramirez. His unconditional love and courage as he bravely battled a fight with leukemia was something to be admired. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? I would’ve loved to be alive during the Wild Wild West. Wild horses and gun fights. If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? Well, I hope my date has another $100 so we can both have a good time. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? The Duke—John Wayne. What does “giving back” mean to you? Showing your appreciation in life by making someone’s day a little brighter. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? .22 with a giant magazine. Guilty pleasure: My favorite show is Ellen. She rocks. Favorite app on your phone: Don’t do smartphones. I just got texting.

Name: Zachary Meade Skow Age: 32 Occupation: Executive Director/ Founder of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue Book currently on your nightstand: Letters From the Earth by Mark Twain. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Tom Cruise playing Maverick in Top Gun. Early Tom Cruise should not be judged for his latter day sins. One word to describe you: Abnormal. Favorite local event: Open House at Edwards Air Force Base. Success, to you, is measured how? Success in life can be easily quantified by number of laughs had… In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? A 34 ounce wooden Louisville Slugger would be my zombie killer. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? I would want to live during World War II-era USA. Something about being part of the “Greatest Generation.” Guilty pleasure: Rainbow Sherbet ice cream from Baskin Robbins (and lots of it). Clowns: cool or scary? Depends on the clown. Homie the Clown from In Living Color is hilarious. But Pennywise from Stephen King’s It is scary as hell! Favorite website:

My guilty Pleasure?

Air Jordan sneakers and women wearing them.—Donald Glenn Name: Monica Latrese Hicks Age: 33 Occupation: Teacher One word to describe you: Determined. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Foxy Brown. If we gave you $100 for a date, how would you spend it locally? A cozy dinner, followed by jazz at the Nile, ending with a stroll along the Riverwalk. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? A death ray. Favorite local place to take a date: Camelot Park (batting cages and air hockey)! Guilty pleasure: English toffee covered in dark chocolate. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be and why? The Harlem Renaissance. I love the music and fashion. What did you want to be when you were growing up? Important. Clowns: cool or scary? Cool. Success, to you, is measured how? By the number of lives I positively impact. Best vacation you ever took: A week in South Beach, Florida, followed by a week in New Orleans. Favorite app on your phone: Airport XP. The best birthday present you’ve ever received: The day off!

Name: Donald Glenn Age: 27 Occupation: Professional DJ Clowns: cool or scary? Scary. Favorite local place to take a date: Open mic comedy night. If you could live during any other time in history, when would it be? The 1920s and ‘30s because that’s when music was in its purest form—Jazz and Big Band. Saturday morning ritual: Breakfast, cartoons, gym, then to DJ at a party. The best birthday present you’ve ever received: Basketball court for my 10th birthday. If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be? Will Smith in the movie Hitch. In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice? Nike Air Max to outrun the zombies. What does “giving back” mean to you? Going out of your way to make sure the less fortunate have food, water, shelter, and clothes available to them. One word to describe you: Amazing. Guilty pleasure: Air Jordan sneakers and women wearing them. Best vacation you ever took: Las Vegas, NBA AllStar Weekend. Favorite holiday: Halloween. Favorite website:

View more Sizzlin’ Singles and the rest of their answers online: / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 53

54 Bakersfield Magazine

Struttin' for a Cause

Boots and Bachelor Auction Fundraiser is shaking Bakersfield up again! If you’ve ever been to the Bakersfield Boots and Bachelor Auction, it’s a safe bet you’ve been more than once. That’s because once someone has experienced the kind of fun and excitement that takes place on the stage at the Crystal Palace, there’s no way to let a year go by without experiencing it again. There’s an energy that exists when local bachelors sacrifice their time and humility, step

this event needs to continue to be a success. “It’s our major fundraiser of the year,” explained Louis Gill, Executive Director of the Bakersfield Homeless Center. “It provides the largest amount of unrestricted funds for the Center.” And a good portion of those funds go toward providing important things for not only the Center, but for its Discovery Depot, which focuses on childcare.

on stage, and strut their stuff for hundreds of locals who are ready to donate to a good cause: the Bakersfield Homeless Center. “Every year, I’m blown away by the commitment these bachelors make,” said Darlene Mohlke, VP at Castle & Cooke and longtime Chairperson for the Bachelor Auction. These men volunteer so much of themselves, including spending months preparing for the event. The men who get involved with this event really come out with a sense of accomplishment. “We have them tour the Homeless Center so that they can see the need. They really see the greater purpose in why

“You see it click with these men,” Mohlke added. “When they realize just how much of an impact they are making on the community.” “And it was a great time,” said Wilson Rose with a chuckle. Rose was a bachelor last year and can attest to the fact that the entire experience is worth taking part in. “I’m not one who enjoys the lime light and “Say our air having to get c o n d it i o n e r up on stage got goes out, we me out of my have the moncomfort zone,” ey to replace Chairperson Darlene Mohlke he added. But it,” Gill said. it also showed “Or the transmission goes out on a van that him that there was something is used to transport clients to bigger than himself. “It was very impacting to job interviews. With the money we raise from the Auction, see the changes made in our we can replace it. And if we area because of the auction.” “It’s a humbling experineed to pay for prescriptions for children who need albuter- ence,” Gill said, “to realize that our community, including ol inhalers, we can.” Knowing that such an im- businesses, rally around the portant organization for our event; that people can be so community is getting the generous.” And support it people have— funding it needs thanks to the generosity of locals is hum- the event routinely raises bling for all those involved in over $100,000. “What is so wonderful is the event. (Left) Boots and Bachelor Board Member Jan Bans clowns around with emcee Bino Bates.

Louis Gill, Executive Director of the Bakersfield Homeless Center (on right), strutting with the best.

that 100 percent of the money goes to the Center and those kids,” Mohlke explained. Still, for as worthy an event as the Boots and Bachelor Auction is, the reason it’s still going strong is because you won’t find a better time in our town. As charity events go, this one is swingin’. There’s a delicious dinner served by the Crystal Palace, and the program involves very eligible bachelors from all walks of life dancing for the approval of local ladies…and, of course, the highest bidder. “It’s not an auction based on looks—it’s about who’s having the best time up there,” Mohlke said. The guys who are really cutting loose, and not taking themselves too seriously, are the ones who come away with the biggest bids of the night. People in the crowd recognize that these fellows are putting in the effort for a good cause, and they reward those who get into the spirit of the night. Get into the spirit this year. The 12th Annual Boots and Bachelor Auction is September 28. Visit for more information! n / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 55

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Does your mortgage company seem to be in

Outer Space?

Everyone these days are specialists. Call Kern County’s expert for over 20 years! Don’t get the “run around” from your mortgage company. Call Launi FIRST! As one of California’s leading short-sale real estate experts, licensed member of the National Association of Realtors and the California Department of Real Estate, and government certified, Launi has the most upto-date knowledge of laws to help you. Launi began working with homeowners who had fallen behind on their mortgages — whether due to a job loss or loss of a loved one, an adjustable rate reset or other financial hardship. She’s learned what it takes to negotiate with the lenders and keep homes from being lost to foreclosure. Launi also has developed strategies to prevent credit damage to families who simply are in over their heads. If you are finding yourself underwater on your current mortgage or are facing imminent foreclosure, you should call Launi immediately!

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Looking to buy a new home but don’t know where to start? Want to find a great way to keep your home safe? Searching for ways to redesign an empty nest? All those answers, and more, are inside this year’s annual Dream Homes section. We spoke with local experts in all avenues of the housing industry to make sure you’re one step closer to owning a house you can be proud of.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Why, it’s the home you’ve always wanted. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 57

We Are Your Local Mortgage Banker For All Of Your Mortgage Needs! Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA & HomePath • FHA Streamline Refinance without Appraisal • Residential Purchase & Refinance Vacation & 2nd Homes Rental & Investment Properties Commercial Property

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Shopping For a Home?



By Jessica Shillings

re you thinking about buying a home while the market is in your favor? You’re not alone. Interest rates and sale prices remain at their lowest level in decades, providing home-buyers in a variety of circumstances with a unique opportunity to enter, downscale, or re-enter the market. Real estate professionals agree that this also means that the competition for available homes is fierce—not only from private buyers, but large-scale investment companies as well. Purchasing a home can seem like a daunting and complicated process, yet those who allow patience to prevail may find extraordinary opportunities to “buy low,” experts say. Patience (as well as proper education about the process) is a key ingredient needed when searching for a home in today’s extraordinary market. Step 1: See a lender or mortgage company to get pre-approved The first step for any home-buyer takes place before they ever darken the door

Scott Tobias



of a realtor’s office. This is according to Scott Tobias, President of the Bakersfield Association of Realtors, as well as Mike George, Branch Manager and Owner of Agape Mortgage. Prospective buyers must first visit a bank, credit union, or mortgage lender, to find out exactly what financing they qualify for and precisely how much house they can afford. Pre-approval is normally a fairly quick process. According to Tobias, the average purchase price of a home in Bakersfield is between $150,000 and $170,000. Most of these buyers will take advantage of financing through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), or the Veteran’s Affairs office (VA), Tobias added, and will end up paying between 3 to 10 percent of the total purchase price immediately as a down payment. The average buyer in Bakersfield, then, will have an $800 monthly mortgage payment Tobias estimated. Pre-approval is the first step, George agreed, and is the point when many homeowners gain the insight that they have an unrealistic idea of what they can truly afford, especially first-time buyers. George, who has helped many home buyers through the process required to walk through the front door of their new home,

says that the conversation with buyers often starts with a single question, “How much do I qualify for?,” that he says he does not answer in 99 percent of cases. He asks instead, “What would you feel comfortable paying every month?” Beyond collecting data, George says he gets to know his clients, talks to them about their goals and objectives. His goal is simple: “We try to provide best possible information available to help our clients make good decisions.” Every situation has to be individually evaluated, George said, but mortgage lending requires several general components: A fairly steady two-year employment history, two years of rent history at the same place of residence, and two years of credit history. Credit history, or lack of a credit history, is often a problem for buyers, George remarked, who don’t understand that they cannot build credit by keeping themselves on a cash diet. That’s definitely a different process than what we heard from our grandparents. This is an issue that George has addressed so frequently, in fact, that he expressed the opinion, “I wish everyone had an hour-long seminar on credit as a senior in high school.” >> / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 59


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“Carpet, PLUS a whole lot more!”

ClearTouch®, the other clear choice.


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Shopping For a Home? According to George, what is special about the way his company does business is the fact that if a client “can’t be approved today, we’ll tell them exactly what they have to do to be approved in the future.” Far from the days when some financial institutions offered prospective buyers risky or “predatory” mortgages that they had little hope of repaying, mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions are now “over-cautious” both George and Tobias said. George agrees that the problems created in the fall-out of the now infamous sub-prime mortgage collapse has been compensated for by requiring lenders to be “very clear” with buyers about exactly what kind of mortgage they have qualified for. Mortgages in the early 2000s and mortgages now, even adjustable rate mortgages, are very different from one another for many reasons, George said—the new regulations chief among them. Ask questions of your mortgage lender before signing on the dotted line, George advises, and review all documents carefully. Another concern that George said he often hears from prospective first-time buyers is concern about saving enough for the down payment. What they don’t often realize, he said, is that there are many programs to assist with the down payment. “Fear keeps people out of the market,” he said, “but my advice to first-time home owners is to turn that fear into knowledge.” Step 2: Select a realtor to work with According to Tobias, the next step is to

Mike George

work with a realtor who understands the local market. Realtors are members of the local listing service, Tobias said, meaning that they have access to all local properties currently on the market. They also subscribe to a professional code of ethics, Tobias added, and will have knowledge of home prices in the area. Most prospective homeowners will find their realtor through a referral by a friend, family member, or colleague, according to Tobias. The veteran realtor recommends finding a professional who is both “knowledgeable about the process” and “trustworthy.” George agreed that it is especially important to work with realtors in the current market because of its competitive nature. Gary Crabtree, an appraiser with over 50 years of experience in the business and owner of Affiliated Appraisers, advised that prospective home buyers look to hire realtors with the most experience within the geographical area they hope to buy in. Step 3: Sit down with your realtor to let them know what you want in a house Once a home-buyer has identified the realtor they want to work with, they need to be very clear with that professional about what they are looking for, Tobias said. In other words, “Let them know what you want in a house.” According to Tobias this means everything from amenities to school zones and floor plans. Tobias recommends that buyers start identifying what specific features they are looking for by viewing available homes online or taking a drive through their community to get a feel for what local neighborhoods they would like to live in. Realtors can and should help their clients narrow down their lists of preferences. Tobias reports that he made a point of training his own staff to identify a single feature or several features that were most important to each individual client. Step 4: Matching preferences with available homes After expectations are defined, it is simply, “…a matter of the realtor giving you what you want,” Tobias said. While realtors do have some tools at their disposal to match their clients with their dream home—such as entering your preferences into the multiple listing—this step of the buying process can turn into a waiting game. This process is complicated >>

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Shopping For a Home? by the current market according to Tobias, because of how many buyers are cashing in on the current low interest rates. This has resulted in a shortage of inventory, meaning that in many cases buyers find themselves in a bidding war. To Crabtree, the current competitive nature of the market illustrates the fact that the “free” market of real estate isn’t truly free. A lack of experienced and qualified appraisers means that some properties are actually being inaccurately appraised, Crabtree said, a result of attempts to divide

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lenders and appraisers as a kind of check and balance. This means that the seller could be forced to sell for a lower price, or the buyer could be required to make an even larger down payment. According to Crabtree, these are just some of the factors currently manipulating selling prices and ultimately repressing recovery of the real estate industry. The situation becomes even more complex when you consider the case of short sales, and foreclosed properties. Crabtree’s advice to prospective buyers, “Do your homework. The information is out there...examine your neighborhood and market…do not overbuy, and try if at all possible to avoid 30-year fixed loans since many of these mortgages won’t allow the buyer to begin accruing equity until after 15 years have passed.” The process is, “…much more complicated than it used to be,” Tobias agreed. “Multiple offers are frustrating for buyers, but be patient. It is such a good time to buy.”


As children, we were all at least a little afraid of the closet monster, the troll living under the bed, and those unexplained things that go bump in the night.



Did You Hear That?


By Matt Martz


urning on lights, taking that running leap into bed, or making sure the closet door remained firmly shut, were all things that made us feel safer. However, while most of us outgrow those innocuous fears by the time we reach puberty, in adulthood, some of us still find ourselves once again pawns of our own imaginations, fearing small noises and dark shadows that threaten our personal safety and the sanctuary of our home. The difference? They’re real, and according to a preliminary report released by the FBI in June 2012, home burglaries across the United States increased 0.3 percent from a year ago. And Bakersfield is no exception, with Bakersfield Police Department responding to 1,536 residential burglaries occurring through the first six months of 2012; roughly a 48 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

“We are the people that watch over you when you sleep, much like the family dog.” —Morgan Clayton President & founder of Tel-Tec Security Systems So, outside of investing in that large Doberman Pinscher to safeguard the front door, or fortifying your home with unsightly iron bars, many are combining intelligent safety measures with advanced home security systems to ease their jittery nerves. But with so many security devices on the market, where does one start? Carina Ortiz, Community Relations Specialist with the Bakersfield Police Department, says it all begins with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED, a scheme developed to prevent crime by designing a physical environment that positively influences human behavior. The theory is based on four principles: natural access control, natural surveillance, territoriality, and maintenance. “CPTED is our first layer of defense,” she said. “That means things like keeping bushes and trees trimmed to eliminate cover for would-be thieves, reinforcing strike plates, making sure deadbolts extend further than the door frame, installing security lighting, and, most importantly, communicating with neighbors.” That’s something Ortiz says our expanding community neglects to do as in decades past, and is one of the many essential layers of protecting our homes.

“It doesn’t get more personal than where you live,” she added. “As neighbors, we recognize, even without habit, which cars belong to which houses, so when you see someone you’ve never seen before, it makes people do a double take without even thinking.” But in modern society, where many people rely more on social media for human interaction rather than eye contact, this approach, although effective, may seem out-of-date. So, to add an additional layer of protecting personal safety and property, Morgan Clayton, president and founder of Tel-Tec Security Systems, recommends investing in some type of home security system to deter break-ins and keep your dream home free from constant worry. That often, but not always, involves installation and monthly monitoring costs, and according to Clayton, homeowners should expect to pay up to $500 for a complete system to cover a 1,200-square-foot home, and about $25 per month for monitoring. That cost is something Clayton says is usually recovered in the savings homeowners receive on their property insurance. According to Sherri Lyons of William K. Lyons Insurance, homeowners with professionally installed and monitored >> / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 63

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shhh...Did You Hear That? security systems can receive anywhere from a 10-15 percent discount on their yearly premiums. While many of these systems are designed primarily to protect homes and property against theft, Clayton adds that many homeowners are installing systems as an added level of personal protection. In one common burglary method, a crook knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, and if no one answers, smashes in the entrance to gain access; a technique which, according to Bakersfield Police statistics, accounted for 226 of the residential burglaries committed through June of this year. Many of which occur while someone is occupying the home. However, Ortiz says a true home invasion is in fact unique. “A real burglar doesn’t want to be seen, so most are more likely burglaries that have gone bad,” she said. Still, it is increasingly important that you know exactly who is at your door before you open it. “If the person is there for legitimate reasons, they will have no problem in telling you their name and purpose.” So what about when homeowners are away at work and school during the day, or at night when we are at our most vulnerable? “An alarm is an early warning device that scares off intruders or alerts people that someone has breached their private space,” Clayton said. “We [Tel-Tec] are the people that watch over you when you sleep, much like the family dog.” Just like selecting which canine companion will best integrate into your lifestyle, when considering a home security system, you can never ask too many questions. And it’s a good idea to

“Crime is not a police department problem, it’s a community problem, so we need people to step up and take whatever preventative measures they can.” —Carina Ortiz, BPD

ask friends, family, and neighbors what they are doing to prevent crime from invading their homes, as well as the pros and cons of installation, response times, warranties, and, most importantly, false alarms. Last year, Bakersfield Police responded to 18,348 alarm calls, of which 97 percent were considered false, recently prompting city officials to pass an ordinance aimed at reducing the amount of time officers are removed from legitimate police emergencies in order to respond to bogus alarms. The ordinance requires that alarm system users obtain permits, as well as lays out a schedule of fines that range from $105 for a second false alarm in a 365-day period, to over $300 for the fifth offense in the same span. After you’ve selected your service, the number of bells and whistles your new alarm system will offer determines the overall cost. Simple features may include devices such as touch pads, door and window contacts, and motion detectors. Or more sophisticated features, like programmable panic buttons for medical, hostage, and fire assistance, as well as walkup lighting, remote monitoring, and control of your home’s thermostat, lights, and locks via Smartphones, tablet computers, and various other PDAs. Naturally, there are less expensive ways to ward off intruders and protect your property, too, such as do-it-yourself alarm systems that are unmonitored, but instead have on-site sirens and flashing lights 64 Bakersfield Magazine

that prompt neighbors or bystanders to alert the police. However, there is no guarantee that they will do so, and while those security systems may encourage a thief to leave quicker, and take less once the alarm sounds, they are not an absolute solution. “Any and all security systems and devices are Brian Sessions worth the money if propSkycon Electric erly used,” Ortiz said. “The idea is to have as many layers of protection as you possibly can, because the longer and harder [thieves] have to work to get into your property, the less desirable it is to break-in.” Another level of that security which has not only been proven as an effective deterrent, but instrumental in securing personal protection and helping law enforcement apprehend crooks and recover stolen property, is the use of video surveillance. And Brian Sessions from Skycon Electric says installing video cameras is simple, manageable, and does not have to cost homeowners an arm and a leg. Both wired and wireless security cameras are becoming cheaper to produce all the time as the technology makes great advancements, and new up-to-date features are being added to video security cameras. However, there are a few constants and basic guidelines for selecting the proper camera for the job. “The quality of the video at night is a big cost factor,” Sessions said. “The better you see in the dark with the camera, the more you will pay.” Similar to alarms, camera systems can offer the basics, or a myriad of advanced features ranging from motion activation, built-in SD (Secure Digital) memory cards, infrared, auto irises, and PanTilt-Zoom (PTC) functions, which can be controlled remotely via a Smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. “More and more people are installing cameras,” Sessions said. “And even if you can’t afford an elaborate system, a lower quality of video that may be cheaper is better than nothing.” In the end, there is no guarantee that any one security measure, alone, will keep intruders out of your house, but the more you do the less likely your home will be targeted. “Crime is not a police department problem, it’s a community problem,” Ortiz said. “So we need people to step up and take whatever preventative measures they can.” Ortiz also pointed out average run-of-the-mill burglars are opportunists, and look for homes with something worth stealing, easy entry, minimum visibility, and they usually will not work a home that will take longer than five minutes to get into. And while the modern security alarm and security camera seems to be giving the family dog a run for its money in the area of home protection, Ortiz says Fido is in no danger of losing his venerable status of being man’s best friend. Besides, alarms don’t lick your face when you come home.

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Non-Surgical Treatment for Varicose Veins This procedure is done in the office and the patient experiences immediate relief of their symptoms. Patients can usually return to their normal activity right away with little to no pain.

Cosmetic Services Cosmetic Laser Hair Removal and Skin Treatments

Laser services Regular Laser Facial $120 Deep Laser Facial $150 Topical Anesthetic $5

Laser hair removal Price per treatment

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Let’s create some magic for you today. We specialize in creating safe, high-end designs for children. We love creating unique, custom-themed furniture and accessories for your very special boy or girl. We are custom furniture makers—you pick the colors, size, and options. These one-of-a-kind creations can accommodate any mattress size you need— twin, full, and queen. And they’re not only beautiful, but durable as well. Our beds/playhouses are built and painted in any color or style you choose. You may add closets, storage, and accessories as you desire. Just ask, and your wishes will come true.

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“Mom, Dad, I’m moving out.”

hen a child moves out of a family home, parents are sometimes left wondering what to do with that bedroom. Turn it into a guest bedroom, an office, a gym? The possibilities are endless and it’s easy to get carried away, but the process, itself, is a bit more challenging. “Among the many things to consider before contacting an architect is what final outcome you are trying to achieve,” Arin Resnicke, architect and owner of Golden Empire Design, said. “One needs to identify a particular problem or situation in their household.” Not only that, but they need to have a firm idea of what they want to change, what they don’t, and how much they have in their budget. One person who certainly knew what she wanted was Debbie Hankins, VP of Nursing at San Joaquin Community Hospital. She and her husband of 30 years decided that when their second son moved out, his bedroom, and for that matter, the whole house, could use an overhaul. “We didn’t have to deal with two boys growing up in the house anymore,” she said with a laugh. “We had the choice to stay or go, and we chose to stay and make it our dream home.” So, she enlisted the services of Ghina Itani, a local interior designer, to make her dream (home) come true. “It started with the idea of redoing our bathroom when our youngest son moved

Flown the Coop out, but turned into an entire redesign,” Hankins added. “We re-did bathrooms, bedrooms, the kitchen, cabinets, countertops, everything.” That included transforming one son’s bedroom into a room for her husband’s clothes. “His dresser and all his clothes are in there so I have my closet to myself.” Now, since they know their sons will visit from time to time, they kept one room as a guest bedroom of sorts, but everything else was improved upon because they knew it was just the two of them in the house. “We went from one room to the next and painted, made modifications, got new furniture. We made it comfortable for us. It was a lot of work but it was worth it. I love my house.” For her part, Itani said, “People should keep in mind the shape and the function of the space, the light source, natural and artificial. Warm colors will be enhanced by warmer light and cooler colors by cooler light. In 2013, the trends are all about mixing >>

“It started with the idea of redoing our bathroom when our youngest son moved out, but turned into an entire redesign.” —Debbie Hankins / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 67


There are usually two reactions to that statement, the first being that of sadness and nostalgia; the little bird is leaving the nest. The second reaction involves excitement. There will be one less person to house, clothe, and feed. And one extra room up for grabs.

Flown the Coop Proudly Serving Bakersfield Since 1987

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contrasting colors, shapes, and textures. Spaces are created to look vibrant and dynamic. In addition, reclaimed wood continues to be in style.” But thinking about style is far from the first thing to consider when you want to redesign a home or bedroom. “First, ask yourself why you need to hire an interior designer. There are multiple ways to work with a designer and defining the scope of the work needed early on speeds up the process,” Itani continued. “Then, figure out your budget. Finally, look through magazines or the web for images, not only the styles that you like, but also the ones that should be avoided. It is a great tool to communicate your vision with the designer.” So how long does the process take? “That’s the one question that is hardest to answer,” Resnicke said. “It always depends on the scope of the project at hand. While a minor exterior renovation to the front walk and entry may en-

Arin Resnicke

Golden Empire Design

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68 Bakersfield Magazine

compass a few simple design drawings and permits taking a month or so, and construction another six to eight weeks, an extensive interior renovation may involve relocating structural walls. This process involves research and coordination between the architect and structural engineer to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the occupants based upon the completed design and construction.” That means drawings must be completed, reviewed, and approved by the authorities having jurisdiction to ensure compliance to building codes prior to the commencement of construction. “Therefore, it is important to not only provide a monetary budget for a project but also a chronological timeline in order to adequately determine if and how long certain rooms will be unusable or unable to be occupied. This is critical when speaking of kitchen and bathroom remodels as you may have to find accommodations for certain periods.” For a change in design, the process may take less time. “It takes about a week to two to plan a room; however, implementation may take several weeks depending on the complexity of the design,” Itani explained. “What takes the longest are the lead times associ-

The One Store For Your Perfect Floor! Come in and see our Great Selection of Carpet, Laminate, Vinyl, Hardwood, and Ceramic Flooring.

A newly remodeled kitchen was one of several things on the list for Debbie Hankins.

ated with materials, furniture, and custom work like drapery. Interior design is a problem solving process. It is about putting the right elements together to fulfill functions and aesthetics.” So whether you want to turn Jr.’s room into a home theater, a spare bedroom, or an office, there is a lot to consider with regard to design, but there are other, critical things to discuss. “I advise clients to ‘build per their neighborhood.’ That is, to not out-build what would achievably attain a reasonable comparable sales price after the completion of the renovation,” said Resnicke. Still, no matter the renovation, remodel, or redesign, expect a lot of discussion and planning. Resnicke explained that an architect “will discuss the scope of the project and discuss anticipated timeframes for each phase of

“I advise clients to

‘build per their neighborhood.’

That is, to not out-build what would achievably attain a reasonable comparable sales price after the completion of the renovation”

At Jost Carpet One Floor & Home we don't just help your floors look beautiful. We are the only Showcase Gallery for HunterDouglas in Bakersfield. From Silhouettes to Duettes we've got you covered. “You get the most from Jost.” & ed e n w nc y O d Si • Free In-Home Measuring l l te ! ca Lo pera 946 • Great Financing 1 O

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pen wO

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OUR Friendly anD knowledgeable staff will help with your pool care needs. Large inventory of parts for your pool pumps, filter, automatic pool cleaner, & more. See our selection of fun stuff and pool accessories to help you enjoy your backyard pool.

—Arin Resnicke project and associated fees. We will typically create conceptual designs for the owner to review and approve indicating the basic concept of what we intend to do and how we intend to solve the problem utilizing hand sketches at each phase.” It’s very important that you have a good relationship with your architect. That person will be your ally and representative during what will be a stressful period of time. So take your time and ask for references. Also, ask for references of the contractors and consultants, like engineers, that your architect plans to bring in. Because there will be many. “The structural [engineer] is responsible for generating design and calculations of foundations and structures, including seismic support. The electrical [engineer] is responsible for >>


MON-FRI 9-6 SAT 9-4 • SUN 10-2 Our team of experienced technicians provide pool repairs and maintenance done right!

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www. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 69

Flown the Coop

generating load compliance and panel calculations, if required,” Resnicke continued. “The mechanical [engineer] is responsible for providing design of HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) as well as Title 24 Compliance (building codes). Finally, the Fire Systems Engineer is responsible for the design of mandatory fire sprinkler systems (required only in new homes, currently).” Then there’s the waiting game while the drawings and calculations are submitted to the authority having jurisdiction (the local

“Look through magazines or the web for images, not only the styles that you like, but also the ones that should be avoided.” —Ghina Itani city or county building department) for review. At the time of submittal, certain fees are due and these are typically paid by the homeowner. The initial review period can vary dependent on the amount of work the jurisdiction has but typically varies between two to four weeks. Then there’s the construction or redesign itself. But the Hankins aren’t the only people who feel that the time and energy is worth it. A new room can breathe new life into a home and give a couple of empty-nesters some new energy. Sure, it might seem like a huge daunting process, but there’s noth-

Ghina Itani

Itani Design Concepts ing like standing in the doorway of a room you created and realizing that, now that your little birds have flown the coop, you’re one step closer to having your ultimate dream home. Then there’s the joyous realization that no one is going to mess it up.

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Many local builders are offering incentives and amenities to those looking to buy a new home. Here is just a sampling of the current offerings available.

Batteries Not Included (But the washer & dryer are...)

few extra costs. Many renters may not have appliances and might not want the added expense of purchasing several at once to outfit a new home and so Lenox is trying to supply what first-time home buyers will need. Included in the purchase of the home are a new washer, dryer, and refrigerator. And what about entertainment? Lenox will throw in a 42-inch flat screen TV, too. It’s

“New homes are the way to go,” said Jason Martin with DR Horton Homes. Without previous owners, you are in charge of what goes where and what upgrades to add before you move in. And DR Horton’s new homes have one of the best energy efficient ratings in the business. With homes in the upper $100,000s to upper $200,000 range, there is a home for any budget and fam-

Photo Courtesy BrightDesign Homes by Froehlich


Mike & Tish Burnett in their Castle & Cooke home.

By Naomi Moss

very person in Bakersfield longs to have a place to call their own. And with some of the lowest mortgage rates in history available to buyers, now is the perfect opportunity to jump in and find your dream home. There are many pre-owned houses available on the market, but the thought of getting a brand new, never-lived-in home is a very real option for even a first-time home buyer. To make it even easier, many local builders are offering incentives and amenities to those wanting to find themselves in a new home. Everything from five-star appliances and TVs to paid closing costs are being offered to potential home buyers. Look around Bakersfield and you’ll see those empty lots filling up. It may not be the same pace it was six years ago, but builders are still in business, ready for you to come design your home. But remember, this is just a sample of the current amenities and price ranges, and they are subject to change without notice. First-time home buyers may think their only option is to choose a preexisting home, but Lenox has the perfect solution. Starting at $130,000, many long-time renters can easily afford the mortgage on a new home. With the first-time homebuyer in mind, Lenox is willing to help out with a



Froehlich Homes just what every new home owner needs, right? But without the extra expense. Lenox isn’t the only home builder pulling out the red carpet for buyers. Starting with tile floors and your choice of colored Whirlpool appliances, DR Horton has some jaw-dropping features that come standard.

ily size. If that doesn’t turn your head, then perhaps the 10-year warranty or paid closing costs (using their mortgage company) will entice you to visit their design center. Remember, the design of your home isn’t limited to the interior space. Castle & Cooke homes are built on tree-lined >> / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 71

Batteries Not Included


streets, close to parks and shopping, with a sense of community in mind. Mike and Tish Burnett are very happy with their new home. After looking at a number of models in numerous housing developments, they fell in love with one in a Castle & Cooke neighborhood. “We loved the open shaped areas. We like the idea of a gated community and all the amenities,” Mike said. Standard features in a Castle & Cooke home include built-in appliances, finished garages, granite counters, and tile floors. “I was really impressed with the quality. They did a good job with the finishes,” Tish shared. With their 10-foot ceilings and master

Lennar Homes retreat, the Burnetts are enjoying their new home with friends and family. Mike added, “People react to the kitchen. It’s the center of the house.” With many options and neighborhoods available, builders know each family is unique so they are offering numerous communities available to fit every family’s needs. Most home builders in our area have a few basic models to choose from and buyers get to decide what goes into the home. Some options may be changing a bedroom into a dining room or

No matter what type of floor plan

you’re wanting, no matter how big or small, there is a builder in town that is ready to turn your dreams into your dream home. adding a closet or extra bathroom. But if those things don’t suit your family’s needs, then Soper Homes is worth looking into. In addition to having ready-to-build design plans, they can start from the ground up and build exactly what you want and need. Home buyers are involved in the design of the home and layout of all rooms. Truly full custom homes, right at your fingertips. That includes special features like customized wet bars, attached cottages, detached garages, and anything your heart desires. BrightDesign Homes by Froehlich is also offering some enticing incentives for those local families looking to buy a new home. Obviously, the amenities change by location, community, and design, but all homes here range from $150,000 to $240,000. There are multiple locations to help fit the entire community’s needs. For Froehlich, the incentives come mainly from their mission to help 72 Bakersfield Magazine


ltor Cheryl Mauck-­ Rea cell ®

661-340-0160 661-334-4021 direct cmauck@cbbakersLic. #01336836 DRE

Lenox Homes

For You

Verlen Love-Realtor


661-706-9017 cell 661-334-4092 ld

vlove@cbbakersfie DRE Lic. #01893503

ntly Each Office is Independe Owned and Operated.


make sure people are getting into their new home as easily as possible—and that means offering builder incentive packages to deal with closing costs. Lennar, another major home builder in town, has been promoting its “Everything’s Included” program. All family homes located in choice neighborhoods come with the type of amenities that were once seen as “bonuses.” Specifically, Lennar’s GE stainless steel appliance package including: free-standing, 5-burner range; microwave/hood combo; and Energy-Star dishwasher. Not to mention the luxurious soaking tub with tile surround and Moen chrome deck-mounted fixtures. That’s only the tip of the amenities iceberg. While all local builders are working to ensure new homes are energy efficient, something unique is McMillin Homes’ Solar

s U n O ly e R n a C You r Residential & Commercial Needs.

McMillin Homes Energy System, which is now standard on all homes built by McMillin today. And since all homes start in the low $200,000s, having lower energy costs is another perk. A sometimes overlooked amenity is the 3-car garage that comes standard on all McMillin homes. No matter what type of floor plan you’re wanting, no matter how big or small, there is a builder in town that is ready to turn your dreams into your dream home. Visit the communities and models of these entry- to mid-level properties (we’re not talking super customs, here) to make sure you know what you want in a new home before you choose the builder that is right for you. Whether it’s a new, master-planned community you’re looking for, or just bigger closet space, the amenities and incentives available to you make this the perfect time to build. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 73

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home & Garden By Tom Xavier

It’s Bath Time!

Sure, we’ve all heard of “Spring Cleaning,” but there are other times of year when cleaning is just as important. Like when you’re gearing up for the cooler months. The elements can be hard on the outside of a home, especially one that

needs a little maintenance or is in need of a good cleaning. So now that we’re approaching the time of year when it gets dark earlier, what should be done to ensure your home is in great shape for the months ahead? There are a number of quick and easy remedies, suggested by home improvement experts, which you can perform before we all hunker down for what will be a great autumn season. Not all will apply to your home, so see what’s in your budget and pick and choose the maintenance tips that are right for you. Make It Sparkle Most external walls of a home can do with a good cleaning. Before you get out the mop and bucket, rent yourself a quality pressure washer. Brick, linoleum siding, wood—no matter the medium, a pressure washer can get the job done. Now, depending on how dusty your home gets, you may want to add a little detergent or liquid soap to the reservoir on the pressure washer itself so that you can better remove built-up bits of dirt and grime. But you’ll need to make sure the cleaning agent you’re using won’t damage the particular surface you’ll be working on. Many home improvement gurus also suggest you also inspect the outside for mold or mildew, since you want to nip those problems in the bud as soon


as you can. Bleach-based cleansers should do the trick (use a mixture of

get serious with grime A quality pressure washer will easily blast it away. 1 part bleach to 4 parts water). Still, be sure to wear gloves and cover any large bushes or plants next to the home that may get sprayed—you don’t want to harm your shrubbery in the pursuit of a clean home. If you do end up using bleach for mold or mildew, allow the mixture to work for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off with the pressure washer. >>




to.c om/


t visio

n / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 75

home & Garden resources

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Screen Cleaning One of the most neglected parts on a home is the screens on the windows. Bugs, dust, and grit all get trapped in and around those mesh messes, but there is a super easy way to clean them. First, you have to remove them. Most snap into and out of place, but others are held on by brackets and require a screwdriver to loosen. Once they are free, simply drop them into a kiddy pool filled with warm soapy water and let soak. Afterward, give them a gentle scrub with a soft brush while they are resting on a flat surface. Rinse with the hose, but do it gently (hopefully you’ve got a “mist setting”) to ensure you don’t bend the screen. If you notice any small holes, simply flatten the fibers of the screen and brush on several coats of clear fingernail polish.


General Construction Commercial/Residential Remodel/Ground-up Interior/Exterior Homes/Bath/Kitchen “No Job Too Big Or Small”


Luis R. / Field Manager 661-304-6154 • 661-835-1416(fax)

Bigger holes will require getting a roll of screen netting and actually replacing the entire screen. Windows Are the Eyes of the House Another neglected chore is window washing—for obvious reasons. The masters over at have come up with a way to hand-craft a customized squeegee but for us normal folks with normal-sized windows, a few old newspapers (slightly crum-

TIP: A kiddy pool and warm soapy water is the perfect place to soak your screens. pled), a non-linting microfiber cloth, and a bottle of window cleaner A division of Mesa Energy Systems | An emcor company

Install One New Thermostat or One Carbon Monoxide Detector with a Summer Service at the discounted price of $169.00 *

will do the trick. Of course, there are a few tips to ensure your windows come out looking factory-clean. First, all the experts recommend working in the shade (meaning coordinating your window washing to the times of day when shade

Reference coupon code ‘SUMMER’ or present coupon at time of service

hits each of your windows). The next tip is about what you should


you’ve got tons of windows, bottles of commercial window cleaner

actually wash your windows with. Soap can leave residue and, if

*Additional unit charges apply. Price does not include structural/ducting/ electrical work, if needed or if unit is not operational. Please present coupon or reference coupon code at time of service. Not redeemable for cash. Not Valid on Commercial Accounts and with any other offers. Expires August 31, 2012.

water is a great natural and cheap window cleaner. Avoid paper tow-


your cloth or some crumpled newspaper over the windows to wipe

Contractor’s Lic. # 611215 & 747304

Emergency Service Available 24/7

can be pricey. So make your own! A 50/50 mix of white vinegar and els as they can leave behind streaks and bits of paper. Instead, rub up the liquid and give them a nice sheen. So, you’ve got the windows and the exterior taken care of. All that’s left is to redo the roof, fix the cracks in the driveway, and repaint the house… 76 Bakersfield Magazine

But we can save all that for next year.



& A Q



amaze Y our f riend s

By Lynn Pitts

ore than any time of the year, I think August and September are my favorite months. Why, you may ask, are you nuts? It’s HOT! Yes, and it’s because of the heat that Mrs. P’s inner sloth is released. After pulling out the spent tomato vines, and finishing the preserving and canning, I’m ready to take life easy, stare into space, and listen to the sprinklers. I’ll be heading off to the “Best in the West” Kern County Fair starting September 19th (through the 30th) to leisurely stroll through all the wonderful agriculture and livestock exhibits. The Fair always makes me proud to live in Kern County, doesn’t it you? Ah, but something is nagging at my sun-burnt mind, something I need to tackle before popping open a cool one to sip as the sun goes down. It’s time for Mrs. P’s Annual Question and Answer Column! This is when I answer your most burning queries and smooth your fevered brows.

Question: What’s the trick in planting nice containers? The ones I see in plant centers look better than what I can put together on my own. Answer: All you need to do is think Thriller, Filler, and Spiller. That’s all there is to it. Place your Thriller plant in the middle, perhaps dramatic New Zealand flax in a distinctive maroonbronze color on its tall, stiff evergreen leaves. The Filler can be something seasonal, like pansies, petunias, impatiens, or just alyssum. The Spiller is any plant that will trail down over the edge of your pot. Try baby ivy, nasturtiums, various herbs, or trailing geraniums. Don’t stress over it. Be adventurous in colorful combinations. Hakuna Matata! Question: How do you get rid of snails and slugs?

Photos by colin(onion), ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/pixelic(snail), felinda(pansies)

Answer: Short of cementing over one’s entire yard, it’s a challenge to keep a lid on these mangy mollusks. Remember, a slug is simply a snail without a shell. I’ve had luck using commercial baits containing metaldehyde and prefer the pellets to the meal. I’ve also used copper strips wrapped around my raised beds quite successfully. I’ve been known to go out at night with a flashlight and pluck them off my plants and throw them into the street for the cars to smash. If these solutions don’t appeal to you, there are always the old eggshell and booze methods. Snails and slugs do not like to crawl over the jagged surface of sharp eggshells. Well, who would? Putting this crushed barrier of not-too-finely crushed eggshells around plants is a great deterrent. Beer traps work. Research shows that snails and slugs prefer the light beers over the darker ales and lagers. They have a palate! Who knew? Fill shallow containers with beer (or a simple solution of 1 teaspoon each of active baking yeast and sugar to 1 cup of water). The idea is to lure them to their death by drowning because while they sure can drink, they can’t swim. Question:  I was taught a couple of things about onions and don’t know if they’re true or not. Pinching off the seed pods of my onions which have gone to seed and knocking over the tops of onions make larger bulbs. Answer:  Years ago these were common practices because older varieties were prone to bolting. In today’s world of newer hybrids, if you pinch the seed pod off, it will keep the onion from growing and the end result is a smaller onion that will not store well. If you knock the tops over prematurely, that will stop the bulbing process and the onion is more likely to grow during storage. >> SUCCESSFUL POT PLANTING TIP

THINK THRILLER FILLER SPILLER / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 77

78 Bakersfield Magazine

Gardening with Mrs. P Question: I’m being wigged-out by earwigs. What’s a non-toxic way to get rid of them? Answer: Earwigs have always given me the creeps. I used to think that their rear-mounted pincers would grab me. Actually, the pincers are used to manipulate food to their mouths and during mating, which we’ll leave to your imagination. Earwigs are omnivores. With their front mouths they eat plant material. So it turns out I was worried about the wrong end of the earwig. That said, if you are tired of finding chewed flowers and ragged vegetables, here’s an insecticide-free way to trap these leaf-chomping insects. It’s called The Bates Motel method. Take a 6-inch diameter terra cotta pot, turn it upside down, and push a piece of sturdy twine through the hole from above. Tie the end of the twine to a washer that’s a bit bigger than the hole (which is around ¾ of an inch wide) so that it holds the pot. Stuff the pot with straw. Hang the pot upside down from the branch of a tree or fence. Empty it daily and throw into a plastic bag. Seal the bag and dispose. Set the pot near your compost pile to draw earwigs. You’ll figure out good spots to place the motel that earwigs don’t leave alive. You probably won’t need anything to hold the straw in, but you could try a strip of duct tape or plastic mesh.   Question:  My family is planning a pool party with a tropical theme in late September. We want to make our own fresh flower leis but can’t spend a fortune on store bought flowers. Any suggestions? Answer: How about borrowing an idea used in the subcontinent of India? String fluffy double flowered marigolds into colorful leis. If you’re not already growing them (and who isn’t?), the plant centers are full of heat loving marigolds. Don’t limit yourselves to stringing just flowers. Look around for colored foliage to add contrasting combos with the marigolds. Save a Mai Tai for me!   Question: What can we use to keep our bird bath water clear, yet safe for the birds and pets to drink? Answer: Hot weather promotes algae in bird baths, that’s a fact. Short of emptying, scrubbing, and filling your bird bath every day, you’re pretty much going to need something such as Bioverse Natural Bird Bath Cleaner Algae Control (found in plant centers and online). Or, you could do as I do and add a teaspoon or so of ordinary laundry bleach to the bird bath water on an as needed basis. I haven’t noticed any birds clutching their throats staggering around, so I’m assuming it’s ok. As for being concerned about your pets drinking from the bleached bird bath, I’ll leave you with two words: 1. Toilet. 2. Bowl. v Lynn Pitts, better known as Mrs. P., is a native Californian, master gardener in four counties including Kern, a garden writer, and professional botanical artist. She has been featured on The Art of Gardening, on PBS, and has conducted flower workshops throughout California for botanical gardens and arboretums. Photos by artmechanic(earwig), rameshng (flower),©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/jello5700(bird) / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 79

80 Bakersfield Magazine

Hoffmann Hospice

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Michael Weinberg, DDS

Jason O’Donnell LCSW

Good oral health can help reduce risks of problems associated with cardiovascular (heart) disease.

There are few healthcare professionals more passionate about hospice care than Jason O’Donnell, Hoffmann’s licensed clinical social worker and community liaison in Tehachapi and the Kern Valley. O’Donnell says it’s a privilege to educate families and healthcare providers about end-of-life issues. “It’s an opportunity to provide compassionate support at a very difficult time,” he says. “I’m honored to walk with our patients through their end-of-life journeys.”

(661) 410-1010

Armi Lynn Walker, M.D. Cary Shakespeare, M.D. Pellevé tm Now Available Look Lovely, Feel Refreshed

• • • • • • •

• Emphasis on prevention • Cosmetic/reconstructive/restorative dentistry • Maintaining high standards of traditional dentistry with modern technology

(661) 587-7002

3115 Latte Lane, Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA 93312

Advanced Spinal Health, LLC. Specializing in Instrument Adjustive Techniques Gregory Heyart, D.C. Nicholas Braaten, D.C. Steven Salyers, D.C.

Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility Pregnancy Testing Personalized Prenatal Care and Delivery Complete Gynecological Care, Contraception, Menopausal Issues Minimally Invasive Surgery Urinary Incontinence Testing Comfortable, Relaxing Atmosphere

Serving Bakersfield and the surrounding communities. Our chiropractors and the rest of the friendly team at Advanced Spinal Health, LLC, are dedicated to chiropractic solutions to target your unique needs, whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even just plain old muscular tightness and tension. Even if you just want to improve your overall health, our chiropractors can help you achieve your wellness goals!

(661) 633-BABY (2229)

1001 Tower Way, Suite 130 Bakersfield, CA 93309

2021 22nd St., Bakersfield, CA 93301

Andrew C. Dreyer, DDS, MS Periodontics & Dental Implants Comprehensive Periodontal Care Including Treatment for Gum Disease and Dental Implants • IV and oral conscious sedation • High resolution CT scanner in-office • Bakersfield’s only board certified periodontist


8605 Camino Media, Suite 200

(661) 327-2622

Interim HealthCare People you count on, care you trust by the only RN & family owned full service provider in Kern County.

• Established in 1994 • Nursing and/or Physical Therapy • AssistedCare – help with bathing, dressing, errands • Senior Placement – when one can no longer live alone • Employer of Interim’s NATIONAL RN of the Year, Susan Freilino • 2011 Beautiful Bakersfield award recipient

(661) 395-1700

4801 Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93309 / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 81


The Womens Care Center

Serving Kern County for 28 years

82 Bakersfield Magazine


he sun is always shining on Solvang. No doubt you’ve heard of this small, Danish town, with its picturesque views and quaint streetscapes. But when’s the last time you visited? With a population of just over 5,000 and 340 sunny days a year, this is the perfect location for a weekend vacation. It’s a place to unwind and soak in some late summer sun that’s just a three-hour drive away. The size of the town, itself, is just over two square miles, so bring your walking shoes—there’s no need for car travel here. Solvang was named for its sunny weather—Solvang means “sunny fields” in Danish. That said, the temperatures hover in the 70s in the middle of summer, but the mornings and evenings are still cool. So even if you plan to visit in August or September, bring your sweater. And visit you should! Just last year, Solvang celebrated its 100th anniversary of the founding of “Little Denmark”—and the festivities keep coming with annual events and special activities emphasizing the arts and culture.


Photos courtesy



When to go and What to do If you drive over before the end of September, you’ll have a chance to see a production at Solvang’s Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts (PCPA). Now preparing for the 38th summer season in Solvang, PCPA productions of live, professional plays, musicals, and comedies are performed under the stars at Solvang Festival Theater, a 700-seat venue in the half-round. Located in downtown Solvang within easy walking distance of hotels and restaurants, numerous overnight packages and dinner specials are available—for both individuals and groups. Highlights of the 2012 summer season include Little Women, the Broadway Musical; The Rivals; Daddy Long Legs; and Legally Blonde: The Musical. For more information, visit And September might just be the best time to travel to Solvang—specifically between the 14th and the 16th. That’s when the 76th Annual Solvang Danish Days Celebration will take place. According to a Solvang press release, “Since 1936, every September, California’s ‘Little Denmark’ celebrates its >> / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 83

annual Danish Days to honor the establishment of Solvang by Danish-American educators in 1911.” The town continues preserving its Danish heritage during this time with Danish and American flags lining the streets, residents donning colorful costumes, and plentiful folk dancing and entertainment. That includes the Ravens of Odin, a professional Viking re-enactment group; Hans Christian Andersen story-telling sessions; as well as three parades (Friday candlelight, Saturday afternoon traditional, and Sunday afternoon children’s). For all those over 21, the Viking Beer Gardens serves heavenly brews and Danish open-faced sandwiches. And authentic restaurants and bakeries feature tasty cuisine. Aebleskiver breakfasts and eating contests round out a weekend in which “everyone can be a Dane!” Also, since Solvang is nestled between the Santa Ynez and San Rafael mountain ranges, and surrounded by vineyards and ranches, it’s a perfect “Wild West” experience. The way of the cowboy lives on. “At Solvang’s Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort on 10,000 acres, enjoy horseback riding, fishing at a private lake, golf, tennis, spa, as well as themed packages such as Cowgirl and BBQ Bootcamps. On the first Saturday every May, the private group Rancheros Visitadores (Visiting Ranchers) parade their 500+ horses, carriages, and bedecked riders through Solvang for a blessing at Old Mission Santa Ines. For a mild two-horse powered ride, hop aboard the horse-drawn Solvang Trolley—a historic wooden streetcar pulled by a pair of magnificent Belgian draft horses providing 20-minute guided tours around the village.” Solvang is also home to Ostrich Land, a 33-acre breeding farm where guests can see and feed more than 100 ostriches and some emus up close, not to mention Flag Is Up Farms, home of Monty Roberts, the “Man Who Listens to Horses,” where visitors are welcome to see the equine facilities and trainers in action. Discover Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch, a fascinating breeding facility for 34-inch-and-under horses that welcomes visitors daily for free viewing from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and visit Seein’ Spots Farm, breeders of miniature donkeys and mules. “All within 20 minutes of the village of Solvang, you can golf at three different courses, hike mountain and ranch trails and peaks, fish at Cachuma Lake, and see wildlife from a boat or shore. Tour a lavender farm. Take a horseback ride or soar over it all in a glider. Enjoy a picnic lunch in a vineyard.” Where to Eat and Shop Obviously, visitors will have their pick of wonderful, local restaurants. Everything from traditional Danish, American, and in84 Bakersfield Magazine

Photos courtesy

Great Getaways

ternational cuisine is available for every palate and budget. Not only are there gourmet eateries for romantic dinners, including Root 246 (a sophisticated farm-to-table restaurant) and Mirabelle Restaurant, but small cafes also line the streets for quick bites between activities. Of the more than 30 restaurants in Solvang, there are four authentic Danish bakeries which are a must-try. Dozens of wine tasting rooms and bars are within easy walking distance from the village blocks, where there are also charming bed and breakfasts and other accommodations for those looking to stay overnight. Within the 10 shopping squares and courtyards in Solvang, there are dozens of retail shops offering Danish imports, collectibles, antiques, Native American treasures, books, clothes, regional wines, candy, and arts and crafts. With all that, you’ll need to make sure you save time to visit the many museums, art galleries, and cultural venues. Bring the entire family to Elverhoj Museum of History & Art, the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Vintage Motorcycle Museum, and the Solvang Festival Theater. There’s so much to see and do in this festive town that you won’t want to leave. It’s hard not to get caught up in all the Danish pride, especially if you visit during the Danish Days Celebration. Still, no matter when you travel to Solvang, you’ll experience a relaxing, scenic vacation. So much so, that you’ll probably find yourself saying “Mange Tak” (many thanks) on your way out of town. If you’d like more information, visit v


Switch on the burner, grease up the skillet, or spark up the coals, it’s time to get eating. It’s not hard to eat a meal fit for a king—we’ve done the research for you. Whether you’re searching for juicy new recipes to thrill dinner guests with or looking for a new, exciting place to dine out with family, our Food Section has all the spice and flavor you’ll need.



We’ve got reviews, recipes, entertaining tips, and more! This is the place to explore local eateries that have good food and good service, find out which ones cater to your budget and your taste buds, and get culinary inspiration to bring back to your own kitchen. Sumptuous, mouth-watering meals await you whatever your mood— grab your apron and peruse these pages for your favorite recipe. Bon Appétit. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 85


morsels to remember There’s always something delicious coming out of the kitchen at Sandrini’s. Not only does this place have an established bar, but it’s churning out delicious Italian and Basque dishes to get your mouth watering every night.


That’s why we were very excited when Brian Sandrini agreed to whip up something for our readers for this issue’s Quick Bites. This recipe for smoky chimichurri marinated lamb skewers with tzatziki won’t disappoint—it’s flavorful, simple, and great for entertaining. Best of all, Sandrini said that you can prepare all the ingredients the night before, so there’s little prep time. “Plus, all of the vegetables and herbs can be found at any of the many local farmers markets around town,” Sandrini said. “And the meat can be found at Wood-Dale Market where they have high quality meats from in and around Bakersfield.” It’s a simple recipe with fresh herbs and tasty spices, not to mention the fact that it makes for a perfect appetizer, snack, or party food. Guests will love how easy it is to eat and you’ll love how easy it is to make. With so many of the ingredients available locally, and how straightforward the recipe is, you’d be crazy to pass up making this for a summer treat.

86 Bakersfield Magazine

Smoky Chimichurri

Marinated Lamb Skewers with Tzatziki ~Lamb~ 1 (2-pound) leg of lamb 1 roasted red pepper (charred skin, seeds removed) 2 tbsp. minced garlic • 2 tbsp. finely chopped fresh rosemary 2 tbsp. finely chopped fresh thyme • 1/2 bunch flat leaf parsley 2 tbsp. finely chopped cilantro • 3 tbsp. red wine vinegar 1 tsp. smoked paprika • 1 tsp. cracked black pepper 1 tbsp. kosher salt • 2 cups olive oil For the lamb, trim off the fat and silver skin and cut into one-inch cubes (or ask your friendly neighborhood butcher if he will do this for you). Combine the rest of the ingredients in a food processor and blend for 30-40 seconds. Place the lamb chunks in the marinade and refrigerate overnight. ~Tzatziki~ 1 cucumber (seeds removed) • 1 1/2 cups Greek yogurt 1/3 cup olive oil • 3 garlic cloves minced 2 tbsp. vinegar • 1 tsp. kosher salt For the tzatziki, cut the cucumber lengthwise and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. With a food processor (fitted with the grater attachment), grate the cucumber. Once the cucumber is grated, transfer to a clean kitchen towel and squeeze until dry. Combine the cucumber, yogurt, olive oil, minced garlic, vinegar, and salt in a bowl and mix to combine. Cover and chill. When you’re ready to cook, skewer the lamb meat (one or two pieces per skewer) and sprinkle each piece with a pinch of salt and a little cracked pepper. Fire up your barbeque or stove-top grill and cook until desired doneness (Sandrini prefers his medium rare). Serve with the chilled Tzatziki. Enjoy! n

Cuisine: robust flavor sensation


Seared Ahi Salad with wasabi sesame vinaigrette

definitely delectable Café Med has become a Bakersfield institution, an icon, a destination for out-of-towners, and a magnet for locals. An integral part of the Bakersfield dining scene for 21 years, it’s a place where friends congregate for good wine and good food. By Mike Stepanovich And judging from my most recent visits the entire dining experience is better than ever. Not only is the cuisine impeccable, the new electronic wine list makes for an experience unique to Bakersfield. Owner/chef Meir Brown has taken his restaurant from its humble beginnings at Auburn Street and Fairfax Road, through a disastrous fire at the restaurant’s second locale on California Avenue just north of Stockdale Highway, to its Stockdale Fashion Plaza home at 4809 Stockdale Highway, where it’s been the past 17 years. He’s survived two major economic downturns, he supports local charities, and he also supports other local restaurants. Today, he said, the restaurant is in the best shape it’s ever been. He’s done it by maintaining his focus and providing a consistently good experience. “Overall, we’ve evolved very nicely,” he said over a recent lunch. “When I first came to town, Bakersfield had a good fine-dining scene. Today there are different players, but there are always good options…Our dining scene here is certainly not boring.” His own menu is an example. As you would expect from a Mediterranean-themed restaurant, you’ll find a number of different cultures represented in the offerings—Greek, Middle Eastern, North African, Italian, French, and Spanish. You’ll also find what Brown described as “more familiar options,” such as steak, seafood, meatloaf, and a hamburger. So whether you’re feeling adventurous or prefer comfort food, Café Med has something for you.

Such was the case recently when my wife, Carol, and I stopped in for dinner. Carol tends to be less adventurous than I in her dinner choices. Since the evening was warm, she wanted a cool counterpoint, and chose the avocado shrimp salad ($17.95). I was intrigued by the schnitzel because I don’t often see it on American menus. I chose the veal schnitzel with couscous and sautéed crookneck squash and zucchini ($20.95), and a Mediterranean salad as a starter ($3.95 when ordered with an entrée). While we were perusing our menus, we had a chance to absorb Café Med’s atmosphere. It’s indeed a pleasant and relaxing place to dine. Some years back, Brown wanted to create a sidewalk dining experience, even though his restaurant was in a strip mall. So he added potted climbing plants to create a natural barrier between the sidewalk dining area and the shopping center’s parking lot. Today those plants have grown up to not only shield sidewalk diners but also add to the ambience of the entire restaurant. Grapevine garlands with twinkle lights suspended from the ceiling add a nice touch. A glazedglass wall separates the bar from the dining room. A staple at Café Med is the plate of red Turkish salad with a dollop of spicy green zehog in the center, served with pita. If the pita feels and tastes as if it was just baked, that’s because it was. Brown has >>

Cuisine: tempt your senses / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 87

Cuisine: tempt your senses developed a recipe for the pita—both whole wheat and white—that allows him to take the 6-inch discs of frozen dough, bake it in a special oven, and in seven minutes it’s fresh, warm, and delicious. (In addition to them being available at Costco, Brown is working to have the frozen pita rounds available in other retail outlets.) The wine list proffered was unique to Bakersfield; I was handed an iPad, given brief instructions, and left to explore the list. The iPad was easy to use, and I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. I touched the order icon, handed it to the waiter, and voilá! My wine arrived. Karen Bennett, wine director at Café Med, said the iPad wine lists have been well received since the restaurant first introduced them in late January. “The only other restaurant in the Valley that has them is The Elbow Room in Fresno,” she said. “A few restaurants have it in San Francisco and LA, and, of course, in Las Vegas.” Patrons can use the iPad to search by bottle or glass. “You can sort by sparkling wine, white wines, red wines, rosés,” she said. “You can browse by price point, by varietal. “You can also sort by region. So if you’re looking for a New Zealand sauvignon blanc – or whatever – you can see what we have available. “ Diners can also sort by “recommended.”“They’re what I recommend for value,” said Bennett, who tastes all the wines on the list. “That can change any time.

Where the Care is Like Home

Veal schnitzel, sautéed crookneck squash, and zucchini

Ophthalmology • General Surgery • Podiatry • Orthopedics Pain Management • Ear, Nose & Throat • Plastic Surgery • Gynecology

Located at: 9300 Stockdale Highway, Suite 200 88 Bakersfield Magazine

If a new wine comes in, I can enter it,” and the customer sees it that evening. The iPad also allows Bennett to keep close track of her inventory. “So if I get down to the last bottle, the system notifies me. “It’s a great way for our customers to learn about wine. For example, let’s say a customer looks at a bottle of wine, and it looks good, but maybe it’s more than he wants to pay. He can touch the item and get detailed information. When he’s done he can touch ‘back’ to return to the list.” Bennett said the device has improved sales of less familiar brands by 10 to 15 percent, though it hasn’t affected popular brands’ sales. The iPad wine list is consumer friendly and provides much more information about each wine than the old paper lists—although for old-school folks, paper lists are available.

Café Med patrons can use an iPad to search by the bottle or the glass. You can also sort by sparkling wine, white wines, red wines, and rosés. Shortly after my wine arrived, so did my salad. It had chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, olives, green onions, and a hint of mint lightly dressed in olive oil and vinegar. I found it delightfully refreshing with the different vegetables’ flavors complementing one another. Carol’s entrée salad had an avocado half on a bed of chopped greens, two hardboiled egg halves, three jumbo grilled shrimp, and marinated artichoke hearts. Carol asked for bleu cheese dressing (she loves it), though normally the salad has a special house dressing. She thoroughly enjoyed it! My schnitzel consisted of three palm-sized breaded veal cutlets. While it wasn’t the same presentation as schnitzel I’ve had in Vienna, it was similar in that it wasn’t at all greasy—perhaps flash fried—and topped with capers. The couscous was light and airy, and the squash al dente. It was a terrific dish, and the perfect portion. Which left us room to share baklava for dessert ($5.50), and what a treat! The three baklava rolls were topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries, candied walnuts, and drizzled honey, which created exquisitely complex flavors. It was a splendid way to conclude our evening. At my subsequent lunch with Brown, I opted for an old favorite, the pesto pasta ($16.95) with a grilled chicken breast ($3). I find this dish irresistible: linguine topped with a creamy pesto sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, sautéed fresh mushrooms, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese. One of these days I’ll try something different, but this creation is mouthwateringly special. Something that will tempt me on my next visit is the seared ahi salad ($17.95) that Brown had. The sesame-seed-crusted rare ahi is thinly sliced on a bed of mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, avocado, and artichoke hearts with wasabi sesame vinaigrette. Judging by his mmm’s and ah’s, it was as good as it looked. Brown’s innovations, both in the cuisine and the overall dining experience, continue to elevate Café Med, and the Bakersfield dining scene as well. Thanks, Meir. A toast to you! Café Med is open Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sunday noon to 9 p.m. Major credit cards accepted. For reservations, please call (661) 834-4433. n / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 89

bottoms up!

date night on cloud nine

Year Established: 2012

skybar lounge Address: 4208 Rosedale Highway, Ste. 305 Quick Facts Happy Hour: 3-6pm

The SkyBar Lounge is one of Bakersfield’s newest—easily one of the most posh—lounges, and it has a drink that will put you on cloud nine with the very first sip. This hotspot isn’t known for just its drinks, however, but also for

Saturday nights to ensure that their dance floor is always packed.

its unique atmosphere. With chandeliers, trey ceilings, dark wood

If the ambience and music isn’t enough to make you want to stick

tables, tufted silver fabric lining the walls, and a bar that is not only

around for the night, then their drinks definitely will. Beer lovers will

lit up on the top, but also changes colors (in concert with background

be delighted at their specialty draft beers, like Mammoth Double Nut

bar lighting) on the bottom portion, you will certainly feel as though

Brown Ale and Stone IPA. However, if you’re looking for something

you’ve entered the coolest lounge in town. And, as general manager

a little stronger, then their signature drink, the Skyscraper, is sure

Tony Mathews said, that is exactly the feel that they were going for.

to cure what ails you. Invented by Mathews, himself, this sweet and

As a means to complement the beautiful décor and delicious

sour concoction has a flavor “like a blueberry lemon drop,” and is

drinks, they made sure not to skimp on fun. The lounge features live

made just right so that it bears the likeness of a cloud inside of it

bands once every two to three weeks and a DJ Thursday through

every time it’s made. While Mathews confirmed that the actual recipe for a Skyscraper is a secret, he was able to give us the ingredients that you’ll need to take yourself to greater heights! n

Skybar Lounge

SKYSCRAPER Lemonade • Vodka • Triple Sec Sweet and Sour Mix • Sprite • Blueberry Schnapps Mix all ingredients, except for the Blueberry Schnapps, with ice in a tall 16-ounce cocktail glass. Slowly pour Blueberry Schnapps until you have enough to make it appear as though a tiny cloud had landed in your glass.

drink: with a dash of elegance 90 Bakersfield Magazine


Taste Tranquility

By Mike Stepanovich

Skylar Stuck pulled the well-used Kawasaki Mule under a massive oak tree with a magnificent view south of Halter Ranch Vineyard’s 280 acres of vines, and switched off the motor. The general manager of Halter Ranch and I sat listening to the stun-

Mitch Wyss (no relation to Hansjorg) was hired first to plant

ning quiet of the Santa Lucia Range of Central California. At the intersec-

the vineyard. Originally from Los Angeles, Wyss transferred to Chico

tion of Adelaida Road and Vineyard Drive, Halter Ranch is at the apex of

State for its agriculture program, and wound up staying 20 years grow-

Paso Robles’ west side.

ing kiwi-fruit. “My baby is the vineyard,” he said. “I want it to reflect the

A buzzard glided lazily through the cloudless azure sky, no doubt

place.” A few years back, Wyss said, a winemaker to whom Wyss had sold

seeking some carrion. I figured he’d have better luck elsewhere than in

grapes said he could taste Halter Ranch in that fruit. “That was the high-

these immaculate vineyards.

est compliment he could have paid me,” Wyss said. That winemaker was

wine industry, and nobody knows about it,” Stuck said.

photo courtesy of halter ranch vineyard

His comment triggered a memory from a couple-three years ago dur-

Kevin Sass, who is now the winemaker at Halter Ranch. Leslie Wyss, Mitch’s wife, was hired as operations manager. She put the business together, handling all the details—paperwork, human

ing a previous visit to Halter Ranch, when I was sitting on the patio next

resources issues, everything.

to the tasting room with then-winemaker Bill Sheffer, enjoying a glass

She and her husband continue

of Halter Ranch’s Syrah. He told me then about the astonishing vineyard

in those roles today.

that was taking shape, and beamed only the way a winemaker can who

Once the vineyard began

truly understands and appreciates what is happening. He was fortunate,

producing, Bill Sheffer was

Sheffer said, to be working in such a special place.

hired as the first winemaker

The same enthusiasm is evident in Stuck’s voice. The winery has been

and to design the winery.

evolving since Swiss businessman Hansjorg Wyss bought 900 acres of

Sheffer had previously worked

the old Edwin Smith Ranch, including the Smith family’s historic Victo-

at Eberle Winery in Paso Robles,

rian two-story house built in 1885, which Wyss painstakingly restored.

and also as a consulting wine-

Since then the winery has undergone five distinct development phases:

maker in Europe, Australia, >>

Photo by Gaylene ewing

“This is the most exciting thing happing in the California

Skylar Stuck

G.m., Halter Ranch vineyard

wine: excellence with every sip / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 91

wine: excellence with every sip and New Zealand. It was his global experience that he brought to bear in designing the winery, a state-of-the-art, gravity-flow structure. When the winery reached the stage where it needed the focus of a general manager, Stuck was hired in that role to move the winery forward. Originally from Portland, Ore., Stuck had spent 14 years at Hope Family Wines before joining Halter Ranch. “When I started, we didn’t really have a vision for the winery; it was more of a grape-grower,” he said. “Now we have a vision of where we want to be in 2016.” That included evaluating the types of grapes being grown as the winery moved from selling 70 percent of its grapes and using 30 percent to using 70 percent and selling 30 percent. Stuck’s research suggested a retooling, so some of the 20 varietals grown were changed in favor of greater emphasis on others. “So we’re in transition now,” Stuck said. “Kevin and I are really excited for 2015 and ’16,” when the vineyard returns to full production. New winemaker Kevin Sass is key to where Halter Ranch wants to go. A Fresno State enology graduate, Sass came to Halter Ranch from west-side neighbor Justin Vineyard & Winery, where he spent 11 years in various winemaking roles. His predecessor at Halter Ranch, Sheffer was highly regarded by the owner, but Sheffer told Stuck that Halter Ranch needed someone who could take the brand to new heights. That person, by all accounts, is Sass. While Sass is working in a brand new winery, he recognizes the true source of the winery’s potential greatness. He told Stuck: “I don’t need this winery to make great wine; I need this”—he gestured to the vineyard—“to make great wine.” It doesn’t take long to understand that what will make Halter Ranch great is the harmony that envelopes the place. It’s a harmony with the past, the present, and the future; with nature, with farming, with compatibility. Start with the employee vegetable garden. A fair-sized patch of ground is devoted to this. Employees may plant what they want, harvest their produce, trade with fellow employees. The day of my visit I saw Brussels sprouts, squash, tomatoes, and onions growing. Not one tree has been removed to make way for vineyards. “We just work around them,” Stuck said, including the massive “Ancestor Oak,” the largest known coastal live oak, estimated to be 450-600 years old. The vineyards are on multiple trellis systems, including head-trained Grenache. Head-training allows the vine to produce canes in all directions—360 degrees—as opposed to training canes in one direction or another, such as a bilateral cordon, where the vine is in the shape of a “T.” The vineyards are all planted to expose the fruit to the morning sun; in the afternoon, the canopy covers the fruit, protecting it from the heat of the day. Sustainable farming practices are used throughout. The wine will eventually be stored in a cave that is currently under construction. The semi-circular cave will have 20,000 square feet of storage and “should be ample for what we want to do,” Stuck said. All this adds up to an exciting array of wines. Stuck said neither he nor Sass are interested in high-alcohol, flabby wines. “There’s a proliferation of cocktail wines,” he said. 92 Bakersfield Magazine

Photo by Gaylene ewing

Photo by Faith Echtermeyer

“We’re looking to make dinner wines. We want our whites under fourteen percent

(alcohol) and our reds under fifteen.” The tasting room extends the winery’s harmonious feel. You have to be

kevin sass

winemaker, Halter Ranch vineyard

going to Halter Ranch to get there, so you don’t have the large crowds found in tasting rooms along the highway. Hence, visitors get a more personal experience from the friendly tasting room staff. n Make the effort to visit Halter Ranch, and try these wines: 2011 Rosé—recently won “best of class” award and gold medal at the Central Coast Wine Competition. This classic dry rosé is beautifully balanced, with bright fruit flavors and a clean, crisp finish. 2011 Sauvignon Blanc—I’ve long wondered why more sauvignon blanc isn’t produced on the Central Coast, so I was delighted to find this exquisite expression. It’s citrusy and crisp, reminding me of Sancerre. The winery only made 125 cases of this, so if you’re looking for excellent sauvignon blanc, call the winery. 2011 Cotes de Paso Blanc—five white Rhone varietals are used in this citrusy-melony blend. Delicious! 2009 Cotes De Paso—six red Rhone varieties make up this deep, rich blend. As in all the wines, balance and harmony are at the forefront. 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon—81 percent cabernet sauvignon with small percentages of the other four Bordeaux red varietals. Fruitful, soft tannins, and texture, with a long, satisfying finish. If you’re still on the fence about Paso Robles cabernets, try this one and you won’t be. 2009 Syrah—distinctive syrah nose, well-structured, and balanced. Great flavor and depth. Mike Stepanovich is an award-winning journalist who has been writing his Life is a Cabernet wine column since 1985, and reviewing restaurants for Bakersfield Magazine since 1997. Stepanovich has taught wine and food pairing classes for many years, and teaches a wine appreciation and history class for Bakersfield College. He began judging wines in 1987, and now judges at major international wine competitions throughout the United States. A home winemaker, Stepanovich resides with his wife, Carol, in Bakersfield. / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 93

Brookside Riverlakes Market & Deli

The Dining Guide

We welcome you to come enjoy our signature salads, sandwiches, and burgers at your local Brookside Market & Deli. Stop by and try our homemade Fish & Chips with our savory clam chowder every Friday. We also BBQ our own Tri-Tip sandwiches daily! Brookside carries a wide variety of fine wines & market products you may need, including Smith’s Bakery goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth! In addition to our Brookside breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, we also offer a catering menu that will help you celebrate any occasion with ease. Deli hours: Mon-Sat 5am-8pm, Sun 6:30am-4pm. 4700 Coffee Rd. Store: (661) 588-1338, Deli: (661) 588-2329

The Aviator Casino Bar & Grill

Come into The Aviator Casino Bar & Grill in Delano, where you always arrive to great food and top notch service. We feature upscale American cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our Wednesday night special is a 16 oz. sirloin steak for $16.99. Check out our website for monthly restaurant specials. The Aviator Casino: Where fun takes flight! Open seven days a week, from 7-12am. Happy Hour is served all day. From the 99 Freeway, exit 54 Woollomes Avenue. 1225 Airport Drive (661) 721-7770

Cactus Valley Mexican Restaurant

With their award-winning salsa, Cactus Valley Mexican Restaurant is the spot for fine south-of-the-border flavors! The menu includes sizzlin’ fajitas, which you can order with lobster, shrimp, steak, or chicken and the San Francisco Bay Enchiladas: shrimp sauteed in tomatillo and cilantro sauce stuffed in two flour tortillas, filled with cream cheese! All day breakfast menu includes beef machaca and huevos rancheros. Lunch specials: $4.99 tacos and enchiladas, $7.95 chicken fajita plates. Cactus Valley is home to the best margaritas in town ($4 reg all day) and Happy Hour is 4-7pm. Open 10:30am-9:30pm Sun-Thu; 10:30am-close. Fri & Sat. Located at 4215 Rosedale Hwy, just west of Hwy 99. Call for entertainment specials. (661) 633-1948

94 Bakersfield Magazine

Uricchio’s Trattoria

Now Offering Curb-side To-go Service and free validated parking for lunch guests! Nestled in the heart of Downtown in the historical Haberfelde Building. Steaks, chops, seafood, and classic Italian dishes, complemented by an extensive wine list, have made Uricchio’s a mainstay for over a decade. Uricchio’s San Francisco style setting is family owned and operated, and the perfect spot for a business lunch, or a romantic dining experience. After your meal save room for the fabulous desserts from LaMousse of Beverly Hills. Hours: Lunch Mon-Fri 11am-2pm, Dinner Mon-Thu 5-9pm, Friday & Saturday 5-10pm. Reservations recommended, lunch reservations for large groups only. 1400 17th St. Downtown. (661) 326-8870

Sinaloa Mexican Restaurant

Serving traditional Mexican cuisine to Bakersfield residents since 1948. Perfectly situated downtown, just west of Mill Creek Park. Open Tue-Thu 11:15am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11:15am-9pm, and Sunday 11:15am-8pm. Closed on Mondays. Sinaloa is located at 910 20th Street. (661) 327-5231

Narducci’s Cafe

A fixture in historic Old Town Kern since 1894, Narducci’s Cafe has some of the best food and drinks in town. Come in on Thursdays and try one of our hand-cut steaks on $10 Steak Night. Take in the friendly atmosphere while enjoying a Basque family-style dinner. Plan your next large party here for a memorable family gathering. Have a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa with breakfast, or try a Moscow Mule in the traditional copper cup. For dinner, the lamb chops and pickled tongue are a local favorite. On a weekend night, you might catch Jimmy Narducci on his sax. Breakfast and lunch served 9am-2:30pm Mon-Sat, dinner served Mon-Tues 5:30pm-9pm, Thu-Sat 5:30pm-10pm. Food served all day on Sun 9am-8pm. Bar open all day. 622 East 21st Street. (661) 324-2961

Anita’s Mexican Grill

We would like to welcome you to our newly renovated restaurant and invite you to try our new menu, offering many classic recipes that we have been cooking up since 1988 as well as new Veggie and Lite options. Our bar has been extended, so come and enjoy our Happy Hour Mon-Fri 3-6pm and 9pm-close. Visit our lunch buffet during the week and Sunday brunch to sample authentic, homestyle recipes made from scratch with fresh and high quality ingredients. Thank you Bakersfield for your continued patronage! Like Us on Facebook: 4240 California Ave. (661) 328-0500

With a list of daily specials a mile long, we have been a local favorite for over 20 years and continue bringing Bakersfield the good eats. From our classic homemade soups and comfort foods like meatloaf, to our sandwiches, omelets, and salads, we make everything fresh. Wrap your mouth around the tri-tip pasta with mushrooms, green onions, and a creamy garlic sauce. Or better yet, visit us for breakfast and you won’t forget it! We’ve got banana rum crepes, savory Portobella mushroom omelets, cinnamon apple pancakes, and so much more. But don’t leave without trying our Bloody Mary. It’s good for what ails ‘ya! Open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, 6am-2:30pm. 1415 24th Street. (661) 323-8801

Benji’s French Basque

Benji’s offers something a little different from Bakersfield’s Basque fare. In addition to traditional Basque entrées of lamb, chicken, veal and beef, Benji’s has pan-fried frog legs with garlic lemon sauce, lobster tail, roasted duck, escargots and calf liver. And the beef isn’t just tri-tip; Benji’s serves a scrumptious filet mignon and New York steak with pepper cognac sauce. All dinners are served with the customary Basque family style set-up. Don’t forget Benji’s specialty soufflés flavored with Grand Marnier, raspberry, chocolate or lemon. Basque family owned and operated for 25 years. Banquet facilities available. Conveniently located 2 blocks west of Highway 99 at 4001 Rosedale Hwy. Open daily 11:30am-2pm and 5:30-9:30pm except Tuesdays. Lounge opens 11am. (661) 328-0400

Frugatti’s Italian Wood-Fired Oven

Real Italian by Real Italians! Whether dining in or al fresco on our patio, come in and enjoy our new menu that’s bursting with flavor for lunch, dinner or just dessert. You’ll love our steaks. We use only the highest quality Certified Angus Brand® Beef. You’ll also love our chicken, seafood and pizzas cooked in our imported Italian wood-burning oven. We also offer a wide selection of pasta dishes and other Italian favorites. For dessert try our homemade New York cheesecakes or Tiramisu. Come experience our friendly atmosphere. Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-9:30pm, Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday 11:30am-10pm, Sunday 11:30am-9pm. All major credit cards accepted. 600 Coffee Rd., corner of Truxtun and Coffee. (661) 836-2000 / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 95

The Dining Guide

Voted Best Breakfast in Bakersfield 24th Street Café

Steak & Grape Restaurant

STEAK & GRAPE RESTAURANT / BAR / CATERING delights the senses as a family friendly, California steakhouse featuring classic steakhouse entrées combined with tantalizing favorite local dishes. Steak & Grape delivers “The Best Steak” in town, complemented by wines for every budget. 50% off! Join our email list on Facebook or website and buy one entrée and receive the second one of equal or lesser value at half price, some restrictions apply. Bar: 10am daily to close. Dining: 11am daily to close. 4420 Coffee Rd. Call for reservations. (661) 588-9463

El Portal West

The Dining Guide

We invite you to enjoy our newest Mexican Grill and Cantina, El Portal West. We offer a great selection of appetizers, soups & salads, seafood, and our specialties are chicken, steak and shrimp fajitas. Our full service bar features the best margaritas in town! Happy Hour Mon-Fri 3-7pm (bar only), Lunch specials every day, 11am-2pm. Fabulous Sunday Brunch, 10am-3pm, reservations accepted. 1100 Calloway Drive. (661) 829-2737

Noriega Hotel

Since 1893, Noriega Hotel has been bringing some of the best in Basque to Bakersfield. Awarded the James Beard Award in the American Classics category in 2011, this family tradition serves exceptional meals to not only the Basque community, but to the public, as well. Open Tues-Sun. Breakfast is served 7-9am for $10; Lunch is served family style at 12pm for $15 with children $1 per year of age, up to 8 years; dinner, family style at 7pm for $20 with children $1 per year of age, up to 12 years. Reservations are recommended. 525 Sumner Street. (661) 322-8419

Asia Market - Teriyaki Bowl

Asia Market & Teriyaki Bowl carries a wide selection of all Asian foods, including Chinese and Japanese favorites! The best part about our store is that after you have chosen your favorite item, you can either take it home and prepare a meal for yourself, or you can come into our restaurant and have us prepare a delicious meal for you using your selection! We have a full-service store and restaurant, so you can come in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Join us today for excellent food provided by a friendly staff in a great atmosphere! Hours: 9am-9pm daily. 7701 White Lane. (661) 837-0982

Café Med

Café Med is the place to go. Choose a selection from our vast menu and your taste buds will surely be satisfied. Come in and peruse our extensive wine list, now on iPads! For a wonderful and unique experience, join us the last Friday of every month for our wine tasting. It goes from 5:30-8pm and costs only $25, which covers featured wine and appetizers. Open 7 days a week 11am-close. Live music on Friday & Saturday nights. Reservations accepted. Visa, MC, AE, DC. 4809 Stockdale Hwy. (661) 834-4433

Valentien Restaurant and Wine Bar

French Cuisine Fused With California Freshness Seafood, Poultry, Beef, Exotic Game, Vegetarian. A welcoming environment in the tradition of a neighborhood bistro. Extensive Wine List and Craft Beer Selection. Coffee Program Featuring Siphon Brewers and Sustainable Sourced Beans. We believe in preparing food from scratch with the freshest ingredients available. We source locally and organically as often as possible. Enjoy the bounty of Kern County’s Agriculture! Open for Lunch: Tue-Fri 11:30am-2:00pm. Open for Dinner: Mon 5:00-8:00pm & Tue-Sat 5:00-9:00pm. All major credit cards are accepted. Reservations recommended but not required. 3310 Truxtun Ave., Ste. 160, 93301 (661) 864-0397

96 Bakersfield Magazine

Chalet Basque

A restaurant of distinction. Served family-style, dinners include French bread & butter, soup, pink beans, hot sauce, hors d’oeuvres, vegetables, and french fries, and a variety of entrée choices. For 45 years, locals and visitors alike have savored favorites such as garlic fried chicken, lamb, and hand-cut steaks including filet mignon topped with blackberries and brandy. Chalet Basque offers tasty lunch specials from 11am-3pm and happy hour specials on beer and cocktails all day. The banquet room accommodates 15-150 people, $8.95 per person. Perfect for wedding parties, anniversaries, and retirement dinners. If you’re looking for a spacious banquet room with delectable dining options, they will match any competitor’s price. Open every day from 11am-9:30pm. 200 Oak Street. (661) 327-2915

Izumo Japanese Restaurant & Sushi

Variety and style is what you can expect at Izumo. Experience our casual atmosphere where you have your choice of dining experiences. Visit us to enjoy the teppan-yaki, sample the sushi bar, or our more conventional order-off-the-menu setting. The teppan-yaki comes one dish at a time as the chef prepares it in front of you - they will amaze and impress with their skill and expertise. Our relaxed dining gives customers a chance to really enjoy our food and friendly service. Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, Mon-Sun 5-10pm. Reservations accepted. Visa, MC, AE. 4412 Ming Ave. (661) 398-0608

Flame and Skewers

Since opening in February 2006, Flame and Skewers has impressed Bakersfield diners with authentic Mediterranean cuisine. When you want fresh, natural, flavorful food, this is the place to be. Mediterranean cuisine is rooted in the use of fresh and healthy ingredients. Every item boasts this philosophy—from the delicious and tender lamb kabob to the Shawerma, which is marinated and spiced slices of TriTip Beef or Chicken grilled against an open fire. Diners have a variety of options including savory sandwiches, which are topped with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, hummos, and tajini sauce. Two locations: 1201 24th St., open Mon-Sat 10:30am-8pm. (661) 325-1500. 5486 California Ave., open Mon-Sat 10:30am-10pm, Sunday 10:30am-7:30pm. (661) 328-0900

΄t Bon Appeti Bakersfield Magazine Dining Guide

834-4126 / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 97

The Dining Guide

Casa Muñoz Mexican Food

In 1952, the Muñoz family started a legacy in Hispanic style family restaurants in Bakersfield, starting with Sinaloa and culminating in 1990 with the opening of Casa Muñoz. Our first priorities are cleanliness and great service with good food always being the tradition in our family. Whether you order a Margarita, or the Suizas, you can be assured that Casa Muñoz will bring 100% authentic quality to your table. Be sure to try our lunch specials. Enjoy! Happy Hour: 4-7pm $2.50 Margaritas. Open daily 10:30am-9pm. Located at 1736 Union Ave. (661) 861-1625

Luigi’s Restaurant & Italian Delicatessen

Enjoy an old world Italian delicatessen since 1910 with over 200 wines to complement your lunch. From sandwiches to Pasta Bolognese, you’re sure to find flavorful choices to make everyone happy! Don’t forget to shop the gourmet delicatessen for unique gift ideas, wine and authentic foods. Restaurant Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-2:30pm, Deli Hours: Tue-Sat 8am-4pm. 725 East 19th Street. (661) 322-0926



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98 Bakersfield Magazine









community partners


s our children gear up for another school year, it’s important to remember that not every child is fortunate enough to walk into the classroom with new clothes, shoes, and school supplies. These factors can affect a child’s confidence when it comes to making friends and school work. That’s why the Henrietta Weill Child Guidance Clinic is hosting their Funin-the-Sun Back-to-School drive for the third year in a row. “We’re seeking donations for the children and families of Oildale,” said Debbie Welty, program therapist for the Clinic. “We’re getting bigger and better each year,” she added. Over the last two years, the fundraiser has helped the Clinic purchase over 300 pairs of new shoes and over 350 backpacks, in addition to the shoes and backpacks donated. “We do all the fundraising in the North Bakersfield community. All the funds raised stay local to help the community in which we all live and work.” So while the organization is hoping people will come out to the event on August 10, where there will be tons of fun and games, everyone at the Clinic is hoping people will continue to donate throughout August. “We work hard to fill all the referrals that we get, but with the extra funds raised, we buy popular sizes of shoes so that we can also service any walk-ups that come. The goal is to help these kids build confidence—to help them get off to a good start each school year.” If you’d like more information, contact Debbie or Leslie at (661) 393-5836.



A Good Start! / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 99


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100 Bakersfield Magazine













It is common knowledge that home drew in large crowds. Thousands dle the tickets. Dorothy Morey knows exour community will come to- of people showed up to the open house actly what goes into getting the tickets out gether to help raise funds events to get a peek at what could be to the people of Bakersfield. As the Chair for charitable causes, but theirs with a mere $100 ticket purchase! of Epsilon Sigma Alpha International’s raising one million dollars “We had over ten thousand visitors local chapter, she’s been assisting with for one single event is noth- in the six weeks that we had the Dream the process for the full ten years it has ing short of incredible. In- Home on display,” disclosed Lynette Hi- been happening in Bakersfield. The ESA credible, but not imposis fully responsible for taking sible, as that is exactly what care of the actual ticket sales transpired during the 2012 every step of the way. St. Jude Dream Home Give“Our responsibility is away—and for the second ticket processing and printyear in a row! By selling eving,” said Morey. “We reery last ticket they had (there ceive and sort the mail and were 10,000 total) at $100 pick-up tickets sold at the apiece, the organization was outlets. We also staff the able to raise the funds to keep open house events and sell St. Jude Children’s Research tickets there. We literally Hospital in the business of handle every ticket sold for saving the lives of children. the Dream Home.” The Giveaway has been Additionally, ESA memLucky Dream Home Giveaway winner Angela Kruger of Bakersfield taking place locally for bers help get the hopper and family couldn’t be more excited when they learned the fantastic news! 10 years, providing a new tickets to the auditor overhome—or a considerable seeing the event. Nationally, cash award—to one lucky resident. This zon, Senior Marketing Rep for the Pacific the ESA has been helping St. Jude for year was no exception, and not only did Coast Region for St. Jude. “That was an 40 years now (St. Jude founder, Danny the organization give a home estimated incredible number that far surpassed our Thomas, asked them to help his cause), at $400,000 to Angela Kruger of Bakers- previous walk-throughs. Doing these and membership connected to the hospifield, but they also awarded thousands events in Bakersfield has been a won- tal keeps growing, sometimes in part to of dollars in other prizes! Bakersfield derful experience. I have never seen a their involvement with St. Jude, alone. resident Pam Robertson won a $3,000 community so passionate and commit- According to Morey, “four of our newest gift card to FoodMaxx and Lillie Gates ted to a certain cause. The people here and most active members are family and of Shafter won a $7,500 shopping spree are very generous and want to help the friends of a St. Jude patient.” at Ashley Furniture HomeStore, to name children of St. Jude in any way they Actual patients have come out to supjust a few of the 20 total prizes. port fundraising for the organization, as can. It’s very inspiring!” The home, itself, was a beautiful fourTo pull off a feat such as the Dream well. Bethany Elliott was diagnosed with bedroom, three-bath house built in the Home Giveaway, St. Jude must rely heav- a very rare brain tumor, a craniopharynMasterpiece Estates at Froehlich Ranch, ily on volunteers, starting with the con- gioma, just last year and she is a current near Allen and Brimhall Roads. With a tractors (Lenox Homes has been building patient of St. Jude. This was her first year three-car garage, a grand total of 2,850 the Dream Homes locally for six years) in assisting with the Giveaway. square feet, and 10-foot ceilings, this all the way down to the people who han“My experience with the Dream >> / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 101

community partners

Dream Come True photos courtesy of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital






DreamCome True Home Giveaway was completely positive,” said Elliott. “I have always said I would do anything to help repay St. Jude and knew from the start that helping out with the Dream Home would be on that list. I helped out at the house during open house days and greeted people who came to check it out. If, in my lifetime, I can help raise enough money to pay the hospital back for my treatment, then my goal will be fulfilled.” Elliott is a prime example of Bakersfield’s spirit of giving back, which she helps to detail on her website, Elliott, Hizon, and Morey all could attest to the loving and giving spirit which takes over the people in our community when a dire need arises.

community partners

“I am so proud of the Bakersfield community and their caring attitudes,” Morey revealed. “People always say, ‘If I don’t win, it is for a good cause.’ I have confidence in Bakersfield. It always amazes me how this community steps up.”










102 Bakersfield Magazine

“It was a lot of fun to see my community giving back,” said Elliott. “I really enjoyed explaining to people that what they’re doing really helps their own community and you might be surprised how many then doubted that money would go to use so close to home.” As St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is actually in Memphis, some people may mistakenly think that only people in that area would be benefiting from the work done at the hospital. “It is referred to as ‘the hospital without walls,’ because children from all over the world visit it,” Hizon clarified. Bakersfield residents are no exception. “Since becoming a patient at St. Jude, I have discovered that giving back to others makes the world spin,” Elliott said. “I wouldn’t be here without St. Jude, and St. Jude wouldn’t be around without communities like Bakersfield.” For a place that is all about giving, the homes that are won in the Giveaway keep giving back to the winners. Naturally, there is no official telling of how everything will end up, but the local track record has been pretty strong. And just one look at the quality houses that have been built for this fundraiser is enough to explain why! “The winners of the first house ten years ago are still living in it,” Morey said. “As well as some of the other winners.” It is very fitting that an organization that not only literally saves the lives of children from all over the world, but also contributes a great deal to the research and development of cures for the ailments they specialize in, would create an impact that is so far-reaching within our county and beyond. “You see these children, and they’re enough to make you want to get involved,” Hizon concluded. “You don’t want them to go through such devastating diseases. A lot of people don’t realize it’s an option for them, though. These campaigns not only raise funds to keep the hospital going, but it is also an awareness factor. This way we can let people know what is going on and what is available.” With so many passionate people eager to help out children with life-threatening diseases and with the possibility of winning some amazing prizes factored in, it is no wonder that this year’s Dream Home Giveaway was such a huge success! There is reasonable hope that the following years will be just as successful, and that our awesome community will be instrumental in helping St. Jude reach their goal. n










community partners










People Helping People Bakersfield Magazine has community partner opportunities available to local non-profit groups. Call us at 661-834-4126 for more information. / Sizzlinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Singles 2012 103







photos courtesy of Trever Martinusen



104 Bakersfield Magazine

that really strikes a chord in our community. The Bakersfield Firefighter’s Burn Foundation has a longstanding history of sending young burn survivors to summer camps throughout California. “The summer camp we presently sponsor our survivors to is the Alisha Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Champ Camp. This camp is pivotal in building self-confidence and creating lifelong friendships among burn survivors. Champ Camp is a one-week ranch camp for survivors, ranging in ages from 5-16. This camp environment allows survivors the opportunity to be among other kids in a safe, accepting, and fun setting.” It was in June that the Foundation committed to raising funds to fully sponsor all local Kern County burn survivors interested in attending. As the community has grown, so too has the Foundation. “As a result of having a local burn center [The Grossman Burn Center at San Joaquin Community Hospital], the Bakersfield Firefighter’s Burn Foun-


There’s nothing quite as horrifying as a house fire. A family can lose priceless property, the home itself, and even more tragic, there could be a loss of lives. But the damage a fire can do to physical property is nothing compared to the emotional damage it can do. That’s one reason why Bakersfield City Fire Captain Steve Dietz founded The Bakersfield Firefighter’s Burn Foundation in 1992. “Dietz had been volunteering within the burn survivor community for several years,” explained Bakersfield City Fire Captain Trever Martinusen. “He realized the need to provide support services for local, Kern County burn survivors. He has spent his life developing relationships with survivors, families, members of the burn community, and burn center team members. Countless lives have been forever changed through his compassionate service within the burn community.” So how did one man’s vision become the nonprofit it is today? “Through [Dietz’] passion, the Bakersfield Firefighter’s Burn Foundation was established with the help of fifteen Bakersfield City Firefighters on the original founding board,” Martinusen said. And this foundation does a lot for the community, including Burn Survivor and Family Support, Compression Burn Garment Assistance, Lodging and Fuel Card Assistance for Out of Area Families, Burn Care Professional Education Assistance, School and Community Reentry, Regional Burn Center Support, Burn Prevention Education, Survivor Scholarship Awards, and Burn Camp Sponsorship. It is the sponsorship aspect of this foundation



dation is now able to meet families while their loved one is being treated within the inpatient burn unit and begin developing a relationship and determining where support is needed,” Martinusen added. “Also, now that we have a direct connection with our local survivors, our Foundation is able to maintain long term contact and support with survivors to meet their changing needs as they progress through different life stages.” Other events include the China Peak Burn Survivors Ski Weekend, Bowling for Burn Survivors, Outback Steakhouse Send a Kid to Camp Fundraiser, and the Lights and Sirens Invitational Golf Tournament. The community has really rallied around these events and support for the Foundation continues to grow, but there’s always more to do. The nonpaid staff and volunteers are always looking for new ways to help. “We are interested in developing an iPad loaning program for the inpatient Grossman Burn Center,” Martinusen said. “The iPads would be used by inpatient burn survivors, allowing them to stay connected with family, friends, and classmates via Skype, email, Facebook, Twitter, and for entertainment pursuits. These devices can also be used as part of the inpatient survivor’s rehabilitation program to improve hand function skills. This is a program that has proven highly effective in other burn centers around the country.” Obviously, any support helps, be it monetary or event sponsorship. If you’re looking to help out or want more information, visit or call (661) 833-2876. 


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Bakersfield Firefighter’s Burn Foundation










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Shari & Heidi


Ladies Apparel • Shoes • Accessories

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Eyebrow/Facial Threading By Mona 661-549-3555 Under NEW Management

UPS • FedEX • Stamps • DHL Copy & Fax Service • U.S. Mail Shipping Supplies Mon-Fri: 8:30am-6pm Saturday: 10am-2pm

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Hair Extensions & Makeup by “Daniella”


5428 California Avenue, Bakersfield

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offer expires 10/15/12

Delivering the Best of America!

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ntion Me

Parts & Accessories*

612 18th St. • Bakersfield, CA *Bicycles not included in offer


Robson-Eilers JEWELERS At The Marketplace


Custom Design & Repair On-site

AT THE MARKETPLACE 9000 MING AVE. • 661-664-7800

For The Birds... & More Specializing in Locally Hatched, Hand-fed & Tame Birds


Food, Toys, New & Used Cages Pick-up & Delivery Available Mobile Bird Grooming Dog & Cat Grooming

589-9415 SINCE


10425 Rosedale Hwy.


"We stand behind our birds, but not under them!" / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 107

everafters... Desi Vega Photography

Jessica Frey Photography

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Figueroa (Gabriela Rocha) June 23rd, 2012K Sacred Heart Church

• Bridal party concierge service • Professional bridal & special occasion make-up ake time • Bridal skin care to relax before • Spray tan your big day! • Massage • Natural nail pedi/ manicure & more...

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Thomasson (Hannah Dominguez) April 21st, 2012K Noriega House


1030 Truxtun Ave. • 431-3173

Misty Dameron Photography

Mr. & Mrs. Junior Infante (Alyssa Sabala) April 28th, 2012K St. John’s Church, Wasco

Desi Vega Photography

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Sanchez (Rosa Muñoz) May 12th, 2012K Saint Francis of Assisi

everafters on the


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108 Bakersfield Magazine

Abby’s Photography

Bobby Sherrill-Kandid Kamera

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Daves (Megan Hudson)

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gutierrez (Wendy Martinez)

November 12th, 2011K Kern County Basque Club

February 25th, 2012 K Four Points by Sheraton

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Bobby Sherrill Kandid Kamera

Lacey’s Photography

Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Gonzales (Kacey Bjork)

Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Morgan (Steffany McCormick)

June 2nd, 2012 K The Park Place, Shafter

April 27th, 2012 K The Park Place, Shafter

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Abby’s Photography

Jessica Frey Photography

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Dees (Faby Delgadillo)

Mr. & Mrs. Joe White (Erin Patteson)

October 16th, 2011 K Noriega House

April 14th, 2012 K St. Francis of Assisi

Carrie McNamee Stylist & Makeup Artist

9600 Retail Drive, #105 • Bakersfield cell:661-817-5595

• salon:661-588-8626

Your Affair to Remember! Misty Dameron Photography

Lacey’s Photography

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Harris (Jennifer Brite)

Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Eurto (Sarah Schleicher)

May 26th, 2012 K Calvary Bible Church

June 9th, 2012 K Famoso, CA

Elegant Architecture Surrounded by Lush Gardens


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“Sensitive Pricing, Compassionate Service”




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Funeral Homes • CemetEries Cremations Northeast


3700 River Blvd.

2739 Panama Ln.





Advanced Planning • 397-9541

BAKERSFIELD RUBBER STAMP over 60 years local service

Paul & Ashley Pavletich

Beth & Tom Hoffmann

AidanName Hvastkovs & Name & Tim HereTebow

Voices of Inspiration

A sold out CSUB Icardo Center welcomed participants to Hoffmann Hospice’s 18th Annual Voices of Inspiration fundraiser. Keynote speaker, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, drew in a great deal of support for the nonprofit hospice, making it their most successful event to date! Guests participated in a live auction, a question-and-answer segment with Tebow, and were also able to have their pictures taken with the NFL star.

Robin Mangarin & Jim Scott

24 Hour Service (most orders) Stamps Manufactured on Premises

Self Inking Stamps • Daters • Address Stamps Custom Artwork Stamps • State Certified Notary Stamps Business Cards • Copies • Embossers Corporate Seals • Engineer Seals • Signatures Stencils & Supplies • Labels • Engraved Signs

Marci Wattenbarger

Maureen Alvidrez, Darlene, & James Sullivan

Darlyn Baker & Angela Boyd

Trevor Waldon

Pat & Randy Hegarty

Jarrod McNaughton, Myrna Beehler, & Heidi McNaughton

For The

Pampered Pooch

In Your Life!

• Carriers • Dog Training • Collars • Clothing • Grooming • Food • Doggy Day Care

Sherry Felsoci & Laura Jenkins

Roberta Tualla & Leticia Ortiz

Vanessa & Kevin Emo

Karen Goh & Mary Beth Garrison

Greg Claudy & Josh Damien

Tony Ortiz & Chub Tualla

1617 19th St. • 321-9602

K.C. Museum Wine Fest T H E F U T U R E O F S TA F F I N G A Randstad Company

We Specialize in Recruitment & Placement of Employees in Clerical and Industrial Businesses.

Administrative Forklift Material Handlers • Packaging •

Efrem & Jenifer Moore

Wine and food lovers spent an evening at the Kern County Museum for their Annual Wine Fest. Attendees sampled from 15 food vendors, 15 wine booths, and were able to try international beers, premium coffees, and specialty desserts, as well. Live and silent auctions were held as live music played throughout the night. All proceeds went to benefit the Kern County Museum Foundation.


1601 New Stine Road, Suite 135 110 Bakersfield Magazine

Aaron Powell & Charlene Zambrano

Dawn & Erik Blanton

Andrew Lerude & Katy Houchin




• bu

y it baked •

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Melanie Craig & Nick Lara

Talee Miller & Ryan Laughlin

Michelle Tarpley

Dawn Hudson

Walk to End Alzheimer’s Kickoff

Local families and friends gathered to kick off this fun annual walk. Those who attended enjoyed snacks and refreshments and got their fill of knowledge from several booths available with information on Alzheimer’s care. The walk will officially take place on November 10 at The Park at Riverwalk. Funds raised will aid awareness for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research.

Price & Kahala Taylor

Luke & Jenna Taylor

THE ORIGINAL SINCE 1945 James A. Balmain

325-3411 2808 Union Ave., Bakersfield

Rylan Laughlin & Tammi Miller

“Your Family Can Depend on Ours”

Tracy, Noah, & Abby Taylor

Lic. #0461335

2100 F St., #200 • 661-327-9731 Lauren Franconi & Cynthia Wittneyer

Samantha Strauser

Crystal Smith

Tina R. Williams & Dora Pivaral




Jack & Richard Gilkey

Joey Porter Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Brad Roskam & Mark Barnes

Richie Alvarez & Jose Onsurez

Joey Porter once again hosted his annual golf tournament at the Bakersfield Country Club. Porter’s tournament helps raise money for children with special needs. The great event brought out San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Matthews, former Pittsburgh Steelers teammate Jerome Bettis, and several other NFL players. After a day out on the greens, players enjoyed a delicious dinner at the club.

Abraham Trevino

Adam Boone


Alice Gary

The Cover Price!

Ken Ouellette, Todd Reynolds, & Greg Lowe

Michelle Garland & Stephanie Hefner


Ed Felicidario, Saul Hernandez, & Jeff Zambo


Eddie Rice



Joshua Thomas II & Josh Thomas / Sizzlin’ Singles 2012 111





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Teri Jones & Marily Anton

Ricardo Morales & Rosa Corona

Dora Garza & Anette Dominguez

High Tea 717 East 21st St. 322-7159

Garden Pathway’s 10th Annual High Tea is a great luncheon recognizing “Women with a Heart for Bakersfield.” This year, four notable women were honored: Audrey Chavez, Barbara Grimm-Marshall, Colleen McGauley, and Kay Pitts. Those who attended this joyful celebration enjoyed a delicious lunch and a great performance by some of the kids from the Garden Pathways after school performing arts program.

Joyce Downs & Calvin Guillory


Featuring Anderson’s

Alvera Benson

Patricia Vibbard & Diana Rutaquio

Rhonda Mazzie, Darlene Rhoades, & Kris Grasty

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Maria Guerrero, Amalia Atkinson, & Mary Lucero

Kelly Duong, Linda Hartmann, & Paula Johnson

Billy Casey

Kenny Honor

Dreyer’s Celebration at BARC

Jack Volkov & Terry Lambert

Augie Zavala

Lanesha Brown

The employees and clients at BARC all came together for the Dreyer’s Celebration at their South Union campus. In honor of making Nestle-Dreyer’s and Boxsmart waste free for the second year in a row, the companies provided pizza and ice cream to the entire organization. Some 500 workers and 200 clients enjoyed the lunch, and a relaxing afternoon, in their dining and picnic areas.

Jennifer Castro & Denisse Alvarez

Christina Mancha

Manuel Rivera / Sizzlinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Singles 2012 113

bakersfield’s sound

Photo courtesy of kern county museum

Kern county fair c.1929


We Need More Old Photos! Have an old photo with back story from Bakersfield’s past? We want your suggestions for future Bakersfield’s Sounds. Submit any ideas to editorial@ If we use your submission, we’ll give you a $50 gift card to a fabulous local restaurant.


he Kern County Fair is known far and wide for representing the time of year where you can eat deep fried anything in abundance, watch a rodeo, purchase countless locally made wares, see livestock, and have your picture taken with a camel. While all of these things are common knowledge, and much-beloved by Kern County residents and beyond, the fair, itself, has a surprising past, and was even put on hold during the more difficult times in our county’s history to become something even greater than imagined. The “Old Fairgrounds,” as they were once referred, were located where the Kern County Museum now stands. According to the article by Helen Bates, titled “Kern County Fair History,” C.A. Barlow headed the group of 12 men who bought the land in hopes of hosting a fair. It was a small start in 1916, but the fair grew and thrived and featured motorcycle races, over 100 school exhibits, parachute jumps, performances by aerialists, and a balloon ascension. By the time 1925 rolled around, 85,000 people were coming to take in the sights. The fair went through many changes during its formative years, but none may be so great as the years where it didn’t operate. The period when the Great Depression hit the county hardest is when the North Chester grounds were used as part of a camp for the homeless and hungry. Transients came from all over on the railroads between 1933 and 1935 seeking to make a living, as stated in a 2008 story by George Gilbert Lynch. A pledge to work a few hours each day provided some 600 residents with food at the mess hall that was created there, along with indoor sleeping quarters and beds. Rather than set up carnival rides, the men cleared away branches and brush from all along the Kern River, ensuring flood control. Instead of vending products, companies, clubs, and individuals donated bedding, furnishings, and food to the workers, and our community was known for being much more generous than most to the transient people. Some years later, the 106 acres were sold to the county and the fair would find a new home at its current location. Of course, it would become grander by the year. But, regardless of who may be headlining, the most remarkable thing the fairgrounds may have ever brought to the people of Kern County was compassion when it was needed the most.

the story of bakersfield is all around us, you just have to look — and listen. 114 Bakersfield Magazine

PLCs Plus is one of several affiliated companies which include ACPC and ESI.

An industry leader in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Our services span the control systems spectrum, from end-device to the corporate database. We provide complete Engineering and Design packages from conception and front-end engineering, through development and design concept.

Currently recruiting talented professionals in the following fields:

Systems Analysts  Data Architects  Electrical Designers CAD Drafters  Electrical Engineers  Project Managers PLCs PLUS international, Inc. Value Statement: Commitment – Dedication to meeting the needs of industrial clients, team members and solution providers.

Respect – Appreciate and treat all individuals with dignity and respect.

Professionalism – Strive to promote our continued intellectual growth and to conduct ourselves as dedicated professionals.

Excellence – Continually strive for unsurpassed excellence in all we do.

Character – Require the highest level of integrity to support our customers and team.

Safety – Commitment to safety awareness and a safety culture in the workplace that will influence our customers and families.

Teamwork – Foster a culture where diversity of thought and expression are encouraged and cooperatively applied to efficiently accomplish our mission.

Diversity – Value and embrace the diversity of people we work together with, and the uniqueness of their ideas, skills and perspectives.

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