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THE STORY Dennis W. Lid

It all ends here - in the junk yard and then the recycle bin. The motorcycle graveyard is the final destination for most bikes. It’s a sad affair, the death of a motorcycle, but a few of the steel steeds manage to escape this fate and are resurrected through a total restoration. Instead of being dismantled, crushed and melted down to create new commercial products, their restorers give them a second life and honorary titles as motorcycle classics. This transformation is usually a time-consuming, expensive and tedious

process for each restorer. Yet each has his or her own reasons for undertaking such a rigorous and demanding task. The project is a labor of love for some restorers, for others it is an artistic impulse to create or salvage something, and for still others it is motivated by commercial considerations or to satisfy the need for a challenging and constructive project. Truly, for most owner/restorers, it is a combination of these motivations that drives them.

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What follows is a rendition of one such resurrection. It is the story of one man’s motorcycle restoration from beginning to end. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from Phoenix, Arizona by the name of Ken Dusseau; his bike is a 1975 Norton 850cc Commando Mark III Roadster. It is now a fully restored prize-winning classic motorcycle. Ken made it so by his meticulous rebuild and restoration of the Norton Commando.

Ken has been an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast all his life and was looking for a worthwhile project to work on during his days off. Time was especially heavy on his hands after his divorce. He mentioned this desire for a new task to a client who knew of Ken’s expertise in rebuilding old automobiles. The client offered Ken a challenging project in the form of an old, classic motorcycle in pieces for $1000. The bike’s pieces were literally contained in several boxes. The parts had all the earmarks of a classic,

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October 2010  

Lots of Ducati including the Long Island Duc, Fall riding suggestions and more of the great content you've enjoyed for 15 years.

October 2010  

Lots of Ducati including the Long Island Duc, Fall riding suggestions and more of the great content you've enjoyed for 15 years.