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I think what motivates these seniors is being part of a group, being held accountable, and following a program that produces results. And the camaraderie they share is really special. They have fun and enjoy working together. How are the training sessions structured? We do a mixture of cardiovascular exercises and weight training. Weight training is particularly important for seniors because as we age, we lose a percentage of muscle mass. And although you can’t completely stop it, weight training is key to slowing down the process. We only have an hour to work out, so we try to make it fun. And we change the routine every 6 - 8 weeks to prevent boredom. What would you say to a senior who is looking to start their own fitness regimen? I would challenge them to find an experienced trainer who can create a customized program

that works with their goals. A trainer can also factor in their circumstances. If you’re under a lot of stress, they’ll look for ways to make your workout more fun. If weight loss is your goal, they’ll put a plan in place that helps

One thing I’ve noticed is that most of my successful clients are very active and are constantly moving. you do that. Having someone who is waiting for you at the gym makes you accountable. And when you start to see results, it will encourage you to continue. Most experienced trainers know how to get those results. The seniors I work with are amazing. They basically do

everything the younger guys are doing with lighter weights. But their results come with long-term training. You have to be committed in order to get the results. Do your members see the camaraderie as another benefit of working out? Definitely. To show you how close they have become, I had a member who got married, and all of the bridesmaids were from the training studio. Can exercise help seniors with Injuries from slips and falls? Absolutely. We lose a percentage of muscle mass each year. And if you’re not working out, your balance and core strength will be reduced. A lack of weightbearing exercises can also make your bones brittle, meaning that a simple fall can have a massive impact on your body. It’s almost more important to work out as you age than when you’re young.

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2019 Summer Issue