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ПРОЕКТ BG051PO001-4.2.05„Да направим училището привлекателно за младите хора” Проектът се осъществява с финансовата подкрепа на Оперативна програма „Развитие на човешките ресурси”, съфинансирана от Европейския социален фонд на Европейския съюз

КЛУБ “ВИРТУАЛНО ПЪТЕШЕСТВИЕ В ЕВРОПЕЙСКИТЕ СТОЛИЦИ” T H E F O U R C A P I T A L S CHALLENGE - Q U I Z 1. Amsterdam is known as : a) bike’s capital b) bikers’ capital c) skaters’ capital d) pedestrians ‘capital

11. The name of which traditional Greek meal derives from the Greek word for “skewer” : a) Gyros b) Souvlaki c) Tzatziki d) Keftedakia

2. At Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam flowers are sold : a) from stalls b) in shops c) from boat-stalls d) in the street

12. The Berlin wall was built by: a) Russians b) Americans c) French d) Englishmen

3. In Anne Frank house museum you can learn the story of: a) a modern teenage girl b) a Jewish girl c) Van Gogh’s daughter d) Anita Franklin

13. The Reichstag building was initially damaged by : a) Russian bombing b) a great fire in 1933 c) an earthquake d) American soldiers

4. The Royal palace in Amsterdam was originally built as: a) a palace for Napoleon’s brother b) a palace for Dutch kings c) a town hall d) a gallery

14. Brandenburg gate resembles the gate to : a) Acropolis b) Paris c) Agora d) Munich

5. What is the reason for Amsterdam’s coffee shops to sell weed legally: a) to popularize drugs b) to raise money for charity c) to control weed smoking d) for fun 6. In Amsterdam’s coffee shops you are forbidden to: a) smoke weed b) play chess c) drink alcohol d) take photographs

15. The quadriga sculpture on the top of Brandenburg gate was taken to Paris by : a) Charle de Gaulle b) Hitler d) Napoleon d) Churchil 16. The sun’s cross on Berlin’s TV tower is also known as : a) The Pope’s revenge b) The Berlin’s cross c) The TV star d) The Re-unification cross 17. The name of Dublin’s river Liffey means : a) a leaf b) beer c) life d) a shamrock

7. Which of the bridges is not in Amsterdam: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 8. The marble for Parthenon came from : a) Egypt b) Sparta c) a near mountain d) Turkey 9. In Athens you can watch changing of the guard at: a) Acropolis b) Plaka neighbourhood c) Syntagma square d) Agora 10. You can have the best view to the Acropolis from : a) The Filopappos hill b) The Lykavittos hill c) The Areopagos hill d) The Pnyx hill

18. One of these authors is not from Dublin : a) James Joyce b) Oscar Wilde c) Jonathan Swift d) Daniel Defoe

19. Which of these ingredients’ combinations is the one used in brewing Guinness beer : a) barley, hops, water, wheat b) water, yeast, hops, rye c) water, hops, barley, yeast d) wheat, water, hops, yeast

20. The perfect Guinness draught is poured at the angle of : a) 45° b) 90° c) 60° d) it doesn’t matter


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The four capitals challenge  

the four capitals quiz

The four capitals challenge  

the four capitals quiz