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MEET THE TEAM Toby Dennison: Louisa Keefe: Food Editor

Jack Simmonds: Music Editor

Current Affairs Editor

Megan Wilman: Fashion Editor

Georgia Barrow: Local News Editor

Kate Molloy: Beauty Editor

WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE Given the sheer amount of events that’ve happened in 2016, you’d be forgiven for barely being able to catch up with what’s going on in one week alone. So, just to remind you that we’re almost definitely living in the darkest timeline, here’s the only recap of the year you need, from Bowie to Brexit, presidents to Prince. Let’s start from the top...


The Starman ascends home. After a long battle with cancer, David Bowie went back to his home planet, setting the tone for the rest of the year to come. Less than a week later, everyone’s favourite Potions teacher Alan Rickman also sadly passed away. Elsewhere, President Obama declared the city of Flint, Michigan, to be a federal public health emergency due to extensive water posioning, and the Zika virus spread further around the Gulf of Mexico and South America.

01salt4-5.indd 2


Everyone’s favourite communist dictatorship North Korea reminds the world of its existence by test launching a long-range rocket, leading to international condemnation and severely darkening relations with South Korea. The Syrian civil war continues to escalate, with more European countries ramping up anti-refugee rhetoric, and French authorities threated to remove those stranded in the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp. On the other hand, Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar, so that’s at least one good thing, right?



April sees the passing of another of the 20th century’s most influential musicians, Prince. The singer was found in his Minnesota home having suffered from an accidental painkiller overdose, leading to vigils and memorials worldwide. In other news, a set of previously-confidential documents, dubbed the ‘Panama Papers’, are released to the press, revealing the dealings of one of the world’s largest offshore tax havens, as well as the clients who use their services, with one trail leading back to Vladimir Putin.

A rally in Chicago held by reality TV mogul, wall enthusiast, and honest-to-God presidential candidate Donald Trump is postponed after clashes between supporters and protestors lead to a number of arrests. Both Turkey and Belgium are hit by major terrorist attacks in their capital cities, with Kurdish militants and ISIS claiming responsibility, and the FBI continues their dispute with Apple over access to encrypted data belonging to the perpetrators of the San Bernandino shooting last year.

09/12/2016 18:30


Theresa May is chosen as the new leader of the UK Conservative party, and by extension, as Prime Minister. Turkish military officers attempt to launch a coup against President Erdogan which is quickly thwarted by government loyalists, leading to the arrest of thousands of people seen as having rebel sympathies by the Turkish authorities. On a lighter note, Pokemon Go is released, quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenom, so it can’t be all doom and gloom, right?


Sadiq Khan replaces professional embarrasment Boris Johnson as Mayor of London, the Brazilian Senate votes to begin impeaching President Rousseff on alleged corruption charges, and the World Health Organisation urges for the Summer Olympics to be relocated due to fears over the Zika virus. Meanwhile, the frequentlybankrupt Donald Trump wins the support of enough delegates to secure the the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States. You can start panicking now.


Yep, that happened. The UK narrowly votes to leave the European Union, leading to a fall in the value of the pound, a rise in hate crimes, and the resignation of alleged pig-botherer and Prime Minister David Cameron. Not to be outdone, the Labour party kicks off a summer of infighting with the resignation of nearly the entire shadow cabinet. This month also sees the worst mass-shooting in American history when 29 year-old Omar Mateen kills 49 people and injures 53 others in a gay bar in Orlando, Florida.

01salt4-5.indd 3



Theresa May announces that the UK will have begun the official process of exiting the EU by March 2017, causing yet another drop in the value of the pound. Nigel Farage’s successor as UKIP leader resigns after merely 18 days, while another potential successor is hospitalised after fighting with a fellow MEP, and Russia vetoes a UN Security Council resolution that calls for a ceasefire in Aleppo, Syria. Also, a tape emerges of Donald Trump making extremely sexist remarks. There’s no way he can win...


Another month, even more celebrity deaths. Beloved comedy actor Gene Wilder, known for his now memetic turn as Willy Wonka, passes away, as does Kenny Baker, the actor behind R2-D2 in Star Wars. The president of Brazil is officially removed from office following an impeachment trial, American swimmer Ryan Lochte is found to have fabricated stories of assault, and Team GB has its most successful year ever at the Rio Olympics, winning 67 medals, with 27 of them golds.

We’re doomed. The terrifyingly corrupt misogynist Donald Trump wins the US presidential election, despite Hilary Clinton leading in the popular vote. Protests erupt across America almost as soon as the result is declared, and the hashtag #notmypresident starts trending. Concerns are also raised over the amount of influence the white supremacist, quasi-fascist ‘alt-right’ movement has over the incoming administration, as well as President-Elect Trump’s ties to foreign businesses and governments.


We’ve had about a decade’s worth of news and calamities, not to mention celebrity deaths, in the space of just eleven months. Since the beginning of writing this feature, we’ve also seen the death of Cuban dictator and frequent CIA assassination target Fidel Castro, as well as the protests over the building of the Dakota Access pipeline intensifying. No matter what your stance on any of these issues is, if this year teaches us one thing, it’s that our voices need to be heard more than ever, no matter what. Happy freakin’ 2017.

Global C02 levels reach their highest point at any time in human history, negotiations to try and ratify a peace deal for the ongoing Syria crisis fall through due to disagreements between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, and Hilary Clinton falls ill with pneumonia while campaigning for the presidency. Elsewhere, the leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, defeats Owen Smith in a leadership election with an even larger share of the vote than his dark horse victory last year.

09/12/2016 18:30

Despite their short career, Holding Absence are making waves around the UK due to their passionate music and chaotic, yet memorable live-performances. (photo credit to Ashlea-Bea Photography)

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Untitled-1 3

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SALT - LUCAS.indd 2

12/12/2016 16:07

THIS IS HOLDING ABSENCE The next best band to come out of South Wales are taking the UK by firing on all cylinders: music that is so well-written that it rivals most household names, emotion towards their art that is in no way questionable and a live-performance that makes you wishing you could see this band every day for the rest of your life. South Wales is home to some of the best music talent in both the UK and the world; Kids in Glass Houses, Bullet For My Valentine and Skindred are just some of the many names that have help shaped the music tastes of a generation. This influence has helped carved some of the best bands in the UK scene that are now the pioneers of the new generation of bands. Holding Absence are one of those bands. The melodic hardcore unit, which hail from Cardiff are currently making waves all over the UK, despite only releasing two massive singles that both have extremely deep and passionate meanings behind them. The first single titled ‘Permanent’, is about talking a loved one down from suicide and helping them to realise that even though there’s so many trials and tribulations in the world today, there’s so much to live for. The lyrics “It’s permanent, just like a dead man’s goodbye” hit home hard, and can definitely relate to a lot of people who are feeling similar depressive feelings; in a way, it acts as an open letter to anyone feeling depressive by letting them know that they’re never alone. The second single, only released a few weeks ago has already had a massive response from the alternative scene. ‘Dream Of Me’ is about a loving relationship that suddenly ends due to the feelings of the other person. Lyrics such as “She said I loved you yesterday, but I can’t love you tomorrow” speaks to anyone whose relationship has been affected by negative extraneous variables. I recently spoke to vocalist Lucas Woodland (pictured left) at one of their shows with melodic hardcore brothers, Canvas about what it’s like getting back into music, the plans for Holding Absence, how music has changed and what bands he’s currently listening to: After taking a break from music following the demise of Falling With Style (Lucas’ old band) - how is it getting back into music on a full-time basis? Lucas: It’s good man! After Falling With Style broke up, I was at a bit of a loose end because I was in that band for five years so to go from that to nothing was a real kick in the teeth. I spent the majority of the summer writing music for myself, I bought an entire rig to start up a three-piece and I’ve never used it! (laughs) Anyway, when the opportunity arose to join Holding Absence after the old vocalist

SALT - LUCAS.indd 3

left, I leapt at the chance. Now I’m making music with four of my best friends in the whole world, it really is a blessing.

“Now I’m making music with four of my best friends in the whole world, it really is a blessing.” I was going to say, you’ve only been in the band since August and you’re already making waves all over the UK; how has it all been for you? Lucas: It’s blown my mind mate. The other week, I got a photo from a fan who got lyrics from Permanent tattooed on her forearm; just the fact that lyrics that I wrote resonated with her so much that she decided to get them on her skin for life is truly the most incredible thing. No pun intended, but this is literally feeling like the best dream and I’m just waiting to wake up! (laughs) We’ve released two songs already and the amount of people who’ve taken time out of their day to message me or the boys to say how much they love our songs, our band or to say “come to this city”- there’s nothing quite like it. I guess it’s also great because I knew a lot of people from when I was in Falling With Style; whether that’s promoters, tour managers, sound techs, fellow band mates or just old friends - everyone has been really supportive and welcoming.

While we’re on the topic of new music, just to finish up, what have been some of your favourite musical releases this year? Lucas: Jesus, that’s a hard one. There’s been so many incredible releases this year that it’s hard to separate them. Definitely a band called Loathe and their mini-album/ extended EP...thing. It’s got a proper grungy metalcore vibe to it and they’re killing it right now. Then Thrice’s new album, for sure - everything that band do is solid gold. For a third, I’d probably have to go with the new 1975 album as that’s literally changed the way I look at song-writing. Oh, and Every Time I Die’s new album as well because that is one of the best things I’ve ever heard - it’s got all good parts of Every Time I Die’s discography all rolled into one album. You couldn’t ask for much more than that! (laughs) You can catch Holding Absence play their final shows of the year with Carcer City: 15th December - COVENTRY, The Arches 16th December - BRIDLINGTON, The Community Club 17th December - NOTTINGHAM, The Maze 18th December - BASINGSTOKE, The Sanctuary Words by Jack Simmonds Photo by Ashlea Bea Photography

“Keep your eyes peeled because 2017 is going to be the year of Holding Absence.” So what’s next for Holding Absence in 2017? Any exclusives? Lucas: That’s for me to know and you to find out! (laughs) We’re currently in the middle of writing our debut album which will hopefully be out in 2017 as well as a few tours that I’m really excited for that are being announced soon. Oh, speaking of - we have a small run with the boys in Carcer City to round up 2016 which I’m stoked for! Just keep your eyes peeled because 2017 is going to be the year of Holding Absence.

12/12/2016 16:07

So you want to be a


Do you want those long lucious locks for Christmas? Whether it was Michelle Keegan’s hair in her OK magazine wedding exclusive or the story of Rapunzel instilled from childhood - something’s made you want those thick, sultry locks. However here are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge and investing in those Hollywood tresses.


o one can touch your hair—like ever. Whether you have a weave, micro bonds or tape extensions, they all have a sort of abnormal essence. You can look in the mirror and see these flowing movie star locks but touching your head is a reminder that you have a whole lot of shit going on up there. “When the guy I fancy at work touched my head I think I had a mini panic attack for about seven seconds” says Faye Matthews, 19. It’s a feeling of a great awareness of your own head which you can imagine might prove a tad difficult in the bedroom. Aka having to explain mid-blowjob why you have a somewhat lumpy head isn’t particularly seductive. Top washes are now the new in thing—say goodbye to the simple days of just popping in the shower and giving your hair the quick once over. Now it’s time to strain your head over the sink and look elegant as ever as you attempt to wash the top of your hair. The extensions are applied from part the way down your head so you can section off and wash the top extension-free layers. “Apparently banging my head on a tap first thing is now my morning ritual” says Siobhan Mackey 20. You will sleep like a psychiatric patient— The first night after getting hair extensions is always the worst. Adjusting to your new found hair can be difficult and after hours of plucking and pruning at your scalp, you are more than likely going to have a pretty sore head. Getting through that first night is the biggest hurdle over and done with, but nevertheless your comfy, go-to-sleeping habits will have to change. Sleeping on your back is a luxury you will no longer bask in as most of the extensions are applied around the back of your head. This is what Lauren Whealan, 20, discovered: “That first night after getting them was a bit of a shock to the system, my new memory foam pillow is now my best friend.” You’re a human hook now—no one actually seems to talk about just how often the extensions can hook onto inanimate objects. Adding 150 strands of clustered hair to your head will mean having to chaperone a lot more hair. Emma Barnham, 19, found this out the hard way. “Realising my hair extensions were stuck to my manager’s pin board was probably the most humiliating moment of my life,” says Emma. “Trying to tell your manager you’re a strong candidate

princess double page 2.indd 2

for new project leader whilst attached to a pin board is not really ideal.” Leading on from the human hook point, if you have any kind of body piercing, it’s definitely time to consider which fashion statement you prefer. Often this not so pretty detail goes amis as not many people seem to talk about the tempermental relationship between piercings and hair extensions. Whether you have a tragus or stomach piercing, it’s going to latch onto your hair extensions like there’s no tomorrow. So the day has come to pick one or the other. Do you want Princess hair for Christmas?

“Trying to tell your manager you’re a strong candidate for project leader whilst attached to a pinboard is not exactly convincing” “Having to call my sister to come up to my room because my extensions had locked themselves round both my nipple piercings was not my finest hour” says Emily Holland. Au Revoir cleanliness— believe it or not this is actually one of the beautiful things about hair extensions. Waking up with three quarters of your hair already done is just fabulous. You can curl them on the Monday and then not have to restyle them till the Saturday. It is a real plus that you don’t have to wash them often as when you do it’s quite a long winded process. Having a shower is an interesting experience because the water weight of extensions is untrue. “It feels a bit like a fat pug is being draped around your shoulders” says Lydia Black 21. So the question is, how badly do you want to be a princess?

12/12/2016 09:12

“It feels a bit like a fat pug is being draped around your shoulders”


princess double page 2.indd 3

12/12/2016 09:13

Boots Final.indd 2

12/12/2016 14:33

These boots are made for walking... Fashion Dilemmas Solved


I know. After a summer of sandals it feels like a betrayal to force your poor feet back into clunky boots. However, as unpredictable as Britain’s weather invariably is, a classic pair of boots to see you through come rain or shine is essential. In any case, who doesn’t need an excuse to add to their shoe-drobe? Not me. Which is why I’ve been working tirelessly to find you the freshest kicks to keep out that even fresher chill, (I know, I’m a Saint, thank me later). As always, these babies are all 100% vegan and under £100, so no animals or wallets were harmed in the making of this article.

Accessorise with...

Velvet, £79 Topshop. Fur lined, £40 Very. Double buckle, £25 Shoe Zone. Floral, £45,Dorothyperkins. Tan, £39.50, Wallis. Brown, £40, Matalan.

Boots Final.indd 3

Shearling Biker, £40, Matalan

12/12/2016 14:33

Stepping Out...

Party outfit solutions for anyone, anywhere!

If the thought of bright colours sends chills down your spine and you dread the season of disco ball dressing, then this vampy number has got your back. The sheer sections make it uber sexy whilst keeping it appropriate for the office party, and the dainty lace detail converts “emo” to “gothic glam.” The only way to dress this is with a bloodsucker pout. Morticia would be so proud. •

• Dress, £100-Rochelle Humes at Very Satin Lipstick in Black Cherry, £4.99-Barry M

A red lip is an absolute classic that will never go out of style. But how about a red dress? Sure, it’s cheating on your LBD but it’s worth it, promise. The sexy elegance that comes with donning a dress of this red-hot magnitude should be convincing enough but, hey, some people are hard to please. The ruching at the waist is perfect camouflage if you’re conscious of your midriff but it still hugs all your beautiful curves. Plus, it has sleeves so the cold winter nights are not quite so brisk. Barely-there sandals are the only way to complement this ensemble. •

Velvet dress, £35-JD Williams • Sandals, £46-Topshop

The glitz! The glamour! The drama! Make like a Hollywood heroine and be resplendent in this show-stopper. It’s so sexy it could make a Bond girl weep and the foil print and cami straps keep your fashion creds on POINT. This is not for the faint-hearted, and to pull it off with full aplomb one must go all out. The faux fur stole will look fabulous artfully draped over your shoulder, as your gold drop earrings chime musically when you throw your head back and laugh. Movies will be made about you. •

Megan Party Outfit SALT FINAL 2.indd 2

Gold dress, £100-Myleene Klass at Littlewoods • Faux fur stole, £25-Miss Selfridge • Earrings, £8, Accessorize 08/12/2016 14:44

Prince of Wales check is a long time classic and an absolute must for every self-respecting hipster out there. It’s smart, yet slightly quirky so it will take you from business meetings to after-work drinks. You could even work them as separates for your off-thebeaten-track coffee shop jaunts. If you’re feeling flash. Accessorise with a beard and brogues. •

Jacket, £100, Trousers, £50-Both Burton • Brogues, £49.99-Tk Maxx • Beard Kit, £25, Amara

Obsessed with retro? Then this two-piece might be the answer to all your sartorial prayers. In the absence of flares, the tan hue is enough to give you that vintage vibe without looking like fancy dress. Keep the rest simple to stay on this side of the millennium. A white shirt is perfect. ‘Daddy cool’ dancing is strictly optional. •

Jacket, £99.99, Trousers, £39.99-TK Maxx • Shirt, £16.99-Blue Inc.

For the bold. For the extrovert. For the person that doesn’t give two hoots whether you think they’re fabulously on-trend or just plain mad. It’s velvet. It’s paisley. Few combinations will make you stand out quite like this, whilst retaining class and elegance. The suit can stand alone to make a statement or go full out with a matching knitted bow tie. Why the eff not. •

Jacket, £75, Trousers, £40-Burton • Bow tie, £39

...After Dark Megan Party Outfit SALT FINAL 2.indd 3

08/12/2016 14:44


What’s in my So with the holidays fast approaching, its time to get ready for the socialite life to take over a little bit (because obviously we’ve only been working non-stop and not gone out over the term at all). The busy period means my makeup bag is basically under attack so I have to have everything I need ready and waiting. I feel like my makeup bag contents are the revision and my Christmas social events are the exams. Yes okay that may sound a little strange but the lead up to 25th December can make me a little cuckoo. Regardless, now is the time to update your makeup bag and hopefully find some new Holy Grail products. Integrating the products in my makeup bag makes them work well together and gives me my go-to-look this season. This is the one kind of revision I actually like doing. So inject a little ‘Je ne sais quoi’ into your life and make sure you’re makeup savvy this Christmas.

Kate x

Superdrug Band 3 makeup bag



perfect zer is the This bron your cheekbones. at fact th define colour to ut it is the I love abo ther than g in th in ra The ma lly brown it is actua ne-wrong-orange. o ay -g n a fake-ta s a long w it of it goe . b h e is tl n lit fi l a tura Just perfect na zer giving the ama Mama bron Bah lm a B e Th

What's in my makeup bag 4.indd 2



ON MILLI Y R BAB ery A L L O D s ev that make

ntil scaras I hate ma sh stick together u h. la las e e y y e e single e giant ith just on that and big w ft le e ’r you ges cara chan ot using false This mas for n r to c a F x ads. up to Ma mascara s in their e pic h s E la h e s y e La tor False Max Fac


12/12/2016 09:14



k nice oily s ht I ed with a cting lig e fl I’m bless re e c my fa ents so to stop oy. It also complim at b th t d e a g b is to th n o use foundati g n o ball ti c a is in d m y the illu voids an a It . e c n la s. perfect ba similaritie atte yM ll fu ti u No7 Bea Base Make Up


T BRIGH S HINE IAMON D D LIKE A tion with a bit of a


ve unda y skin ha I use a fo to make m glow. in y h shimmer , healt a flawless e up. r my clos dation fo y d a re un I’m o F r e iz tor Lumin Max Fac


as it is OTT brow bye to the gem into your d o o g y a S tle ng this lit tural time to bri a flawless yet na s e you iv g e life. It n’t mak nish does looking fi y angry like some ntl permane w products. eyebro w Kit dium Bro Sleek Me


h Riha ing up wit Mac team m come true. This rea ude for is like a d ect pink n is the perf ay wear. everyd i Lipstick Mac RiR




n aver whe real life s r e d n u g This is a lin to concea pping it comes o h s e k . Ma your eyes ags in your life. nly b o e th s g Eye ba e Eraser Maybellin ealer Conc




What's in my makeup bag 4.indd 3

12/12/2016 09:14

Winter Wonder buys FINAL.indd 2

12/12/2016 14:20

Scarves: Size Matters

Winter Wonder buys FINAL.indd 3


£22, Very

£18, Very

£15, Very

Gloves, £16, Deben


Keep cool in the cold with these killer accessories

Bigger 2, B imb aY Lola


Bob ble Hat , £4

Trapper Hat, £12.99, New Look

Wonder Gloves, £24, Next


Muff, £19.99, Superdry


12/12/2016 14:20

Trapper Hat, £25, Miss Selfridge

Gloves, £45, Dune

Bobble Hat, £8, Apricot


Student wears Prada? This little beauty is at the top of our lust-list. Prada Candy 50ml £45

Keep your skin soft and hydrated this year. No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum

You are never too old for a bit of glitter on your eyes. Naked 3 palette £39

A real luxury for us students so what better to stick on the present list than this. Dolce & Gabbana perfume 40ml £49

Betty Boop eat your heart out with this glossy nail paint. Barry M high shine nail varnish £2.99

Time to start practising your best youtuber voice. Revolution Iconic Nudes Brush Collection £19.99


Luxe, lavish, can’t-live-without... our pick of this Christmas’s most wanted


Keep calm and carry on relaxing in the busy period. Zoella Bath Bombinis £4.99 beautywishlist

Stay looking fresh and healthy even though you still have that fresher’s flu. The Body Shop exfoliating gloves £4.00

Say good bye to those lifeless, cracked Christmas lips and hello to the Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint £4.99 / Beauty Wish List.indd 2

Glow more than the angel on your Christmas tree. Loreal True Match Lumi Glow Illuminator £9.99

Student or Bronzed Goddess? Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette £8.99

Yes this is more glitter. Yes you do need it. Mac Old Gold Pigment £16.00

Showering for those 9AMs just got a little more bearable. Lush Snow Fairy Limited Edition shower gel £9.99 SALTMAG.COM

09/12/2016 14:53

y on eriod. £4.99


Beauty Wish List.indd 3

09/12/2016 14:53

! p o h S . . . t e s t Ge ith our one day w in e n o e d Get it all go gift guid d n a t u o handy pull

Pillow, £28, Oliver Bonas

Make up bag, £42, Bimba Y Lola


Heels, £25, Miss Pap

Fur Stole, £19.99, TK Maxx


Pyjamas, £35, Evans

Lace Body, £20, Miss Pap

Gin and Tonic Lip Bam, £3.50, M&S


Scented Candle, £9.95, dotcomgiftshop

Gift Guide SALT FINAL.indd 2

08/12/2016 14:32

Headphones, £79.99, TK Maxx

Bobble Hat, £28, People Tree

Beard Oil, £18, Designist

Rucksack, £40, River Island





Speaker, £59.95,

Star Globe, £20, Designist

Calvin Klein Jumper, £55, House of Fraser

Trainers, were £25, now £15, River island

Mini Drone, £25, Primark

D DA Gift Guide SALT FINAL.indd 3

08/12/2016 14:32

Paint the town


...this Christmas. Do you want that elegant yet rauchy red lip for under the mistletoe? Well here are our top three red lipsticks.



3. Clockwise from bottom left; Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Angelina Jolie




Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick £6.95

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous matte lip £26.99

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish lipstick £5.50

This little beauty is a real God send for what its worth. Its an affordable, top quality lipstick that gives a deep, rich colour. It is actually more of a darker red than your standard red lipstick which emphasises its sultry presence. For students this lipstick is a must-have item in our make up bag.


RED Lipsticks 2.indd 2

This is the dream lipstick for us students. The one that we probably shouldn't buy but we most likely will. It might not be in our budget and it may well replace this week's meals but it is a luxurious classic. This high end product oozes elegance and is the perfect lipstick for special occasions (i.e. like today).

This really is the best lipstick for on the go. It is also the safest option because if you lose it on annight out, it can be replaced with ease in comparison with the Chanel one. This lipstick is the student version of red lipstick perfection As Kate Moss would say... get the London Look.


09/12/2016 14:57

from ft; d, Kim n, Rita lina Jolie


RED Lipsticks 2.indd 3

09/12/2016 14:57


get involved DONE.indd 2

09/12/2016 18:34


agitators, and that’s because of people who do not do the research. Don’t give people a reason to dismiss and disregard what you’re saying. See what people have done before; what’s worked, what hasn’t, and maybe why previous efforts weren’t successful. Think about what pushed you to get involved, and what could push others who feel the same to do so as well.

Good. Now let’s do something with that. As mentioned earlier on, things really aren’t that great right now, are they? Rising tuition fees, rising accomodation fees, rising really is looking difficult to stay optimistic. So why not try and change that? Okay, first of all. Choosing to just stand back and focus on getting work done is not necessarily a bad thing - chances are, it’s probably the smartest thing to do. However, if you do want to help change things and make your voice heard, here’s a quick guide to how you can start getting involved and, hopefully, make the darkest timeline a little less dark.

>CHOOSE YOUR CAUSE True, every uni has that one group of people who have been protesting since they were five and are probably already on a CIA watchlist. They know what they’re doing. For now, think about what’s most important to you. Tuition fees? Spending cuts? Housing quality and letting agencies eager to overcharge you? Whatever it is, it’s a pretty safe bet that there’s already people (probably the aforementioned profressional protestors) organising events. Talk to them and see what you can do to help. They’re not that scary, I promise. >DO THE RESEARCH Please, please make sure you know what you’re shouting about. There’s a reason some people dismiss activists as ill-informed

get involved DONE.indd 3

>MAKE YOURSELF HEARD I mean, that’s the whole point, right? You’ve got something worth saying, something that you feel needs saying, so don’t keep it to yourself. Social media’s your best friend here - get in touch with nationwide groups and see if they’ll lend their name to a local event you’re organising. Portsmouth University’s Feminism Society had some luck with this when they spoke to Sisters Uncut about a demonstration to protest cuts to domestic violence support groups.

>DON’T GIVE UP Whatever you decide to do is important. Things only change because people keep demanding them to. Stay determined, stay focused, and stay angry - the world needs more people ready to make a difference more than ever. SALT Magazine is not responsible for any criminal charges or loss of friends that may arise from following these steps

09/12/2016 18:34

Walking in a... Everyone’s favourite winter attraction is back for another year! Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is celebrating its tenth year of Christmas cheer, with all the old favourites such as Ice Skating, food stalls, Magical Ice Kingdom and much more, including some new special surprises! We all know that London is not the cheapest place for a day out by anyone’s standards, but with free admission all day everyday for six whole weeks, how could you say no to a magical day of festivities. So grab your coats, scarves, gloves and hats and get yourselves down to Hyde Park for a day that is guaranteed to please. The Christmas songs and fake snow are waiting for you! Don’t let your student budget stop you from celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, because we know just the way for you to have it all with the best days out, at the lowest prices. Not to mention, S.ALT mag is giving away a FREE pass to every Winter Wonderland attraction.For more information go to :



The top 5 ways to enjoy the C

When arriving at Hyde Park, you are likely to be tempted by all the beautiful Christmas market stalls. Rows upon rows of what seems to be one of a kind merchandise. This is when you will begin to think “Mum will really would make love that” or, “That an amazing stocking filler!” The question you then need to ask yourself is, “Can I get something better and cheaper from the High Street shops?” If the answer is yes, then window shopping is just as enjoyable, and doesn’t cost a penny! If you’re still really tempted by the end of your visit, and have some cash to spare, then perhaps limit your purchases to something that really IS one of a kind! Besides, who wants to be weighed down by bags and bags of shopping when queuing for the Waltzers, or getting your picture taken in the Ice Kingdom anyway!?

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out, or an evening stroll through, Winter Wonderland does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. The first tip to surviving a day out in London without having nightmares about your bank account is to pack your lunch! Food is always an expensive necessity, so have yourself a hefty brekkie before taking off, and pack yourself some sammies before hitting the road. Since the food at Winter Wonderland is SO tempting, however, perhaps treat yourself to a pretzel and a hot chocolate while you’re there, but if you’re on a tight budget, avoid whole meals, and save your pennies for the rides, or perhaps one of the many lodge cabin bars!


njoy the Christmas Extravaganza without spending more than £20!

e eed rom pping ally re, y


Enter our pr ize draw t o win a trip to Winte r Wond erland !

Surrounding yourself with good people around the Christmas period is always a must. My advice would be to go with a group of friends who understand you’re on a student budget, and so doing anything and everything is not on the cards. Perhaps take along your fellow student friends. Choosing one ride each is a fair way to make sure everyone’s having a great time, while subtly pinching the pennies, Going as a group will also help you on transport, with group save options at most train stations!


Travelling around London is both stressful and expensive at the best of times. Setting off some time after rush hour means not only will you miss the busyperiod, but you’ll also miss the peak time prices. Group save travel tickets are also available for groupsof five or ten, so rounding up all your student friends for a fabulous evening in Winter Wonderland would also be a good idea. Winter Wonderland is at it’s most beautiful once the sun has set, and the Christmas fairy lights are shining bright, so it’s a win win! Booking ahead for both your travel, and attractions is the best way to save some extra cash, and to avoid disappointment on the day

Just like a night out when you don’t want to spend more than £20, taking cash and leavin5g your debit card out of sight is the best way to avoid temptation. Failing


that, we’re giving away

All expenses paid trips to Winter Wonderland! This includes access to Ice Skating, Ice Kingdom, Bar Ice, The Big Wheel, and every ride on on offer at Hyde Park this Christmas. You and three friends could win this incredible prize by entering our prize draw online for free at Winners will be announced on Friday 2nd December 2016.

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Ten things you WILL have done by the time you finish Uni!

tes t club use ma e nig h h o t h n k i n 1) Pra person club e las t h t e t of a B u o 2) n throw are e yo u ok r 3) Get o e c h w o t ay rn dea 4) Lea up w ith no i ries in one d e e s 5) Wak a who le TV h 6) Watc n to ur me o o of sha 7) G k l a w the runk rty 8) Do use pa ecture s till d o h a 9) Have up to 9am l rn 10) Tu

Whether you’re third year and have seen it all, or only just starting out in first year, I think everyone will agree that University is the best time of your life. There will be good times, stressful times, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry... But one thing you won’t do, is regret it.

1) Prank house mates is something

that could potentially happen on a daily basis. Your house/flat mates are likely to be the first people you met at Uni. You saw each other at your weakest when you turned up to uni as scared freshers, and it bloomed into a lifelong friendship (if you’re lucky). Once you get past those first few weeks, it is perfectly acceptable, and encouraged (by your other house mates) to pull harmless pranks on each other. At times where there may not be a TV, it’s your only source of entertainment.

2) Be the last person in the night club- we’ve all done it! No matter how much

your feet hurt the next day, and no matter how much your head is throbbing, you will always have the memories of literally dancing the night away. The night clubs in your uni town are inevitably ten times better than the ones back home, and your friends at uni are likely to be much more wild than the ones back home. Naturally, these two are a killer combination, and there will be countless nights where you’re out until 5 or 6 in the morning!

3) Get thrown out of a club- There’s

bucket list.indd 3

always that one friend who has a bit too much to drink during pre’s. At some point during your three years at uni, that one friend WILL be you. Of course, once you’ve blagged it with the bouncers on your way in to the club you’ll probably be alright. Unless you throw up, or stumble a bit too much, or get mouthy with the guy who pushed you, of course.

4) Learn to cook- the apron strings are

well and truly gone, and you have to fend for yourself. Luckily, there always seems to be that one ‘foody’ in the house who can help you out from time to time, and before you know it, you’re the next Gordon Ramsay, (you like to think so at least).

5) Wake up with no idea where you are- University town night clubs are

a breeding ground for students on the pull. Waking up next to someone who’s name you can’t remember is like a causal Thursday morning for some people. However, you may just end up going on a drunken walk somewhere and crashing on a mates floor. The events from the night before may be so hazy you don’t even know your name, never mind where you are.

6) Watch a whole TV series in one day- Those days where you know you should be studying but end up watching a whole series on Netflix in bed? Yep, we’ve all been there. No matter how guilty you feel for not doing something productive, no matter how

many times you say ;just one more episode. That work is not getting done today. But there’s always tomorrow!

7) Go on tour For those people a part of a sports society, tour is a MUST. Sure you probably can’t afford it, but that’s half the fun. Going away with your society on the cheap for one big piss up is a wonderful university tradition. 8) Do the walk of shame. You’ve got

to love those days when you’re walking into uni and spot girls walking in their glad rags from the night before, smudged makeup round their eyes and carrying their shoes, or guys who smell like a brewery. You’re quietly judging them until you remember that was you last week.

9) Have a house party. University

house parties are second to none. The pressure to delivery is on, and you intend to show everyone a good time! You know you’ve done a good job if you’ve done a good job if it’s still going on at 5am. Bonus points for fancy dress!

10) Turn up to a 9am still drunk.

While this is quite possibly the worst thing you could do, you somehow convince yourself that you cannot miss this lecture, again. Sneaking in the back and slowly dying as the hangover takes over is something every uni student has done.

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JACK’S TOP FIVE RELEASES OF 2016 Our music editor had the arduous task of narrowing down his favourite FIVE releases of 2016. After much blood, sweat and tears - here are the contenders!

2016 has been a great year for

music: we’ve had the best releases from the best bands, the best tours we’ve been blessed with and there’s till so much more to come. With this in mind, it was hard to narrow down my favourite 10 releases this year, but without further ado - here’s a taste of the releases involved... 1. Low Teens by Every Time I Die Is it any surprise that the best band of or generation released the best album of 2016? No? That’s what I thought. Low Teens is a culmination of everything that makes Every Time I Die amazing; it has the brutality of Ex Lives (2012) seen i songs like Fear and Trembling, The Coin Has A Say and Petal, the experimentation aspect seen in From Parts Unknown (2014) through songs like It Remembers and Nothing Visible, Ocean Empty and the old-school musical element seen in New Junk Aesthetic (2009). It is undoubtedly the band’s best work to date, and despite being in the


game for 18 years, they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Long live Every Time I Die.

4. All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us by Architects

2. Home Is Where My Heart Dies by Create To Inspire Even though it’s not necessarily a fulllength album, this 4-track EP by Essex mob, Create To Inspire has caused waves in the EU/UK music scene. the follow up to it’s 2013 predecessor, Halfway Home takes a much darker road - expressing feelings of love, suicide but also delivering a message of hope, that although life has it’s trials and tribulations, it does get better. With a full-length due for release in 2017, this band are one to keep an eye on.

Both this album and band hold a dear place in my heart. I fell in love with Architects after hearing Hollow Crown back in 2009 and since then, they’ve gone from strength-tostrength. Additionally, this album means even more after you realise how much of the album was influenced by Tom Searle’s battle with cancer. The late lead guitarist kept his illness from fans and instead included the effect of his illness on his life through songs like Gone with The Wind and Memento Mori, both extremely harrowing songs to listen to once you know about the reasoning behind them.

3. Laugh Tracks by Knocked Loose Exploding into the limelight in 2016, Knocked Loose’s sound has put household names to shame. This is by far the heaviest band and album I’ve ever heard, and I pray for anyone who hears war-cries like The Rain or

12/12/2016 15:45


Create to Inspire is proudly sponsored by Doomsday Clothing; South Wales best independent clothing line: shop the AW16 range Below model: Max Micolai Photographer: Morgan Tedd


However, I have so much respect for Tom Searle and the rest of Architects for carrying on in the face of adversity and constantly writing, touring and caring about fans - they really are a bright light in a very dark world. This is an album that you can listen back-to-back repeatedly as the messages regarding mental illness, politics and living and loving life resonate hard. It is quite simply a masterpiece. I love this band. 5. This Could Be Heartbreak by The Amity Affliction The Amity Affliction are considered the musical version of Marmite - you either love them or you hate them. Personally, depending on what album I listen to influences my feelings towards them. the reason why most people have a dislike towards them is due to the natures of their recent albums. The last 2 albums have been focused on the negative feelings of lead vocalist, Joel Birch and his battles with addiction, suicide and depression. This Could Be Heartbreak follows in the same vein of the last album, Let The Ocean Take Me (2014) and frankly, it’s getting a bit boring. However, the musical elements of songs like All Fucked Up, Blood In My Mouth and O.M.G.I.M.Y are a lot more mature and makes for a more enjoyable listening experience. This album is no Chasing Ghosts (2012), without a doubt the bands best album - but it marks the end of the “depression cycle”, which is surely a good thing.


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C O U N T E R PA RT S , L A N D S C A P E S , E X P I R E + K N O C K E D L O O SE , C LW B I F O R BAC H (CARDIFF), 1ST DECEMBER 2016 K n ow n f or it’s re put at i on a s putt i n g on t h e b e s t g i g s i n t h e c ou nt r y, C a rd i f f w a s t re at e d t o a br ut a l l i n e - up of s om e of h a rd c ore’s b e s t . Not on e f or t h e f a i nt - h e a r t e d !

KNOCKED LOOSE Knocked Loose are the best thing to happen to heavy music this year, period. The band open up the night and from the get-go – they’re out in force, and show the crowd a ruthless exercise in brutality. The band maintain the furious energy you would expect out of hardcore and front-man Bryan Garris’ lyrics keep with the genre’s savage stance. Lead single from their sophomore album ‘Laugh Tracks’ (2016) Deadringer kicks things off, fuelling the already pumped crowd and sets the face for is 8 are in - your - face tracks. Their solid set continues with songs from across their catalogue such as All my Friends, The Rain and of course, fan favourite Counting Worms - the crowd respond well; with a sea of bodies slamming into each other whilst swinging arms, legs...each other with reckless abandon. It’s also extremely amusing to watch near enough 300 people bark along to the lyrics: “I wrote a song about getting better, its a feeling I can’t remember.” Knocked Loose were a shining example of what a band should be, such a potent performance. Hurry back to the UK lads, we’ll be waiting!

LANDSCAPES Following the let-down from Expire, Landscapes take the crowd to mental oblivion. From the opening chords of Aurora, the notes ring through every ear and makes the hairs on the back of our neck stand up. A melodic onslaught that showcases Shaun Milton’s raw and powerful vocals which doesn’t slow down for the entire set. It also highlights the brilliance of new album, Modern Album (2016) creating a feel for Landscapes’ old sound, but interspered with the new elements. The band are eager to promote new material, and it’s obvious to see why through songs like Radiance., Death after Life and Escapist. Older material such as D.R.E.A.M, the brutal Epilogy and fan favourite No Love are also played for those fans who haven’t learnt all the words yet (which is surprisingly few), a chance to appreciate the expertly crafted anthems that Landscapes have delivered over the years. Landscapes’ visions, determination, brilliance and relentlessness truly sets them apart from, well, just about anyone and everyone else in the scene at the moment and I highly recommend checking this band out because with some of their best material out now - this band are a force to be reckoned with.

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EXPIRE Expire was the next band onstage. After listening to their stuff to prep for the show, I was afraid the vocalists punk-like, almost breathless style might lose its impact in a live setting, and I was right. I’m a massive fan of hardcore, and have been for many years, but Expire are one of those bands that I’ve never been able to get into. Whether it’s the musical style, the somewhat half-arsed lyrics or the vocalists style – there’s always been something that’s hindered me from truly enjoying this band. Nevertheless, I was willing to give them a try as they were touring with three of my favorite bands. Following in the footsteps of Counting Worms and its bark, Expire open with Bark, admittedly one of the better songs of the set. This gives way for the most well-known Expire song, Pretty Low –it’s one of those songs that if you don’t know the song, you’ll know the lyrics: “You either fight, or you lose. Refuse to let my life be reduced to rubble, when the shit keeps piling up; get a shovel.” The night seems to drag on throughout Expire’s set, as if the songs all blend into one – which becomes very mundane, very quickly. The band bring the night to a close with ‘3:56’ and ‘Abyss’, which cause the crowd to have the most movement of the night. Overall, a more disappointing set than the rest of the night and it’s probably a good thing that the band are calling it a day as my thoughts probably reflect the majority of the crowd’s tonight.

COUNTERPARTS The best hardcore band, Counterparts, in the world opened up with Compass, arguably their best and most emotional song in their repertoire. Their songs are raw, heavy and melodic - yet, Counterparts have managed to develop a sound that feels individual. Wither sees vocalist Brendan Murphy makes his way into the crowd and displays how heartfelt and ruthless his lyrics are of hard times gone by, and incorporates all elements of the band - which just adds to the overall atmosphere. I’ve not heard of many people who claim to dislike this band; it’s more of a ‘I’ve never heard of them before’ but as soon as you do listen to them, you know there’s something special about them. They perform their craft amazingly well and the energy that they deliver emphasises their live performance. Counterparts are passionate, captivating and forceful and deliver a masterclass in getting the chemistry right between melody and aggression, whilst delivering a set that is equal parts both emotive and savage.

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Movie Preview: Fences Fences starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis is hitting our screens Christmas Day, and we can hardly wait! The explosive trailer for Fences has left us all desperately wanting to know more. It feels as though trailers that don’t tell us the whole story are non-existent these days, but Fences has got Denzel Washington fans really wondering what’s going to happen in this everyday life struggle themed film. The film is an adaptation of August Wilson’s Pulitzer-Prize winning play about a dysfunctional family. Washington, the leading man himself, directed the fiery story, giving Wilson’s words an on-screen presence, and from what we’ve seen, acting them out with such conviction. Following Antwone Fisher and The Great Debaters, this will be Washington’s third director credit. The trailer features stern words from father, Troy Maxson, to his son. It also packs in an extremely powerful argument between husband and wife, showcasing both of these extraordinary actors talents, without giving too much of the story away. Most people turn to films for escapism, so since Fences is likely to lack any physical explosions and action, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who appreciate a good drama movie, this is definitely one to watch. Those who have seen the play will know the story of a retired baseball player who spent time in prison after an accidental murder during a robbery and is now working as a Pittsburgh bin man, resentful about how his life turned out. The trailer is powerful and does it's job of enticing the audience, by starting with Troy in a quiet confrontation with his son, which gradually becomes more and more heated, with cuts to the rest of the film, that give the a first impression that this character is frustrated with his life, yet a good family man. A feeling that is likely quite common in middle aged men, in times of financial insecurity and family conflicts. With all the uncertainty in the world following the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote, leaving both the American Dollar and the UK pound at their lowest they've been for years and years, the struggles of this man will be relatable to a lot of families across the world. The theme of racial barriers is also quite prominent in the film, which reflects current affairs, for example, the refugee's crisis, the prospective 'wall' potentially going up between America and Mexico, and the 'black lives matter' campaign. This film couldn't have come at a better time, with all

this going on, it's time a big step was made in the right direction. It has also been said that the release date of this film gives it a good chance of being nominated for all the major movie awards. Golden Globes, Academy Awards. Movie gurus suspect this film, along with the biopic A United Kingdom (in cinemas now) will also finally put an end to the #OscarsSoWhite, which has been surfacing for the past three ceremonies for awards being given to all white nominees. We suspect that both Denzel Washington and Viola Davis will be up for Best Actor/Actress awards, and have a good chance of winning, judging by just the trailers. The cinematography of the trailer already shows a lot of close up shots when characters are giving their jaw-dropping heart wrenching lines, which shows the rawness of the emotions portrayed by the actors. For example, Davis' delivery if the line "and I've been standing right there with you" creates such an emotive reaction for both the characters, and the audience. Rose also represents the strain on black women in the 1950's- a time where women in general had less rights. A time where it was less acceptable to have female and male breadwinners in the family, and where the glass ceiling for black people meant that they were often worse off than their white counterparts. The film shows the timeless struggle of men feeling the endless pressure of having to provide for a family, at a time where there was hurdle after hurdle which made it even harder. Troy's character remarkably breaks through the glass ceiling and gains a promotion from garbage collector to garbage truck driver in the play. However, he does not fulfil his true calling of becoming a baseball player, implicitly because of his race and/or age. This also represents the struggle of middle aged men, and the idea of a "mid-life crisis", which is a common part of life, made harder with the struggles of money and the pressures of providing for a family. In an interview, Washington said: "The baggage that Troy brings affects everyone he touches, and you can see it in Rose's face. She's heard it and seen it before. No, he can't hit 10 home runs or whatever he says. But he has to believe it. He needs to believe it. That's all he's got to hold on to." In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Denzel Washington and Viola Davis discussed how the 1983 play is still relevant today in the 'Trump' era. When discussing how politically

the film is still relevant 30 years after the plays initial premier, Washington stated: "The circumstances, are universal. It could happen to anyone. I don't know if it's more political now given the election or whatever, but it's a long way from Troy to now because now we're post-Obama even."While Viola Davis said: "I don't know why I don't see the play as political. I don't see it as representing something any bigger than a family and a man being born into a set of circumstances and maybe not taking ownership of how he's poisoning his family, which most of us don't. Some of us go to our grave never taking ownership. We just cause destruction around us. Arthur Miller said it, and August Wilson said it: When you notice all of the sins of your father, hopefully you can approach it with forgiveness and illumination. That's just life." So, are we reading too much into the why they decided to transform this story into a film? Is it just a story rather than a presentation of something bigger going on in world? Make the judgment for yourself. Fences will be released in the UK on Christmas day.

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, in ‘Fences’

Ones to watch...

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Beauty and the Beast

Star Wars: Episode VIII


Following the roaring success of Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, Chris Pratt and the rest of the Guardians are back for the sequel. It is set to hit UK cinema’s on 28th April 2017, but we have no doubt that it’ll be worth the wait with more impressive CGI, action and laughs. The sequel will also see the return of our favourite talking raccoon, voice by Bradley Cooper.

Disney is recreating the animated childhood classic of Beauty and the Beast. The newly polished version will be brought to life on our UK screens on March 17th 2017. Starring our favourite Harry Potter leading lady Emma Watson, and Downtown Abbey heart throb Dan Stevens, who were reported to have flirty chemistry on screen as well as off ! Nothing like a love story to get us through the cold air.

The eagerly anticipated return of the Star Wars franchise last year did not disappoint. With the ending leaving audiences unsure about what will happen next, episode VIII is just as eagerly anticipated. Originally, fans were set to be put out of their misery next May, but the release date has been pushed back to December 2017! We’re sure that what is in store will not disappoint!

The latest Wolverine film is set to hit our screens on the 2nd March 2017! The film follows ‘old man’ Logan, With a tight-lipped trailer, we will be left wondering what it’s all about until the release day, it seems. However, we do know it will be Hugh Jackman’s last film as Wolverine, and it seems to have a survival, battle of the fittest vibe, with Wolverine on his travels accompanied by a much younger lady! Watch this space. .




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you’re amazing and you can do this It’s been estimated that around three-quarters of students in the UK experience some kind of mental health problem. Which, we realise, is most likely a fair amount of our readership (and contributors for that matter). And, because we care, we’ve put together this short guide of the most common issues and how you can get help. Because you deserve it.

It can’t be emphasised enough how important simply having someone to talk to is. No matter who that is, I can promise you that there are always people who do care about you and will listen. Letting someone know how you’re feeling at the moment does not make you a burden in the slightest. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you might need help with some aspects of your life, hell, being able to say that out loud makes you a pretty strong person. So whether that’s a friend, tutor, adviser - there’s someone there for you.

Take A Break final.indd 3

Repeat after me: it is perfectly natural to get anxious and worried over assignments. This is where you’d expect us to talk about ‘time management’ or something similar. But we’re not, because we know that there simply isn’t enough time to manage everything sometimes. However, try to keep the all-nighters to an absolute minimum. Give yourself regular breaks to keep yourself focused and make sure you’re not spending every hour poring over books. Remember, don’t compare yourself to others what works for them might not for you.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health issues affecting students, and if you feel that you’re experiencing the symptons of either of these (available at the resources listed at the end), then it’s best to register with a GP and explain how you’re feeling. There aren’t any universal solutions, but talking through your problems with a counsellor can be a good start, and if things persist, there’s nothing wrong with approaching the subject of medication.

09/12/2016 18:38

Whatever you do, try to avoid self-medicating with alcohol and/or drugs. I know, it’s tempting, we’ve all been there, and there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a night out to get over a bad day. It’s when that becomes your default solution and the nights out become increasingly frequent that even more problems start to occur. Waking up every morning with a hangover and barely remembering the night before is never going to solve anything, if anything, it’s only going to make the underlying problems worse.

When you’re feeling like the world’s against you , I know that the last thing you feel like doing is taking care of yourself. However, sometimes it’s the smallest things that can count as victories in their own right. Drank some water? Nice one! Tried to get a decent night’s sleep? That’s great! Cooked some food? Amazing! Often, it’s just a case of taking little steps that might not seem much, but you know they’re helping you on your way.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of how to make your bad days just a little less bad and also, let you know that no matter what’s happening, we can guarantee there’s so many other people going through the same thing. Sure, university’s an inherently stressful time, but that stress doesn’t have to completely dictate your life. You’re not alone, you matter, and you’re going to ace that degree. Trust me, I’m a journalist.


> > > mentalhealth > > students > >

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SPROUTS HONOUR Itʼs that time of year again.....sprout time baby!!! We know, we know. They hardly compare to those beuatiful little piggies in blankets. But why not give it a shot and try out some new twists on these little green baubles of joy! Letʼs try and give those pigs in blankets a lil competition. Brussels sprouts probably have the worst reputation of any vegetable. They’re the classic example of the vegetable hated by both kids and adults, only eaten as they’re so good for you. But the truth is, if you know how to cook Brussels sprouts properly, they can really be delicious. So what’s the deal? Why does everyone hate Brussels sprouts? Well, it’s a historical thing really. There was a time when people felt that the only

right way to cook a vegetable was to boil it until it was just about mushy. And for Brussels sprouts, that’s a complete recipe for disaster. No matter how you’re doing it, rule #1 of how to cook sprouts is don’t overcook them! If you follow that rule, you’ll find that a perfectly cooked Brussels sprout can be quite yummy. So get ready to forget all you knew about those lil green fellas. Here are a few ideas to help us enjoy them.

Of course, “don’t overcook” doesn’t tell you all you need to know about how you should cook the glorious greens. Let’s focus on the different ways to cook Brussels sprouts: steaming, boiling, braising, sautéing, or roasting. Each method has its own advantages and can bring a different quality of this cute little veggie into the Christmas spotlight. Now, before deciding which method to use

it is important to make sure you ‘score’ your sprouts. No, don’t rate them out of 10. Cut a cross on the base of each sprout to ensure even cooking. Now, let’s skip to the good bit. Here are some ideas of things you can cook your sprouts with to ensure extra tastiness: Bacon, chesnuts, lemon, cranberries, pancetta, onions or roasted apricots.


Thirteen million people live below the poverty line in the UK, with individuals going hungry every day. The Trussell Trust’s foodbanks provides a minimum of three days’ emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK. Please donate or join Tescos with the neighbourhood food collection service.

2 OLIO is a free app that connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge when you go away.

We’ve tried our very best to impress. Sprouts Honour.

Take a peek. . .

NEWsprouts.indd 3

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30/11/2016 15:45

Sweet dreams are made of this. . . This delicious little cookies look like cute baby teddy bears clutching tasty nuts close to their hearts...ahem. Almonds. Want to impress your friends and family this winter with your baking skills? Then look no further as we reveal step by step the way to win them over. You can wrestle with the question of whether or not you can eat something so cute. If you have a nut allergy, this cute recipe can be used with other fillings in the center as well, like jam or sweets. The bear cookie form is probably the only special tool you’ll need.

1. Preheat oven to 160°C (320 F) 2. Mix 110g cake flour, 20g potato starch and a pinch of salt in bowl 3. Mix 40g beet sugar syrup, 10g honey and 30g vegetable oil in a small bowl 4. Once thoroughly mixed, spread between parchment paper and roll out with rolling pin 5. Use a bear cookie cutter to cut out the shapes 6. Draw the face (we used a nail dot pen), place the almond and have the bears hug them tight 7. Use leftover dough to make the tails 8. Bake for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 150°C (300 F) and bake for an additional 10 minutes 9. Take out of the oven and they’re done!

NEWbears.indd 3

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I thought you said extra fries.... roteins, -quality p h ig h h us it loaded w ood fats and vario Eggs are g , ls ra tains: mine e egg con fat and 6 vitamins, ts. A larg n of ie s tr m u n ra o h5g trace lories, wit ll 9 essential amin a c 7 7 ly a m h On it iu w n le se protein sphorous, grams of iron, pho nd B5 (among in h ic R acids. 2, B2 a ins A, B1 reasons to and vitam u need any more almost any yo ith others). If y are cheap, go w e th s, g eat eg some. taste awe food and ng to d be willi ny food I’ would be eggs. a s a w re If the food, it s a super classify a

Dragging yourslef to the gym is always a battle. Who wants to spend time going to the gym when you could be snuggling in your pjs, hanging out at the pub with could even be crotcheting with the cat on your knee. ANYTHING is better than getting your sweat on at the gym. Well, worry no more! We here at S.alt have put together a little display food containing healthy fats that will give you as much energy as your calorific needs, but also keep your trips to the gym at a minimum. Unless youre one of these cool gym bunnies.......

to stay you want if – y a avocado d apple a g a daily n in a c g u d in o ples v Forget ha ight be worth intr arm in having ap h m t o it n , healthy t there is .) diet. (Bu out there into your you apple lovers ll a too....for that has only fruit e th y ning up ll a e also tur thies o is virtu ’r y d e a c th o v d a oo The fat. An raps to sm saturated ds and w good source la monoun sa m o ing fr s are a ease and in everyth wnies. Avocado ht off dis E, plus g ro fi b u n o e y v e and h help C and ins, whic vitamins ancer. of B vitam ey also give you prevent c lp e h y a Th . m n t feel full infectio icals tha helps you lant chem natural p ntain fiber, which co And they longer.

GoodFat30Louisa.indd 2

Research shows that eating nuts, such as cashews, can low er your risk for cardiovascular dis ease. This may occur by reduci ng blood pressure and “bad” cholest erol levels. Nuts are naturally cholesterol-free and con tain healthy fats fiber, and pro tein.

Coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fat you can find, with around 90% of calories as saturated fat. Coconut oil is very different from most other cooking oils and contains a unique composition of fatty acids. These fatty acids go straight from the digestive tract to the liver, where they are likely to be turned into ketone bodies and provide a quick source of energy.

30/11/2016 13:10

ds ial foo overs t r t n o c c the fa most of the n. Despite ughout e n o o o s r i eat i ’mon it th utrit Red m istory of n een eating decided. C n h b u h e e t LL eal y in th mans hav is STI key to a h d that’s e u n h o t y e tha . An t th ever ration now and tion, l know tha e u l d o o v m e t l d mea ing in . We a ents peeps is everyth ve some re rtant nutri rs e a te o c balan s good to h ich in imp n-meat ea o i r t s N i c i hi h at ne. why ed me d Carnosi utrients, w ects of R . n i n se aga e an s asp n. in the reatin ariou like C n deficient ffects on v ain functio e e br are oft e negative uscle and v m a h g n n di ca , inclu health

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tter, it like bu ealthy s e t s a wh , it t .so ho butter s like like butter.. en is this? k o o l v It m ls HAT e f smel red fro kind o be? And W lk fat rende nd i is sa can th butter is m milk solid , it is e ed h lly fi t a i c r e i t a l p a C ng t. Ty epar s a f r o t e allowi t r t d r an butte om the bu e . t y t t i u s b g en fr water d by meltin parate by d this is e e , s c e produ ponents to wn as Ghe ng. Unlike o i m the co mmonly kn Indian cook oesn’t d co n e i e e r d h o e g in M me, ly us l o a h n stored st r o f i u i la tradit tters in yo d. In fact, n a c e te bu he other be refrigera , it is said g at? th o er need t ght contain ow great’s H i t . s r an ai ree month th up to

GoodFat30Louisa.indd 3

has been egetables v f o our e c n rta ry one of The impo h and eve e all love c a e in d w engraine o ers. And our moth eat up. People wh souls by s f t’ o le t r a so p s a s m sa our mom etables and fruit e v a veg ely to h eat more ealthy diet are lik s. h ic disease ll n ra an ove me chro so f r o fo k l a is r vit a reduced rovide nutrients You sp ur body. o le y b f ta o e e g c e n V a is n te re e in e it th d ma health an r less and let’s fac ut there o p fo y lot can fill u you pick riety for a v erol free. e st g le u o h a and ch e e fr t fa that are

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Nothing beets locally grown Weekend farmer s markets are popping up more and more in large cities and small towns across the globe. Whether youĘźve never been or have only gone a few times, you should definitely make it a priority to shop at your local farmer s market over grocer y stores. Not so convinced? Check out these ten reasons and you will be.

NEWbeets.indd 2

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1.Taste Real Flavors. The fruits and vegetables you buy at the farmers market are the freshest and tastiest available. Fruits are allowed to ripen fully in the field and are brought directly to you.No long-distance shipping, no gassing to simulate the ripening process, no sitting for weeks in storage. This food is as fresh as it gets. 2. Enjoy the Season. The food you buy at the farmers market is seasonal. It’s fresh, delicious and flavoursome. Shopping and cooking from the farmers market instead of supermarkets helps us reconnect with the cycles of nature. 3. Support Family Farmers. Family farmers need your support, now that large agribusiness dominates food production. Small family farms have a hard time competing in the marketplace. Buying directly from farmers gives them a better return for their produce. 4. Safer Foods. Food from your local farmers market is generally safer. Remember the recent outbreaks of E. coli in bagged spinach? These things happen mostly in large industrial settings, where business-men work to mass produce food, preserve it and bag it in mass amounts. Avoid this and go to the market.

6.Affordable. For the sheer nutrition you get from farmer’s market produce compared to supermarket produce, it’s a really good value. Grocery stores tend to charge an arm and a leg for organic fruits and vegetables. At the farmer’s market, however, they are typically not much more expensive than conventionally grown produce, and the benefits to your health are likely to save you money on healthcare expenses over the long-term. 7.Conserves fuel. Many supermarkets receive their produce from hundreds or thousands of miles away. This involves the significant use of fossil fuels for shipping on refrigerated trucks. Famer’s market produce doesn’t have far to get from the farm to your table, significantly reducing the use of fossil fuels. Farmer’s markets also mainly operate outside so do not require electricity or heating like supermarkets do.

9.More nutritious: Look at the vivid colors of produce found at the farmer’s market, and you’ll be able to tell just how nutritious the fruits and vegetables are. Compare that to produce at the grocery store, and you’ll see that the supermarket fruits and vegetables pale in comparison. 10. Community connections. The farmers market is a community hub—a place to meet up with your friends, or just get a taste of country life in our wonderful big cities. Meeting and talking to farmers is a great opportunity to learn more about how and where food is produced, you might even get a free carrot or two if youre a regular. No promises though. Yeah you might get a few funnily shaped turnips and a different coloured carrot but does that really matter? Nahhhhh

8. Better for the environment. Along with conserving fossil fuels, farms produce less environmental waste in the form of carbon monoxide, pesticide use, and chemical fertilizers. They are also less likely to utilize giant processing and sorting machines that contribute to environmental decay. Buying local makes sense people!

5. Funky variety. At the farmers market you find an amazing array of produce that you don’t see in your average supermarket: red carrots, a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes, purple cauliflower, green garlic, watermelon radishes, quails eggs, maitake mushrooms, and much, much more. It is a wonderful opportunity to try out some new quirky produce to show off to your mates. Fancy pants.

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Horoscopes Tim e D Capri c to le ec 22nd orn: t l Ja o o Chri Sa 22ndstma se Capri n 21st you s e t k i c a s m orn m is a et v: e with No nature signs to b iod, peo o relax, pproach ! Now th k r This r p a e i t l c p s e loo k ba ing it is at best liday c k wint of the e ho ever, your There w after yo k, and le your h t er during rius. How ay cause more ill be ple u for a c t other is the h a n h m t a t it a r y g e n d p r a r it lo S erfe oks l work in of time f ge! h you s natu oppp ct ike y or curiou oblems wit 2017 r o y o r o r you ortunity you p ant othe ers, ye ur hand u’ll be g , and t b e c a s fi t m r i t d e . n in Y ir m Aqu o reinve for sig arius en signifi ou will b ty next g n family h w e s e lo e ! Wi t yourse c cant xciti mak ly l e t a g n i s y h r c t i o g e la e n new lf, ur p g for 2 pros esp a en ps tow and p 0 ing spend t of time but be su ding car ards You!” 17, it re ects on t a e n r h Y u e l e y l o r o r y t , to un T oo. Y a fre ur n am is, “N e horiz e s w o er. togeth a little realti ur perso ind you f h attitud w look w ew Yea on r a o being usting, s nships nal perso vours in e which ill give , New u y r m w t n o ff e y al re ay Fin ill do u er if our mor la c a y t them don’ ou you ncially, tionship areer an and le o t t. t d h be h ard, and his year s. come ith Chri appy hit w y o u u b o y ’ ll to se ack o is the stmas e ! f perfec s the 2016 ume welc new t

Yo u r


Y a ou an mbi r n d ti The ju atu re ou yo st a re h liab s la u b a le winter 20 st f thr out s e o 1 re b s reak w u 6 e n ad , m g e is you no eed y fo Tau on h th n r Y t e r r u th e time f na our wel d, b you s! G s o o r ut adven y tu l l r e f ture P ou re azy de p m t Aries! re erh r ye dir an serv erhs uch ad ap ar ec d ed ps Spont y t s t ni tly stu b a o s ry ng cl bb rea is you neity r midd tar to for ash or k! Ap Ta le name t a eve su es n r2 u upom , and this fre n t cce wi 2n ru i ng sh he ss th d- s: will be adventure in tw . o M o 2 b est! Be ne of your 01 ou ay c 7 headin areful wh ! t 21 st Year n g into the en New ot y your o ou forget ab ld fr out family , who iends and may n ot be a to ke ble Aries ep up! : Mar 2 2nd-A pr 21 st

Oct 2





loya l and ty resis to le tence t held go has from you bac you doing w k r over eally wa hat this the cour nt y time ear, Can se of first, to put y cer! It’s Chri starting ourself time stmas is now! reall to spend the perf e hear y have y with th ct ou b t o . 2 0 life c est in se who 17 w to yo hanging ill bring terest a t u to d s mak ecisions ome big e , a s u n C re yo d u are its up Jun ancer : 22n happ d- J y. ul 2 1st

Your quick t i w s make you a ct perfe ring u d h c Grin ristmas h the C Gemini. , n o s a erent Se o diff akes w t e Th u m ers of yo sides or your pe ’re df you it har whether . w times o t n to k not a cellent r o g jokin ll bring ex you ow wi 2017 unities! N r them, t r o k em. or fo opp e to w y about th in! v a h t r jus wor rier with or r than rathe der the w n e r r u S

ini 1st Gemnd- Jun 2


horoscope.indd 2


u Yo ll wi in be r u yo ent r, m te e Your ele win lov d fussy his ou an narure t eo! Y arm e of e l l d makes L e w si Tim wi th retty as. ily to . you the p tm am ed ed ris r f ne mir hat s hardest u h r t d uy C h yo you d a eful ship to n r r sugn to b t n y it Just w isf d a ca alti tan tne ur gifts for! sat love r, be c re por par y yo on i er, it’s r l rememb ee eve nt im ou d b us ur gh that f w ma It’s y te oc yo the thou irgo! Ho r ro er. and oca ct. F let counts V ou suff ce, suff nta nd to put y on’t alan feel r co ily, a you! It’s time d e b to fo am to ut thwre av rt ed d f e yurself o r more h y sta t ne s an com ready fio n r a e in the m nsta iend tne r adventur st e it’s co r fr pa u r! Beaus 21 new yea you yo g whether o: Au coming, not. Le 2ndlike it or l2


st o: Virgnd- Sep 21



of yea , ome to e 2017 and side P xplore you r for you . isces! r arti fun is the recipes or Trying ne stic wa b d est wa e lea y for corating th nd think ve behind y e hou ou to your ing! se over

: Pisces-Mar 21st


Your shy and quiet nature makes you a little bit of a rec luse at Chrsitmas. This isn ’t a bad thing, as you emjoy watching the world go by. You may want to start comi ng out of your shell a little more in the New Year, however, or you may find yourself missing out.

n Feb 22

Sep 2

s: st riu 21 ua -Feb Aq22nd

n Ja

It’s Oct co Yo tim 22n rpi m ur a e for d- N o a As y n maz a w ov 2 e o 1s ne mu t p ing ll e t lay wo arn c v h e wo r r e a a k d s yo rk. seem yo s ha eth br e u u Th re sh a to wa rd a ic m ak S ad o t i s co n e t as y uld s y s lea to o an rp yo it is for try om ve , yo u w s yo io! e o u r e r alr the to thin wor u ca rk. u ea n w g k n l dy ew or th at M at eff y k o at ev akin i i o p e e n e n g e r as yo t s rs ctin ar, h o i n es im e me i p nal g p th eci po is j for s . e all rta us pe h y nt t rio oli , d. day in

s: ariuec 21st v e r n t u r o u s t t i g ad D one


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pr 21


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