AzBusiness January/February 2018

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THIRTYSOMETHINGS Meet the young business leaders who are all in their 30s and changing Arizona’s business landscape By MICHAEL GOSSIE


here’s no doubt that Millennials get a bad rap. Too many people view Millenials as a generation of foosball-in-the-office-playing, craft-beer-drinking, constantaffirmation-needing, selfie-stick wielding narcissists who have overinflated self-esteem because they grew up in a time when everyone gets a trophy. So we are not going to call the incredible business leaders you will meet on the following pages Millennials because they erase every negative sterotype heaped upon their generation. You’ll meet a champion of Arizona’s wine industry, a woman who has impacted the lives of more than 10,000 children, a leader who helped his company triple in size over the past year and a resilient leader who survived a brutal encounter with the sharks on “Shark Tank.” But, most importantly, you’ll see a recurring theme of a generation of business leaders who are looking to give back to the community with a dedication that other generations should emulate. In an era when the average tenure of Millennial employees is two years, meet 30 business leaders in their 30s who are staying put long enough to have an impact on Arizona’s economic landscape, while reimagining workplace culture and social responsibility.


AB | January - February 2018