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inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

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inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE Happy New Year! Thank God for another year in which we can leave the old and embrace the new. We know that each year provides new opportunity to start over, commit to resolutions, and make promises that we may or may not keep. Just recently, I heard in the news that people usually start to fade off their resolution and commitments around the 17th of January. That’s disheartening! So, with God’s wisdom, guidance, and help, I want to go all the way. I don’t want this to be just another year where I don’t follow through. I don’t want to let my resolutions and promises fade. I want to finish the race and accomplish all that that is possible and available to me this year. How about you? Do you want this to be a different kind of year? Are you tired of the same routines and not seeing results? I remember Bishop Mark Chironna used to say, “Faith is a fact, faith is an act, the difference is in the doing.” We have do something different if what we have been

doing is not working for us. Needless to say, this isn’t always easy. Staying focused to our own resolutions and goals require some discipline, good friends, some solid encouragement, but most importantly-the Lord’s help. So together, let’s stay the course, draw courage from people that are uplifting, and commit all our ways to the Lord. I hope this issue of Inspired Women will kick start you into a year of divine favor, increase, and double portion of God’s goodness!

Be Inspired,

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014


CHRISTIAN LIVING inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014



Karin S. Syren, CTACC The Vision Coach

complex social factors come into play, largely to blame is the media presentation of fathers. Slowly beginning in the 50’s, we began to

We are a society that has gradually lost touch see fathers portrayed as weak, unreliable, and with true fatherhood! Many of us have suffered at best, disinterested. Not the least of the vicdeeply as a result and have experienced less tims has been fathers themselves, who have than loving, less than nurturing, less than satis- become unsure what their role is meant to be, fying relationships with our fathers. While many beyond the biological.

How often do we see a child climb into his deeply, truly, and personally, day in and day father’s lap and say, Daddy, do you love me? Be- out? fore you answer too quickly, really think about

The Christmas season just behind us and

it. In a healthy parent/child relationship, you the season of Resurrection just before us both will not hear Daddy, do you love me? Instead clearly bring the answer home to us. These are you will hear the joyous declaration Oh, Daddy, days on which God’s love for us was defined, I love you!

settled once and for all -- forever. For God so

What’s the difference, you say. After all, loved… that He gave. (John 3:16) Love, true both are about the exchange of love between Love, always gives. Christmas celebrates the parent and child, right? Though the difference day that God stepped into the envelope of time may appear insignificant, it directly reflects and became Emmanuel, God with us, now and our understanding of and experience with pa- forever. Resurrection Day is the day that greatrental love and trust, which directly impacts er love was defined for all time. (John 15:13) our ability to give and receive love and, most It is the day that God Himself, by force of His importantly, our capacity for faith in our heav- will, stepped into death for love of a world that enly Father.

was anything but good enough, anything but

Daddy, do you love me? speaks from a place lovable. of uncertainty, a place of experiencing unful-

When a child is born, its parents immedi-

filled needs, a place of uncertain identity and ately experience a virtually overwhelming unclear expectations. The very thought of a depth of affection, an intense desire to nourchild needing to ask this question may bring ish, protect, and nurture, to shower this child back unpleasant scenes from our own child- of theirs with everything within their power hood and is unsettling on a more universal to provide. Why? Surely it cannot be that the level as well. But, in truth, many Christians are child has done anything to earn such deep operating daily in just this same kind of inse- devotion. The answer is simple; they love this helpless infant with passion and devotion sim-

Dare we expect anything from God if we ply because it is theirs. are not good enough and how can we ever be

Now try and conceive of a love yet deeper,

sure if we are? Perhaps we lack the necessary more inexplicable even than that, a love that significance in the grand scheme and He will brought God from boundless realms of heavforget us in the greater world shuffle. Maybe enly glory into this clod of earth to die for huwe are actually on our own, after all, with God manity – one person at a time! These beings too far above us to be personally involved. for which He took on flesh had not only done How can we ever be certain He loves us, really, absolutely nothing to earn or deserve it, but

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

curity and ambiguity.


most of them long ago had turned their backs on Him. Really allow the enormity of this to sweep over you and wash away your doubt. Once the revelation hits you, you will surely never again ask, Daddy, do you love me? The only possible response to the kind of love He has offered us, the kind that positions us for Resurrection life, must be, Oh Daddy, I love you so! If your relationship with your natural father has left something to be desired, begin by acknowledging the inability of any human being to satisfy the deep need that only God can meet. Determine to see your earthly father through the eyes of your heavenly Father, and then turn the tables and try loving him simply because he is yours. Make this the day you resolve to open yourself to the love your heavenly Father is even now freely and lavishly pouring out on you. It is the reason He created you! He IS Love and love must have a receiver or be unfulfilled.

That is who you are -- a love receiver! Sit with that until it becomes revelation, stirring in you the capacity to see all others through the eyes of that same Love, in absolute certainty that your Abba Father loves you, now and forever – because you are His!

Copyright© 2013, Karin S. Syren. All rights reserved. Adapted from The Bible Minute, Concise Bible Studies for On The Go Christians, Copyright ©2010 Karin S. Syren Order your copy of Karin’s Bible Minute, Concise Bible Studies for On The Go Christians, published by Xulon Press available at or Barnes & Noble. com, as well as many other favorite online booksellers. For information about Karin’s programs, to contact her, or to begin receiving periodic communications from So-lu’shunz Leadership Services, please go to

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

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in·spire (n-spr) v. in·spired, in·spir·ing, in·spires ~ To affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence. ~To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion: ~ To stimulate to action; motivate ~ To affect or touch ~ To breathe on. ~ To breathe life into

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

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Get the tools you need to plan for a secure future,designed especially for women, which will provide you with information and the tools you need to plan for your own financial future and help empower you in your community.

Three Reasons to Anticipate

by Lori Hatcher Thankfully, my heavenly Father has a far different perspective than my earthly one. In fact, in Romans 5, He gives us three reasons to enter 2014 with anticipation instead of dread. We can anticipate eagerly anticipate 2014 because:


“Therefore, since we have been declared righteous by faith, we have peace with God through our I wear vestiges of my father sometimes when I Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1). ponder a new year. If I am saying goodbye to a year that has been good, I’ll sometimes look I can rest in the confidence that no matter forward hesitantly, concerned that if I peer too what happens in 2014, I have the promise far into the future I might see sadness, tragedy, of the supernatural gift of peace. It defies or loss. If I’ve had a bad year, I wonder if new understanding and description, but its presence sorrows will be added to my collection of tearis unmistakable. It holds me when my world is soaked memories.

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

When my sisters and I were young, giggling and acting silly in the back seat of the car, my dad would sometimes scold us, saying “Cut that out! Before you know it, you’ll be crying.” He was a pessimist – the classic glass-is-half-empty kinda guy. His general mindset on the world was not to enjoy the good times too much, because they might be taken away from you at any moment.


inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

rocked, and it cradles me when I am afraid. It testifies that I need not fear the condemnation of God or ever doubt my value and place in His family. My sin debt has been paid, and I am no longer dogged by guilt. I rest in my relationship with Him.


proven character produces hope. This hope does not disappoint, because God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit.”

Because God promises me joy, I can rest secure, even during times of trial. There is immeasurable comfort in knowing that nothing happens in my “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: life apart from God’s plan and purpose, and His not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your purpose for me is always good. Always. He’s not a heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John capricious God who randomly administers doses of 14:27). pain to balance out my times of happiness. In the words of Ruth Myers, author of 31 Days of Praise, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me you might have peace. In the world you shall have “I praise You for your sovereignty over the broad tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome events of my life and over the details. With You, the world” (John 16:33). nothing is accidental, nothing is incidental, and no experience is wasted. . . And every trial that You allow to happen is a platform on which You GOD GIVES US HIS GRACE. reveal Yourself, showing Your love and power, both to me and to others looking on. Thank you Also through Him, we have obtained access by faith that I can move into the future non-defensively, into this grace in which we stand”( Romans 5:2). with hands outstretched to whatever lies ahead, for You hold the future”. Grace is undeserved favor. I can enter 2014 knowing that God does not deal with me as I hope as you enter into 2014, you will walk into it my sins deserve, but instead, because of my non-defensively, embracing the peace, grace, and faith in Christ, lavishes His grace on me. Grace joy that God has provided for you this new year. answers my prayers before I even pray them. Grace provides exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ever hope or imagine. Grace HAPPY NEW YEAR! meets me in the dark night and whispers His love into my heart. Grace surprises me with love gifts that come when I least expect them, and sometimes when I fail to recognize them. Lori Hatcher is the author of Joy in the Journey – Encouragement Grace smiles.

GOD GIVES US HIS JOY. “And not only that, but we also rejoice in our afflictions, because we know that affliction produces endurance, endurance produces character, and

for Homeschooling Moms and the blog, Hungry for God; Starving for Time (www. A women’s ministry speaker, she enjoys walks with her dog, chocolate covered almonds, and sunshine. She and her husband live in Columbia, South Carolina.

Luke 1:45 God’s Word ® Translation

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

“You are blessed for believing that the LORD would keep His promise to you.”


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inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

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Deborah Hightower


Best Life D

eborah Hightower is a singersongwriter with a voice that has been described as angelic with a touch of Celine Dion, Norah Jones, Mariah Carey, and/or Laura Story. She has been blessed to perform in a variety of settings - from intimate chapels to mega-churches to small group gatherings to overflowing concert halls to radio and television and the White House. Her expertise however and gifts do not stop there. She is talented and knowledgeable in the multi-faceted areas of finance, speaking, and writing.

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

Deborah has written several articles for Inspired Women Magazine as her passion is to see others lifted and encouraged fulfilling their full potential in Christ. Her message is full of inspiration, information and empowerment which is why we wanted to chat some more with Deborah. Here are some questions, we had a chance to ask her recently.


IWM: Where in the world do we start? We have so much to talk about. So, I’ll throw this out. Tell us about you.

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

DH: Thank you so much for inviting me to spend this time with you to inspire other women. We need girlfriend time – to inspire, encourage and uplift one another.


I suppose the best place to start the conversation is with abbreviated hyphenate: financial consultant-singer-songwriter-author-speaker. If we added on… it would include worship and faith leader-mentor-women’s advocateexpansion expert-wife-mother-friend…and not necessarily in that order. The order of priority is God, husband, family, and then everything else. figuring out the funding and steps to get the ball rolling. The micro plan focuses on and outlines At first glance, one may ask how all these facets the details of how to get there – which can be fit together. I answer with a Thomas Merton more time consuming and complicated. That’s quote, “the greatest human temptation is to where the consulting role fits. I have been in the settle for too little.” We dream too small; we settle business of assisting corporations, non-profits, for what life generates; and we justify and make trustees and individuals plan and manage their excuses for feelings of regret, unfulfillment, and resources and investments for over 25 years. unhappiness. We are quick to complain but slow to make adjustments that could produce I think it important to point out that desires a change for the betterment of our physical, vary across the spectrum. Some are for personal mental, and spiritual wellbeing. edification, others for community betterment. Perhaps a professional athlete would like to set up Most of us are good at more than one thing, a foundation to fund sport camps for at-risk youth. we just fail to embrace and engage it all. We Another may like to make an estate gift to a charity compartmentalize or ignore gifts all together. I but see the benefit during their lifetime. Perhaps believe the best life is when we maximize our a family would like to establish a foundation that gifts for personal edification and then share with rewards scholarships to high-achieving students. others as an encouragement. Let me explain. Others may desire to expand their business into an underserved demographic. Let’s face it – To catapult an idea or dream requires action. As resources are a necessary part of making these we know, dreams and ideas that stay in the heart things happen. Who better to advise others than will never reach fruition. For the best success, one who has both professional and life experience there must be a plan. Rarely, if ever, do things just in these areas? ‘happen’. The initial plan includes a macro view of these components: dreams, goals, funding, and From the financial business base came speaking steps for achievement. The dream and goal part and writing. Throw in music, for which I have of the equation is usually the easiest. Then, comes had a lifelong love affair, and here I am.

IWM: You’ve written a couple of articles for us centered on achieving your dreams and living your life with purpose. How did you begin this journey of helping others?

the willingness to follow His teachings and to trust that things will work out the proper way and in the proper timing. Every day is a walk in faith… making the decision to record an album, write a book, make investment decisions…all require faith and belief that my footsteps are ordered.

DH: My first big career move was entering the financial arena, albeit at the bottom of the IWM: Every year many of us start goals and totem pole. My career began at E.F. Hutton as write down the “vision” but never seem able to a clerk; I practically begged for the entry-level carry it forth or stay committed. What advice job. In the beginning, I didn’t have a goal of becoming a financial advisor per se; but quickly or key points would you give us so that this realized how financial resources affect almost year may be a different year filled with favor every decision. I wanted financial security for and dreams that come to pass? myself and grew into the desire to help others make the best decisions for their future. So, the DH: To illustrate how to achieve a desire, I use Point A, journey began. Point B analogy. The macro Point A represents where you are right this moment and Point B represents the I believe that success builds confidence and ultimate desired destination. Here’s where the fineconfidence builds courage for expansion. I tuning comes. If we only think in generalities and started getting invitations to speak about fail to drill down to an immediately accomplishable finance that grew into talking about success and goal, it is easy to become disheartened and lose leadership. Mix business in with speaking on focus. But if we outline the micro part of the success Spiritual topics and inspirational singing and it equation, and identify an immediate Point B, the morphed into what it is today. And I believe this probability of sticking to the plan is greater.

is the new beginning. Every accomplishment becomes a new starting point from which Question: How does one eat an elephant? Answer: growth and expansion continues. One bite at a time. So, if the goal is to write a book,

IWM: What has been your greatest “faith” walk IWM: How do you see this year 2014 unfolding story? for Christians, women in particular? DH: Faith – the substance of things hoped for but DH: I am an optimist and believe that 2014 will be not yet seen. Faith requires a tune-in to God and the best ever. Will there be challenges? Of course. Will

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

approach it from the stand point of writing a line or IWM: Let’s talk music for a bit. You are a recording two that becomes a paragraph, that becomes a page, that becomes a chapter. Approaching the task from artist. What is your favorite song and why? a micro standpoint is easier than only seeing the Oh my… I have so many favorites... too many to daunting task of writing 500 pages. In this example, list. Music has always been an important part of my the immediate Point B is writing the chapter. life – although I didn’t release my first commercial studio CD until 2008. I have favorites from across The question then becomes, “What is the one thing the genres and, of course, the ones I have written. I can do today that gets me closer to my immediate Music has a way of speaking to places of the heart Point B?” Then, along the continuum you go to the next immediate Point B. that spoken words can miss.



inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

there be times when our faith is tested? Of course. That’s part of life; but if we stay steadfast and keep on keeping on, the righteous will prevail. Women play a pivotal role in the home, church, community, and professional space. I encourage other women to take the responsibility seriously. We are naturally nurturers - and love can mend hearts, heal brokenness, and repair relationships like nothing else.

LOVE. The Book: Quotes, Anecdotes, Lyrics and Affirmations will be available on February 14. The book contains favorite love quotes, backstories of the songs from the LOVE. Album, and encouragement. I have a few other projects on the burner as well.

IWM: What word of encouragement would you close out this interview with?

IWM: Finances always seem to be an issue with which many struggle. What advice would you DH: Be courageous in your journey! Live your best life by embracing all things God. Know that give women regarding this area? He has a plan for you – a plan to prosper you – in DH: To begin, BUDGET is not a bad word. It is Spirit, mind, and body. imperative to know these things (and write it down). IWM: How can people get in touch with you? 1. How much? How much income comes into the household and how much are the obligations? 2. What are my total assets and liabilities? 3. Where do I spend? 4. How can I reduce my non-fixed expenses? 5. What amount can I allocate as an allowance to myself? This amount should be a percent of income and is used discretionarily for which no budget bookkeeping is necessary.

I can be reached via: Website: Email: Phone: (478) 719-0881 Social media connections are:

This begins the process of evaluation – the first step Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of in the financial planning process. I believe it is also Inspired Women Magazine. I’m delighted to be your prudent to seek professional counsel in this area. cover to kick off the new year and I look forward

IWM: What is your favorite bible verse and why?

to continue writing as well. Blessings to you… abundantly and overflowing!

IWM: What is next for you? DH: My 2014 calendar is filling up with business, Spiritual, and music engagements. The booklet

and encourage other women towards their divine excellence. Most people refer to her as “AZ.” She has a Master Degree in Human Resources Administration and Development. She attends Majestic Life Church in Apopka, FL. You may contact her

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

DH: Many times my favorite depends on current need. For today, I will say 2 Timothy 1:6-7. (My paraphrase…fan into flame the gifts with which you have been blessed, and do so not with fear Adriana Zamot is editor and publisher but with a spirit of power, love and self-discipline.) of Inspired Women Magazine. IWM It’s a powerful message and reminder for me – fan began as a two page newsletter when she the spark of your gift into a huge flame…and even wanted to share with a few friends some of the highlights of Christian conferences though it may be scary, move forward with power that she had attended. She enjoys writing to accomplish it in love for self and others, and be and sharing of the Lord’s goodness disciplined about it. and mercy. Her hope is that IWM will inspire, motivate,


Raising Fit Kids PART TWO

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

by Laurette Willis, CHC, Director of PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry


“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.� (Proverbs 22:6) Last month we covered some alarming statistics about childhood obesity.

We learned that over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese. If the rise in current rates of overweight and obesity continue, as many believe they will, future adults may have shorter life-spans than the current generation— meaning we could outlive our children.

Tip #2: Instead of Opting for Fast food and Convenience foods, make HEALTHY food choices convenient! Although fast food may be convenient for the working Mom or Dad to grab after work for their children, the majority of fast food is loaded with unwanted fat and calories, which can quickly lead to added pounds.

This does not have to happen! Here are 5 Quick Tips to help our children (and us) get on the A healthier alternative may be to simply use right track. We just need the will to do it—and a crock pot in the morning before work, with recipes that include chicken and turkey, along the wisdom of the Lord to help us. with cut-up vegetables.

Tips To Help Overweight Children (and YOU) Lose Weight and Help All Children Stay Healthy

Tip #1: As the Adult – YOU Are the Example Last month, we introduced this subject with this helpful tip which serves as a mirror for all of us. Your children will follow your example (even if you don’t want them to). You can decide today that your family will be a “Fit Family” and be good stewards of the body the Lord’s given you. We teach our children by example: Eat breakfast every day. Don’t let your child learn the habit of skipping meals, which leads to overeating later in the day.

Protein snacks such as low-fat cheese, and celery with almond butter or peanut butter, can actually satisfy your child for a longer period of time. With that...Reduce sugar intake It’s best to avoid juices, soda-pop and drinks that have added sugar which can quickly increase the calories your child consumes. Pure water or fizzy water, and all-natural juices, without added sugar are much better. It’s best to refrain from candy and sugary desserts, and opt for healthier alternatives, for example fresh peach, pear or watermelon slices.

Tip #3: Eat Together You can help your children avoid developing an eating disorder by having sit-down family meals on a regular basis.

A study by the University of Minnesota found that girls who ate meals with their family at least Your children will begin associating “treats” 5 times per week had a 75 percent lower rate of with fun activities which exercise their minds unhealthy eating behaviors, such as abuse of and bodies, not consuming fattening foods and diet pills, purging or chronic dieting. Boys who sweets. ate with their families also did well.

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

Lead by example: Change your “treat” mentality. Find treats the fill your mind and spirit, not your body with empty calories. Instead of treating yourself with a sugary dessert or candy, treat yourself to an hour off reading your favorite book, playing a game you enjoy, relaxing in a bubble bath, or going for a delightful walk with your child “as a treat we can do every day!”

If you’re at home with your children or even packing a lunch for daycare, try to include healthful snacks in their diet such as yogurt, simple fruits and vegetables including apples, strawberries, raisins, bananas, and carrots.


It can become – “This is what we do as a family— we always go for a walk after dinner.”Or,“We always go bike-riding in the park on the weekends.” Find fun games to do at home that require physical activity, such as Twister, which has been around Try Breakfast Together! If you have a hard time for decades! getting everyone together for dinner because of busy schedules, start having breakfast together Involve your children in sports and swimming— instead. It doesn’t seem to matter which meal activities that get them moving, burn calories, the family has together. What makes the meet new friends, and help keep them sharp biggest difference is that the family meals take and focused. place on a regular basis. We also know that Following a few simple tips can get your prayer and fellowship around the table make a overweight children back to a healthy weight big difference, too! that will keep them feeling strong, and fit, all the way through their adult life—the good thing is Tips #4: Portion control that it will also help you to be strong, healthy Some children may want larger portions, or second and a good weight, too. helpings on foods that are mainly carbohydrates, such as potatoes, fries or bread. Limiting particular To recap: quantities of these types of foods can help your 1. As the adult, you be the example child stay in the recommended portion size 2. Instead of fast food, make healthy foods appropriate for their age group. convenient It may be helpful to keep larger portions of 3. Eat together as a family fresh vegetables, and fruit on the table instead. 4. Practice Portion Control 5. Increase physical activity as a family Let your children stop eating when they are ready, without insisting they finish all of their Grow together as a family to become “Fit food. The old saying of, clean your plate, is not Witnesses” for Christ in spirit, soul and body! always appropriate for each child.

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

Researchers said having meals together as a family helps children learn healthful eating habits. Parents can also keep an eye out for early signs of problems.


When I was little, it was popular to tell children that they needed to be a “Clean Plate Clubber” because children in foreign countries were starving. That reasoning to finish one’s dinner made little sense then as it does today. I was never quite sure how my eating could help a starving child. INSTEAD, give finances to missions, and sponsor a child through organizations such as Compassion International.

And -- Tip #5: Increase physical activity An increase in any form of exercise can help children stay healthy. Find ways to increase your whole family’s physical activity—doing fun physical activities together as a family.

Pick up my free guide to help you start making simple choices today which can have a profound effect on your health and waistline! Grab “5 Simple Steps to Looking & Feeling Fabulous” at

Christian Fitness Expert and Certified Health Coach Laurette Willis is the Director of PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry with DVDs, Training, and Classes by Certified PraiseMoves Instructors on six continents (http:// Get your free “5 Simple Steps to Looking and Feeling Fabulous” at . ©2014

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A New Year A New You by Mia Green

Let’s face it you’ve always wanted to highlight your hair, test your look with a ruby red lip, or create a style that you can confidently call your own. Well, there’s no better time than right now to re-invent YOU!

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014




Give your hair a little pizazz! Add some highlights or lowlights or why not both! Increase the length of your hair with some beautiful clip-in extensions or be courageous and go for a razor cut bob! If you desire to update the look of your hair, but you don’t want to permanently “change” its current state then you may opt for various wigs. A wig is an excellent way to rock a fresh new doo without a permanent change.

Try something different with your beauty look. If you’re the type to stick to one basic look then switch it up a little. You can soften your entire beauty look by lightening your eyebrows or create a dramatic look with a deep rich shade of lipstick. Stay true to your sense of style, but give yourself a little room to play you might just be pleasantly surprised at what a little bit of change will do.


The world of fashion is such a beautifully complicated place that if you’re not careful you will find yourself lost in a sense of style that is not your own. Take a moment to evaluate your current fashion status and if you’re not being true to you, then re-define your sense of fashion and style. Create with whatever you have at your fingertips and accessorize with the non-traditional. You never know the look that you create may just be the next big trend going down the runways of Mia Green is a professional makeup artist, and the owner of Les Fleur Cosmetics a makeup studio that specializes in Paris. ethnic skin and custom blended cosmetics. For more info you can visit

The Least of These by Lanette Kissel

Matthew 25: 40 (KJV)

Some people practice wearing a brave façade while on the inside they are falling apart. Can we show concern for what happens to them? Can we offer them a piece of our heart?

Can we recall how Jesus lived His life, how the One born in a lowly manger offered His love, hope, and compassion and never met anyone He considered a stranger?

Our Jesus consorted with the diseased and destitute, the ones society was afraid to touch, the overlooked, the ostracized, the outcasts, the ones who needed His kindness so much.

Can we manage to feel concern and compassion for those we meet on any given day, those who are trying to roll with life’s punches, the forgotten lambs who have wandered astray?

We know we can attempt to make a difference. If it’s our Lord we are hoping to please… we can search out the hurting and lonely. We can do it for the least of these.

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

…Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.


How to Set Relationship Goals for 2014 by The Love March

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

Imagine yourself a year from now. Grab a journal and a cup of tea and sit somewhere fluffy. See yourself in a year. What kind of woman do you hope to be? Is there a verse that characterizes your life? How do people feel after they’ve been around you? What victories from 2013 have you brought with you into the New Year? What setbacks have you learned from and left in the past? What qualities has God developed in you? What’s your love life like? Are you going on dates? In a serious relationship? Engaged or married?


If you an swered ‘y es’ to any of tho se last few love question s, yay! Yo u have a VISION ! And tha t’s the perfect p lace to st art.

Now we (your girlfriends at The Love March) want to give you a simple plan to prayerfully and purposely make that vision your real life. Answer these questions and fill in these blanks: In 2014, I’ll Leave These 3 Destructive Love Habits Behind: (They can be mindsets OR behaviors i.e. neglecting your appearance and not restoring and framing yourself like the masterpiece you are.) 1. _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________________________________ In 2014 I’ll Do These Things for the First Time - Practical Steps to Meet My Future Husband: (i.e. create a vibrant online dating profile - head HERE for our tips!) 1. _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________________________________ In 2014, I’ll Stay Encouraged in My Pursuit of Lifelong Love By: (i.e. What’s one scripture about God’s heart for you or for marriage that encourages you? If you can’t think of any, consider taking our 8 module online course - one part powerful, Biblical promises God’s made about your future marriage, one part dating, man-meeting bootcamp, one part fresh, actionable steps you can take today to get married.) 1. _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________________________________

P.S. Were these tips helpful? Want more from The Love March? Consider this your complimentary appetizer for the 8 course, main course! The Love March course. We dive deep into the common, deadly mistakes that keep Christian women single and the exact places to go (and what to do) to meet great men ... even if you’re middle aged, feel unattractive, NEVER meet men or haven’t had a date in years. Plus, we teach you the foolproof ways to ensure he can’t wait to propose to you! Learn more and begin today.

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

We’re so excited to hear your love stories this coming year! We pray that this New Year is full of heavy duty faith, bright, excited hope and God unveiling His amazing plan for your heart and your love. Here’s to fresh starts!



inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

Dare to Dream Series

Fasting and Praying for the New Year

1 TIMOTHY 2:1-2

As we continue on our journey to see our dreams unfold, one of the most important things we have established in previous Dare to Dream series articles is that we have to seek the counsel of the Lord. Many across the country are starting the year off by engaging in a season of prayer and fasting. So together, let’s join and seek the face of God for those things He has placed in our hearts.

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

“I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”


Whatever it is you (we) are praying for: • Disciplining oneself – subduing the body. 1 Corinthians 9:27 Financial restoration, a new business, house, healing for yourself or a loved one, a child • Reflection and preparation before God. Nehemiah 1:4 that’s needs restoration, family/marital issues, • Dependence on God not on our own direction on what to do next, favor before men, strength. 1 Chronicles 20:1-12 access to new territory, revival in our nation, • Priority on spiritual not material. Matthew 6:33 to see your gift be used for His honor and • Ability to distinguish between wrong kinds glory…whatever your dream, desire, or vision of fasting. Isaiah 58:1-7 let’s together pray and fast for manifestation, • Concentration on God – pleasing Him and and answers to our supplication. Let’s pray not ourselves. Zechariah 7:5 for a double portion of His goodness, favor,

and blessings. Let’s seek and press through Let’s get ready! Let’s set our dates of fast any so that this year will be different in spite of time from January 1-31, 2014. Let’s select what type of fast to enter into and commit everything

the past obstacles. As we set ourselves for the fast, let’s understand

to the Lord!

what fasting will consist of. As we have read in For more information, Jentezen Franklin and Susan Gregory both have great outlines and the bible fasting is:

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

information on fasting and its benefits. • Humbling oneself before God. Psalm 35:13 • Feeding oneself on the word of God. Dare to dream, Dare to go on this spiritual Jeremiah 36:.6 journey!


Chasing Ink by Cortney O’Brien What is it about an autograph? It’s just a signature. I’ve written my signature hundreds of times. What’s so special about anyone else’s? These are questions the star struck side of me may never be able to answer – and the reason dozens of autographs are collecting dust in my room.

I’d classify myself as somewhere in between fan girl and paparazzi. I’d stand for hours in the elements with my camera, but I wouldn’t chase you down in my car. I just want your name in ink.

Were we really going to see the Idols up close? They have to walk to their tour bus, don’t they? My answer came sooner than expected. There he was, the man of the hour: Taylor Hicks. Probably not a name many would recognize now, but in 2006 he was America’s reining American Idol and therefore a rock star as far as I was concerned. I needed his autograph. Desperate for a piece of paper, I guilted a stranger into lending me her ticket.

The source of my autograph addiction can be traced to July 21, 2006 – the day of the Season Phew. Crisis averted. Five American Idols Live concert in Rochester, New York. After the songs were sung and the Now armed and dangerous, I could enjoy the final bows were made, my mom and I found thrill of being one with the crowd. Waving my

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

The hours I’ve spent waiting for celebrities probably add up to days. I’ve waited for famous singers to emerge from backstage concert doors, waited to catch a glimpse of a senator walking out of his office on Capitol Hill. Just… waited.

ourselves at the back of the Blue Cross Arena, where we noticed a bus. People standing adjacent to it were huddled behind a metal barrier – waiting for something, it seemed. We then realized why. This wasn’t just any bus. It was the Idols tour bus! Suddenly, the thought of seeing Kellie Pickler and Chris Daughtry mere feet away from me created a flurry of belly butterflies. With a little persuasion, my mom agreed to stand with me in the crowd.


inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

arms and screaming, “Taylor!” with the other fans was an experience until then I didn’t know I was missing.


He greeted fans at the opposite barricade, and then the American Idol finally strolled over to our side. I wasn’t in the front line, so I stretched my arm out as far as I could. My superhero flexibility paid off – he took the paper out of my hand! When I got it back I had my own freshly written “Taylor Hicks” (more like, “T – Hic –“) on a ticket that wasn’t mine. Success! My knack for chasing ink followed me overseas, when I just happened to be studying abroad in England during the Royal Wedding. Don’t worry, I didn’t try to run after Prince William for an autograph on his wedding day. He had a more important signature to make. And I don’t think the Royal Guard would have let me anywhere near Kate Middleton’s dress with a black marker.

It was Meredith Vieira I was after. Along with the rest of NBC’s Today show cast, Vieira was reporting on all things “Will and Kate” the last few days before their anticipated nuptials. While the mostly British

crowd in Trafalgar Square was singing along with some boy band I’d never heard of (i.e., not One Direction), I surreptitiously made my way to the back of the tent Vieira was in preparing for her next segment. There was one friendly security guard guarding the entrance. I handed him a piece of paper and asked him if he could give it to Vieira to sign. He obliged, but came back empty-handed, explaining she “may” sign it after her segment. Darn. That could take forever. Not wanting to miss my chance and just stand backstage like a dud, I walked back to the crowd to watch the live taping of Vieira interviewing Kate Middleton’s bridal jewelry designer. After she finished the interview, Vieira graciously made her way up and down the line of fans, stopping and chatting with each person. Oh, and I didn’t mention it was my birthday.

Stalking Vieira wasn’t my finest moment, but it I don’t how long it had been. But, the crowd wasn’t my worst. and the exertion of being on her feet became too much for my grandma, so she told me she Then came my worst moment. was going to wait in the back. Awhile after that, It was one of my many trips to New York City finally Amber Riley, who plays Glee’s vocal diva with my grandma. We were walking contentedly Mercedes, emerged…and went straight into through the avenues, until I remembered it was a car. My eager expectations dashed, I looked the day of the Glee concert at Radio City Music back to check on my grandma. She was leaning Hall. The wheels started turning, and then… against a wall – clearly exhausted.

inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

As soon as she shook my hand I took the opportunity to tell her meeting her was a great present. She hugged me, but I wouldn’t let her “Grandma! Let’s go to Radio City and wait by the walk away without getting a picture. I’d worked stage doors until the Glee cast comes out!” She, too hard to get there. like all doting grandmas, didn’t have the heart The photo of me standing with Vieira to say no. We got there and, sure enough, there (international tourist photo bomber and all) is was already a huge crowd who had the same now framed on the wall in my room. idea we – I – had.


inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014


As all best lessons do, mine gradually started Was it really worth it to stand there and starve making itself known. Looking at my worn out just to get some ink or a picture I’d soon forget grandma, who would much rather be curled up was even on my iPhone? No. in bed with a Reader’s Digest than enduring a crowd full of overzealous Gleeks, it dawned on The fact I was even able to answer that question me how trivial my pursuit was. How can I make was huge. Understanding that there are better my grandma stand on her feet for hours just so I can things worth waiting for wasn’t far behind. score a signature? I couldn’t. I walked out of the A short time after I stood up Channing Tatum, crowd, let other fans eagerly take my place, and I heard a sermon about waiting. The pastor walked back to Grand Central with my 70 pluspreached Psalm 27, year-old grandma – who is It helps me realize the One which ends with these a bigger rock star anyway. I should truly be waiting words, “Wait for the Now, I couldn’t even tell you Lord.” I memorized that for does not need to give where half those graphs are verse. It helps me realize for which I spent so much me His signature. the One I should truly time waiting and pushing. be waiting for does not Stuffed in some drawer, no doubt. In the corner need to give me His signature, for the marks He of my room back home in upstate New York. made for me are much greater than anything Not sure. The point is, it doesn’t matter. one could make with a black permanent A couple months ago I stumbled across a marker. Since that sermon, I’ve spent less time Washington, DC movie premiere. It was called memorizing celebrities’ schedules and more White House Down. I overheard that Channing time in the bible. Tatum and Jamie Foxx were going to arrive on the red carpet within the hour. My old celebrity I recite Psalm 27 now anytime I have the urge chasing habits returning, I instinctively walked to turn fan girl because celebrities, exciting as toward the carpet and the cameras. My feet took they may be, are not my idols. me to the edge of the decked out runway, behind And their ink, I discovered, dries just as quickly the metal bars of which I was very familiar. It was as the rest of ours. after work, I hadn’t eaten dinner and had already been walking through Georgetown for quite some time before I stumbled upon the movie posters. Still, empty stomach and all, I stood and waited. Cortney O’Brien is a native upstate New Yorker whose After about half an hour, I really started to feel the passion for writing dates back to elementary school. She fatigue. My hunger wasn’t playing around. But, I earned a bachelor’s degree in English at Allegheny College thought, I’ve seen lots of famous people in person and graduated from the National Journalism Center in the fall of 2012. She is currently a web editor for Townhall. before, but never a movie star. That reasoning kept com outside of Washington, DC, where she covers local and me there for another half hour. national politics. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, Then, I did something I wouldn’t have dreamed playing tennis and growing in her walk with the Lord, with whom all things are possible of doing since that night of the Season Five American Idol concert. I left.


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inspired women magazine JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014

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