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CARMEN NEUFELD President, Planners Plus Inc.

LYNNE SKROMEDA Executive Director, Winnipeg Folk Festival

JASON GRESCHUK Owner, Afforda Pro Painting

They say that “free advice” isn’t worth the paper it is written on, but that does not apply to mentorship. Every mentee should take the advice, suggestions and commentary they receive simply as options for them to consider. The road travelled by others just may offer some nuggets that will make your entrepreneurial trip an easier one. As for the mentor, sharing what you have experienced is not only an acknowledgement that you have made it, but also that you have survived!

Our Musical Mentors and Young Performers programs are both wonderful ways to allow Winnipeg youth to learn music – in particular, folk music. Mentoring is something our organization focuses on as part of artist development and is particularly great as it works from both angles – the kids are excited to learn how to play an instrument, write songs and build confidence and the mentors themselves are able to develop a meaningful relationship with the kids and see first-hand how music can make such a difference in their lives. Music programs sadly are disappearing in schools and these programs are a way we can help ensure kids of all backgrounds continue to experience the joy of learning and performing.

Why bother to mentor someone? Because it takes your life from being already successful to a place of significance. There is no better way to learn leadership skills than by mentoring someone and no better feeling than to guide and watch a pupil grow, learn and change because you took the time to invest in them. The effects cannot fully be measured.

GAYLE SIDNEY Owner, McDiarmid Flowers As the owner of a family run flower shop for 26 years, it is fulfilling to know that I have found a person who shares my commitment to keeping the business going. I didn’t think anyone would want to take over the shop; I was expecting to be closing my doors when I retire. Finding someone like Maverick, who truly enjoys working in this business and is happiest when he’s in the flower shop, was an unexpected and welcome surprise. It is well worth my investment in training and it has been a rewarding experience for us both.

BRIAN JAMES MEADEN John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Speaker, The Leadership Guy Life will never, ever, ever give you what you want. It will only ever give you who you are. Being and having a mentor is simply not normal for most people. So are you being normal like everyone else and getting what everyone else has? Or, are you Breaking Normal and arguing for more out of life?

BEN HOPPER Small Business Coach and Social Media Advisor, Hopper Associated Mentoring is a gift… a gift you give others, but also one you can give yourself. It’s an exchange of information, experience, successes and failures. It allows you to help others grow and learn from your past struggles and help them shape their future. It can also bring you back to the time when you were in their shoes and remember how you felt, acted and performed both at work and away. These are valuable lessons for everyone involved and can have a very lasting impact.

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Ayoko Magazine Vol. 3  

Print media continues to be an important tool for business, and Ayoko Magazine’s format, style and content, illustrates how our business too...

Ayoko Magazine Vol. 3  

Print media continues to be an important tool for business, and Ayoko Magazine’s format, style and content, illustrates how our business too...

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