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“Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.” — Internet Retailer, 2010

Text by Sean Philips, Owner of A Moving Picture Studios he Web is changing every day and people are starting to expect a product demo or video profile of the goods and services they want to buy. Websites with video outperform those that don’t – it doesn’t just bring people to your site, it keeps them there.

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the type of content with the best ROI.

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Emarketer, 2013 After Joel Ross of Joel Ross Photography posted a finished brand profile video on his company homepage, he noticed an immediate spike in sales. He received a steady stream of compliments on the way the video showcased his work and – even more importantly – how it brought out his personality. For many service-based businesses, this is the power of video: the ability to leverage your unique personality before an initial meeting. I have had the pleasure of working on video content for Ayoko Magazine’s new TOM mobile app. Working on interactive print is exciting because you can create a strong connection between the written word – whether it’s the note from the editor or an advertisement – and the moving images. The end result is a fuller, more immersive experience than traditional publications. It’s very exciting.


It all starts with a free consultation where I ask 1000 questions to get inside your head. The who, the where and the how much are important, but they are nothing compared to the why. From a customer’s perspective, knowing why you do what you do, having that window into who you are as a person, is the most important factor in generating a long-term relationship with a brand. STEP 2: TRANSLATING YOUR STORY TO A SCRIPT

We look for key people in your organization and bring out their passion or expertise. We look for visual metaphors that get to the core message of why you are unique and what makes you the right choice for your target audience. We look for ways to make people laugh or cry. We look for a soundtrack that heightens the emotional content. If we can make the viewer feel something, it’s one step closer to making them actually do something.

gives the right feeling while other brands are better served by hand-held shots to make it look more like a reality TV show. In many cases, a video testimonial from your best client is perfect. Every brand is unique and that’s why every video needs to be different. STEP 4: BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER IN EDITING

This is where the magic happens. Interestingly, even if the storyboard is planned perfectly, there are always little “mistakes” or changes that happen in the editing room that really take the production over the top. I can’t stress this enough: a brand personality video is by far the best way to draw an emotional response for your prospective client. It is FAR better than photos or the written word. Along with Brand Personality videos like the ones featured in the TOM mobile app, Sean Philips and A Moving Picture Studios specialize in wedding cinematography, real estate flythroughs and event highlight videos. Learn more at www.amovingpicturestudios.com


We are always looking for interesting angles and locations to make the production come to life. For some brands, a helicopter fly-over

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Print media continues to be an important tool for business, and Ayoko Magazine’s format, style and content, illustrates how our business too...

Ayoko Magazine Vol. 3  

Print media continues to be an important tool for business, and Ayoko Magazine’s format, style and content, illustrates how our business too...

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