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General High School Alumni Officers REhza Velasco President, HS Alumni Dr. Amado Nazal Vice President-Internal Mario Liwag Vice President-External Annabelle Zalamea Treasurer Jean velasco Vicars Secretary Noel Gatdula Christian Cabigting Director Ricky Velarde Auditor Buddy Chan Public Officer Julie Santiago Secretary “Batch 88 Group� Committee Leaders Christian Uybengkee Program Book/A/V Production Physical Arragement/Over-all Coordinator Josephine paz Accounting and Finance Ramil Lizada Food and Supplies Leonora Soriano Eva Security and Order Sheila Morales ID and Usherettes Wilfred Reniva Dance Team Leader

Congratulations to Batch 88 on your 25th anniversary. You have every reason to celebrate this occasion. Beside Silver Jubilarian, this years also marks the Golden Anniversary of Trinity College of Quezon City now Trinity University of Asia. This twin celebration that is spearheaded by you batch is, indeed memorable not only for you but for the entire alumni of our school from 1963 to the present. Trinity College of Quezon City has gone a long way in nurturing the youth through quality education which guided them through their formative years unto their adulthood which eventually redound to their success in their respective careers or endeavors. It makes us proud, alumni of Trinity College of Quezon City now Trinity University of Asia that every profession and in the business community all over the world, there is a alumnus of our Beloved Alma Mater making a mark in his//her field thereby proving that Trinity University of Asia has what it takes to make their students rise to the top... Mabuhay Trinitian!!!! Ms. ReHza Velasco

TCQC/TUA General High School Alumni President

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Foresight of a Leader

Trinity After

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Remembering the Principals


25 Years

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Dekada Nobenta

By: Prof. Juliet A. Demalen, Principal, TUA-Basic Education


Having been chosen to lead TUA- Basic Education is without a doubt, the most challenging yet the most enriching part of my personal and professional life. It is challenging because of the scope and depth of my responsibilities as people and educational leader and manager. I am expected to perform a tough job which is not for the faint of heart, but for those who have the moral fiber to do what God has designed to be great. Enriching because of the rare chance to work with the best and the brightest in the management committee, the learnings I had from their vast experiences as managers, and in the shrewdness of their brains in making significant and life changing decisions. Furthermore, it is enriching because of the students who are my constant inspirations to be at my best every time I report for work to school and perform my role as the mover and initiator of the culture of excellence in the work place. Leading a unit with fifty (50) or more personnel with various personalities, abilities and skills, made me realize that the creative tensions brought about the uniqueness of each and everyone, the differences in perspectives and priorities, are perfectly designed challenges and circumstances for me to hone my people management skill, and a chance for everyone to grow and mature as social beings. As your leader, my foremost responsibility is to provide you of the vision, and to paint the path where we are heading to. This vision will fuel the fire within, and draw us forward. Let this be our uniting force towards change and advancement as an institution. I envision, believe and claim, that TUA-Basic Education will continue to be one of the respected Christian Institutions, with teachers and students as models of Christian values, confident in expressing thoughts and ideals through competent execution of oral and written communication skills, and innovators of Mathematical, Scientific and Technological advancements, while being vital shares and contributors in the preservation and care of the environment.

Our students are nurtured in a positive and warm environment that sets the climate for a competent engagement of students in class related activities. Programs and activities are carefully designed to provide them with avenues to showcase their God-given talents, respond to the call for preservation of natural and man-made richness, and to think critically and come up with informed decisions in solving real life problems. Hence, students are integrally and holistically developed, molded to be confident, goal oriented and achievement driven individuals. This vision will only be realized if we collectively do the following: Provide quality instruction with rich learning resources. Instruction must emphasize process and product as well. Cultivate programs toward a student-centered instruction that focuses on essential understandings of relevant concepts in Math, Science, and Technology. Students are trained and equipped with Knowledge, Skills and Ideals which are later translated into positive choices and decisions in life. They are made aware that their present actions shape their future, the community and country. Emphasize a Christ-centered education through integrating Christian values across academic disciplines. Our primary goal is to direct the child toward the richness of a Christian Life. The school setting is a model of a Christian community wherein people demonstrate genuine love, respect and care for one another. The day to day engagements of students in the Christian-centered activities will prepare them in fulfilling God’s divine design and will. Ensure that faculty members are nurturing and caring individuals, who are capable of creating a conducive learning center or venue. They must be master implementers of the curricula and are adaptive and receptive to emerging advancements and changes. They are equipped with varied teaching strategies and provide students of opportunities for greater individual mastery of skill toward effective transfer of learning into real life situation or circumstances. They must also employ assessment tools that will measure not only the acquired knowledge and skills, but also the application of such through varies performances. Provide the best and quality services to all stakeholders and genuinely aim for ultimate customer satisfaction. My dearest Tinitians, follow me, as I walk into the path leading to where I envision, I believe, and I claim, as the place and condition that God has intended us to be. Though it is difficult I must admit, it is just inspiring to believe that I am not alone in this journey, because behind me are people who share my vision, passion and love for the unit. “ Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see� Hebrew 11:1


emembering Rthe Principals

By: Christian Uybengkee

I closed my eyes recalled happy memories as a stepped back onto the TCQC High School Grounds, twenty five years since I left it. I looked back on the things I missed about my youth during my growing up years. I realized the value of looking back at the past and remembering times gone by as I entered the TCQC Alumni office. I felt a sense of anxious anticipation and my eyes wandered to the line of portraits of past principals hung on one side of the room--a standing monument that withstood time. They were men and women of vision and fortitude. They were the foundation of an institution which molded me to become who I am now. I wondered to myself if any of the former students or any of my classmates would still remember who these principals were. Were they still relevant in the former students’ lives? I asked myself if I had a chance to personally thank them or paid a small tribute for their efforts. As I pondered these

thoughts, I called up my friend and former editor-in-chief to help me with a little token of my personal esteem to honor these unsung heroes and heroins. As we come together again on our 50th Anniversary, let me in my own little way show my appreciation and gratitude for their humble efforts. Theirs was an unenviable task worthy of note! On our Golden Anniversary, let me take this opportunity, on behalf of all the alumni, to thank you for all your tireless efforts. Thank you for molding us to what we are today. Thank you for continuing to care for our humble alma mater and temporary home. For us, you

Mr. Tomas C. Ca


Principal (1963-




served as guiding the guiding stars that helped us navigate our lives to become what we are and where we are today. To all the Principals of Trinity High School--then and now, our heartfelt thanks go out to you! The lessons I have learned from all of you, I will always treasure! Mabuhay po kayo!

Prof. Juliet A.



arge, Basic Education (2009-Pres ent)

TUA Alumni HS

Mr. Great Mabuti

Principal, Basic Education (2008-2009)

Dr. Adela G. Gilette

e (1999-2000) Officer-In-Charg (2007-2008) e Officer-In-Charg

Dr. La Paz G. Brito

Principal, Basic Education (2006-2007

rilla inia E. Va200 VirgCh Ms. cer 3) -In- arge (2001Offi (2003-2005) Acting Principal 2006) Principal (2005-

Mrs. Florence C. Aben Officer-In-Charge (1998-1999)

V. Monserat Prof. Maidal (1968-19 78) Principa

Prof. Menandro M. Magculang Acting Principal (1978-1979) Principal (1979-1998)


By: Christian Uybengkee


consider my days at the Trinity High School as some of the best times of my life! it felt like I had the world in my hand--no worries, no responsibilities, no bills to pay, and no obligations to take care of. There were no hardships of adult life. There were only the good times and hanging out with friends. Truly, high school life was definitely fun-filled!

I remember being so enthusiastic about going to class and being with close friends. I miss the days when we can just goof around, the horse play, copying each others assignments, making “kodigos� or cheat sheets every time we had an exam and just do anything and everything to get by and pass the subject. I now understand how important it is to study well and the value of education. Back in high school, my only concern was making the grade to pass the year level. It never occurred to me that I was in fact, preparing for my future. Well, part of growing up is to experience everything life has to offer. We all learn from o u r mistakes. Every time I l o o k back on the past, I feel that there was much I needed to change and there were things I should have valued more! Life back then was about close friends and those you can run to when the chips were


down but I never realized all that was temporary as one of my closest friends eventually left us and joined our Creator. Looking back at Trinity 25 years after is like peering into a mirror that reflects real life and that I realized that while the Good Lord allows us to roam this earth, we should all strive to do things for the greater good. I realized through my own experiences that one needs to take action and leave a lasting mark on society and your fellowmen. In the 25 years since Trinity, I’ve met all sorts of personalities; there were the quiet, unassuming types who actually hailed from a rich, influential family; there were the loud and boastful types who were in fact, running from a dark past; this is also where I found the people I believe I’ll hand around with even as we grow old. It was at Trinity where I saw a teacher using a personal microphone just so his students would be able to hear him because his voice was too soft. I also remember that lovely Physics teacher (ahem! I guess you know who she is.) i think most of my friends and maybe the entire male population in class had a huge crush on her which was why we were so attentive in her class! Her beauty was an inspiration for us to excel in her subject! it was in Trinity that I met several lovely ladies who have since left a mark in society. One of them has established one of the leading beauty salons and beauty products in Metro Manila. Who would have thought they would be super successful now? I’m so proud of them! it was also here at Trinity where I met some of whom I can call my true friends who are with me to this day!




We may not see each other much but we still keep in touch and whenever we do, we still reminisce on all the good times we’ve had in school. That’s one of the most difficult things to do--to forget about the good old days! it was also where I met my first “true love” that lasted 7 years and still leaves a vacuum in my heart. If only there was a way to turn back time, I would try to make things right and rearrange my own personal history! But that is all now in the past... There were the times I snuck off to Violago to shoot some billiards and cut class; jump out the back gate of the school and hang out for a drink or two with friends; to help victims of a huge fire that raged one of the depressed areas close to the school. I never, not even in my wildest dreams imagined I would get myself up to the challenge of helping our neighbors! At a young age of 16, I had a taste of what it felt to have some degree of invincibility as I and my friends rushed off to help fire victims while some of my schoolmates merely watched. That was when I realized that there are people who are ready and willing to help their fellowmen without seeking a favor or reward! Looking back at Trinity after 25 years is a great experience! Coming back and stepping onto the school grounds again, I re-lived being in my old classroom, hallway, corridors and quadrangle. A lot has changed and things are not quite as they were before. But the memories--both good and bad remain! I remember that our little “tricol” as we called it was truly important in shaping my character and personality. The experience I went through in my alma mater, I would not have gone through


anywhere else! To my classmates whom I’m seeing after 25 years, I am truly elated and touched to be with again! In our younger years, all we would talk about was our next “gimik” and how to pass the next exam and the never ending string of assignments, today, we would talk about which school to send our kids to--if we should send them to Trinity like we were sent by our parents before us. I wonder if this would be the same tone our conversations will take after we’re all grandparents? For certain, we will be talking about our achievements in life but most of all, we would all agree that if not for our short stay at Trinity, we would not be who we are today. 25 years after, it is with great pride that I proclaim, I was once a student here! This is where I came from! This is where we made a start in life and it is here where the good memories will remain. As we reunite and re-acquaint ourselves with each other, let this serve as a time to look back on the sweet memories and endless storytelling of days gone by. I personally thank Trinity for the opportunity to have been under your wing. On behalf of Batch ‘88, I am beaming with pride and eternally grateful for this momentous event!

The new Trinity High School after 25 years



HS Batch ‘67

is the first high school class to graduate from Trinity College of Quezon City since its establishment in 1963. After four decades, they have reunited into a close-knit group centered around socializing together, exchanging ideas, enjoying life, and helping one another and their communities. The group comes from a variety of professions, including business, medicine, engineering, academia, governments, and local and international media broadcasting, while others are retired from their chosen careers. HS Batch ‘67 has also grown by sharing its activities with other Trinity College high school graduates (HS Batch ‘68/69) and friends, a trend that they hope to continue into the future. Together, the graduates honor the spirit of its Alma Mater, Trinity College of Quezon City.” Thank you very much!





Mario Liwag

Batch ‘77

was raining when I sat down with one of the most Itinstrumental significant Trinitians who was both influential and as far as TCQC Alumni are concerned. I got

a call from Batch ‘88 president, Ramil and he told me we were going to face one of the pioneers of the alumni association who preceded our batch by 11 years. At first, we were worried that there might be some sort of “generation gap” and we might not be able to grasp his vision for our alma mater. As we walked in to the meeting place, a tall, robust gentleman greeted us at the door. He was mature in years but not in looks while wearing a TCQC Batch ‘77 t-shirt--a proud testament of his loyalty and gratitude to his alma mater. He was a lively, animated character. It was comforting to note that his vision and mission were not far from what we believed in. This was where our conversation took off. What was the most significant event during your stay at TCQC? I was the team leader to the cheering squad at the time. Trinity was a new addition to the NCAA then and there was a traditional, “initiation” which meant that there was some hostile contact in the game so after the games there was usually some physical violence after the game. I stood as a leader and there were some Trinity guys who took it upon themselves to defend the school. I stood my ground, not just to play leader, not to defend my friends, classmates or my batch but to stand up for our school! Back then, Trinitians were always the subject of intimidation from other schools like Claret and everyone else. I went there to head our party, to act as reinforcement. What was the difference between Trinity now and back then? Things are reversed now. It used to be the the high school sustained the college department. Today, it’s the college department that sustains high school because of the decline in the number of enrollees. There’s also a lot of other schools out there that we are competing with in terms of enrollment. Trinity used to be popular and was considered in the same league as Ateneo, Miriam and other bigger institutions. Trinitiy was “diversity”, a coming together of everyone from the Quezon City area.


What do you look back on when you think of high school? Mario: I remember the teachers who had no faith in my abilities because I did not excel in academics. Maybe if I concentrated on studying, I would have been a valedictorian! I was more into the extra-curricular activities. I was active outside the campus because I saw there was a need for me there. Trinity benefitted from my participation in activities outside the classroom. This was especially true when we joined the NCAA and we were not fully prepared. Imagine, not only was I an athlete in track and field, volleyball, basketball but I was also the head cheerleader as well! I didn’t even know what the battle cry was! And we didn’t even have a band! Those were the sort of challenges we were faced with back then! So the students were active with the NCAA? Not really. They were more focused on P.E. Trinitiy was active in “activism”--we were the first who staged a boycott against tuition fee increases! In 1979, I was among those who were issued an “ASO” or arrest order. I was a political detainee who spent 3 months in jail because of activism. We were trying to revive the student council which was underground in those days. Who were the most influential teachers for you? First to my mind is Mr. De la Torre, my friend and my mentor. It was through him that I learned the mindset of a student. Through him I learned to have faith in my goals and where I wanted my life to go and to stay focused and not veer away from those goals. If only I could turn back time, I might be a millionaire by now! I may not have been an excellent student but I’m happy with my life now. I’m contented. I’m still active with Trinity. I was given an award for being an Outstanding Alumni. I would not be where I am if not for Mr. De la Torre. If you were to go back in time, where would you go? I want to go back to my old “barkada” and the good times we had. When I went to the U.S. in 2010,

I saw the Trinity there and I said I would do what I can for them. I told them to organize an alumni association and the did. 2010 is the official start of alumni homecoming for those in the States. Those who lived in Canada and U.S. all met up in Los Angeles. I cried when I saw not only my classmates but those who came from other batches as well; 1972-1977. In all, 89 members attended the event in Los Angeles, California.

rekindle the Trinity spirit. Let’s focus on Trinity and be more active in the succeeding homecoming events. Let’s expand our network and be there for each other--for all Trinitians!

Would you say that your stay in Trinity High School was among the best times of your life? Definitely! One of the things I miss is the “alog” or shakedown. There was this tradition wherein the 3rd year would shakedown the freshmen and sophomores who would in turn, give 10-centavos. It was a rite of passage that was akin to an extortion. There was also, “Eloys”--a buy and sell store. A friend of mine had only two pairs of pants but sold the other one to “Eloys” so we had spending money. That guy went on to set up a tile business which made him a multimillionaire today. Finally, I saw him again in 2007 and I was so happy! Parting words What I would want for us is to move forward. I’m calling on all the former leaders to come back and



Batch 79



Compliments of: Chita Nazal Matunog, MD ‘78 Amado I. Nazal, MD ‘81 Elisa Nazal Simon, MD ‘81 Roberto I. Nazal ‘85 WWW.TUAHSALUMNI.COM


TCQC Pangkat’82 Family

Looking back in 1982, we had a total of 10 sections, 5 held in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. There were a total of more or less 500 students in our batch. Of course no one knows everybody. We never bother to say hi or give everyone a smile. Though we often bump into each other in the canteen, library, bookstore, corridors, gym, and hallways or even in jeepneys and buses, yet, we never know their names. We’re not interested anyway. We’re satisfied with our classmates, team mates and sets of friends we already had. Most of us would tell that the days spent in high school were the best days in our lives. Those are days that will remain unforgettable. It was in high school that we learned to compete for excellence both in academics and by being part of the sports team, leading in the student council, and joining the scouts and other school organizations.


We fell in love, had our hearts broken, and formed lifelong friendships. High school was the time we learned the harsh and wonderful lessons of life. Back in April 1999, we created a core group which would initiate the preparation for the first ever reunion of our batch: The TCQC Pangkat’82, with Director Noel Cabacungan chosen as the officer in charge of the group. The first reunion was held at Quezon City Sports Club in October of the same year with the theme “Y82 Facing Y2K.” 100 plus Pangkat members attended. Another reunion was held in 2000 at Retro Bar in Roces Avenue. In 2006, the officers created a Yahoo Group in preparation for our upcoming Silver Jubilee and hosting of the TCQC Grand Alumni Homecoming. This was an effective way of communication especially to those based abroad. Our hosting last 2007 was

attended by 120 plus Pangkat members. Last July 12, 2011, the TCQC Batch ‘82 30th Anniversary Facebook account was created. It was the beginning of a more exciting get-together. Thanks to the power of this social networking site, more of our batch mates have been found; membership in this account grew to 201. We were reconnected, even those whom we haven’t seen for almost 30 years. We were also able to communicate with our teachers. Time had passed and it’s been over 30 years and apparently, it is not the same as it is used to be. Students who were once separated by sections are now united and connected. Our 30th anniversary reunion was held last December 22, 2012. It was really a fun and memorable experience. We were reunited with my batch mates, even the ones we didn’t know personally during our high school days. Since then, we continuously communicate with each other. No matter how far we’ve gone in life, we find ways to make our paths cross. All we can say, the Pangkat’82 members have become one High School section... ONE BIG FAMILY!!


HS Batch ‘84



Trinity Batch ‘85 in action in 2012

Purple power during the TUA High School Alumni Homecoming in February 2012

Sharing blessings and resources with the sick children of The Child Haus in March 2012

Summer outing and oath-taking of new sets of Batch 85 officers for 2012 to 2015

Bonding moments after relief drive at Barangay Damayang-Lagi beside TUA High School in the aftermath of flooding due to Habagat in August 2012

Celebrating as three-peat champions in the TUA High Scho Alumni Basketball Tournament in September 2012

Concluding 2012 on a high note of bonding and camaraderie ye again with the Batch 85 Christmas Party held at Music 21 KTV in Quezon City on December 2012

TCQC HS Batch ‘86



Tell us something about your batch TCQC Batch / section and year Graduated. TCQC Batch 86 / IV-Pearl / 1986. Batch 86 takes pride in being referred to as “the Golden Batch”. This identity came about because it was during our senior year that TCQC received much accolades in the academic and athletic aspects. The Batch 86 students at the time were bringing home Gold Medals, Championship Titles, and so many other recognitions from competitions played against other schools. The most influential people from your batch Today, we have the honor of having batchmates shining in their own respective fields. We have the likes of Maria Socorro Domingo-Davidson, our Valedictorian, who now holds a senior position in an IT company based in Houston, Texas. There’s Dr. Alwin De Leon who has authored and published motivational books and is now Executive Director for Virlanie Foundation. Dennis Jordan is currently Country Manager for Linde Philippines and credited to be the youngest Country Manager of that organization. Averell Gaspar is Country Manager for Getz Pharma, along with Arthur Zapanta who is National Head for Sales in the same company. Faith Fernandez Aranton is currently Head of PR & Communications for Avon Philippines while Joy Buniao Coronel is Head for Sales and Marketing for Astra Zeneca. Raul Castillo also holds a senior leadership position in another multi-national pharmaceutical company. Sahlee Gay Tecson is based in Florida and has gained recognition as one of the top experts in Physical Therapy in that state. Neil Gumban is making a difference in people’s lives with his role as AVP for News and Public Affairs in GMA Network. Javier Coloquio is making a mark with his entrepreneurial acumen as importer of industrial equipment and consummables from US, Europe, and other Asian countries. Joy Santos Magahis shines in retail marketing as Retail Manager for Globe Telecoms, same with Reymund Sahagun who blazes his own trail in Bayantel Communications. Myrna Villarena showed her penchant for community service as well with her stint as Kabataang Barangay Chairman, in the same batch as now QC Mayor Herbert Bautista. Brylle Mondejar gained natinal recognition and acclaim as one of the truly talented celebrities who were part of the popular That’s Entertainment and then went on to become public servant afterwards. The most influencial teacher from your batch In big and small ways, all our teachers had a special place in our hearts. They s, which fuelled us into reaching for and living our present realities.

Most memorable things that happend to your batch 1986 was the year of historical EDSA People Power Revolution. For days during the great revolt, all of us were wondering what would happen and probably at a loss over the change. We were all born having Marcos as the nation’s leader. All of a sudden, we were witnessing a revolution that would alter a seemingly “permament” fixture in our young realities. But then again, we were probably also all preoccupied with wondering if the Senior Prom would ever push through once the Revolution was over... What is unusual or unique about your batch, in comparison to other batches, if any. We were the Batch that raked in the most number of honor for the school! We’re a very spirited and passionate batch that wanted to make a difference in the country... in the world! Best trait in your batch Now, people outside our circle would see us as a group of different individuals, all strong, all willful, all worthy of having something to stay and being listened to. We are a batch who will always try to respect, accept, and build on each other’s differences. We are different people, living different lives, but bound by the golden glow of the Batch 86 name. What is the most significant type of songs, genre, and clothing you remembered during your time? Our batch was right smack in the center of the Party 80s tornado! New Wave was the national hymn; bright, loud colors were the motif; Bagets was the must-watch movie; and shoulder pads were our suit of armor! Any notable organizations that excelled on that year? The Boys and Girls Scouts, the CAT, the Volleyball and Basketball teams, the Interact Club, the English Literary Club. If you were given a time to go back from the past (say Hi-school days) what will you try to change and improve on. Personally, it would be swell to have been open to getting to know more friends. While my best friends and I were all happy and content in each other’s company and we had the time of our lives being together, it would not have been too bad to have reached out to other schoolmates, too.

Faith Fernandez-Aranton Batch ‘86




ol Grand

th High Scho d host to the 49

playe Batch ’87 who coming Alumni Home

Batch 87 surpr ise paraded in the d the audience with its pool ir ber.. They we outrageous costumes in the of talents who re all men dress the dance prese ed like women opening numsome parts of ntation more startling. Their and that made the dance prese wi more adorable ntation that ma ngs spread in . from heaven to They were like goddesses whde their beauty blessing to mank shower graces to people an o came down d se ind for the joy the y brought to the rved as a ir audience.

And because Trinity University of Asia continues to soar to greater heights the various colors of sky lanterns were lighted by all the batch leaders and thrown upward to help them fly.


B a t c h 87

the an alumna of ul So initians. She is stranger to Tr partments. The Queen of ers a t no is ya Ja de s to the teach d high school elementary an -warming number of song . She impressed art ge rendered a he tors who lined-up on the sta d at that moment and administra ging and dancing talent an a true friend who t us with her sin t only as an entertainer bu and friends. And no she was seen or for the love of her school inity. Tr fav a for respect would do pure love and she did it out of

Selected memb ence with the ers of batches ‘71 and ‘72 thr ir envy the ladies Hawaiian dance number. Ev illed the audion their hair an who danced because of the eryone would be d wrist and aro und their neck. autiful flowers

e d by the fir was followe ss ing number crowd with their quickne d en op s lou d the flame an That fabu rformers wowe d color of the dance. The peey controlled the size an The presentation itself . Th sly le. les ar sty fe d ic were a r an at each othe the flirty mus threw flames no as a backdrop and th-taking and as every lca ea vo br e was and the the dancers ch. The scen nderfully by fantastic mat g the fire executed wo the audience. lin style of hand unending applause from d they receive


een onies betw a en over cerem as the turn ’88. It must have be e for w rt pa ic amat tch leng The most dr d incoming host baky Velarde and a chal Velarde an batch ’87 tch ’87 president Ric t. The torch carried byith pride, w relief for ba batch ’88 presiden e latter accepted it ol grand da Ramil Liza on to Ramil and th ey 2013’s high scho ar annith was passedtimism because as with TUA’s fiftieth ye joy and op ecoming coinciding of history. d its adrt m alumni ho r success will be pa anking the school an for their th st versary theive a short message and the incoming ho ’87 had h Velarde ga , faculty and alumni eciating what batc Batch ’87 pr ministrators support and for ap oud of its graduates. ho must d pr s re host w loyalty an e the alma mater ple to futu done to makd to set as good exam e tradition. th also wante brace and continue learn to em

The guest spea came like a thuker of the night is Sen. Chiz President, Rick nder after he was introducedEscudero who preciation and y Velarde! The awarding of the by Batch ’87 was expected. the picture-taking after the se plaque of apmade the stageEveryone grabbed him for pic nator ’s speech satisfy the gues almost collapsed. He went ture-taking that table-hopping ts. to

The inter-batch dance medley was a hit! It’s a mix of talents coming from different batches who interpreted to the best of their ability the Wakawaka, Bonbon and Mambo dances. Their costumes compared to the outfit worn by those who did the opening number were a bit downplayed but not in terms of skills. This entertaining number made it to the list of favorites because the dancers proved their undefeated talent.

By Ms. Cristy Gutierrez, (High School Batch ’87)

After the short dra and did a mini co ma Brownman Revival ca me up on stage and women in ncert infront of the thrilled au die the party danc the stage to kis ed the night aw nce. The men s to have picture-t and hug their idols and too ay and went to k the people laughaking with the band. It was the opportunity awesome to se expect that this ing, yelling and jumping for e joy more surprises scene will happen every year. because they trust that they and spectacles courtesy of BaSo let’s wait for ca hosts. Good luc n surpass the wit and talen tch ’88 and we t k to Mr. Ramil Lizada and Ba of the previous tch ’88.

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HS Batch ‘88 Who among your friends were the most memorable? I was in the Ruby section. There was Jessie Cadiogan, Bunch and Cliff Barrientos. In my senior year, I hung out with Edgar Flores, Earlwin Ganaden, Richard Pinlac and Gonzales, the “troublemaker!”Earlwin and I hung out with Richard in Kamias. Earlwin was a smart one so it was really nice to be around him. It was fun, really fun! I remember when the name, “Everette Cruz” came up... (butt in...) maitim, payat, makulit..... hahahaha! Well, what is Everette Cruz now compared to his days in high school? I matured and became more serious. Everyone thought I’d be one of those guys who would end up in the rehabilitation center. I was a small guy back then. I was 5-feet tall, skinny and mischievous.I became serious with my studies when I finally reached college. Everyone thought I would have a family at an early age because I never took anything seriously. I always believed in being responsible and I had enough practice at home. I was brought up by my parents in a nice way. Naturally, you had a goal to achieve. So,


Everette Cruz Batch ‘88

that’s how I lived my life. How were you as a student in high school? I’ve had my share of “red marks” on the report card but I never took summer classes. I don’t consider myself as a failure. I did not want to go to summer class because that would mean failing somehow although I also never thought of myself as, “magaling.” There were times when I played around but I made sure I never had failing grades in the fourth quarter. Did you ever have a bad record? I never did. I remember I almost came after Cupid one time. Everyone knew about that. We had this conflict which is why I kept my distance from the group but we’re still friends, though. Those things happen. We were young and crazy but I never had a bad record. Did you have any special hangouts? That would be the Practical Arts room, I think. It was dim lit and I would look up the short skirts, hahaha! Who was the prettiest girl on

campus back then? Oh...that would be Ruth Cuano, Vicmundo sisters...I had a huge crush on them! But I never made it with any of them. And, there was Josephine Dionisio... I also tried courting one of the Vicmundo sisters but failed. if only they could see how Guwapo I am now.... hahahaha What would you think you would change back then, if you had the chance? I would have done better with my grades. I always wanted to be in the top section but my academic performance just didn’t cut it. When you settle for less, you really can’t go that far. I should’ve done better but that’s part of growing up. I should have listened to my parents. I was sort of a rebel at that time. Everyone thinks it cool to go against the grain but in reality, that’s just not the case. Looking back, I realized how stupid I looked back then especially with my hairstyle! Who was it among the teachers that influenced you most? I learned a lot from Mrs. Sarao! My English improved because of her. She imparted a lot of knowledge in my young mind. Commando is good too, Lastimosa, Mrs. Reyes while I was in first year... I miss you all, guys! I really hope we could all be together on February 2! For me, I don’t really need a fancy homecoming. Some of us are really struggling on their finances. Why don’t we help out those batchmates or schoolmates through their difficulties. I want for my batchmates to be able to support and help each other. Let’s relive the old days and bring the fun back! I want to see my batchmates cooperating with other alumni. Let’s not flaunt our riches or try to outclass each other. At the end of the day, we’re all human beings who need each other. It would be so much better if we focus our energy and resources on helping each other.


HS Batch ‘89 What was the most memorable about your batch? I would say, the “leakage” or knowing what the quizzes or exams were, hahaha! Don’t quote me, that’s unofficial! Hahaha! Our batch was easy-going. We never took anything seriously. Just like the tv show, “Iskul Bukol”. We were the last of the Classic Rock and Metal generation. We had a batchmate who wore his hair in a Mohawk-style. He never said much. His style was really different. There was also this eclipse during the time of Cory Aquino. We were in the third year back then. We all went out of our classrooms to watch it. Who was one person in your batch that became some sort of an icon? That would be Patrick. He’s now an inspector at the LTO. I also remember Arnold de los Santos and Michael Noreto. We still talk about them to this day. What was the most memorable place in Tricol? The kiosk with the bench. I remember there was a time when you would get pushed to the other end until you fall off and people would just laugh at you! There was also the high fence at the back of the school. Who were your favorite teachers? There was Ms. Bonoan in the afternoon classes. Of course, there was Mr. Villegas, Mr. Malikdan, Ms. Olaez and Ms. Gamido.

In this batch, were you all classmates? Not really, we all met each other when we started on the reunions.

Have you seen any major changes or improvements to the Trinity of today? We noticed the new building. I think the improvements to the facility are nice. Although I find it quite disturbing that the student population is declining. In the past, when we all left the classrooms, we could fill up the quadrangle! Personally, I think the fact that Trinity has become a university is a good thing. If given the chance, what would you change about Batch 89? I really wouldn’t want to change anything. That’s what made us who we are now and those were the good times and the good thing about us--we were a happy lot! We had a few characters in the batch and we had different personalities. What would you want your batchmates to know since you guys are hosting next year’s celebration? We really need to incorporate and we have done that already. There was a clamor for that in the past and I hope the batch is satisfied now that it’s done. We have to have a sense of duty and obligation to help not only ourselves but other alumni as well. We are what we are. We are Batch ‘89. See you all next year!



Maria Christina Negado-Cortado Batch 1990, IV-Sardonyx

My Batch was known as the most quiet batch ……… hmp that’s what I thought about it.. The most influential people at the time were the members of the Boy scouts and Girl Scouts and SVC.  Popular ones were Guiilermo, Jennifer Sibug, Jennifer Huertas, lailani Reyes and some more but I can’t recall their names. One Most memorable thing that happened was the ASADU-Awitan/Sayawan and Dulaan wherein I was one of the participants. There’s no peculiar thing about our batch it was just like any ordinary batch. From what I’ve heard I was a snobbish type though I had good grades and I could say that I belonged to the fast learners when I was in High School. My backpack was the thing always associated to me and my knee-high socks that almost covered my lower limbs. Maybe my fondness of watching basketball at the GYM.  Wherein one of my fave players was a member of the third sex.  I only knew her first name  it’s Luz .  I was once a member of the volleyball team when we had our intrams . The Student volunteer corps headed by Karlo Baylosis. Of course, dave ocampo .  he was a former classmate and batchmate.  Look where he is now a successful fashion designer.  I really admire his works. Trinity High School taught me a lot of things.  I had good times and bad times in trinity but one thing is for sure……………I would never improve or change anything in my 4 year-stay in Trinity. It became my home, outside my real home, I felt I really belonged there…………….I felt the  sincerity of all my teachers and my classmates………… though there were also some failures  but I always charged them to my evaluative experiences………… To Batch 1990: We may never cross our path again because we have chosen to move towards different directions……………but one thing is certain………..we will always go back to where we truly belong- Trinity’s noble name………..It always rings a bell whenever we hear our Alma Mater’s always brings back good and not so good memories………….we had our first in this school-  our first set of peer group, first set of crushes or even special friends…………….first cutting classes, first school offenses and so on and so forth ……….. The school may not last for a long time but our bond will never be broken because it’s already sealed by our common mission and vision given to us by our Alma mater Lastly,  Trinity will always occupy a special place in my heart………………..this is my home………away from home



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The never-ending story of Trinity University of Asia (TUA) excites and ignites that wonderful feeling of a pioneering spirit. This story has just begun from the perspectives of those who are responsible for its continuous transformation. Her goals, aspirations, traditions and styles may not remain the same overtime as she seeks bigger successes and increases her openness to future opportunities, becoming more aggressive and resilient in her research and development for the next generation of pioneers who will be referred as “changed champions”. These people will stir TUA and at the same time, adding more color and energy towards the next fifty years. To all of us, kudos for the creativity and the courage to accept change. Moreover, we need to seek guidance from Almighty God in every moment and chapter of our story. As Isaiah reminds us: “Even youths grow tired and weary and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar like eagle; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” (Isaiah 40:30-31) GODSPEED. LEONORA N. YNGENTE



Trinity HS 50th Grand Homecoming Program book  

TCQC HS 50th golden Anniversary Homecoming. February 2, 2013