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What is

We are a curated monthly gourmet food and travel subscription company. We seek to bring the world closer to our customers with exciting experiences and connections to the world’s most beautiful and delectable destinations delivered right to their front doors. We strongly believe that the joy of travel is for everyone. Our mission is to help our customers see and taste the world from the comfort of their homes, by offering them quality products thoughtfully hand selected by renowned Chefs, Influencers, and Product Specialists from around the world.


Our customer

Residents of the United States Age 25 to 55 College educated Average household income of

Well-read Well-traveled

US$100K to US$300K Inspires to be well traveled Professional/Ex-Professional Curious about food and travel Likes to cook and explore recipes


our VENDORS come in? The success of Arroyo is highly dependent on the quality of the Vendors and the products they provide. We work with family-owned and wholesome companies who, through a partnership with Arroyo, are looking to develop and maintain a market in the demographics our customers fit in. We partner with companies and farms that believe, like we do, that culinary experiences and travel goes hand in hand and that to truly explore the world through food, the products should first embody the region and culture from which it was born.


How do we select

our PRODUCTS? Before we meet with selected Vendors, we do the groundwork of finding the best suppliers from each region/destination. From this very extensive list we narrow it down, based on reviews, taste, and customer matching, to a handful of Farmers and Suppliers. We then meet with these Vendors face to face in the place and moment where their products are crafted to experience first-hand the stories behind the producer and the ingredients. The product, first, must be safe. It also should be authentic, delicious, wholesome, natural, and fun. We understand and believe that a product is not just about its ingredients but also about the care and attention with which that product was produced, packaged, and the story it tells our customers. Once we are comfortable with the Vendor process and they match our very extensive check point system, we then negotiate and curate the products that will eventually end up in our customers’ homes and on their tables.


Frequently Asked Questions How are the products shipped? Shipping and receiving is discussed with each Vendor as we are aware that different channels and processes are taken based on the product, availability, and shipping requirements What is the buying frequency? We order from Vendors on a monthly basis depending on the featured destination How much product will Arroyo need at a time? Our monthly order depends on the total number of subscribers for that month as well as estimated amount of products needed for our online store and other forms of retail sales Do you have a website? Yes, you can find us at and on most social media platforms as @arroyotravel How does Arroyo market products? We market our products across digital and print platforms across the United States. We market the destination as well as each product/brand collectively and individually Do you sell and market products on your website? Yes, we do. Each product from the subscription box is available in our online store as well as across other retail platforms Does the product label have to be in English? Yes. Our preference is that the product label is in English. This includes ingredients and other instructions

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Arroyo Travel Media Kit  

Media Kit designed for "Arroyo Travel."

Arroyo Travel Media Kit  

Media Kit designed for "Arroyo Travel."