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Hardened steel bushes

Joinery made fast, clean and easy

Quick action adjustable clamp to secure work Robust all metal construction

A pocket hole jig produces exceptionally secure joints, requiring no glue, meaning they can be dismantled easily at any time. Little or no woodworking experience is required to achieve these clean, hidden joints. Not just for the DIYer, pocket hole systems have revolutionised the trade with professional kitchens and other furniture now constructed using this method. The simplest and fastest way to get pocket holing is to buy one of the UJK Technology kits featured here.

Vent for extraction accessory

Metric scales to adjust for material thickness

Pocket Hole Jig

Strong, reliable and relentless at producing perfect pocket hole joints The jig is an all metal construction fitted with a drilling block and fast action clamp to hold the timber whilst drilling. A variety of timber thicknesses (12-36mm) can be accommodated by simply adjusting the drilling block. Detaching the block allows you to take the jig to your workpiece, perfect for when your job is otherwise too large to fit into the jig. A recess is machined into the base of the block to accept the UJK pocket hole clamp so that the jig is held firmly in place when drilling. Kit includes: extraction outlet, portable plate, jig clamp, 1000 screws in an assorted storage box, M2 special design European spiral drill bit and collar and storage case. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code UJK Pocket Hole Jig £99.96 £83.30 503726 Pocket Hole Jig Complete Kit £149.95 £124.96 717273

The advantages of Pocket Hole Joinery include: SPEED Eliminates the need to pre-drill the mating workpiece.

STRENGTH Screw acts as an internal clamp and is stronger than a biscuit, dowel or tenon.

GRIP Constant clamping force combined with today’s glue technology makes for an incredibly strong wood-to-wood bond.

Extraction Outlet for Pocket Hole Jig A clean working environment and more efficient drilling The extraction outlet is held securely to the jig using hex bolts and has an outer diameter of 42mm and an inner diameter of 35mm. The extraction allows the drill bit to work faster and more cleanly by removing all the debris. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Pocket Hole Jig Extraction Outlet £19.96 £16.63 503801

Clamp for Pocket Hole Jig Quick secure clamping every time Although specifically designed for the UJK Pocket Hole Jig, for holding the portable plate securely to your work whilst drilling, it can also be used to clamp the joint together whilst fixing. A quick clamping action combined with two large 45mm face pads and a 75mm opening produces a secure clamp. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code UJK Pocket Hole Clamp £21.96 £18.30 503727

Pocket Hole Plug Cutter It’s better to keep the magic hidden In the main, a pocket hole joint is not on show. However, when this is not possible you can use the UJK plug cutter. By cutting a plug from the same timber you can conceal joints with perfectly sized plugs every time. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Plug Cutter £15.49 £12.91 506504

Portable Plate for Pocket Hole Jig

Alignment Clamp for Pocket Hole Jig

A must when taking the pocket hole jig to your work

Alignment is critical when pocket holing

T20 Screwdriver Bits

When the drilling jig is removed from the main holding surface, you need to attach the portable plate. The plate registers against the end of the timber to give you the correct alignment making sure the joint is square. You can then use the UJK quick release clamp to hold into place for drilling. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Portable Plate £4.96 £4.13 503802

The alignment jig is made completely of metal, with a fast action arrangement for easy adjustment for varying timber thicknesses. A nylon pin accurately locates into the predrilled pocket hole and pulls the joint together whilst you drive in your first screw. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code UJK Alignment Clamp £26.98 £22.48 502710

Fast and easy changeover from drilling to screwdriving


Part of Axminster’s highly rated Trade Bitz programme, this torx screwdriver bit will drive those screws in time after time. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 150mm (Pkt 2) £3.49 £2.91 503457 80mm (Pkt 2) £2.20 £1.83 503456

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