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Parf Guide System MKII Create a custom benchtop or portable cutting board in less than 30 minutes whenever the need arises. Making consistent right-angled cuts are what every woodworker strives to achieve. If you’ve got the UJK Technology multifunction table, some Parf dogs and a track saw and guide you’ve got a pretty good chance of achieving this. That’s great if you have one of those tables, but what if you want to build your own workstation or multiple workstations?

How It Works The MK II Parf Guide System uses two Parf sticks together with a drill guide and 3mm drill bit to create an accurately placed series of holes with the rows at perfect right angles to the columns. Once the pattern of 3mm holes has been completed, the holes need to be enlarged to 20mm using the special drilling jig and boring bit supplied with the kit. What’s Included

Designed by Peter Parfitt, the UJK Technology Parf Guide System MKII is a joint venture with Axminster Tools & Machinery. Manufacturing of the system takes place entirely in Axminster, Devon under the UJK Technology brand name.

The Parf Guide System comprises:

Based on Pythagoras’ theorem, the MKII Parf Guide System helps to produce a benchtop with an accurate pattern of 20mm holes. When used with a set of UJK Technology Parf Super Dogs, a guide rail and a track saw, it guarantees perfect, quick and easy 45° and 90° cuts every time. It really is an invaluable tool for professional trades and home workshops.

2) Two drill guides used to guide the 3mm drill bits.

The design of the MKII Parf Guide system preserves and guarantees the long-term accuracy of the jig as well as improving the ease of use.

5) A guide block which is CNC manufactured to work in complete harmony with all parts of the system. The hole for the 20mm drill bit is fitted with a bronze bushing to give the minimum amount of play.

The MKII Parf Guide System uses two MKII Parf sticks along with a drill guide and a special 3mm drill bit to create rows and columns of holes at perfect right angles. Both drill bits are suitable for all 1/4” hex quick change systems including the Festool CENTROTEC.

Parf Guide System MKII

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1) Two Parf sticks which are 1m long rules with a series of 6mm holes along the length at 96mm centres. 3) A quality 3mm drill bit and holder to be used with drill guide and guide block. 4) 3 x 3mm guide pins used to keep your Parf sticks in place when marking out.

6) Two low profile Parf dogs are included to replace the 3mm locating pins for the second round of drilling. Plus these are very useful once your table is complete. 7) The shaft of the 20mm bit has been ground to a very high tolerance to work perfectly with the bronze bushings in the guide. The centre point of the drill has been designed to improve accuracy. It has a 3mm diameter that accurately finds it way into the 3mm holes.

20mm Cutter & Split Stop Collar for Parf Guide System If you ever need to replace your Parf Guide cutter. This cutter bores an exact 20mm hole as required by the Parf Guide System. The distinctive design ensures an exceptionally clean hole. It has tungsten carbide tips for a long lasting working life. The cutting head has a sharp pointed 3mm guide pin to locate in the pilot hole. This leading spike helps to keep it running true through the pilot holes. Twin spurs cut clean entry and exit holes. The main cutting edges remove the waste and their angle produces a shear cutting action at the sides. Suitable for all 1/4” hex quick change systems, including the Festool CENTROTEC.

20mm Cutter & Split Stop Collar For Parf Guide System







Parf Dust Port This is invaluable when drilling into MDF to produce your multifunction benchtop.

To produce your best work you need to be cutting with the very best of blades. Find them on page 160

This dust port firmly attaches to the Parf Guide Block. It allows direct connection to a vacuum extractor removing dust and debris. This arrangement prevents nasty MDF dust entering the working environment and ensures the drill bushing remains free of debris. The design allows the dust port to fit on either side of the guide block - whichever is most convenient. The outlet is 38mm diameter for a straightforward connection to many common extractor hoses (some extractors may require a simple taper adaptor). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Parf Dust Port £24.96 £20.80 105100

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