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CH LIVE VIEW [1 ON 1 WITH A CH STUDENT JOURNALIST] Dear CH, So many words come to mind when we retake our steps back to such an amazing event. One word that sums it all would be surreal. This is due to the fact that dreams do come true. Tiana and I along with our partners Juan and Osiris, had the honor to be invited to the School Gyrls movie premier. It took place at the six flags amusement park and we got to meet so many people. Such would be Nick Cannon, School Gyrls, NEW BOYZ, Keke Palmer, Justin Beiber, and many more. The movie was entertaining and amazing! We were so happy to have an opportunity like this come to us. The best part was that we got to ride the roller coasters, and of course, free food, candy and free goodies! It will definitely be a moment to remember. Whether it was due to the free food or the celebrities, I can honestly say I had an exhilarating experience at the School Gyrls movie premier. We definitely made the best of our surreal time at Six Flags. It was amazing to be around so many influential people on TV and be surrounded by so many cameras. This will be something that will never be forgotten.

Thank You, Jazmine Sanchez

MARCH 2010

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Dear Students,



Hello readers and writers. This month 40th issue. In Celebration Celebrity High features young talented superstar Justin Bieber. Justin was one marks our

of our highest requested artists and we are pleased to do a story on him.


this month our teen journalists are pushing for students

to get more involved in the community and learn more about themselves through volunteering.

This issue includes poetry and Drivers Ed going tech and some addition information about paying for college. some interesting information on

Respectfully, Coline Witt




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he troubles with the economy are nothing new and among the various social shifts that have come from it is a shift toward teens believing it’s up to them to shoulder the costs of their higher education and are resigned to as much as a decade of debt to do so. If you’re in that boat you’re definitely not alone. The College Savings Foundation


The College Savings Foundation surveyed over 500 high school students across the country and found that 75 percent of 16-17 year old high school students said that it is their responsibility to fund part or all of their higher education costs. Although students plan to cover those costs through financial aid, loans and their own funds, many are concerned about overall debt levels and a lack of awareness of exactly how much debt and savings they will need. “A new dynamic is reshaping the college funding landscape as many parents with reduced retirement savings and earning power are now unwilling to take on long term loans on behalf of their college-bound teens. This shifts the burden of funding straight to the student,” said Peter Mazareas, Chair of CSF, a nonprofit leader helping parents save for their children’s college education. Meanwhile, government loan programs which previously may have lightened the load are not sufficient to cover the escalating costs of college. As a result, the vast majority of high school students are grappling with tradeoffs, saying that the cost of school will definitely or possibly influence their further education plans and that costs will be a factor in which college they decide to attend. by Jennifer Flores

 6

The good news is that overall students appear to be proactive in contributing to college costs. Most are planning to use their own funds for college or higher education costs, the vast majority are planning to save for college and many more say they would definitely receive money for college rather than gifts. To meet these goals, 45 percent of all students surveyed have already begun to save and, of those, an impressive 43 percent have already amassed between $1,000 and $5,000 towards


TIPS TO CUTTING COLLEGE college. This same subgroup has shown its mettle against the pull of immediate gratification with over half (54 percent) giving up things like electronics, vacations or cars to save for college. been saving for college all year through afterschool jobs,” says high school senior Andre Lorenz. “ My parents and I have had a lot of conversations about how much college costs, it seems like a much bigger deal now then 6 years ago when my sister was graduating high school. There was some anxiety over it but I think now we have a plan that will work.”


Student loans loom as both a major source of funding and a cloud over the future. Sixty-six percent are either definitely or possibly taking out loans and are expecting those loans to cover sizeable portions of their higher education costs: 41 percent of this subgroup expects to borrow one-quarter to one-half, and 30 percent expect to borrow more than half of their higher education costs. Most of these students taking or considering loans are already concerned about their debt burden after college (60 percent “definitely yes” and 31 percent “possibly concerned”), and nearly one-third (29 percent) of them expect to take between 6-10 years to pay if off.

The majority of students have not done their homework: 68 percent have not researched any type of student loan. Of the 66 percent who are taking out or considering loans, 80 percent has not projected the total amount they will need to graduate, and 82 percent hasn’t calculated the monthly loan repayment amount. On savings: 70 percent of all high school students have not researched savings vehicles. A quarter of all students don’t know how much they will need to save “We

have a tremendous opportunity to take this generation of students who are willing and eager to take financial responsibility, and to raise their awareness of the saving and funding strategies that they will need for college and for life,” Mazareas said.



advantage of reduced tuition. Some schools give discounts to older students, alumni children, and families with two or more members in school, student leaders, or children of faculty and staff.


Attend the less expensive community college for two years and then transfer to a four-year college or university to complete your degree.



the number of credit hours needed for graduation and plan a course of study carefully-many schools charge tuition based on credit hours taken.


Some schools give Advanced Placement credit for courses completed in high school. Others offer three-year programs. Adults can enroll in the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) that tests for knowledge obtained outside the school setting. You can obtain 1 to 2 years of college credit this way.



classes in off-load times. Tuition sometimes is lower for night, summer, or weekend classes. Investigate classes taught on the World Wide Web.


Cut housing costs. Live off campus if housing and food costs are lower than on campus. Consider working as a resident advisor to receive reduced or free room and board.

7. 8.

Check the state prepaid guaranteed tuition programs. Inquire

about tuition installment payment plans. This will not reduce the costs but may make it easier to meet smaller payments rather than a large lump sum at the start of each semester.


Take part in the college’s Cooperative Education program. Combine a full- or part-time job and a college career to finance all or part of education costs.


. Take

advantage of armed forces educational opportunities. The government will pay a considerable sum toward educational costs during or after active duty.

 7


river’s ed has gotten a high tech upgrade with State Farm’s new iPhone® and iPod® touch application to complement its Steer Clear® Safe Drivers Discount Program. The Steer Clear application gives young drivers a convenient way to complete the Steer Clear discount program and encourages supervised driver education as an effort to prevent car crashes, which are the No. 1 killer of teens in the United States.

The Steer Clear program is designed to stress how experience and awareness makes a safer driver. The program’s purpose is to help young drivers be aware of their surroundings, give them insight into their driving styles, help them review their driving skills and become a more aware, stress-free driver. The completion of the Steer Clear program can result in up to a 15 percent discount on your auto insurance. Drivers under the age of 25 are eligible for the discount, and the program takes around 60 days to complete. State Farm’s Steer Clear iPhone and iPod touch application is the first application of its kind to help teens gain more experience behind the wheel. State Farm says that he principles followed in the Steer Clear program align with those of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws; which have proven to be effective at reducing teen car crashes in part by lengthening the time in which teens must drive while supervised and requiring practice in diverse driving conditions. This new technology allows parents and teen drivers to take advantage of State Farm’s Steer Clear car insurance discount, which requires teens under the age of 19 to complete the Steer Clear kit including: watching an 11-minute video, completing 30-driving trips with at least 10 supervised trips lasting a minimum of 15-minutes and completing a quiz. The mobile application provides a user-friendly trip timer to log suggested practice outings. The application will track practice time while the mobile device is safely turned off during the drive. The Steer Clear iPhone

and iPod touch application also includes driving tips, a safe driving pledge and informative videos. Successful completion of the program’s requirements rewards participants with up to a 15 percent car insurance discount.


have told us they need more information about guiding their teen through the learning to drive process. This new application provides trip suggestions, goals and pointers for assessing driving skills. By providing this tool State Farm hopes to support supervised practice and improve teens’ skills for independent driving,” said Laurette Stiles, Vice President – Strategic Resources at State Farm.

In addition to teen drivers, young drivers up to the age of 25 may also participate in the Steer Clear program and qualify for a discount on their auto insurance of up to 15%. For details and to download the application, go to and search for “Steer Clear.”



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hat is it that you absolutely couldn’t live without? The Dirk Swain Foundation is challenging teens to create a one minute film about the impact of not having their cell/home phone, computer, Ipod or television. Each student will pair with a professional during the workshop and will be given a lesson on a specific role in media production. The workshop will be part of the Makin Room at the Top (MRATT) program for teens taking place at the Complex Theater’s West Studio in Hollywood, CA March 13th and 14th. An Ipod Nano and a personalized director’s chair will be among the prizes given to the students with the best film. The MRATT program provides teens an opportunity to enhance their lifestyle, promote healthy choices and more by creating film and TV projects taught by professionals. The DSF’s mission is to develop vocational skills for youth that are interested in mass communication.

HOW TO REGISTER Must Be Age 13-17

Participation is FREE! But Spots are Limited Details:

March 13-14 / 10am – 4pm 6476 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038 Visit THEDSF.ORG for Registration Info Professional Production Guru’s from Hollywood will instruct and oversee all projects The film that gets the most hits will receive a prize!

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 12


ustin Bieber is hotter than a smoking pistol. The 16-year-old soul-singing phenomenon, well known for his single “O ne Time” found fame after posting dozens of homemade videos on YouTube in 2007. Scooter Braun, a former marketing executive of So So def, spotted the videos, and flew Bieber to Atlanta, Georgia, where he met with R&B singer Usher. A week later Bieber had the opportunity to sing for Usher, who immediately became greatly interested. Following an audition with Antonio L.A. Reid, Bieber signed to Island Records in O ctober 2008. Justin Bieber’s first album “My World hit shelves in N ovember of 2009. His album is C ertified P latinum! In the following interview JB gets exclusive with CH sharing his celebrity crushes, favorite subjects in school and his most memorable moment in his career .

CH: When your album released you became an instant success, how do you handle the fame? JB: I’m completely blessed. I’ve had some great opportunities and I count my blessings every day. It may seem like it was instant but a lot of hard work was put in and a lot of time was spent. It has all been worth it! CH: What is your favorite track on your album and Why? JB: It’s hard to pick just one favorite because they’re all special to me. “Down To Earth” was very special to me because of my involvement in writing it and of course it’s a song very close to my heart. CH: So far in your career, what is your most memorable moment? JB: Singing for the President was pretty cool! I was very honored and felt very privileged to have been able to participate in such a great event. CH: How do you balance school and your career? JB: School always comes first. It’s definitely a priority. I have a tutor who travels with me so I can get my studying in. CH: Do your friends treat you differently and if so how? JB: Nope! To me I’m still and will always be the same Justin. CH: What was the first thing you purchased with your first check? JB: Hmm. Nothing crazy. I bought a laptop and some recording equipment. CH: What is some valuable advice you can give a teen trying to get where you are at? JB: I think you just have to do it for the right reasons. For me, I know I wasn’t aiming for this specifically, I just loved to sing and I still love singing. CH: What was it like hearing your song on the radio the first time? JB: It was incredible. It felt really cool. My mom was excited! CH: Do you have any celebrity crushes? JB: I don’t think it’s any secret that I think Beyonce is beautiful. Haha. CH: You self taught yourself how to play the Piano, Guitar, trumpet and drums. Which is your favorite instrument? JB: I like them all. Drums were my first love though. I started playing them first. I was about 2. CH: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? JB: I see myself still making music and doing what makes me happiest. CH: Your manager noticed you off of YouTube videos that you posted. What were your initial thoughts when he reached out to you? JB: well, honestly, when he contacted my mother she was actually trying to get rid of him. Haha. We were just being cautious but he turned out to be a great guy! I’m blessed to have a lot of great people around me. CH: What is it like working with Usher? JB: A dream come true. He’s got a lot of knowledge to share and a ton of talent. I admire him and he’s definitely someone I look up to in life and in music. CH: Who was some of your favorite artist growing up? JB: Michael Jackson, boys 2 men, Stevie wonder. I also like a lot of classic rock. CH: What is your favorite topic in school? JB: English and creative writing. CH: Is there anything you can share with our readers to get to know you a little better that no one else knows? 13 13 JB: Well, I’m afraid of elevators.

 14

Platinum Recording Artists

Rihanna & Justin Bieber to Perform Live @ Nickelodeon’s 23 Kids’ Choice Awards rd

Enter the All Access Sweepstakes

for a Chance to be Bieber’s Special Guest at the show


nternational superstar Rihanna and teen pop sensation Justin Bieber will pump up the volume at Nickelodeon’s 23rd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards hosted by actor/ comedian Kevin James, airing live from UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 27 (89:30 p.m. ET/PT). The annual award show has emerged as one of the biggest events in Hollywood, boasting a massive popular vote and sweeping audience participation. It’s the only award show that gives kids the power to vote for their favorites in movies, television, music, sports and much more

and honors their opinions with a live show filled with the

stars they love.


addition to seeing


perform at the slime-filled

celebration, one lucky kid will win the once-in-a lifetime opportunity to be his special guest at the show as part of

Nickelodeon’s “All Access Sweepstakes with Justin Bieber.” From Wednesday, March 3 through Wednesday, March 10, kids can log onto and enter for a chance to win a trip for four to Los Angeles, which includes tickets to the show, an invitation to walk the famed Orange Carpet, exclusive access to Bieber’s pre-show rehearsal and a private meet-and-greet with the star.

“This is the biggest TV event of the year for kids and we are thrilled to have megastars Rihanna and Justin Bieber to perform for them live,” said Paula Kaplan, Executive VicePresident, Talent for Nickelodeon and an Executive Producer of the show. “It is going to get loud, and in true Kids’ Choice tradition, these performances will be something our audience will never forget.” From

Caribbean roots to the top of the charts, the Paris and Milan and some of the biggest stages world, the 22-year-old, Barbados-born beauty


runways of in


Rihanna has already earned the coveted title of international superstar. From her breakthrough multi-platinum album A Girl Like Me to her ubiquitous global smash Good Girl Gone Bad, in just a few short years, Rihanna has helped redefine the path of popular music for a new generation. Now, she continues that musical and stylistic journey on one of the most critically acclaimed new albums this year, her fourth original studio album,

Rated R. Rated R debuted at #1 on


Billboard R&B album chart and features the “Russian Roulette,” “Hard” and “Rude Boy.”



In less than a year, 16-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber has become a YouTube phenomenon, signed contracts with Usher and L.A. Reid, and created nothing short of mania with his young fans, dubbed “Bieber-fever.” His debut album My World was released in November and went platinum in just four short weeks. Next up is his hotly-anticipated sophomore album, My World 2.0, due in stores March 23rd. My World 2.0 rewards Bieber fans with 10 all-new songs, including the lead single, “Baby” featuring Ludacris, which is sky-rocketing to the top of the radio and iTunes charts. Look for Justin Bieber on a worldwide tour coming this summer. Kids can currently cast their vote online at http://www. in a total of 19 categories. Surprise awards also will be announced during the show. Kids also will be able to vote via the Nick mobile website ( and through a KCA iPhone app. Leading

up to the award show, the

Kids’ Choice Awards will feature clips and photos from past awards shows, current promotions for the 23rd Annual Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, dedicated information pages on the host and nominees, digital Fan Kits, behind-thescenes video of stars prepping for the KCAs and three new KCA-themed online games. website on

On March 27, will serve as the interactive secondscreen experience for all things Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, giving kids an insider’s look at the entire live event and from the orange carpet. Exclusive webcams will give kids control of their viewing experience, and will be featured alongside celebrity tweets, interactive polls, and real-time updates and photos from the event. Kids can also access the webcams through the KCA 2010 iPhone app. The online experience will also feature an audience meter that tracks audience reactions throughout the webcast. After the show, kids can catch all the KCA highlights on the website. Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards will be simulcast on FLO TV’s mobile streaming service, and will be available on Video On Demand beginning March 28. 15 15


hether looking to make a difference or just to finish your mandatory volunteering hours, you should have fun

while doing it.


are many opportunities to make a

difference, but it’s up to you to take the time between

already busy activities such as with sports to become a


Three of the best volunteer opportunities are at hospitals, libraries, and be a big brother or big sister. Our


Wallis-Annenberg, is offering “Big Brothers Big Sisters” after Monday. If your thing is helping little kids or looking to pursue a profession in education, then “Big Brothers Big Sisters” organization is for you. Here, you can make a difference and feel good about it. According to Ms. Hernandez, “Big Brothers Big Sisters” is offered for one hour on Mondays. Unfortunately, there are no positions currently available for hire. school every

Another place to volunteer is at the hospitals. This opportunity is great, because if you’re interested in joining the world of Medicare, you could experience what working in that world is like, or maybe realize that it’s not for you. Lots of us are close to people who have medical problems such as cancer, HIV, or diabetes. It provokes good feelings to donate your time to an organization that By Esmeralda Cabrera

 16

raises money for research, delivers meals, or offers other help to people

volunteer at your local food bank, or distribute toys to kids.

with an illness.

temple, mosque, or other place of worship also may be able to use your

Your church,


They have a student program where you can go and apply, and it doesn’t hurt to try. Their requirements are: (1) you must be fourteen years of age or older and volunteer at least fifty hours a year (2) you must take a TB test (if you don’t have the money, they will provide you with one for no charge to you) (3) you must attend an orientation (4) you have to be available between 8:00am-5:00pm. This volunteer opportunity is more for people who want to pursue a career in healthcare. Unlike school, with volunteering you get to pick what really interests you and who or what is most deserving of your time. Need some ideas to get you started? Here are a few:

Play with pets at a local animal shelter. Most shelters depend on volunteers to keep the cats and dogs happy and well exercised. And as a bonus, walking rescued dogs also gives you a workout.

Volunteer for a political campaign. If you’re interested in politics, it’s a great way to find out how things work on the inside. Even if you can’t vote, you can still work to get your candidate elected — whether it’s the president of the United States or your town mayor. Help


kids learn and grow.


Big Brother or Big Sister, camp counselor, or volunteer for an after-school sports program. Special Olympics games and events are great ways to get to know special-needs kids. a

the environment.


a conservation group and help out with river

preservation. Take part in a local park cleanup day. You don’t have to be an outdoorsy type

— if you can’t picture yourself hauling trees up a hill, you

could help out in a park office or education center.

There is a short step towards making a difference—it’s up to you Give

back over the holidays.

Serve Thanksgiving

dinner to the homeless,

 17 17



My heart explodes like a bomb in war. My heart sounds like a lion’s roar. My heart seems like it is healthy. My heart spends like it is wealthy. My heart beats so strong. Even when it knows it did wrong. My heart sometimes is kicked and stomped. My heart enjoys a taco. Perhaps my heart’s name is Paco. My heart’s color is rosy pink, And it drips with love and pain like a fountain’s drink.

As I walk through My neighborhood bullet shots Ring if I would have been There to find a casing. Could I Have been that forensics FBI, Police to stop the crime As I walk further the road kill That I find if I would have been There sooner to save a creature In gods’ eyes could I have been That veterinarian in disguise As I continue to walk I see my little neighbor Sara as I bandage up her knee is a Doctor what I could be? As I walk further all I see is Vote for me vote for me. It’s posted on trees and on the TV Obama for President is that What I could be. Save me a spot in college me And my peers don’t lack the Knowledge, so why not save us a spot in college?


CE N A D ST A L E TH S WILLIAM ne track,

By DARRELLmbined into o ld co eat. , ratch eart b n wor w o Your One heart, one h ’t let the disc sctonight. n o or re top, d he flo tructu rack s t on t inful s t the t vemen Don’t le e end of the mo , to the bodies’ s ut your body. h Or it’s t charts flat line our chest, get o arty. e h ep hy t Watch he shock throug re the end of tht your lips. Feel t Get back befo and don’t par ce, ran dance ’re back f the t for a Now you back, it’s part oe on the record e. l nc Sit a need st cha u take our la n be y hen yo a w c e r e v Rememb our final mo




Have something to say? What is it you want to say? It’s all been said!


By LAUREN ROBERTS That is all we need A specific part of time It is definite


 19 19

Go Volley


ome would call it hectic, but the

ball squad are happy and deter-

mined, even if they are up early

The Panther’s hardwork has definitely paid off. Their dedication earned them a spot in the playoffs where they faced a tough bat-

enough to greet the sun to make

tle but walked away with a win in the first

members of the

practice at



… 6:00AM


“yeah its hard not to keep hitting the snooze button,” laughs Captain Cynthia Ramirez. “But when you gotta get up you gotta get up! We know that the only way we’ll be suc-

Schools, Los

parks and recreation centers all over

Angeles offer leagues, games and even open gym schedules.

days a week

they start their workout with a one mile run

heart and passion into improving any new

followed by workout drills, passing, setting,

skills we are developing.”


Next year, the Panthers will continue their quest for a championship but for now they’re capping off fifteen hours of non-stop action

practice and work hard.”

girls are hitting it hard.


hitting, sprints, lunges and more.

Then oneon-one time with coach Nancy Torres. workouts may seem ambitious but its

what is needed to perform well,” res explains.

“ But

“Anyone salinda

still watching the back of our eyelids these

Coach Tor-

at the end of the day,

when practice is over, each player will have the satisfaction of having given


while volleyball is a team

can play,” says team captain RoCarrillo. “No matter your gender , height or size its a great work out… It’s about dedication, and strong determination which anyone can have. Once at practice, we don’t play around… we go and put our

cessful is for every player to show up to

And are they ever up! While most of us are


sport you don’t have to be a pro.


by heading home and almost immediately to bed; afterall,


in the morning!

they need to wake up early

With three active locations in Los Angeles, the Inland Empire and Ventura County, the program easily ushers through close to 100 youth and high school athletes during any given session. One of three programs they provide for student athletes is Instinct Training(TM). This 15-week program is open to any player willing and ready to reach their full potential. This specialized training focuses on quick, explosive movements. B2G

alum and participant of Instinct

Training, DJ

Morgan, a senior at Taft High School in Los Angeles, was one of the 40 alum from the class of 2010 that recently accepted a Division 1 scholarship, and he will be attending USC. His father attributes the accomplishment to the skills acquired through the program. “Because DJ is a gifted athlete,” explains his father Dale Morgan, “he hadn’t in his normal teen setting had to face a lot of challenges, or keep his level of focus really high on a daily basis, so going to B2G put him in an environment with guys that were as good as him; and in order for him to continue at that top level it provided him the motivation to put forth a superb effort at all times.”


next two events coming from B2G during the year are the Instinct Showcase during the month of May, and the B2G Elite Camp in June. The Instinct Showcase is a one-day event that gives student athletes an opportunity to be seen by various scouts and the media. The B2G Elite Camp is an invitationonly overnight camp that simulates the first week of college football, and consists of three days and three nights on a college campus with the nation’s top prospects. Over the last 10 years, over 30% of the Elite Camp alumni have started as true freshmen and 95% have graduated from college.

extra edge


ooking for that extra edge in football? B2G (Beyond 2000) is a premiere training program that is contracted directly by a number of BCS universities to scout college prospects. As one of the leading training programs in the country, it remains a pioneer of high school football’s invitation-only camp format. Established over 10 years ago by co-founders Ron Allen and Henry Bell, the program is celebrating its most rewarding year yet with 40 of this session’s alumni signing college scholarships on Feb. 4, 16 of those being Pac 10 schools. In addition to the signings, over 200 alumni will be on major BCS rosters come fall 2010. B2G has also yielded 51 high school All-Americans, 11 alum currently on NFL rosters (e.g. Steve Smith - NY Giants, Dennis Dixon - Pittsburgh Steelers and Sean Smith - Miami Dolphins, to name a few), and 5 more will also be in this upcoming draft, and 11 more in the 2011 draft.


more information on the program, schedules, locations and fees, please visit http://www.

 21

#1 Community College Chosen by LAUSD graduates

Why? One of the top transfer schools in Southern California 100 subject fields to choose from More than $13 million available in Financial Aid Alliances with UCLA, USC, CSUN, Caltech & more Opportunities in the arts & sports Lowest cost higher education in the nation Fastest growing college in the Southland with 23,000 students Beautifully refurbished and spacious 426-acre campus

Find out for yourself

ď‚Ť 22

take action!


Celebrity HIgh March  

Celebrity high March issue