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McClellan Airport in Carlsbad. They are located at 2018 Palomar Airport Rd #2 Carlsbad, CA (855) 896-9464. Website is Go in the main entrance and veer left. It is easy to find. There is signage.

Flights are $199 for a half hour flight, whether for one or two persons. Some of the other flights offered are the 60 minute La Jolla Jewel Flights at $399, and the 60 minute Sunset Flights at $499. Sometimes, when the circumstances and weather are just right, you can see not one but two sunsets. You see one . . . Captain Biggles then climbs the aircraft and voila! You see a second sunset.

Brian and Janene Shepherd . . the owners and operators of Fun Flights are the perfect hosts. Give Janene a call at 760.805.4213. Brian will likely be out flying the Travel Air. Fascinating background on these two. Brian left school to play in a rock n’ roll band, decided he also liked the business side of music and got involved in music, big time, rising through the ranks until he eventually became one of the Grand Poobahs in the music publising business with,

among others, Capitol Records. Phonogram and A&M. He was one of the ‘top brass’ at each of those companies.

And then Janene bought him flying lessons. He became hooked on flying, became a flight instructor, started up an Air Charter Company in the UK, later coming to America, where today he is the Director of Training at ProFlight in Carlsbad during the week and barnstormer pilot for Fun Flights Biplane Rides at weekends. As for Janene, she’s been an actress for years; met Brian when he was with Capitol Records in LA. They hit it off and began their global adventures together, going to Holland, then Jolly Olde England . . . came back to where they got married . . .but returned to England to live for 20 years . . . where she worked steadily as an actor. They returned to America and has acted from time to time, also does public relations work, and today, is the pretty face behind Fun Flights, LLC. Many more adventures they got involved in . . . so many that we’ll be doing a feature article on them one day soon. After driving home from Palomar Airport, our quest for flying like a bird temporarily satisfied, we prepared for the

second part of a Valentine’s Day weekend. ••••• Come Sunday morning we had reservations at the Crown Room at the Hotel Del.

This was quie an experience for a simple ol’ country boy from the midwest. The Crown Room is a huge restaurant. Everything about the Hotel Del Coronado seems huge. And old. And classical. And expensive.

Parking, for example, is $28 for the first two hours. If, however, you dine at the Crown Room you get your parking validated. I have a hunch we paid for that parking, one way or t’other. Our waiter, Hank, introduced himself and he couldn’t have been nicer. (Obviously, he had heard that lyle has been known to tip as much as a dollar on occasions.) The Feast

I don’t recall how many stations they have. Had to have been six, seven, maybe eight. Hank pointed them all out to us but the memory grows dim when you are an elder.

One station offers traditional breakfasts with omelets or eggs prepared any style, to your order; all types of muffins, cook-

ies, Belgian Waffles, whatever you wanted.

Another station was the seafood section. My first choice. I loaded up with oysters on the half shell, crab legs, and shrimp. Still another was the carving station with lamb, prime rib, turkey, home made sausage. They’d cut as much as you wanted for your plate.

A pastry station had pies, cakes, desserts, yet another station had breads of all descriptions, there was an international station with foods from around the world . . . and your own personal waiter and a block of bus persons, both guys and gals, ensuring you always had everything you wanted. You could drink all you wanted, it was included in the price, Mimosas, Champagne, Bloody Mary, wines, cocktails, beer . . . this was how Kings and Queens must have dined . . . thus the name, the Crown Room. Our waiter, Hank, was a handsome, blonde fella. Looked Dutch, German, Scandinavian. Turns out he was of Austrian heritage. Been with Hotel Del for a year . . . formerly worked in Phoenix. Much prefers San Diego’s weather and laid back

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The Paper - February 19, 2015  
The Paper - February 19, 2015