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Grow Your Business Online on Wednesday, October 7, 9-10am; Set Goals with Google Analytics on Wednesday, October 14, 9-10am; and AdWords – Promote your business using online advertising, Wednesday, October 21, 9-10am. More information and registration at All workshops are held at the Chamber office, 720 N. Broadway, Escondido. Plates for Eight networking lunch at Vinz Wine Bar & Restaurant, October 6, 11:30am, RSVP to Chamber; “Business after Five” mixer, Toyota of Escondido, October 8, 5-7pm, RSVP to Chamber. Grand Avenue Festival, Sunday, October 18th, from 9:30am-5:30pm; arts & crafts, entertainment, kids rides, food, 500+ vendors. Contact the Chamber for booth rental information.

Escondido Senior Anglers Club to Meet - On Friday, October 9, the Senior Anglers Club will meet at the Park Avenue Senior Center, 210 Park Avenue, Escondido at 9:30am. This energetic over-50 crowd of men and women participate in both fresh & saltwater fishing, youth trout derbies, various picnics, RV camp-outs & other community service events. Meetings are free and guests are always welcome. Shirts and shoes are required. The special guest speaker will be Jim Holden, Executive Director of ROLLO KIDS. Jim will explain the role of the RolloKids program and how it works with various organizations to help children, boys and girls alike, become “hooked” on the sport. This ties into what the Escondido Senior Anglers do to encourage youth groups to enjoy the opportunity of the great outdoors and learn to become lifelong fishers. Care to join us for lunch (Dutch treat-separate checks) at one of the local restaurants that sponsor the ESA club. Info at 760.736.4009.

Dr. Refugio Rochin to Speak at DAR Meeting - The Santa Margarita Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) will meet October 10 at the El Camino Country Club in Oceanside. Dr. Refugio I. Rochin, a native Californian raised in Carlsbad, will speak on “Latinos who served in the American Revolution.” Dr. Refugio was the Founding Director of the Smithsonian Latino Center in Washington DC; involved with the Peace Corps in Columbia and the Ford Foundation in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The DAR is open to any female 18 years of age or older who is lineally descended from a patriot who assisted in some way in America’s fight for independence in the Revolutionary War. Visit

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Offering Two Free Lectures – Tired of Worrying? Looking for Peace and Direction? Discover how prayer can make a difference. International speaker, Lorenzo Rodriguez, a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science Healing, will present two free lectures on Saturday, October 10th. One will be held in English and one in Spanish. The English title is “Spiritual Solutions for Desperate Situations,” and the Spanish title is “Soluciones espirituales para situaciones desesperadas.” Both lectures will be held at the Women’s Club of Escondido, 751 N. Rose Street, (corner of Mission Avenue) Escondido. The Spanish session will be held at 11am; the English session at 1pm. The ideas shared are based on the original sourcebook for Christian healing, the Bible and the book Science and Health with Key to the

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We are urging ALL Mobile Home Owners and Renters to NOT VOTE ON THE LEASE. It seems like a No-Brainer.

Historically Speaking by Tom Morrow

/s/Johnny B Good East San Marcos


It seems to me that Mr. Ghandhi's view of America leans heavily to the negative. Admittedly, we have the most powerful armed forces in the world but they have not been used to conquer an empire. An empire just isn't in our national DNA.

1.) After defeating Spain we could have kept it's empire by right of conquest but gave Cuba it's independence immediately and the Philippines after some time to get organized. Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Marianas had the choice to join the Union as states, become independent nations or remain as protectorates. They've chosen the latter. 2.) Alaska and Hawaii have chosen to join the Union as states. 3.) I was stationed on American Samoa for a while during WWII and went back for a visit a few years ago. The folks I stayed with seemed happy with their status. Question - Would Samoa qualify as an empire ? 4.) We built a Canal from the Atlantic to the Pacific at considerable expense then gave it to Panama. 5.) When disaster strikes, the US Navy arrives with hospital ships and purified water, and helps to keep order as long as needed. Some things our government has done have not made us particularly proud. The father of our country is probably spinning in his coffin at some of the things that occur in the city that bears his name. /s/John H. Tashjian San Marcos, CA

As you make your way through life, brother Whatever may be your goal Keep your eye upon the doughnut, brother and not upon the hole Henry Wadsworth Shortfellow The Dusty Road We LOVE Letters to the Editor! Send them to: Try to keep them to 250 words or less. Let’s hear what you have to say!

The Port Chicago Disaster & Mutiny

One of the greatest single catastrophes during World War II didn’t occur on any battlefield, but alongside a dock in Northern California. The July 17, 1944 disaster at Port Chicago Naval Magazine killed 320 sailors and civilians, with another 390 injured and maimed.

The incident caused a racial controversy because most of those killed or injured were African-American sailors acting as stevedores loading munitions headed for the

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received a $1000 fine and will be on court probation for 3 years. The social host ordinance is an Escondido ordinance specifically crafted to combat underage drinking. The ordinance makes it a misdemeanor for any person who has control of a premises and knowingly permits, allows, or hosts a gathering where minors are allowed to consume alcohol.

Chief Craig Carter is very supportive of this enforcement. “The social host ordinance is designed to address not only the actual consumption of alcohol by persons under age, but also the collateral issues of drunk driving, public drunkenness and the increased potential of the intoxicated individual becoming a victim of violent crime.”

The Escondido Police Department will continue to use the social host ordinance as a deterrent to underage drinking, and plans to schedule several operations over the 6-12 months specifically targeting individuals hosting group gatherings in violation of this section. To report any suspicious activities in your neighborhood, you may contact the Police Department directly, or you may make an unidentified call on the Anonymous Tip Line at (760) 743TIPS (8477) or via the Web site at

Pacific. At the heart of the controversy was a charge of “unsafe” loading and handling procedures by the Navy. With no procedural changes, a month after the disaster hundreds of black sailors refused to continue loading. Court martials ensued convicting the “Port Chicago 50” AfricanAmerican sailors. The media dubbed it the “Port Chicago Mutiny.”

The town of Port Chicago, which no longer exists, was located just north of Concord on the south shore of Suisun Bay in the estuary of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. Munitions being loaded included bombs, artillery shells, naval mines, torpedoes, and small-arm ammunition. Munitions came by rail from all across the United States. Each piece was unloaded by hand from rail cars and put onto cargo ships. Enlisted men who were assigned to the dangerous task were all black with white officers. To add to the controversy, the young sailors, who had trained at the Great Lakes

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Suspect Arrested in Assault of 67-year-old Woman in Oceanside

Oceanside police report a man suspected of violently assaulting a 67-year-old woman in Oceanside Tuesday was arrested. A 31-year-old man was identified as the suspect that police say punched the 67-year-old woman unconscious and left her near the base of the Oceanside Pier. The incident occurred about 7pm; shortly afterwards a witness found the woman and flagged down Oceanside lifeguards.

Then, about 7:25 a.m. Sunday, lifeguards spotted a man who matched the suspect's description near the pier. They called police and officers located the man on South The Strand near Tyson Street Park. He was arrested on suspicion of assault. Investigators still haven't determined a motive for the attack.

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