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NAVIGATION WITH THE INNER VOICE In this journey of life, we always have different choices, the path always continues and we have no choice but to continue… but where are we going? Where is the end of this road?

We will never know where this road ends, and maybe we should not know at all.
 Guidance and support will always be found on our way.

We always receive the signs. We always have the power to choose this path.

We can listen to outside voices and continue on the same path in hope of reaching the destination we think is right… or we can listen to and trust our inner voice.

Different voices can guide us on different paths, but there is always a shortcut, the moment you trust, the moment you start to see… a shortcut appears. There is a shortcut that can take you somewhere closer to your soul, somewhere that is aligned with who you are.

Taking steps on this path can be experienced by trust in the inner voice and love of being in this world - the path that not knowing the end of the journey becomes the sweetest feeling of the presence.

The moment we step into that unknowing level, our light illuminates our surroundings. Our voice pervades our whole being, then we see how things are always working for us… to take us to another level of awareness.

When we follow it, our inner voice becomes our reason and purpose in this life. While we no longer see where we are going, we are sure of every step, knowing the end of the path is no longer our purpose. Enjoying the path becomes our purpose. We see how with every step the whole universe thanks us, for our presence, for our trust, for hearing the voice within - the voice of peace, truth, and love.

This world is full of other noises that direct our choices and divert us from our journey. The voice within us always speaks to us in different ways.

Make sure the voice inside you is the only voice you choose to hear and follow. ∎


Artist & Awareness Ties Official Ambassador for LGBTQ+ Awareness I am a creative intuitive artist sharing the universe I see and experience beyond the boundaries of our planet. My creations come from inner awareness that is heart centered and does not rely on analysis or head-based questions. It is a way of creating that reflects the connection into your emotions and responding to what feels right. This intuitive space is a place of trust that opens doors to my imagination that I would never find by reason and sensory perception.