Avery  Kohser

Avery Kohser


It's not very easy to talk about yourself. Ok, I will try to write a little something anyway.

My name is Avery Knochel, but my friends know me Red - you do not want to know!

Rather than talking about what I have achieved, I prefer to speak about what I would like to do.

I love traveling. Last year I went to Japan and Spain. Preferably, next spring I'll go to Poland and Britain. Isn't if hilarious how time goes quickly when you are travelling around the world and feels like going backwards when you are stuck in the office? Sure, I work in a uninteresting office all day long, providing affordable auto insurance, while counting the days before my next vacation.

I can play the piano but never learned how to train my voice. A short time ago I found a tasted for opera and anticipation to go and see Carmen live next week.