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EDITOR’S LETTER Welcome To AVDP! I love to go shopping for clothes. My favorite part of IMVU is getting dress. I love unique textures and stylish mesh designs fascinate me. I love combining items from various labels and making several “outfits” to suit the activities at hand, and I relish any chance I get to make an outfit change for a date or special event. My virtual closet is filled with my favorite developer brands NewRepublic, Liziaah, and AnnaSassin, all of whom are also my style icons, and countless others like V4NY, baraq, u3, VisNova, Vanilliz, ReeM, AndZelica, Bibirasta and many more developers, each of whom I admire and support. It’s safe to say that it’s important, especially in this competitive environment, to remain on top of the trends, always researching for new and exciting ideas, because developers are always evolving and challenging themselves. My initial inspiration for creating AVDP was twofold. First, being that I wanted to have an exclusive outlet for my ideas and developer interviews without censorship. Secondly, I began to think about all the magazines I’ve seen and how they tend to focus more on showcasing models instead of developers to which this publication is the beneficiary. I started this project because I wanted to bring a magazine of quality. I am very fortunate in that I love what I do and I have the good luck to know what I’m doing. My intention is to create a magazine where consumers and developers can escape and connect with their favorite designs. I wanted to create a magazine that is a tribute to those developers who pursue their ambitions. I had the fortunate pleasure to sit down with NewRepublic. Fascinating does not begin to describe Andre, aka New Republic, who participated with much enthusiasm for this first edition. The Norwegian developer has been making an impact on the fashion scene over the past year. With the release of his new Derivable Platforms mesh and the explosion of his collection Dramatique, he is on his way from traversing from a household name to a designer house of women’s shoes. We also feature a young creator Vanilliz. When I first met Vanilliz I was impressed by her designs that I wanted to devote an entire story to her. She is talented and just at the beginning of her journey and I’m curious to see how IMVU shapes her. Vanilliz is one of those special creators who make an immediate impact on everyone, not in a daring or antagonistic way, more so she has a girl next door charm that fascinates us. If you are going to discuss Create Mode you have to go to the source. In this issue I talk to Matt Danzig, IMVU cofounder and Senior Art Director, and brace yourselves as Matt rolls out the new creator tools. He is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I have met in IMVU. He brings an energy and work ethic that would rival anyone. Economic crisis or no economic crisis, we still need to buy credits. In this issue I take a broad look at the reseller business of IMVU. I team up with EvilGenius, someone I’ve work with in the past, for an inside look at and their outstanding service. Lastly AVDP is an unscheduled, uncensored, unmatched magazine periodically published through Avi Voice. AVDP commits to text an exclusive insight of the names we recognize, the collections we purchase, and one on one conversation with the artists behind the labels. I am very excited to have the opportunity to share interviews with influential figures in the fashion scene of IMVU, in the same way I look forward to share experiences and enjoy the talents of other up and coming creative agents with you. Avi Voice Developer Profile is the voice of avatars…setting trends for the chic virtual you. JennyHeart


An exclusive interview with Developer “Shoe Designer� New Republic. Even in the virtual world, there remains an unmistakable bond between a woman and her footwear. In short, women love their shoes. Shoes are an accessory that compliments or completes any outfit. The true shoe-collector is an enlightened fashionista that takes designer shoes very seriously, and is always well-heeled.

The luxury of high heeled shoes dates back to 3500 B.C. when the upper class women wore crudely designed heels. Shoes of different heights indicated varying social status. Though throughout time the varying heights have evolved, designer shoes, or the best of the best in shoes, has remained a significant status symbol in our society.

Today, we look up designer shoe brands because they are known for their combination of stunning looks, great quality and exquisite craftsmanship. No other shoe has gestured toward leisure, sexuality, and sophistication as much as the high-heeled designer shoe. Even in the virtual world, as we go through ever changing trends, high heeled designer shoes remain as enhancements of stature, status, and sex appeal. For the most “well heeled” it is natural to recognize the NewRepublic brand.

The Fascination and Dramatique collection are shiny and eye catching, but not over the top, for the more conservative shoe lovers. Andre has dominated shoe design since he changed his name from TastyAndy to NewRepublic. “I wanted a name that would make people take me seriously. I wanted a fresh start, so I thought NewRepublic would be a good choice.”

He has since taken his brand on a journey and en route has gathered a dedicated following, for every style savvy girl knows to head straight to NR’s catalog for gorgeous shoes that blend traditional craftsmanship with cool, individual style.

NR’s shoe collection is one of the broadest selections in the catalog. The serious center on attention Pulse Boots collection (pic on

page 4&5),

you can tell they are

on the wild side, and I’m sure I love them.

The Sinsations collection, I’m absolutely crazy about. These stiletto slides simulate clear Perspex band with peep-toe cut and bare strapless heel and ankle, making a chic summer sandal that would look great with anything.

The derivable mesh is available only in the NewRepublic catalog. The platform mesh was derived over 700 times, amongst the designers using this mesh is Liziaah, Sukitita, JaBellaCouture, Vanilliz and many other shoe designers.

Andre has the capacity to take one mesh add colors and textures to create another line of elaborate, well crafted shoes. He shared with me his source of inspiration. “I get my inspiration from a lot of different things, but my favorite shoe designer is Christian Louboutin, because of the simplicity and pure elegance of his designs. Some of his designs just scream sex, but in a subtle and understated way! Sometimes I start out with an idea in my head, but it usually ends up pretty The Sinsations collection was inspired on the

different than what I thought. The design changes all

collaboration between New Republic and Per71,

the time from beginning to end. I can spend up to four

owner of Club Sinsations. “Per puts a lot of time and

or five hours making a pair of shoes, adding details

effort into running his club, and when he asked me to

and taking them away as I go.”

sponsor them, I said yes. It’s a win-win deal, he gets credits and marketing for his club, and the club works

Christian Louboutin is the red sole stiletto king.

as a marketing place for my creations as well, because

Louboutin shoes have a trademark red lacquer sole,

I have interactive banners in the club.”

which is the signature of his shoes. The red sole adds to the shoe a flirtatious attribute. His signature has

Andre also collaborated with Bibirasta, mesher

been copied and often used by IMVU shoe designers.

extraordinaire, in the design of the mesh used for these lovely shoes. “I don’t create my own meshes, because

While many designers create full outfits Andre’s main

I don’t know how to use 3D software. If I did, I would

focus is shoes. For a moment I wondered if he was

probably try making meshes. I have cooperated with

covertly confessing having a shoe fetish, a question he

Bibirasta though, a very good mesher here on IMVU.

found very amusing. “Hehe! I’m not sure if I have a

She has made a few meshes on my request. It’s hard to

shoe fetish it’s more of a strong passion. But of course

find good meshes, so when I find one I really like I use

shoes can be …very sexual! Shoes fascinate me more

it to the fullest, creating a variety of different styles

than other clothing items, and it gives me more

and designs from it.”

satisfaction designing shoes than other items. It has become my niche.

Shoes are a very important element in any outfit. Shoes

I don’t make that many hair items any more is that,

can work as a statement, and you can tell a lot about a

like you said, it stands out between my other products,

person from what kind of shoe’s they’re wearing.

and the time it takes to create a good looking product

Seeing people wearing my designs warms my heart

page and icon compared to how much these products

and makes me happy. There are so many women who

sell, makes it less attractive to make. But it happens

don’t utilize their full potential which makes me a bit

sometimes that I’m in a creative mood but don’t know

frustrated. I wish more women would be more aware

exactly what to make, so I’ll make some hairs or heads

of and concerned about their own style and looks.”

to satisfy my creative “needs”.

The New Republic label also carries the loveliest set of

Almost every creator starts out with the desire to

heads, I particularly like Nina, it’s the one I use and

design but lacks the skills. Learning doesn’t happen

practically never change, I just love how it fits well

overnight, it takes a while to master the programs and

with my tall avatars and provide the symmetrical

develop a style. “I’ve been on IMVU since 2007, but I

quality I look for when taking pictures. The large

didn’t start developing until 2008. It started out as a

bubble head era is over and forgotten. Thank the

hobby and past time for me. I started out making

virtual gods!

stickers, then hairs. When my skills improved I started creating shoes and other clothing items. In January

NR also has the most natural looking hair texture,

this year my sales went up several hundred percent,

genially named realistic which I find comes off well

mostly because of one single shoe design, the

when editing images too. Andre has used the texture

Dramatique collection. They’ve sold thousands, and

on both male and female hair styles …though there is

I’ve made quite a few other designs based on that

variety in his catalog, and these items do stand out on

same mesh. So the credit income from my sales here is

their own, his strong and undoubtedly trademark is

a nice side income for me now, and it’s a nice

shoes. “I’m quite picky when it comes to fashion and

incentive to keep creating new shoes.

expression of style, and items that I’m not happy with I’ll just hide in the catalog. I’m pretty happy with how

I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 for the graphics work,

the Nina head turned out, and it’s my favorite as well.

other than that it’s just notepad for the html coding

When I started creating smaller symmetrical heads

needed for the product pages. When I started out, I

they didn’t sell that well, because it was still in the

didn’t know how to use CS3, so I’ve learned as I go. I

“bubble head” era as you so conveniently called it.

didn’t have any previous experience with graphical

But now it seems slimmer more natural heads are

work except simple photo editing.

selling more. I have to admit, my hair texture is a real hair texture that I’ve altered and changed in

I like creating virtual products on IMVU, but it can be

Photoshop so it would look good on IMVU. The reason

hard to understand how things work in the beginning.

IMVU needs to improve their user interface, especially

NR: I have a thing for brunettes… but so far,

in the creator department. They also have to make a

most of my girlfriends have been blondes!

more user friendly Previewer, the tool that you use to

Possibly because I live in Norway… hehe!

upload and put together your product. But I know

JH: Favorite Book?

they’re working on that, and a new creator tool will be

NR: I don’t have a favorite one, but I like all

implemented into the IMVU Client soon.”

the books by the Swedish writer Stieg Larsson. JH: Your weakness?

The interview was a pleasure, and I have to say Andre

NR: Besides pretty women and good food? I

is quite charming and not at all the persona many

don’t like disappointing people or hurting their

developers seem to trap themselves in. He didn’t come

feelings, which sometimes gets me in tricky

across elitist, I can vouch for that, though he prides


himself as a self proclaim geek, which I have to say

JH: Ever been called a tease?

after this interview is a sexy characteristic and not the

NR: It happens, but more so on IMVU than in


the real world. JH: What can you not live without?

Andre is creative with the meshes he plays with, and

NR: Spoken like a true geek: My computer.

has managed to design a very unique style that stands

JH: What do you look for in your friends?

out and easily recognized by IMVU fashionistas.

NR: Intelligence, trust, kindness, and a good

Something not many content creators can accomplish.


Finally I couldn’t let Andre skip-off without seating

*Fans herself* …is it getting hot in here? I don’t know

him on the hot seat. What is the hot seat? The chair

about you but my body temperature went up. Haha!

where I ask 10 profile questions and the participant

Truth is I never know what these questions will reveal.

answers honestly and at their own discretion:

But they are always fun to ask.

JH: Men or women? NR: Women

Until the next time, stay in style and “well heeled”!

JH: Chocolate or ice cream? NR: Yes please! JH: Outdoors or indoors? NR: Haha! Outdoors and in public is good. JH: Boxers or Briefs? NR: Boxers definitely! JH: Blondes, Redheads, Brunettes?

Written by JennyHeart Visit the NewRepublic Catalog at 02470 **All illustrations are owned by NewRepublic and may not be duplicated without consent. JennyHeart Copyright © 2010

Reviewing your catalog was a pleasure. You have creative ideas and it shows in your






collections of your is the Pure Contrast ankle boots. Though they have been available for a while now, the first pictures I saw of them I wasn’t terribly impressed, but upon closer inspection there are little elements that make the design more interesting. What inspired you to make this collection?





collection…one of my favorites too…I made it using my brother’s mesh, and he made it in such a way I could put my signature on it and still it would appear normally in both shoes. And black and white is one of my favorite colors so I wanted a combo of both in one shoe collection.”

There are other shoes I like in your catalog, the






collection, the Scarf collection, even the Tropical Fiesta bare-feet collection. But it’s your single designs that stand out more. How do you dream up the elegant Viper shoes, and then surprise us with the Scene

Queen design? “I used to do shoes in

worked a little with NXR too. Then I saw SFX’s

collection before. But then it became too

mesh and I started working with it. Then I

much of a task to dream up designs and do

switched to my brother’s meshes partly

them in a collection so I started just doing

because he is my family (Derivablex is my

what comes to mind at the given moment.

real brother), and partly coz his meshes are

X-caped collection is something I did just for


the fun of playing with opacity. The Liziaah

attachments and options and I can always

collection was a birthday surprise for her.

make suggestions, what I would need and

And I do love anklets so barefeet I

stuff. So I stick to his meshes now though I

sometimes go. Heh! I tell you a secret; the

get mad at him even now for not finishing

viper shoe is a lovely accident and Scene

the promised platform, which I think he will

Queen …hmm. I want to go for stuff that

finish in another week or so.”






others don’t dare dream they can make in here…”

Is this a hobby to you or a business? How did you prepared, tell us about the program

Why only shoes? Do you design under

you use and how you learn to create such

another name, if so why two accounts? “My

attractive foot wear. “Partly a hobby,

clothes come out under the name Jia and

creating makes me happy and I love

Ijaza. I first joined here as Ijaza and created

getting innovative with my designs. So it

Jia coz the name is very special to me. But

helps bring out the potential in me. It also

then an unfortunate accident and I lost

brings me a very good income. I use

Ijaza for a while so I was left with Jia and

Photoshop CS3.”

Vanilliz was unused and sitting on the bench all those days. So I started making

How did you come to join IMVU? “My

shoes on Vanilliz just for the kick of it. And

brother Thovarex joined it first followed by

later on I didn’t want to change the fact

the rest of the family. Me being a family girl I

that Vanilliz only made shoes. It worked well

also joined so most of my real family

for me.”






Marshmallow, McShifan, Derivablex and Tell me about your mesh choices, what do you look for when selecting a mesh for your designs? “I first started with Bibirasta and


Tell us about your experience as a content creator and what do you think is the area that needs most improvement, and what has improved in the time since you joined Creator Program? “It has improved a lot and will continue to improve I think. I just wish someone could correct the vanishing glitch if blending is given to a material. I hate the fact I cannot put blending on my shoes, not because I can’t but I don’t want my clients shoes to vanish if they hit the light or wear a blending given dress or something, which is also one reason why my shoes gained a lot of popularity. Only the Liziaah collection is created with blending cause she loves shoes with blending given. But I wish this problem could be fixed ASAP. I see IMVU growing stronger so I expect good changes to come in the future too.”

What are you working on next? What can we expect from you in the future? “mmm...since I operate a few more accounts (LOL) I can’t usually focus on all of them at once. Now Ijaza and Jia are just getting dormant so I should return to them soon too. But from Vanilliz you can always expect shoes even if late coming, and I apologize to my fans coz I am very lousy in replying back to messages but as I get time I always tend to them too.”

And I thought I was a busy girl! She definitely earns the crown. I can’t wait to see more shoes by Vanilliz. I think we’ve yet to see the best of her ideas. Now I must run over to Jia and Ijaza’s catalog to check out her outfits. Mama needs a new dress.

Written by: JennyHeart

Visit Vanilliz catalog at: 6275003 JennyHeart Copyright © 2010

I was able to sit (figuratively speaking) with Matt

close and then iterate based on the feedback we

Danzig, CO-Founder and Senior Art Director of


IMVU, for a review and preview of Create Mode. The

Create Mode promises to be a better tool than

version he showed me was Create Mode 1.0, though I

what creators currently use to edit and submit

can’t share all the details of what I saw, mainly,

products. Matt has kept everyone with access to the

because everything is still a work in progress and

IMVU forums informed on the progress in his posts,

Matt asked me to be discrete, I can sum it up in one

Creator Updates. “There are a TON of changes for

word, WOW!

the better in Create Mode,” said Matt, “but the big

The preview I was shown is part of Matt’s

takeaway is that the tools will be very reminiscent of

ongoing communication with the community, in

the Previewer. If this doesn't cover the detail you

where he reveals the visible front page of Create

need, check out some of the Creator Updates I have

Mode and walks you through what you see, and you

made over the past few months. There is a lot of detail

provide the feedback he needs for any changes he can

in those updates.”

consider. This cooperation between users and the Art

The tools will be redolent of the Previewer,

Department is still ongoing, and you can be part of it

but it will be a new and better experience with added

if you are an IMVU user and have not registered to be

tools like: the snapshot tool that allows you to take a

a Creator. “IMVU's design team works in a rapidly

100x80 image right there in Create Mode for the

iterative manner,” said Matt, “This means that we

catalog; The added bonus of easy access to products

build out a complete design based on a hypothesis

in your inventory (clothing, outfits, furniture, rooms)

and then test that hypothesis with real users (both

while you're editing a product; The Editor in Create

existing and off the street) to see how we stack up. We

Mode will allow you to easily add or delete opacity

NEVER nail it the first time. Rather, we get really

maps to any product. And other changes to the Editor

many content creators face. I asked Matt what

with regards to materials and textures.

changes were made to the previewer to make the

Just last month Matt updated creators on the

learning experience smoother. “I couldn't agree more

start of the process of writing the code for Create

that our "on-boarding" process is less than ideal,” he

Mode 0.1; The test version is the first preview of the

said agreeably, “In fact, it’s awful. I have SO much

new Editor you’ll be able to test in client, and it’s

respect for all of the Creators who have made it

only a matter of weeks for it goes live. “Right now,

through that terrible experience. When Create Mode

the plan is to leave the Previewer on so people can

exists, the on-boarding process will be a lot better for

keep using it to create content. Though, Create Mode

beginning Creators. However, it is not clear to me

will be SOOOO much better than the Previewer, I

that we want the learning curve for difficult projects

can't imagine many people using the Previewer for

to be easy. Building a room with morphs and prop

actual creation for long.” He said confidently. And I

actions is inherently difficult and I would rather

believe him.

properly set expectations that trick people into

The first thing I noticed about Created Mode

believing that this sort of thing is easy. Suffice to say,

1.0 was how easy it looks to navigate. The welcome

Create Mode 1.0 will include myriad creative paths

window, after entering Create Mode gives you two

for many talent levels.”

options to start, easy mode and advance mode. “The

One of the added bonuses to the changes and

basic philosophy behind 1.0 is to help beginners to be

Create Mode is how it will help with the issue of

creative,” He explained. “This means positioning

stolen products. Matt shared how Create Mode 1.0

easy creative experiences like making an outfit and

hopes to eliminate this concern. “With Create Mode

decorating your room as essentially part of the

1.0 (ie - after 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, etc.) in place, we can turn

greater Creator program. They're appetizers. The

off submission from the various Previewers out in the

entree is the Advanced stuff. Then, even within the

world. Each Previewer uses its own submission flow

advanced sphere, there are easier things to do.” He

and some submission flows have been compromised.

added, “At the same time we're allowing beginners to

ie - people are able to trick the submission code into

feel more comfortable with the idea of the Creator

believing a product is derived from product123.cfl vs.

program, we also want the more hard core folks to


feel welcome and inspired.”

submission flow that will allow us to open products

In the interview that I did with NewRepublic












we talked about his early experience starting out, and

derivation truth (among other data like Actions and

he expressed how much of a steep learning curve


Other changes coming with Create Mode are

Education Center that need translating. If you're

aimed to the product card in the shop. Matt discussed

interested, I would be more than willing to help you

some of those changes in this article. “I think it is

(or your small army of translators.) Also, thanks for

untrue to say 'everyone is using the shop to buy.'

reminding me that the entire Create Mode can be

Rather, the Shop is by far more popular than the web

localized in Spanish (and other languages.) I will

catalog and the difference between the two becomes

reach out to you when we're ready to translate the

larger every month. Based on my personal interviews,

entire thing.”

it is clear that the reason people (ie - the people I

Now that is great news, Matt! But you better

happen to have spoken to) like to use the web site is

have Popeye’s Chicken Palace on speed dial because

because 1) they like to see pictures (or even just see

translating makes me hungry.

the product in the case of furniture & rooms) 2) they

I left the interview with much respect for our

like to see Action triggers and 3) they like to see

boy wonder, he showed a true passion for the work he

recommended products. The current version of the

is doing, and showed great commitment to making

'product card' in the Shop shows maybe 1% of the

sure that Create Mode brings what he promised. “I

original design. It only shows the name, image,

will not force anyone to use Create Mode until I am

creator, price and a few other pieces of information.

satisfied that IMVU's memory, friend and inventory

The future version of the product card will include far

issues are resolved. I believe that those three issues






are the main one's preventing people from using the




new client. The very good news is that we know about

(automatically added to a card if a product contains

those issues and are presently working to resolve

Actions). It will also contain a specific section for



To learn more about Create Mode and what

Creators - derivation links, uploaded files, etc.” Finally one of the projects I’ve been doing is

Matt is working on check out his Creator Update post

translating tutorials to Spanish. After viewing Create


Mode 1.0 it was clear that some changes are expected


and I asked Matt if I was wasting my time translating






Written by: JennyHeart

tutorials. “There are changes to the Editor with regards to materials and textures. They're not big changes but they are different enough that you might be wasting your time on translating tutorials. That JennyHeart Copyright © 2010

said, there are a TON of tutorials in the Creator

What do you do when you need credits? Personally, I buy from the reseller I can trust, like I’ve been using their service for as long as I can remember. They provide a professional service that is easy to approach, fast and reliable. I buy from EvilCredits because I get a good deal for my money and at the same time I help support some of my favorite Content Creators. For me it’s a no brainer, I need fast reliable service, I go to In the virtual world you need to be very careful who you do business with, the safest approach is to research the reseller you want to buy credits from. You don’t want to give your money just to anyone who calls themselves a reseller. And less for more does not mean reliable and safe service. One way to find a reliable reseller is by asking your friends who they do business with, or buy from the reseller your favorite Content Creator does business with. There are a handful of resellers in the world and though all basically offer the same exchange rate, not all can provide fast reliable service. I contacted EvilGenius and asked him to sit with me for a one on one conversation. I told him I was doing a review on resellers and having experienced good service, I wanted to do an article on them. I wanted to share with you why I prefer them over others and at the same time give you an inside view at the business. I was very surprised what I learned. And EvilG had no problems talking about the business, even the legal hoops and obstacles that come with the business. Having the word Evil in the

IMVU community here, I became a

started my own business I could

name for a business is a bold



educate everyone that I know about








EvilCredits. It was literally the

internet safety, as well as always




first business name that came to

provide a safe and easy way to

audacious and intrepid. Tell me


buy/sell credits. Lots of my friends

about the name EvilCredits?

As in any business starting out

were developers, and it was great

“As a young man, I was very good



to create a business that directly

with computers. So good that my

challenges did you encounter

helped them out. EvilCredits has

friends and family playfully called

and how did you overcome

never been oriented for maximum

me an “evil genius.” This name


profit. There is somewhat of an

kinda stuck, and as I had to create

“The most prominent reason for


various screen names and emails, I

stating EvilCredtits was probably

used EvilGenius. My first avatar

the fact that most of my friends

which from I will chose some

name was EvilGenius, and when I

have at some time fallen victim to

highlights. The first few months

excelled in the technical part of the

a fake reseller. I decided that if I

were all tests of business plans,







websites, and legal issues. There

You buy credits from Content


were actually tons of legal “hoops”

Creators in order to resell

amount, avatar name, pay with

to jump through while setting up


credit, debit or PayPal, and credits

accounts with IMVU and PayPal

What rates do you offer, and is


to do this kind of business.


confirmation emails, or waiting

Immediately before my site went

business partners?

periods. To date, I've sold credits

live, lots of policy changes at

“Currently I am buying credits at

in 27,400 transactions, with 99%

IMVU happened and I had to sift

$43.00 USD per 100,000 credits.

of those credits being delivered in

though these, and even change how

This rate will change from time to

less than 25 seconds after the

my website worked to come into

time to follow the trends of the

customer submits the payment.”




IMVU economy. On almost a daily

Buying credits from resellers




basis, EvilCredits will buy from a



new Creator in the efforts to boost

developers. I know one of my

technical end was no big problem.

new and upcoming Creators. After

all time favorite developers,

The only challenge was finding the

EvilCredits buys millions of credits

AnnaSassin, is a partner of

time to actually do the work. I

from a Creator, they are welcomed

EvilCredits and I just love her

worked a laborious day job and

to add their banner on the website

work so I’m more than happy

worked on EvilCredits every night

as well as the homepage. It’s kind

to buy credits from EvilCredits.

for many months. EvilCredits

of thanks to them for sustaining

Who else is associated with

finally launched and it is still

my business.”


doing very well to this day.


What does one have to do to

shoutouts, it looks to me like a


become a credit reseller?





“To become a reseller, a reputable

What does EvilCredits possess



member of the IMVU community

over all the others? Why



should I buy from EvilCredits


“Become a reseller” link on the

and not another reseller?

BruttoAssassino, and yumi713.

Creators page. But this link was


Other supporters may come and go,

removed about a year ago and



and a list of current supporters

IMVU says they are not looking to

somewhat of an advantage of

and their banners can be found at

take on any more resellers. This is


because the credit supply is well

reseller has a bright green “evil



face” for a logo/icon. EvilCredits

Do IMVU credit sales affect

has one of the fastest buying

credit resellers? What would
























EvilCredits recognition.













“Some of my best and most developers


missbetsy, CorpseDolly,

you like to see change and

exclusive item, and a VIP badge.


improve in regard to how

This is hardly worth $10 a month

subscriptions. And I haven't set my

IMVU puts out credits?

at most times, you're right.

service up to offer it because I

“IMVU's sales from their credit

When thinking of what I could

simply haven't had the time to.

store as well as promo bundles

offer my own customers under an

Starting last week, I have more

containing credits make a very

EvilCredits branded VIP program

time on my hands so it will

noticeable impact on a reseller's

I thought along some of the same

eventually become something I

sales, especially on the first day of a

lines. I could definitely offer a

offer as I knock-out things on my

multi-day sale. However, resellers

monthly subscription for credit

business to-do list. I just wonder

maintain prices that are lower

delivery perhaps at a discount

why other resellers don't offer it.”

than IMVU's for 90% of the time,

because it means definite returning

I already see a green VIP badge

so there's no worry for any long-

business. In fact, Paypal offers a

on my ID card. I’d be the first

term impact on a resellers business.

subscription service to me that I

Monthly Subscriber if EC were

IMVU handles their credit sales

can easily allow customers to set up

to offer a VIP service. And I

very well and kind of predictably

payments. There are no rules

know I’d be getting a greater

and I wouldn't have it any other

against this, as long as I can

credits deal for my money. As

way. IMVU respects resellers and

provide the ability for the customer

for monthly gifts, I can live

resellers respect IMVU.”

to easily cancel the subscription.

without them…maybe EC and






This feature is on my to-do list

his partners can come up with



and will eventually be added to my

super-low-bundle-sales for EC-

and gifts for a monthly fee.

website. However, for the rest of

VIP customers instead. I rather

Personally, I don’t like the VIP

the things that goes along with a

have the choice of knowing

deal. But I've wondered why



what I’m adding to my virtual



thought much on what more I can

closet (even if I have to pay for


offer. I suppose I can send out tons

it) than to get something I


of exclusive EvilCredits branded

something similar. Is it against

products. The very loyal customer

the rules for resellers to setup

will love that. My customer

monthly subscriptions?

support email is not overloaded so

“A VIP-type program is a good

I do respond as fast as I can. Your

idea for resellers to offer for their

question has stirred my mind about


customers. When I look at IMVU's

more things to offer my customers.

improve, and we might even see

VIP features I see these things:

So to answer the question directly:

some new features soon.

alleged expedited customer service,

It’s not against any rules for





customers willing monthly


monthly credit delivery, monthly



don’t want or need take up space in my already overstuffed inventory. EvilCredits, (starting last week), has acquired more man-hours. will



Written by: JennyHeart

JennyHeart NewRepublic (now Republic) Matt Danzig Vanilliz EvilCredits

All illustrations and articles within may not be duplicated without consent. JennyHeart Copyright Š 2010


Avi Voice Developer Profile Magazine Issue One May 2010.

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