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General Surgery India Minimally Upper

Invasive Surgery

Gastrointestinal Surgery & Endoscopy Service


and Pancreatic Surgery


& Trauma Surgery


and Neck Surgery Vascular


 The

Department of Surgery 's General Surgery Division deals with conditions of multiple organ systems including : -

 Skin

and Soft Tissues

 Head,

Neck and Breast

 Intra-abdominal



Biliary tract


 Gastro-intestinal

viscera in including : -

Tract including : -



Small and large intestine


 Bariatric


 Endocrine






 Oncologic


Under general surgery Clinical Services that our partner hospitals offer the following treatments : Laparoscopic Procedures : - Both Diagnostic and Therapeutic procedures include Cholecystectomy, Appendicectomy, Splenectomy, Adrenalectomy, Anti Reflux Procedures, Colectomies, etc.  Surgical

Gastroenterology : - Operations on the Stomach, Duodenum, HepatoBiliary tract, Pancreas, Colorectal, Anal canal, for Benign and Malignant diseases.

 Oncology :

- Operations for cancer of gastrointestinal tract.

 Hernias :

- All types of Hernias, including Inguinal, Femoral and Incisional Hernia.

 Thyroid :

- All operations on Thyroid.

 Portal

Hypertension : - Shunt and De-vascularization procedures.

 Vascular

Surgery : - All types of Vascular Surgeries including Vascular Bypass, Varicose Veins Operation, Endovascular Stenting and IVC Filter.

 Whipples,

Choecytecomy & Exploration of CBD, Circumsion, Fem Pop Bypass, Laprotomy Emergency.

 Lymp

Node Biopsy, Thyroidectomy etc.

Keyhole Surgery at General Surgery Hospital in India  In

keyhole Surgery at hospitals in India a scope is introduced into the body cavity through a 0.5cm opening. The area is viewed through a CCD video camera attached to the monitor. Surgeons can perform any type of surgery by viewing the monitor. Because of the smallness of the opening, this kind of surgery is called Keyhole surgery, Minimal Access Surgery, or based on the equipment used, Laparoscopic or Endoscopic Surgery.

Why keyhole Surgery at General Surgery Hospital in India ?  Small

incision, minimal pain, no large exposure so chances of infection are almost nil. This surgery is cosmetically acceptable and allows quick recovery – You’re back in the gym after a major Laparoscopic Surgery in 24 hrs.

Is it more expensive than conventional open surgery ?  The

use of sophisticated equipment, instruments and consumables and special training required for surgeons makes the cost of keyhole surgery more expensive. But reducing the use of medicines, especially antibiotics and length of hospital stay, brings down the costs considerably.

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