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10.1 Furnished Management - General AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing has created its own managed corporate housing system to service both the needs of the property owner and tenant. As a Real Estate Brokerage, our primary relationship is with the property owner. Tenants who stay in your units are considered clients. The AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing System is described in detail in the Owner Manual (See Appendix & Section 12). Maintenance Policy Statement: AvenueWest shall use its best efforts to keep all properties under its management in good condition and properly maintained. Towards this end, AvenueWest shall use its best skills and efforts to serve the tenant and shall purchase necessary supplies, make all contractual arrangements for furnishing, electricity, gas, fuel, water, telephone, window cleaning, refuse disposal, pest control, and any other utilities or services required for the operation of the property. AvenueWest shall make or cause to be made all needed repairs and alterations to the property and supervise the same. These may be done by AvenueWest at our discretion adhering to the parameters previously established with the client and provided they do not exceed $200 per incident. If expenditures for repairs, alterations, decorations or furnishings exceed Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) AvenueWest will make a reasonable effort to contact the owner prior to the repair, except in the case of an emergency, or if AvenueWest in good faith determines such expenditures are necessary to protect the property from damage, to prevent injury to persons, loss of life, or to maintain services to tenants. Maintenance caused by tenant negligence will be charged to the tenant. Property owners or their insurance shall be held responsible for all such maintenance if uncollectible from tenant. The cost of all maintenance, repairs and operations shall be deducted from any revenues delivered to the owner. The maintenance supervisor will do their best to respond to maintenance requests within 1 business day. Maintenance requests will be prioritized based on the immediacy of the need (Emergency items always take precedence). Other factors include the availability of the proper vendor needed to make the repair. 10.2 Property Manager The Property Management Team serves the needs of tenants, property owners and properties in the AvenueWest Program. The Team is responsible for reviewing, reporting and maintaining the condition, presentation and preparedness of all units in AvenueWest’s inventory. The Team will support AvenueWest in all aspects of bringing new units on-line, taking units off-line, maintaining current inventory and ensuring units are always 100% ready for move-in. Customer service is our highest priority at AvenueWest. All meetings with the public should be conducted in a courteous and professional manner. Everyone should be considered a potential client and treated with respect. The Property Management Team strives to: • Develop and maintain an adequate inventory of qualified Property Management units • Work with property owners during on-line and off-line process • Coordinate the property on-line and off-line process with office • Support property owners and the best needs of their property • Manage and maintain property quality and details

Coordinate maid service requests Coordinate the departure cleaning of all units Inspect and restock all units Analyze units currently in our inventory and make upgrade recommendations/requirements Coordinate the upkeep of all units within our management system Annually inspect and approve all properties to ensure quality and compliance

• •

Manage property renovation process

• • • • •

• • •

Maintain all current property information in Aaxsys Maintain relationships with condominium associations and apartment communities Take photos of units for website Create property owner user on website and provide owner with login information AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

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• • • • • • • • • •

Maintain key inventory (Keys; Access Cards/FOBs; Garage Remotes; Key Chains & Key Lock Boxes) Communicate with and answer questions for property owners Communicate with owners on maintenance issues Process all work orders and submit to accounting Create building maps/Unit Information guides Update/Assemble Owner Manual Update/Assemble property Welcome Books Coordinate, maintain and update supply inventory in office Review purchasing and inventory decisions Develop and maintain quality vendor relationships

Support the set up and take down of Lease On Demand (LOD) units when needed Assist office in general admin tasks including answering the phone Service account and tenant needs when needed Support arrival details and key packages when needed Represent AvenueWest in a professional and honest manner

Support AvenueWest compliance with State Real Estate laws, rules and regulations Additional duties as assigned

• • • • •

Meetings: Each office will schedule regular operations meetings with both the Property Management (PM and Account Executive (AE) Teams in attendance to review arrival and departure needs. The PM Team will meet quarterly to review strategies and goals. License and E & O Insurance: • All Property Managers must have a valid Real Estate License specific to their state. • Broker Associates shall maintain active license and insurance at their own expense. • Broker Associates will maintain membership in a local or national Board of Realtors, timely paying their membership and participation fees at their own expense. • Broker Associates failing to keep their licensure and E&O insurance in good standing will be automatically suspended. NARPM: All PM’s should join their local NARPM Chapter (National Association of Residential Property Managers) and attend monthly luncheons to develop their knowledge of property management and other related topics. Service: Corporate Housing and Property Management are both service oriented industries. AvenueWest strives to offer the highest level of service and quality in the industry. Account Executives have the responsibility of being the public face for AvenueWest and as such should strive to treat each client with the highest level of respect and strive to offer handson service. The Property Management Team’s primary customers are the owners of our properties. It is the responsibility of all AvenueWest employees and contractors to balance the needs of both the property owners and the needs of our tenants. Property Management Team – Service Pledge: As the Property Manager / Property Supervisor I Pledge: To the Account Executive Team to: • Turn properties in 2 business days, 3 if there were pets or children.

• •

Communicate all time frames for any and all maintenance issues, maid service requests, etc. as received, to allow the AE to keep their clients as informed as possible. Gather complete property information during the on-line process and update it when needed. AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

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Perform all preventative maintenance during down time.

Coordinate maintenance issues within 1 business day of notification. To the Property Owners to: • Have their properties prepared for tenancy in 2-3 business days.

• • •

Inform owners when their property has been rented once the AE has received the signed contract. Clearly communicate repairs that will exceed $200. Maintain marketability of their property, including suggesting upgrades as needed.

Have performed and overseen annual maintenance, using bonded, licensed and insured vendors to ensure the work is performed professionally. To ourselves and the PM team to: • Bring the best of myself into the office every day. • Be supportive and available to others, whether it is for guidance or assistance. • Support without judgment, remembering that “we’ve all been there”. • Take pride in our efforts.

• •

Represent your AvenueWest Global Franchise professionally. Be an active member in the community.

Owner Communication: The local PM is the single point of contact for owners and all communication to the owner should be done through them. Owner block requests, approvals for maintenance issues, or purchasing of items on behalf of the owner should all be done via e-mail so that a written copy is on file. If done over the phone, a written email should be sent as a follow up so there is a written copy on file. Rate Negotiation: The PM should establish with the owner the acceptable rate range permitted when negotiating with prospective tenants. The reason for a range is twofold. First, if the tenant is willing to sign a longer-term lease, than our standard month-to-month lease, then this rate flexibility is needed for the AE to be able to secure the longer-term lease. There is no advantage to a tenant to sign the longer-term lease if the pricing would be the same as a month-to-month lease. Secondly, this rate flexibility will provide us a means to lease the owner’s property during a slow season. Occupancy is our #1 goal. The prospects of the property generating more annual income improve if the owner agrees to a more flexible rate schedule. 10.3 AvenueWest Properties: Signature, Custom, Basic The classification between Signature, Custom, and Basic Properties is based on the rental rates for the units as well as the amenities the units' provide or lack. Signature Properties are defined in the AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing System as:

1. Having a monthly rental rate above $1,400 (as determined by the market); 2. Maintaining all required inventory items (a list of required items can be found on Google Documents under AWGF Franchisee Documents-Property Owners-Inventory Checklist – New Property).

3. Maintaining all property utility bills including: electricity and gas (with these caps) Studio/1BD - $100, 2BD $125, 3BD - $150, 4BD - $175, House $200); cable or satellite television with at least the expanded basic package; high speed wireless internet; and unlimited domestic long distance. If a property does not follow the Signature Unit Inventory Requirements nor have all of the following services: Expanded Basic Cable, High Speed Wireless Internet, Unlimited Domestic Long Distance and is being rented above a monthly rate of $1400 for the previous month, it will be considered a Custom Property. [i.e. The property has been customized to meet the current tenant's needs]. AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

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A Basic Property are those with a rental rate below $1,400 per month and these do not require all the amenities of a signature property. 10.4 Property Types House - A single family residence, on a single lot of land. Generally is one or two story and has a front and back yard. Duplex - Two single family residences adjoined by a common wall and sharing a single lot of land. Triplex - Three single family residences adjoined by common walls and sharing a single lot of land. Fourplex - Four single family residences adjoined by common walls and sharing a single lot of land. Townhouse - This dwelling is part of a row or complex containing multiple homes of the same or similar design. Units consist of one or more floors, often with a street-level garage. Each townhome shares at least one wall with neighbors, but has its own entrance, and area of land. Condominium - A multi-unit housing development where each residential unit is individually owned and each owner has a common interest in the common areas. It does not have an area of land. Loft - Is a style not a type of real estate. A loft is a condominium generally in an older building not originally built for housing that has been converted to residential units. Lofts generally have high ceilings, exposed duct work and no interior doors. Newly constructed loft buildings are designed to emulate the design and style of the older buildings. Flat - Is generally used to refer to an older building that has been subdivided into private residential units with each residential unit occupying a single floor. If each unit is individually owned, it would also be considered a condominium. Apartment - A multi-unit residential building where all units are owned by one entity and each unit is rented out. 10.5 Rating System Achieving a high level of guest satisfaction is important to both the property owner and AvenueWest. Accordingly, AvenueWest shall use its expertise to accurately describe each property in order to assure a high degree of correlation between the expectations of the guests and their experience with the property. To achieve this, AvenueWest has adopted a Rating System. All units in AvenueWest’s inventory are assigned a rating. This rating allows the reservation agent to properly represent a property when compared to the other units in our inventory. The evaluation is based on the interior condition of the unit. If, upon inspection, the unit receives an undesirable rating, AvenueWest will notify the property owner(s) of the items needing attention before their unit can be rented by AvenueWest. If a current unit, through wear and tear, drops below an acceptable rating the unit will need to be upgraded or will be dropped from the rental program. AvenueWest reserves the right to remove any unsatisfactory units from our inventory. AvenueWest will only accept A and B quality properties into its management system. All properties should be rated in Aaxsys to ensure the AE properly informs the prospective tenant of the property’s features. If a property drops to a C rating due to regular wear and tear and the owner is unwilling to upgrade their property, then the property needs to be removed from our management program. It is necessary that all properties are properly graded. By completing routine maintenance, upgrading properties when possible through proper departure inspections and consistent annual inspections, and adding new A & B rated properties we will have a top quality inventory. Hints for an A+ Unit:   

   

 

 

Crown Molding Baseboards Custom Paint Colors Two-Toned Paint Good Lighting Tiled Floors Granite Counters New Stainless Steel Appliances New Carpet Large Flat Screen TV Movie Channels

   

Stylish Furnishings Sofa Bed Quality Stereo Quality Artwork

 

  AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Updated Window Coverings Drapes & Decorative Valances Views Quiet Environme nt Security Features

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Quality Neighborhood Quality School District

Large Parking Space – garage even better

Additional Parking

10.6 Property & Location Qualifications Each city and area are different and will have different needs for renting. For example, Dallas has lots of Medical campuses all in the same area so this would be a highly marketable area with the amount of medical professionals coming in and out frequently for corporate housing. Be sure to locate areas around your city that clients most request and start building your inventory in these desired areas. Eventually, the needs may be shifted and additional inventory will need to be obtained. Some desirable areas for corporate housing: • Near business parks and major commerce areas • Near military bases • Near medical campuses • Near public transportation • Near college campuses • Near major attractions Compile a list of all the areas being requested and start targeting property owners there. Even if a property is not in one of the most common requested areas does not mean that it won’t ever be rented. Each client will have different needs so keep this in mind. Be sure any property is up to AvenueWest standards before deciding to bring it online. If it is not up to our standards, then discuss with the property owner a list of suggested changes to increase the marketability of the property to potential tenants. 10.7 Furnishing All rooms must have a consistent wood and design theme and the bedroom is no exception. All lamps should match as well. Drawers and shelves that are marked up, stained or worn will need to be replaced or repaired. A 22” Flat Screen TV is required in the master bedroom only; however, the more TVs the more marketable the property will be. A 37” Flat Screen TV is required in the living room but the bigger the better. If the unit doesn’t have lots of natural light, then more floor lamps or overhead lights may be required. Do not waste your money on a bedroom set only suited for a child’s room. Remember that the quality of the mattress and style of the room is very important. Sleep number or Temperpedic mattresses are also a plus and will aid in the overall desirability of a property. Bathroom: The bathroom is one of those rooms key to achieving a top rating and one on which potential leasing deals could be lost. All caulk needs to be clean and free of mold and/or discoloration in the bathtubs, showers, and around the sink area. Medicine cabinets need to be free from any visible signs of rust and drawers need to be thoroughly scrubbed. Check to see if a new fresh showerhead is needed. Decorative items, soap dishes and shower curtains must complement each other in color and style. Owners do need to provide a decorative shower curtain. A shower curtain liner is provided through the linen and towel program. AvenueWest also provides soap, shampoo, lotion, toilet paper and Kleenex for each new tenant. Additional items needed in each bathroom are: waste basket, soap dish, plunger and toilet bowl brush. If the properties’ bathroom light fixture requires special light bulbs have the owners provide an adequate supply under the sink to avoid service fees. Bedroom: Dressers and nightstands must match and be consistent with the bed headboard. Nightstands need table lamps. Areas with dressers need to be lit by an overhead light or have an additional floor lamp nearby. Each bedroom must have a clock radio and a telephone. Closets and dressers need to be completely cleaned out and free from debris. King is the required bed size for master bedrooms; however, other arrangements can be made if previously discussed. Bed sets must be fresh and appear in good condition. Comforters, bed skirts, duvets, pillow shams and accent pillows are all required to match and are an important element in the overall presentation of the unit. Kitchen: AvenueWest’s motto in the kitchen is “less is more.” Having one clean, fresh set of the basics is 100% better than having 3 sets of old, stained, scraped and marked items. Please refer to the required inventory list for specific AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 6 updated 10/31/11

items that need to be included (Google Documents-AWGF Franchise Documents-Property Owners-Inventory Checklist – New Property). AvenueWest provides dish soap, dishwasher soap, sponge and paper towels for each new tenant. It is required that property owners purchase a complete set of glasses, dishes and silverware through AvenueWest. This helps us be sure the items are matching, consistent and in correct quantities at all times. The property owners will ultimately save money over time as we are able to match pieces as they wear without the property owner having to purchase a whole new set. If a unit needs all the items for the kitchen the property owner should consider purchasing a “kitchen kit” through AvenueWest. Not only will this save them money, but anytime an item is broken or misplaced, we can replace it with an identical item. Having your property owners purchase a kitchen kit through you is also a time saver for the property owner and will make the Property Management Team’s job that much easier in the long run. If the property owners are inclined to purchase the kitchen items on their own, there are a number of sets that will save them money. Recommend purchasing a higher quality set of pots and pans. Non-stick pans will not last and will need to be replaced frequently. Cooking utensil sets are available in presentation containers that can be placed on the counter. Presentation containers add a nice dimension to the kitchen and help avoid messy drawers. Please inform your property owners to not buy any white cooking utensils as they stain easily and will need to be replaced. A knife set in a butcher-block stand is also cost effective and keeps the kitchen well organized. Drawer organizers are a must. Dining Room: All units must have some way of accommodating in-house dining. In larger units there may be a dining room, in smaller units there may simply be a counter with stools, either way there needs to be a comfortable dining area as this is a major selling point and something not offered by hotels. As an inviting presentation to the units, AvenueWest will arrange place settings complete with a move-in snack gift on the table as part of the departures services we offer. Living Room: AvenueWest prides itself on creating a home atmosphere for our clients. The living room is the main room to establish the theme of your unit. This room should be comfortable and stylish. Be sure the tenant can enjoy their evenings away from home relaxing in front of the TV, reading a book or doing additional work for the day. The woods, colors and styles need to match throughout the room and the unit. A sofa bed will make the unit more versatile and will help with the overall occupancy rate. Each unit must have a flat screen, color television set (min 37 inches), cable, DVD and stereo with a CD player and iPod doc. For the unit to be considered an A rating, all electronics need to match. A unit’s style is very important and can directly affect the occupancy rate. If the property owner does not have time or desire to furnish their unit, please let them know about our Furnishing Program. The Furnishing Program is an additional property owner expense. A member of the Property Management team will pick out all unit furnishings, set up the delivery of all items, and will get the unit ready to be rented. 10.8 Kitchen Kit The PM should make an effort to sell new owners our standardized Kitchen Kit. This will help keep all AvenueWest units consistent and make replacing broken or lost items considerably easier. The Kitchen Kit is ordered from Lodging Kit. There is a 2 week turn-around time. If an item arrives broken, call for a free replacement. Minimum kitchen item place setting is: Studio/1bedroom – 8 place setting; 2 bedroom – 10 place setting; 3+ bedrooms – 12 place setting. Orders for Kitchen Kits should have the property address as the delivery address, unless there is not an office that can accept the packages or if the owner will not be there to receive them. Owners are responsible for unpacking all items, washing them and putting them away in the kitchen or this can be done by AvenueWest for an additional setup fee. 10.9 Linen & Towel Program In our Managed Corporate Housing System, owners are asked to provide fully furnished units Except for the items provided by the Linen & Towel Service. For providing this service AvenueWest will annually charge the Linen and Towel service fee to each owner. A full year of the fee is charged when the property is brought online and then on January 1 st, a prorated amount is charged to bring the owner current through to December 31 st of that year. Then going forward they are charged on January 1st of each year. Because the owners are charged annually in January for this service, they will AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 7 updated 10/31/11

not be charged when items are soiled, lost or worn-out. When a property goes off-line, the prorated balance will be returned to the owner. Owners are not to leave any towels/linens in the unit as they will be removed by AvenueWest and donated on behalf of the property owner. In order to be consistent, all sheets, towels, mattress pads, blankets and pillows are ordered in bulk by the Franchisor and can be purchased by the Franchisee in smaller quantities. To make the best impression, all towels and sheets are white. Curtain liners, hangers and kitchen items can be purchased locally. Annual Fee: 1 Bedroom & Studio - $299; 2 Bedroom - $399; 3 Bedroom - $499; 4 Bedroom - $599. Bathroom: Towels (Bath, Hand, and Washcloths), Bath Mat, Shower Curtain Liner Bedroom: Sheets, Pillows, Mattress Pad, Blanket, Hangers Kitchen: Dish Towel & Cloth, Potholder, Placemats, Napkins Why the linen and towel service is important:  Linens and towels are often lost or permanently soiled by tenants. By having standard items we can always ensure the new tenant has a complete set of all the items.  Efficiency is also important in how we inspect and ready the unit between tenants. Standard items allow us to be ready when items need to be replaced quickly.  By providing this service we avoid frustrating charges to tenants and owners  This program allows our cleaners to bring fresh linens to swap with dirty linens during maid service visits. This way the cleaner(s) will not need to launder items in the unit. The normal wear and tear of the washer and dryer is also reduced.  Tenants always have special requests for additional linens and this program allows us to service these requests without additional costs to the property owner. 10.10 Online Process There are many steps involved in placing a property online. Once the owner has turned in their signed contract, the process may begin. The PM team needs to inspect each unit and create a specific online inventory listing every single item and record any prior unit damages. A video and photos need to be taken of the entire unit and saved online. When the initial inventory list is completed, the inventory sheet needs to be typed and saved to the property folder online to be used during all future inspections. The property needs to be entered into the Aaxsys system and the website. The property owner needs to be added to Aaxsys and the website and sent their log-in information for both. All owner paperwork needs to be submitted to Global so the owner can get set up in Quickbooks and for direct deposit. (See Google Docs-AWGF Franchisee-Property Owners-Property On-Line Checklist/Property Owner Checklist/Owner Online Checklist). The AE team needs to determine a rental price range they believe appropriate for the unit with the PM. Once the property is online, the AE needs to start marketing the property. Any maintenance items need to be addressed as timely as possible to get the new property rented faster. 10.11 Aaxsys Reservation System Aaxsys - Adding New Properties: Whenever a new property is brought into the AvenueWest Management System, it needs to be added to Aaxsys as soon as you receive the signed management contract. Below are step by step instructions of how to add new properties: 1. From your Home menu, Select “Add a New Property” which is the 3 rd option down under the Properties section.

2. Enter the unique property code you wish to be assigned to your new property to be used internally and for marketing purposes in the next screen and click “submit” when finished. (The property code is the building abbreviation and the unit number. If the property is in a high-rise with more than 10 floors, then there needs to be a 0 in front of the unit number. For example, unit #802 in the 32 floor high-rise Barclay Towers would be AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 8 updated 10/31/11

BAR0802. If the unit is a house, use either the name of the housing development, neighborhood, or street name as the beginning of your property code).

3. Start by making your property Active by selecting the “yes” bubble to the right. 4. If the property has a minimum for the amount of days per reservation, put how many days to the right of the “Min” field next to Min/max stay (days).

5. The Available from field must contain the date that the property will be active online (NOTE: you can select the “no” bubble next to Active if you are pre-entering the property information. You will be able to find the property by checking the box that says “check for showing also non-active property” in the “View and Edit Property Information” section under Properties and click proceed. From the list, select the Property code you wish to make active).

6. The Available until field should be filled in when you are taking a property offline. 7. Under the BASIC section, provide the following: a. Name – The complex name – if it is a house or isn’t in a complex with a title, type in the first part of the address.

b. Address/Address2 – The street address and suite number (1234 Main Street #1) c. Suite – The apartment number d. Neighborhood – Various places are divided into neighborhoods that aren’t classified necessarily as cities – this would be a neighborhood.

e. Cross Streets – These should be the Major cross streets f. City g. State h. Zip Code i.


j. Phone Number – in the unit k. Contact Agent – the Property Manager’s User ID 8. Under the KITCHEN & ELECTRONICS section, select either the “yes” or “no” bubble to the right of an amenity specific to that property. If the washer and dryer is inside the property put “in Unit.” If there are any other amenities that you wish to advertise, include these in the fill in lines.

9. Under the LIVING section, be sure to select all bubbles for each item. Fill in all the information. If there is anything additional or there are any restrictions on pets, for example, include this information in the fill in lines below. AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 9 updated 10/31/11

10. Under the AMENITIES section, select the bubbles that correspond to the building/complex/unit amenities. If there are any additional amenities, be sure to include these in the blank fields below. 11. If there are any special codes for the property, be sure to save all of your changes made FIRST and then click on “show security and entry information” as the screen will automatically be refreshed. If you haven’t saved your changes, anything you had entered will be erased. 12. Do not worry about the “Special Fields” section.

13. Under Complex/Region/Group/Category, a building may be selected if applicable (the building will need to be entered in separately in order for it to show up on the drop down menu). The other fields you will not need to worry about.

14. Under RATES, put the monthly rental rate. You may also include what the weekly and daily rental rates are as well but this information is not required. The Inv Code is 4010 please be sure to fill this in.

15. Under BOOKING & RESERVATIONS select “no” for Online Booking and Online Pricing and “yes” for Market Online and Reservable (NOTE: If the Reservable button is on “NO” then the property WILL NOT show up on the reservation board even though the property is active). The online remark is what will be seen at the top of the property description for marketing purposes.

16. Under the EXTRA CHARGES/FIXED section, put the amount of the security deposit. Change where it says “Fixed Charges” to say Departure Fee and then input how much the unit’s departure fee is. Don’t worry about the tax. 17. The contact information should be the leasing agent’s information and this will be displayed on search pages. 18. The Property Description needs to be a detailed description of the property and amenities for marketing purposes. This field will be visible to the public. 19. The Internal Property Notes are NOT seen by the public. Here you will want to include internet information, cable, utilities, school districts, directions to the property, etc. Anything that you may need to know should be included here.

Aaxsys - Adding New Property Owners:

1. Select “Add A New Owner” from the Administration tab on the home page. 2. Enter the property owner’s last name, first name, and their Address where all 1099s are to be sent (if the property owner provides a different address than the one to be used for 1099s, please put the w-9 address information for where these are to be sent under “Address for Financial Statements.” This is very important to ensure that all property owners receive their 1099s when they are supposed to. Please include all Address information including Street, Unit (if applicable), City, State and Zip Code. 3. Enter any/all contact information for your property owners and be sure to include their email address as this is where all owner statements and work orders will be sent. 4. The Federal Tax ID is also a required field as this information is needed in order to send out their 1099. AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 10 updated 10/31/11

5. If you have any special owner notes, you can add these to the “Owner Notes Section.” 6. After entering all information, be sure to click “update” down at the bottom or nothing will be saved. 7. Once you have entered all owners’ information, click on “Owner Property List” from the yellow menu at the top of the Owner’s information. 8. Click “add an existing property to owner.” 9. Click “Select” to the right of the property code that corresponds to the owner from the property list. 10. A new window/tab will open. Enter the owner’s contract date by selecting the month, date, and year from the drop down menus. 11. Click “Create” once you are finished.

Aaxsys - Adding New Buildings: Select “Add a New Building” from the home menu under the Properties section. Fill in all the building information. Do not worry about Region. The contact information is specifically the point of contact and/or maintenance information. Once all the information has been added, click “Add Building” at the bottom and this building will now be available in the “building” drop down menu when adding new properties. 10.12 Amenities Building amenities are all different and some may not have any at all. Find out from the property owner what amenities are available, how these are accessed, the hours, any other information pertinent to allow tenant’s to use them. The amenity information should be included in Aaxsys in the property main page as well as in the tenant’s welcome letter. 10.13 Coding Each property within the AvenueWest system is assigned a unique property identification code. This code will be used internally and to identify the property in Aaxsys and on the AvenueWest website. It is recommended that the property code not give away the actual address of the property. An abbreviation of the building name and the unit number is a good alternative to the street name. For example, Barclay Towers unit 904 would be BAR0904. A zero should be added before the unit number in buildings taller than 10 floors so that the units remain in order in the Aaxsys database. If the property is not located in a building, an area abbreviation will work: i.e. Highlands Ranch = HR. 10.14 Files Each Property Management Contract from your property owners and each tenant contract needs to be kept in your office. These should be made into files and should be organized alphabetically by Unit ID for the owners and numerically by client number for the tenants. What should be included in the property owners files: • Each owner file should be labeled with the Property ID and the owner’s last name. The signed Property Management Agreement should be stapled to the left hand side of the file folder. All the property insurance information should be slipped inside the folder as well unstapled. A smaller manila folder should be included where all utility bills should be filed. Any correspondence with the owner should also be kept in the file folder. • Each tenant file should be labeled with the client number, the name the lease is under, and the property ID. The signed tenant contract needs to be stapled to the file folder. Any tenant correspondence including Proof of Lose forms, work orders, notices, etc. should also be included. Every year, the utility bills from the previous year need to be pulled out and stored in boxes to make room for the new year. All closed client folders also need to be pulled and boxed. All vendor bills from the previous year as well. Any AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 11 updated 10/31/11

offline properties should be included. These boxes need to be stored for 7 years outside of your office before they can be shredded. 10.15 Emergency Items Emergency Pager: The person designated to carry the emergency pager is on-call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Items that constitute an emergency are: a lock out, no heat, water leak, security siren noise (smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector beep) or anything that could potentially damage the property. An example of a non-emergency would be if the A/C is not working but try to resolve the issue promptly (within a day). Drugs, Guns & other Illegal Substances: If any of these items are found in the unit contact the main office and notify the leasing agent. The office manager or leasing agent needs to contact the police to file a report. Take photos if appropriate. Police may need to be met to remove the illegal item(s). The Leasing agent needs to contact the tenant and notify them of the actions taken. If the tenant is still in the unit, an eviction process may need to be started. If the substance is chemical in nature, DO NOT attempt to clean or stay in the unit but leave the unit immediately until the police arrive. Disaster Management (Earthquake, Terrorist Attack) 1. Call all AvenueWest employees and confirm that they are okay. If needed get all employees back to the office to assist through the disaster. 2. Call the building and see what the management / HOA may know. 3. AEs are to call all tenants and make sure that they are okay and find out if they see any signs of damages, etc. Also get a current e-mail for the tenant so that we can e-mail them any updates. 4. PMs are to call all owners and let them know that we are working on the situation. Get a current e-mail so that we can e-mail them any updates. 5. Physically inspect all of the units to see if there was damage. (DO NOT enter the property if there are chemicals or gases involved until you have clearance from the proper authorities.) 6. E-mail all the owners with no property damage that everything is fine and provide any updates that the HOA gave to us. 7. Call any owner that actually has damage and work with their insurance company to get the unit back up and running. Put the tenant(s) in a hotel if needed. Bill the owner for the hotel as they will be able to submit this expense to their insurance company. 8. E-mail all tenants that are not affected that everything is okay. 9. Call all tenants whose units are affected and arrange for the hotel while the unit is repaired. 10.16 Global Office & Fees AvenueWest Global will assess a monthly franchisee fee each month. There are three parts included in the total fee due at the beginning of each month for the previous month: • • •

10% of the NET rent collected for the month is the franchise fee. 1% of the NET rent collected for the month goes towards the marketing done on your behalf by Global. $100 per active Signature or Custom unit and $50 for every Basic unit goes towards each unit’s monthly accounting.

These fees are calculated each month by Global’s accounting department and are payable upon receipt. 10.17 HOA & Building Regulations HOA - Collect a copy of the buildings CC&Rs from the owner to be kept in the property file. The owner should add AvenueWest to the HOA’s mailing list or e-mail list of news. Any building where AvenueWest has multiple units under management, the PM will be expected to establish a relationship with the on-site management team. Confirm with the HOA if the leases need to be faxed to them after signing or if there are any other requirements that we should be aware of in order to comply with their regulations. For example, some communities have pet restrictions for leasing tenants only, whereas if you live in the complex as an owner-occupant, you may be allowed to have pets. Every complex is AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 12 updated 10/31/11

different, and it is the PM’s job to learn these requirements and relay them to the AEs so they can inform their tenants of these special rules. 10.18 Parking Units with parking are more marketable as many clients bring their own vehicles or have a rental car. The cost of parking should be included in the cost of rent. If there is a unit without parking included and the tenant wishes to add parking, this will be an additional monthly fee billable to them or they can opt to set up their own parking arrangements. Many parking garages do have a monthly parking options and it depends on the area/city for the cost. 10.19 Pets Properties that allow pets will have a higher occupancy rate generally than those that don’t. Pets are a huge part of people’s lives and they want to bring them with them for longer term stays. Some building’s do not allow pets at all or they have rules only allowing property owner’s to have pets but not any renters. Be sure to find out from the property owner if they will allow pets and any restrictions they have as well as any building restrictions. Allowing pets makes the properties that much more marketable so be sure to notify your property owner of this. On the other hand, pets tend to cause more unit damage. A non-refundable $300 pet fee is to be collected from each tenant bringing pets as this will cover the cost of the comforter sets and carpet and upholstery clean that will need to be done after each pet departure. If the client has opted for the Security Deposit Waiver Program, they will be charged an additional $5.00 per month. 10.20 Photos & Virtual Tours Photos – Additional pictures should be taken and downloaded. Notify the AE that they can start creating the online property profile and initiate the marketing campaign. These photos need to be uploaded to both Aaxsys and the AvenueWest website for marketing. 10.21 Property Description A detailed property description needs to be written for marketing the property. This description is to be included on both the website and on Aaxsys. Property descriptions need to include the features of the specific property. If the unit has hardwood floors and granite counters, this information needs to be on there. Is the property conveniently located to hospitals, central business districts, or public transportation? Be sure to include these facts in the property description to give your potential renters one-up on the property. Be sure to include any building amenities, views, parking, and what is included in the price. Here is an example of a well-written property description: “This awe-inspiring and exquisite split-level condo has 3-bedrooms and 3 full baths and is located in the heart of Pacific Heights. Living room, dining room and kitchen shares resplendent 20-foot ceilings and picturesque floor to ceiling windows (with electronic shades) which overlook the bay and Alcatraz. Floors are covered with thick African cherry wood. Stainless steel kitchen with gas chef's range and granite counters. Reach the 2nd story via stairs to a bedroom with windows facing the bay, a study loft, full bath, and glass doors to a large open-air patio area. Garage parking is included and the washer-dryer are in the unit. Pets welcome. This is an ideal space for several corporate employees on a short-term project or an executive's family!” 10.22 Property Maps Building Details – If not known, all building details should be gathered from the property owner such as dumpster/trash chute locations, parking, building access, mailboxes, storage units, clubhouse, additional amenities and proper lockbox location. If this is a new building the PM should write detailed instructions to ensure tenants are able to find their way around. 10.23 Property Marketing AvenueWest provides at least two means of property advertising to ensure that all properties are being rented. Each property is added to the AvenueWest website as well as on Aaxsys where they can be searched. If any properties have been sitting vacant for a few months, then additional unit marketing should be done. can be used for additional marketing as well as Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO). Each franchise gets 5 free listings on CHBO, so AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 13 updated 10/31/11

take full advantage of this service for any properties needing to be rented. All property photos featured on the website and Aaxsys should be updated periodically since most clients book our inventory sight unseen. 10.24 Property Welcome Book Our Welcome Book consists of the following information: Property Inventory, Property Instructions, Property Information, a map of the city, any building maps, State Information, Rules and Regulations of the property, Emergency Information, Departure Guidelines, Tenant Feedback Form, Maintenance Request Form, and A Move In/Out Condition and Inventory Form. This is left in the unit for each new move-in. 10.25 Quickbooks Each property owner is set up in Quickbooks once all property documents have been returned by the owner. The w-9 information is recorded for 1099 purposes, the online fee ($150) is invoiced as well as the annual linen & towel program. If the owner decides to purchase a kitchen kit or have AvenueWest furnish the property on their behalf, these charges will also be invoiced. Each owner is required to maintain a $300 working capital to pay for all utility bills associated with the property as well as any maintenance items. If the unit is rented, then this capital will be deducted from the amount of rent owed to the owner. If the unit is un-occupied, then the property owner will be required to submit payment to bring their balance back to -$300 (meaning their account is current. If the owner has a positive balance associated with their account, then this is money owed to you). Each month an owner statement is sent a) at the end of every month and will include all transactions for that month only and b) each time the owner has been paid. At the end of the year an owner statement is sent and will include all transactions for that entire year. 10.26 Report – Property Condition Form The Required List of Items an owner needs to provide when they deliver their unit to AvenueWest and a general online condition report needs to be completed by the property owner. A copy of this report must be completed and signed by the owner and provided to AvenueWest when the property is enrolled in the AvenueWest management program. Each unit contracted into the AvenueWest Management System MUST meet our corporate tenant’s expectations and standards. In addition to the general presentation of the unit, which the property management team will evaluate with the property owner, there are numerous specific items, which will need to be addressed as well. The more effective the overall presentation of the unit is, the longer the tenant will stay and the more likely they are to treat the property with respect. If a tenant does not feel comfortable in a unit, previous statistics tell us, the tenant will leave as soon as possible resulting in a higher turnover rate and lower occupancy rates for the property. The PM team may contact the property owner with any needed changes based on tenant or staff feedback. If the owner chooses to disregard these suggestions, AvenueWest will not be responsible for lower occupancy rates and may need to remove the unit from our management system. When AvenueWest arrives to do an on-line inspection we will assume the unit is in rent-ready condition. This means the inventory list is all accounted for, all personal owner items have been removed from the unit, closets are empty, live plants have been removed from the unit, electronics are properly connected and working, cars have been removed from the garage and the refrigerator is empty and clean. Also, any additional items such as cleaning products, spare paint, tile, etc. need to be removed as well, or stored in the units lockable storage unit which only AvenueWest and the Property Owner will have access to. The Property Form must be completed and turned in with the management contract. Thermostat and electronic instructions must also be provided and any other additional property instructions (i.e. cleaning). 10.27 Report – Video Condition When bringing on a new property, a video should be taken of how the property looks upon bringing it into your inventory and should be saved to the property file on the computer. A video should also be taken after each move out to record the unit’s condition and any damages caused by the tenants. Having video evidence will aid if any property owners or tenants try to dispute any damages. AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 14 updated 10/31/11

10.28 Report – Property Inventory Form Inventory - All details of the property should be obtained at your first owner meeting at the unit. The PM can answer any last minute property owner questions at this time while the Property Supervisor completes the property inspection form. At the end of this meeting the Property Supervisor shall give a list to the owner of any required items that are missing (offering the owner one last chance to purchase them on their own). Inspection - A “Unit Specific” inventory list/inspection/condition report needs to be filled-out during this owner meeting by the Property Supervisor and utilized for all future inspections. The Property Supervisor or Office Assistant will type this inventory list into the blank template. This will be the new inspection form used after each departure for this specific property. 10.29 Utilities, Internet & Phone Modems – The owner should have also provided Internet access with the modem already set-up. Be sure to obtain the SSID, Key Code, User Name and Password from the owner. Test the settings provided with your laptop to ensure the codes given are correct. A sticker should be made for the modem that gives the tenant all of this information so they can connect to the Internet upon their arrival. Utilities: Our system is set up to seamlessly service tenant needs while working to protect and service the needs of our property owners. Providing all utility services is an important need for our tenants and the financial responsibility of the property owner. AvenueWest will monitor and pay the phone, cable and electric/gas bills on behalf of the property owner to ensure the tenant usage is not above and beyond acceptable rates. No other bill will be paid for through the owner’s escrow account as no other bill could have excessive charges from the tenant. Owners will continue to pay the other bills associated with their property such as HOA dues, taxes and mortgage payments. To facilitate this service, property owners must transfer the mailing address of their utility bills to: Owner’s Name c/o AvenueWest (**Property Code**) 1440 Market Street Denver, CO 80202 It is important to use the password “AWCH” on all utility accounts to facilitate our ability to deal with billing questions and possible changes to the service. We will process and pay the bills on the owner’s behalf, charge the owner for the basic service and charge the tenant for anything extra. Please note: if an owner signs up for a special promotion (like Comcast Triple Play) there maybe fees associated with changing the service if the tenant wishes to upgrade and the owner may not be allowed to downgrade their service after the tenant departs. Please inform your owners that it is best NOT to be in the promotional programs. If they do decide to do them, they may have to be changed and the new fees will be their responsibility. Standard Electric/Gas caps are $100 (studios/1 bdrm) $125(2 bdrm) $150(3 bdrm) $175(4bdrm) $200 (House). This does not include water or sewage as that is the owner’s responsibility. If the electric and gas bill is over the cap for the 30-day period, the tenant will be charged the overage and the owner will be responsible for the base amount. 90 Days after a property comes on-line, the PM should check the property file to make sure all bills have been properly forwarded. Utility Upgrades: When a tenant requests an upgrade in service – i.e. internet speed or cable TV package, we call the proper utility provider and set up an appointment to meet them when we have tenant permission to enter. It is a good idea to request that the utility company call the main office at least a half hour before they will arrive at the unit so we are not waiting for the entire window (usually 2 to 4 hours) to meet the tech who is doing the upgrade. Phone & High Speed Internet: The property owner is responsible for providing one phone line. If your phone provider is CenturyLink (state specific), you are responsible for the Phone/Long Distance/DSL package. This is a flat rate package providing domestic long distance, phone service and DSL. If you have another provider we will need to review AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 15 updated 10/31/11

the packages available. Once this line is setup you will need to change the billing address to AvenueWest and add a password (AWCH) to the account. Tenants cannot be expected to forward information or be disturbed by numerous calls. If you plan on returning to the property at a later date we recommend transferring your existing line directly to a voicemail box and establishing a new phone number for the tenant. If a tenant complains about intrusive calls, AvenueWest will need to change the phone number. Reminder: phone companies will charge a set-up fee for a new line so the first phone bill will be higher than normal. Cable (Expanded Basic with CNN, MSNBC & ESPN): The property owners are responsible for providing expanded basic cable service. Tenants will need to have access to expanded news and sports networks (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, etc.). We will review your monthly bill and charge the tenant for pay-per-view service. You will need to change the billing address to AvenueWest and add a password (AWCH) to the account. 10.30 Website As soon as a Property Management Contract has been executed and the preliminary photos taken, the property should be listed on the website to ensure the property gets the most exposure and gets rented as quickly as possible. If a property needs additional exposure, it can be featured on the website homepage. 10.31 Maintenance All maintenance details should be kept in Aaxsys for easy reference. In addition, a maintenance tracking sheet should be kept to schedule future appointments. As described in the maintenance section in more detail, the PM should keep the owner informed of any maintenance items and needs the owner’s permission to move forward with expenses that are over $200. Maintenance and the response time to the needs of the tenant is an essential aspect of furnished property rentals. Tenants demand every aspect of the unit to be perfect and they will demand service as soon as they notice an item. If the stove has stopped working, the toilet is overflowing, or a pipe is leaking, we will need to respond within hours to the request of the client. Delays in response time deteriorate the reputation and quality of the product we provide. AvenueWest’s job is to take care of these items as soon as possible. If the property owner is a hands-on owner, we may be able to contact them to have the work done, but in most cases, we will just need to get the job done. AvenueWest will make every effort to hold tenants accountable for their actions and keep the property in the best condition possible. There is general wear and tear on any unit. Make sure the property owners expect to paint their unit every three years and re-carpet/polish hardwoods floors every five years. Units will need annual detailed cleans, carpet cleans and furnace maintenance. A departure cleaning and general inspection will be provided for the unit at every departure at no additional cost to the property owner. If we can hold a tenant accountable we will, but this is not always possible. Example: A condominium complex installed low quality toilets. In one of the units, the toilet backed up on three tenants in a row. The owner was charged for these because no negligence was found on the part of the tenant. Eventually the toilet was replaced and no further charges were incurred. Remember to look long range when addressing repairs. If it is necessary to replace the linoleum in the unit, consider suggesting using tile to increase the quality of the unit and the life of the floor. Please remind your property owners that they are providing a furnished corporate rental and therefore will incur some charges that would not necessarily be experienced with an unfurnished rental. Example: they will be charged for light bulbs that burn out and DVD players that need to be replaced over time as these are considered to be normal wear and tear. Storage Unit: A storage unit can be in the property or in the building depending on availability. A secure locked closet or cupboard will work. It is very helpful when a property has a storage unit. We should be sure to have a key or lock combination to all storage units so we may access and use them. Proper items to place in these units include paint, extra tile, extra dishware & glasses and other items for maintaining the property. Property owners may also store their AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 16 updated 10/31/11

personal linens/towels here for when they stay in the property. If any items need to be removed from the property but the owner is unable to pick them up, the storage unit can be used temporarily. The occupants do NOT have access to the storage unit. Maintenance Block: If there are any maintenance issues that will take an extended period of time, a block should be put in the system with notes stating what repairs are being done and an estimated date for completion so the AE will know not to rent the unit until repairs are complete. A touchup clean or full departure clean will also need to be set up after the maintenance has been completed. If any changes to the property’s appearance have been made, new photos should be taken and uploaded onto the property profile. Light Bulbs: Each property should have an extra supply of light bulbs particular to the property. Specialty bulbs are nice to have on hand so it is easy to replace them when they burn out. In general it is good to have a supply of 60 watt, 100 watt and 3 way light bulbs in every unit. Light bulb supplies should be stored under the kitchen and bathroom sinks to ensure everyone can find then. If a bulb is purchased and changed by AvenueWest there will be a charge billable to the property owner. If there is a bulb supply and it is an easy to reach bulb there will be no additional charges. Filters: Filters should be changed at least twice per year, right before the change from heat to A/C and then right before the change from A/C to heat. Some HVAC units may need to be changed more frequently. The schedule should be determined with the owner of the property. Whenever a filter has been replaced, the date should be recorded in Aaxsys in the Internal Property Notes section and/or on an Excel spreadsheet. Tenant Maintenance Request: Maintenance request forms may be filled out online, faxed or emailed to the office. However, at times a tenant may call or just email a maintenance request. Maintenance requested should be completed within 1 business day if it can be completed with in-house staff. If the maintenance item needs to be handled by an outside vendor, then the service call should be arranged within 1 business day, with the expectation of completion within 1-2 business days. It is important that when a maintenance concern is reported to the AvenueWest office, that we receive as much information as possible so that we can take care of the issue as promptly and accurately as possible. Also, we may not need to call a vendor at all if the problem is one that is easily repaired without a professional. PTO – Permission to Enter: AvenueWest must have written permission to enter from the tenant before maintenance requests can be fulfilled. The only exception to this is when it is necessary to protect the property from damage, or to prevent injury to persons or loss of life. Vendors: The Maintenance Supervisor is a facilitator and liaison in most cases. Having an up to date, complete vendor list is very important, especially when the Maintenance Supervisor is not in the office, so that someone else can call the proper person to take care of a current issue promptly. Keep an organized daily schedule of appointments. Promptness is vital both on the Maintenance Supervisor’s part and on the vendor’s part. The Maintenance Supervisor should always call ahead if they are going to be late. Also be sure to have the company/vendor call the main office and/or the Maintenance Supervisor at least a half hour before a scheduled window appointment (i.e. 2-4 – call at 2:30 so you will be there when they arrive). Major maintenance categories are: • Plumbing • HVAC • Electrical • Appliance maintenance • Contractor/Handyman • Garage door maintenance • Vertical blinds • Locksmith • Flooring replacement/repair • Carpet cleaning AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 17 updated 10/31/11

• • • •

Tiling Supply houses – for ordering parts Utilities – for upgrading service (cable or internet) Cable/phone repairman

Parking needs – for additional tenant parking (if requested) HOA’s – for warranty work or replacement of items such as garage remotes or access card/fobs Building maintenance departments

• •

Equipment: It is most helpful to have the proper size ladder accessible for loft units. Some buildings offer a community ladder for extra tall ceilings. If the building does not provide the community ladder, the owner is required to provide a ladder in the property that is capable of reaching all lights and smoke detectors. 10.32 Cleaning Cleaning Vendors: Use a qualified cleaning company that is able to meet the high expectations of AvenueWest standards. This company must be bonded and insured. This vendor is coordinated by the Property Supervisor. A weekly cleaning schedule is created in Aaxsys for each cleaning vendor. The Property Supervisor will coordinate exchanging of the keys with the cleaners. On-line Clean: The owner and PM decide when to have the on-line clean set up by an AvenueWest vendor. This will take place before the 3rd owner appointment. The owner will be responsible for the cost of the on-line clean. Their account will be billed. Owners who request to clean the property themselves often miss key items as AvenueWest has very high expectations to meet. This clean is required and must be through an AvenueWest vendor. The Property Supervisor will set up the tasks in Aaxsys for online cleans. Tasks can be set up in Aaxsys by selecting “Task List” from the Administration tab on the home page. Click “Add a New Task.” The subject should include the Unit ID – Online Clean. Assign the property code in the “topic” field as well and the vendor that has been assigned the clean should be included in the attention section. Enter in any specific details in the body of the task. When you are finished, click “add task” at the bottom. Departure Cleans: The Property Supervisor will set up the tasks in Aaxsys for departures. These cleans are scheduled one week in advance for the properties where the AE has confirmed the departure date and time with the tenant. Tasks can be set up in Aaxsys by selecting “Task List” from the Administration tab on the home page. Click “Add a New Task.” The subject should include the Unit ID – Departure Clean. Assign the property code in the “topic” field as well and the vendor that has been assigned the clean should be included in the attention section. Enter in any specific details in the body of the task. When you are finished, click “add task” at the bottom. If you would like an email reminder to schedule a clean, select “Alerts” from the client main page and “add a new alert.” Include what needs to be done in the description and include the property ID in the keywords field. These can be scheduled to be emailed in advance of an arrival or departure. Just click the box(es) if you want them to be sent early and include the email addresses you want the alert to be sent to. When finished click “add new alert.” Touchup Cleans: Touchup cleans are typically done by the Property Management department. It consists mostly of a quick dusting or wipe up before a move in if a property has sat vacant for a while or even after a vendor has completed work. Pet Cleans: The AE will set up the tasks in Aaxsys for pet cleans when they originally book the property with knowledge of a pet. Items to be cleaned include upholstery and carpets. The Property Supervisor should replace the comforter set if necessary, bedding, pillows, and throw pillows. Curtains should be looked at and lint rolled. Tasks can be set up in Aaxsys by selecting “Task List” from the Administration tab on the home page. Click “Add a New Task.” The subject should include the Unit ID – Pet Clean. Assign the property code in the “topic” field as well and the vendor that has been assigned the clean should be included in the attention section. Enter in any specific details in the body of the task. When you are finished, click “add task” at the bottom. AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 18 updated 10/31/11

Smoking & Odor Cleans: All properties are smoke free. There is a $500 fee assessed if a tenant has smoked in the property. An ionizer is a good way to remove odors from a property. Purchasing an Ozone Machine for your office will be a good investment overall or these can be rented locally usually for an hourly fee. Maid Service: The AE will notify the Property Supervisor of all maid service requests so that they can be property distributed between vendors throughout the week. A maid service is set up through Aaxsys. It can be set up for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even for a one time clean. Maid services are marked up when charged to the client and should reflect the cost indicated in the lease documents. This is one way to earn additional income. Here is the Maid Service Check List: • Change out all linens and towels – remake all beds with clean sheets and replace all dirty towels with clean ones in every bathroom. • Wash all dishes in the sink • Wipe down all counters and surfaces in the unit • Clean all toilets, showers, and tubs • If requested by the client, laundry services can be completed for an extra cost. Excessive Cleans: Unit needed an excessive clean above and beyond what is covered in the cost of the departure fee: • Cleaner needs to contact the main office immediately. • Photos need to be taken by the PM. • AE needs to be notified. AE may need to walk the unit. • AE needs to contact tenant and notify them of additional charges immediately. • Bills need to be processed to the tenant as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of collection.

Most common reasons for an excessive clean include: grease, pet/human hair, excessive trash throughout the property, excessive shower scum, etc.

Departure Clean: When the AE has confirmed the client’s departure date, the Property management team should be notified to schedule a departure clean. Once the departure clean has been completed, a unit inspection is done to check the departure clean and make sure everything is in the unit and working properly. If the clean is not up to AvenueWest’s standards, then the cleaner must be sent back into the unit to re-clean what was missed for no additional charge. Annual Clean: Per the Property Management Contract with the property owner, an annual clean should be done each year and billed to the owner. This clean should be more detailed than a regular departure clean and should be more of a seasonal clean. Items such as cleaning behind and underneath appliances and furniture and scrubbing all baseboards and walls are just a few examples of what a seasonal clean should entail. See Google Docs-AWGF FranchiseeProcedures-Seasonal Cleaning Checklist. 10.33 Annual Items Annual Items – AvenueWest reserves the right to complete an annual carpet clean in each property at the owner’s expense. This is to address normal wear and tear. We also reserve the right to perform an Annual Inspection and clean at the owner’s expense. Beginning January 1 st of each year, owners will receive a notification that their annual inspection will be performed. On January 1st of each year their Annual Linen & Towel Fee will be due and payable. Frequency of Maintenance Items as recommended by our professional vendors: • HVAC – Complete clean out every 5 years. *Filters should be changed 3 to 4 times yearly.

• • •

Water Heater – Drain and clean thermocouple every 5 years. Dryer Vent – Cleaned out yearly. Refrigerator – Clean back coils every year. Water filters need replacing every 6 months depending on the model. New model refrigerators have coils at the bottom (no way to clean). AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 19 updated 10/31/11

• • • • • •

Carpet/Area Rugs/Upholstery – Owners should expect to have an annual carpet/upholstery clean and total carpet replacement may need to occur every 5 years, as normal wear and tear. Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Check after every departure and change batteries annually. Garage Doors – Depending on the age, they should be serviced every 3 years. Smoke Detectors – Batteries need changing every 2 years unless longer life batteries are used. Gas Fireplace – Should be serviced every 3 years, unless it is older in which case it should be serviced annually. Wall Painting – Using paint with ceramic in it (Benjamin Moore has this) makes scrubbing walls possible. Having extra paint available in an owner’s storage area in the property is helpful for touch up jobs. In Corporate Rentals, owners should expect to have their properties repainted every 3 years or so. This is considered to be normal wear and tear.

10.34 Arrival Preparation & Fluff Kitchen: • 1 Roll Paper Towels • 1 Scrub Sponge • 1 Individual Packet Dishwasher Detergent • 1 Trial Size Dish Soap

• • • • •

2 Pot Holders – 1 hand-cover and 1 square 1 Dish Towel 1 Dish Cloth 2 Bottles of Water per bedroom in refrigerator Add Salt and Pepper to Shakers

Coffee Packet: • 1 Coffee Packet; 2 Tea Packets; 2 Sugar Packets; 2 Sweetener Packets; 2 Creamer Packets; 2 Coffee Filters *Please note: all packets are single servings *All items are placed in small, clear, decorative bag and tied with ribbon Full Bathroom: • Soap Packet: 1 Shampoo/Conditioner Bottle; 1 Hand Lotion Bottle; 1 Soap Bar *Please note: all items are travel size and all items are placed in small, clear, decorative bag and tied with ribbon • 1 Additional Soap Bar (placed in shower/tub) • 1 Roll Toilet Paper • 1 AvenueWest Sticker (placed on toilet paper)

1 Box Facial tissue

½ Bathroom: • 1 Soap Bar • 1 Hand Lotion Bottle (travel size) • 1 Roll Toilet Paper • 1 AvenueWest Sticker (placed on toilet paper) • 1 Box Kleenex Living Room / Office: • 1 AvenueWest Notepad • 1 Pen

1 Gift Box and/or Bottle of Wine AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

Section 10 – Page 20 updated 10/31/11

*Please Note: If occupant is with another Corporate Housing Company, remove items with AvenueWest logo (such as Note Pad, Toilet Paper Stickers, and Gift Box). You may replace with generic items if desired. 10.35 Damage Unit is excessively damaged by tenant, pet, or water (holes in the wall, smell, excessive stains, etc.) Documentation: • Photos to be taken by property management • Written statement should be taken by the Property Supervisor • Damage bills are to be processed and billed to tenant as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of collection. Communication: AE needs to contact tenant and notify them of additional charges as soon as possible. Repairs/Replacements: (1) Damage is to be assessed as to if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. (2) Owner may need to be contacted to file insurance claim. Collections: If the AE is unsuccessful in collecting the damages, the file should be turned over to a Collections Agency. 10.36 Furnace & Appliances Maintenance Items – All maintenance items should be discussed with the owner such as HVAC filters (size and location), water filters, etc. All annual maintenance issues should be discussed. Work with the owner to see if they are set up on an annual maintenance schedule with an HVAC company or will they need us to coordinate the annual service. Also note if any items are under warranty and who to contact if necessary. If there are specific instructions for the use of items, such as fireplaces, thermostats, etc. this should be noted. A copy of instructions should be left in the unit and in the property file. Appliance Tracking: In addition to the unit specific inventory list, AvenueWest also obtains the appliance tracking information. Any electronic equipment or appliances, make, model number, and serial number are recorded. This will allow the PM to properly identify replacement pieces (i.e. if the shelf in the refrigerator breaks) without having to go to the property to get the detail on the refrigerator. This will speed up the time of the repair and take less of your employees’ time in the process. In addition, if any of these items are stolen, we will have the information needed for the police report. See Google Docs-AWGF Franchisee-Property Owners-Appliance Tracking Sheet. 10.37 Missing Items The reason inspections are completed after each departure is to determine if there are any missing or damaged items caused by the tenant. If there are any missing items, a work order needs to be created listing out the missing items and an invoice needs to be created in Aaxsys and sent to the clients for payment. These items should be taken out of the Security Deposit or the Security Deposit Waiver Program unless the unit was rented by a company with only a Corporate Letter of Responsibility. 10.38 Wear & Tear Having a fully furnished rental provides for increased wear and tear on the properties. Wear and tear items are charged to the property owner and can include: • • • • •

Added items – kitchen items are usually replaced more frequently due to use. A tenant is generally not charged for kitchen items unless the items were missing upon inspection. Seasonal Cleans Annual Carpet/Upholstery Clean Carpet Replacement Paint AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

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• • •

Furniture Floors Annual Maintenance – dryer vents, air filters, water filters, light bulbs, etc.

10.39 Work Orders Whenever anything is billable to the property owner or tenant, a work order is created detailing what was done. Typically work orders describe what was added to the unit, any missing items (tenant), any wear and tear items (owner), seasonal cleans (owner), annual carpet cleans (owner), and any other unit maintenance. Owner work orders include sales tax and are marked up 25% of the actual cost. If the total is above $500, mark up may not be assessed. Each month after the owner’s statements have been sent out, the work orders (if applicable) for that month will be emailed to the owner. Tenant work orders only include the sales tax as well as the cost of the items/bill. No markup is to ever be included on a tenant work order. These should be printed out and saved in the clients file as well as on the computer. 10.40 Unit Supplies Supplies such as extra light bulbs and HVAC filters should be supplied by the property owner in bulk and stored in the unit to avoid being charged markup and labor. 10.41 Upgrades Starting January 1 of each year, all properties will be given a thorough Annual Seasonal Inspection by the PM and Property Supervisor. The owner may or may not be present during the time of the inspection, but it is recommended that they are there as it is important for them to see the condition of the property so they understand why we are requesting these items. This is not an optional inspection, but the result of it can be negotiated between the owner and the PM. It is good to point out to the owners that certain items have a life expectancy. Carpet in a rental unit typically lasts for 5 years depending on the quality. If you remind them of this each year, they can be planning for it and it will not be a surprise the 5th year when the time has come to replace the carpet. If there are a large number of things that need to be replaced or updated, it is best to discuss with the owner a timeline of when certain things should be done. Perhaps some things need to be taken care of immediately and others can wait until the next gap between tenants. The PM should e-mail a list of all potential upgrades to the owner so that it is in writing for future reference. Typical upgrades may include carpet replacement as early as 3-5 years, fresh paint as early as 1-2 years, replacing older bathroom/kitchen/laundry room flooring to tile, replacement of older appliances, new furniture, and updating older style décor. 10.42 Offline Per Owner Request: At any time, an owner may submit in writing a 45-day notice to terminate their Property Management Agreement with AvenueWest. The PM must acknowledge receipt of this notice in writing immediately and keep all responses in the property file. The PM will reply with the date that the owner may have full possession of the property. If there is currently a tenant in the property, the AE who is representing that client must be notified immediately so they may in return give their client a 30-day notice for that specific property. If the tenant has signed a lease with a term that is longer than the 45-days notice date, the owner must be notified as the off-line date will be the date of the lease agreement. Per AvenueWest’s Request: At any time, the PM may submit in writing a 30-day notice to terminate their Property Management Agreement with the owner. The PM must receive a written acceptance of the termination and keep all documents in the property file. Re-Entering AvenueWest Inventory: It is recommended that there is a very strict, no re-enter policy. Once a property has been removed from the inventory, it is not to be added again. Often times, owners will remove their property to put in their own renter, and then ask to add it back once their tenant departs. AvenueWest must know at all times what their inventory is and not have properties coming in and out as owner’s feel necessary. AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

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Aaxsys: The off-line date must be entered in to Aaxsys so that the AE knows the property can no longer be rented past that date. Fees: There is a $150 off-line fee to cover costs associated with taking the property offline (removing inventory items, accounting, marketing, etc.) The fee is increased to $250 of the owner is putting their property on the market for sale. Closing the Account: The Accounting Department must be notified of the off-line date, so that they may close out the account. Utilities: Account numbers should be e-mailed to the property owner so they can begin removing AvenueWest from all bills and change the billing address to their own. Website: The property shall become inactive on the website so that the profile can no longer be viewed by clients. The profile should be accessible to AvenueWest employees in case the property becomes available again in the future. Final Inspection: • Not Occupied: The Property Supervisor shall remove from the property all items that are a part of the Linen & Towel Service. If fluff items are in the property, they should also be removed. • Occupied: The final departure clean is scheduled for 11:00am on the day of the departure. The cleaners will remove linens/towels provided by AvenueWest. All tenant damages need to be addressed before giving the property back to the owner. Normal wear and tear items do not need to be fixed/replaced. Final Walkthrough: A final walkthrough of the property is required. The Property Manager may set this up between the owner and the Property Manager or Property Supervisor. At this time, the owner can voice any concerns they may have with the condition of the property. The property should be returned in the same condition it was originally brought on in or better. Upon completion of the walkthrough, the Property Manager shall have the owner sign the Property Condition Acceptance form. The Property Manager/Coordinator then signs it. This signed document is scanned in and saved in the property folder on the computer, e-mailed to the owner, and the original copy is placed in property folder. Keys: When a property is taken out of the AvenueWest inventory, the Property Owner needs to be contacted to see how he/she would like to receive all the keys, cards, fobs and garage remotes. They may be mailed to them, or best – left at the property provided the Property Owner still have a working unit key so they can access the unit. If they do not, other arrangements will need to be made to get them the keys. Thank you for your business: Regardless of the reason for the termination of the property management agreement, it is most important to leave the owner with a positive impression of AvenueWest. The Property Manager should send the owner a professionally typed letter thanking them for their business. A business card should be included so that they may call upon your services in the future if needed, or so they may pass your contact information onto others that may be interested in it. All AvenueWest employees should sign this final letter. 10.43 Keys Online: When a property is added to the Avenue West inventory we need to get the following from each new owner – 8 Original unit keys – for the following purpose – 1 master key, 3 tenant key sets, 2 maintenance key sets, 1 cleaner/vendor set, and 1 emergency kit set; 4 Mailbox keys; 7 Building/Gate Keys (if applicable); 1 or 2 Garage opener(s) – if more than one parking space / Garage access cards/fobs, per space; 4 Access cards/fobs. System: All keys need to be stamped with an identification code and logged into the key report. The identification number is a 2 to 3 digit number assigned by the Maintenance Supervisor. If a building has numerous keys it is also helpful to stamp a letter code to make it easier for the tenant to identify each key. Example: “B” for building; “U” for Unit; “P” for Parking or “S” for storage. Tenant key chains should not have any unit number identification other than our inhouse key code. This is done to keep the unit secure should the tenant lose their keys. Vendor key sets may contain specific unit information. An original master set of keys is stored in a secure key box away from the main key board. The key board is labeled with the 2 or 3 digit codes. Key codes are tracked in an Excel spreadsheet. When the spreadsheet is updated it is then printed in two versions. One sheet is printed numerically by code and the other AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

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alphabetically by unit code to make searches easier. The key code spreadsheet includes the 2 or 3 digit code, unit code, access information and total key count. The total key count is important to help anyone who needs to confirm they have all the keys needed for that unit. Identification information should be logged on the Property Inventory page in Aaxsys. The number of each key received from the owner should be recorded in the inventory section of Aaxsys. Master: The master key for the unit needs to be collected from the property owner in order to make all necessary copies. This key is kept in a separate locked box away from the key board to ensure there is always one key for each unit. The Master Key set has:  1 original unit key  1 original mail key  1 original building key  Optional by owner (if applicable): 1 original storage unit key ****FOBs and Access Cards can generally be purchased from the HOA for around $25 if another one is required or lost/stolen so there is no need to have any FOBs or access cards on the Master Key Set. Cutting: Each market needs to identify a key vendor. It is recommended that each market purchase a key machine if they are actively putting new units online. If purchasing a key machine, a set of 1/8 inch Machine Made Steel Stamp Letters and a set of 1/8 inch Machine Made Steel Stamp Figures needs to be obtained along with a metal mallet in order to number the front/back of the keys with the designated Key Code assigned to the property and any special codes to better aid the tenant. The steel stamps can be obtained by visiting: The item number for the letters is #03271 and the item number for the figures is #03091. There is a search field in the top left hand corner where you can search the catalog by part number and this is where you will enter in the numbers above. The mallet can be obtained at any local hardware store or key cutting shop. Labels / Numbering: As mentioned above, each key needs to be stamped with the specific 2-3 digit key code assigned to that unit. This number needs to be recorded on an Excel spreadsheet with the Key code, Property ID, Property Address, Number of keys, and any special instructions. All Access Cards/Garage Remotes need to be labeled with what the card is for (example: parking), the unit ID, the cost of replacement, the physical ID number on the card (if applicable), and the parking space number. Please refer to Google docs-AWGF Franchisee-Procedures-key-card-modem labels. Each set of keys (tenant, vendor, cleaning) are to be labeled differently and include different keys. See below. Board – (Tenant, Vendor, Cleaning): The key board needs to be big enough for all existing units and future units. It should be made out of peg board with all the key codes (in numerical number) above the metal pegs which will hold the keys/cards/FOBs/remotes of the Key Code established for the property. A copy of the Key Chart (Google Docs-AWGF Franchisee-Procedures-Key Chart) one by Key Code and one by Unit ID needs to be placed on the key board for easy identification of the keys. Each unit peg should have:  3 Tenant Sets on AvenueWest key chains  2 Maintenance Sets on writeable tags  1 Cleaner/Vendor set on writeable tags Tenant Key Sets are to be put on AvenueWest key chains and should include:  1 Unit Key  1 Mail Key  1 Access Key (if applicable-such as a Building Key) and/or one FOB or Access Card AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

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 

1 Amenity Key (if applicable-some properties amenities are accessed by the FOB or Access Card that will allow the tenant access into the building, garage, and amenities). If there is a parking card, this also needs to be included on the tenant set.

The Maintenance Key Sets should be put on writeable tags and should be labeled with the Unit Property ID and the Key Code and should have:  1 Unit Key  1 Access Key (if applicable) The Cleaner/Vendor Key Set should be put on white writeable key tags and should be labeled with the Unit Property ID and the Key Code (APPENDIX I) and should have:  1 Unit Key Special Access Items: Some buildings have special access codes to either get into the building or amenities. These codes should also be recorded on the key chart as well as in Aaxsys in the Property Main Page towards the middle click on “show security and entry information.” The screen will automatically refresh. Scroll down and you will be able to enter in any special codes here. Be sure to save your changes before exiting. Tracking: It is imperative to know where all key sets are at all times. Record in Aaxsys how many tenant sets were given to the tenant in the arrival information field in their client main page. Whenever a clean or maintenance item is scheduled, know what set is given to what vendor and when you can expect them back. If an owner requests to stay in their property, treat them as a tenant for key tracking purposes and be sure to record in Aaxsys how many sets were given to them. Replacements: If a tenant loses a set of keys, a minimum $50 replacement charge per key will be assessed. For any missing FOBs or access cards, the same fees apply. Lost garage remotes will be assessed a minimum of $75 to replace. Access Building: All access items need to be properly identified and stickers attached to garage openers and access cards. Stickers should include useful information like parking space number and cost for card replacement. Our company name is not put of these stickers in case the unit is rented as a Wholesale unit to another corporate housing company. Specific card identification information and numbers need to be logged into Aaxsys in the property main page in the internal notes section so if the card is lost the HOA can easily deactivate the correct card and issue a new one. If a tenant is given a FOB/access card, these numbers will need to be recorded in their client main page under the arrival section. This information should also include the make and code of each garage door opener to allow for easy replacement. If the garage remote is programmable by toggle switches, the correct toggle switch identifiers should be placed into Aaxsys. Parking Cards: Each parking card should be labeled appropriately and include the parking space number. Like the access cards, AvenueWest should not be put on the labels for third party rentals. Chain Locks: If a tenant requests to have a security chain lock added to a property, this request may be fulfill upon approval from the property owner. The owner may request it be removed upon tenant departure. All expense related to the security chain will be charged to the tenant. Security chains are a good idea on condominiums with only one access point. Do not add a security chain to a unit that has both a front door and access from a private garage, as it is possible for AvenueWest to get locked out of the property after the tenant leaves. Lock Box: AvenueWest has one style lockbox and each office should have all of their lockboxes use the same code. This code should be changed a minimum of annually or more often if you feel the code has been compromised. There should be a notebook located with the lock boxes to be used for signing out each box. The location of each box should be recorded so it may be easily recovered. (see Google Docs-AWGF Franchisee-Procedures-Lockbox Log). When placing a lockbox at a unit it is good to double check to make sure the lockbox is functioning properly, so the tenant will be able to recover the keys upon arrival. AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

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Tenants: When keys are given to a tenant this information needs to be logged into the Aaxsys tenant reservation arrival section. This information should also be included in the tenant welcome letter. This helps alert the tenant that they are responsible for these keys. When logging keys given out to tenants in Aaxsys it is important for tracking and security purposes to put in the specific number and type of keys issued – i.e. 2 unit keys, 1 mail key, 1 building key, access cards/fobs & garage remotes.. Remotes are usually left in the unit. This information allows us to correctly charge the tenant for replacing lost keys, etc. The key log lists the number of keys for each property. Be sure to check this list to determine if the set you are giving the tenant is complete. Vendors: When a vendor comes in to pick up keys for either a maintenance item or clean, they should let someone know when they expect to bring the keys back. Most cleans only take a few hours and the keys can generally be returned the same day. Maintenance items can take longer depending on the issue. Keys Off-Line: When a property is taken out of the Avenue West inventory, contact the owner and see how he/she would like to receive the keys, cards, fobs and garage remotes. The preferred method is to leave them at the property provided the owner has a working unit key. If they do not, we need to make other arrangements to get them the keys, which may include mailing them. Changing Locks: Each market must have an arrangement with a local locksmith for any key and door lock issue that arises. Be sure to contact the owner of the property when this is going to happen. When a lock is replaced on a property we should have an extra copy of the new key made for the owner and be sure to get the copy to them. If it is sent in the mail, be sure to put it in a padded envelope so they key does not rip through and fall out. If for any reason a tenant feels there may be a security issue, do not hesitate to change the lock. Owners will be required to pay for this expense as this is a safety and security issue. Changing locks is inexpensive when compared to the theft of their furniture, electronics or appliances. 10.44 Departures Upon a tenant departure AvenueWest has the unit cleaned and inspected. The inspection is an action report to alert us to possible tenant charges, unit upgrades or of any items needing to be addressed prior to a new tenant’s arrival. The inspector’s job is also to “fluff” the unit to make it look particularly good for showings and for the new tenant. AvenueWest will re-supply the unit with bath soap, shampoo, lotion, toilet paper and Kleenex, dish soap, dishwasher soap, sponge and paper towels, pen, pad of paper and snack gift basket. For more expensive units and VIP clients additional items may be added such as a cheese snack box and bottle of wine. Prior to Tenant Departure: AE will notify tenants confirming their departure time and date. The Departure Guidelines (found in Aaxsys under the client documents) should be sent to the client via email the week before their date of departure to ensure they know AvenueWest’s expectations. The Property Supervisor will then set up a task in Aaxsys for a departure clean. If the tenant is unable to lock themselves out of the property while leaving all keys in the unit, a lockbox needs to be placed at the property for the tenant to use. The AE should notify the tenant of these specific departure instructions. The unit shall be left neat and orderly by the tenant. All trash and items from the refrigerator should be thrown away. Run dishwasher if full. The tenant should leave hangers and laundry basket in the unit. Tenant will be charged for damaged and/or lost linen. Excessive cleaning will result in additional charges. Departure Clean: The clean takes place at 11:00am on the day of the tenant departure. If the tenant has not moved out by this time on their said departure date, then a $50 trip charge will be assessed and an additional day’s worth of rent may also be collected. Inspection and Inventory: This inspection is completed by the Property Supervisor who notes any maintenance needed and damages that may have occurred and determines if there are normal wear and tear issues to be addressed (owner charge) or if there has been any excessive wear and tear (tenant charge). Owners are not allowed in their property until the inspection/inventory is completed. If the owner does enter the property after the tenant departs and before the inspection has been completed, the tenant will not be held responsible for any repairs/replacements associated with the property as AvenueWest will not be able to prove that it was caused by them. New photos/video should also be taken after each departure and placed online in the property folder. Damages caused by the tenant AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

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should be included in the videoed/photographed record and emailed to the client by the AE. This information should be saved online under the tenant’s folder. Fluff Items: The inspector’s job is also to “fluff” the unit to give it the final touch for showings and the new tenant. AvenueWest will -supply the unit with “Fluff Items”. Here is the list of Fluff Items: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• •

1 Kleenex Box (per bathroom) 1 Bar of Soap (per bathroom) 1 Shower Bag (Shampoo/Conditioner, lotion, bar of soap – all placed in a clear plastic bag and tied with twine) – per each bathroom with a shower and/or tub 1 Roll of Toilet Paper (per bathroom) 1 Paper Towel Roll (kitchen) 1 Mini Bottle of Dish Washing Soap (kitchen) 1 Mini Bag of Dish Washer Detergent (kitchen) 1 Sponge (kitchen) 2 Potholders 1 Dish Cloth 1 Dish Towel 1 Coffee Packet (1 individual coffee packet, 1 tea bag, 2 sugar packets, 2 sweet and low packets, 2 creamer packets – all placed in an clear plastic bag and tied with twine) 1 Welcome Basket of snacks 1 Pad 1 Pen 2 Bottles of Water 1 Mini Box of Laundry Detergent (note: these are not to be left in units with HE washers as these require special liquid detergent) 1 Mini Box of Dryer Sheets

Tenant Damages: If a tenant damages the property and owner involvement is necessary, it is important to keep the owner informed as to these damages. If the damages are large in dollar amount, the PM should recommend to the owner that their insurance company come and make a claim. Then all efforts will be made to seek collection from the tenant, but if we are unsuccessful, the owner’s insurance claim will have been processed and they can get the property back up and running quicker. If the insurance company wishes, they can also go after the tenant for collections. Annual Inspections & Upgrades: As described in the annual inspections / property upgrades section, the PM should be in touch with the property owner annually regarding the ongoing upkeep of their property.

AvenueWest Global Franchise, LLC

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Furnished Management Section 10 - #4  

Furnished Management Section 10 - #4

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