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MARCH 2011


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Rusch Raymaker Photo by Ozz Larson

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t’s raining men this March! With the upcoming, Menswear Fashion Week, we pay homage to men’s fashion with exclusive previews, interviews and a host of hot hommes that will make the ladies swoon. Our in-house fashion stylist extraordinaire, Lulu Jameson, tosses together some of the hottest looks that will hit the runways soon and we go behind the scenes with organiser Lexie Jansma to find out what you can expect from the second installation of Menswear Fashion Week 2011. Leading the way, is our cover story and designer, Brox Riaxik of DNA, who shares the genetics of his skins for a new and sexier look for men. Winter Jefferson is the Fashion Icon of the month, for his uncompromising style, lifestyle and talent that makes him one of the most wanted fashionistas. This month’s Blogspot features a unique fashion blogger, Gabe Bookmite, who breaks all the rules and invents his own for male style-ups. Artful Inspirations compiled by our Creative Director Paola Tauber, celebrates outstanding photography of men that stand head and shoulders above the rest but course, women are not to be left out and we have artist of the month, Bubo Flux. Women still continue to rule and we’re delighted to feature the quirky and fun fashion designer Teresa Republic of Republic Fashions. Holding the reins on music is the edgy and über cool band, Soleil, who shakes up the music scene with their brand of original music - a fusion of classical experimental art rock. So explore and enjoy with the bloom of activities and energy surrounding us this Spring. May every day be a budding of new possibilities for you.


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AVENUE Magazine March 2011 cover Featuring DNA Brox Riaxik Photographer Lulu Jameson

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AVENUE | Cover Story


Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Natasja Schumann

othing is more important to a man than his dna, well, at least in his physical makeup. A man’s personality, his little quirks, and most importantly, his look, is determined by his luck of the draw in the genetic pool. With such an important job, it only seems appropriate that Brox Riaxik labeled his amazing skin brand, DNA Cloning Facility, in honor of the basis on our genetics. Think about it, what is more important in creating your overall look than finding the perfect skin? Join AVENUE as we sit down with the mastermind behind this genetically labeled brand and find out just how one man singlehandedly gave men in Second LifeŽ a newer, sexier look.


No Man is Complete Without his

Sensuous Soulstar: Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with AVENUE. I’m very excited, and want to just jump right into the questions. So, how long have you been creating skins and shapes, and was this your first venture, or did you try your hand at something else first? Brox Riaxik: First off, I would like to thank AVENUE for the opportunity to be a part of such a great experience. Thank you. I have been making skins for just about 5 years now. Before SL® I had no experience in texture design. I am lucky enough to have received tips from a bunch of great people in SL, without them I couldn’t have reached the point I am at now! SS: What was it that led you to get into designing skins and shapes? Was there a lack of quality skins/shapes in the market for men, or were you possibly looking to add more variety for men to choose from in their look? BR: Simple! The fact is that when I started SL, just about every male looked the same. So, I decided to make it a goal of mine to help others find a look to fit the avatar they wanted to create. It is great when someone tells me that I helped them create the perfect avatar. SS: Nothing better than a problem solver! Now let’s jump back to the beginning for a second. I love to hear the “how I ended up in SL” stories, so please share how you found out about it and ended up here?

BR: Honestly I first came to SL because of the casinos, something I know a lot of us miss! But more importantly, I really got hooked on the creation aspect of SL. To me, it is truly amazing, and there is no other place like it. It is the only place that allows you to build your dreams without paying thousands of dollars to do so. Thanks SL! SS: Tell me a little about the history of DNA Cloning Facility. How long have you been in business and what do you credit to the success of the brand thus far? BR: DNA Cloning Facility started January of 2010. The brand itself has gone through two shops already because of the expanding skin line I am trying to develop. To be honest, I really can’t say it’s a success yet. It has grown a bit in a year, but still there is so much to do to be considered a success. I do want to thank all the supporters out there who pass on the good word for the brand. Thank you! SS: Let’s talk inspiration for a minute. Who or what inspires your looks? Do you pull from any real life looks, or do you try not to imitate real life? I think we tend to underestimate just how many looks there are for men, and just how much goes into creating just the right look for men as well. Where do you find that you pull the most inspiration from, or is it strictly just whatever looks that you feel you’d want as a man? BR: Well my inspiration comes from my

supporters. I am very open to suggestions on what to make when it comes to skin creation. One of my main goals is to cover all ethnicities, mainly because each race has its own distinct features. You can say I want to create something for everyone. SS: What led you to decide to only create for men? Your skins are exquisite, and I’m sure you’ve been asked this plenty of times, but I have to know, do you have any desire or plan to expand into creating for women? Or, are your skills strictly for creating amazing looks for men only? BR: I kind of stuck with male skins because to me it was something I could walk around in and get an idea for character creation. Also, I was really good friends with a male shape maker who had a huge selection of different shapes. But... I am currently developing some female skins with Lulu Jameson! So, join the DNA Cloning Facility group for information about new DNA skins and future release dates. SS: I have to say that I absolutely love the layout of your store, the DNA Cloning Facility. Tell me a little about the name of the brand, DNA Cloning Facility and how it applies to the brand itself? What, if anything, were you hoping to portray with the name and the setup of the store? BR: To me, the brand name DNA Cloning Facility matches the concept of skin and shape design perfectly. But finding the right build for

the brand has been a bit of a challenge. My current store, which is available to everyone in SL, is a great design by NeurolaB Inc. The layout really fits well with the amount of skins I planned on creating at the time. Also, the clean futuristic look captured my eyes as well as the unique layout of the shop. My ultimate goal with the DNA Cloning Facility is to create a storyline and a cast of characters to go with the concept; doing so, I would need a very unique sim design, which is in the process. SS: What should we expect next from DNA Cloning Facility? Is there a new release coming out in the near future, or a new look that we should be prepared to see turn heads? And with the New Year and restarting of the seasons, what would you like to see happen in 2011? BR: There are many things that could happen to DNA Cloning Facility this year. One change is going to be moving to a full sized sim, and another change is there will be female skins and also some teen skins. All of this will happen in the near future. The overall goal for DNA Cloning Facility is to provide a complete experience for ALL Second Life users. SS: I want to thank you for taking the time out for this interview, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? BR: Learn to do by doing!

"I want to create something for everyone"

SS: Could his advice be any better? Coming from a man that took a lack of variety and did something about it, doing is something he knows well. To find out more about DNA Cloning Facility, or to be in the know about the newest releases, visit the blog at: http:// or join the in-world group: [ DNA Cloning Facility ] A

/Skin &Bean - Heart of gold /Hat {theosophy} - Waterbeck Hat /Top & pants Alphamale /Glasses Alphavillain - Ripley /Watch HOC Industries

AVENUE | Homme

Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Lulu Jameson Sponsored by Menswear Fashion Week

Menswear Fashion Week Preview

/Skin IBad@zz /Hair MADesigns - Colt /Complete Outfit Gabriel (Cargo pants, V-neck Tshirt and Down vest) /Earings Rozzoregalia - Belial

/Skin Den dou - Eito /Complete Outfit Mea Culpa - Crossing Jordan

/Skin Dutch touch - Mace /Hair [NSD] - Emmanuel /Complete Outfit Lapointe & Bastchild - Couture Tuxedo /Shoes Lapointe & Bastchild

/Skin Ispachi - Gabriel Vampire /Hair *Coma* - Beckham /Complete Outfit Gabriel /Earings Rozzoregalia - Belial

/Skin Redgrave - Cruz /Top, pants & belt Alphamale /Glasses primOptic - Reban


AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photographed by Izzie Rexen

Lexie Jansma


he music is thumping, the crowd is jumping, and everyone who is anyone is here. You look around the venue and the decorations are immaculate. The lighting is just right and you couldn’t have picked a better way to spend a Friday night. And while you’re

busy staring down the hottest avatar you’ve ever seen in the corner, you start to wonder: “who put all of this together?” Okay, maybe that’s not your thought at that moment, but it eventually crosses your mind. Well, if the party is perfectly over-the-top, the build is elaborate


and gorgeous, or the event is right on schedule, filled with the biggest names in Second Life®, and expertly coordinated, odds are, it’s a Siren Productions’ event, and it was masterminded by the ever-so-talented woman behind the company, Lexie Jansma. In the middle of finalizing plans for the upcoming Menswear Fashion Week, AVENUE was able to steal a few moments of Jansma’s time to find out a little more about her company, her talent, and her team. Sensuous Soulstar: You’ve got a lot of things going on right now with the Menswear Fashion Week coming up, so let’s just get right into the questions. Let’s talk a bit about the woman behind the company first. Tell me a bit about how you got started producing events in Second Life® and what made you decide to get into that field? Lexie Jansma: I first started producing events at a club I was dancing at. I wanted to be more than just a dancer. I have a good head on my shoulders, and I am also pretty creative; I design costumes in real life. I love to throw a party and watch people have a good time. I love hearing after an event that it was the best party or show ever or that they had not seen anything like it before. That always puts a smile on my face. People are often amazed by the lengths I will go to for an event. For one party I had an entire snow castle built in a gorgeous ballroom for a Christmas party. The outside was completely landscaped and it was only a 3 hour event, but everyone had a great time, so it was well worth it.

SS: Tell me a bit about Siren Productions and its start, including how the company got its name. Were there any other owners or staff in the beginning? Has it grown/expanded since its start? And tell me a bit about the goal(s) of the company, and the current staff members. LJ: Siren Productions began with Rob1977 Moonites and I. We had just done Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week just as us. We then started getting sim builds, shops, and other shows. We decided that we had to “incorporate”. We formed the company and then produced the first Menswear Fashion Week. We started with just Rob, Dixie my assistant and myself. However, when we get closer to big events like the fashion weeks our staff grows. We have expanded a great deal. We now have a Media Coordinator Gabe Bookmite, all-around amazing Assistant Garrett Cerriano, Lead Builder Lorelei Maggs, Model Manager Tia Ryba, Tia’s assistant Pheobe Narstrom, and several other builders as well as script writers and a whole host of other people involved. Our aim is to produce top of the line events that leave people excited, thrilled, and leave the client happy with their investment. I love working with people to produce events that bring their fantasies to life and to make sure that they are having a good time. I also love working in an industry I love. Fashion is great and wonderful. It is amazing the artistry of most designers and getting to showcase that and put it into an amazing show is something I savor. SS: How long has the company been around and what do you credit to the success of the

company and its ability to last in a virtual environment where businesses have very short life spans? LJ: We have been around since about September/October of 2009. We produced Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week in August of 2009 and became a company soon after that. I think that we have lasted because we provide a unique service at an affordable cost. We do what we do out of love. None of us involved are making huge amounts of money. On our bigger events, like Menswear Fashion Week, we do over 20 shows on unique runways. No one really does what we do, because it is chaos and insanity. SS: Since you’ve touched on it a bit, let’s get into Menswear Fashion Week. How long have you been involved with this amazing week for men? Was Siren Productions involved in the creation of the event in general, and if so, how? LJ: Siren Productions came up with Menswear Fashion Week. We created the event because we noticed a serious lack of menswear-oriented events. We thought it was a niche market that could be developed. We have always tried to go after those markets that don’t see a lot of development. There are tons of events for

women, tons of bridal, and so on. Who needs more of that? It was great developing the event, and a lot of designers were happy to be involved as they felt as we did about the lack of focus on menswear. SS: After last year’s incredible production, can you give us a taste of what we should expect this year, including some of the designer’s involved, and the events for the week? LJ: Well Shiki is coming back this year and has created another entirely new collection for this event which will be released during it and then packed away for a few months. We are excited to showcase that. We also have Egoism on board. We have more skin designers and other items men need in their life besides clothes. SB Menswear, Redgrave, Alphamale, and Violator are all new people that will be there. We have a lot of returning people from last year including Lapointe & Bastchild, RFyre, Havana, and FIR to name a few. You can expect a bit of Rock N Roll Couture, a Night at the Opera, and a few amazing runways that will take your breath away. Some fabulous performers, like Rusch Raymaker, will be performing at the AVENUE Party right after the Shiki Show. Noma Falta will be performing as well on Friday night. We will have some special parties with KMADD,

ICON/Too Sexy Magazine, and SL Art Couture! SS: Are there any special people that you’d like to thank for bringing this event together, including your amazing event team? LJ: There are a number of people I need to thank starting at the top with AVENUE, specifically Jesika Contepomi and Rusch Raymaker, KMADD: Maddox, Kurt, and Risa; MenStuff and Rob1977 Moonites. They are all associates of this production. Then we have our media partners DMI Magazine, ICON/Too Sexy Magazine, Moolto, SCRUPLZ, Second Style, SL Art Couture. Finally, my wonderful events’ team: Lore, Tia, Gabbie, Garrett, Pheobe, Marissa, and My Ra! Without them this event would probably not be happening. SS: I completely understand! I want to thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? LJ: Stay true to those who support you and are there for you through thick and thin. They are your true friends. Remember to laugh, live,

and love; have a good time. This is Second Life and you should live it to the fullest. To all those who have enriched mine so much: Thank you. SS: Such understated advice that truly is one of the most important rules in not only the business world, but in life. During such a hectic time, it is truly an honor to grab a moment with the woman behind the magic of Menswear Fashion Week, and other amazing events throughout SL®. Take a moment to stop in and enjoy the amazing events of Menswear Fashion Week 2011 from March 18th through March 25th. To keep up with the latest events from Siren Productions, visit their website: http:// Stay tuned to AVENUE for our mid-month feature issue, as we bring you an exclusive, in-depth look into Menswear Fashion Week. This mid-month feature will include a look at the rest of the team behind the magic, and a showcase of some of the designers that will bring the runways to life! You don’t want to miss the inside scoop on some of your favorite menswear designers or the behindthe-scene information that you can only find at AVENUE. A

“I start off with the pieces I want to feature. And then I go through my entire inventory and put things on then take them off and when my eyes stop bleeding I call it good�.

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Ozz Larsson

There are also some men who don’t necessarily have one signature look. Instead, they choose to own every look they wear. They attract us because they style on their own terms and are not afraid to push fashion to its limits. Simply put, these men are confident and adventurous in their choices and effortlessly inspire many with each ensemble.


s is the case with beauty, fashion is not all about the ladies. There are many men in Second Life® that prove daily that great fashion and style have nothing to do with gender. There are a number of ways in which a man can express his own unique sense of style and individuality. Some wear hats or eyewear, others use hairstyles, jewelry, piercings or tattoos to complete an ensemble that boldly expresses their signature looks.

One such stylish and influential male is Winter Jefferson, AVENUE Magazine’s Fashion Icon of the Month. Winter is a styling phenomenon with a dynamic personality and his own set of fashion rules. At the drop of a hat, this impeccable stylist goes from being the epitome of suaveness and sophistication to being gothic, outlandish and anything in between. He consistently takes fashion to another level or extreme. Appropriately, these qualities have garnered Winter a great amount of respect and success as a blogger, stylist, and model. I recently had the pleasure to interview Winter and must admit that I find him to be one of the most fascinating and entertaining subjects that I’ve written about. Hopefully, after reading this “Winterview”, you will agree.

Imani Enzo: Hi Winter, let’s begin with you describing your personal style. Also, what sets you apart from others? Winter Jefferson: Gore Vidal said “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.” I’m not afraid. It’s that simple. I can laugh at myself louder than anyone else can. I will wear any color, any cut or style, and pierce any extremity; I’ll take a pair of women’s boots and stretch them to buggery until they fit; I will look at items that were never meant to be attached to an avatar and decide happily that I found me a nice new hat. Even if I have to smack them against a brick wall a few times to stop them from trying to crawl off my head... sorry Ozimals! IE: What initially drew you to SL® fashion and what continues to excite you about it? WJ: Every single day I find that there’s something out there that excites my imagination and makes me want to make it mine. The part that keeps me interested is the challenge of it all, trying to show the people of SL that they don’t have to be confined to the same mundane presentation of their avatars because this is the safe haven to look beyond their personal definitive and explore their sense of self.

IE: Describe how your look has evolved since you’ve been in SL. Also, how often do you find yourself changing it and what has been your most drastic change to date? WJ: I started Winter with long black hair - just like every other vampire on the grid. Then one day I accidentally bought white hair instead of black. After trying it on, I realized that I’d found who I was supposed to be. Since then, my trademarks have been white hair, grey eyes, pale skin, and fangs out loud and proud. The only change I’ve really ever made apart from upgrading my skins regularly is to get taller, MUCH taller. IE: Is styling a process for you? If so, describe it. How long does it take you to achieve the perfect look? WJ: Oh, this one is easy. I start off with the pieces I want to feature. And then I go through my entire inventory and put things on then take them off and when my eyes stop bleeding I call it good. Once or twice this process has taken an entire week, I kid you not. I’ve dragged myself around the grid half dressed and moaning that I’ll never find exactly what I need. IE: Do you think that it is more difficult for men to be great stylists in SL than it is for women? WJ: The easy answer is yes. When you search

“I think I’m mostly proud of the fact that I never conformed or changed to meet what people wanted me to be.” any clothing listing on Marketplace you’ll see the odds of femme to homme listings are usually eight to one against. However, things are improving. More and more traditionally female designers are trying their hands at working with the hideous male mesh and offering up interestingness. It’s really easy for the guys to bitch and complain about their lack of choices but the onus is also on them to get up and actually look and ask instead of expecting items delivered to their prim doorsteps. IE: What RL designers have inspired you the most? Also, who is your favorite SL stylist? WJ: My RL inspirations are anyone who dares to break with convention and turns textiles into art. My heart will always belong mainly to Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton, but also Thierry Mugler, and Yegor Zaitsev to name a few. My favorite stylist in SL is the incomparable Kyrie Source. Her blog manages to achieve the difficult task of being both a minimalist

yet incredibly lush at the same time; and her high intensity lighting set new standards for SL fashion photography when she burst onto the scene just over a year ago. Plus, she’s a lovely person inside and out. IE: Tell me a little about your other endeavors and hobbies? WJ: I’m THE vampire. I’m also a blogger, stylist, model, wannabe writer, semi-retired events coordinator and CMO for the wonderful design house Miamai by Monica Outlander. If I ever get any spare time I love to dance, explore and work on my sub-par photography; and occasionally I break out and perform some archaic and eldritch vampire activities like throwing sticks out into the middle of the road and snickering at the werewolves chasing them. My blog hasn’t been updated quite as regularly recently because I decided to skew a different path for a while and take my modeling more seriously. I decided that my own personal litmus test would be that if I managed to get good enough to get into AVENUE, then it would be worth pursuing modeling again. Luckily, I made it in and now I’m happily falling off catwalks all over the grid. I love being a part of the AVENUE family, even if I am the slightly creepy pale cousin with the funny accent. IE: Which current fashion trend would you say should NOT be followed?

happening in the real world; then find a way to translate that to SL fashion. I subscribe to fashion magazines and pore over them for inspiration. Also keep an eye on fashion blogs like The Sartorialist and Style Salvage. On a personal level - find out what you are best at style wise and perfect that. Once you have that mastered, challenge yourself to see how far you can extend your tastes and abilities. IE: What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in SL?

WJ: I’ll never be one of those what-not-towear people. I’m firmly of the belief that if something makes you feel good, go for it! IE: What thing in your SL are you most passionate about and why? WJ: I’m lucky in that my Second Life® is stuffed full of great things. But, it would be nothing without my special people. I’ve got the modest group of friends that each brings something different and interesting to my life and they are why I won’t leave until they shut the grid down. IE: What advice would you offer aspiring fashion icons and stylists? WJ: Look outside of Second Life for what’s

WJ: I think I’m mostly proud of the fact that I never conformed or changed to meet what people wanted me to be. I was told once by a famous SL blogger that the fashion community would never listen to me or take me seriously if I stayed a vampire - to drop the act and be “normal.” IE: What do you think it takes to be a fashion Icon in SL? WJ: I don’t know if I’ve had icon status properly conferred or not yet but I’d say that you’ve reached it in SL when someone looks at an item of clothing and thinks of you. Yes, Winter Jefferson is indeed a fashion icon and I don’t think any of us will ever look at an Ozimal again without thinking of him. We are truly happy that he is a member of the AVENUE family. A

AVENUE |Fetured Designer

Sparkling Expressions

ENZO CHAMPAGNE Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Ozz Larson


hat is fashion? Fashion can mean a lot of things to numerous people. It is a way to release your inner creativity, showcase your personality, a way to feel inspired, beautiful, and stand out in a crowd. Even if you were to say you don’t dress to make a fashion statement, you are still making a statement. Whether we like it or not fashion plays an important part in our Second Life® and our

Real life. We have the power to embrace it head on and use it to make ourselves and others look the best they possibly can. Enzo Champagne has been doing that in SL® with his designs for women and men. His SL journey is fueled by his love of fashion, glamour, and beauty. That is why AVENUE’s featured designer of the month is the man behind Champagne! Sparkling Fashion, Enzo Champagne.

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join Second Life?

eventually…the birth of a new design springs from that.

Enzo Champagne: First, it was by curiosity in the way of my job, I saw in fashion magazines that RL fashion brands made some SL™ events in-world. So that’s the way I discovered SL. And when I entered in, I never wanted to leave it.

AC: What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

AC: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? EC: I’ve always loved fashion since I was 4 years old, although I don’t have my own brand in RL, so this is why I created my own in SL. AC: How was this season’s collection different from the other collections you have worked on in the past at CHAMPAGNE? EC: Well I think the main style of one brand is important but for sure each collection I make speaks something different and is inspired by something different. I try to keep all unique to themselves never repeating the same. This takes a lot of imagination and sometimes one is harder than others to create, but in the end as long as people are happy with my brand than that is my ultimate goal. AC: What is your inspiration for your newest designs? EC: I am inspired by many things for many different reasons. Perhaps it’s a dream, a vision I had…or a random fleeting thought. Maybe it’s a song or a just to express a feeling. I let my imagination take me where it wants to go and

EC: To share my creations and make people happy. I still get so excited to hear feedback from my customers and have them tell me how much they love my brand. That never gets old to hear. It pushed me to keep going and much like the name of my store “CHAMPAGNE!sparkling fashion” – to me it means dream, celebration and happiness. This is what matters most to me. AC: How would you define “success” for someone in your chosen position? EC: The level of success is again, about making people happy and dreaming together. I don’t think you have to be the most famous or wellknown designer on the grid to be “successful”. You just have to follow your way, to “listen” to your customers and go with your heart. AC: What is the style of your designs and why do you feel that way? EC: I feel it’s more Couture as well as Fantasy combined, CHAMPAGNE!sparkling fashion; for a glittering life . Every design I create has a story behind it and it’s always about celebration and imagination. AC: What is your favorite part and most challenging part of the design process? EC: I would say it’s to realize what I have in

mind and have the best rendering I can do to have the closest of what I want. RL and SL designs have really different ways to create. AC: As a designer what is most rewarding for you? EC: To see my clothes being worn by people. I also wish to continue in my chosen profession and always make my designs better. AC: Aside from designing, what other things do you enjoy? EC: Well, I spend all of my time working. I enjoy that, that is my passion above all else. When I need a break, I like to sit in my garden or I like to dance with close friends, spending time with them, even if it’s hard to keep real friendships when work comes first. AC: What does fashion mean to you? EC: Fashion means for me an expression of different things, it can be a dream, art, and power, something that gives you confidence, makes you sexy or feel like a goddess. It can be something that is just funny, but always the most important in general is something to play with. It is a way you can be different with every day, express yourself differently and find your own style with. AC: What should we expect to see from your designs in the future collections?

EC: On the pictures with this article you have a first preview of my men clothes, but for others will know soon, but I challenge myself to always make better designs and explore some ways which will please you I hope. AC: What has been your most favorite item you have designed to date? EC: That is like asking a parent to choose his favorite child! I had the chance to design “IRISH” the National Costume of Carilynn O’Hare, Miss Ireland for the Miss Virtual World Pageant and I loved doing it! But mainly I love them all and they all are unique in their history. AC: Do you have any favorite designers in SL & RL? EC: In the past I had the chance to work for Mr. Yves Saint Laurent, and I loved what Thierry Mugler did for his brand. Both of these designers gave me the passion for fashion. Today, somebody like Nicola Formichetti is definitely someone to follow to make the fashion revolution. In SL I’m always amazed by other designers too, because it’s so powerful to see how the creation is everywhere. AC: What do you think sets your store apart from others?

EC: I feel my staff and store models make the difference. The personal attention that they provide is very important to attain the highest level of customer service. I also spend time in the store so my customers know me and can feel comfortable in asking for any assistance. It adds a personal touch to all that I do.

EC: Next in SL, I am opening a sim for CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion in another grid named Avination. Many designers from SL have moved there too, and we are like pioneers in building all. You will not find the same CHAMPAGNE clothes there but some exclusives clothes will be there from CHAMPAGNE for Avination only.

AC: How did the idea of the CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Face of the Month Contest come into fruition and are you happy with the way it is going?

AC: Anything else you would like to add about yourself or CHAMPAGNE?

EC: With the CHAMPAGNE!Sparkling Face of the Month Contest I wanted to offer an opportunity to everyone to be highlighted and represent the brand during one month, for my ad in magazines. I have heard many times that it is very difficult to be a recognized model inworld and yes I think it’s very hard to build a famous name. If I can help people with that too and give a chance to them to be visible by others, it’s a little contribution, but it is not a charity either! People need to work for the contest and the final choice is always hard for me. In result, all my sparkling faces did a great job and with Talyia Tarber, who know each time what I want for them on the ad. So take your chance! AC: Is there anything else we can look forward to seeing from you?

EC: Thanks to all people who appreciate my designs, to all who support me and for sure, I would thank AVENUE Magazine and the team for this invitation and interest for my work, it’s a real honor. Did you know my first fashion show was with AVENUE? OMG I was so happy when I think to it and I hope to live others intensive times like that in SL. Using his fashion experience from RL and bringing it into Second Life, Enzo has been heading in the right direction with a successful clothing brand. He is just a prime example of how interests, hard work, dedication, and appreciate for customers can take you farther than you might have first imagined. Each season Enzo’s designs get more and more creative and bold. He is definitely putting his own stamp on SL fashion and from the looks of it will also keep us amazed and excited over A the new things to come.

AVENUE | The Blogspot

GABE BO Written, Modeled and Styled by Gabe Bookmite Photographed by Garrett Ceriano



ashion is all about putting on a show, or at least that is what I believe when it comes to my styling choices. It’s all about taking something common; say a deep v neck t-shirt, and adding shoulder spike attachments to make that v neck into something more dramatic. When it comes to my style I like to play around with androgyny, making looks that with a few tweets and changes can fit members of both genders. I like to mix in items made for the ladies of Second Life® into my looks like corsets, heels, puffy shoulder warmers and longer hair styles. For these three looks, I wanted there to be a few joining elements. The first element would be the colors scheme of each outfit. For these three I went with black, white and red.

//Hair Vive9 Fredja in Jenny //Eyes MADesigns Individual iceman //Skin CheerNo Brent Blond Pale //Nails Love Soul Mens Checker //Shirt Mr.Poet Pleated shirt in White //Corset Graves G128 Top Corset only //PANTS Armidi Limited Modern Pants in Indian Red //Shoes Bandit Max Golf shoe black & white

The other theme in these looks is taking pretty normal clothing items and adding drama to them. For an example take the first look, there is nothing too dramatic about the pieces but by adding a corset I added a hint of drama and a feminine touch, two things I am known for. One of the other things I am known for is wearing heels as you can see from the last look. Normally I tend to favor an open toe heel but these heels that I wore for this look grabbed my attention and would not let go. If you noticed the first look you can see the shoes in that look also match the heels in my other look. The second look is the most masculine out of all the three. It uses all my layer options. I love to layer my clothing. This is why I love designers who make their items in every single layer. I paired this look with a pair of boots. In my blogs I try to take pictures with in the Second Life world, this way it gives me a change show of the many different places that there are on the grid. For these looks I need some place which was dramatic enough to highlight the drama of the outfits but simple enough as to not draw attention away from them. World’s End Garden~Noir et blanc, picked by my partner Garrett Ceriano, was the perfect location for these outfits. Before I get into the credits, I want to thank my partner for taking my pictures for me. All poses used by Exposure except for the carousel prop which comes from deviousMind.

//Hair ModlaODLA Ariel w/fringe in Platinium //Eyes MADesigns Individual iceman //Skin CheerNo Brent Blond Pale //Jacket NSD Playboy Blazer in red w/ Black pipping //Vest BOOM Black Vest //Tanktop AITUI Loose Tank Birds x 3 in White //Pants 4 Arsenic Regal jeans in Dove //Shoulder warmer BOOM Warm Shoulders in Black //Boot Hoorenbeek Dr. H in Black

//Hair Magika Veruka II in Blonde //Eyes MADesigns Individual iceman //Skin CheerNo Brent Blond Pale //Tattoo AITUI Hope Song //Shirt This is a Fawn Deep V-Neck in blood //Corset Szentasha Fashions Hexed Corset //Shorts FIR & MNA Smart Shorts in Black //Headgear Miamai HeartBreaker Headpiece //Shoulder HouseofFox Hardcore Shoulder //Necklace NSD Rock’n’Rolla chain in White pearl //Gloves Miamai Marcus in White //Heels PixelFashion Oshun Shoes in White A

AVENUE | Trendspotting


ANDRO Styled, Modeled and Photographed by July Raymaker

//Suit Cheerno Deuil-George // Tank Maytreya RB Tank //Shoes Lelutka Saffron Pumps //Hair Lelutka Eclat Hair 01 //Sunglasses Lelutka Circacia Sunglasses

//Tank Maytreya RB Tank //Skirt Cheerno Deuil-George //Pants Cheerno Deuil-George //Boots Kookie Armarda Long //Hair Lelutka Punky Attachment

//Jacket The Abyss M Civilian Bomber Jacket //Pants DeeTaleZ Baggy Pants Tweed //Boots The Abyss M Latex Boots //Hair Lelutka Cleo

//Shirt Lelutka IRMA shirt //Pants Hasendow Modern Suit //Braces Hasendow Modern Suit //Shoes Lelutka Saffron Pumps //Hair Lelutka Stefani //Cigarette Di’s Opera


AVENUE | Designer Collection

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Izzie Rexen

Teresa Republic Fashionably Styled W

hat is fashion? Is it the way you look? Who dictates what is and is not fashion? To me fashion is the way you can express yourself through not just clothing but the accessories as well. Helping to do just that and make people look better in SL one avatar at a time is designer Teresa Republic. Her creative and fashion forward designs with her store Republic Fashions.

Augusta Carver: So I see you have been in Second Life® for a little over 3 years. What made you decide to join? Teresa Republic: Actually, it’s a funny story. My best friend Lacey and I decided to sign up for accounts together when we saw an article about it. I never thought I would be so interested, I mean, one day it just hit me... everything in this world is CREATED... but it took me awhile to stop “spectating” and get in on the creation. AC: Yes it is mind blowing sometimes how things are done here. I still get impressed.

TR: Oh absolutely, I’m constantly just in shock and wonder. My friend took me to this venue that was 100% made out of TV screens. It was like walking through a trippy kaleidoscope! You could never accomplish something like that in first life. I think SL® is rather special.

with inspiration, really. But sculpting, my gosh it is a tricky bit. If I had a magical sculpting wand, gosh my store would be 5 Sims wide...I have so many ideas!

AC: Yes, I agree with you there. How long have you been designing and how did you start that?

TR: Honestly to me the most enjoyable part of designing is texturing. It’s right after you’ve done all the hard work of conceiving/making/ assembling the product, and right before you do the hard work of boxing everything, making vendors etc… It’s like the eye of the storm, and you can just have fun and experiment!

TR: Well, I was a photographer for the longest time, and, well, I guess it never occurred to me that I could use my Photoshop and graphic design skills for more than just ads and photographs. I think that a lot of designers don’t realize this but, I was strictly an SL consumer for the vast majority of my Second Life, and as such I was astounded and impressed and completely amazed at the things everyone created. I think because of that, I was intimidated. And I thought to myself “I could never do that”. Last November I just decided to give it a shot. I said, “Let’s see what I come up with” and Republic was born. I opened shop I think early January, and things have been going great. You know it has become for me the ultimate creative outlet. I recently had the opportunity to learn a few things about this talented lady and here’s your chance to do so as well. AC: Is there anything you find particularly challenging about the design process? TR: I think that to me, the technical procedures of designing are the more difficult. I’m flooded

AC: Do you have a favorite part of designing?

AC: Sounds like a one of a kind experience. TR: It is! And it’s not to say it doesn’t get difficult. But you know when it works, and it looks fantastic, and you’re proud of it, and then you put it out, someone blogs it, or someone buys it... it’s suddenly all worth it and then some. AC: Aside from helping to make others look their best through your creations, what else do you like to do? TR: I am probably SL’s biggest shopper, haha. I stalk all the sale events, I’m addicted to all the style blogs, and I shop way too much haha. AC: LOL. Well sometimes I feel like you can never really shop too much Teresa. TR: Ah ha! A woman after my own heart. I still find time to explore though, and of course, play the crazy game called real life.

AC: And you are a blogger as well? TR: I actually JUST started blogging. A wonderful lady named Miyoko Magic told me that it was absolutely essential to SL business these days. So I thought I’d start one just for me and my shoes. But oh my gosh! I’m so addicted to blogging. It’s sort of awful, because shopping makes me want to blog, and blogging makes me want to shop. AC: LOL. TR: You see Augusta, it’s not our fault we’re shopaholics, haha. AC: Right, it is the people who make the things we like to buy LOL. TR: Absolutely. It’s just like RL, when you’re walking down the sidewalk and you stop someone and say “where’d you get that dress!?” only in SL it’s way easier. The SLURL is right there. They make it too easy! haha. AC: Haha, yes they do. How would you define your sense of style? TR: All over the place. I’ve gone through so many stages and phases in my life... I was a metal girl in middle school, I went a little hippy-chic for a while, and I was underground raver throughout high school and college, and now it’s kind of all those styles are mixed together. Honestly in RL I don’t get to wear much outside of my work uniform, but in SL ... The only common theme I can find is that I can never seem to wear pants!


is just a heaven for that.

TR: Not even on purpose but I don’t know. I can do leggings at the most haha. But my style is so mixed. I think that’s the great thing about your 20’s though, you know, still finding out who you are. One day I’ll decide.

AC: Do you have any plans we can look forward to from Republic Fashions?

AC: So when you set out to design, what inspires you? TR: Oh my, it changes so much. When I did my first designs, I was heavily influenced by Jannifer Modo, and other high fashion designers. I think I’ll do more of that for sure, but right now I’m really feeling the ultra-girly vintage vibe. My personal style, in RL and SL, is very eclectic. One of the challenges I know I’ll face soon is trying to keep Republic’s brand identity, while still making designs that are from all genres of fashion. I know that my coming collections are going to be very well rounded. AC: What does fashion mean to you? TR: Well, in RL, I make my living in retail. So I see the less glamorous side of fashion. You know, I hear a lot of people say that fashion is art, and it is... it so is. But I think that the real world has gotten away from that. But in SL, there are not any of those limitations that retail stores have. I can have haute couture, something I may never be able to afford in RL. I can experience that particular design the way it was meant to be experienced. I think in that case it doesn’t become a work of art, when it isn’t bound by costs of materials, etc... I think that’s when creativity truly takes wing. And SL

TR: I have a lot of big plans for Republic. I’m putting the finishing touches on my new line of skins. I’m very excited for it to launch, it’s called Quinn, and she looks great. I’ve also begun work on a men’s shoe line, and even begun to scribble some dresses. So the possibilities are endless at this point. AC: Do you have any words of advice for designers and future designers? TR: Well you know honestly I’m very new to this, but I will say this to those who aren’t designing but wish to. Go for it! You NEVER know unless you try. And if you put in the work, and stick with it, then even if you never make a sale, who cares? You accomplished something special. A shopping addict turn designer, Teresa Republic is making her name known throughout Second Life and the fashion world. She has been creating a line of fashion designs to not only make SL residents look good but bring out their own personality in creative style in the process. Her flair for styling and knowledge of what looks well has helped her create pieces in her store that shoppers will just adore. Constantly feeling inspired, Teresa keeps coming up with new things for her store REPVBLiC that I cannot wait to see. You can check out Teresa’s blog ( to see her different fashion styles and for more information about her store. A


AVENUE | GOLden Shopping

Written by Vixie Rayna Photographed by Natasja Schumann

Fashion aranel BOOM ah


OLden Shopping is one of the vast and most versatile shopping districts in Second Life® featuring some of the most talented and top names in SL®. Each month AVENUE brings you the best from the block; the fabulous designs, best of new releases and must see creations… well this month AVENUE has set the spotlight on another much celebrated design house dominating the casual, summer wear and swimwear arenas of SL fashion… BOOM by Aranel Ah. Join us as we explore this minimalistic yet highly versatile fashion house and sneak a moment into the mind of the brilliant woman behind the brand. Vixie Rayna: It’s always fun to start at the beginning. What brought you to Second Life? What did you think of this world? What did you think of this world?

Aranel Ah: Dental work... I had been told about this place by a few people and never joined it. I didn’t think I would enjoy it. I didn’t actually at first but I came back like a month and a half or two months later and it finally clicked. VR: How did you enter the world of SL Fashion? Tell us about your first design. AA: Well, I started in 06 and back then, there really wasn’t much to wear at least not something that caught my eye. Everything was gowns and silks. I started messing with the templates to make umbrella girl style clothes. My friends suggested that I sell the stuff and I did. VR: You have the market cornered on sexy and cute! I love how you play with color and

your fun style. What inspires your work? AA: Aww thank you! I wish I knew really. It basically is just an idea in my head and I start making it. I make edits and changes along the way and the next thing I know I’m forcing my friends to give me opinions on a “could-be” new release. VR: I’m dying to know... which are your most popular designs? AA: Wow that is tough. I really don’t know as it sort of goes in cycles. Swimwear/summer wear tends to be pretty popular. VR: From all of your years of work, which design are you most proud? AA: I love them all equally. VR: That is very sweet and terribly fair in case they get jealous! What should your fans expect next? Tell us what you are working on. :P

AA: Well, my next release is going to be a cute little sleep set. It’s actually a tied back tank and a pair of unders; however, they could both be used for more than just sleeping of course. VR: Designing in Second Life is very complicated work. What drives you to create here? What is your biggest struggle with design in a virtual world? AA: Initially, it was all about the freedom to be creative, which I still love but now my driving force is more necessity. My biggest struggle? Stress! VR: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything you would like to add? AA: Yah, you know any builders that do fully rendered builds? If you do, send them my way please! VR: You heard her folks, help the lady out!


AVENUE | Couture AVENUE Look 2011

Written by Jesika Contepomi Photography by Annough Lykin


Ranini Farella W

e are halfway through the contest and all I have to say is WOW. Each contestant has brought the best of themselves to the table and it shows. This contest is more than just a title, it pushes each and every model/stylist to look within themselves and demand greatness. With Second LifeŽ’s top designers such as Nicky Ree, Baiastice, Chantkare, LeLutka, Stylissimo, Azul, sYs and Osakki, one would truly think this contest easy,

but each month the styles brought to the stage are nothing short of fabulous.

This competition is steep, I say that every month, the semi-finalist on the runway each month are constantly evolving and pulling out looks from the 8 Couture AVENUE designers that even bring me to have a shoppers impulse. This month finalist Ranini Farella demanded the attention on the stage and captured the

votes of not only the judges but the audience, a Couture AVENUE first. Jesika Contepomi: Ranini, congratulations on your win and thank you for taking the time to sit with me. I know I say every month the bar is raised, but this month we had 8 semifinalists, every one of them fiercely styled, and you came out on top with a resounding vote from all sides. What inspired you to compete in this contest and truly bring it home? Ranini Farella: It was my dream. In order to succeed in this competition, you have to create a unique design using the beautiful pieces of designers who are more talented than each other. You have to push your limits... it is a challenge, you rise to your abilities in other words, and this makes Couture AVENUE more exciting and attractive. I wanted to join immediately when I heard it, because this was a place where I can express myself. JC: And express yourself you did, truly. You took command of the runway and more so then just styling you created an emotion...a scene if you will. Where did you learn these techniques and how did you get your start in modeling? RF: I started modeling exactly one year ago in February 2010. Before being a model, fashion in SL drew my attention. I shopped a lot, like everyone, but most important of all, almost as an instinct I used different poses and animations for every outfit I wore. People would ask me ‘are you a model’? They asked so much that eventually I was curious “what it is like to be a model in sl”, and started to follow fashion

shows and read fashion magazines. Modeling drew my attention. What a nice coincidence, I won the first monthly modeling contest a year ago and became the February winner and one year later I’m the February winner for Couture AVENUE too. I don’t know if it is coincidence but I think it is a well-intentioned sign. JC: In Second Life fashion I’m not one to believe that luck plays a large part in modeling success, it’s a combination of creative esthetic and skill. What do you find thus far makes your styling esthetic and look so unique? RF: I think everyone should combine what comes within them in the way they wish to be! Fashion is important, trends are important, but the most important thing is to reflect this feeling coming from inside with clothes and outlook. I did this, and I think with good harmony, since it represents me, my clothes and my avatar as one. I think this is the side which makes a model most unique. There is a one rule in my general styling and my unique look: don’t do what has already been done! JC: I couldn’t have said it better. A huge step for a model is when you stop imitating who you want to be and you become yourself. With that said what inspired you to compile this winning look and what about it do you feel brought the win? RF: I have only one name: Melanie Sautereau. She inspired me. This is true. For days I looked at her winning… definitely gorgeous outfit. In order to not to look like her style and not to repeat her, I examined the picture for a long

time because this is the most common mistake. A person inevitably wants to repeat the winner just because she won and while doing so, she forgets that the criteria is having a “unique” outfit. When I finished my outfit, I sent it to a friend that I trust and she said “what a nice dress, where did you buy it?” Then I knew it was in the right way. I like to design outfits combined by different designers and make it seem like it was one peace and not re-created. The compatibility of every piece of clothing, every accessory she wears, every pose she uses is already a competition! According to me, a good model should always win the dress she wears. In other words, she should take every dress as a competition and should present it in the best she can to the audience. Therefore, this is my appearance, this is my perspective and only my perspective could bring me the win. JC: I hope all aspiring models out there are reading this interview, that is sound advice. What would you say to a model trying to find “their” unique look? RF: Work hard, use color, know RL fashion trends, follow the styles of perfect SL models and find your own style. Whatever you wear, it is important that you put your signature and personality on it. You must have a trademark. Moreover we are very lucky. We have amazing models we can follow example of. Like Melanie Sautereau, she combines the pieces which you would say “impossible, this never can go with that” and you admire her. Miaa Rebane, if she wears from the trash, she carries it with a queen

elegance, you cannot stop looking her. Miaa and Melanie’s styles are like fashion lessons and as for the unique appearance of the avatar, they should memorize every millimeter square of their shape and marry a pose stand. At the end do they recognize you out of 100 model photos? Then you managed to be unique. JC: You can’t tell but I’m smiling from ear to ear. My final question for you Ranini, where do you see yourself in a year? RF: I want to see myself in fashion world working with delight. As a model, one of my aims in SL is to see more Turkish girls on the runway. Therefore, I want to prepare a solid road map for them and become a good role model. Also, Turkish designers are very talented, hardworking and creative but shy in making a way out for them. I want to lighten their path. And of course I want to be the Face of Couture Avenue. :D -Are YOU the next face of Couture AVENUE? To learn how you can be a finalist for Couture Look 2011 and be featured in AVENUE Magazine, stop by the AVENUE office and pickup an application. Join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group for regular updates, important dates and finalist announcements. Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Application LM AVENUE at GOL [173.96.22] AVENUE Website


/Dress FumĂŠ - Lacy Bow /Shoes Maitreya Gold - Moxie /Hair Maitreya - Nimue in Charcoal /Skin Glam Affair - Castalia in Natural 05 /Nails Candy Nail - Mannish Red /Earring Glow - Black Night

In the Shadows Written, Styled & Modeled by Vixie Rayna Photography by Kallisto Destiny

AVENUE | Fun with Fashion


hadows can elevate your photography and help set the mood. What better mood than one of stylish intrigue? This month’s column is all about the mystery of black and white. Coming out of the shadows always adds a little va to the va-va-vavoom. Black and white is the uniform of the stylish and chic, you can never go wrong with this classic combo. Often this can add a masculine tuxedo-esque air to your look, so additions of bows, lace and ruffles creates a feminine flair. You can’t find a better combination of colors to mix and match. Baiastice and LeeZu make a lovely marriage with the uber stylish Mademoiselle shirt and oh-so-sexy Mia corset. And a little thigh high boot action never hurt anyone. Often in my column I play with pairings, but this month I couldn’t help but stumble upon several off-the-rack looks that demanded their moments. One is a remarkable ensemble from Djod Karu of Diram. The Siren is just that, a screaming ode to sexy. Inex Hax of Peqe (Formerly Fumé) released the lovely Blender set for the inaugural Chic Limited collection. The Lacy Bow dress was something I picked up at the Narcissus event late last year and love the sexy yet innocent vibe it evokes. Add an air of mystery to your look with the latest in black in white. Until next month, remember that Fashion is Fun!

/Outfit Peqe - Blender /Shoes Peqe - G Wedge Blender /Skin Lara Hurley - Aimee in Milky Smokey 3 /Hair A*S - 030 in Marmite /Headpiece Vain - Deadmen /Necklace P.C. - River Stone /Nails Candy Nail - Feather Black

/Shirt Baiastice - Mademoiselle Shirt in White /Corset LeeZu - Mia in Black /Boots J’s - Thigh High in Black /Skin Glam Affair - Castalia Holiday Hill #4 /Hair Dura - 11 in Black /Nail Candy Nail - Dress Up Zebra

/Outfit Diram - Sierra /Shoes J’s - Thigh High in Black /Skin Glam Affair - Castalia in Natural 02 /Hair A*S - 031 in Marmite /Earring Icon - BC /Nail Candy Nail - Lock Black A

AVENUE | My Precious Summer Queen 2011

Road to Royalty Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Natasja Schumann


If you visit Agnes Finney’s My Precious Fashion House on any given day of the month and proceed to the north wall, you will see the wall lined with photographs of some of the most exquisite and beautifully styled woman on the grid. By presenting photographs that display their ability to capture the essence of the My Precious brand, these women are vying for the titles of My Precious Summer or Winter Queen, royal ambassadors of the fashion house now selected on a semiannual basis. Each month, three finalists are chosen, and these fortunate women will move forward to compete at the final competition at the end of each six month period. At the close of each final, a winner will be selected, and the new My Precious Summer or Winter Queen will have the honor of representing a fashion house known for some of the most elegant and most finely crafted gowns in all of Second LifeŽ.

The current contest round will culminate in the selection of My Precious Summer Queen 2011, a lucky lady who will have quite a journey ahead for her. In addition to the prestigious title, the winner will receive cash prizes, a voucher for AVENUE Model Academy, sponsored gifts and gift cards, and a photo shoot for AVENUE Magazine. She will also have the opportunity to serve as the hostess of Behind The Throne (, a blog in which she will highlight My Precious designs and events from her reign. The month of February was overflowing with a multitude of lovely and worthy entries, and after much deliberation, the selections were made. AVENUE Magazine is delighted to present the first three finalists of the year for My Precious Summer Queen 2011. Read on as we introduce you to the February 2011 finalists: Aloma Luik, Anna Sapphire, and Veronica Krasner.


Aloma Luik Royal Princess – February 2011

Aloma Luik is a sincere and outgoing woman who is described by others as a dedicated friend. Through SL®, Aloma says she has discovered much more than a game of avatars and finds delight in a community full of genuine people with real life dreams and objectives both inside and outside of the grid. She values those close to her and is always available to lend help when needed. One area of help this fashionista is particularly good at is assisting others with styling and accessorizing, and she can often be seen exploring shops for new releases and fabulous fashion finds to accentuate her own original style. Aloma is currently represented by Aret Mayo Models, Spirit Modeling Agency, N & Y, and was chosen as an Absolut New Face Model. When she isn’t working, she enjoys exploring new places, spending time in social venues with friends, and attending fashion shows. Aloma indicates that whether she is dressed in a formal gown or in casual threads,

she always strives for a fashionable and unique look. Favorite My Precious Design: “It is very difficult for me to choose only one, but the gown with which I most identify myself is Queen of Lace. Besides the beauty of the design, the dress fits me perfectly.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: ”To me, being chosen as My Precious Queen means not to only have the beauty but also one has to have soul, heart and passion to make the body and clothing of My Precious become one... to show everyone those qualities and also to be wearing My Precious designs!” Style tip:  “I always try to keep myself informed about new trends and fashion news from the fashion world of Second Life.”


Anna Sapphire Royal Princess – February 2011

As an accomplished and educated model, Anna Sapphire is a strong believer in the premise that you can achieve whatever you wish if you believe in yourself and give your every effort. With agency representation from AVENUE Models, Boulevard Agency, Deja Vu International Models, Evane Models, EIMA, IMA, BeStyle District Agency, Opium Fashion Agency, and Passion Fashion Agency, Anna has experience with both print and runway modeling. She enjoys multiple facets of the fashion and modeling industry, as well, and wears the shoes of blogger, stylist, shape maker, and designer, among others. This creative and friendly soul is passionate about fashion and views it as an important vehicle of artistic expression. Anna describes her personal style as unexpected and unique and thinks of herself as a “chameleon of fashion.” For Anna, who feels comfortable in anything ranging from elegant gowns to avant garde styles, there is excitement that exists with the challenge of experimenting with a variety of genres.

romantic “Maria Couture Red” and “Forever Red”. All these beautiful creations are different one from the others but they have in common the unmistakable class of My Precious style, the high attention to details, and the wonderful elegance that makes My Precious a well-known brand.”

Favorite My Precious Design: “This is a very hard question because I love so many My Precious designs. Maybe it can be the gorgeous “Queen Lucia Grandeur White”, or the fantastic “Empress”, or the elegant “Butterfly Queen” or, again, the very

Style tip: “After finishing a style, look at yourself in the most unbiased way. To do so, I often take a snapshot of myself, then after minutes, hours or days, I look the photo. This helps me to judge my style in a fair way and to fix what I think I can improve.”

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I think that My Precious Queen contest is a beautiful experience for every woman that loves My Precious elegance and wants the opportunity to show her style. I think that My Precious is giving a great possibility and a beautiful dream to us. I still can’t believe that I’ve been selected as one of the finalists. I feel so honored and happy that I can’t hope for more. Of course, the dream of winning the crown is so exciting, and I will do my best to become the queen that My Precious deserves, but if I am chosen, I will be happy anyway for the success I have reached so far in this contest.”


Veronica Krasner Royal Princess – February 2011

Veronica is a delightful woman who has spent the last three years of her life on the grid as a model, working with agencies such as AVENUE Models, Boulevard Agency, Asymetrique, VIDA, Opium Fashion Agency, Evane, Glance International Agency, BeStyle District Agency, Maniera, and Farouche. She adores the thriving creative community that exists in the fashion industry and has enjoyed all of the learning opportunities that have come her way. Veronica is a down-to-earth and committed individual who relates that she is much the same person in SL as she is in person, and she is proud to apply her personal attributes to all she does in our virtual community, including her roles as wife, sister, friend, model, and blogger. When it comes to style, Veronica enjoys diversity in her choices and loves pushing her own limits in order to achieve a certain look. However, she mostly identifies with elegant, casual clothing and the look of appealing, rich formal gowns. Favorite My Precious Design: “I have many favorites in the My Precious Collection. I think one of the most appealing in the past for me was the Goddess gown, which I got in purple. Also, I fell in love with and had to purchase the Moment gown in White, and lately, well, the Queen of Roses gown, which was the one I picked to have my entry picture taken in. I also love the line of hairs and flower hats; they are all so feminine and delicate! Just the way I like it! “

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I like the idea of the contest very much. I think they give each one of the contestants the possibility to play with their own creativity, elegance and femininity by styling any of the My Precious creations. About the chance to win the crown, well, it’s already a true honor to be a finalist for the title, and I’ll do my best to showcase the My Precious designs in my own style. If I ever get selected as the Queen, I’ll commit to fulfilling my Queen duties and represent the brand during my reign, becoming My Precious Ambassador wherever I go as their Queen. “ Style tip: “Allow the design you’re wearing to inspire you in how to accessorize it. Put it on and imagine which hair, shoes, hats, hair ornaments or jewelry you’d add to make it outstanding in your own unique style. First make a picture in your head of how it would all look like when put together, and then try it and see if the result matches your imagined vision... and most of all: just be you, don’t copy any other style. Dare to be yourself and to create your own recognizable style.” For more information about the contest, entry forms, or to see a gallery of the contestants for each month, visit the main store location. If you have a unique flair for glamour and elegance, you could be the one that the My Precious fashion house is searching for. A

AVENUE | Model of the Month

F auve Beaumont Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Diconay Boa


ots of Second LifeŽ residents decide to start modeling because they think it’s all about glamour and glitz. However, anyone who has ever modeled knows that it is far more than taking pretty pictures, posing, and wearing nice clothes. Modeling is extremely hard work that requires a significant investment of time, energy, and quite often lindens. Modeling is not just a career, it is a lifestyle. Specifically, you have to ensure that you look good at all times, you have to constantly live up to others’ views about how you should look, and your career lives and dies upon the personal and professional reputation you build for yourself. Indeed, modeling in Second Life is no walk in the park. It is a fiercely

be stressful and even brutal at times. However, it can also be a rewarding and creative adventure that allows you to meet great people and enjoy a huge amount of success. Great models learn to cope with the stresses and rejection with grace and dignity. They give their best every time they style an outfit or walk a runway. They learn the art of evolution of looks and successfully market themselves as a brand. They are able to prioritize their goals and shape their career in a fashion that best suits them. They have the ability to satisfy their customers, the public and themselves. They maintain strong values and recognize that the

power to fail or succeed is theirs alone. For many, modeling leads to a path of fulfillment and serves as a part of their overall vision. They turn the skills they learn and the connections they have made into something far more wonderful than they could ever imagine. They create opportunities for themselves and some of them use the confidence they develop to embark on new exciting careers as stylists, business leaders, or designers. Fauve Beaumont is one such model. The lovely Fauve has managed to build a highly successful career as a model and expanded her talents to become an equally successful stylist, business woman, blogger, and designer. Her accomplishments include her selection as a Top 12 Finalist in the 2011 Miss Virtual World Competition and a Top 10 Finalist in Styling Forward. The business savvy beauty is also the Manager for Fellini Couture; home of some of the most creative and fanciful designs on the grid. Additionally, she models for several well known agencies including AVENUE Models. While Fauve is happy with these accomplishments, she is even more excited about the endeavors she’s entered into with her equally brilliant and creative partner, Lulu Jameson. Together, the pair writes a successful syndicated blog and recently launched Plume, a fashion house that currently produces some of SL®’s most innovative hairstyles. For Fauve, the sky is the limit and she’s constantly working to enhance and improve her experience. For these reasons, she is AVENUE Magazine’s Model of the Month.

I recently had the opportunity to learn a few things about this talented lady and here’s your chance to do so as well. Imani Enzo: Hi Fauve. Congratulations on your selection as AVENUE Model of the Month! Let’s begin with you telling our readers how you got your start as a model. Fauve Beaumont: WOW this was such a huge and great surprise! I love being an AVENUE Model and I thank everyone for the selection. I tried modeling early on in my SL but I stopped for a bit. However, the industry has improved and grown a lot since then and my interest was piqued when I attended the 2010 MVW Competition with my partner in late 2009. Soon after, I signed up for lessons at Mimmi Boa’s Modeling academy, and here I am! I’ve learned a lot along the way and I truly love what I do. IE: That being said, what are your views on formal model training? Is it necessary or not? FB: Yes it is necessary. I think training is important and even more if you’re a new resident. You have to learn how to walk correctly, adjust prims perfectly, manage and choose poses. You also should know all the tricks to fight the lag. Being a good model is not as simple as people might think. IE: What has been your most rewarding experience? FB: I would have to say that it was when Joy Fellini asked me to become Fellini Couture’s

Manager. It was a huge surprise for me and it is a real pleasure to work with and for this talented woman. She totally trusted me from the beginning and that within itself is really rewarding. IE: What would you say that it takes to be a SL Supermodel? Also, what do you think it is that makes you stand out from other models? FB: Being a Supermodel in SL requires having a strong personality. You also have to be confident as well as an inspiration for others. “Supermodel” is not a title you can give yourself; it is a title others give you. I’m really not sure what makes me stand out from others, but I

can say that I stay true to myself and I always try to do my best. IE: Please share your views on the SL modeling industry. What do you enjoy most? What do you enjoy least? Also, what advice would you give aspiring models? FB: What I enjoy the most is to create looks for shows or photo shoots and the joy when people are happy with my work. I don’t enjoy lag or the stress it brings. Additionally, I really don’t like it when people pretend to be your friend, use you for their convenience, and then throw you away when they don’t need you anymore.

When it comes to aspiring models, I would just say that Second Life is full of models competing for a limited number of contests and jobs. As a result, it is not really easy to find his place. However, a constant positive attitude is the key. Having a good “reputation” opens many doors, just be mindful that you can’t build it in a day but you can destroy it with one bad action.

with something amazing! My inspiration comes from a combination of things. First, there is my partner, Lulu, who always supported me. His opinion is really important to me. Additionally, I am inspired by beauty in any form.

IE: Who is your favorite SL model? Also, who or what has inspired your modeling career the most?

FB: I don’t know if this is an accomplishment but I would say it’s the love I’ve shared with Lulu for the past two years. Having the chance to build something together day after day is just the biggest gift in both lives. Honestly, Second Life wouldn’t be the same without him and my closest friends. I do not need a lot of

FB: One of my favorite models in SL is Melanie Sautereau. This woman has an awesome sense of style and always comes

IE: What is your biggest accomplishment in SL so far?

things, but I need them.

any drawbacks?

IE: Tell us about Plume. What prompted you to start designing hair? What inspires your creations? How long does it take to create a new design?

FB: It is really important to me that we work well as a team and Plume wouldn’t be the same without Lulu. He has great ideas, plus I’m a huge fan of his photos and it is just fantastic to see them in our store. Of course sometimes we do not agree, but two opinions are better than only one.

FB: Having a shop together with my Lulu is a thing we thought about for some time now and I started designing on a whim. After receiving positive feedback from Lulu and some friends, Plume was born! My inspiration comes from everything. It can come from a photo, a theme, music or a desire. The time it takes me to complete a new design varies. I can finish some designs fairly quick while others take longer. Creating a new collection can be time consuming though. That is because you have to create all the colors and work with scripts etc‌ IE: What are the best things about working so closely with your significant other? Are there

IE: Last question. How difficult is it to make time for modeling with all of the other projects you have in place? FB: For the moment, I am lucky in that I manage to handle everything! Sometimes I forget things and that can be a little stressful but I love that! Fauve Beaumont has not only created her own special path to fulfillment, she leads a Second Life that makes her happy and inspires us all. Congratulations again on a job well done. A

AVENUE | Interesting Sims

Written by Joie Lefavre Photography by Ozz Larson



ime. It is a concept that perhaps is not shared the same with every species on the planet, yet affects each one in some way or another. Constant, continuous, mysterious… it has always been there and persists infinitely. Sonnets, tragedies, songs and films have inspired people to wonder at the elusiveness and often cruelty of time. It certainly generates dreams, nightmares even and the brave ones can take such visions to turn them into art. That is exactly what Vix Yoshikawa has done in Second Life© with the sim called [.XIV]. She says, “I tell people that if anyone can see my soul in 3D, it will be exactly like.XIV.” Dark and mysterious? Intriguing and stirring? In order to delve into the spirit of the creation you have to go beyond the first glance at the flowers and the relic of a worn church with its fallen door. You have to step inside. Go beyond what seems to be a moment of faith trapped in the past. Enter into the dark. What would inspire someone to delve into the concept of dreams and time? “’World’s End Garden’ by Lucia Genesis. It’s my all time favorite garden in Second Life but the biggest driving factor was more for myself. This place used to be a cafe and I closed it down as I lost the drive to run it. I’ve always decorated lands with the thoughts of others in mind and I wanted to build something that’s more ‘me’ to see if I can get creative,” says Vix. “I tell everyone that I’m not a builder... I’m just good at shopping and putting stuffs together.”

She did build though, and put some extra effort into textures. Once you have passed through the gate into the world of dreams and time, different memories are held trapped and riddled with quotes. The imagery there uses aspects of Vix’s own mind as well as purchased materials from other creators in SL®. Each area is unique and themed for a particular connection to time itself. A menagerie of items that seem random at first, are on display but there is a method to the madness as you walk through the surreal layout. “Each of the various build does represent something,” Vix explains. “Time and Music : I love music but never got around to learn how to play musical instruments. Time and Beauty: Well, it’s the vanity aspects of me. Time and loneliness: Sometimes I wish to be alone… but when I’m alone... I feel lonely. Time and books: I love to read.. but I just don’t have the time!”. Several areas ranging from an isolated piano to a broken lounge host different perspectives on what life and time hold. The different scenes are almost redolent of the fragments left behind in the mind of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s. Not all of the memories are there, but the ones that remain are strong and vivid. Some are whimsically poetic, others haunting and ominous. Much of the artwork is symbolic. “RL can be hectic with work and time just passes by quickly without one even realizing it... and the body just goes on with everyday responsibilities yet the soul wants to stop time or even go back in

time to create more memories of the past. Say, a scene of a kid in a fun fair. She wanted to go on the carousel but due to time constrains, her parents dragged her home. The ‘want’ of playing on the carousel becomes a hidden memory.. and after years and years.. the scene of carousel starts to fade to a point that the little girl won’t even remember it. (yes I’m that little girl.. lol) .XIV is basically a place for faded memories.” Faded memories and possibly some new ones. Vix keeps the sim open to the public, free of charge. She also keeps it available for in-world events. “I don’t really have a policy on that so long as it is art related. It can be an art exhibition, machinima or even literature. There are many talented artists or people with hidden talents and SL® is a very good platform to show the world their talent given the constrains in RL. The downside of SL is communication as residents are scattered on different sims. I’ll be delighted if .XIV can be used to showcase these talents or gather people with the same interest together. “ The artwork at .XIV is definitely appreciated by other artists and enthusiasts across the grid. In my visits to the sim, there have been several who admire the works, some even using it for photography and class studies. The glimpses into memories that appear to be frozen as though caught in a block of ice, or paused in the feature presentation of life can be excellent resources for psychological study, art and expression, and even humanities.

Though the sim was an inspired build, it is not a fleeting whim. Says Vix, “I’ll keep this place as long as I can and I’m hoping to get my own homestead one day and to share it with everyone. I might make some changes, add some things but the core theme will always revolve around time.” Those who wish to view the sim first-hand are encouraged to sign the guest book as they pass beyond the guardian angel and into the thralls of dreams. For more updates and details and information on the sim visit .XIV’s blog at . A

AVENUE | Architecture & More


Studio Skye Written by Joie Lefavre Photography by Tillie Ariantho

uilders across the grid have many reasons for contributing to content design in Second Life速. Some just do it for the fun of being able to play with this platform. Some merely want to contribute to the experience for others. And some put their real lives into it, making their seconds into a career. Whatever the reason, every builder across the grid has come across the thrill of seeing something that was once a vision, an idea come to fruition. Each builder has, or will someday see the frustration of just not quite being able to tweak it to what the original plan was. With the heavy competition out there, new mesh detailing, and 3-D texturing, what is a builder to do? Studio-Skye offers help for both scenarios. Whether looking for the building materials such as unique, high quality textures, or looking for a finished product ready to put on that wide, empty, new sim, Alex Bader and Studio-Skye has something worth checking into! The simplest way to browse the available resources is to go to com/ and have a look at the website. Most questions can be answered there, and the previews are of excellent quality and detail. When looking at Skye Castles, though, there is something to be said about seeing them firsthand.

Skye Gothic Castle has some excellent attributes that can only be fully realized when you approach the surprisingly detailed sculpts and the well designed build. Texture flicker is a personal peeve of mine, and Mr. Bader seems to have managed that challenge quite well. The high quality texturing of the stones, the windows, and the attention to detail in the doors (my personal favorite detail of the castle) make it a unique addition to any sim. Going outside of the actual castle, one can find the add-ons to the set. There is a pavilion that, at first glance, seems like a nice place to gather outdoors. For those with darker motives, though, a couple of flipped switches turn the pavilion into a cage. So if you have any princesses or ogres you need to lock away for a while, there is no need to trudge up a ton of stairs into the tower. Just use a lovely garden gazebo! Farther uphill you can find the Castle Keep. Similar to the castle in style, but with more stairs, more rooms, and a grand fireplace inside, the keep is a great addition to the set. This could even be used instead of the castle, should you decide you need something with less of an open floor plan than the castle holds. There is of course a well detailed stone bridge with torches to light the way on dark nights. A little further up the path you can view the matching fountain with on/off scripting; and if you trek up the hill a bit farther, the watch tower. The tower is the perfect place for a library, mage study, sitting area or ball room. Perhaps a combination with guards at the top in order

to ensure the safety of the patrons below? All would work well inside this intricate tower built to match the set, with plenty of beautiful stained glass windows, arches and texture, the tower makes the ensemble complete. Not looking for something so… gothic? Never fear. Skye Cuillin, the land hosting the Skye prefab castles offers views of some of the other castle options. Spanning the 8 sims is a network of stone bridges, crossing beautifully designed terrain with realistic and beautiful textures, which can be found in the texture store. There are waterfalls and cliffs, rivers and walkways. Passing from one to another is reminiscent of watching the voyage through Rivendell® in the Lord of the Rings©. It is definitely worth the walk to truly appreciate the works offered here. With my deadline fast approaching I was determined to fly from area to area, and pause now and then to increase my draw distance for a really good view. Well worth it. Basilisk Keep is one of impeccable detail, luxurious stone work, and added twists to the typical design. Arches of stone carvings snake and twine their ways along the stairwell leading to the entrance and up the sides of the towers. The design details are mimicked in the carvings of the wood doors. This is a pleasantly surprising feature repeated throughout the build in wall sconces and stone transoms, even winding up the staircase. For a quick lock-down, there is a switch to activate that immediately lowers the beautifully etched wooden doors from

the arches around the main room, keeping those on the balconies outside and those on the patterned wood floor inside. Climbing the stairs leads you to a hallway with a room fit for a library or study, and more serpentine features can be found in the grand upstairs. Balconies and lush carvings in the dark wood add to the luxury as you revel in the beauty of this amazing keep. Wood buttresses line the ceiling of what could easily be a throne room, and another flight of stairs lead guards to their station on the rooftops. This is hidden by a secret door, of course, in case any intruders were to try to find a way to seize the castle from above. Obviously, much time and attention has been put into these builds. I could go on all day about the amazing efforts and equally astounding results from these castles. There is the Faery Castle with elegant arched stone buttresses and a great winged throne definitely worthy of note. With plant and insect like pod shapes integrated into the structure itself the concept of fae as we know them is matched with a practical and yet fantastic castle. This like the others comes with a tower keep and bridge option showing their connection to the castle with the amazing wing designs. No less stunning is the Steam punk Castle, with steam-powered parts and a more modern, clean design. A flip of a switch powers the staircase which on first glance seems to be yet another support post. Within seconds, a spiral ring of ascension is created, leading you up to the other chambers.

Studio Skye offers other creations as well. From the Asian inspired builds to the space Veralarti, even the skyboxes that they have created, there is something for nearly every need. If viewing these inspires you, but you want to try your hand at putting your own personal style to it, feel free to have a look at the amazing texture work that they offer! With amazing detail in their doors, windows, stone, and more offered in four floors worth of merchandise, you are sure to find something worth using in that next feat. Skye Textures has a plethora of artwork in store for you to get you going from the ground up. Literally! I can truly say that I am glad I got the opportunity to visit this site and these builds. A great store with great creations, to improve and enrich our Second Lives. A

AVENUE | Sports & Recreation


Written by Joie Lefavre Photography by Annough Lykin


s early as Mycenaean Greece, when chariots were created and that competitive nature that humans seem to have ingrained first coursed the adrenaline through the veins of the drivers, racing has been a well-loved hobby, competition, and way of life. Things sure have changed over the millennia, and now racing has gone from a primal push to make your horse run faster and harder to a complete science, studying everything from aerodynamics to chemical combustion. In Second Life®, though, it is a much simpler concept... for those who want to drive, anyway. It turns out that racing in SL® is much safer, and can be much more fun, than in the real world. Although helmets are available, you are much more likely to get up and walk away from a horrible accident without a scratch in the virtual world. Thanks to a group of realworld associates called the Bytegang®, the opportunity to test out driving skills, challenge the top score, make new friends and maybe win some Linden dollars™, is there for anyone. CORSE GP is a PG sim, one of many built by this group. When I say group, I mean a real team of experienced, professional people who are generous enough with their time and energy to share their own love of fun and building. Says Loki Dancer, one of the main builders of the sim, “There’s about five people from the office having fun in SL at the moment - both designers and coders, plus we cooperate with a group of some 15-20 people in-world. Admins, staff, creators.” Amazingly enough, the sim was an afterthought,

the brain child conceived by a love for creating sculpties, textures, and scripts. Loki and this team would focus on building low prim, high detail vehicles based on real world designs. He explains, “ the sim was used in one of our RL projects and after that job ended, it was empty for about half a year. Closed to public and used for internal testing and as a huge sandbox. After I opened the track to public I was quite surprised by the traffic and joy it was able to bring to people riding on it. So the development continued, we produced more vehicles, added some features like the lap time measuring, built a website behind it with statistics on display... It’s still rather just one of our many activities in SL, but it’s surely the most popular at the moment .” Fun it is, as I can attest from experience! I decided the best way to truly get a feel for the race was to try my hand, literally, at racing. Although it is preferred to use one of the “house” vehicles, outside automobiles are allowed. Using one for practice is fine, but they are not eligible for the prizes that come in the competitions. Knowing full well that I would not be entering any competitions anytime soon, I went ahead and used my own Pro Street hardtop with racing stripes. A friend that I had dragged along with me to the sim was already doing circles around me on his motorcycle, and finally made me get out of the vehicle so he could drive it. Needless to say, virtual people were saved thanks to his efforts. It really was enjoyable, though, learning the

curves of the track, when to speed up and slow down, and trying to stay on course. What was even more fun, though, was when Xeno, my friend, was driving and teaching me the ins and outs of the car’s abilities. We have all seen the freebie vehicles, where you simply get in and press the arrow to go. Serious racers know the difference, though, between a well planned and built vehicle and a freebie box with a script. DQ San (for Ms. Drift Queen), one of the track’s admins, shared this tip with me, “…the most important thing is being able to adjust the car to suit your preferences. Good designs look better, and they might have lots of cool features and menus to play with.. but to be good in a race it needs to be scripted well. Poor scripted cars are just hard to control.. they fly in the air and bounce off everything.” Thankfully, CORSE GP offers vehicles that are both scripted well, and have style to boot. They also offer three minutes of test rides in the vehicles for free. It is to be expected that they would offer not only a great place to race, but the equipment to use as well. The track record of in-world builds from Bytegang® is remarkable. Says Loki, “It all started with Hanzo Blades producing Japanese swords and apparel, then there’s Dirty Lynx - a steampunkish fashion brand, later came Prefabrica with resources for creators. We run a sim-wide airport at the Blake sea area and produce some airplanes under Prefabrica. Then there’s Prefabrica’s ‘vehicle division’ with the Corse GP racing track, cars

and motorbikes... and just recently there was a new brand launch. It’s called Giglu and focuses on low prim club equipment. There’s three full sims and roughly one sim of mainland. All the brands are still operational and support each other”. He goes on to explain the connection between their real world experience and the racing industry within SL, “We’re designing websites and corporate identity primarily, but for example just recently, we are helping a new small electric motorbikes maker enter the market. That includes the branding of the products as well as the CAD design of the motorbikes themselves.” Interested in giving it a shot? Well why not? With enough practice, one can easily pay for the automobile of his or her dreams by entering in a competition. “Just recently we started some contests on the track. As we have quite a sophisticated system for measuring the lap times, that uses external php and databases, we extended the functionality of it and now you can win small L$ prizes (around L$1500 a week) by achieving the best weekly lap time in some of our vehicles. There are plans for some bigger contests including bigger prizes and publicity, but for now we’re quite happy to be able to manage the traffic we got now. I’m even considering adding another sim next to the existing one and building a second track on it”, encourages Loki. He does deliver a warning, though, for those expecting an easy win. “Well, actually, the most active rides have a record of a couple

of thousand laps! The most active rider has circled more than 11,000 laps on the track. So yeah, the competition might be tough, but it’s easy to try - one needs just one of our vehicles and a free HUD that’s available on the track.” Though I don’t have any plans to enter the competition, I think that after standing here watching the other racers and listening to conversations comparing vehicles, I am going to put my HUD on and go try again. Then I will have a look at to check my statistics. Who knows? Maybe I’ll finish in under two minutes this time! Happy racing! A

AVENUE | Business Feature


Red Rock Mesa

Where Native American Commerce, Arts, and Crafts Comes Alive

Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Ozz Larson and Isadora Fiddlesticks


here are a lot of places in Second Life® that gives out a lot of information about certain RL groups and cultures. However, when you are in an immersive world such as Second Life, a group’s presence in SL® can either rise or fall depending on the way the group is represented in-world. It is critical that the group is represented in a manner that takes advantage of the visual and community aspects of SL, and if these aspects are not harnessed, then the project is deemed of little value.

In all my four years of “living” in SL, I’ve seen many cultural groups both succeed and fail in their venture to Second Life, and I thought I’ve seen what I can see in terms of other cultures in SL. I thought I’ve seen some representations of Native American groups in Second Life, but I was wrong when I chanced about The Red Rock Mesa and its surrounding areas. It is a colorful, lively, and creative space that features Native American Arts, Crafts and culture. Set in the beautiful and sacred Red Rock Mesa, it describes itself as the “Native American Artisan’s Market”, and is situated in the Native Lands region. It is not just a market and commercial space for Native Americans, but also a unique location where concerts are staged amidst the beautiful canyons that surround the sim. Red Rock touts itself as “SL’s oldest Native American Indian & Southwestern Destination for Art, Music and Culture”. The location is currently on their 4th year in Second Life that continues to bring authentic and fun interaction to increase awareness about Native American Indians in SL. Walking through the whole place gives a feeling of community and history. The creativity and the inventiveness of the artists featured in the sim represents the true beauty that is inherent and abundant in their heritage. The sim owner, Boondoggle Gruppman, being half Native American Indian himself, puts great thought into the layout and design of the sim, incorporating fun activities and all the while

showcasing the traditional Native American items for sale. You’ll have lots of fun at the big powwow and dance drums with your friends, and the crafts and furniture for sale are of great quality and makes for a great addition to any house, regardless of theme. Within the sim, there is a building called the KIVA. It may be a small building, but it is big with information and interaction. KIVA offfers resources that affects Native American Indians in both SL and RL covering government, health, culture, history and more. It also acts as a museum. As someone who has not had prior education or interaction with the Native American Indians, learning about them in a setting such as Red Rock has piqued my curiosity about the people. One realizes that over time, media can tend to misrepresent Indians and this propagates positive and negative beliefs about the Native American culture. Going to places such as the Red Rock Mesa can help dissolve such misrepresentations by offering a rich and educational environment that also helps Native Americans in their SL business ventures. While part of the vast Native Lands, Red Rock Mesa is a commercial venture and is under separate ownership and is envisioned as a joint project with Virtual Native Lands, an educational nonprofit organization. Both groups envision strengthening the SL presence of authentic Native American groups through various activities. Red Rock Mesa is located at: Native Lands [77.99.27]. A

AVENUE | DJ of the Month


to t h e Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Annough Lykin


ith all of the activities and events to visit and experience here in Second Life®, music has become a big constant. Music is a great way to express ones creativity and true feelings. SL® has given us the opportunity to try out different genres of music without even leaving the comfort of our own home. Music creates ambiance sparks the imagination. It invokes mental imagery and inner scenery that opens the mind to amazing insight. To many people all over the world,

music plays an important part in their way of life. With that being said, whether you are dancing to the beats at a club, singing mellow songs to a live audience, or spinning tunes for a crowd, you can still feel the power of music pulling you in. AVENUE Magazine is putting the spotlight on DJ Byrds Cale as the DJ of the Month. For House and Electro lovers, she is a DJ to check out and take notice of. I was able to speak with her about her about her life in SL and her passion for music and spinning.

Augusta Carver: I see you have been a resident since 2007, why did you decide to join Second Life? Byrds Cale: Oh, it’s easy to answer. My father told me about it. And I was a crazy “The Sims” player, so I tried it. AC: I love The Sims LOL. BC: LoL! Ya, me too. AC: How did you get started in the SL Music world? BC: I met some people who have their own club and they asked me, to make music there. I started with a program called Sam broadcaster. It’s not very professional, just a click and the music plays. Over time though, I developed. AC: And how long have you been DJing in Second Life? BC: I am sure I have been DJing over 2 years; a long time. And with this time, I have changed my software & hardware and the clubs where I spin. AC: Are you involved in music in RL? BC: Most people would call me a bedroom DJ and actually I spin just for fun at home. But one day I want to spin in a RL club. AC: What kind of music do you mostly play? BC: I play mostly Fidget House & Electro. Well,

I love the Beats from Fidget House and the Vocals from House or Electro. Fidget is a little bit harder like normal House. That is what I like. AC: Do you have any favorite musicians you like to listen to? BC: Oh yeah. I am addicted to Crookers. If I spin, I spin a lot from Crookers. AC: What type of music are the Crookers? BC: Crookers are two Djs who makes great Remixes, like Day & Nite with Kid Cudi, that’s a famous track. Most people just know Kid Cudi, but not Crookers. I also like to listen to Electro House, but mostly Fidget. AC: Who is your all-time favorite band or artist you just love? BC: If it does not matter what genre, I like German indie rock, like Sportfreunde Stiller or Madsen. AC: Aside from spinning music, what else do you like to do? BC: Oh, I have a little shop here in Second Life, where I sell Shapes & Skins. AC: Can you tell me a little bit about your store BC Shapes & Skins? BC: Ya sure. I’m just beginning, and so far it is a lot of fun. I sell shapes with styling cards where you buy the items like the pics. I have

added some skins too and I only do girlie stuff at this time, but I want to make some for guys too. It is just a cute store. I also have a blog & Flickr page and sell my items at the marketplace too. AC: What is your favorite part of playing and creating music? BC: I want to share my enthusiasm with other people. I love music. You can tell a story with music, and I do it always when I am spinning. I can’t imagine a life without music. AC: Do you find anything challenging about being a DJ in SL™? BC: Hm... No it is not challenging, you just need to love the music and have fun in sharing that love with others. AC: What are some of your favorite store?

BC: Oh, my absolutely favorite store is RONSEM, I like the style. For skins my favorite is Illusory, I love them. AC: Do you have any words of advice for aspiring musicians? BC: My words of advice would be that it’s good to feel what you play and the rest goes by itself. Byrds Cale is a woman with a wide appreciation for music and making others look good through her skin and shape designs. Having started SL almost 4 years ago, she has learned a lot, made a great group of friends and been enjoying her journey. With an ear and love of music, it is no surprise that she also loves to share her music tastes and spinning talents with others across the grid.


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hat happens when you put an undeniably talented composer together with a vocalist whose voice could melt ice and soothe the savage beast? You get the talent, success, and celestial sounds of the band Soleil. Comprised officially of composer Tasuku Ghost (Arai Tasuku) and lead vocalist Colemarie Soleil (Nicole Marie) the in-world the band also includes stage designer and art director Ayaka Ocello and stage supporter Alice Ogura. Fans of the band may be surprised to find that the members have never actually met in person, but through the power of the internet managed to completely collaborate online to create an album that has been receiving such rave reviews.

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography Annough Lykin

Originally performing as separate artists, Tasuku Ghost and Colemarie Soleil were introduced through a mutual friend, leading to the collaboration that exists today. Originally performing as “Tasuku Ghost and Grass Ark Parade”, Colemarie found herself blown away by the show she attended while filming for an article for New World Notes, and soon Tasuku was visiting her shows as well. After spending some time together, the two were able to blend their talents and thus Soleil was born. In deciding to name the band, Colemarie explains “Soleil’s name stemmed from the fact that my last name in SL is Soleil and it being a simple and a very visual word, we came to decide to use it. I think it suits us very well because the music is very much a mixture of light and dark; Soleil being the sun and the unspoken darkness that follows it.” Fans of their music can thank Anley Piers (of Mysterious Wave) for the introduction to the members that led to the phenomenon Soleil is today. When listening to the intriguing sounds of Soleil, you may not be able to quite decide how to classify their sound. But that’s okay as the band itself hasn’t yet labeled one single genre for their sound either. According to lead vocalist Colemarie Soleil “We did not enter into the song writing process with a direct intended style…the music is a mixture of Tasuku and my personal tastes mixed up with a bit of daydreaminess. We are both very much inspired by the music we hear when we

sleep. I think if it is anything if you HAD to put it into an easily understandable genre it would be classical experimental art rock mixed with a bit of hip-hop flavored moments.” Whatever you want to classify it as, there’s a bit of flavor to satisfy every music lover’s tastes. Blending a mix of poignant art and dulcet tones, Soleil has released its first music video for the song “Storytelling” off of their self-titled debut album. Inspired by the work of Bryn Oh entitled “Condos in Heaven” the video takes viewers on a musical journey that allows them to find their own meaning in its contents. As Colemarie explains the video and song itself “It is highly metaphorical in order to allow people to relate to it outside of the original more personal meaning. I tend to write lyrically in a way where someone can listen to the words but not necessarily be told directly what to feel from it.” Colemarie continues on to explain the concept and inspiration for the video, “The artwork for the video was originally taken from Bryn Oh’s installation called “Condos in Heaven”. ( It is one of my favorite art installations in all of Second Life®. Condos in Heaven is about what might happen should the human race find a physical way to reach heaven and what we might do. The visuals of that build...the angels and the surgery performed on them suited very much how that song’s original meaning had made me feel. The video, I suppose, is a personal message buried

Colemarie: “Several radio stations have shown interest in the music already and we have been sending off demos as people request them for airtime on their radio shows which is exciting. The album has been selling steadily and will improve given time and as we release more material I am sure. As for feedback on the quality level of the music, I suppose we are both very private people here lately so have not been as social as usual. The feedback we do get seems to be more people relating to the overall feeling they get which is more rewarding.”

deeply under a song that also tells a story on the surface. Bryn’s work has always inspired me, and so I tend to use it as often as I am able to.” In the spirit of that statement, the cover artwork for the album is also an original work from Oh, while Colemarie clarifies her working relationship with the artist: “I am not sure what to say about my work with Bryn Oh. It is not really “work”. Bryn is my best friend.” With a recently released album in January 2011, the band has been enjoying some overwhelmingly positive feedback. Explains

From the success of their debut album, and the ever-growing fanbase of supporters in both first and Second Life, there is no limit to what the future holds for the team of superb talents. While their performances in Second Life may be limited, their star continues to grow in first life, and when it all comes down to it, that’s the ultimate dream. With their focus on creating new music, and spreading their sound to the world, Soleil has lived by its own motto: “Life is too short to care what people think. Do what you love. Love what you do.” And if their music is any indicator, these musical savants have followed this motto straight to the top. To keep up with the band, visit their website at: The album “Soleil” can be purchased via Bandcamp at:, as well as at Itunes. A

AVENUE | Artist Review Written by Joie Lefavre Artwork by Bubo Flux Photography by Jesika Contepomi


Art by


ne of the most intriguing aspects of Second Life® that seems to draw people to this platform, is the ability to integrate real world experience into the fantasy of the game. Education, business, music and art industries across the globe have recognized this, and some great talent has been found through this avenue of expression. One such real world artist who has found a way to share his work through the SL® network, is a young and upcoming graphic artist from Finland. “Art by Bubo” is his way of sharing his modern, energetic pieces with the rest of us across the world. Each piece on display in SL shows a vivid paradigm of color. Modern, fluid and vibrant, the pieces beg to be shared. Perfect for livening up drab walls, acting as statement pieces, or unifying an area that encompasses the spectrum of color within the art, the works are ready for placement. Creating the artwork is a digital challenge. Being a 3-D model creator in the real world certainly has its beneficial attributes, adding expertise to the creativity. Bubo explains his process, “I use Moray as wire modeler and render my works using pov-ray ( Usually one work has many layers which I’ll put together using Photoshop©. So basically I use three different programs. I don’t use internet as a source, because I want to do everything myself from zero.” This is something that all content creators will likely agree takes time. Bubo also says he likes to create pieces that are inspired, not just thrown together.

So what is it that inspires this hot new designer? “It can start from one single thing, it could be word, color or what happens in my life. The idea of starting to create these pictures began when I got bored of looking at my computer desktop wallpaper. That was before I had internet connection, 7 years ago. So of course I had to make a new one by myself! Music gives me inspiration and creates environments in my mind. That helps me to get starting the image. Even I use 3D-modelling in my work, I’m kind of rebel in that area…. Freedom of creation gives me much joy and it’s fun! It is my hobby, it should be fun, I guess! “ Art can be a great hobby, a great outlet for expression… even for the techies! Bubo explains that, “Originally I am not an artist but electronics technician (bored one). My uncle was teaching 3D-modeling and I learned basic skills from him. I also make web site layouts, help others to fix their computers and program with using C++ which is a programming language. Art is most important in my life after spirituality. Art is something of my own, something nobody else can do for me. Still the technician side of me plays an important role. It is not my computer if it’s not over-clocked or something. Tweaking my computer is an important part of making my pictures. I like to torture my computer to get as powerful a process as possible because creating my art takes all the power you have. My computer is carefully assembled from hand-picked components. It is like a painter’s brush to me. Actually I can’t draw so very well by hand at all.”

So what would inspire a young, budding art enthusiast to go from his day to day work of 3-D rendering to creating pieces in Second Life? Bubo says, “my RL friend Nimuel Nightfire (my SL-gallerist) forced me to. Hehe, just kidding, but she got me the idea after introducing SL to me. She made a roof gallery for my artworks at her texture main shop and started to help with marketing while I’m getting the idea what SL could offer to me.” The roof-top gallery is a great place to view the pieces in world, and is the exclusive location for his pieces. He has works that can be seen online, though. Says Bubo of the art displays, “At the time only here and www.masa86.deviantart. com. You could say I’m an industrious artist but very lazy selling anything! Second Life seems to be the kind of place for me as an environment. It really speaks the same language as I. Perhaps I will have my first RL exhibition at our city library in the near future.” Here’s hoping he does! Bubo has some great works, which evoke different emotions, ideas, even music in the mind and heart of the viewer. Another great creator adding another element of beauty and inspiration to our Second Lives. Thanks Bubo Flux! A

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Mischa Cuttita


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ave you ever wondered what it would be like to create something that inspires others or at least gets their imagination flowing and make them think? One of the best things about Second Life® is when it comes to building, designing, creating, the possibilities are endless. You can do so much here that even after years spent in-world it still boggles my mind sometimes. A resident of Second Life for over 3 years, Artist and Designer, Ally Aeon has used her imagination and creativity that she has in RL and brought it with her into SL® to help create and showcase some one of a kind pieces of art.

It’s an Ant World

With over 20 years of design experience in RL, Ally Aeon ventured into Second Life one day and discovered a way to further fulfill her desire to create art. Opened in October 2009, the Aeonia Arts Gallery was created as a way to collaborate with other artists within Second Life. When it comes to inspiration for creating art Ally mentioned how she “loves to learn and find solutions to problems and when I can apply new learned skills I managed I like to invent a project that allows me to utilize what I learnt. To create is one of my biggest passion and of course to share it with other people. Somehow it just leads to another project then to another one and so on. It just keeps me going, I get never bored and I have a lot of fun doing it. The best of course is the people around with their feedback and ideas and then based on that getting new ideas new inspiration.” Ally took me on a tour of the group build called “Ant Vegas” that she and the Aeonia Artists completed together. The Aeonia Artist Goup consists of: Ally Aeon, Lala Lightfoot, Miki Bizet, Moeuhane Sandalwood, Nik Gandt, Penelope Parx, Solkide Auer, Visceral Dreamscape and Pete Jiminy. I was immediately surprised and amazed at the sculpted world laid out before me. There were realistic giant ants placed around the made up city that mimics Real Life. “Welcome to fabulous Ant Vegas” is a metaphor for both “Real Life” and its augmented possibilities in “Second Life”. It reflects both the creative and

destructive nature of human beings and their respective avatars. With a humorous approach the Aeonia Arts Group depicts an ant-society out of control, as the ants dive into the all too human aspects and distractions of life – pursuing the path to individuality and personal freedom – thus enjoying the wonders of their very own “Second Life” says Ally. In this version of Vegas, there are races, but not regular boring car races. There are ant races, where you can actually sit on top of these big sculpted creatures and race with your fellow friends. It is a fun one of a kind experience and just like the Real Life Vegas, Ally hopes visitors of Ant Vegas will find all aspects that make our Second Life so much fun and addicting at the same time: Racing, Shopping, Gambling, Getting married (and divorced), Lodging, Dancing, Drinking, Sex: everything under the ambiguous watch and scrutiny of the vulture gods.” No version of Vegas would be complete without the drinks, and casinos. One of the ants outside had even turned pink while bathing in a cocktail glass. As we pass through each section, I was given a notecard that tells the story of how the Ants came to be in Aeonia, and what their life is like. I also spotted a wedding chapel where SL and Vegas visitors can get married with an Elvis impersonator and get divorced...all in the same day too if you wanted. Just like every city there were homes, a school bus, and the poor who live in trailers. Ally said that Aeonia Arts to her means,

"collaboration, working with other artists, developing ideas together, and having fun" “collaboration, working with other artists, developing ideas together, and having fun.� Looking at this incredible build I can see all of those things she mentioned. It is truly a work of art. With Second Life, the things one can create and do is practically limitless. You can have so much fun and take things in the direction you want in order to bring your message or idea to life. The talent and time taken to create this build really shows at each turn and each detail. Ant Vegas is a neat place to explore and see for those who like to Sim explore and try new things around the grid. For more information regarding Ally Aeon and the Aeonia Artist group visit their website: Aeonia_Arts/Aeonia_Arts_News/Archive.html. If you are an artist interested in joining the Aeonia Artist group you can also visit their website to find out when the next artist meeting is to attend and meet the group. A

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It's raining Men this month with a full feature issue dedicated to the men of Second Life.  With upcoming Menswear Fashion Week and exclusiv...

AVENUE Magazine March 2011  

It's raining Men this month with a full feature issue dedicated to the men of Second Life.  With upcoming Menswear Fashion Week and exclusiv...

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