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House of Dashwood

Photo by Boe Cortes

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hristmas is a special time for giving and receiving. And in the spirit of sharing, we give you a luxurious line-up of fashion profferings from an insight into Fashion Icon Strawberry Singh, monthly winner of Couture Look 2011 Todd Anton, behind the scenes with the edgy richness of Mandala accessories by kikunosuke Eel as well as a triple takeout of style spreads with Nicky Ree, Gizza Creations and Addixion. This month we’re also proud to present Lulu Jameson, a well known stylist and fashionista in every right, as he shares the joys of jeans and denim in AVENUE Homme. I am especially proud of designer, Dashwood Muircastle, who graces our cover with her design. I had the pleasure of meeting her in real life at SLCC last year and since her attendance at the conference and the first Fashion Track AVENUE Models had organised, I have seen her grown as a designer and entrepreneur from strength to strength. It is success stories like hers that is invaluable and an encouragement to us all. Read all about it in the Cover Story and may it inspire you as you enjoy your holidays and start making those wishes and resolutions for the New Year. Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year!

AVENUE | Editor's note

Isadora Fiddlesticks Photo by Boe Cortes

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ello everyone! It has been a busy month for everyone at AVENUE Magazine as we scurry about to make the most out of this issue, making sure that all of our articles are nothing short of spectacular and informative. We always strive to create a balance between fashion and business, arts and non profits. We even pull in a sports article or two for those inclined into sports, or pets, or decorating. It is no exception this month, as we prepare for the holidays. This coming new year, we are looking forward to even better stories to tell, wonderful visuals to show, and wonderful treats for you! This has been an amazing year for all of us, and we wish that you had just as amazing a year in Second Life. May the virtual world give you better things to do, inspire you to create, and cultivate that inner artist. May the next year be full of joy, new journeys, and blessings for us all. Raising up her eggnog to salute you.

Homme Denim Days

36 Cover Story Dashwood Muircastle

AVENUE Magazine December 2010 cover Featuring House of Dashwood Raven Noir Ball Gown worn by AVENUE Model Valeria Pienaar Photographer Miaa Rebane




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Up close and personal With

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Blackliquid Tokyoska


ith a long history of fashion design in her First Life, it is no wonder that Dashwood Muircastle has been able to enjoy the kind of success that she has. Her eye for the most flattering styles for women, her skill for creating the most incredible textures, and her genuine talent for bringing out the

inner sexy in every woman are just a few of the things that set Muircastle high above the rest. Glowing beautifully after her recent wedding, AVENUE managed to snag a moment with the newlywed to gain just a glimpse into the life of one of the best things to hit fashion since black became the new‌ well, black.

Sensuous Soulstar: Thank you so much for taking the time out to sit down with AVENUE. This has been such a busy time for you, so we’re definitely appreciative of you finding a minute for us. Now, I’m going to do something I haven’t done in awhile and actually start from the beginning. I love to hear the “how I ended up in Second Life®” stories, so please share how you found out about it and ended up in Second Life? Dashwood Muircastle: I came to SL® in quite an odd way. Three people in my life who had heard about it but not created avatars themselves, mentioned it to me thinking that I would do well here. But, I got my first exposure to SL after seeing it on CSI NY, lol. After that, I created an account with the sole purpose of designing clothing! S.S.: Wow! Now, you came in with the sole purpose of designing clothing, which I’m guessing comes from your real life background as a designer. Tell the readers a little about your history with fashion, both in real life and Second Life, and what made you decide to get into the competitive world of fashion. D.M.: Well, I have been in SL since 2008, but I have been involved in fashion a lot longer than that. My RL background is in fashion design. I have worked in RL fashion companies doing design and technical design, and I studied in New York at the Parsons School of Design. I graduated with my degree in 2006, but I have been a fashion designer since I was a child.

The reason I decided to pursue fashion design as a career is that I couldn’t stop drawing fashion figures throughout my entire childhood. In Junior High, I drew a catalogue for my imaginary store. In high school, I was secretly redesigning the cheerleading squad’s outfits in my bedroom. Then I went to college, got my BA in Art, then went off to design school! My last year of school, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and interned with the Donna Karan Collection, and got to work side-by-side with my fashion idol. What made me get into this biz…hmm good question. Well, I felt it was in me; I felt it chose me, and that I wouldn’t be happy unless I pursued my passion. And, due to amazing family support and encouragement, I have been able to. S.S.: So it seems it was only natural for you to bring that passion into Second Life. How was the transition into fashion designing here? Did you find that your design background gave you an edge over the rest? D.M.: Once I got to SL, a whole new world opened up! I felt like I was back in Kindergarten, having to learn the simplest things. For someone like me who never “played” any sort of online game before, it was hard just learning to walk, let alone designing clothes. So, I spent about three months on Orientation Island, then fervently Googled “how to make clothes in Second Life.” Awhile later I learned what a “necklace generator script” was and how to apply it to making prim skirts. That was

the hardest part for me to learn. I come from an art background, so, the painting textures came easy to me! I attribute still being here today to my very smart decision to attend SLCC in August of 2009. Still a relative newbie and having a store but not selling much, I decided to attend SLCC and that changed my world! I came home with new tactics on how to improve my fashion label. There I met some very amazing people, including Rusch Raymaker and Jesika Contepomi, among other very notable people in SL. S.S.: Seems like you had a very interesting journey into the world of virtual fashion. Speaking of fashion, I always find that each designer has their own idea of what fashion is. So tell me, what is your definition of “fashion?” There is always talk about the latest “it” fashion, but what do you think really makes for truly iconic fashion? D.M.: Well my definition of fashion is any look that you’re wearing with intention. Just because I don’t wear a Neko tail doesn’t mean I don’t regard that as fashion. My preferences don’t define fashion for me! Fashion can mean dressing like a hobo, just as long as it’s on purpose! I think places like Japan have redefined any existing concept of fashion, and I think the world is better for it! As far as iconic fashion, fashion isn’t iconic until it is past! Iconic fashion to me is the Dior “new Look” from 1948 that decided the whole fifties silhouette, or Chanel losing the corset and creating a whole new

silhouette for the rest of history! As far as my work, I hardly feel like I am anything like that. I don’t live on the edge nor am I out to create the new iconic trend. I simply create clothing that I think people want to wear in SL. S.S.: An excellent answer. Now, before we get into your store and your designs, tell me about some of your inspirations for the outfits you choose to wear yourself. Would you say that your personal style can be categorized, or styled after someone or something? D.M.: My personal style is actually pretty calm and basic. Sometimes it’s just jeans with some awesome stilettos; sometimes a period costume; sometimes a sexy corset top and short skirt, and often a gown, not necessarily designed by me. Dash is a big shoe lover, a Carrie Bradshaw of SL. I have a few favorite designers in SL that make things I love to wear but that I don’t make myself. S.S.: Now let me ask that same question, but this time for your designs. Where do you pull inspiration for your designs? Do you model your pieces after real life, or do you stick to strictly whatever your imagination comes up with, or a mix of both? Is there a particular line or style that you model your designs after? D.M.: Mostly I design clothes I WANT TO WEAR. And I know I’ve made a great dress when after spending the time making it, I still want to wear it. I’ve made dresses that after making them I never wear them again. I consider that dress a failure.

You won’t see those in the store. My inspiration for my own personal style never takes precedence over my designs. I would much rather spend time thinking about what my customer will want to wear than what I am actually wearing myself. I have always been inspired by the past. I’m not talking episodes of MadMen here, but way back. I love historical fashion like The Art of Fraginard and Watteau. Rococo Fashion is my favorite period. I also love the Regency and Victorian Period, as well as the Renaissance! Often, however, I’m putting things in the store inspired by current fashion and current trends. I look at RL shows and RL designers to keep up with the current look. S.S.: Alright, let me ask a question that applies to both Second Life and real life: What was the first piece that you ever created that really made you think to yourself that you were truly a designer? And do you still have that piece? D.M.: Wow! That’s a good question! I think the first piece I designed and made myself didn’t exactly come out how I envisioned it, lol. I’m no seamstress. Yeah, I probably still have that somewhere. But, with practice I made things that could be worn and have been worn. But THE piece you speak of would have to be the first one of my designs to actually be sold in a store! That gave me the feeling of “WOW, I’m actually doing this!” S.S.: What should we expect next from House of Dashwood? Will there by anything pushing the boundaries of fashion, or even a new line or focus?

D.M.: I’m so glad you asked. Well House of Dashwood has officially moved! We announced the move to the brand new store location on November 16th. This Holiday season there is a lot to look forward to at House of Dashwood! To celebrate my recent wedding on November 13th, we will be have a Bridal Gown Sale, and a Bridal Gown Giveaway! To celebrate the new store, we will be having an in-store Hunt! There will also be “countdown to Christmas” weekly group gifts during the holiday season! S.S.: As always, I want to thank you for taking the time out for this interview, and leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? D.M.: Well, my best advice is stay true to who YOU are. I know that sounds corny but it’s true. Shakespeare had it right all along, or was it the character Cher in Clueless? (Referring to the quote: “To thine own self be true” (From Clueless “Uh… Hamlet didn’t say that, that Polonius guy did.”)) If you try to design clothes that don’t express YOU then there will be something lacking in the design, and the design will not be very good or well-received. My best loved pieces are the looks where I really tried to depict my own perspective. What a way to end an interview. I think that statement is so understated that it deserves repeating. So, dear readers, please remember: “to thine own self be true”. A


AVENUE | Fashion Spread

Snow Queens Styling by Mui Mukerji Photography by Julie Hastings

AVENUE Models July Raymaker Mimmi Boa Mui Mukerji

Nicky Ree

Nicky Ree Lulu Dress in Indigo

Nicky Ree Stacy Gown in White

Nicky Ree Gabrielle Dress in Blue

Nicky Ree Gina Gowns

Nicky Ree Lola Gown in Gold

Nicky Ree Christine Long Jacket in Chocolate and Christine Dress in Red


AVENUE | Fashion Icon


ormer BBC News journalist and blogs editor for The Guardian, Kevin Anderson, once emphatically announced in a blog


“The bottom line is that blogging is like sex. You can’t fake it. You can’t fake passion. You can’t fake wanting to engage with the public. If you do, it will ultimately be an unsatisfying experience for both the blogger and their readers. Sure, for a while, the self-confident writer might sit back after crafting a lovely piece of prose and have some post-creative puffery, patting themselves on the back for their performance. But soon, they’ll find their blog is a very lonely place.” Anderson, Kevin. “Blogging Is Like Sex.” [Weblog entry.] Strange Attractor. Corante. 8 June 2007. (http:// 15 Nov. 2010.

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Mischa Cuttita

Without passion, blogging means nothing. With the right amount, blogging can be better than sex. Well, almost. But, to quote famous writer Anne Morrow Lindbergh, “good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.” Strawberry Singh knows a little something about good communication. She has been blogging about fashion in Second Life® since 2007, and has since managed to become one of the top fashion bloggers out there. Join AVENUE as we take a moment to sit down with one of the most well-versed and most respected bloggers on the fashion scene: Strawberry Singh.

“Fashion for me really depends on the person’s personality and what they feel comfortable and confident in”.

Sensuous Soulstar (AVENUE Magazine): Congratulations on being selected as AVENUE’s Fashion Icon! Tell me, how long have you been involved with fashion, whether it’s designing, working for others, fashion photography or even modeling clothing? Strawberry Singh: Well I’ve never designed anything but I’ve always loved dressing up and attempting to take pictures of myself since about a month after I started SL®. I found SL in May of 2007 and was signed up on flickr posting pictures by August. Then my very first fashion blog post was in December of 2007.

AM: What is your definition of “fashion?” We always talk about the fashion community, or the latest “it” fashion, but what do you think really makes for truly iconic fashion? SS: Fashion for me really depends on the person’s personality and what they feel comfortable and confident in. When I’m putting a look together, I don’t really care or think about what the latest and greatest is or must have; I just go with how I feel, and, if putting certain items together feels right for me, then I go with it. Obviously my tastes might differ from someone else’s but that’s the beauty of fashion: bringing your own style and personality into it to make it your own. We can all wear the same skins and shapes but it’s how we style them using our own likes and dislikes that make us who we are. As for iconic fashion, I wouldn’t really know how to define that. I know I have certain fashion icons in RL and in SL that I look up to and appreciate. They are iconic to me because they look stunning but confident and comfortable all at the same time.

AM: Let’s talk first about your blog, So many people talk about it, but you’ve actually had great success at fashion blogging. How did you get your start blogging, and what made you decide to get into blogging? What do you credit to the success of the blog? SS: I don’t know if one can really have great success at blogging. Blogging to me is very personal and your blog can be very fulfilling to you even if you have 1 reader or 1000. I started blogging in December of 2007 because a very close friend (who has now left SL, I miss you! <3) forced me to do it. I really had no interest; I was too busy belly-dancing and flirting. But she had started her blog and wanted me to join her so I did and once I started, I got great feedback and I found it to be fun. Once she left, I moved over to my own blog on Wordpress and was blogging for almost 2 years there before getting my own domain. I’ve always really enjoyed it and found it to be very fulfilling and satisfying.

AM: In addition to your intriguing blog and your photography, you’re also the Manager for Zaara and the PR Manager for LE.LOOK. How did you get involved with these positions, and give me a brief overview of what it is that you do in these positions.

AM: Now let’s get a little into your photography. You have taken some amazing photos, and the list keeps growing. How did you get your start into photography? SS: I would say it is all Roosevelt Dagger’s fault, lol. I was only a month old in SL when he took an amazing picture of me. ( com/photos/rooseveltdagger/794694014/in/ set-72157600786161404) He then took a few more after that and I was just amazed at what he had done. I had never seen anything like it before. He is also the one who taught me that there was a snapshot button at the bottom of the screen that I can use to take a picture of my avatar, lol. Roosevelt Dagger is the biggest influence in my SL photography. I also got introduced into the SL flickr community through him.

SS: I just happened to have discovered Zaara’s store in my favorite Indian mall when she first opened in January of 2008. I picked up some of her items and blogged them, then contacted her to let her know I blogged about her, and we became instant friends. Since then we’ve been pretty much inseparable and so I guess she felt forced into hiring me as her manager, lol. I really don’t do much for her except stand around and look pretty in her clothes. (Smiles) Ok, so maybe I also do pretty much anything she needs me to do for her which can be anything from PR work, checking vendors, prims, perms or just standing around and be griefed. As for LE.LOOK! I’ve always appreciated the quality of clothes I could find there and was dying to get involved with them somehow. So, I contacted Sawyer Campese and now I currently do some PR work for them as well as run Fashion & Style (the weekly style posts on the blog).

AM: We want to thank you for taking the time out for this interview, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? SS: I just want to say to all the readers that never forget why you first joined SL. I joined to discover a virtual world, to forget about the stresses and problems of RL and to enjoy myself to the fullest. No matter what I do in SL I make sure I am doing it for the right reasons and it makes me truly happy. The friendships I have created, my photography, my blog, all of these things bring me joy and those are the things I keep my focus on. I think some people lose that focus and SL is not as charming or seductive to them as it was when they first joined. SL has done so much for me in the past 3 years, it really is a wonderful community to be a part of. Before I go, I just want to say thank you to you and the whole AVENUE team for choosing me. I don’t really see myself as an icon so I was quite surprised, but appreciate you guys thinking of me. Thank you. A

Such humble words from one of the blogosphere’s most elite. You can find Strawberry Singh’s blog at

AVENUE l Featured Designer

Kikunosuke Shows His Sensitive Side Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Ozz Larsson


Even if you aren’t familiar with the name Kikunosuke Eel, odds are you’re very familiar with his work. Strolled along the gorgeous Japan Tempura sim lately and enjoyed the soft music while watching the wind blow through the grass? Walked around the grid and noticed some of the most stunning and unique jewelry on both men and women that stopped you dead in your tracks? Then you’re very familiar with the work of Eel. While many may know his work, very few know the man behind the designs. This month, AVENUE was fortunate enough to be granted access into the world of this sensitive, oft-labeled perfectionist for a look at the sensitive side of Kikunosuke Eel. Eel was first introduced to Second Life® in the summer of 2007 when the virtual world was booming in Japan. Originally sent here to report his findings about Second Life to his real life job, Eel stuck around and has managed to become a staple on the grid since that time. Giving a little insight into his personality, the designer finds that people often get an incorrect first impression of him. “Newly acquainted people often tell me that I am a perfectionist and am able to do anything. But the real me is rather clumsy; even if I get warned by somebody that there is a pothole ahead, I’ll fall into it! You may call it tactless, but even if I try to be very careful, I may get grievously injured. You know, that’s the kind of a person I am,” Eel notes. He continues on to give a little more insight into the man behind the name: “I’m not a strong person. My old friends know how sensitive I am and that I have a unique personality, so they always try to help or support me whenever I’m in need, and I really do appreciate it. I never try

and hide my weak points. In Second Life, I believe that it’s better not to hide them. It makes things run smoother and stops you from getting worn out. It seems that whenever I’m in trouble or in need of help there’s always somebody there with helping hands. I feel so grateful to have friends who I can talk to about whatever I have in mind. Friends I can show my true colors to.” Despite his flaws and sensitive nature, Eel has still managed to put everything aside to become an incredibly talented designer. Unlike most designers, Eel is very particular about fashion as a whole. When asked to describe his definition of fashion, Eel noted that it’s difficult to give it an exact answer, but added: “I think ‘fashion’ represents the ‘era/epoch.’ I feel that those outfits worn by celebrities in an era such as musicians, artists, movies stars, will become iconic fashion and the trend of that era.” The same rings true for his own personal style: “I am rather moody and easily get bored. Therefore, when I choose what to wear, my taste changes depending on my mood or how I’m feeling. There’s one point that I always care about: if I look sexy enough with that outfit or not.” Yet, Eel adds that this is not always the case in real life. “When it comes to my RL, it’s a bit different. I always go shopping with my wife when I buy clothes. She has a fabulous sense of fashion; that’s one of the reasons I fell for her, especially her sense of color combination: it’s simply stunning. She gives me great advice which I could never have come up with myself. I always listen to what she has to say in regard to my hair style and color as well.” Before entering the fashion world, Eel created the

now infamous Japan Tempura Island, the story of which is just an intriguing as the place itself. Eel recounts: “It all started from a harsh experience of breaking up with my girlfriend. I was about to quit SL®. My friend encouraged me to build a sim to help me get out of despair. My SL best friend, Chikae, gathered some awesome creators for me. We brainstormed and discussed fantastic ideas or visions for creating a ‘place for healing.’ We only expected 10ish visitors a day after the opening of the sim. We were stunned to see far more visitors than we expected! The peaceful environment of TEMPURA has been protected by our reliable security guards. TEMPURA cannot exist without their services. They are my family and my best friends. TEMPURA has a special magical power to gather people you need when you are in need of them. It gathers people together and has this power to bring the right person at the right time. I dedicate TEMPURA ISLAND to my ancestors and my beloved TEMPURA family.” It was out of a need to maintain this haven that Eel began to create the stunning pieces of jewelry that we have now come to appreciate under the brand name “Mandala”. “I needed to improve my primwork skill in order to renovate the TEMPURA SIM. Creating accessories seemed rather easy as a start, so I thought ‘shall I start practicing with them?’ You know something like that.” And it was from this thought that Mandala was born. The name Mandala, according to Eel, is “from the picture which represents the world in Buddhism. I’m a devout Buddhist and I often give Buddhist related names to my creations.” A little over a year old, Mandala is home to some of

the most unique pieces on the grid, pieces that Eel classifies as “’nobody would wear them in RL, would they?!’ types of unique stuff. Not limited to a certain genre, Eel creates from his imagination with no boundaries. Although he has no interest in “trends,” the designer does admit that he finds it a little more fun creating female accessories. And what should curious minds expect next from Mandala? Like most designers, Eel admits that he has no idea what he’s going to create until he starts making, but as always, it will be something with a unique design. Heavily occupied by his real life work, it may be awhile before we see something new from the designer. The exciting news is that he is interested in branching out. “It’s going to be challenging but I’d love to try making clothes in the future when my skills improve.” What the future holds for Eel’s designs is uncertain. Yet, one thing is for certain: his loyal supporters and fans of his work will be waiting with baited breath just to get a glimpse of the perfectly imperfect designer’s newest gift to the fashion community.




AVENUE | Fashion Spread

Z Z A IZZA Photography by BlackLiquid Tokyoska AVENUE Models Dahlia Joubert Mikey Batriani Poptart Lilliehook

em of style

Z //LEFT GIZZA Black & White Wind //RIGHT GIZZA Musical Dream


//LEFT GIZZA Business Woman //RIGHT GIZZA Classic DarkBlue Male GIZZA Sweater Brown  GIZZA Black Western Collar 

GIZ //LEFT GIZZA Gang Spirit Sharp   //MIDDLE GIZZA Puma //RIGHT GIZZA Winter Charm


//MIDDLE GIZZA Alcapone Black

//RIGHT GIZZA Mid Season Blue


Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Lulu Jameson Introduction by Vixie Rayna



VENUE Magazine is proud to welcome Lulu Jameson to our team. He is reknowned for his exceptional photography and impeccable style. Lulu will be featuring his styles in each issue,

and he starts off with a bang. This month he showcases the versatility of denim. He transforms a basic wardrobe staple simple and sexy to stylish and chic. Travel with Lulu on this denim escape.

/Skin DNA - Damien /Ears AITUI - (Type 2) Stretched Ear - Human /Hair TRUTH - Drake - crow /Tattoo NSD - facetattoo In God We Trust /Necklace [W&B] - Memory Collector Necklace /Boxer (NS) - Sin Boxer Breifs Black /Open Shirt +grasp+ - Loosestyle denim shirts


/Skin Prodigal - Leo /Hair Base [White~Widow] - Reed /Cap *ARAI* & **Dura** Kichijoji (Cap Only) /Necklace $Dustarrz$ Antique Necklace 01 (Key) /Boxer *Shai* Basic Boxer Briefs Black undies /Shoes [Gos] - [Docs] boot




/Skin [LeLutka]-CALEB/b_Pale_Hair /Hair [LeLutka]-CALEB hair Blonde /Boxer VITAMEN - MicroDenimShorts_ SundayBlue /Earing *Muism* Jewelled Stud/silver. black [5mm] /Necklace Oh! Studio - My Bullet Necklace:: Black

/Skin DNA - Damien /Ears AITUI - (Type 2) Stretched Ear - Human /Hair TRUTH - Drake - crow /Tattoo NSD - face tattoo In God We Trust /Vest & Shirt Klam Design - Casual Jacket with White t-Shirt /Pants ::LikeA:: DENIM “WILD WIND 2” BLUE /Scarf The Dogs - Shorditch scarf black white /Belt [NC+] - Belt11-[Black-Vintage] /Broche Oh! Studio - My Pinned Cameo::Platinum /Watch *chronokit* - watch no.37 Lancelot Silver /Shoes PornStar - Hi-Tops MultiColor

/Skin Prodigal - Leo /Hair Base [White~Widow] - Reed /Shirt Arai - Denim Shirt /Pants WMD - Ronin Vendetta Jeans Low Rise (with Belt) /Shoes [Gos] - [Docs] boot /Cap *ARAI* & **Dura** Kichijoji (Cap Only) /Necklace $Dustarrz$ Antique Necklace 01 (Key)

/Skin [LeLutka]-CALEB/b_Pale_Hair /Hair [LeLutka]-CALEB hair - Blonde /Coat AOHARU_BT_ModsCoat_Brown /Shirt Shaco Checker Shirt /Pants “NINIKOBOY”Lowrise jeanes1 /Shoes *Muism* Ankle boots/stitched/dark brown /Earing *Muism* Jewelled Stud/ [5mm]

/Skin LAQ ~ Emmett /Hair AOHARU_HAIR_Lauren01b /Tattoo AITUI TATTOO - Aka Hyou /Top NINIKOBOY - TANKTOP2(white) /Pants AMERIE - Rollup Denim /Sunglasses Part of *COCO* TankTop-withSunglasses /Belt [-B-] Moshâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;n Roll /Bracelet [-B-] Shag Bands /Shoes Rawdolls - Pitchbull Hi-cake

/Skin DNA - Damien /Tattoo AITUI - Minimalist /Hair ZEUS Y-42 /Shirt (Milk Motion) my loose tshirt silver bird /Pants [NV] - PANTAKAS BLACK /Shoes TonkTastic - Long Combat Boots /Scarf {theosophy} Auldearn Scarf /Necklace [W&B] - Memory Collector Necklace /Bracelet M.R.M. - Surf Bracelet *Mixed Wood Metal* /Bag kalrau - BackPack


AVENUE l Couture Look



Written by Jesika Contepomi Photographed by Diconay Boa



The Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Contest has become “the” styling contest of the year. Different from other contests this challenge demands not only stellar modeling runway experience, stage presence and the ability to capture the perfect photo, but the capacity to combine these all together with an imaginative unique style. With impeccable designers such as Nicky Ree, Baiastice, Chantkare, LeLutka, Miamai, AZUL, Cheerno and Stylissimo one would think it easy, but it’s no small feat to style together three designers to an end result of fabulousness. November’s Finalist Todd Anton did just that. With an extremely unique and personal styling Todd took us to the boundaries of couture male looks. Each month the contest is more challenging to judge as contestants continue to step it up and raise the bar, taking the contest head on with a kill or be killed attitude. I’ve had the great pleasure of catching up with Todd recently for this interview and took a chance to get to know more about the man behind the look. Jesika Contepomi: Todd let me start by saying congratulations, your styling was fabulous and as a contest judge I can honestly say the competition was steep. Before I get to the how’s and why’s our readers are dying to hear, can you tell me a little about how you got your start in modeling? Todd Anton: I’d never given much thought to modeling until I moved to Costa Rica Sims earlier this year and I thought, “Hey! I should give this a try.” I snapped two pics of myself and I made the

cut! At that point I had met Mikey Batriani and he gave me a crash course in modeling 101 and I loved every minute of it. I really took to it and enjoyed the styling aspects of it all. A few weeks later I was crowned Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2010 and then went on to compete in the Mr. Virtual world pageant, both of which were great training ground for styling to quick change to figuring out the best poses to use. J.C.: So you’re fairly new to the industry, but really coming out of the gate running. What inspired you to take it a step further and compete in the Couture AVENUE Look Contest? T.A.: I love modeling all fashion styles but on my journey to become a model I found that couture is really my passion because it allows me to be very creative without limitations. There’s more of an androgynous feel to it, so I’m not afraid to embrace the feminine side as well as masculine. Couture is a specialized look, and I tend to love things that are very unique. Not everyone can pull off a couture look -- especially men, because a lot of men are resistant to allowing themselves to embrace that other side of them -- that dramatic flair that is so important to the look of couture. So when I’m walking the runway in couture I feel like a king! J.C.: I can feel your passion and see through your styling a sense of individualism but what do you find really makes you and your styling so unique? T.A.: I’m not afraid to take risks and I go with my gut. If I style something I try to take it that extra step so I set myself apart from the others.

It’s really hard to answer this question because it also has to do with who I am and my personality and my desire and wanting to always be the best that I can be. I love to have fun but I also take modeling very seriously. Clothing designers take a lot of time designing fashion and I want to make sure that I present it in the best way possible. Also, I’ll tell you this -- I tend to remain open to the infinite... open to what the Universe delivers. My imagination receives impulses from everything around me, and I try not to resist those impulses, which leads to some rather fascinating and interesting styling choices, I must say! And at the end of the day, I just go with it. J.C.: Ok, but what triggers these impulses and where exactly do you find your inspirations? T.A.: I find my inspiration in everything from TV to fashion magazines to everyday life. There’s not a moment that my eye isn’t feasting on fashion and styling and architecture and whatever else crosses my path. I absolutely adore finding inspiration in every day things, including nature. Nature has some of the most intricate, beautifully designed treasures that my eye has ever seen... I love to create and weave those things into a fashionable look to wear. J.C.: Todd thank you so much for your time, in closing let me ask what advice would you give someone interested in joining this contest, and where do you see yourself in a year? T.A.: Don’t give up, keep trying, and when you get told no just get back up and try again. If you

really have the passion, you need to have a tough skin and keep pushing yourself. Be unique and create a style all your own. Oh, and remember to have fun. That’s what this is all about! In a year from now I see myself as the top male AVENUE model with my face on every cover! I want to break the mold and really change the modeling industry for men in Second Life. I have quite a few things up my sleeve... so stay tuned! Are YOU the next face of Couture AVENUE? To learn how you can be a finalist for Couture Look 2011 and be featured in AVENUE Magazine, stop by the AVENUE office and pickup an application. Join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group for regular updates, important dates and finalist announcements. Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Application LM AVENUE%20at%20GOL/173/96/22 AVENUEWebsite


AVENUE | Fashion Spread

ADDIXION Styled and Photographed by Xion Hax

RIGHT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR MAITREYA Evi //BRACELETS [P/A] Suggestive black bracelets //SHOES SHOOZ! Strap brown heelZ //SHIRT NEO Catfight girls tank top //PANTS NEO Flower Power Hot Shorts //TATTOO ADDIXION Truth or Dare MIDDLE //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Angelique //SHOES SHOOZ! Sting black heelZ //SHIRT NEO Peyote See through shirt //PANTS NEO Patcher Jeans Grey LEFT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Cleo //DRESS NEO Scull & Bones red dress //TATTOO ADDIXION Bound for Glory

RIGHT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Angelique //HAIR TRUTH //SHIRT NEO Daisy Ripped Tank Top //PANTS NEO Patcher Jeans //TATTOO ADDIXION (Upper) Sleeves Black & Fire Below (Lower) Fire Below MIDDLE //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Brit //SHOES SHOOZ! Sting black heelZ //SHIRT & PANTS NEO Peyote Leather Set LEFT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Stephanie //BIKINI XD Outragious //TATTOO ADDIXION Illuminati

RIGHT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Angelique //HAIR TRUTH Sasha //TATTOO ADDIXION Venomous               MIDDLE //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Harper //SHIRT NEO Black lycra ripped top //SKIRT NEO Absinth skirt & Belt LEFT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Isle //SHOES SHOOZ! Wehrmacht bootZ //SHIRT & UNDERPANTS SK DESIGNS Cthulhu //TATTOO ADDIXION Wild Flower

RIGHT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Angelique //HAIR TRUTH Layla //OUTFIT NEO Peyote Leather Set               MIDDLE //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Isle //NECKLACE Rock n Roll Gang Bang //SHIRT FUK ‘n’ HAWT Wonkey Top Black //SKIRT PARADISIS The Paw Microskirt //TATTOO ADDIXION Truth or Dare LEFT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Francesca //OUTFIT NEO Catfight Set //SHOES SHOOZ! Sting black heelZ

RIGHT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Sonya //SHIRT NEO Free tank top //PANTS NEO Patcher Jeans //SHOES SHOOZ! Lotus sneekZ //TATTOO ADDIXION Half Body Tribal               MIDDLE //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Maddy //SHIRT NEO Black lycra ripped top //PANTS NEO Patcher Jeans //SHOES SHOOZ! Nigel bootZ //TATTOO ADDIXION Lion Tribal Sleeves LEFT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Francesca //OUTFIT NEO Peyote Leather Set //TATTOO ADDIXION Tribal Wolf

RIGHT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Liv //SHIRT & PANTS SK DESIGNS Cthulu //SHOES SHOOZ! Absinth Goth heelZ               MIDDLE //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Liv //SHIRT NEO Red SKull Tank top //SHOES SHOOZ! Vice bootZ //TATTOO ADDIXIONSwallows Full Body LEFT //SKIN & SHAPE ADDIXION Persephone //HAIR TRUTH Blake //SHIRT & PANTS SK DESIGNS Cthulu //SOCKS SHOOZ! Brown Stripes //SHOES SHOOZ! Nigel bootZ //TATTOO ADDIXION (Upper) Tribal Wolf (Lower) Lower Liseron


/Hair LeLutka Cleo /Dress So Many Styles Antique Maxi Dress /Nails, Rings & Bracelet Mandala Sinra

AVENUE |Trendspotting

White Dawn Styled & Modeled by Jesika Contepomi Photography by Paola Tauber

/Hair LeLutka Cleo /Dress Mimikri Tussi /Nails & Rings Mandala Takara /Feet SLink

/Hair Lamb Bang Bang Bob /Blouse COCO Balloon Sleeve Blouse /Pants Mimikri Roxy White Pants /Shoes Maitreya Gold Espirit Pearl /Nails, Rings & Bracelet Mandala Sinra

/Hair LeLutka Aradia 2.0 /Dress Indyra Originals Demeter /Shoes Nardcotix Mana Breezie Stilettos /Nails, Rings & Necklace Mandala Sinra A


AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

Art in itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finest form Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Tillie Ariantho and Annough Lykin



hen modeling on a runway, one of the most important things, which everyone notices besides the gorgeous fashion, are the poses. Good modeling poses have the ability to enhance your features and make you look glamorous and desirable. They say that there are several different sides to Art. I had the chance to view one of those sides at the Art in Motion Fashion Show held this past November. The Art of Motion show was one of the most creative shows, I have seen to date. This show revealed the creativity of the mind and body through the latest pose animations of Agapee, BeScene, Body Talking, Corpus, EverGlow, Manifeste, and Posies. The unique and creative designs of Azul, Chantkare, Cheerno, Gabriel, Gasqhe, Lelutka, Mea Cupla, Paper Couture, and PurpleMoon were used to help complete the show. These lovely ballerina dancers, wearing Lelutka Constricted bodysuits, are showing off their graceful and elegant moves with Corpus, Manifeste, and BeScene Flamenco Editorial and Seven Veils poses. As the music flows through their body, and their feet begin to move, they can be confident in each step with this inspiring pose collection.

RicoRacer is looking exceptionally dashing in this well fitted black tux and matching deep red vest and tie from Gabriel. What better way to showcase both his masculine and sexy side than with Agapeeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Man and Suit poses. Valeria creates a confident a bold presence on stage with this creative look from Gasqhe called Daul. She is embodying the very essence of strength and beauty with Corpus poses. Tatiana is a vision of loveliness and sophistication. This gorgeous cream colored gown by Azul is reminiscent of a fragrant blooming flower. With the help of BeScene poses, she looks as stunning as ever.

Normally when one thinks of a fashion event, they think of clothing or accessories. Poses are rarely thought of as a focal point in a show. I am happy that this time it was. This was a not to miss show. The scene looked as if it were set on a Broadway stage. The right pose can show off the best in an outfit and yourself as well. This fashion show was one of the best ways this has been demonstrated in Second Life速. The models were poised for pure elegance and style. Each and every one of these poses was perfectly matched to go along with the outfit and the theme of the show. From the dancers, to the models, each pose selected helped to bring out the natural beauty of the model and her outfit. Art of Motion was a great treat for the senses.


Casual Warmth

/Skin Glam Affair - Castalia in Natural 09 /Hat Lelutka - Fur in Dark /Sweater Lelutka - Ibero Cardigan in Grey /Collar Cubic Effect - Bulky Knit in Grey /Shirt Kookie - Vint Vest in Teal /Skirt LeeZu - Nell in Grey /Shoes Maitreya Gold - Moxie in Brown (Tawny and Cerulean Socks) /Bangles Zaara – ‘Ramya’ Wood in Gold /Ring Donna Flora - Matilda /Pose DARE - TDR 80s Posh

Layered in

AVENUE |Fun with Fashion


Written, Styled & Modeled by Vixie Rayna Photography by Kallisto Destiny


s we move into Winter, even the scenery changes in Second LifeÂŽ. Sims come alive with festive lights, sleighs, and of course snow. Dressing for warmth is expected, and this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s column highlights the wonderful possibilities with layering. LeeZu is a great place to begin, and the Pariizian outfit is a wonderful base. Alone the outfit would be a bit out of place in a winter wonderland but add a few layers and you have a high fashion look perfect for any runway. Every girl enjoys her diva moments, and the new Rea poncho from Lelutka makes the perfect dramatic statement. This bold creation calls for simple layers to keep you fashionable and warm. Layered socks is a hot new trend that can elevate any ensemble. The Moxie shoes from Maitreya have endless style options and were a great start to a casual sweater look. Layer a sweater over a mix of patterns and textures for a more bohemian look. Whether you are couture, glam or casual there is the right winter fashion for you. Find your inspiration and build your own layered look. Until next month, remember that fashion is fun!

Casual Warmth

/Skin Glam Affair - Castalia in Natural 05 /Hair Analog Dog - Delora in Espresso /Poncho Lelutka - Rea in Maroon /Shirt So Many Styles - Pattern in Orange /Pants LG Femme - Mangrovia in Rust /Gloves BAX - Wool in Brown /Socks Tee*Fy - Arva in Wine /Shoes Lelutka - Saffron in Two-Toned Terracotta Brown /Pose BeScene - Couture 10

Couture Season

/Skin Lelutka - Lola in Sunkissed Makeup 1 with Fuschia Lipstick /Hair Maitreya - Natalie in Walnut /Jacket LeeZu - Maria in Blue /Outfit LeeZu - Pariizian in Earth /Shirt LeeZu - Valeria in Bark /Socks Maitreya - Prim in White /Shoes LeeZu - Dncorde Danse in Graybrown /Earrings Mandala - Iroha in Bluegold /Pose BeScene - Couture 09


AVENUE | My Precious Queen Contest

Road to Royalty

written by Imani Enzo photography by Natasja Schumann

“ the final group of elegant beauties who have earned the chance to vie for the coveted title of My Precious Queen 2011”


010 is almost over and it’s time to meet the final group of elegant beauties who have earned the chance to vie for the coveted title of My Precious Queen 2011 later this month. It should be known that getting this far was no easy feat for any of the ladies. That’s because the response to this wildly popular contest has been tremendous and the competition has been fierce. Each month, Mrs. Finney and her esteemed panel of judges have been faced with the very difficult task of selecting three lucky ladies from dozens of fantastic entries to move on to the next phase of the contest and compete for impressive prizes that are valued at over 250,000L and become the new Face of Agnes Finney’s amazing brand. AVENUE Magazine is extremely proud to be one of the sponsors of this fabulous contest and excited to announce the November Princesses: Livia Mastroianni, Caoimhe Lionheart, and Natasja Schumann.


Livia Mastroianni Royal Princess – November 2010 Favorite My Precious Design: “This is a difficult choice, but what I love most are the big, smooth, flowing and romantic gowns that Agnes is famous for. I also enjoy her casual looks, because they are very classy and elegant. If I have to pick one design, I choose Maria, because it’s regal, yet fresh with the shoulder piece made of roses, and as usual versatile and available in different wearing options. My favorite is the one with the adorable lace skirt piece that creates a perfect combination of red and black.”

Livia is a talented professional model who enjoys both runway and print modeling. She spends a great amount of her time in SL® working in the role of Chief of Production for AVENUE Models. Livia describes herself as a loyal and observant woman whose priority in SL is honoring her commitments. As it relates to style, she tends to define hers as casual chic. However, Livia states that she enjoys demonstrating her creativity and versatility by incorporating influences from the rock world and other styles into her looks.

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “What I can bring to My Precious as MP Queen is utter professionalism and dedication, a natural sense of elegance and proportion, versatility, the knowledge of marketing needs and strategies behind a fashion brand, and years of experience in SL modeling. Also, I am humble and aware of my limits, this quality allows me to constantly work to overcome them, renovate myself and try to turn flaws into positive features.” Style tip: “I believe in the saying Less is More. A good exercise to improve your sense of style and expose your weaknesses (so you may work on them) is to wear very simple pants and shirt layers, hairbase, and only one accessory of your choice. When you do this, and you look proportioned, elegant, fashionable, with distinctive features that make you stand out in a crowd, then you know you’re a model.”


Caoimhe Lionheart Royal Princess – November 2010

Caoimhe Lionheart is a happy easy-going lady who enjoys talking to and learning from the wonderful people she meets in SL. She has a fondness for modeling, photography, fashion, and styling and states that they are what keep her coming back to SL. When asked about her style, Caoimhe told us that she adores dressy and classic casual styles but loves finding and wearing accessories that push her ensembles to the limit. Favorite My Precious Design: “It’s hard to choose just one because all of the designs are so flattering and inherently romantic. But if I must bring it to one, I would have to choose the dress I won with in the November contest. Agnes Dazzle is so beautiful in its femininity, almost regal in its grace. The dress has the clean elegant lines of the black cloth and the gracefully playful teasing of the sexy lace.”

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I think if I were selected My Precious Queen, I would bring absolute dedication to the table, not just to the line, but to the many “princesses” out there who aspire to be My Precious Queen. This isn’t just a crown; it’s a lifestyle for those who believe in ultra femininity and romance. I believe there is power in embracing our inner Princess, cherishing her and presenting her to the world with the inner beauty she was born with and the outer-beauty Agnes Finney’s incredible designs empower her to become.” Style tip: “I have a tip that is probably too basic for any model that’s attended modeling school, but perhaps will help those who are awaiting their modeling classes to start or are just dreaming to become a model. When you wear the alpha textures, i.e. tattoos or makeup, you can wear more than one at a time. I never realized this and in frustration turned to the Internet and researched the dilemma. I always wear a Kanji tattoo on my neck, but I couldn’t wear the clever face tattoos. Then, I found that if you choose “add” instead of “wear” it layers it with the other alpha layer. As I said, probably a no-brainer for most, but I wish to share because without ready information, those of us still learning can’t be as beautiful as we aspire to be.”


Natasja Schumann Royal Princess – November 2010

Favorite My Precious Design: “It’s very difficult for me to choose a favorite design. I have a huge appreciation for all of My Precious’ designs; they are high quality, they have a great flow and individual character, and I always try to check out their new releases as soon as they come out.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “If selected, I will be 100% dedicated to doing my best, and I will bring a lot of experience and style to the role of My Precious Queen, and I sincerely believe I will be able to bring out the best in the title.”

Natasja is a successful fashion model and photographer who is represented by several modeling agencies and was a finalist in the 2010 Miss Virtual World Competition. When this fun-loving lady isn’t modeling, blogging, or completing photography assignments for AVENUE magazine, Natasja enjoys shopping and hanging out with friends, meeting new people and spending quality time with her loving and supportive partner, Haakon. As far as her style is concerned, Natasja says that while she does have a wild side, her style tends to closely mirror her down-to-earth personality in that she prefers casual clothing, traditional gowns and dresses.

Style tip: “The most important advice I can give to any aspiring model is to be yourself. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s one of the absolutely most vital things for a model. Don’t try to be someone else, be yourself. Always try to make your style your own, and let it reflect who you are. I can promise you that if you wear a style you’re comfortable with wearing, and it reflects who you really are, it will show through to those around you.” Stay tuned for AVENUE Magazine’s cover story on the 2011 winner as well as our coverage of the search for the 2012 My Precious Queen. Who knows, that special lady could just be you. In the meantime, stop by Agnes Finney’s store and check out the gorgeous My Precious designs. A

AVENUE l Model of the Month

Written by: Augusta Carver Photography by: Diconay Boa




Modeling can seem to be a very glamorous life but it is also hard work. Long days rehearsing choreography, styling poses, and battling against lag are all a part of the SL® modeling world that Rhonda Pennell knows well. Modeling in SL almost since the start, Rhonda Pennell has been making a name for herself across the grid. But how did she become the glamorous model is she today? I had the opportunity to sit down with her and find out. Augusta Carver: So… Yay! Congrats on being Model of the Month with AVENUE. Rhonda Pennell:Thank you! It was a real surprise I can say! AC: How long have you been modeling in SL for? RP: Well I started modeling in the late winter,early spring of 2007.I really had no experience yet, though my fashion sense was beginning to emerge...and the first two agencies to hire me were Dream Models and Calamity’s Haute Models. Things quickly fell through with Dream Models, but Calam ity was great as well as the other models. They helped nurture me and put my foot in the door...or on the runway, so to speak. AC: Wow, almost 3 years is a good amount of time. RP: It is...sometimes I am amazed. AC: Well time flies by when you are having fun. RP: Yes that is true...and so many things have happened, both good and bad, but I have carried

experiences with me from everything that helped me to become better and more professional. AC: After working with Dream and Calamity, how did you come about working with AVENUE? RP: That was my sister Veronica Krasner’s fault *laughs*...she expressed interest in joining the AVENUE academy, and hoped that I would go with her. Up to that point I had no formal training as a model yet, only “hands-on experience” and I felt that it would be an ideal opportunity to add formal training to my resume. AC: Doing that together must have been a lot of fun. RP: It was! We were a group of five or six models under the supervision of Kryptonia. She is an excellent teacher and really challenged us. AC: There are many people attempting to get into modeling. What do you think are some good qualities to have as a model in SL? RP: Well, besides the rather obvious things like technical skills on the runway and a sense for styling, I think that personality and confidence in oneself are very important. Your personality defines you and carries much of your reputation as an SL model, whether or not you are easy to get along with, can communicate well, and such...and confidence is important, sometimes things can be hard and frustrating, and particularly if you participate in a casting or a contest and do not make it despite your very best effort, it is helpful to be a good loser, there is always another opportunity around the corner.

AC: Yes, learning how to win gracefully is just as important as losing gracefully.

RP: Yes...I have an urge to shop every day *laughs*. AC: LOL, join the club!

RP: Absolutely, being a long-time model has helped me to learn that lesson. I am actually somewhat shy and rather modest to this day...I am obviously proud of my achievements so far, but have never seen myself as a ‘supermodel’ or thought of myself as better than others in any way. AC: I have met a quite a few models who are shy. I think that is such an interesting thing to hear because when modeling you put yourself out there, and showcase your skills and beauty for people everywhere to see. RP: Yes that is true, but I think that in a virtual world like SL, it is by default easier than in real life, and the fascination with being able to put your skills to work for agencies and designers is very has helped me to gain quite a bit of self-confidence compared to when I first started. AC: Awesome. So, how do you stay inspired? What drives you? RP: That is a very good question, I can say that my SL sisters and closest friends inspire me to go on because we share so much, in some cases being in the same agencies or shows, or contests. Absolutely another reason is the ever-increasing quality of designs in SL, and the sheer creativity that one can see on a daily basis which just never ceases to amaze me. AC: True, the fashion in here...OMG, it is insane what designers can do.

RP: I think I am on the executive board for that club, LOL. AC: Speaking of shopping, what are some of your favorite stores/designers and why? RP: Oh dear let me think… for clothes, there are far too many styles and designers for me to ever name them all, but some of my favorites are Coco, Aoharu, Leezu, Lelutka, Azul, Miamai, and smaller stores such as Fishy Strawberry, Naïve, Alienbear, je suis, Virtual Impressions, Glamorize, and I am currently in love with the lipstick tattoos from L.Fauna as well. AC: How would you define your style? RP: My style is contemporary and casual at heart; I actually tend toward cute and feminine wear with bright colors, such as cocktail dresses or tops with miniskirts. Sometimes I enjoy going very chic or avant-garde as well, and of course who does not love looking like a princess in a stunning gown now and then. AC: Great! Besides modeling and shopping of course, what do you like to do in SL? RP: I love simply spending time with my friends and laughing :) I also work as an instructor for Glance modeling academy, which is a great way to pass on my knowledge to A

new models and help them become the best the graduate successfully and thank you for being their teacher. Besides that, I try my hand at photography from time to time, though I have not done it as much recently as I would like to but I hope to change this soon

a very long way toward gaining a good reputation. AC: Great Rhonda, I seeing more of you

look forward to on the runway.

RP: Thank you :) I plan to be around for a long time yet, so I am certain that you will.

AC: Sounds like you have a lot of fun. RP: I think that I am very fortunate to live the SL life that I do yes. AC: What do you find to be the most challenging and rewarding thing is, in regards to modeling? RP: I would say that the biggest challenge in general teams is to educate yourself about fashion and the different styles, both historic and contemporary...that is enormously helpful I think. AC: What advice would you give aspiring models out there? RP: My advice to those who want to model is to decide carefully if it is really for them, because modeling is almost more of a lifestyle than a mere job...and you will generally not earn much with it, quite on the contrary, but I do encourage them to try, and then build a network of contacts and friends that they can turn to for advice and support along the way. The best thing any model can do is to be strong and believe in him or her self... and not to give up too quickly... and of course, professional behavior and etiquette will go

Rhonda proves that with learning, and a humble personality, you can succeed and go far. One who embraces her appearance and style, she knows that it takes a lot of patience and dedication to get the job done. In the modeling world things can become fast paced and competitive very quickly, but Rhonda makes it appear easy. With a love for helping others as well, she knows that giving back plays an important part of being successful. A



Written & Photographed by Vixie Rayna


AVENUE |Golden Shopping

he Holiday Season is upon us and in this time of giving we all could use some tips on the best places to discover. GOLden Shopping has many stores that offer gift cards or gift vendors to help with your holiday giving. Everything from jewelry, shoes, clothing, hair, and furniture are available for possible gifts under your virtual tree. This monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s column showcases a few ideas for the person on your list. Your boyfriend would love the trendy male hair from no.07 and your glamazon girlfriend would flip for the earrings from Insanya or the couture from Tres Beau. There really is something for everyone. Other shops to help with your gifting giving include Nardcotix, LostAngel Industries, Boom, Alphamale & Blacklace, So Many Styles, Oh Studio, and Je Suis. GOLden Shopping is part of The GOL community of sims built by renowned architect Dakota Neumann. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the perfect place to discover your own personal style and shop for your loved ones. Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!

no.07 - Street Glam Hair

Insanya - Leather & Silver Earrings

Tres Beau - Milea Outfit


AVENUE | Architecture & More:

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Tillie Ariantho


ne of the very first things I think of when purchasing new land, is what kind of house I want on that land. In Second Life速, the possibilities are endless. Luckily, La Galleria helps to make that search a bit easier. With homes that are not too prim heavy or over the top in price. La Galleria has gorgeously textured homes in a range of styles that will make you say WOW. Here is what she had to say about her work in SL速 thus far.

“Make beautiful things and provide customer support within minutes or hours, not days”.

AC: How do you find inspiration for the items that you build? PG: Everywhere I go, I get ideas from lovely things I notice. And then sometimes, pictures just pop into my head.

Augusta Carver: So Pamela, how long have you been building in SL? Pamela Galli: Almost three years -- within weeks of joining SL. AC: Why did you choose to be an SL Builder? PG: First I decorated my little home, then I decided to see if I could make some things on my own, and put them on SL Exchange. When I had replaced everything in my home with my own creations, I set it all for sale and that became my store. AC: For those who don’t know, what items do you sell at La Galleria? PG: I sell classic homes, cottages, beach houses, and villas. My signature creations are my Dinner Party Dining Rooms and Dinner Party Kitchens -- the first of their kind. A third sim has outdoor, living, office, and bedroom furnishings, garden things, and curtains.

AC: How would you describe the style of your store? PG: La Galleria is for people who love decorating. My style is sophisticated, quite eclectic -- I have a little of everything except Victorian -- but whatever the style, it is simple, classic design. I have studied furniture design in RL and that is what I love. AC: What do you think is most important thing when it comes to building? PG: Being willing to spend as much time as it takes to make something special -- which often feels like an insane amount of time. I feel more than a little OCD when I am redoing a texture for the 20th time -- but I have never been sorry I did.

AC: What do you find most challenge about building? PG: I have to deal with the limitations of SL, as far as the size of prims and what you can do with them -- especially mega prims -- and that includes making decisions about how I can build something in such a way it is beautiful but low prim. AC: What is your favorite thing about building? PG: I love making the textures and making sculpts, and bringing them in-world to see how they look. AC: Besides building, what do you like in SL? PG: I just enjoy being a business person, interacting with customers and other merchants. AC: What sets La Galleria apart from other SL stores? PG: I would say that my things appeal to people drawn to classic simplicity and charm, rather than the trendy or cutesy.

AC: Any words of advice for people who are interested in building or having their own store? PG: Make beautiful things and provide customer support within minutes or hours, not days -- word of mouth is very powerful in SL. AC: Can you tell me what we can look forward to seeing from La Galleria in the future? PG: Right now I am working on my first real family home. Most of my houses fit easily on a 4096, though I do have a couple of larger homes. But this one will be especially for my customers that live in a family.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Spend as much time as it takes to make something specialâ&#x20AC;?.

Pamela Galliâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s love of design and eye for detail can be seen in every aspect of her furniture and homes. Ranging from Tropical homes to cozy cottages to dining furniture and more; La Galleria has something that can fit just about anyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s preference. Be sure to visit La Galleria to see some the most realistic and stunning architecture in Second Life. A


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n o

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Blaz Halfpint


et’s get ready to rumble! Wrestling fans all over the globe know those infamous words almost as well as they know the name of their favorite professional wrestler. The trademarked phrase is an icon in the wrestling world, a phrase that when heard excites even the tamest wrestling fan. Well Second Life® has its own icon, a name that when heard excites even the tamest “virtual” wrestling fan: Virtual Wrestling Entertainment. Founded in the Fall of 2009, Virtual Wrestling Entertainment, or VWE as it’s more commonly known, was the brainchild of a roundtable meeting between promoters Loody Graves, Samtheman Jarvinen, JB Beewing, Akasha Faulkes and Seth Cameron. While each promoter was having a bit of success on their own, it only seemed right that they all team together and open a promotion, the likes of which had never been seen in Second Life before. It was from that meeting that the legendary VWE was born. Fashioned after a mix of promotions from first life, including World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Ring Of Honor Wrestling (ROH) and Total Nonstop Action Wresting (TNA), VWE is a televised wrestling promotion, a leader in the industry. Yet, VWE makes it clear that they don’t copy any storylines. They have their own brand of wrestlers, videos, web promotions, and storylines and more importantly, they have their own league of dedicated fans.

Today VWE boasts over 60 wrestlers, weekly shows, monthly events, and special promotions that attract the masses. In the words of Graves, “we put on a show, and we tell stories for the fans.”And it’s those fans that have made VWE what it is today. Attend any event and you will hear the crowd cheering and booing, holding up signs cheering on their favorite stars, even heckling the bad guy during certain events. Week after week fans pack the arena, prepared to watch their favorite wrestlers prove once again why this sport has so much appeal. This “athletic theater” as Graves puts it, shows week after week, and event after event that they are the epitome of virtual wrestling entertainment (pun intended!). The VWE event calendar is never empty, and all televised events are available on Rezzed. tv. There are weekly events that showcase the talents of all the wrestlers, as well as larger monthly promotions, and special Free Per View events where only the best of the best compete for the ultimate prize. The year the big event is Wrestleseries II, with last year’s event breaking a traffic record of 1.35K, a feat never accomplished by any other wrestling promotion in Second Life. This year, the fourhour event will be held December 10, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. SLT. So what can we expect next from VWE? According to Graves, the new year brings a new competition: the search for the next

VWE Superstar! Over a three month period, 16 rookies will compete against each other for a large case prize and an exclusive contract with the VWE. They are looking for new talent, and new, fresh faces to the world of virtual wrestling. There will, of course, still be the big events that Residents have come to know and love, and you will still be able to get your weekly wrestling fix. We will leave you with the words of Graves himself “you don’t know how good we are until you’ve seen us!” For more information on Virtual Wrestling Entertainment, including the lineup, schedules, and pending events, please visit their website: A

AVENUE | For The Love Of

Great Strides Equestrian Healing Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Ozz Larsson

exposure in world transfer into Real Life Clients for Great Strides? Veri Oddfellow.: Great Strides has an office in the Nonprofit Commons on Aloft Island and we are regular contributors to the events and online life of the Commons. For example, we maintain several horse-drawn carriage and bareback tours around the islands. We also hosted (about two years ago) a group of SL® avatars’ real-life people at the farm in Damascus, MD and while none of them are currently clients, they helped to get the word out about our services. S.C.: How does Great Strides achieve its therapeutic potential with horseback riding and what are the benefits to the individual client?


here are many forms of psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy and many ways to administer such therapies. Great Strides has come up with a fast growing way to bring out the potential in their clients through teaching them horseback riding at their facility in the Maryland countryside. I have had the distinct pleasure to have spoken with Veri Oddfellow (Brad Lewis in Real Life) about Great Strides and how it uses Second Life® to promote Great Strides and the equestrian approach to psychotherapy and the potential for healing for their clients. Spruce Canning.: How do you use SL to promote Great Strides and how does the

V.O.: We don’t always have people ride. Sometimes they stand at the fence line and observe the horses and sometimes it’s months before they get up, or never, in the saddle. Why horses? In the natural world, horses evolved as food on the food chain. Over the course of millions of years, they have developed a huge radar and flight response, which has enabled them to survive. They are extremely perceptive at picking up on feelings, particularly threats. As food, the horse needs to distinguish whether the lion walking through their field is on the hunt, or just looking for a warm spot to take a sunbath. If the lion is hungry, horses will run, if not, they will continue munching grass. They are very keen at understanding emotional intent this way. Skilled horse people are well aware that that their horses know

when one is anxious, sad, confident, etc. In relationship with a client, our therapy horses use their radar in a way that often enables them to read the emotions of a client, even before the clients are fully aware of it themselves! They can help us to slow down and recognize the information our body is sending, so we can use it to make powerful shifts toward our goals. This work is experiential, which means clients get to try out and practice new skills. Our highly sensitive and communicative horses continuously provide feedback as this exploration is occurring, kind of like a biofeedback machine, but cuter! When a client learns a skill, for example in assertiveness, our horses respond immediately to the shift, thus reinforcing the skill. Our horses are the very essence of our work. We could not do this powerful healing work without our horses. Specially selected for their ability to respond to subtle cues and changes in others, they have developed their talents for facilitating the horse-human connection and sharing their wisdom. This unique skill has enabled our clients to experience meaningful connection with our horses, which can become a vital building block for developing healthy and effective relationships with people as well as support personal goals. Our horses come to us from various backgrounds, a diverse tapestry of experiences and temperaments. They come to learn, and they come to teach. They have joined us, and led us on a journey that feels spiritual, personal and effective, all at once. They have taught

us how to speak the language of equus, and with that, opened our eyes to a whole new paradigm. They have brought us forth, in service of our healing work. Our clients find themselves here.  Once they step past the red gate, they feel the energy of the horses. Safe within this warm milieu they shift, able to look at the places within, that feel unsafe. Our horses reflect what they are unable to see, and enable them to practice new skills without fear of judgment. Each offers a different perspective and connection to whatever our clients bring. They understand that we, and our clients are all on a journey, for they are as well. We watch as they observe and learn from each other, try new things and work through their own roadblocks to self-actualization. We strive to assist them in every way that we can, giving them many more choices that they may not have had at previous farms.   S.C.: Where do you see Great Strides’ involvement with SL and will you continue to have an In-World presence in the near future? V.O.: We continue to have a presence, because it’s low-cost outreach and because it’s educational for the larger public to know about this form of treatment. We will not be increasing our presence as the traffic is decent, but not often local, and our marketing time and investment is better spent, frankly, in our local area. S.C.: How does an individual respond to therapy on horseback and what is the success rate with most clients that you see in your practice?

V.O.: For more than ten years, our trained staff and horses have helped countless individuals and groups achieve more out of their lives. More balance. More confidence. More living. Through specially designed interactive experiences that promote emotional healing, we build confidence, improve social skills, and help clients make positive changes in their lives. Our farm environment provides a unique setting enabling clients to address treatment issues on many different experiential levels that they might not ordinarily access in a therapists office. Following a comprehensive assessment session with our clients, we develop an individualized plan for growth. We evaluate progress toward goals on an ongoing basis. These goals may be emotional, behavioral, social, mental, or spiritual in nature. Facilitating activities may be done while mounted on the horse, unmounted, or may not include the horse at all, depending on the client needs. We offer individual and small-group therapeutic settings. S.C.: Would Great Strides be open to providing the services that you provide to your Real Life clients in world, for those who in Real Life cannot physically ride a horse due to physical disability? V.O.: We offer equine facilitated mental health (EFMH) and learning (EFL) services. There are many, many programs in real-life that offer therapeutic riding for people with physical disabilities. For more info, see: www.narha. org. As for offering services in-world, we are not pursuing that, at this time. We are not convinced of the efficacy, safety and privacy needed for effective practice when services

are delivered online in virtual worlds or by email, especially in this day and age of HIPPA and privacy concerns and compliance. S.C.: In conclusion, Do you think that Equine based therapy will catch on nationwide in areas where there is a rural area next to a major metropolitan area such as the WashingtonBaltimore corridor? V.O.: Equine assisted activities (EAA) or equine assisted therapies (EAT) are offered worldwide. The governing body in the US is NARHA (see: There is an international body, as well and the work is much older in Europe. In the US itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about 30 years old. There are about 8 or 10 centers in the State of Maryland. The practice is well established, and growing. With the apparent success of equine assisted therapy as suggested by Veri Oddfellow and the use of SL to inform the public about the therapy along with the benefits of such therapy there will be growth in popularity of Equine assisted therapies and it will prove that people can learn and grow and achieve the goals that the client and therapist have set in a more serene environment. Great Strides has found an effective way to bring healing to their clients and these results have been seen with clients in similar programs all over the world. With the use of SL to spread the knowledge of this effective therapy, Great Strides will grow and prosper in the years ahead. The website for Great Strides is http://www. A

AVENUE |Business Feature

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Natasja Schumann

The Phoenix Viewer, Risen from the Ashes


he Phoenix Viewer which has risen from the ashes of the former Emerald Viewer, is one of the gridâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading viewers with over 75,000 unique daily logins according to Jessica Lyon who is the project manager for the Phoenix Project.

The controversy surrounding the Emerald Viewer and the responding fallout prompted Lyon to undertake the Phoenix project as she stated to this writer “The goals of Phoenix viewer are pretty straight forward, to provide the users with what they want (within reason) in a viewer, do it with integrity and transparency and work towards rebuilding the trust between users and Third Party Viewers again.” This is further emphasized in the Phoenix structure and code of conduct, which outlines the organization of the Phoenix Project and the expectations of each team member in the project. One can learn more about these at php?id=structure. The Phoenix Viewer lives up to its goals of providing the Second Life® Residents with a viewer with the features that makes life in-world easier for the individual while doing so with the integrity, and transparency. This is clearly evident in the viewer and in the support group for Phoenix users where one can ask any question however minor and receive timely and competent support about usability and technicality as well. At present, there are twelve third party viewers on the Third Party Directory, which can be accessed from the download page on the Second Life Website. When asked on how Phoenix stands out from the other eleven on the directory, Lyon had this to say, “Well, I don’t think the Emerald roots helped as much as they hurt. We are always struggling to break the stigma that we are a copy of emerald, we are not, we are very much

different than that viewer team. As for what makes us stand out? A lot of effort reaching out to the community and listening to them. We have a fantastic dedicated support team in multiple languages, and a great QA Team.” The current release of the Phoenix Viewer is the viewer, according to this writer is stable with the bugs being worked out as they are discovered. When asked about the bug issue, Lyon replied, “We’re still working on bugs! lol, 373 however is our most stable release according to LL crash statistics they provide us. As for what’s coming, well we have a huge list of new features coming in this next release, with dozens more bug fixes in it.” Lyon added. The next release of Phoenix will be an interim viewer leading up to the Firestorm Viewer

which will be based on the Linden Lab Viewer 2 code. Some of the features of the next release of Phoenix are according to Lyon are standard in the earlier V2 releases. “Well, I’ll name a few of the features that are coming. V2 style multi-attachment system and inventory links, shared windlight notecards, the ability for estate managers to request to set their visitors windlight settings, clickable links in group notices, client side media player (think of it as a built in MP3 player), a bunch of new build features including Qarl’s Prim Alignment tool, support for newer video cards, and a few more. One major one but I’ll leave it as a surprise for release day.” Lyon said. The reason for the switch from the 1.23/ Snowglobe based code on which the current Phoenix Viewer is now based to the Viewer 2 code was explained by the developers on the Phoenix Viewer Blog on the Phoenix Viewer Website. The reason for the switch to the Viewer 2 code as explained by the developers, was that Linden Lab© was moving away from the Viewer 1.23 and Snowglobe based code and that the original viewer and any viewer based on the 1.23 and snowglobe such as Phoenix will not work on the grid after a certain date in the coming year. “We could probably have an early alpha ready within the next month or two, however we don’t want to release anything until we’ve finished our work on the User Interface. So realistically I can only give you a guesstimate... possibly 3-6 months at the latest for our initial release.” Lyon said.

As this article goes to press, the new release of Phoenix will the made available to the public at large on December 3rd 2010 and the listed features will have display name support as well as Windlight settings. Phoenix has started with Video Tutorials which can be found at its YouTube channel at user/PhoenixViewerSL The Wiki for the Phoenix Viewer is here doku.php?id=parcelwl The current viewer can be downloaded from the website as well which can be found at

The Firestorm Viewer will be based on the latest Viewer 2 code base. When asked on what features from Phoenix would be included in the Firestorm release, Lyon said, “We are starting off with LL v2.3 as a code base, and will continue to update it with whatever comes down the line form LL. The changes we’ll be focusing on first are obviously UI changes. Then we will start porting Phoenix features into it. I recently did a poll from our users on our website asking them what 10 features they want to see in firestorm from phoenix, and what 10 things do they hate most about V2. I have been busy going through the hundreds of submissions from people and we will use the tally for the most wanted features as our first ones to get ported.” With the success of the Phoenix viewer and the use of multiple viewers, it is evident that residents use a different viewer for each unique function in SL such as building and content creation. With the advent of Firestorm and the success of the Phoenix viewer and its future, Lyon had this to say, “Well, the Phoenix Viewer itself is essentially doomed due to the changes being brought forward by LL. So the Phoenix Viewer itself doesn’t have much future however we will continue to develop it until it simply no longer works. Firestorm I expect will be a big hit, we have a lot of work to do, but we have even more ambition to do it, and get it right. As for the Phoenix Viewer Project (our team), we will continue to do what we do best. Listen to the users, produce a viewer that everyone loves A and do it transparently.”

AVENUE |Club of the Month

Mixing Work & Play Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Rusch Raymaker


amuel Fallen is a SL速 entrepreneur who subscribes to the philosophy that a positive attitude creates a positive environment. Clearly, this idea has some level of credence given the success of his SL businesses. The Maki Sims, a popular gay community consisting of four gorgeous sims that feature great shopping, beautiful landscapes, and luxurious beach living.

He also believes that enjoying his work is just as important as turning a profit. So, he has taken steps to ensure that his SL environment mirrors his RL one. Specifically, the Mediterranean influences of the Maki Sims are reminiscent of the beautiful and peaceful place the Samuel calls home in RL. He is proud of his work and the world he’s created brings him great peace and pleasure. Judging from the popularity of the Sims, many others enjoy and appreciate all that the community has to offer too. Nestled in the midst of the Maki Sims are the Maki Resort and the Maki Spa, which are very popular with resident and visitors. However, one of the biggest attractions in the community is Samuel’s nightclub, the maki. This club, which exclusively features house music and RL DJs, is truly a labor of love for Samuel and he is truly excited about its following and longevity. I had the opportunity to sit with him and learn a little bit more about him and the maki, AVENUE Magazine’s Club of the Month. Here is what he had to say. Imani Enzo: How long has The maki been open for business? What did you hope to accomplish when you opened it? What’s been the key to your success? Samuel Fallen: The maki has been open for more than 2.5 years. I just wanted to create a place, inspired by the Balearic Islands, my home for the last 7.5 years, where people can meet like minded people and enjoy the

music, sunset, and sea breeze. The club has been successful, I think, because of strategic event planning and networking. Over the past two decades, I have visited many clubs around the world, good ones and awful ones. As a result, I had a really clear idea about what I wanted to create and it’s worked out so far. I.E.: What type(s) of music can one expect at The maki? Also, how did you come to select the name? S.F: We only feature House Music at the maki. You can hear just about any subgenre, from deep to progressive. However, at the maki, it’s all about House. We have clients from all over the world. At the club we speak minimum 3 languages a night. So, I was looking for a name which is easy to pronounce in most languages. We are a trilingual family at home in RL and one of my dogs is called MAKI. His is the only name pronounced correctly by my friends and family, so I decided to use it. I.E.: How would you describe the crowd that frequents the maki? S.F: We have a very wide range of patrons from all over the globe. We see people who usually don’t go out, but who love the casual feeling at the maki. We also see a lot of House music lovers, who are fed up with bad djs, and guys who live, love and die in style! I.E.: How would you describe the atmosphere and decor at the club?

S.F: Have you ever been to Ibiza or the Old town of Palma? The atmosphere is designed to be reminiscent of those places? That is the place I chose as my home in RL and that is what I created in SL. The Club´s design is very sleek, but inspired by classic Architecture typical for the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. I.E.: Tell me about your staff/djs? Does the maki have any regular events that our readers should look out for? S.F: All of our DJs are RL DJs. In fact, some of them just create accounts in SL so they can play at the maki. I think it’s important to work with people who have RL experience, who know how to move a crowd! My favorite DJ at the maki is Monkey Philly!! You can catch him at the club on Mondays at 1pm SLT. Additionally, I DJ on Wednesdays at 1pm SLT and the club sponsors theme contests each Sunday at 1pm. Those events are always a lot of fun. I.E.: Tell me about your other SL businesses/ activities. What can be found on the Maki Islands that make it special? S.F: The four MAKI Sims are marketed as a gay community, but everyone is welcomed to hang out and have fun on any of the Sims. The Islands feature gorgeous shops, spectacular Villas on the beach, lofts at our MAKI Resort which is inspired by an urban Grand Hotel. We have great brands at our mall such as Mimi´ s Choice, AKEYO,

2Xtreme, Urbanized, Alphamale and many more. Something very special about the MAKI SIMS is the landscaping. I have tried to create a realistic environment. Everyone should take the time to explore the sims. I.E.: Is there anyone that you want to credit for helping you along the way? How did they assist you? S.F: There have been so many people helping me with the maki. Many have given me great feedback and helped me out when I was desperate. I think the most important person is Josho Niosaki though. He is the good soul of the club! He is always so kind and helpful to everyone. I have no idea what I would do without him! I.E.: Last question, what advice would you give new club owners that might help their clubs survive in SL? S.F: If you decide to open a club, try to be unique. Don’t make the same mistake as so many other clubs that feature all genres in an effort to have more traffic. All that does is create more competition. Be unique and believe in your idea! Samuel Fallen has put a great deal of work into his community and has subsequently made it great where he, the residents, and visitors can relax, shop, or play. Further, his nightclub, the Maki, offers great music, great people, and great fun. If you couple that with the astounding beauty of this community, you would be hard pressed to come up with an excuse not to stop by. A

AVENUE | Media Mojo

BEYOND THE BASICS Written by Imani Enzo Photography Courtesy of Frolic Mills and Mimmi Boa

STYLING T forward “Excellent styling allows fashion to make a profound statement. ”

he importance of fashion in Second Life® is unquestionable. Fashion is big business and there is definitely no shortage of talented designers who contribute to the industry’s growth by introducing amazing designs to the SL® marketplace each day. The overwhelming popularity of brands like Truth, Leezu, Lelutka, Maitreya, and Stiletto Moody demonstrate that just about everyone on the grid has an appreciation of fashion and the creative talents of SL designers. While nobody questions the importance of fashion, there seems to be far less conversation

Styling Forward Episode 5 Diconay Boa - Villian Medusa

about the importance of style in this virtual world. Everyone needs to know that your style, or the manner in which you wear the clothes you buy, factors heavily in the first impression that others have about you. More importantly, it says a lot of the way you feel about yourself. Without style, great fashion designs can quickly become boring and run of the mill because people put little or no effort into their looks and become walking recreations of vendor ads and blogs they’ve viewed. Excellent styling allows fashion to make a profound statement. For that reason alone, I would argue that style is equally significant as fashion. In fact, styling has become increasingly more important as the SL fashion and modeling industries become more and more competitive. While everyone has their own personal style and some level of styling experience, everyone is not a great stylist. Great stylists do more than find great accessories that match off the rack ensembles. Instead, they demonstrate their adventurous spirit and regularly test the limits of fashion by combing the grid looking for interesting elements and pieces that will make their looks stand out. Moreover, they have a keen sense of knowing when enough is enough as it relates to accessorizing and create flawless looks that make people want to run out and buy everything they are wearing. Simply put, a great stylist takes fashion to another level. It should be noted that a great stylist is also good for business as they are visionaries

and have the capacity to give strength to a designer’s collection and enhance a brand’s image. Further, the styled looks can help reposition a brand or even build a designer’s customer base by introducing their creations to an audience who might not otherwise have knowledge of their work. The art of styling gets top billing each week on Styling Forward, a new virtual television show that is the collaborative effort of fashion icons Frolic Mills and Mimmi Boa. Both of them are savvy business owners who know a thing or two about great styling. Frolic is the CEO of BOSL & CO and Mimmi, is the CEO of EVANE Models and Miss Virtual World 2009. What tips would you offer? When it comes to style, one could probably argue that it’s in their blood. After all, Frolic is responsible for developing and challenging the styling talents of dozens of MVW finalists and MVW Modeling Academy graduates while Mimmi possesses an impeccable style that has made her the most sought after model on the grid as well as a mentor to countless models and students. It is no surprise that their joint effort has been well received. The dynamic duo, who serves as judges on the wildly popular series, contribute heavily to the appeal of Styling Forward but make no mistake, the true stars are the amazing finalists. The ground-breaking competition follows a group of very talented stylists as they compete for fabulous prizes valued at over 100,000 lindens. Each week, the finalists show off their

creativity and skills while giving the rest of us a look at what it takes to create a personal style and image that will make you stand out from our peers. The ultimate champion will have to survive the judges and some stiff completion to earn the title of “Master Stylist.” I recently had the opportunity to chat with Mills and Boa to discuss the show, their views on the competition, and its popularity. Imani Enzo: Thank you both for taking the time to chat with me. Let’s start with a question for you Frolic. What prompted you to create Styling Forward? What do you hope to accomplish with the show? Frolic Mills: Styling competitions are something I’ve been doing with MISS VIRTUAL WORLD for many years and in my opinion, those individuals become such great models because they are trained to think outside the ‘box’. With Styling Forward, I wanted to open this exercise to all the great stylists of Second Life, and see what level of fabulousness we could reach. I.E.: What are your views on the show so far? Are you generally pleased with the following, the growth of the contestants and the popularity of the show? Mimmi Boa: I must say that I was very excited about the show from the time Frolic first approached me with the idea and I am totally satisfied with the show as well as the huge following it has. It is also a wonderful

opportunity to work with a pool of competent and enthusiastic people. More importantly, I am truly amazed by the depth of talent and skill demonstrated by the participants each week. They make my job very difficult. I.E.: How about you Frolic? F.M.: I am most definitely pleased with the show!! I read just about every magazine, fashion blog and SL related website, and I can honestly tell you that I have never seen better styling anywhere on the SL fashion metaverse. I am also very pleased with the level of styling. The contestants have pushed the styling world to a whole new level. Overall, the show has been a raving success and I do believe that as it becomes more and more popular, we will see very creative models and stylists rising from the grey universe of the monotonous and dull. I.E.: How hard is it to decide which contestants stay and which ones go? F.M.: Sometimes it’s really hard to choose because these people keep surprising us with incredible creative work. Mimmi hates doing this part and she keeps complaining about it LOL. However, it’s something we have to do. M.B.: He’s right. It’s harder for me than you can imagine. I always hate to see someone leave the competition because they are all great stylists and they all create outstanding outfits. I know that this is a contest and that there can only be one winner. However, I do feel sick each time we have to eliminate someone.

I.E.: How would each of you define a fabulous stylist? F.M.: Fabulous stylists, in my opinion, have the ability to discerningly choose elements that create a suitable creative outfit for a particular occasion that will please the viewers for its originality and good taste. M.B.: For me a fabulous stylist is one who gives “life” to and puts his or her personal mark on each of their looks. They know that details make the difference and their looks are balanced as opposed to overstated. You can’t teach good style, but those who have it make anything look unique including a simple t-shirt and jeans. I.E.: What advice would you offer up and coming stylists? F.M.: Never be content with the obvious choices. Explore, mix and match and be creative! M.B.: Also, dare to be different, discover new designers, and add a touch of your personality and soul into everything you wear! Don’t follow trends, rule them! I.E.: How did you both go about developing your personal style? How would you describe it? Does your own style play a part in your selections on the show?

Styling Forward Episode 2 Leandra Breen Styling Inspired by Guo Pei

F.M.: Even though I am not a stylist due to lack of time, I always practice my own advice.

Styling Forward Episode 8 Melanie Sauterau - Brazilian Style

Specifically, when I shop, I look for elements rather than outfits. Sometimes, I will buy a complete outfit just because I liked the shoulder pads or something like that. Then, in my minimal free time, I play and create outfits. I suppose my own personal style is rather eclectic with a classic touch. Others might call me flamboyant, but I am happy they did not meet me when I was 18 in RL or they would believe that I bought everything at Liberace’s house of crap! My own style sense does not play a part in the selection process. I appreciate different styles and exercises whether I would wear them or not. M.B.: Thank God that I have a great sense of style also in my main life. Style is in my DNA and I am 100% sure that the best stylists on the grid are also great stylish persons in RL. Second Life has no fashion limits and permits me to have fun creating unbeatable looks. I enjoy this aspect of SL very much. I.E.: Frolic, how do you go about selecting the style challenges each week? Which exercise has been your favorite? F.M.: Believe it or not, I think about the exercises five minutes before I have to announce them live on TV. They just occur to me right then and there. I think I loved the villain exercise the most. The contestants came up with some incredible styles!

I.E.: Finally, can we expect Styling Forward to return for another season? When and what will be different? F.M.: We are definitely coming back for another season ... but it will have to wait till next year when all the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD madness is out of the way! I haven’t thought about changes yet. I honestly think the show works as is. Then again, I never know what turn of events may happen in my mind ... We will just have to wait and see. Styling Forward is streamed each week on METAVERSE TV and hosted by Dousa Dragonash. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this fantastic show then you are truly missing out. Please take the time to check out episodes of Styling Forward at Who knows? Maybe watching it will inspire you to move your own style forward. A

Primtings Art has never been

more alive

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Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Blaz Halfpint


anging among the pieces in the Primtings Museum is the most appropriate quote by renowned author William Saroyan: “the role of art is to make a world which can be inhabited.” Never has this quote been more appropriate than for the Primtings Museum. Founded by Ina Centaur, Primtings is a primed paintings gallery that is “dedicated to the interactive exploration of famous paintings and artwork brought to virtual life via 3D prims and other techniques.” Ayn Rand once categorized art as the “technology of the soul.” While that may be the case, Second Life® is the platform that allows technology to bring the soul out of that art. It is here, that one can walk among some of the most renowned real life artists and watch their works jump off of the canvas and come to life. The gallery features artistic styles such as Surrealism, Realism, Contemporary, Pop Art, Modernism, Post Impressionism, and even a piece from the Baroque period. Real life artists featured include Jose Pedro, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, George Bellows, Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh, and Damien Hirst, just to

name a few. However, one of the most amazing things about this museum is the ability to walk around and see the creativity and talent of the Second Life artists that have created these 3D renditions. Not only does the museum introduce many residents to some of the most famous, and even some lesser known real life artists, but it also houses some of the greatest talents in Second Life. The current Second Life artists on display are: Bryn Oh, Eshi Otawara, Ina Centaur, Wizard Gynoid, Solkide Auer, Dekka Raymaker, Kacy Despres, Paula Dix, Zephyru Zapedzki, Gatz Morang, AM Radio, Tezcatlipoca Bisiani, Nahasa Singh, Shellina Winkler, Ub Yifu, Voodoo Shilton, Cel Edman, Wyatt Wellman, and Blue Tsuki. As if being able to see 2D paintings brought to life was not enough, many of the artists went one step further and have made some of the pieces interactive, especially among the pieces re-created by the founder herself, Ina Centaur. For those of us who have always wanted to become a piece of art, now you can! The artists have managed to incorporate different techniques, such as the “black hole

box” to provide viewers with a new way to immerse themselves into the art, in order to truly understand the concept and get a better idea of what the pieces mean and how they should be visualized. The artist even provided a little insight into what they see when they visualize the 2D version of the artwork and how it inspires them to create. There is even a little humor in some of the pieces, including an interesting take on Rembrandt’s famous painting “Anatomy Lesson” so aptly renamed “The Lesson of Anoobtomy” by Nahasa Singh. There is still another treat in this already amazing virtual gallery: the museum building itself is art in its best form. With a very contemporary setup, the housing utilizes a basic light and dark contrast theme to decorate the walls and floors, which draws the viewer’s attention to the pieces around you, instead of fawning over the decor of the building. Although, you may find that you can’t help but to be impressed and amazed by the architecture itself, with the use of the dark walks and brief passages of light that lead you through the “stacks” as they are called, even up and down different steps of contrasting stairs. There is no wrong way to peruse the building as it seems eventually all of the passageways will lead you around every piece, and eventually back to the main landing point. Bravo to Centaur for her ability to turn even the most basic housing of incredible art into yet another work of 3D art itself.

Mere words cannot do justice to the Primtings gallery. One must visit and get lost in this world of art to fully appreciate what Centaur has brought to Second Life. Even the most particular art lovers will appreciate what our own residents have done with some of the greatest paintings of our time. Take a moment to visit, and of course donate to the Primtings Campaign to keep this much needed gallery alive. You will not regret the visit or the donation. For more information on Primtings, or to find out which artists are currently on display, please visit their website: A

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Artwork Š Newreem Waffle

Artwork Š Tact Arida

Artwork © Maylee Oh

Artwork Š Adelayda GossipGirl

Artwork Š Carolina Sautereau

Artwork Š Vanity Esparza

Artwork Š Irie Campese

Artwork Š Applonia Criss


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