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Photo by Ozz Larsson

AVENUE | Publisher's note

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VENUE Magazine has achieved many firsts in the three years that we have been bringing each monthly issue to you... a labor of love to bring the freshest inspirations of Second Life to enrich your experiences. This issue is no exception, with AVENUE being the first magazine to land an interview with the new CEO of Linden Lab, Rodvik Linden. Find out how Rodvik intends to apply his experience from Electronic Arts and Sony Online to help shape and achieve the goals he has set for Linden Lab and Second Life. What can we expect in the future of our second lives? This month, we welcome our new Editor in Chief, Sensuous Soulstar who has flexed her writing prowess in our pages over the past two years. She has steadily risen to where she is now for she embodies the spirit of AVENUE, to lead the team with the same unstinting commitment and dedication to bring you the ultimate lifestyle magazine of Second Life. In addition, we welcome top talents in the fashion industry, Miaa Rebane, Cade Nansen and Kallisto Destiny within the fold of our creative photography and styling team. It is only befitting that in this issue that we also celebrate the achievements of a woman synonymous with machinima as Pooky Amsterdam shares with us about her piece “Time Travellers” receiving the Award of Excellence at the recent Los Angeles Movie Awards. And with that said, I leave you with this thought from yours truly... ”To inspire... be ready to be inspired first.”

Photo by Ozz Larsson

AVENUE | Editor's note

Sensuous Soulstar Sensuous Soulstar Editor in Chief AVENUE


hen we think of transition, we tend to think of “out with the old, and in with the new.” Yet, it is so much more; it is a revitalizing of the status quo. With all of the transition and growth happening at AVENUE, there is definitely no “old.” There is tradition, legacy, and a wealth of experience that will never be “out,” but instead will always be a part of AVENUE history as we remember those that have helped to make this magazine the success that it is today. And while I step into this new role with a mix of excitement and trepidation at the size of the shoes to be filled, there is also a sense of comfort in knowing that the AVENUE family: the staff, the supporters, and all of you, the treasured readers, will remain a constant. While your faces may change, your love and support will never falter, and it’s that thought that makes this transition a little smoother. It is in this spirit that we celebrate revitalization with this issue. Our coveted cover is home to a brand that has given new life to the fashion world. GizzA has blown in like a hurricane, demolished the old status quo, and brought about a fresh, exciting look with its out-of-the-box designs and unlimited, daring color palette. Read along this issue as AVENUE takes a moment to sit down with the creative minds behind the brand to find out just a little more about their passion for designing and their fearless attitude toward embracing bold, vibrant colors in their designs. Continuing in this theme of “newness,” AVENUE celebrates new faces to the fashion world, including Plume, a stunning hair store born in 2011 from the minds of Fauve Beaumont and Lulu Jameson, as well as the newest faces on the Road to Royalty, featuring the winners of the My Precious Queen Contest for July 2011. While change may be scary at first, rest assured that the AVENUE Magazine you have come to know and love will never change. We will continue to bring you the latest, the greatest, and only the crème de la crème of Second Life... and a little of the world around it. And remember, in the words of journalist Gail Sheehy: if we don’t change, we don’t grow; and if we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. Here’s to growing and living together. Love, AVENUE.


34 Cover Story Gizza

Featured Designer Plume

AVENUE Magazine August 2011 cover Featuring Giz Seorn of Gizza Photographer Miaa Rebane



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Giz zA

Taking over the grid in record time Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Blackliquid Tokyoska

AVENUE | Cover Story


t’s a name you’ve definitely heard before…and it’s a name you will definitely hear again: GizzA. You may not know what it means, you may not know where it came from, but you do know that with the name comes impeccable quality, a vibrant color palette, and unique designs that garner the attention of everyone within viewing distance. And now, you’re going to know a little more about the creative minds behind the brand that has taken Second Life® by storm in such a short time. In less than a year, GizzA, the brainchild of Giz Seorn and her partner, Auster Elan, has managed to open its doors to the masses, expand and reopen even bigger doors to salivating fans, and introduce a new line of fresh and innovative designs that have revitalized the fashion world and raised shoppers out of the monotony of a limited color palette and overly used design templates. Just a few short months after the move to a new and improved main store, the dynamic duo accepted an invitation to expand onto the Couture AVENUE sim, no small feat in itself, as designers create unique pieces on a regular basis, or either use unique colors that aren’t available anywhere else on the grid. When asked about the move and how the experience has been thus far in creating something unique with each new collection just for the sim, Giz Seorn replied calmly and confidently that “design is very enjoyable, so

I always want to design outfits and continue designing. I have more designs in my mind that I have not put in SL™ yet...sometimes when I’m creating an outfit, I learn something new, and I then begin to create different outfits from that.” With such a passion for designing, it should come as no surprise that Seorn and Elan have managed to accomplish a feat that few in SL can boast of: they’ve managed to make GizzA a brand that even the most sophisticated fashion enthusiasts flock to in just a matter of months. With an accomplished first life background, an eye for flair, and the courage to embrace colors that others would hide from, Seorn has found just the right combination to create iconic clothing that graces the backs of not only the fashion veterans, but also the “noobs” of the fashion community eager to learn the ropes. “Yes, GizzA has gotten bigger in short time…this is excellent for us. I cannot say that I do anything special. We have always acted friendly to customers, and we have always helped customers. I think this is our humanity,” says Seorn of the brand’s almost immediate success. It is almost an understatement to say that the year 2011 has been a good one for the brand. “Everything has been excellent for us in 2011. GizzA is on each street this year! Our membership is at 23,000 members at this time. This is excellent. The important thing is to continue to go up. We won’t get tired of providing quality service.”

Yet, unlike her first few months in SL, Seorn has started taking a little more time to enjoy herself outside of designing, but, as she shares, her heart always longs to design. “I love exploring in here, of course, I do it usually, but this is not going to interfere with my job. Sometimes, I am exploring in here, but when I’m creating outfits, I’m happier. I think if we don’t explore SL, we don’t enjoy ourselves here and that’s a big mistake for designing.” And along with her time spent exploring, Seorn manages to find time to spend with her biggest fan, her husband and her partner. She smiles big when adding “he’s my biggest supporter and companion.” The summer of 2011 was a hot one for the brand, debuting yet another sizzling collection of out-the-box designs for both men and women. When asked about the recent summer release, and its color focus, Seorn replied, “live colors was my trend for this summer, but I love dark green and green tones, like in Faust. I used both in Faust, but again as I always say, I use secondary colors. My real life affects my choice of colors, as well as my education.” Yet, while fans are still adorning their summer creations, Seorn and Elan can’t help but to begin thinking and preparing for the upcoming fall/winter releases. In giving readers a sneak peek at what they can expect for the upcoming season, Seorn graciously shares: “I think my medieval obsession will be in this winter season. We will work with more different tones and models. You never

think GizzA is going to change its style. Again, I’m thinking casual clothing, but I want you to feel the dominant tones in this collection.” There is no doubt that any changes she makes will send shivers down the spines of eagerly waiting fans of the brand that anxiously await the arrival of the upcoming season. While she is a woman of few words, Seorn is a woman filled to the brim with incredible talent and skill. She is not afraid to test the boundaries of design and her passion and love for what she does shines through every design that she meticulously creates. Her color palette continues to expand, and her creativity is ever flowing, assuring adoring fans of the brand that they can continue to look forward to outstanding quality, vibrant colors, and the excellent customer service that they have come to expect. In her parting words, Seorn perceptively provided some of the most useful and resounding advice for designers everywhere: “you should never forget, if we use our own style, then we will always be true to ourselves. If you imitate others, you will lose your skills and your prestige. If we create our own style and do our own job, I say, we will always earn and we will always continue to go up.” Simple and sage advice from the mind of Giz Seorn; for the sake of shoppers everywhere, let’s cross our fingers that designers will listen. Make sure you stop by the GizzA main store in-world at GizzA Creations [128.129.22]. A

AVENUE | Vignettes

Harem Girl Written, Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Strawberry Singh

//Skin Birth Abi Skin by Silent Alchemi //Hair Raspberry Aristocrat Khloe by Raspberry Aristocrat //Silk Solange Gypsy Harem Silk by Solange Cerveau //Pose oOo Studio bellydance pose by Olaenka Chesnokov //Location ~Mumtaz~ Taj Mahal


t’s no secret that my first ever real “job” in Second Life® was at Club Habibi, a Middle Eastern club that is still around. Club Habibi opened its doors in June of 2007, when I was barely a month old, and I worked there as a belly dancer and hostess for about five months. I loved that job because it was so much fun; I got to meet interesting people and even picked up some sweet Arabic words from the people that visited. But my most favorite thing about that job was the uniform. I had to wear silks: beautiful, colorful and oh-so-sexy. My whole paycheck would be completely spent on new silks every week. I had a massive collection of them from almost every store that sold silks back in 2007. Some of my favorite silks were from Last Call, Sparkle Skye, Analise and, of course, Solange. I just adored Solange, and still do. Her silks were not only colorful, but they were so creative and different. I tried to pick some newer designs to show you guys this time. I’m wearing one of the latest silks that Solange has created in the past few months. I have enjoyed seeing her craftsmanship improve so much over the years, and she still remains my favorite silk store on the grid. The next silk is from Wishbox, which is actually a new store for me. They also have a wonderful collection of silks that are of immaculate quality.

This one just caught my eye because of the long skirt and the sculpted bra. I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. The final silk I chose to wear is actually from one of my favorite stores on the grid. The store is Deviance, and they have some of the most amazing costumes ever. I just adore that store and I wish I owned everything in it. Recently, she did a small collection of very sexy outfits that would be a perfect fit for any harem girl. So, do also drop by Deviance, especially if you are looking for very good quality costumes. Don’t forget to top off your look with a bunch of exquisite jewels. Zaara is a great place for some ethnic jewelry, as well as Solange. Now that you have your outfits together, the next things that you will need are some dances to complete your harem girl transformation. One of these images was actually taken at Zaara Nasha Lounge. When you go there, you will see a little dance floor as soon as you enter. When you click that, you will get an invitation to start bellydancing. The bellydances are from Animazoo, and they are extremely natural and seductive. If you’re not really into the dancing, there are some excellent poses that you can also find on the grid. oOo Studio has a collection of some amazing bellydancing poses, as well as Long Awkward Pose, which has my favorite Bollywood poses that work perfectly for a harem girl as well. As for locations other than the Zaara sim where you can find bellydances, Kingdom of

//Skin Birth Abi Skin by Silent Alchemi //Hair Plume Plumeria by Fauve Beaumont //Silk Wishbox Cassiopeia by Wisp Jinn //Jewelry S&S Flowers by Sonna Bazar //Pose+Petals aDORKable Poses: Petals in the Wind by Adorkable Peapod //Location Kingdom of Sand

//Skin Birth Abi Skin by Silent Alchemi //Hair Truth Pandora by Truth Hawks //Silk Deviance ADS by Surreal Leshelle //Dance Animazoo Bellydances //Location Zaara Nasha Lounge

Sand is one of the most striking sims to me. Please be aware that this is a roleplay sim, and you must wear a visitor tag when visiting and exploring. It’s a great place for taking pictures, as the design and construction of everything is phenomenal. A harem girl is all about seductiveness and sensuality. She knows how to adorn and move her body, while capturing the eyes and hearts of many men. A

Designs AVENUE | Fashion Icon

that capture the


Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Diconay Boa


oy Fellini is the savvy businesswoman and creative genius behind the Second LifeŽ brand Fellini Couture. In just four years she has managed to create extraordinary clothing designs in SL™ that make women feel unique and beautiful. There is something about her gowns that make them feel almost magical, as if there is a story behind each detail. Sweeping style, good details, and high quality keeps residents in-world coming back to her store time and time again.

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join SL? Joy Fellini: It was all by curiosity; I never expected to discover such a wonderful world. The first minute I was born in this world my eyes never stopped shining, so I decided to stay. I think I needed a place to dream and realize my wish, and now it’s done. AC: How long have you been designing? JF: Just two years now in SL, but I designed gowns a long time ago when I was young, for my Barbie. So, I have been passionate a long time and dreaming of princesses and gorgeous outfits. AC: How did you come up with the idea for Fellini Couture? JF: When I worked with models in the fashion industry, I was always amazed to see such wonderful outfits. And one day I said “why not try it myself?” I had so many ideas in my head, so I decided to start. AC: Do you have a favorite part of the designing process? JF: Yes, it’s really magical when you can see your idea from your imagination in front of you. I want so much to share it with people that it makes me very happy when I succeed in doing so. It takes a long time to find the right textures for example, but when you find it, and it matches perfectly, it’s just wow!

AC: What do you find challenging about the designing process? JF: The biggest challenge is giving happiness to people and feeling their smile through the screen. AC: There are a lot of stores in SL, what makes yours stand out? JF: I think maybe that my creations are, before all else, made with love and passion for originality. I don’t search for a real business, and I don’t have precise timing in presenting a collection; I only do it when I feel it. That’s why my customers love it; they never know what will come and when it will come. It’s always a surprise, and I’m never afraid to propose a funny or incredible outfit. I think it makes life happier! AC: For those who do not know, what kind of items does Fellini Couture offer? JF: For the moment, my designs are only for women. I offer formal outfits, some lingerie and hair. I would love to create more, if possible. AC: Besides designing, what else do you like to do in SL? JF: First of all, I have been with my husband, Samlowry Hawks, for 4 years now. We cherish our life here, and love never asks for too much time. He’s an artist and creates wonderful Machinima, so sometimes I try to help him too. I have wonderful friends, and I’m sad that I don’t have more time, but I try to spend a little of my time with them.

And, of course, I spend a lot of time (and money) shopping. I’m so amazed by a lot of designers; it’s always a pleasure to wear their creations! AC: How do you find inspiration when you create? JF: Ok, my secret: it all happens at night when I sleep. My brain never stops, I think, and it’s often through my dreams that I find inspiration. I wake up and run to my design book and begin to draw, write all of what I feel: the colors, forms, and some words. AC: How would you describe your own fashion style? JF: I can say formal, original, elegant and silly sometimes. AC: What does fashion mean to you? JF: A way to feel good and nice in our life through an outfit; a part of the expression of our personality, and a way to give smiles and put stars in the eyes of people. AC: How would you define “success” as a designer? JF: I think it’s simply when you have read all the nice and wonderful messages from people that simply tell you that they love your work; they take time to write you some words, and for me, it’s really the most amazing reward. AC: Do you have any favorite designers or stores that you always have to check out? JF: I should admit that I’m really in love with Donna Flora creations; I was before I started creating, and even more so now. She has an incredible talent not only for clothes, but for jewels too and wonderful accessories.

AC: If there was one thing that you would want people to know about Fellini Couture, or yourself, what would it be? JF: I just want to say thanks with all my heart to all of the people that believed in me and supported me these last two years, especially my husband, as well as my dear manager, Fauve Beaumont. Without them, I would never be the same. I will try to design again and again, and to help those that would love to create too. I think it’s important to share our knowledge. I love helping people, as I do in real life. AC: Is there anything that we can look forward to seeing in the near future from you? JF: I never know what will happen tomorrow, only my dreams will tell me; but for the moment, I’m very happy and I don’t want to create too many things. Maybe a men’s collection…who knows! Joy has a great imagination and an eye for detail that has helped to put her at the forefront of the virtual fashion world. With a unique style, passion, and great support system, she has proven that she has what it takes to succeed. From gowns to hair, Fellini Couture is a name to remember. You can see more of Joy’s designs through on her website at WordPress/. Or, take a trip to her main store in-world at Avenue Champs Elysees [200.174.32]. A

AVENUE | Trendspotting

//tank {Mon Tissu} - Cropped Tank //necklace {Mon Tissu} - Oui necklace //skirt Tokidoki - Summer Skirt //hat Lamb - Sugarless //hair Fashionably Dead - Lemonade //ring [DDL] //skin Mother Goose - Hena


Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Brie Wonder

//skirt Whippet & Buck - Ayla Leather Skirt //top Tokidoki - Waking Up //shoes Sn@tch - Clopper Clogs //rings KOSH and Deco //hair Vive Nine - Morgan //skin Mother Goose - Hena

//outer Tokidoki - Summer Cardigan //bodysuit Epoque - Lace Onesie //rings KOSH and Deco //hair tram - A420 //makeup .synt. - double dots shadow //skin Mother Goose - Hena


AVENUE | Featured Designer

Stylishlock to turn your



Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Natasja Schumann


auve Beaumont and Lulu Jameson, partners in-world, decided to join together in a business adventure that has been creating a buzz from day one. With their store Plume, they create hair that is classic, sophisticated, and unique to each individual avatar to help accentuate their look and style. Not only do they help others to be creative with their styling, but they have unleashed their own creativity to make a mark of their own in the fashion industry of Second LifeŽ. Augusta Carver: What made you two decide to join SL™? Fauve Beaumont: I heard about Second Life in a TV show. Lulu Jameson: It was during a discussion with friends. One of them mentioned SL, and then I tried it out. AC: How long have you been creating hair? FB & LJ: We started in January 2011, just 6 month ago!

AC: How did the idea for Plume come into existence? FB: First of all, we wanted to have something together. In SL, I was working as model and was also a part of the Miss Virtual World contest. It was a great occasion to meet people, and some became friends. Also, it was the moment that I spent a lot of time doing looks, because being model is not as simple as it seems! It’s a lot of time and research. Of course, sometimes you don’t find what you look the idea to make it yourself comes in your mind! LJ: As Fauve said, we have wanted for a long time to do something together, but she was busy with modeling, and I was doing photography. I had to leave SL for few days, for family reasons, and when I came back, Fauve showed me her work. I guess she needed a bit of free time to give it a try, lol. I really was impressed by the hair she did, especially for her very first try! The next step was to show it to other friends. We asked Julie Hastings (owner of White window and a photographer) and Joy Fellini (owner of Fellini Couture and an artist) what they thought about it. They were both really enthusiastic too. Then, the feedback we got from other friends was great, so we started like this. At that time, my job was to think about vendors and photography styles for our shop. Then I made a few things for the male collection (facial hair, hair and beards). FB: The name of the shop is a joke Lulu’s RL

sister made, and we thought Plume was a great name for our shop. As we are French, we wanted a French name; we both loved the signification and the sound of this word. AC: For those who do not know, what styles of hair does Plume carry? FB & LJ: Sometimes crazy, sometimes classical...we offer really different hairstyles, but we always try to put a unique touch into every single creation that we do. AC: What inspires you to create? FB & LJ: Everything. AC: Aside from making hair, what other things do you two like to do? FB & LJ: Blogging, shopping, working for AVENUE, spending time together, live shows, photography, talking with friends, meeting new people, art and creation in general. AC: What do you find the most rewarding about designing? FB & LJ: To see all that we have accomplished together, and to have great feedback, but also how happy a client is when he or she asks for custom work and when we manage to do it. And it’s really pleasant to see when models that have posed for us are proud to be on the vendor picture, and enjoy the picture! AC: What is the most challenging thing for you two? FB: To create again and again, lol. I am always scared about the lack of inspiration! LJ: To make the customer happy, and to do pictures that models, clients and Fauve will like.

AC: Do you like to wear other hair brands or just your own? FB & LJ: Oh yes, we like to. We are both fashion addicts and there are many other hair brands that we really admire. AC: What does fashion mean to you? LJ: Fashion is a way to express yourself. This is not something material, but a feeling. FB: Yes, I totally agree! AC: If there was one thing that you could do aside from creating, what would it be? FB & LJ: We already do what we want to. We’re lucky to have found the perfect balance between “work” and fun. AC: What are some of your favorite stores in SL? FB & LJ: OMG, there are really too many! (Laughs) We obviously love the famous brands like Lelutka, Maitreya, Dura, Connors, Ronsem, booN, etc., but also the smaller ones. For homes and furniture, we love Abiss Design and LISP Bazaar. We tried to show that via our blog! There are tons of really awesome creators in SL. AC: How would you two describe your own style? FB & LJ: Multiple and changing constantly. We both love to play with all of the possibilities offered by SL. AC: What has been your favorite item that you have created so far? LJ: I’m proud of everything Fauve made. FB: Awww thank you Love. Of course, I do have favorites, but I can’t pick just one.

AC: There are a lot of hair stores available throughout SL. What do you think sets Plume apart from the others? FB & LJ: Oh that’s a difficult question. We could tell you wonderful things, like an ad, but we think the only real judges are our customers, so, come have a look. AC: Is there anything exciting we can look forward to seeing from Plume in the future? FB & LJ: We are thinking about doing a contest…and maybe more creations for men. AC: Do you have any tips or words of advice for the readers? FB & LJ: Never forget that your time is important. You are important. Just be yourself and do what you want to! And always respect others as you would like to be respected. FB & LJ: Thank you Augusta for allowing us to share a few things with you. It was a great pleasure. And of course, thank you to the AVENUE Staff to have chosen us. Oh, and of course, thank you Natasja for the great pictures! Also thank you to all our friends and clients for their support! Fauve and Lulu have shown that they make a great team, and are reaping the benefits of not only enjoying their time in SL together as a couple, but as business partners as well. Plume has a range of different hairstyles to match any occasion, and quality that is among some of the best across the grid. Make sure to visit their mainstore in-world: Reign [98.208.22]. A


air Fair is one of my favorite times of the year in Second Life®; it makes me absolutely giddy with excitement. Each year, I wait patiently in anticipation to see what our most talented content creators will bring. This year was phenomenal, and my inventory is groaning from all of the new hair purchases. The hairs that really stood out were the more avant-garde and couture styles. My column for August showcases my four favorites. Miamai’s Monica Outlander outdid herself with the Cronika hairpiece; it’s a surreal masterpiece and I couldn’t wait to run home and style a look to coordinate with it. LeeZu is my go to fashion house, and her gold and earth tones made a

hair sofair Written, Styled and Modeled by Vixie Rayna Photography by Kallisto Destiny

perfect foundation for this stunning look. Epoque released an outrageously chic Asian bun so avant-garde in its simplicity. I loved the addition of the chopsticks. The hair has an easy attach HUD to color change your style. With the simplicity of the hair, it needed a simple yet striking outfit and the Pitch outfit from NN was the perfect pairing. It gave me the opportunity to go a bit more daring with the Finesmith earrings and Oh! Studio bangles. Through my hours at the Hair Fair, I found probably 10 different brands that I’d never had the opportunity to discover. Gauze was one of those new to me brands. I fell head-over-heels in love with the Wisp style in white. The bird like flare of the hair on the top really made this hair stand out. Blue and white always make a strong combination, and the sexy chic jumpsuit from Lelutka was the perfect choice. Anyone who knows me will mention my crazy love for all things feathers. I was over the moon when I stumbled upon RedMint’s location and the to-die-for No.11 Feather hair. It’s a shaggy updo with hair pins and attached color change feathers. The HUD was easy to use and was full of many texture options. Pink is one of my favorite colors, and I took the opportunity to show off the sexy LeeZu monokini. Hair Fair 2011 was a smashing success and I am already counting down the days until next year. I’m going to keep crossing my fingers for new releases and more adventurous styles! Until next time, remember… Fashion is Fun!

AVENUE | Fun with Fashion

//Hair Epoque - Warrior Genetic with Chopsticks //Skin Glam Affair - Amelie Light in D 08 //Outfit NN - Pitch in Black //Earrings Finesmith - Stars //Bangles Oh! Studio - My Prado //Rings Oh! Studio - My Rose in Silver //Shoes Mstyle - Rivea in Gold Panther

//Hair RedMint - Hair No.11 Feather in Natural Brown //Skin Glam Affair - Amelie Light in D HB 01 //Makeup NOYA - Funky //Outfit LeeZu - Zuzu Monokini in Pink with Glitter Pants in Pink //Nails Mandala - Takara Nail in Purple

//Hair Miamai - Cronika Gold in Black //Skin Glam Affair - Amelie Light in D HB 10 //Outfit LeeZu - Paradii / WhiteStar / Glitter Pants in Gold //Tights LeeZu - Lalun in Bronce //Gloves LeeZu - Nif Nif in Earth //Earrings Sigma - Lumina in Gold //Bracelet Mandala - Lotus Chain in Fall Gold

//Hair Gauze - Wisp in White //Skin Glam Affair – Amelie Light in Bl HB 05 //Outfit Lelutka - Gabriella Jumpsuit in Midnightblue //Necklace Oh! Studio - My Tribe //Bracelet Zaara - Vyomini Chained in Turquoise Silver


AVENUE | The Blogspot

//Hair - Yelena.2 - thoughtful brown //Skin Glam Affair - Monica MedTan D HB 07 //Eyes Poetic Colors - Evening Sky -medium //Lashes LeLutka - 2011 lashes long //Jewelry Finesmith - Shena inspiration necklace and earring //Jacket Miamai - Henna Jacket red

Written and Photographed by Annough Lykin Modeled by Annough Lykin & Harsch Sharktooth

catching the



ll of my photographs try to express the fascination that Second Life® has for me. I have always loved taking snapshots. Wherever I go, I have my camera ready, whether it’s RL or SL™. I enjoy catching the moment and making it last, but SL changed that extensively for me when I developed from just making snapshots to becoming a serious photographer. Why fashion photos? SL provides us with so many possibilities, and all the different people with their different and unique ideas make it a lively world full of beauty and surprises. So, amongst my photos you can almost find everything, like pictures of a journey through a beautiful sim, nice furniture or buildings, or events. I love sporting events, just as I love fashion shows. You have to be very quick with your camera and you need an eye with a view

that will come out well in the end. But my main focus is fashion photography, as I absolutely admire all those beautiful creations that come out of the head and hands of our incredibly creative designers. At first, my blog was just a place where I could put all the snapshots that I made from the outfits that I loved and put together. But over time, I’ve changed this more and more. I wanted to create photos, not just snapshot; give atmosphere to the pictures, and create emotion. I started looking more closely at all of the fantastic photos from the top photographers in SL, and tried to catch an idea of what makes these pictures so good. And I struggled hard to learn to get better, and I admit I still do. Learning is a process that never stops, isn’t it? What’s the difference between snapshots and photos you may ask? These days, I have

seen a nice snapshot made by a really good RL photographer who is new to SL. He caught the moment, the light, and the scenery as it was given. He did it very impressively. In RL, it would just have been a very awesome photo. But SL photography is so different, as you take pictures in a comic-like world of comiclike avatars. Even with windlight and shadows, there are many restrictions that you don’t have in RL. But, on the other side, you have many possibilities as well; you just need to use them in the right way. To create a picture that looks so realistic that it gives you a “wow, this almost looks like a real person” is the challenge, and the point where I would call it a photo and not simply a snapshot. My blog is still my basic area for experimenting with my pictures and myself as a model. I love to try out different styles of pictures best

fitting to the type of clothes, whether I have a romantic gown, nice, sexy casual clothes or some creative avant-garde outfit from one of my favorite designers. And I love to try out new techniques. On my blog I can do just how I feel, and it only matters to me if I return to a picture after weeks and think to myself: what the hell had I done there? But most of my time these days is spent with custom, vendor or magazine pictures. Each type of picture is different and gives you another challenge. And each picture gives you a new idea and something new to learn. So, the other part of my current work, beyond the blog, can be seen on my Flickr. Enjoy. Thanks to my partner, Harsch Sharktooth, who helped me to create these pictures and to show that good and creative fashion is not only restricted to ladies.

He: //Shirt Scars - Smooth Drape cutsaw [White] //Pants VERO MODERO - Leather Pant Black //Hair Dura - Boy **06 //Boots Hoorenbeek - Military Boots - loose black //Gloves Redgrave - Biker-Gloves 1/2-finger white

She: //Hair Baiastice - Billy hair attachment - black //Skin Glam Affair - Mary MedTan- E/D/B 04 //Earrings ROZOREGALIA - *HYDRA*EARRING/C1 //Jacket DIRAM - Cassie Outift white //Body DIRAM - Cassie Outfit white //Skirt DIRAM - Nicky Attire

He: //Skin DNA - Cj //Hair Lelutka - Olja black //Shirt and Cardigan Scars - Drape T & Cardigan //Pants DIRAM - Raquel Attire //Gloves C.Smit - Satin Gloves //Necklace JOMO - 08

She: //Hairbase Amacci - Hairbase Tattoo - Shiny Blond //Skin Glam Affair - Mary MedTan- E/BR/A 09 //Eyes Poetic Colors - Evening Sky -medium //Lashes LeLutka - 2011 lashes/long/touch me //Nails je suis - Naive Nails No.001 //Necklace MANDALA - SINRA2 Necklace/vintage gold //Bangles MANDALA - REIKI Bracelet Brown GEM/Female //Belt COCO - V-Shaped Belt black gold //Lingerie Angel Dessous - Samia-Bra-tiger //Dress Gabriel - Military Dress

She: //Hair LeLutka - HERA - Chestnut dark //Skin Glam Affair - Monica Light- D HB 04 //Earring Violator - The Punk, The Ruff and The Beast-black- earring //Outfit Miamai BlackLabel – Grix Shirt & Hine Leggings //Skirt Glam Affair - Willow skirt //Shoes N-core - CASTING “Noir Intense”

He: //Hair Truth - Sia black //Shirt and Mask Deviant Girls - Obscure noir //Outfit DIRAM - Elyna Attire //Gloves CheerNo - Brilliant Gloves //Necklace Finesmith - Shena Inspiration //Boots Vika Design - Killer boots

She: //Hair N1CO - Hope Outfit - Relay 4 Life //Skin Glam Affair - Monica MedTan- D HB 04 //Gown N1CO - Hope Outfit - Relay 4 Life //Shoes N1CO - Hope Outfit - Relay 4 Life

He: //Tie Amplify - Loose tie black //Shirt SEY - Roll up shirts //Hair INK - Hair CHICK black //Vest Amerie - Long vest //Pants Tableau Vivant - Rhett Pants

//Hair BooN - HMT436 //Shirt GizzA - Rococo Shirts white //Jacket HEDO - Garret


AVENUE | Couture AVENUE Look 2011

Elena Ewing Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Annough Lykin


ith one month to go in the Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Contest, entries from both male and female fashionforward contestants are submitted from all over the grid, continuing what has become a tradition of bringing dazzling creativity in styling trends to the AVENUE runway each month. Storefronts at Couture AVENUE feature some of Second Life®’s top stars in fashion design, such as AZUL, Baiastice, GizzA, LeLutka, Nicky Ree, Osakki, sYs, and Stylissimo. July’s live Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Contest brought three talented stylistas to the runway, displaying the inventive and interesting looks they created that represent the above designers and the unique brand of Couture AVENUE. Model Elena Ewing stole the show with an incredible and original gown combination, winning her the July title. Read along as I converse with Elena about the contest, her experiences, and her views on fashion and style. Xandrah Sciavo: Hello Elena, and congratulations on your win this month! Can you tell us a little about what inspired you to compete in the Couture AVENUE Contest? Elena Ewing: I love challenges, both in real life and Second Life. As we all know, the SL™ fashion world is constantly changing and you can’t always emerge as you would wish. I’ve always worked hard, and I am proud to be here on my own. I have been inspired by every single day of SL, from comparisons with friends to the fashion shows, and also by the current trends, but always following firmly my “idea” of style. I think Couture AVENUE perfectly

highlights the creativity of each model, and it was a good training exercise in trying to do my best every time. XS: When you discuss your “idea of style,” what do you mean? What is Elena’s personal style trademark look? EE: I wear mostly a glam/chic style. I love to match elegant accessories with my outfits like jewels. I don’t wear that many black dresses. I think each one of us has our own style, and I totally hate to wear outfits just because “it’s the trend.” Like my friends say, “I wear all the cutest things.” XS: Your winning outfit was a colorful combination of several stunning pieces. Was there a specific theme or idea you had in mind that helped you create it? EE: My outfit was created as I was thinking about summer and mixing my favorites colors: pink and turquoise. As a first step, I bought a beautiful turban from Baiastice. Then, I saw a dress created by Nicky Ree of the same color and I suddenly thought about a color that could match with it in the best way. I went to AZUL and saw an amazing ruby-colored dress created for the Miss Virtual World 2011 1st runner-up that looked perfect with the turquoise dress, thus combining the concepts of “happy” and “summer” into one creation. XS: What do you think made your style stand out among the other contestants to help you win this time? What makes you unique? EE: I think that I was more colorful. I avoided using the color black in my look, and I created

a style with lots of contrast. This was a daring combination of blue and pink that I found very different from the usual dark combinations. So, I think that sometimes to be daring helps in taking our minds off of that pattern that says black is always good. XS: Elena, I know that you are an experienced model. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got your start in the fashion industry? EE: I started my modeling career in 2008, with an Italian agency and walking for some Italian brands. As I said in my first answer, I’m very proud of myself because I always worked hard to follow my passion and arrived here by my own forces. XS: I am always curious to hear about experiences and memories that have touched others in different ways. Can you share a little bit about some of your most meaningful, memorable moments during your career in fashion? EE: For me, every single show is memorable; being able to wear an outfit and match it at its best is a great success. My first personal “success” was the nomination of the Runway 2008 as Model of the Year - that was totally unexpected! In December of 2010, I won the title of 2nd runner-up in the Miss Bliss Couture 2011 contest. In addition, I have to say that I learned everyone has to be humble, and I am proud to be that, and I admit that sometimes I made a big laugh reading or hearing about retaliations between models - I think this is absurd.

XS: Elena, as a seasoned model, what words of wisdom would you impart to new, aspiring models? EE: The important things in my opinion are: to always give the best of themselves; avoid gossip disclosed most of the time by envious people; be competitive, but not too much; and always believe in your potential and have a lot of willpower, for without it, you cannot go forward in the fashion world of SL. XS: That is fantastic advice! And specific to the Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Contest, what advice would you give to someone interested in pulling a look together in order to enter this contest? EE: Be creative, simple but creative, and dare to use colors. Keep in mind that the accessories are very important. Never give up, even if it seems that the world is falling down! I must confess that I was going to give up, but thanks to my friends who have pushed me even more, I tried again and won. XS: Do you have any goals for your career in the fashion industry? What are some things you would like to accomplish in the future? EE: I consider myself lucky because I have reached almost all of my goals. I haven’t any particular goal now – I would just love to continue to be a passionate model in everything I do, trying to always do my best. Well, I would love to improve my photography skills (yes, I’m also a photographer), and obviously, I would love to win the Couture AVENUE Look Contest! XS: Elena, thank you so much for the time you

have taken to do this interview with me. As we finish up, is there anything else you would like to share with AVENUE readers? EE: This was my first interview in a magazine, and I must say that I was very excited. I just want to thank those who have appreciated my style and my friends who have supported me in this contest and tolerated me in this “not so pink” period. Without each one of you I’d have been already deleted from SL! And thank you, also, to someone else that always supported me. I made it also thanks to you. Sometimes the winner is...simply a dreamer who never gave up! So let’s dream! Could you be the next face of Couture AVENUE? Remember, there is just one month left to enter this contest before the selection of our 2011 winner! Find out how you can become a finalist for Couture AVENUE Look 2011 and be featured in a future issue of AVENUE Magazine by stopping by the AVENUE office to pick up an application. Don’t forget to join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group for regular updates, important rules, and finalist announcements. Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Application Landmark: AVENUE at GOL [173.96.22]. Visit the AVENUE website at A

AVENUE | Model of the Month

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Diconay Boa


ieleste Magic was drawn to Second LifeŽ and its unique potential instantly. With a flair for fashion and maximizing her look to create a style all her own, and with her ability to make herself stand out from the crowd, she has become a well-known figure in the virtual world. From model to photographer, Cieleste has had the opportunity to sample quite a few of the things that SL™ has to offer. I was able to speak with the Model of the Month for July to find out more about her journey in SL.

Little Magic

Creating a

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join SL? Cieleste Magic: Before Second Life, I was addicted to the PC game series The Sims. As great as that game is, I grew weary of it and searched for more virtual simulation games and stumbled upon Second Life one day! I was ecstatic at the endless possibilities of the grid and have been hooked since then! AC: How long have you been modeling in SL? CM: I have been modeling almost two years in SL now! It still amazes me how far I have gotten when I think back to when I first started and the long road I have walked in this industry. AC: Why did you choose to enter modeling? CM: I had a passion for styling my avatar and dressing up ever since I started learning the ropes of Second Life. I yearned for a situation where I could share my looks with others and looked into modeling. Soon enough, I was eagerly joining any modeling contests and events I could find. AC: Did you always have an interest in fashion? CM: I have never really been that fashionable in real life and I didn’t really think of it as fashion when I first started. All I did was follow my interest and soon, I started learning more and more about fashion and developing my own style. AC: How would you define your style? CM: I would define it as simple and clean, sometimes understated. I love finding great beauty in simple styles, such as having a very balanced outfit with a great color palette without

over dressing it with accessories and such. I prefer an outfit with subtle harmonizing aspects rather than an overwhelming outfit. AC: What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of modeling in SL? CM: I find the most challenging aspect of modeling is to have the self-confidence to motivate yourself into bringing your best. Often, we fight with ourselves, and sometimes even others, as we try to climb the ladder in this industry, and it really takes an emotional toll. Also, I have seen many models attempting to become a top model for all the wrong reasons. If the main goal is simply the superficial, their creations and styles will eventually also be only superficial. AC: What is the most rewarding part of modeling? CM: The most rewarding part of modeling, for me, would be the ability to take the creations of talented designers all over SL and to mold it into our own visions in our styles; and then, of course, to be able to express and exhibit it to others. I find it a very satisfying and thrilling feeling to complete a look from the vision in my mind. Also, to see the many amazing styles that other talented models come up with is always fascinating and inspirational. AC: Who or what inspires you? CM: Real life fashion, many fashion bloggers, and, of course, content creators are my inspirations. Second Life fashion is an endless branch of possibilities for real life fashion, and much can be brought from real life and recreated

and remolded in Second Life in a whole new aspect. There are many talented bloggers out there with impeccable style and creativity that constantly inspire me to try different methods of styling. Last, but most definitely not least, the content creators of Second Life are the gears in this great industry. Without content, there would be no models. Their designs are what spark the fuse in fashion. AC: As a model, what do you believe is an important skill to have? CM: I believe an important skill to have as a model is adaptation. A model is often required to work in many different environments and work many different styles. To be able to quickly adapt to the style needed and the people around you is important. Without adaptation, the opportunities are easily cut short. AC: Aside from modeling, what other hobbies do you have? CM: I also love fashion photography. The creativity of many other photographers often inspires me to try to also paint a story with pictures as they do. It’s another outlet of expression. Also, I love to play with SL weapons. AC: If you could do anything else besides modeling, what would it be? CM: I would be a live singer! I would also attempt to improve my singing and manage to get myself to sing on voice. AC: Do you have any favorite stores in SL? CM: There are too many great stores in SL! Some of my favorites would have to be BareRose, Donna Flora, booN, Manifeste, Aoharu,

"Focus on yourself and not what others may think of you" Tukinowaguma, Mandala, Paper Couture and R.icielli. AC: Do you have any advice for aspiring models? CM: My advice would be to focus on yourself and not what others may think of you; always keep learning because you will never have learned it all, and find inspirations and follow the visions you aspire! AC: Name one thing people might not know about you if you never told them. CM: I believe people do not know that I love playing with SL weapons and griefing friends with them! (Evil laugh) Cieleste has a great appreciation and love for fashion as well as a good sense of humor and support of friends and family. Just a few of these qualities is what has helped her stay grounded and become a top SL model. You can see samples of her photography skills and her modeling portfolio work through her FlickrÂŽ. A

Summer breeze Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Cade Nansen

AVENUE | Homme

//Shirt Connors - Polo Shirts, Pink //Shorts FIR & MNA - The Heathersfield Shorts, White //Shoes FIR & MNA - The Delaney Shoes, Brown //Hat Hair Dura-Boy - Boys & Girls 17, Dark Brown //Bag HOC Industries - Leather messenger bag, Brown //Necklace {CHROME} - Leather Black Shark Tooth Necklace V2 //Bracelet Kari - Key Cuff, Brown

//Shirt & Undershirt Zaara - Nalin summer shirts, Yellow //Shorts AOHARU - Frayed Denim Shorts, Dark //Sandals AOHARU WALK - Mesh Belt Sandals, Brown //Hair [EGO] - TAK, Chestnut //Sunglasses Muism - Alibi, Shade //Necklace Whippet & Buck - Memory Collector Necklace, Speckled //Bracelet M.R.M FACTORY - Surf Bracelet, Gaia //Anklet ROZOREGALIA - *CORNUCOPIA* Ver.1.2 Anklets

//Shirt Maitreya - Tucked-in Blouse, White Top //Pants w/ belt Muism - Cargo shorts, DBlue //Hair Exile - Adam, Whiskey //Shoes HOC Industries - Easy Strider //Necklace EarthStones - Jumoke Male Necklace, Moonstone //Watch Muism - Chronotech G5, Black


AVENUE | My Precious Queen Contest

Roadto Royalty

Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Natasja Schumann


n June, a sea of eyes was focused on the stage at a grand venue on the sim, AVENUE at GOL, when the new My Precious Summer Queen 2011, Elle Ahren, was crowned and took the first steps of her six month reign. As she moves forward as the new face of My Precious, the journey for many hopefuls has just begun with both new and familiar faces vying for the opportunity to become the next finalists in the My Precious Winter Queen 2012 Contest. Throughout the next six months, three finalists will be chosen each month and will advance to a final competition to be held in December 2011, at which time the new winter queen will be chosen. The winner of this semi-annual contest will have the great honor of representing Agnes Finney’s My Precious design house, a high

fashion establishment known for the creation of some of the most elegant and sophisticated gowns and ladies formalwear on the grid. The list of past hopefuls who have vied for the My Precious Queen crown is full of names wellknown to the fashion industry, as well as new faces hoping for the honor of being selected as the face of My Precious. In addition to the prestigious title of My Precious Winter Queen, the designated winners will receive cash prizes, a voucher for AVENUE Model Academy, sponsored gifts and gift cards, and a photo shoot for AVENUE Magazine. AVENUE Magazine is delighted to present the first three finalists who will compete for the title of My Precious Queen 2012. Read on as we introduce you to July’s chosen finalists: Amita Yorcliffe, Herlijk Cu, and Luna Enderfield.


Amita Yorcliffe has gained valuable experience in the fashion industry and works as a professional model represented by several well-known agencies in Second Life®. According to Amita, the beginning of her modeling career also marked the start of several new hobbies, all related to the fashion industry. She spends a great deal of time exploring new jobs, experimenting with styling, and maintains a blog in which she combines both of these interests. Amita describes herself as friendly but shy, but her shy nature does not hinder her ambition, for she believes strongly in doing what it takes to reach whatever goal she sets. This ambitious lady credits SL™ for exposing her to an interesting array of cultures, and appreciates the opportunities she has had to make friends from all over the world. Amita identifies her personal sense of style as chic and elegant, adding that she enjoys taking colorful pieces and using them to create an elegant look. Favorite My Precious Design: “This is a really difficult question to answer. My favorite My Precious design of all time would be Agnes’ Dazzle Grandeur in black, which was my very first dress from My Precious. I still love it because it has a really long train, but the whole dress still looks very simple and elegant. It also highlights the curves of my body. Simply, very sexy!”

Thoughts about the My Precious Winter Queen Crown: “The My Precious Queen Contest is the reason why I started modeling in SL. I didn’t know anything about modeling until I first discovered this contest. I didn’t get through on my first tryout; I began to notice that this is a really tough contest, and I needed to be better to get through the first round. There are so many beautiful photo submissions, and I must admit that the My Precious Queen Contest is one of the most prestigious contests in SL. I simply love how the other contestants put so much effort in their styling to win this crown. Moreover, to become a finalist of the My Precious Contest is now a dream come true for me, and I can’t describe how happy I am to have the opportunity to win the crown and the title of “My Precious Queen.” That would be another dream come true!” Personal styling advice: “Every time you are styling an outfit, you should require yourself to think outside the box. However, I suggest that you take 30 seconds of every 5 minutes to go back and rethink your concept. As far as I’m concerned, this tip helps me to increase the level of creativity that I can implement when I am styling an outfit.”


Herlijk Cu is a new, aspiring model who has recently emerged on the SL fashion scene. A recent graduate of one modeling academy, this self-described eager learner is already seeking additional education at another, and she also works as an in-store model in two locations, in addition to recently starting her own blog. An inquisitive individual, Herlijk finds joy in the simple things in life, such as dressing up, reading a good book, laughing and spending time with cherished friends. Along these lines, she is attracted to minimalism in style and speaks about how she is drawn to minimalism’s effortless, unpretentious, and uncomplicated value. However, she likes to mix it up, as well, and enjoys implementing elements that add a touch of her own personality and culture. One thing that Herlijk has learned about SL is that every day is a new day, with new places to explore, new experiences to behold, and new dresses to wear!

Favorite My Precious Design: “My favorite My Precious design is Agnes’ Chinese Empress. I am Asian, and honestly, it is hard to find good Asian-inspired clothes. We have lots of kimonos in-world, but not many traditional Chinese dresses, and that makes it unique.” Thoughts about the My Precious Winter Queen Crown: “I am thankful for such opportunities. It not only looks good on your resume, but it is a real opportunity to learn, to develop, to experience and to be a part of something big. If crowned as queen, I will definitely celebrate with my friends, but I have not thought much about it.” Personal Styling Advice: “Be true to yourself and let your personality and who you are in the inside reflect in your style. Do make sure your complete look coordinates and does not clash, and remember… sometimes, less is more!”


Luna Enderfield is another new face to the SL fashion industry. A recent graduate of a modeling academy, she is thrilled for each experience that comes her way and is eager for new opportunities. Luna expresses a particular interest in styling as a pastime and states her belief that because being a model is continuous work, one should continue to hone their styling skills in an effort towards looking their best. Luna describes her personal style as classic, glamorous, sexy, smart, realistic, and elegant, and she adds that she always takes into consideration factors such as the occasion or event at hand which might demand a particular sort of style. This confident, kind, and loyal lady feels blessed from the friendships of the many people she has met in-world. Luna says that a key lesson that SL has brought to her is that while things may not always go as we would like, we still must give our best in all we do.

Favorite My Precious Design: “I think this is the most difficult question to answer because Agnes Finney is always creating wonderful things, and I consider myself a fan of each of her designs. But if you ask me right now to wear one of her dresses from her collection, I would choose Agnes’ Moment in white because this gown represents every quality of the My Precious Fashion House: elegance, femininity, fantasy, glamour, and uniqueness.” Thoughts about the My Precious Winter Queen Crown: “If I were chosen as the new My Precious Winter Queen that would be a title of big responsibility to me, and one for which I would try to give my best. I would like to be a worthy representative and leave a good image of myself during the period representing the My Precious Fashion House and the wonderful creations of the designer.” Personal Styling Advice: “Be unique and have self-confidence!”


Insanya & Ines Creations


OLden shopping brings back the iconic movement of Punk with the styling designs of Insanya and Ines Creations. The edgy combinations are perfect for that “in your face” look. Insanya, by Tatyana Ultsch, is the perfect stop for everything from the tip of your feathered Mohawk to the heel of your drop dead booties. Ines Schridde, of Ines Creations, brings a glamorous edge to street fashion. Together these designers pack a “punked-out” fashion punch! GOLden Shopping is part of The GOL community of sims built by renowned architect Dakota Neumann. It’s the perfect place to discover your own personal style and shop for your loved ones. You can find this month’s featured stores, Insanya and Ines Creations, along with many more! Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!

Written and Styled by Vixie Rayna Photography by Blaz Halfpint Modeled by Boe Cortes and Vixie Rayna

AVENUE | GOLden Shopping

:::insanya::: Payton Hair - Onyx / Black :::insanya::: OpenVest - Antifa :::insanya::: SerieZ Capris - HC - Ana :::insanya::: Vest Camo – Dark (Scarf Only) :::insanya::: Tattoo - Black&Color Loyalty :::insanya:::Bracelet - Zed Is Dead Baby

:::insanya::: Zane Hair - Artic / Platinum :::insanya::: Cotton Shirt Dress - Dark Sleeves :::insanya::: Ripped Stockings and Socks – 4 :::insanya::: Obey Boots Red V1

On Boe: -Ines Creations- Sweater Brown Light -Ines Creations- Opened Jeans Blue Light On Vixie: -Ines Creations- Dress Glam Black


AVENUE | Architecture & More

Al’Ol Homes Your next home sweet home Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Brie Wonder


ith so many options for finding your new home, what makes one builder stand out from the next? Is it the attention to detail, a reasonable amount of used prims, the added convenience of having your home already furnished or even the realistic textures that adorn the beautiful builds? If you said yes to any, or even all of these questions, then your next stop should be Al’Ol Homes. Albertt Olkhovsky has managed to capture all of these skills, and even more tantalizing qualities in his builds, and after taking one look at his creations, you will have found your next home sweet home. Sensuous Soulstar: You’re such a busy man; I just want to jump right into the main questions about you and your amazing builds. Let’s start with how long you’ve been building in Second Life®, and were homes your first attempt at building or did you start in another area? Albertt Olkhovsky: I started building in 2009. My first house was the Thora House. But, I started creating and selling shapes, with the Al’Ol Shapes store. SS: When you started building back in 2009, what was the quality of homes and even furniture that was out there? Was there a lack of quality products out there, or did you feel as if you could bring more variety to what was already out there? AO: I’ve always been involved with SL™ houses. Even before starting the Al’Ol Shapes store, I used to work for AllenBR Residential,

so I was already interested in bringing more house options to the tenants. Ever since then, I’ve started to create houses. SS: I’m always curious about that “one thing.” That thing that a builder first creates that truly makes you feel like you’ve reached your peak as a serious builder and that you’re ready to start selling your creations. What was yours? AO: One of my most pleasant ones was the “Diva Shapes” store building. When I started building this store, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, so I made it little by little, and I think the final product became really great. But of all the houses, the most audacious were the Al’Ol Madison and the Al’Ol Brigida. Both of them had a great sale response. This is the way I discover if the house has a good approval or not. SS: Since you’ve mentioned a few of the houses, let’s get into your store, Al’Ol. I love the name, and while I can see it’s a play on your name, does the name stand for anything else, and if so, how do you feel it applies to your homes and products? AO: Oh yes, the name is an abbreviation of AL.bertt OL.khovsky. I think it’s interesting because my creations stay directly related to my name. SS: Ah, so they are always a part of you! Tell me a bit about your releases. How often do you strive to put out a new build and do you find that you are usually able to make that goal? I’ve noticed that when you first release a new build that you put it on the Marketplace™

for about a week at a reduced price. What led you to start this promotion, and have you found that your customers have started looking forward to these promotions? AO: I try to make a new house every month, but lately it has become more difficult, because my SL time is reduced due to college. About the new releases, I usually make a cheaper price in the first sale month. Many people don’t have the conditions to buy a house at full price, so this is their opportunity to buy something really cool for a really low price. I’m really happy when someone chooses an Al’Ol house because there are many other great houses from other creators here in SL. SS: Well I think that you have definitely raised the standard when it comes to prefabs, especially fully furnished builds, so you definitely stand out from the other. What was your inspiration for creating these beautiful places to call home, and what made you decide to create the perfect accompanying furniture? AO: The proposal is to offer the customer all the possible conveniences when it comes to fully furnished builds. Many friends suggested that I start making furnished houses. I liked the idea, and it helped me to raise my sales. And sometimes when we make something a little different, people don’t understand the creator’s idea when it comes to space and furniture distribution, and with a furnished house it becomes easier. SS: That is an excellent point, as it does give me a better idea of how the house is supposed

to look when it’s furnished. Now, one of my favorite aspects of your builds is that with all of the beauty and extras that they offer, you have still managed to keep the prim count extremely reasonable. Were you concerned about keeping prim counts at a reasonable limit, or was this just an added perk that you stumbled upon while building? AO: Oh, the prims are a big obstacle when I want to make something cool. It’s too difficult to create something amazing and with good details without using a lot of prims. When I’m creating a house, it’s always with an eye on the amount of prims. A heavy prim house becomes more expensive for a future customer, even if I sell it for a low price. SS: That’s definitely understandable. But readers don’t have to worry about heavy prim counts with your latest build, the Ecco House, which is a simple wooden build, with a calming and peaceful ambient vibe. Did you create this build in an attempt to “go green” and what has the response been like with the release of this new build? AO: It was exactly with this thought. One day, I saw a website and a little eco house built in South Africa that caught my attention. So, I used this idea to create the Al’Ol Ecco House. SS: This has definitely been a pleasure, and I want to thank you for taking the time out for this interview. So, with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers?

AO: Well, I’ll tell you about how my Second Life influenced me in my real life. When I went to college in 2009, I started in Information Systems - a computer course. And then I started to build SL houses. So in 2010, I realized that my “gift” wasn’t in computer science, it was in architecture. It was through SL that I discovered what I like to do and in which area I want to work as a professional. Today I’m studying architecture in RL. I believe there are many other cases like mine in here - for an example, there are many people who make very different and stylish clothes here. Maybe these people discovered their talent with a little help from SL too. We are here for fun, entertainment, a place for extra money... so why don’t we use this space to discover a little bit more about ourselves too? How can you argue with such sound logic? Take your creative talent that you discover through Second Life and allow it to influence your passion in your first life. It’s a life lesson and advice all wrapped into one. I’m sure fans of Al’Ol Homes can’t wait to see which one of their favorites builds in SL end up as Olkhovsky’s first real world build. Maybe it will be yours?

To shop for you next new home sweet home, visit the store in-world at Modern Lives [128.128.25]. A

AVENUE | Interesting Sims

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Ozz Larsson

The lost world of



eautiful. Serene. Peaceful. Imagine your favorite place, the feelings that it elicits from you, the calm that it brings you, and the beauty that only you can see in it. Now imagine that place was real, and that you could visit it any time of the day or night, and instantly feel a sense of calm, a sense of relief, and a sense of instant bliss the minute you arrive. Well I’m happy to tell you that there is such a place…and it’s available for everyone in Second Life® to enjoy. It’s called HuMaNoiD, and the owner, Wendy Xeno, has been gracious enough to share her dream world with the rest of us. While words will never do this sim justice, a better understanding of the labor of love that went into creating this utopia, the passion behind its existence, and its effect on all who visit it may just be all that’s needed to have you making your way to this lost dream world. Sensuous Soulstar: With all of the wonders in SL™, it always amazes me that there are still sims that make my jaw drop, and I must say that HuMaNoiD did just that. What was your inspiration for designing this sim and how difficult was it for you to bring your vision to life? Wendy Xeno: I admire any and all creativity. Fortunately for everyone in-world, Second Life lends itself very well to allowing anyone of any experience level to express their creativity and share it with others. One of my favorite things to do in SL has always

been to explore sims. I am amazed at what others are able to create. My favorite sims tend to be those that bring across a feeling with simple but very detailed use of textures, landscape and building items. My inspiration comes from many different places: movie scenes that are visually inspiring, photography, and the simplicity of some sims I like here in SL. Once I had formulated the idea for HuMaNoiD, it only took me a few days to bring it to life, apart from little details here and there. And while I prefer for visitors to experience it with the music and windlight settings I have set, I will admit I am amazed with the photos that have been taken of HuMaNoiD by various photographers using their own windlight settings. It can make a world of difference. SS: Did you have any help creating the sim, or was it all a labor of love for you? WX: It was simply me enjoying watching my ideas for the sim come together, and it was exciting to see my idea evolve into something that looked even better than I imagined it would. I worked alone and never even teleported any friends over to have a look. I wanted them to see, and experience, the finished product. SS: How long has HuMaNoiD been around in its current form? Has it always looked the way it does now, or have you modified it over time to make it even more beautiful? And do you anticipate leaving it as it is now, or will you be changing it as time goes on?

WX: HuMaNoiD has been like this for several months now. I’ve had the sim for a long time and changed it often in the early days, playing with several ideas, but it was never quite to my liking. One day I realized I was looking for something simpler and it didn’t take me long to finish it then. And for now, as long as visitors enjoy it the way it is, I don’t intend to change it, but I am playing with several new ideas. In a way, I’ve left room for expansion without changing the concept … New doors that lead to new ideas. SS: What does the sim mean to you? If you had to describe for those who could not get in-world to see it and who couldn’t see a picture, how would you describe the sim? What feelings does it elicit in you, and what feelings do you hope it brings others? WX: To me, it’s a dream! My own little world with elements that might resemble scenery you can find in real life, but this is SL so the possibilities become almost endless. I hope others find it inspiring and that it provides them with ideas as to what you can do with all the wonderful creative materials available to you in SL. It’s meant as a peaceful, relaxing place. A lost world, perhaps. SS: How has the reaction and response been from others since you’ve opened the sim? Do you find you have a steady flow of visitors, or even repeat visitors that have fallen in love with it?

"I realized I was looking for something simpler" WX: I was a bit stunned and didn’t really understand why so many visitors suddenly started to show up at HuMaNoiD a few months ago. I asked one of my visitors how he found the sim, and he told me he found it on a blog and that there was a buzz going around about HuMaNoiD. Once it was mentioned in the SL Destination Guide (thank you, Torley Linden) and in the Showcase in June, the visitor numbers sort of exploded … my once peaceful, quiet place was suddenly crowded! Over the last couple of weeks, the number of visitors has dropped slightly, but I still have a steady flow and several frequent visitors who spend hours here. SS: For our curious and always willing to help readers, how do you keep the sim alive? Can visitors donate to keeping the beautiful sim open, and if so, how can they donate?

WX: I like to keep it noncommercial and rely on donations alone. The “bribe box” can be found by the entrance. In the future, I might create and sell things, but it’s currently enough for me just knowing that others enjoy it. SS: I want to thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. This time, I want to do something a little different, and I want you to have the last word. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? WX: Think more outside the box! You would be surprised what you can achieve...may it be SL or RL; to me that means taking a leap of faith every now and then. I had no idea the impact doing something for myself would have on so many people. To quote one of my favorite sayings: “We never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace ...” Stop by and enjoy a moment of peaceful bliss in HuMaNoiD at Gilmour [94.119.21].


AVENUE | Business Feature

Rod Humble

An insight into the new direction of Linden Lab速 Written by Spruce Canning Photography provided by Linden Lab


ith all the changes and turmoil at Linden Lab® in the past year, including the resignation of Mark Kingdon, and the brief return and departure of Philip Rosedale to the position of Chief Executive Officer, Linden Lab was, for the most part, a company without a sense of direction. That all changed with the hiring of Rod Humble (Rodvik Linden). Since joining Linden Lab, the Second Life® Community has welcomed him with open arms, and has begun to accept the new attitude that he has brought to the company. Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of talking with Rodvik, and gaining more insight on his perspective as to where Linden Lab and SL are headed in the coming months. Spruce Canning: How will your experience at Electronic Arts, The Sims series, be applied to Linden Lab as you take the reins after Philip Rosedale and Mark Kingdon’s tenure as Chief Executive Officer? Rod Humble: My background in game development – at EA, at Sony Online, and elsewhere – has given me experience growing large communities and leading teams that create enjoyable online experiences for users. Beyond just my professional history, I’m someone who cares about creativity and expresses himself through technology, and I think those traits are helpful for my role here. I think there is something very egalitarian about creative communities versus a directed experience, which I enjoy.

SC: What are your main goals for Linden Lab® and how will they benefit the residents as they go about their second lives? RH: Since I joined the Lab, we’ve been focused on improving the things that affect all users: support, usability, and performance. We’ve made some great progress on these fronts already, which hopefully you’ll have seen from our blog posts and in your own experiences in Second Life – things like introducing Basic Mode to the Second Life® Viewer, improving search, reducing group chat lag, evolving Second Life profiles and a lot more. One goal we’re working towards is that before the end of this year, I want Second Life to be usable for someone of above average intelligence, so that if you give an account to an Internet-savvy friend they can not only get started with Second Life, but will be grateful you turned them onto it. I’m happy to say we’re on track to reach that goal. SC: As ease of use is a main improvement goal for the lab, how would you define Usability and what would the average resident hope to see as improvements made in this area? RH: Usability is about getting to the wonder of Second Life. Every time you encounter a usability problem, it’s really frustrating and takes you out of enjoying this shared creative space. For new users, usability can be the difference between whether they get to experience that wonder, or give up on Second Life before they ever get to it, so it’s also an important thing for us to work on to help Second Life grow.

As we’ve blogged (here and here), we’re making good progress working on this. As we improve things like search and group chat lag, and introduce new functionality like direct delivery from the Marketplace® and social profiles, everyone should be enjoying the benefits and experiencing less and less of those things that can get in the way of what we love about Second Life. SC: With the advent of Third Party Viewers such as Phoenix, Firestorm, and Imprudence and the ability of these viewers to access OpenSim grids, would linking SL to the Hypergrid that is OpenSim be inevitable as it is fully developed in the years to come? RH: My focus is entirely on making Linden Lab, as a company, grow and improving the quality of service for our customers. It’s not my place to tell others how the future of shared creative spaces will evolve. I think I would look foolish if I tried. SC: With the advent of Firestorm and the greatly improved User Interface that it provides to its users, how will these improvements be incorporated into the latest incarnation of Viewer 2 and its user interface? RH: From time to time, we review UI changes made by third party viewers, including Firestorm, and ask that the ones we like be contributed to our Viewer code. The Firestorm team has been particularly cooperative in this regard, and a number of improvements based on changes they have made are either already in our Viewer or in the process of being incorporated.

"I’m someone who cares about creativity and expresses himself through technology"

SC: What do you see in the SL community and how will the spirit of the community as you see it, be SL’s greatest strength? RH: The community of users is absolutely one of Second Life’s greatest strengths and such an important part of what makes it special. I think our community can sometimes be a bit hard on itself, but it’s actually very supportive, and we all have something in common: we love Second Life and want it to succeed. SC: What would you say to new residents as they explore the grid and learn of the many opportunities that they have in SL? RH: Jump in and don’t be shy! Check out the Destination Guide to find cool places to explore or fun events to attend, chat with the people you meet, and enjoy being yourself – however you’d like. I would also say type in the word “sandbox” and go there. Try making stuff. Once you start you will never look back. SC: In conclusion, where do you see SL in the coming years and with the improvements in usability and the decrease of lag, will it be the Virtual World of choice for the discerning Internet public? RH: What I would like to see is the continued evolution of this new way of expression. At AVENUE you can probably see this far clearer than I can. Every day you feature artists pushing to create a new medium. I don’t know what to really call it, but I think we can all feel the shape of it emerging month after month. So in answer to your question, over the next

"The community of users is absolutely one of Second Life’s greatest strengths"

few years I would like to see us help that form grow, it’s part community, part a place, part art and part interaction, but whatever it ends up being, our job is to provide the tools and platform to help others build it. As I have seen through the grid and the positive change in Linden Lab’s attitude towards refining their standard viewer and their dealings with the SL community at large, I would say that Second Life will survive into the next age of Internet growth and prosper. A

Samm Qendra Written by ShaiLi Alex Photography by Blaz Halfpint


he icon of Live Music for this month is Samm Qendra. She owns a beautiful voice that has enchanted many people through her shows. Qendra got her beginnings in Second Life® through another performer, a friend of hers for many years, Ze Verino. He is also the one who introduced her to other performers such as Sid Slade and Josie Anderton as she began to build a very successful career. “If I can remember it correctly, [it began] at the beautiful home of Josie Anderton. Since day two of my arrival, everything began to skyrocket” Qendra says.

AVENUE | Live Music

Qendra began her interest and love of music at a very early age. Her father is the one who first introduced her to music: “my father took me to live concerts which really touched and inspired me. At a Celine Dion concert that he took me to in Brussels, she was wearing this white gown, and I made believe that I was actually hearing and watching an angel; and I was stunned and really determined that someday I would be on that big stage and making people feel and inspiring people as she did for me through music.” She continued, my first one hour show here in SL™ was just a few days after I registered. It was so overwhelming, and the feedback that I got really wowed me because what is more thrilling than knowing that someone loves what you love to do, which in my case is singing.” ShaiLi Alex: When did your interest in music begin, and when did you begin to sing here in SL™? Samm Qendra: When I performed for the first time in SL, it was far beyond what I expected. The one who encouraged me to sing was myself, and people kept telling me how my singing affected them. As in RL performances, it started at my high school age. I have a band in which I am the lead vocalist. My band is rock/ alternative with a mix of R&B. We perform in various local cafes and clubs for various events. As a solo artist, I also perform at weddings on the personal request of a friend or family member.

"The SL music world gave me a whole different experience" SA: What do you think about your performances in SL? Which one was the most striking? SQ: The SL music world gave me a whole different experience; I met a lot of new, supportive friends from all over the world. The most striking and most memorable thing that happened to me in SL on the music side is when I joined a music contest held by one of the music venues, which are based on votes. At the finals, hundreds and hundreds of people worked hand-in-hand to make sure that I won the competition. This really made me realize how honestly they supported my music in SL. It really touched me that a “stranger” was willing to give all they could for me. I almost quit the competition because of personal reasons, but all of them encouraged me to keep on moving until I won. AND YES I WON 1ST PLACE! It’s

all because of those who supported me, who I cannot name one by one, but it is because of them that I won, and I am proud to have them as a part of my SL music career. SA: When did your career began to take shape until you became an icon of the music industry? SQ: I can say it began to take shape in my very first performance in SL, from day one until now, which has already been 10 months that I am here, everything has skyrocketed. Again, without the people who support me, I would not be where I am right now. SA: What kind of music do you like to sing? SQ: It varies from ballads, jazzy, soulful, inspirational new age, to Celtic. I like to try them all, but I must say that what I perform most is powerhouse songs such as those from Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Diana Krall, and Norah Jones to name a few. I love to sing a song that I can connect to. SA: To what do you attribute your success? SQ: To the supportive friends that I can really call friends who have always backed me up; they are my success and having them as my loyal followers is what I attribute to my success. SA: Where can people find you and what do they have to do to listen to you or to hire you for an event? SQ: If you are interested in being at my shows, you can join my group, QENDRA SERENITY. (You can search this in the Group search) You will be updated as to when and where my next concerts will be. To listen to some of my songs, they are also available at Trax [150.106.27]. To

"Second Life made me start singing again" book me for an event, you can personally IM me, send me a notecard in-world, or email me at SA: What else changed in your life throughout your career? SQ: Second Life made me start singing again, and made me believe in myself again. These are the biggest changes SL music gave me. SA: What message do you want to leave for your fans and supporters? SQ: I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who is a member of my group, QENDRA SERENITY, for their continuous support and generosity throughout my SL career; I am nothing in SL without you all. I cannot mention you all one by one, if I did, I would fill all of the pages here with names. I love you all, thank you so very much for making my SL life remarkable. Thank You Samm Qendra, we wish you much success in your career! A

AVENUE | Club of the Month


sun under the Written by Sarahelisebeth Brenham Photography Brie Wonder


Leek Beach Club, owned by Hummer Corleone, is more than an open aired entertainment facility, with its nooks of romance, gorgeous views and wide range of activities; it is a slice of heaven located on the Second Life ® grid. When you first arrive at the club, you are greeted by a warm breeze. As you adjust your eyes to the glare of the sun peeking from behind one of the swaying palm trees that surround the main building, you feel your worries drift away from you. As you look around, you notice that the set up and décor of the club is casual and organized. Several canopies, like those used at weddings and events, hang overhead, to protect and keep guests comfortable, and a few light fixtures float from the canopies that add just the right amount of extra illumination to the place. Once you get past the initial stunning beauty of the club, you can make your way to the dance floor to enjoy some of your favorite house music. Here, they spin a nonstop live mix of your favorite house jams to satisfy the dance cravings of every time zone. Push your way through the crowded dance floor until you find your favorite spot. You’ll have to look far and wide, as this place is packed with loyal patrons no matter what time you visit the sim. But once you find that spot, get ready to jam the night away. And no need to fear, you’ll find all of your favorite dances here, and even a few you may not have tried. With a wide variety

from hip-hop, break, funky and even fantasy dances, there is enough of a variety to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Once you’ve found just the right moves, get ready to sweat the pounds away as the party goes nonstop here. After you’ve had enough of sweating through your clothes, another great feature of this club is the other amenities that it offers. If you just want to kick back and relax, pick one of the many lounge chairs surrounding the club, or even off on the beach…or sneak off somewhere a little more private with that someone special in one of the hidden areas of the beach. Not ready to sit down just yet? No problem! Being that this is a summer themed sim, water-sports and land sports, such as jet-skiing and volleyball, are available outside of the main club area. Go swimming in the ocean, or even surf a wave or two. Enjoy some yoga or even play bartender for an hour or two…there’s sure to be a patron or two who will thank you! And when the sun goes down, this place lights up…literally! The beautifully decorated beach turns into a beautifully lit place of wonder as the party continues on for the newly arriving partygoers. And for those taking a break from dancing or just looking to enjoy a different view of the club, at night, a tower with a spotlight can be easily seen from any point on the sim. On top of it, is a deck, with two dance-ball sets and chairs. It has a panoramic view of the entire sim; an absolutely perfect view for photographs, and for a romantic evening in private.

Want a little more excitement that just a tower? Ever wanted to see a volcano up close and personal? Well, now you can! SLeek is home to one of the most beautiful volcanoes in SL. And of course, because the designers of the sim wanted to keep a little romance in the atmosphere, the volcano features a few sets of couple balls at its mouth, for a little romance… on the edge! While one review couldn’t possibly sum up all of the beauty and fun this sim has to offer, not to mention the great shopping within walking distance, hopefully it will entice you enough to want to visit this hotspot for yourself to jam your day, or night away, or just to lounge around and watch everyone else sweat while you sip a mixed drink and listen to the crashing of the waves. Either way, you’re sure to find an enjoyable time at the SLeek Beach Club, no matter what your tastes. Come experience the fun for yourself at SLeek [115.118.22]. A

AVENUE | Media Mojo

Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Time Travelers E

ver fancy knowing what your future looks like? Does talking about what we are capable of doing in the future excite you? Then “Time Travelers� is for you.

Producer and machinima evangelist extraordinaire, Pooky Amsterdam, has been producing this engaging series about three teenagers who discovered a time machine. The time machine took them to their future where they had thriving and interesting careers in science and technology. When you watch the series and read the credits, you will soon understand the true purpose of the series. Its purpose is to encourage students to get careers in Science and Technology, and to get themselves educated and equipped to face the challenges of the future. Amsterdam is doing this series along with leading writer and futurist, James Canton, and accomplished director Russell Boyd. Boyd is one of the directors of “Faith, Hope and Charity,” a historical drama based on actual events of World War II. Now in its third episode, Time Travelers did really well in expressing their vision through machinima. Amsterdam met Canton through the 1st Question, another Second Life® show she produces, and both saw the potential of a collaboration. James Canton has expressed his belief in the virtual world of Second Life as an excellent platform. The series is also a sponsored endeavor by the leading and pioneering education financing establishments of SLFC and iHelp, which relied on Pookymedia to deliver what they envisioned the series to be: a showcase to be presented by Canton to students as he speaks about the beauty of Science and Technology in his travels. “He was intrigued by the wealth of visuals

here,” Amsterdam says of Canton, “He saw the potential of using this medium through our interactions. You have so much that allows for discovery, much as the pen and paper allowed for Science Fiction to be created.” And so together they wrote the script, enlisted the help of Robwag Soothsayer, who made the set and Canton’s principles and vision of the future in prims. They also explored sims that would be a perfect background for their story. One of these builds is Insilico, a futuristic build filled with spacecrafts and futuristic buildings. I met Pooky in Insilico and discussed the film with her. She stated that creating machinima also creates opportunity to showcase sims like Insilico “which is built with tremendous love, skills and time and is hard to recreate.” “The use of prims to build out futuristic ideas is phenomenal,” Amsterdam enthuses. “The medium has a great human touch because everything is made by people with talents which they really find and use in the work they do on all levels. It is not one hand that builds all, but many, and this also gives the animation a fresh look.” Indeed, that is true on many levels, which makes the creation of machinima a truly interactive experience. The diverse backgrounds of the team doing the film was never a hindrance, nor a disadvantage, as the platform gave them robust opportunities for creativity. With its recent acclaim at the

Los Angeles Movie Awards, this project gave machinima the leverage it needed to conquer the film industry and carve itself out as a credible, flexible and entertaining tool to produce entertainment and educational media. The series first took 3 months to create, owing the initial time it took to writing the script, creating the visuals, casting the characters, and filming the scenes. Amsterdam and Canton both produced the show; however, the story of the three teenagers going into the future was his vision, which is a future of nanotechnology, bioengineering, and convergence. Pookymedia is now working on the series’ fourth episode, in which more of Canton’s vision will be revealed. The first three episodes of the film can be viewed here: watch?v=gaR4nCQuSno. A

AVENUE | Featured Artist

Mending heart a broken through


Written by Sensuous Soulstar Images provided by Annie Klavinham


er images are powerful, gripping, and express her emotions, thoughts, and memories through a medium she has managed to master. She is Annie Klavinham, and she is the definition of an artist. Join AVENUE as we take a moment to discover her interesting start in the world of art, and how a broken heart led to some of the most moving images in Second Life速.

Sensuous Soulstar: I want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” for taking the time out to let the readers get to know a little more about the woman behind the art, so let’s get right into the swing of things. Tell me a bit about the woman behind the avatar and how does it influence or show through your artwork? Annie Klavinham: It is very hard for anyone to describe themselves accurately! I have a very busy life, with a career in the Arts...which is fantastic, but gives me little chance to relax. That is where SL™ and koinup come in. I lose myself in SL by exploring sims and talking with people from all over the world. I think it is clear that I am a passionate person who loves the arts and literature, as well as the performing and visual arts. Through my work, I know that I enjoy others’ creativity and sparking from that, which is what I have taken into SL now. Hopefully, I am intelligent, playful, kind and sensitive to others. Part of what has been so pleasurable for me in starting to create pictures is having a route to explore aspects of me that are less appropriate in day-to-day life. Art gives such a great way for darkness and joy, hopes and fears, to be expressed, explored and shared. SS: That is absolutely beautiful. Tell me a bit about your background. How did you get your start in photography here in SL and what led to that desire to began expressing yourself through art? AK: I was exploring SL and came across a male avatar who was hanging in the air taking

photographs of himself, and for some reason I stayed to watch him. Then, he included me, taking a picture which he published on koinup and that still means a great deal to me. I fell in love with the man behind the avatar and over the next months, I was inspired to take pictures and publish them on koinup too. He taught me how to use the editing program, Gimp. When he left me, SL and all other virtual ways of communicating, I was brokenhearted, and it was then, in truth, that I put my emotions and creativity into my pictures. It was also then that I truly began to express myself and develop as an artist. So, ironically, by being left by the man who introduced me to this art form and caused me such pain, I found an outlet to heal and actually create pictures that seem to give enjoyment to others. SS: Wow, I’m almost afraid to ask the next question…but I will! What was the first piece that you ever shot, and how did you feel it turned out then? Would you change anything about that first piece? AK: Thinking about the answer to this question is making me smile. I didn’t know anything about textures, even that they existed; let alone how to use them. I was wandering around in SL and walked through a bush, an abstract one, and thought the effect on my screen was like some of the pictures I had seen on koinup. So, I took a picture of myself with brambles all over my avatar, thinking that was the way to get what I later learned was a textured effect. It is the first picture on my

koinup pages, and it is not good at all! I think that taking a straight shot in SL that is good enough to publish is a tall order, one that I haven’t mastered yet, but you will see some great ones on koinup and flickr. I use textures a lot now, and really enjoy that part of my process, and they never turn a bad shot into a good picture, I have learned that. I wouldn’t change the first piece as it is clearly a first step in a journey I am really enjoying, and we all need a first step on any worthwhile journey. SS: Out of all of your work, is there one piece that means more to you than the others, one that truly stands out as either a favorite, or your greatest accomplishment? AK: My greatest (if there is such a thing) is called Spirit moves and is the most popular of my pictures. It was the first one I created in my mind before I set it up, and I managed to execute what was in my mind’s eye, so for that reason I choose it. The one that means the most is probably Dark Night of the Soul because it captures the absolute truth of how I was feeling and gave that terrible darkness a value and a beauty that actually helped me. When I look at it now, it makes me shiver and for me, it has a serious power. SS: Tell me a little about your inspirations. What inspires you when you start shooting? More specifically, which comes first: the story/ theme and then the image to bring it to life, or is it the opposite? AK: I suppose the common theme is personality and how I see and engage with

the world, real and virtual, and the ideas alive in both. Different things inspire my pictures most often it is the creativity of others within SL when I am exploring sims. I am bowled over by the superb work that goes into creating so many amazing virtual environments for strangers to enjoy. Risk City, made by my friend Suze, is amazing, as is Humanoid, where many of my pictures are set. Songs also inspire me, and will often put me in a mood to find the SL setting that fits. But in truth, until recently, the biggest inspiration was my affair - the love, the loss and the slow healing have given me the most material...and the pictures have been a big part of my healing from it. Now, I feel mostly released from that; I am free to respond to something I discover in SL, or more often now, songs, lyrics and poems that move or inspire me. SS: For our interested readers, do you create your art just for your own personal enjoyment, or do you also do work for others as well? AK: I especially love this question. In thinking about it, I have realized that my motivation has actually become more and more about my own enjoyment, and as I care less and less about how my work is viewed, the freer I am to enjoy it and be totally open to possibilities. Now when I say I care less, I cannot tell you the total thrill of another human being responding positively to one of my pictures; it is amazingly great when I get a comment or a “fave� from someone. But that is not why I do it. I think I do it to relax, to play and crucially, to let the inside

out. I have just finished my first exhibition at the wonderful Meinem Gallery (they champion koinup artists there and are so generous). My new exhibition will run through August at the Sabra Art Gallery [167.48.36]. To be clear, I am amazingly flattered that you asked me to do this and that I had an exhibition. I don’t think my pictures are very special, and if people like them, that sort of astounds me. SS: As always, thank you for taking the time to talk with AVENUE. With that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers as a sign off? AK: Well, this isn’t funny (all my funny stories are far too rude) but I do have an observation, which may be helpful in life and not just art. In sharing my pictures, one very clear thing has struck me. The more open and honest I am, the stronger the positive reaction. I think that it has taught me to do what you believe in and some form of success will come. I suppose I should have guessed before that was true, but now I am sure of it. Annie Klavinham has learned a lesson that many of us never will. When we do what we believe in, we will always find some form of success, even if it’s just personal success, such as healing our wounds. Not only are her images moving, but so are her words. Find more of her powerful artwork on her koinup page at A

AVENUE | Arts Feature




he Linden Endowment for the Arts (“LEA”) was originally created by Linden Labs ™ over a year ago. A group of artists were selected to sit on a committee to drive the entire project. Recently, I had the chance to interview Dekka Raymaker and Sasun Steinbeck, two of the artists that were fortunate enough to be selected. The project itself was generally aimed at improving the art community in Second Life®.





Written by ShaiLi Alex Photography by Ozz Larsson

The purpose of the LEA Art Sandbox is to “provide a starting point for artists in SL™ and for those interested in art to make connections and display their work, to encourage and cultivate art and artists within SL, foster community, creativity, and innovation among artists and all residents interested in art, provide a way for artists to sell and promote their art and collaborate with existing art regions, galleries, exhibits and performance spaces to help their valuable participation in SL arts.” The committee has been working on quite a few different things to achieve those goals. As to the origin of the Sandbox, Steinback states: “One of the ideas that I liked a lot was the idea of an artist sandbox, so we allocated one of the original 9 LEA sims for a sandbox.” ShaiLi Alex: How many versions of the sim were made before the one you see today? Sasun Steinbeck: There are actually 9 full regions allocated to the LEA project. We are slowly opening them up as we complete projects that are using them. For example, the one we are on now, LEA1, is part of a 4 region complex that currently houses a cool theatre for all kinds of performances. To date, we have been hosting our Month of Machinima (MoM) there, showing some great machinima every month, but the rest of the 4 sims will have all kinds of cool art exhibits hosted there from lots of SL artists. The remaining 5 sims will be used for other things - the sandbox, an adult art region, architecture, the art sandbox, etc.

Dekka Raymaker: Presently we have spent a lot of our time setting up procedural processes on how the LEA should and will go forward and it takes a lot of time. SS: For example, how we make curatorial decisions on who will be allowed to exhibit, for how long, how people can request use of the LEA resources, such as the theatre, that kind of thing. It’s been a lot of work just discussing all the issues that come up…you’d be surprised. We have had a lot of help from our Linden Lab representatives though. They have helped with marketing the LEA projects on various places like the Destination Guide and the LL blogs. DR: We have been through a few Lindens™. I think we tire them out; Niko, Courtney, Amanda and even M Linden. SS: Yeah, I remember when M Linden came to a few meetings; that was very cool to see such support from the very top. They are very much a partner with us on this project, and rather than actually being in charge, they’ve left the important decisions to us, which is nice. SA: What changes did you observe during that time, according to project objectives? DR: The main change is that the committee members became aware that they had a lot of control in how the LEA advances. We are guided by Linden Lab, not controlled. SS: At first it really felt like a Linden-run project, and they wanted to have a certain degree of control. But as time went on, and even much more recently, Linden Lab wants us to have a lot of autonomy to run this entire project how

we see fit, which I think is great, so they are really much more of a team member at this point, just helping us out where needed for Linden specific things. They do not tell us what to do, or what not to do. A great example is that we decided we wanted to allow the use of Megaprims in the LEA Art Sandbox; they said “No, that is against LL policy,” but after lots of discussion, they allowed us to do that, which is great, so they are not dictating everything and even being very flexible when it comes to things we feel are important. SA: Then who decides what will be done here? DR: The LEA Committee does. There are 8 members which are all residents, and currently 2 Lindens on the team. SA: Do you accept ideas from people who visit the island? SS: Absolutely, we love ideas. We have allocated all the LEA sims to particular uses, but those are not set in stone. I love getting feedback and ideas from artists on how we can best help the art community. DR: With the sandbox, we have changed; it’s set up to meet the residents’ needs. SA: Do you charge for people to have their works here? SS: No, we will never charge money for anything; this is run like a non-profit. The land is owned by Linden Lab, so no commerce will happen on any of the LEA sims DR: we don’t charge, but I personally will accept very big bribes. (Smiles) SS: LOL! Yeah, we work hard and don’t get a

penny of actual money for all this work, but we do it for the art community and all the great artists in SL. What I’d much rather have is help! We will need people to help build and landscape, for example, as more projects come online. The poor committee members are a bit overworked! So, we are bringing more people on board, for example, Solo [Mornington] and PatriciaAnne [Daviau], for the LEA Art Sandbox. DR: I think we will be looking to encourage more residents to become advisors in the future. SA: Can you tell me a little more about your new projects? SS: We currently have 3 main projects going on: MoM, the LEA Avatar Games, and the LEA Art Sandbox. MoM is a machinima festival, the Avatar games are a fun obstacle course race created by Bryn Oh, and the sandbox is a very art-oriented sandbox and art exhibit space. Then we also have the theatre at the corner of LEA1-4, for various uses. People will be able to borrow that theatre for art-related performances. We have some big projects we will be working on in the future! We have a whole sim for architecture, another one for machinima, another one for adult art. SA: What message do you send to those who have not visited the island yet? DR: They will find both new artists and experienced artists in the Sandbox sim, and discussions do go on there. I have taken part in the Avatar games myself; it’s a great opportunity to legally shoot other avatars. It

is a great place to get ideas from, to find the latest developments in art in SL and the new processes being used in art as LL introduces them to the viewers. SS: I really like the fact that at the art sandbox there is always something cool to see, no matter what time you come by to visit, and always something new; so, that’s a great place to visit at random times when you’re bored and it’s great fun. LEA Art Sandbox is an incredible island with many different attractions and fun buildings. It’s also a great opportunity for all of those who have not visited to find cool, new art. To visit the Sandbox in here visit LEA5 [51.124.23]. A

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AVENUE Magazine August 2011  

Yet another issue of top notch talents in Second Life by AVENUE. / Fashion label Gizza rocking the cover  / Linden Lab CEO Rodvik Linden wit...

AVENUE Magazine August 2011  

Yet another issue of top notch talents in Second Life by AVENUE. / Fashion label Gizza rocking the cover  / Linden Lab CEO Rodvik Linden wit...