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AVENUE ultimate style Magazine April 2013 / exclusive

Menswear Fashion Week 2013

Photographer Eve Kazan Outfit: Rock n Roll Circus 2 @ MWFW by Faster Pussycat.

Publisher’s note

On behalf of AVENUE, I would like to congratulate Lexie Jansma and her team at Siren Productions for realizing the fourth installation of Menswear Fashion Week 2013. I recall in a private conversation I had with Lexie where she had, at one moment, considered if she should continue with MWFW for 2013. I am delighted, of course, that she has decided to move forward with it again, as this is certainly an annual event that male designers and shoppers in Second Life® can look forward to in terms of exciting men’s fashion and fresh new collections created especially for this event. This year, men in Second Life® can look forward to more innovative fashion shows as well as the usual foray of fun parties and events. I am delighted that to be representing AVENUE to DJ for the European Opening Party on the 20th of April at 1pm slt, and I hope to see you all there!

There is something for every man who wants to step up their game in being fashionable this season. Menswear Fashion Week 2013 is going to be an excellent one stop resource for this and more. Enjoy the preview within these pages to find out what’s in store for you, and we look forward to catching you there when the fun begins on the 19th of April. Vive les Hommes!

Rusch Raymaker Rusch Raymaker Publisher


Photographer Enzo Champagne

Producer’s Notes

Who knew that four years ago, in a world where things come and go so quickly, that Menswear Fashion Week would be heading into the 2013 edition? As I look back over the past three events, I see how far we have come and how far men’s fashion has come. When we did 2010, sculpties were just coming into their own, and system suits were still very popular. Now in 2013, it is all about mesh and the amazing and wonderful things it can do. Designers are thinking, sculpty who? Men’s wear has come a long way, especially in Second Life®. There is not any other place where you can find gorean fashion next to swimwear for men. You can be who you want to be and look any way you feel that day. It is all at your fingertips with just a few clicks of a button. Follow the trends or be a trend setter. It is totally up to you. I hope that this year’s batch of designers inspires you, as we have a little bit of everything to tickle your fashion fancy. We have many returning designers with new surprises and treats in store for you including Gabriel, Havok, GizzA Creations, E-Clipse Designs, Aitui, Faster Pussycat/Velvet Elvis, +Grasp+ and countless more. Then I am so proud to be presenting so many new designers to the event, such as Caffeine Wear, Cutshore, Dynasty, Zibska, INNUENDO Italian Style, and Cashmere Keane to name a very very small few.

All of our wonderful designers have created new, special, neverbefore-seen releases just for this event. In addition, they have created special items for a fun and fabulous theme, Viva Las Vegas, at some really great prices. So, there is something for everyone. This year, we will be partying it up with our wonderful sponsors, AVENUE and KMADD. As well, our media partners are sponsoring all types of wonderful industry parties and events on the sim, so be sure to take some time out of your busy schedule to celebrate with us. Come and check out everything that our designers are offering. Stop in and take in one of the many fashion shows. Put on your boogey shoes and trip the light fantastic in your amazing new clothes. Just be part of the wild atmosphere of one week of fabulous fun and amazing clothing for the well-dressed men of Second Life®!

Lexie Jansma

Lexie Jansma Event Producer Siren Productions Owner



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Cover Story Menwear Fashion Week 2013 Fashion Spread White Desert Fashion Spread Havok Featured Designer Honey Bender Fashion Spread Vegas

Magazine cover Photographer and Model Marcopol Oh

Skin: Simon skin MWFW by Clef de Peau, facial hair: Viva Las Vegas facial Hair MWFW by Clef de Peau, suit 1: Rayon Suit MWFW by Cashmere & Keane, suit 2: Rahja jacket MWFW by E-Clipse, suit 3: urban object shirt-blue MWFW by SHIKI, suit 4: Monello Blazer MWFW by G&D.

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Events Schedule

MensW Fash We 20



11aM 12pm Eclipse Fashion SHow

3pm 4pm EVOLVE, [sYs], INNUENDO Italian Style, Birth Fashion SHow Fashion SHow



6pm 7pm Space Odyssey 3010 Fashion SHow


6pm 8pm

12pm 1pm Rawk Balla’ Baby Fashion SHow

1pm 3pm AVENUE European Opening Party

4pm 5pm Shiki Fashion SHow



7pm 8pm (red) Sand, SF Design, Bonetto Style, Xplosion, Step Inside Fashion SHow



2pm 3pm

5pm 6pm

7pm 9pm ICONically Sexy MWFW 2013 Opening Party


10am 11am

11am 12pm

3pm 4pm

6pm 7pm

11am 12pm Cutshore, G&D Italian Style, Cashmere & Keane, HOTDIVE, Dino’s Bootique Fashion SHow 3pm 4pm Dot-be Fashion SHow

6pm 7pm just BECAUSE Fashion SHow



10am 11am 11am








7pm 9pm Maniera Industry Party


Wear hion eek 013

eve n t s


Gabriel Fashion SHow

Hoorenbeek, IMaGE Factory, Zakar, VOOM, JFL Menswear, & Redgrave Fashion SHow Okey Designs, SCS Design, Glamdammit, Caffeine Wear, Jarythe’s Barbershop, & Amacci Fashion SHow SL Fierce Industry Party





[Asylum], Razorblade Jacket, Mesh theory, An@archy Ink, & Energie Footwear Fashion SHow

Chinese Takeout/House of London, Fatal, Zanzo, Aitui, Dura, & Adjunct Fashion SHow Havok Fashion SHow

Countdown Fashion SHow Gay Archipelago Industry Party

Vengeful Threads Fashion SHow

Faster Pussycat/Velvet Elvis Fashion SHow



11am 12pm Mea Culpa & PosESion Fashion SHow 3pm

4pm 69 Park Ave Fashion SHow


7pm Hawkers House Fashion SHow

10pm 11am Belleza, Peau, Signature Skins, Tellaq, Vitamen, Mr. C, Atro Patena, Feel, & Zibska Fashion SHow 2pm

3pm Akeruka Fashion SHow


5pm Dynasty, Flow, Costa Creations, Akeyo Fashion SHow


7PM KMADD Fashion SHow


9pm KMADD Industry Party

11am 12pm GizzA Creations Fashion SHow 12pm

2pm Secondnights MWFW 2013 Closing Party


4pm PeKaS Design Fashion SHow


6pm Cartauld Fashion SHow


8pm Ravensoul, Tamiron Forge, Starchild Designs, Rookhold, & Jeepers Creepers Fashion SHow

8pm 11pm SET Closing Party

Viva Las Vegas Fashion SHow


Cover Story

Elevating Fashion for Men Menswear Fashion Week 2013

Writer Carter Giacobini Photographer Leah McCullough


enswear Fashion Week 2013 is upon us! Starting on April 19, 2013 and ending on April 27, 2013, the men of Second Life ® are about to be given something to cheer about! Thanks to the amazing team that has been putting this together for the last four years, the men of the grid have so many more options to choose from. Gone are the days that men are relegated to just a few designers. This team has helped to usher in the movement in SL® for men to have a plethora of variety and quality in fashion. Our time has come, men! MWFW 2013 has eight major parties and thirty fashion shows that will highlight some of the best designers in SL®. They have

also rallied approximately eighty designers to offer collections, many of which will be debuting at this amazing event! It’s enough to make your brain sweat. Orchestrating one fashion show is sometimes akin to herding cats towards water. Imagine coordinating thirty fashion shows that are to take place in the same week. Well, Angelik Lavecchia has taken on the monumental task of not only planning their themes,but he is also handing the coordination of the designers for each of these shows, planning the rehearsals, making sure that each model has their ensembles, and checking the styling on every single model. Still not impressed? Then you have obviously never taken part in a fashion show, much less the


extravaganza that is MWFW 2013. Lavecchia’s background in SL® has set him up perfectly for this kind of work. It should be no surprise that the man that has been in over two hundred fashion shows, has done in-store modeling for a few of the top designers, has appeared as a print model, has had countless crowns in the some of the top men’s contests on the grid, and has been a stylist for a variety of other shows. It’s his passion that is evident in every word he speaks and his perfectionism visible through in all of his work which drives him to relish this opportunity to elevate men’s fashion to a higher level. AVENUE managed to wrangle an interview with this incredibly talented and busy man. He was surprisingly sane and very calm. But, if you’re charged with the task of trying to juggle the amount of responsibility that this man has, you would have to be calm - calm like the eye of a storm. This year’s event promises to be one beautiful storm!

be surprised and excited by each event. However, our persistence paid off, and we were able to obtain some tastes of what will happen. Visitors to MWFW 2013 this year can expect to see a show called “Viva Las Vegas” with items created specifically for this show. It will pay homage to rock-n-roll stars of yesteryear as we see some of the most current fashions. We’ll also see a runway show inspired by the movie “Blade Runner”, and a space pinball-themed show. Those are just a couple of the amazing events that will surely tantalize the eyes and inspire the imagination of every person that attends all of the events which this master of ceremonies has planned.

All of the planning that has taken place over the last three months is leading up to this almost frenzied week of fashion, fun and excitement. Yet, he sits peacefully at his home he shares with his husband talking very serenely to AVENUE about all of it.

Wrap your mind around the shear exhilaration of it all. Imagine thirty shows and eight major parties taking place in the space of one week. Picture yourself at this buffet of men’s fashion. “What I like the most is that it seems like real life modeling for a top model. We’ll be running from one show to another and then to all of the events,” says Lavecchia while sitting down with us. It immediately brings to mind fashion week in New York or Paris. Photographers, bloggers, reporters, top male models, designers and fans of fashion will be everywhere. Glamour for men is rare in SL®, but there will be no shortage of that during this week.

We pressed Lavecchia to find out details about what each of the shows will contain, but he was very tight-lipped about it, wanting us to

Listening to Lavecchia talk about what this year’s event has to offer, it is impossible not to catch some of the excitement. Of


course, when one hears about all of the shows and designers taking part in MWFW 2013, the average fashionista may automatically start to think about what men’s fashion will have in store for all of us in the upcoming season. He explained that this year’s trends are in line with and will coordinate well with women’s fashions. But, they will definitely have their own very interesting differences. “Mostly, we’re going to see primary colors, athletic elements, stripes, some bold accessories. And, keeping for men, we’ll continue to see the army or military inspiration. Blue will be the major color for men this year,” explains Lavecchia. Appealing to the more masculine side of the male image will hopefully get many more men interested in updating their wardrobe and elevating their style. “We will also see metallic and neon colors for both genders. Not necessarily as a main trend. But, for example, Burberry and Versace have them,” he said, expanding on what we can expect to see. As one looks around at men’s fashion, one can see a ground swell moving increasingly in favor of exciting options for men, and both genders are screaming for more and more designs inspired by real life fashions. Combine these trends with mesh and continuous improvements in texturing, and our fashion lives have never been more evocative

nor more expressive of who we are as individuals. The ability to make our own statement about who we are through what we choose to wear is becoming not only easier, but more fun to do – for all of us, not just men and not just women. That’s what high fashion is all about - creating a look that is distinctly ours while remaining current and, sometimes, on the cutting edge of what fashion has for us each year. This is what MWFW 2013 means in SL®. Yes, there are runway shows and parties that should not be missed. Whether you’re a fan of fashion or you just want to look current, MWFW 2013 is a must for any man. With eighty different designers, you will be able to leave the event with a look that is distinctly yours. You will be able to let the world see who you are in the most beautiful way as you express yourself through your own personal style. And, there are few things that are as wonderful as being able to let yourself be fully expressed by your own creativity and passions. MWFW 2013 promises to be an event that will be talked about for years to come. If ever there was a reason to brave the lag, this is it. Join the excitement! Let yourself experience the wonder that will be Men’s Wear Fashion Week 2013!


Fashion Spread

On Winter: Suit: Single Spring Suit by Gabriel, Shoes: Shearling Boots by Gabriel, Hat: Fedora by Akeyo, Skin: Marilyn by Tableau Vivant, Face: Realistic White Beard by Nikita, Necklace: Crystal Icicle by Earthstones.

White Desert,

Black Knight Stylist/models: Jax Aster & Winter Jefferson Photographer: Enzo Champagne

On Jax: Suit: Single Spring Suit by Gabriel, Shoes: Shearling Short Boot by Gabriel, Necklace: Epiphany by Kosh, Glasses: Jocker by Diram.

On Winter: Chin Jewel; Persia by sYs, Shirt: Dante by sYs, Kilt: Oto Skirt by sYs, Hair: Athena by LeLutKa, Skin: Marilyn by Tableau Vivant, Makeup: Tiaa by Nuuna, Gloves: Studded Leather Gloves by MotivAction, Shoes: Gauntlet Shoes 2 by LWL. On Jax: Shirt: Dante by sYs, Skirt: Oto by sYs, Shoulders: Spiked Shoulder Pads by Glam Affair, Gloves: Marcus by Miamai, Chin: Persia Rave by sYs, Makeup: Zion2 by Nuuna.


On Winter: Suit: Jaroslav Purple by Evolve, Hair: Charlize by LeLutKa, Skin: Marilyn by Tableau Vivant, Glasses: Colorful Glasses by Tableau Vivant, Ring: Neef by 7891, Shoes: Classix Nouveau by Schadenfreude. On Jax: Suit: Jaroslav by Evolve, Shoes: Allen by Hoorenbeek.

On Winter: Shirt and Vest: Thor by E-Clipse, Pants: Thor by E-Clipse, Hair: Swish by LeLutKa, Skin: Marilyn by Tableau Vivant, Makeup: Fighter Eyeshadow by Corvus, Earrings: Roper Ear Cuffs by 7891, Gloves: Studded Leather Gloves by MotivAction, Shoes: Ramones Boots by Lucien.Marcelo.

On Jax: Outfit: Rajha by E-Clipse, Shoes: Terra by Kalnins.


On Winter: Wrap: Asymetric Cutout Layered Hoodie by Faster Pussycat, Pants: Street Art Tights by Faster Pussycat, Shoes: Velvet Elvis Rocker Boots by Faster Pussycat, Hair: Lilian Bangs by Alice Project, Skin: Marilyn by Tableau Vivant, Makeup: Kaia by Nuuna.

On Jax: Shirt: Velvet Elvis Vegas by Faster Pussycat, Pants: Street Art by Faster Pussycat, Shoes: Worker Boots by Faster Pussycat, Glasses: Vanadium Salamandre Shades by Faster Pussycat, Necklace: Eternal by Faster Pussycat, Bracelets: Reiki by Mandala.

On Winter: Suit: MG Vested Suit by Just Because, Hat: MG Newsboy Mesh Cap by Just Because, Hair: Limbo by Tutys; Skin: Marilyn by Tableau Vivant, Gloves: exter by Fatewear, Shoes: Formal Shoes by Deadwool. 36

On Jax: MG Suit by Just Because, Hat: MG Newsboy Mesh Cap by Just Because, Glasses: Compulsive by GOS, Shoes: Social by CheerNo.

HAVOK Models/Stylists: JosiahLee Baxter and Ewan Crumb Photographer: JosiahLee Baxter


Fashion Spread

On Ewan Outfit: <HVK> MWFW 2013 Gentleman Outfit # 5, Hair: [taketomi]_Quay_Brown, Scarf: :SEY TieC.-scarf, Shoes: HOC Industries - Easy Strider.

On Josiahlee Outfit: Rat Pack by Havok, Glasses : Sebastian Glasses by Entente, Necklace: Onigiri Necklace Charcoal by Mandala, Ears: Steking Mesh Ears Version 2 by Mandala, Watch: Digital Funk Watch by Shop Box, Bracelet: Douleir Bangles, Rings: Sanctus by Remarkable Oblivion, Bag: Amberg Bag by Beldur, Shoes: Male Dress Shoes by Gabriel.

On Ewan Outfit: <HVK> MWFW Hot Trail Outfit #4 by Havok, Hat: Irene Cap by B&W, Sneakers: Cousteau Shoes by Entente, Ears: Simple Ears Hutuu by Mandala. On Josiahlee Outfit: Golden Child by Havok, Hair: Pony Tail Balled Up by Unorthodox, Ears: Simple Ears by Mandala, Earrings: Diamond Studs by Vexiin, Bracelet: The Prisonner Bracelet by Shade Throne, Ring: Lux Ring by shi, Watch: Presidential Roley by Vexiin, Shoes : Male Dress Shoes by Gabriel.


On Ewan Outfit: <HVK> MWFW 2013 Vegas Vow Outfit #6 by Havok, Hair: Hair_ Danny by CheerNo, Glasses: Hipster Peepers by Miel, Scarf: Chanel Infinity Scarf by Cherry, Bag: Valentine Bow Tote by Cherry, Belt: DekaLogoBelt “LOVE” by sey, Sneakers: Canvas Sneaker by Adjunct.

On Josiahlee Outfit: Hound Dog Outfit by Havok, Shades: The Format Glasses by Shade Throne, Ears : Simple Ears Hutuu by Mandala, Earrings: Verse Stud Earrings by Vexiin, Nosering: Venchy Nose Ring v2 by SYL, Gloves: Mens Studded Black Leather loves by [M], Shoes: Stackz by 2Real.


Featured Designer

Faster Pussycat Writer Cajsa Lilliehook Photographer Hikaru Enimo Stylists: Hikaru Enimo and Sothis Sirius


he crowd is hushed. The lights dim. Anticipation suppurates as a metallic snap heralds a spotlight opening on center stage. Someone breathes deeply as the curtain shifts, a cough in the back, then a long, wailing note from a Stratocaster. The curtain rises and there he is, Velvet Elvis, avatar of glam, king of rock. The music will rock you. The clothing will shock you. Nothing will ever be the same. Rock Circus has begun.

He strides onto the stage in a robe reminiscent of some mendicant friar. The organic texture and color suggest simplicity and fidelity to tradition, but flirtatiously revealed below his robes, wild pop art leggings proclaim he has come to preach the Gospels of David, Mick, Freddy and Sid. He is a friar at the 24 Hour Church of Elvis速.

On Hikaru: Outfit: Exclusive Male Runway Outfit by Faster Pussycat, Hairbase: Gathered Raised Hairbase by booN, Ear Wings: Elysium by Remarkable Oblivion, Ears: Simpe Ears Hutuu by Mandala, Tattoo: Dark Yakuza by Garden of Ku. On Sothis: Jacket: Freddie Mesh Jacket by Faster Pussycat, Pants: Velvet Elvis Baggies by Faster Pussycat, Hat: Wish Master Top Hat by Faster Pussycat, Makeup: Diamond Tears by Tableau Vivant, Ear Piercing: Counterpart by .HoD., Hands: Hands M#1

AVENUE: Who is the Faster Pussycat man? What does he listen to? Tell me his story.

norms and establish a new ethos - of color, pattern and texture in controlled anarchy.

HONEY BENDER-AUER: The Faster Pussycat man is named Velvet Elvis – he camps at the Chelsea Hotel in New York with multiple girlfriends, stays up all night and sleeps all day, has haircuts that can stop traffic, big sideburns, loads of dope tattoos, piercings and a taste for flashy jewelry. And, he knows that it takes a real man to wear makeup and high heels. If he’s into any form of sport, it must be stage diving at concerts.

AV: Your collection is very Glam Rock. Who are your rock influences and loves? How does that love move from your ears to your fingers to the clothing?

AV: What was your inspiration for the hooded robe? HB: I have had a period now when I have been fixated on religious symbols, and I think that particular design was inspired by an icon of the Virgin Mary. His hand slashing at the guitar, the band supports him with cannonades of drum rolls and wildly strumming arcs on the bass. The music slows to the thrum of blood rushing through your veins. Smoke fills the stage. Bright brilliant brass notes fly up across the audience. Velvet Elvis comes out of the smoke in a shocking bodysuit that accentuates his attributes. It is a daring combination of tradition and transgression designed to drive the music forward and proclaim that the Rock Circus is going to overthrow the tired despotism of gendered fashion


HB: I have always loved how rock musicians approach fashion – daring and bold with little or no respect for norms and gender. I adore the seventies style of David Bowie, Marc Bolan, the Sex Pistols and New York Dolls. And, the Rolling Stones – Mick Jagger and Keith Richards around 1970. But also people today, like Marilyn Manson, who keep that particular flame alive. AV: Few successful womenswear designs expand into menswear, particularly into avant garde menswear. What drove you to take the risk? HB: I designed for both genders from the start but found it extra inspiring to design for men because back in the day, there wasn’t a lot of cool menswear in Second Life®. I soon noticed how good something originally designed for a woman looked on a man – like a feather boa or a sequined catsuit – and that made it an easy step. Plus, seeing how guys adapted and appreciated the diversity made it even more fun to design for them.

Outfit: Velvet Elvis Marc Glamrock Outfit by Faster Pussycat, Boots: Rock Circus Studded Short Boots by Faster Pussycat, Sunglasses: Hispes Peepers by MIEL, Tattoo: Religious HD Tattoo by Freaks & Geeks, Cigar: Cigar by Yohar.

Top: Rock Circus RingMaster Buttoned Coats by Faster Pussycat, Pants: Velvet Elvis Baggies by Faster Pussycat, Shoes: Rock Circus Studded Short Boots by Faster Pussycat, Hair: Black Jack by Shag, Eye Makeup: Raven Eyeliner by mock, Hands: Hands M#8 by Cheerno, Ears: Steking Ears by Mandala.

Silence. The stage, in darkness. Softly, growing in volume, a calliope begins to play the traditional wheezing tune of the circus. A single light swings right and left looking for Velvet Elvis. There he is! Dressed now in the bright red and white regalia of the big tent, he begins to sing. It is a new song, but the melody echoes the carnival tradition and the instrumentation mimics the calliope and the squeezebox and the delightfully odd music of the Midway. It is the Rock Circus Come to Town and Velvet Elvis is Master of all three rings. AV: Rock Circus is your latest collection. This is not a 1+1=2 equation. Rock plus Circus is not nearly so fabulous as Rock Circus. How did you conceive the idea? Does it have a soundtrack? HB: I am obsessed with the fashions of the Rolling Stones around 1967-70. Mick, Keith and Brian Jones all dressed like right dandies back then, and their girlfriends were just as daring in their feathers, hats, platform boots and mini-dresses. Very bohemian post-hippie chic. On the 11th of December in 1968, the Rolling Stones put together an event called The Rock and Roll Circus that was made into a TV documentary, and the idea of a band-slash-sideshow just appealed to me. It’s a way of saying – hey, why so serious? It’s only fashion, but I like it! Does it have a soundtrack? It most definitely has! If there is one song that sums up the collection, I think

it would be “Jumping Jack Flash” or “Sympathy for the Devil.” AV: Who are your favorite real life fashion designers, and how does their work influence you? For example, does your comfort and panache with prints come from seeing Vivienne Westwood’s heretical approach to prints? HB: I have been compared with Westwood from day one as a designer, probably because of my love for punk, and like Westwood, I draw a lot of inspiration from Victorian clothing, the British dandy, as well as the eccentric styles of some of my favourite pop cultural icons. I also harbor a special fascination for the circus and for travelling carnies and, of course, B-movie heroines – hence the name of my label. The mood shifts and the driving punk rhythms gather, feedback from the guitar amps adds to the menace and the bold, demanding sexuality of punk. He assumes the role of the Victorian Dandy in a double-breasted suit with a goth top hat and skinny jeans. The fabrics are luxurious; the designs are formal and structured, but worn with the ease that most men wear a tee shirt and jeans. This is Velvet Elvis, comfortable and commanding when he is his most transgressive and avant garde. AV: What do you do for fun in Second Life®? HB: I am at my happiest when


I am isolated in my studio playing loud music and designing. But, I also do burlesque performances with the Lady Garden Cabaret.

do these wild combinations come to you, and what gives you the confidence they will work?

AV: What happens more for you - your SL® fashion sensibility influences your real life wardrobe, or the other way around? How much of your Faster Pussycat design aesthetic do you wear in real life?

HB: Watching far too much bad TV and old movies, studying people like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger, and hanging out at gay clubs has helped a lot. Quite a few of my real life male friends are drag artists, and they are some of the most beautiful guys on the planet.

HB: I work with fashion in real life and can dress outrageously on occasion but my personal style leans towards the fifties and sixtie, including a big bouffant hairdo. So yeah, the Second Life® and real life Honey Bender have many similarities, although I’m afraid that my real life wardrobe is not as lavishly luxurious. The band is tiring, but Velvet Elvis is still the supreme Master of Ceremonies. In a rich brocade jacket and pop art leggings, he bridges the centuries. There is a 300 year history captured in his jacket and leggings, but he is not interested in the past. His focus is the future, and the future is Rock. His voice lifts easily in an anthemic song of demand and command. Reaching to the farthest corners of the theatre, he evokes the passion of a generation seeking its own voice and its own values. AV: You seem to combine pop art, baroque, glam rock and goth all in one very delicious fashion salad. How


AV: Are there things you want me to be sure to include in the article? HB: That I hope they will serve Jack Daniels as well as champagne at the after-party of the menswear show. Lights flash, flames shooting into the air as pyrotechnics signal the closing number. Velvet Elvis strides to the front of the stage in a suit of electric blue. His pants are tight and low. He wears a feather boa around his neck, highlighting his bare chest, every muscle outlined by the sweaty glow of performance. As he repeats the chorus for the third time, he tosses his top hat aside and throws himself into the audience. The crowd holds him up and passes him round, blessing all corners with his grace. Slowly, reluctantly, they carry him back to the stage. He is an offering being laid at the Altar of Rock and Roll. The Rock Circus came to town, and the town will never be the same.

What Happens In

VEGAS Male Model and Stylist: Daniele Eberhardt Female Models: Absinthe Montenegro, Kerasia Hexicola, Xandrah Sciavo, Zaara Desmond Photographer: Absinthe Montenegro

Fashion Spread

Skin: Vince Blonde by Birth, hair: Joe by Uwst, necklace: Tutankhamun by UnCut, swimsuit: Low Rised Swim Bikini by Vitamen, feet: mesh feet by CheerNo.

Skin: Vince Blonde by Birth, hair: Sid by Exile, tuxedo: Vegas by Shiki, shoes: Oxford by Pixelfashion.

Skin: Vince Blonde by Birth, hair: 08M by Iruco, sunglasses: Zenith by Redgrave, outfit: Elvis Presley Jumpsuit Viva Las Vegas by Countdown, shoes: Classica by Kalnins.

Skin: Vince Blonde by Birth, hair: Vincent by Entente, outfit: Timberlake by Razor, shoes: Mullingar boots by Hoorenbeek.

Skin: Vince Blonde by Birth, hair: Boys & Girlls 41 by Dura, outfit: Chippendale by Dot Be.

Skin: Vince Blonde by Birth, hair: Bill Humanoid by Me I, outfit: Voodoo by Vengeful Threads, boots: Frampton Boots by Hoorenbeek.

Thank you

Special Thank You Without the dedication and hard work of so many talented people, MWFW 2013 would never be possible. We have to give each and every one involved a special thank you. Every designer who has returned and all the new ones bring something special to the table. Siren Productions is truly blessed to have everyone involved!






Angelik Lavecchia Lorelei Maggs Locked Seamphore Merrick Genesis Paradox Messmer Alon Alphaville World Undercroft Steele Sirnah Alesia Schumann AVENUE BeStyle Magazine Blithe Magazine DesigningSL Gay Archipelago ICON LiFestyle Magazine Maniera Magazine MENStuff Octoberâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trending Fashion Chamber PulseTV Network SL Fierce Magazine Too Sexy Magazine

Amazing Impressions Modeling Maniera Modeling Agency Premiere Elegance Solo Evane UEMA


AVENUE KMADD Siren Productions

69 Park Ave Adjunct Aitui Akeruka Akeyo Amacci An@rchy Ink [AsYLUM] Atro Patena Belleza Birth Bonetto Style Caffeine Wear Cartauld’s Cashmere & Keane Chinese Takeout/House of London Countdown Cutshore Dino’s Bootique Dot-Be Dura Dynasty E-Clipse Design Energie Foot Wear Epicosity EVOLVE FATAL Faster Pussycat-Velvet Elvis Feel flow Gabriel G&D The Italian Store GizzA Creations GlamDammit Grasp Havok Hawker’s House Hoorenbeek HOTDIVE IMaGE Factory INNUENDO Italian Style Jarythe’s Barbershop Jeepers Creepers JFL Menswear Just BECAUSE KMADD Mes Culpa Mesh theory Mr. & Miss. C Okey Design Peau PeKaS Design PosESion PXD TOXIC RS Ravensoul Razorblade Jacket Redgrave (red) Sand Rookhold SCS Designs SF Design Shiki Signature Skins Sophistashapes Starchild Designs Step Inside [sYs] Tamiron Forge Tellaq Vengeful Threads Vitamen Zakar & ZOOM Zanzo Zed for Men Zibska


A special thank you goes out to each and every attendee for a fun and fabulous fourth year! We hope you enjoyed this year’s MWFW 2013, and we will see you in 2014.

Lexie Jansma Lexie Jansma Event Producer Siren Productions Owner


AVENUE Magazine April 2013 Exclusive - Menswear Fashion Week  

Menswear Fashion Week 2013 returns for a fourth exciting year with the grand opening on April 19th, 2013, and AVENUE is pleased to be a part...

AVENUE Magazine April 2013 Exclusive - Menswear Fashion Week  

Menswear Fashion Week 2013 returns for a fourth exciting year with the grand opening on April 19th, 2013, and AVENUE is pleased to be a part...