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And what manner of being are you?

Your pyrokinetic abilities place you above the common, dominant species of this planet. Are you a conquerer?

An overlord?

No. I’m a woman. Which is pretty much the strongest, most resilient, and fiercest form of life you’ll find on the earth. And I’m officially pissed off.

You’d better listen to her. if you want a war, we’ll give you a war.

But I wouldn’t recommend it.

“war” is something waged between two equally powered, opposing factions.

You are not equipped for war, earth woman. You’re only equipped for surrender.

Watch her hands!

And death.


Nikki! get the hell out of here!

I’ve got this‌

Watch out!

Okay, I get the “teamwork” angle.

But we’re gonna have to do better than that.

As long as she has access to electricity, we’re screwed.

You okay, nikki?

Yeah, yeah! What do we do?

You’re getting out of here. You’ve only got a gun. You saw what that can do.

Take off.

Who’s “we?”

I’m not running, pandora. I’m in this all the way.


I won’t lose you the way you lost molly. You’re not immortal like I am, but I’m going to break my own rule by telling you this. For every day of your life, I want you to be a part of mine.

Here. Do what you can with this.

What about you?

I’m covered.

Let’s take that bitch down.

Hey, sparky…

I’ve got something for you.


The epic final issue! It’s a desperate, all-out showdown on the streets of San Francisco between the War Goddess Pandora and the blood-thirs...